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Parent thread: Land of Xenophobia
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GM for this game: Hammer
Players for this game: Dragon Mistress, Brianna, Nomad D2, Hammer, ShadowDragon, Abraxis, CirroWolf
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Lightning Strikes in More Ways Than One! Turn 1 Combat Round 1 Wave 3

Roxas Isla
City of Nefaria
Dark Arena
Emancipation Sand Dance
Third Wave
Present Day

"Wights!" grumbled Ollie Gory as the Half-Orc Bard strode 15 feet along the catwalk towards his South Ender friends.

He raised his hickory stick as he advanced against his foes, concentrating upon the abilities of the Staff of Evocation that would best aid his comrades.

"Taste the Power of the Chain Lightning!"
Perhaps the Bard was distracted or merely unaccustomed to wielding such force from an untested weapon of choice, but whatever the case, Ollie Gory was only able to channel a minimal amount of damage against his selected target.

However, the bolts of lightning that impacted Wight S4 magically danced through the air and struck with half the force against the other three South End Wights, plus the first and second East End Wights that were advancing against the Halfling Monks!

"I Strike for Life and Freedom!" bellowed ThunnGarr the Mighty as he hurled his magically endowed Dwarven Thrower War Hammer at his nearest foe, connecting with enough force to help reduce the Undead energy of Wight S4 by a third of its former vitality!

Meanwhile, Bumble Brew had moved 15 feet to the top diagonal left of Cunning Fox to unleash a Lightning Bolt to aid the Gnome Clerics at the West End, striking the four Wights with maximum force as her ability to wield her Staff of Power had noticeably increased, nearly reducing the Undead energy of the West End Wights by nearly a third of their former vitality!

The Fuzzy Wolverine wasted no time in attacking Wight S1, clawing and biting with its magical abilities as it continued to protect Bumble Brew from the nearest foe!

Cunning Fox had uttered a prayer to his Thunderbird deity as he brandished his Staff of the Woodlands, pointing his magically endowed weapon at Wight S4 to help protect the Giant Dwarf as he moved 15 feet in a diagonal direction to his right, positioning himself between the Fuzzy Wolverine and Sir Yder to get closer for a more focused shot.

The Native American Human Cleric unleashed a Summons Magical Beasts spell from his Staff of the Woodlands.

His prayer to his deity was answered by an Arrowhawk that swooped from the air to attack his chosen target.

The large predatory Thunderbird dove towards Wight S4, its feet surrounded with a seething froth of electrical discharge that inflicted a third of its damage dealing ability against the harassed Wight with its Electric Ray!

Sir Yder stood his ground as he fired two Arrows against Wight S2, but his ordinary missiles launched by his ordinary weapon glanced off his foe without leaving any marks!

Ullrich also stood his ground, firing three ordinary Arrows at Wight S3 that was 55 feet directly in front of the Human Ranger, but the magical properties of his Oath Bow whispering "Swift defeat to my enemies!" transformed his missiles into lethal projectiles against his foe!

The impact of his Arrows nearly reducing the Undead energy of the Wight by nearly a third of its former vitality!

Amberlyn and Ariane fared no better than Sir Yder with their two ordinary Arrows fired from ordinary Bows respectively glancing off Wight S4 with nary a trace of damage!

Shandra realized that her ordinary Bow and Arrows were useless against the Wights; therefore, she pointed her Staff of the Woodlands towards Wight S4 and breathed a prayer to The Light as she unleashed a Summons Magical Beasts spell to assist ThunnGarr.

To her pleasant surprise a beautiful Unicorn with a long, spiraling horn rising from its brows galloped towards her targeted foe to aid the Giant Dwarf, charging with its lance-like horn to impale its foe!

Although the Unicorn only inflicted as much damage as the Arrowhawk had done, the beautiful creature was able to gallop well out of harms way to prepare for another charge!

West End The Gnome Clerics realized that their only hope for survival was to banish these Extraordinary Undead creatures from their end of the Dark Arena, hoping that the South Enders would be able to prevail over these combined numbers of foes!

The Lightning Bolt attack by Bumble Brew served to confirm their decision!

Clerics 4, 6 and 8 maintained their positions while Cleric #7 moved ahead 15 feet to a new position 15 feet away from Wights W2 and W3, channeling his divine power in a successful effort as the four Wights slowly turned and walked in a straight line 30 feet towards the East End Monks!

East End The Halfling Monks did not believe in the whispered tales of the danger of the Wights, thinking they were merely tall tales to scare little children and other faint hearted folks!

