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5 Headed Dracohydra
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here's how i understand it

It was explained to me in this way when I was introduced to the idea, "You never heard Gandalf say oops can't use that one cause I've used it already" and he is a wizard. So I'm going to say that you still need to prepare your spells as a wizard does or pray in your case, and according to the limits of the book, only you may cast your prepared spells as long as you have MP.

So a 5th level wizard would prepare at the start of his/her day four 0 lvl spells, three 1st lvl spells, two 2nd lvl spells, and one 3rd lvl spell all of which he/she can cast until the MP is depleted. Using this system of a Magic pool, if you have magic missile in your prepared list you can cast that one spell if you wish until your Mp is gone.

Posted on 2009-03-01 at 08:22:43.
Edited on 2009-03-04 at 06:59:50 by Tiamat5774

5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
1117 Posts

Deucalion- Chiron Po

Name:Chiron Po
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Nihzyn; a farming community near the River Shaar

He was raised by his aunt, who was the local healer when travel to Shaarmid for priestly care was impractical or impossible. Little information is available about his aunt or why she cared for him instead of his mother. We do know she fell ill when he was six years old and by the time he was eight they had moved to Shaarmid, and then to Innarlith in search of better care and healing. Unfortunately her disease was too advanced by the time a cleric of Ilmater was able to tend to her and she passed away, but not before she went through the Ritual of Turning, becoming a convert to Ilmatari and giving her charge over to the care and tutelage of the church.

The next three years showed Chiron to be a most excellent student. He seemed to have an innate ability to heal and ease suffering, and he was developing a true love for the Crying God. He began asking for admittance into the Companions of the Noble Heart a full year before he reached the minimum age to even be considered for training as a paladin. This failure to meet the prerequisites didn't slow him at all, he would seek an audience with the Reverend Father every week to ask for his new training to begin.

With hindsight, this might have been the first sign that Chiron has the ability to see past the rigid framework that binds so many others once they swear to uphold our unyielding code of conduct.

Reverend Father Turalyon did allow Chiron to be trained as a paladin, once he satisfied the minimum age requirement, and Chiron's potential to heal the injured only increased. He threw himself into the tasks the Reverend Father laid before him, but he didn't appear to be developing a camaraderie with his fellow knights. They embraced the typical and expected, "Let evil see me" approach to dealing with almost everything.

Chiron used less conventional methods and would almost always score highly in simulated assaults on Cult of Loviatar fortresses. His opponents would confidently march into a room and assume it was secure when nothing immediately jumped out to attack. Meanwhile Chiron would lay in wait until he could surprise the commanders from behind, and often would capture them without much of a fight. He said it would lead to less bloodshed overall if one could remove the opposing leaders without wading through all of their troops first. He peers accused him of using the tactics of thieves and villains and such things were not fit for him to use.Turalyon reported to me that Chiron's response to such accusations was that "an act is not evil simply because it is an evil man committing it." He would continue to be a mild irritation to his fellow trainees through the day they were officially knighted and Chiron joined the Companions of the Noble Heart.

His second mission with the Companions was to the city of Ormpetarr. Rumors held that a cult of Loviatar had established a temple somewhere in or near the city and Chiron was part of the detachment sent to discover the veracity of the claims. Through a substantial amount of footwork, they were able to prove that there was indeed a cult operating outside the city and the paladins concocted a plan to thoroughly destroy the cultists' temple and capture the followers of the Maiden of Pain. The reason this otherwise routine outing is worth noting is that this was to be the first time Chiron would find his sense of "right" in direct opposition with his sworn oath as a paladin.

