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GM for this game: Shaithis
Players for this game: Oko, stryke, Hammer, Deucalion, whitinator, Szordrin, EvolutionJ, Fix_it_Joe
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To make a long story short...

The dragon returns to his spot with the fat scroll case and unrolls it, setting several sheets aside and thumbing through the rest. He settles on one, slides it out carefully and rolls it back up.

["Here it is. I would like for you to make a copy of this and get one of them back to me. I like to keep spares. I can sense that your friends are unsure of their place in this and I also get the feeling that this place is not exactly candusive to fair negotiations and clear thought. Therefore, I shall allow you time to think about your roles in this ultimately world changing conflict. I will be in contact with you within two days. As for treasures of such magnitude? I assure you my lord Glodestiven that if I knew where they lay then I would have learned such from my own kind, and then it would be moot because it would not exist there anymore. So you see my need for scouts who can delve into places I cannot. I very much desire to truck business with you, and hope that your desire for riches and adventurer's fame will bring you back to my unglorious hovel."]

With that, he gives Melven the scroll and bids you a safe trip and expresses his wishes to speak again soon. The kobolds clear the way to the exit, although you can tell that some of them harbor some residual resentment at your violent entrance.

Posted on 2008-08-04 at 15:12:40.

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Melven againagain

Melven smiles as he takes a few slow steps backward from the Dragon. He waits a few more steps before handing off the scroll to someone else in the party and turning to leave the den of things that can eat him without chewing. Grabbing up his bag of silver his smile continues and is obviously pleased with himself as anyone can hear the jingle of his belt buckles with his happy movements. The beginnings of a song start passing his lips without him even knowing. The farther he gets out of the cave of unspeakable horrors the louder it gets.. "Everyone wins and I don't die...La diddy da di dadida."

Towards the entrance to the cave the only thing that is louder is the jingle of the bag of silver slung over his shoulder.

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 13:19:52.

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Torigad looks at the small fellow obviously pleased with his work, Torigad wasn't quite as cheerfull he saw the gnomes work as at best satisfactory. He obviously fancied being leader of this band as they were no better than a group of freelancing mercenaries now employed by a dragon. *How odd* he thought to himself he wouldn't of seen this happening when he set off from Sodgrave.

Back to the matters in hand firstly his beard......

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 21:28:50.

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Mercenary by the Very Nature

Manuhol the Monk had become a Mercenary by the Very Nature of the sequence of events that had brought chaos and confusion to the order of things since the Shade Lord had seized power and executed most of his perceived opponents!

The Mercenary Monk had kept his silence during the entire proceedings after the violent entrance against the Kobolds!

The Monk was quick to be polite to the servers and he drew welcomed nourishment and refreshment from the delicacies that were offered by their unexpected hosts!

He studied the responses of every companion and made intent mental notes of their newfound ally/employer!

Manuhol recognized the irony of preserving his life against the Blue Dragon heir ... causing him to collect his gain by working in the Dragon's employ!

But this was now a New Age and former antagonists would be forced to work together to unseat the Usurper from his throne of power!

Seifu in his wisdom had drawn Manuhol the Monk into an unexpected alliance such as this to help restore the Green Dragon Dojos to their former glory!

Of this truth ... Manuhol the Monk was certain!

Posted on 2008-08-14 at 01:26:54.

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Being employed by a dragon had its advantages and she could very well hide in a group. She was tired of traveling alone. The thought of having a goal other then to avoid other drow was a welcome prospect. She felt comfortable with the Green monk and she did not feel hostility from the others towards her. Walking back to the surface she will set her mind to the task at hand. First task was the cows.

“I guess we just heard these cows back to town the way we came, but what about that pit fall across the trail?” She will ask of the group out loud.

Posted on 2008-08-16 at 03:19:43.

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Good Question

"That is an excellent question, O'Drowconic one. A question which I have absolutely no answer for." Melven stops talking for a moment as he ponders the issue. "Actually, I do have an answer, it just wouldn't be of much help. Maybe one of our other fine ummm, companions can think of something."

Posted on 2008-08-18 at 12:48:59.

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Middle of the night
East of Sodgrove
Southern Eastrose
Sixteenth Day of Elmonth

The weary adventurers make their way back to the surface, eerily aware of the work around them... vibrant sapphire blue kobolds carrying their dead below. The wake of the party's entrance was a messy affair, and the kobolds gave them healthy space. Some looked at them with anger, some with awe.

Topside, the cows mooed nervously, being in unfamiliar land, but they were unharmed. They were corralled in a rudimentary fence that by even the most novice farmer's reckoning would only hold the animals for a few hours.

It had rained most of the evening, and was raining now. The clouds had settled in and the sky was a dim grey. Thicker now, the halo of the great moon Dosojin was no longer visible, but the ambient scattered light was still enough to light the sky a small amount. The trail of the cows was easily visible, and actually less difficult to travel than the thick underbrush everywhere else.

Posted on 2008-08-19 at 17:07:14.
Edited on 2008-08-19 at 17:07:38 by Shaithis

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Shadows in the Darkness

The Kobold's lair

The young blue dragon watched the party leave, idly scratching his chin. He continued to sit there as the group made their way back to the surface, until one of the escorts returned with news, chittering in that kobold pseudo-draconic.

"[The Biggies have reached the first marker, Nest Father.]"
The wyrm twisted its face into its version of a grin, and nodded. A figure appeared behind the dragon, hidden in the shadows and cloaked, but obviously humanoid.

"[Indeed. Kill half of my brood, and expect to rip me off? I think not. I'll be insured.]"
The sapphire dragon turns to the figure waiting behind him. His accent changes and his draconic becomes more staccato and halted.

"[I want you to follow them. See what they do. Make sure that I get my cut. This may help you in the long run anyway. Go now.]"
The figure bows and salutes the dragon with an arm across his chest and disappears.

K'halen Seithe mutters to himself, something about impending doom no matter what, and turns to counting his gold.

Posted on 2008-08-24 at 22:06:57.
Edited on 2008-08-24 at 22:08:03 by Shaithis

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getting back

After returning the cows to the town, she will leave the talking to the more loquatus members of the group and head to the inn where she tossed her pack earlier. Making sure the hood of her very dirty and smelly cloak was up. She enters the inn and as the lady comes forward she will ask for a room. Upon entering the room 4 she will ask the lady for a bath to be sent up and about getting her clothes cleaned. The lady will reply that both can be done.

After the bath arrives and the serving maids had left T’puuli will gratefully shed her dirty clothes and slide into the tub of steaming water. Bliss. After a through clean up she will get out of the now cooled tub and dry off, making sure to wipe up any spots of water on the floor. She will gather up her dirty clothes and bundle them all into her cloak by the door, dress in a clean outfit from her bag. Making sure her short hair was dry she will make sure it was fluffy enough to hide her horns. Leaving the room she will tell the house keeper that she was done and that the dirty clothes were by the door. Ignoring the cringe that most people do when they first see her, T’puuli will ask the lady what is on the menu today hoping that she does not hear the rumbling her stomach started doing after she smelt the aromas drifting out of the kitchen.

(Ooc: I know this thread is dead and I have since modified the post. I just wanted her to get cleaned and fed and in a spot she could rest for once)

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:00:53.

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