Monk #4 charged Wight E3 and his brother Monk #3 charged Wight E4, both summoning and focusing their Third Level ability to empower themselves with an unarmed Ki Strike, serving as a magical weapon able to inflict damage upon the Wights!

Monk #4 merely inflicted minimal damage; whereas, Monk #3 succeeded in dealing maximum damage!

Unfortunately, both Monks lost their lives in the process!

Fortunately for the remaining gladiators, the Monks being Halflings, the Wights were unable to create any Spawn!

The East End Halfling Monks are the first group of gladiators to be eliminated, thus succumbing to the Death Sentence imposed upon them by the Dark Arena Consortium!
North End Pride and Arrogance proved to be the downfall of the North End Human Fighters as they charged the Wights, swinging their Two-Handed Axes with blood curdling howls!

The Dark Arena Consortium had planned their demise well, counting upon the fact that the Fighters refused to believe the whispered tales of the Wights, thus assuring themselves that the pronounced Death Sentence would be both unexpected and horrifying for the Fighters!

Brute force from the Two-Handed Axes left no marks upon the Wights!

Each Fighter suffered an immediate loss of their Third Level abilities as the Wights retaliated to their united charge with the damage wrought by their Undead claws!

Fighters #2 and #3 lost their lives in that charge!

More Horrifying and Terrifying was the Fact that the Fallen Fighters swiftly became Spawn as these former friends and brothers had now become Unnerving Undead Foes intent upon transforming their former comrades!

The Wights have gained the Initiative and neither the West End Gnome Clerics nor the South Enders are yet aware that the Monks have been Slain and that the North End Wights are turning the fallen Human Fighters into their Spawn!

Posted on 2009-01-23 at 11:22:27.
Edited on 2009-01-23 at 11:26:59 by Hammer

Extreme Exclaimator!
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4114 Posts

Fallen Fighters Spawn Squad Turn 1 Combat Round 2 Wave 3

Roxas Isla
City of Nefaria
Dark Arena
Emancipation Sand Dance
Third Wave
Present Day

North End Can anyone truly describe the horror of the sight of your comrades fighting by your side one moment and then instantly being transformed into a lurid replica of the very enemy you are fighting?

Such was the case with Fighters Spawn #2 and #3 as they joined the Wights in attacking their former comrades!

Fighter #1 gasped in horrified unbelief as his former brother in arms attacked with its long deadly fingernails, claiming his life as Wight N1 struck in unison, draining and then transforming the Fighter into yet another Undead Spawn!

The Fighter stumbled as he tried to get away from the Spawn and Wight, but the transformation was rapid and swift and as he tried to get away he lost all semblance of his humanity and instinctively lashed out with his long misshapen claws at Fighter #5.

Fighter #5 fared no better as his life was drained by the attack, followed by Wight N2 stepping forward to deliver the final draining blow, before recreating the former Fighter into yet another Spawn!

Meanwhile, Spawn FS3 had previously begun circling behind Fighter #6 for a combined attack with Wight N3.

Some type of instinct told the Fighter that the Gnome Clerics were his only hope, but he only managed to run 5 feet before the transformation was complete; therefore, the now Undead Spawn instinctively slammed its metamorphosed deadly fingers into Fighter #7 to repeat the process!

Wight N4 lashed out with its long grotesque fingers at the wounded Fighter as he tried to run to the Clerics for help, draining and recreating the Fighter into the sixth Spawn!

This allowed Fighter #8 the opportunity to also run for his life, but the shock of seeing his comrade next to him transformed into a deadly facsimile of their enemies disoriented the Fighter just enough that he was unable to dodge the grotesque fingers as he also was slashed by his former brother in arms!

Fighter #8 panicked and instead of running towards the Clerics he ran around FS7 and made a beeline between FS3, FS6 and Wight N3 as fast as he could run with the remaining vitality left within him!

Traumatized by the transformations of his teammates and the sudden realization that he was the only Human Fighter left alive in the Dark Arena, the fear that overwhelmed his senses drove him to run directly into an unexpected confrontation with Wight E2 at the East End of the Dark Arena!

The sudden realization of his dire predicament and foolishly fear-driven choices were the last thoughts he had as a living being!

He instinctively struck the Wight with his Two-Handed Axe, but without any magical endowments the blade harmlessly glanced off the head of the grotesquerie that retaliated with the life draining transformation that recreated the former Fighter into another deadly Undead Spawn!

Thus the Dark Arena Consortium had their revenge upon the Human Fighters who had refused to follow their orders as the Dark Arena Spectators gasped in horror at what had so swiftly befallen their heroes!

Many thousands of pounds of Gold Coins were suddenly lost by those who had gambled upon the Human Fighters emerging from the Dark Arena as victors!

East End Since the Monks have been eliminated and the 7 Fighters transformed into Spawn, the East End Wights begin marching towards the South Enders!

Wight E1 breaks ranks and moves 15 feet to an attack position in front of ThunnGarr the Mighy, but its long finger claws scrape harmlessly against the Large Shield of Bashing!

The newly transformed FS8 moves 30 feet ahead to a position next to Wight E1 and is prepared to attack the Giant Dwarf on the next Combat Round, while Wight E2 moves 30 feet in a straight line to a position 10 feet to the right of ThunnGarr and 30 feet in front of Shandra!

Wight E3 moves to a position 15 feet behind E2, while E4 moves 10 feet behind E3 that almost draws it into striking distance of ThunnGarr the Mighty!

South End Wight S4 moves 5 feet to the left side of ThunnGarr while S3 moves 15 feet to the diagonal bottom left of the Giant Dwarf, but their simultaneous attack is nullified as their finger claws rake harmlessly along the Large Shield of Bashing that ThunnGarr manages to swing back against them in a desperate defensive maneuver!

Meanwhile, Wight S1 moves 5 feet in front of the Fuzzy Wolverine while S2 moves 10 feet to the right side of the magical protector of Bumble Brew!

However, the Fuzzy Wolverine manages to miraculously twist and dodge its body in such a manner that the Wights are unable to strike him with their deadly draining finger claws!

West End Realizing that this is indeed a desperate situation that they are facing, the Gnome Clerics spring into action to try to herd the remaining Wights close enough to the South Enders in hopes that the remaining gladiators will be able to destroy their opponents!

The West End Wights that have been turned by Cleric #7 flee another 30 feet towards the East End and Cleric #7 is mindful that if he comes within 10 feet of the Undead that he has turned, then the spell will be broken; otherwise, 8 more Combat Rounds remain before the fleeing Wights are able to recover and go on the offensive!

Therefore, Cleric #7 jogs 60 feet to the South End to a position 75 feet directly in front of Ullrich and just out of range 15 feet NorthWest of fleeing Wight W4.

His strategy is to get close enough to the East End Wights to turn them away from the South Enders!

Cleric #4 runs his maximum 120 feet to a position 30 feet directly behind FS2 at the North End of the Dark Arena!

His strategy is to turn as many offensively active Wights and Spawn towards the South Enders as possible!

Cleric #6 follows the same strategy by running 90 feet to a position 25 feet directly behind FS7 at the North End of the Dark Arena!

Finally, Cleric #8 decides to charge the advancing South End Wights!

He jogs 45 feet to a position next to the left of Wight S1 and unleashes a Turn Undead spell that has the maximum effect of turning 6 Extraordinary Undead opponents!

Wights S1, S2, S3, E1 and FS8 flee 30 feet towards the East End of the Dark Arena!

Wight S4 is blocked by ThunnGarr; therefore, it merely cowers without moving!

Note from the Castle Keeper Wights that are Fleeing or Cowering are unable to counter attack any gladiators until 10 Combat Rounds have expired; therefore, Amberlyn is now able to advance 15 feet and hack Wight S2 with her magically enhanced Feathered Sword Long Sword without being in danger!

ThunnGarr is able to turn his back on Wight S4 as it cowers and throw his Dwarven Thrower War Hammer at one of the still advancing Wights!

Sir Yder may now charge Wight S1 or S2 and strike with his magically enhanced Dragon Slayer Long Sword without any possible counter attacks from any of the advancing Wights as they are currently out of range!

Ullrich is still able to fire 3 Arrows at any of the Wights within range of his magically enhanced Oath Bow!

Wight E2 is still within attacking range of Shandra and Ariane if either or both decide to charge S2 or S3 and attack with their Staff of the Woodlands [used as a magically enhanced QuarterStaff] or Holy Avenger Long Sword respectively!

They could charge Wight E2 in a combined effort with the Giant Dwarf, but E3 is also in attack range if the Wights get the Initiative!

Of course, if the Gladiators get the Initiative next Combat Round then Cleric #7 will be able to turn those Wights!

Cunning Fox could either charge S1 or S2 with his Staff of the Woodlands brandished like a magically enhanced QuarterStaff or he could unleash another 3 charge blast from his Ring of the Ram against either foe without moving since it has a 50 foot maximum range!

Also, keep in mind that the North End Wights and Spawn are advancing and may possibly be Fleeing to the South End from any Turn Undead spells by the 2 Clerics behind them at the North End of the Dark Arena!

Bumble Brew and Ollie Gory will select the best targets with their respective Staffs!

Arrowhawk and Unicorn will continue to attack Wight S4 that is currently cowering next to ThunnGarr since he is blocking its pathway for fleeing!

Please Post Your Decisions for T1-CR2 in the Q&A along with possible choices of action for CR3 if the gladiators gain the Initiative!

That would allow me to advance the storyline Wave 3 sequence a bit more quickly if I have the time to configure and post before boarding another plane!

Thank You!

Posted on 2009-01-23 at 11:34:08.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Amberlyn's arrows are proving ineffective against the Wights. SHE is left with no option but to sling her bow and draw her sword. "BY the Light these undead must be laid to res,t "It is not their fault that some evilness has raise them up," but what remains is soulless and evil regardless of what they were living.

Let us move together in groups to flank a creature and take it down." Amberlyn calls out. Taking the hilt of her sword in hand she draws it smoothly from its sheath ion one quick motion and moves towards the nearest wight. With a caution for what she knows wights are capable of she none-the-less moves forward to do combat with them. "The Light helps those who help themselves.

Posted on 2009-01-23 at 17:04:18.

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cunning fox

The appearance of the Arrowhawk lifted his spirits greatly. "You are with me!" he shouted into the air as the bird attacked the wretched undead creatures. Surveying the battle field he took stock of the situation. "Now my pretty trinket, it is time for you to go to work." with that he lifts his fist and prepares to unleash the massive force of the Ring of the Ram.

Posted on 2009-01-23 at 17:54:43.

Nomad D2
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Giant ants, Hobgobins and now Wights!

Wights?! Ullrich had no clear idea of what a wight was except that they were clearly evil, dangerous and . . . foul. Something was very wrong with them. He had heard stories of animated corpses back home, but those were just legend. And these wights seemed to be much more. Much worse.

The satisfaction he felt as his arrows struck home didn't last long as he saw the arrows of his comrades bounce off their enemies. This was not good. He had hoped to be able to fight at a distance as they had with the hobgoblins, but that might prove difficult At least his bow was working.

Ullrich kept pulling arrows and firing. His first goal was to target those that were threatening his friends. Those who were retreating (nifty thing that, he'd never seen anything quite like it before!)he would let run if greater danger emerged.

The knot at the pit of his stomach was tight. He was sure it would get better if he could just see some of these wights go down. If there was proof that they could die.

The appearance of the unicorn brought great hope. It was truly a unicorn?! Legends . . . legends coming to life! He had to take his eye off of one legend to shoot at another.

What an amazing . . . and dangerous . . . world.

Posted on 2009-01-23 at 19:10:00.

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Sir yder

Yder will do exactly that, he will charge and try totake out the wights first #s2 then #s1

Posted on 2009-01-28 at 21:34:25.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Never in her life has she fought like this. The entire event was wrong, even evil. A slow fire of anger built within her, that she focused into a pool of power. It was a righteous indignation towards the rulers of the land and the presmise it was run on. Not only would she prevail here, but she vowed to see to the destruction of what had brought this all about, The Dark Areana Consortium.

In the back of her mind she wonder what deity would gain such benefit of the Xenophobia of this land and the practices of this Arena. She wondered if the very sand they fought on was dedicated to some Dark Deity. So that the blood of the fallen would be as a sacrifice to it.

Such an idea only fortified Shandra's resolve, her intense focus and her belief in the righteous might of the Light would sustain her.

Shandra sees the wights s2 and s3 but does not think it is wise to break ranks and cross the field to attack them. She watches those ahead of her.

Posted on 2009-02-03 at 18:28:54.
Edited on 2009-02-19 at 05:04:52 by Dragon Mistress

Not Dragon Mistress
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Amberlyn, with sword in hand, attacks the closest wight. If she had been a Knight of light her sword would have been imbued with holy light. Light to banish the darkness and evil. Light to conquer this vile evilness. But she was not she was only a temple knight-in-training, actually in the beginning of her training. She should not have been here int he midst of this insanity.

But Amberlyn was here. "Light." she prayed silently. "I will do my best." She moves towards the closest wight. She was on the defensive, trying to keep the wight from touching her with its fell draining touch.

Posted on 2009-02-19 at 00:02:07.
Edited on 2009-02-19 at 05:09:49 by Brianna

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