During the investigation the young paladin stumbled across a man who owned and managed a hospice, a place for the ill and dying to go to be comfortable in their last days. Such a place was not unfamiliar to Chiron, since the clerics of Ilmater operate many similar homes. However, the conditions with which this man kept his wards were appalling. Half of the residents were malnourished, rats had domain over most of the rooms, and the roof leaked in many places making in nearly impossible for anyone to keep warm. Everyone who was there was already dying, though, and were almost expected to be sick and uncomfortable. Unfortunately the Companions had just confirmed the location of Loviatar's temple and his report about the poor conditions at a local hospice was buried under the fervor of planning the assault on the Maiden of Pain's followers. Apparently Chiron was unable to let go of what he'd found and couldn't reconcile the conditions being so poor with the amount of money the owner received in donations each month.

The night before the planned assault of the Loviatar cultists, Chiron sneaked into the hospice's back office to check the financial records tracking donations and expenses. Over half the income intended for building upkeep and medicine appeared to be going directly to the owner instead of the dying. He took the records and turned the corrupt owner into the city guard the next morning.

He exposed corruption where others ignored it and as a result he was stripped of his Ilmater-given abilities for nearly a month before the Reverend Father allowed a priest to perform the rights of atonement for him.

And this isn't the only time he's been temporarily relieved of his position as a paladin. The most recent incident, and reason for this report, began simply enough:

Chiron apprehended a pick-pocket on the streets of Innarlith and turned him over to the city's Watch.

Next week Chiron caught the same man again plying his skills as a cut-purse. Over the next two months Chiron handed this man, Malosey, over to city guardsmen nearly a dozen times and all for the same charges of theft and robbery. Malosey, or one of the criminal's friends, and found a way to ensure his quick release with the careful application of gold pieces and threats. The pattern of Chiron catching him, being turned over to the authorities, and being released in only a few days had became a game for the thief and he decided to raise the stakes.

The next time Chiron handed Malosey over to the guard it was on charges of kidnapping and assault. The thief had decided it was too much work to spend all day relieving market goers of their pocket change and he'd kidnapped a merchant's son, asking for several hundred gold pieces before the child could be returned. This escalation in tactics resulted in only two extra nights in a cell for Malosey before he was back on the streets again. And again he tested the limits of what he could do without punishment. He used the same plan as before, abduct a merchant's child for ransom, but this time he picked a business man with a daughter and was able to violate the young woman before Chiron tracked him down.

Every time Chiron caught up to the man, Malosey would drop his weapons, fall to his knees and surrender. He knew the paladins code would prevent anything from happening to him once he had surrendered, it would even make his captor protect him from his victim's anger! Other than the minor inconvenience of a few nights in a jail cell, nothing could be better than having a paladin always be the one to arrest him after a crime.

Malosey must have spent his five days in prison hatching his next depraved plan, because as soon as he was released he headed straight to the marketplace. Witness accounts say that he spent almost an hour moving from one store front to another, but paying no head to the items the shops were selling.

"It was like he was looking at the buildings themselves, and not really what they were being used for. It was weird. Every time he comes near my place I gotta watch him like a hawk. He's always eying the rings and brooches, you know, the stuff he thinks you won't notice disappearing, but he didn't even glance at any of my necklaces or bracelets, and those are a lot easier to run off with than, like, the rings and stuff." ~Jasmine, owner of Jassy Jewelers.

Whatever criteria Malosey was searching for, a blacksmith's shop seems to have satisfied them. He marched inside, took the sword the smithy was working on, and ran the man through before heading upstairs with another of the dead man's recently finished works. Here is where witness reports become fuzzy. Some say that Chiron had been following Malosey through the market all day, others say that he simply happened to be nearby and heard the screams. Either way, shortly after the murderer made it to the second floor hysterical screaming could be heard coming from an open window above the shop. Chiron ran into the shop, paused long enough to determine that the blacksmith was beyond any help he could give, and bounded up the stairs after Malosey. The screaming stopped.

Moments later, when the city guard arrived, they were greeted by Chiron as he exited the shop carrying the blacksmith's daughter wrapped in a blanket. The girl was unconscious and her throat was wrapped in bloody bandages. Inside her father, mother and infant brother all lay dead. So, too, was their murderer dead on the floor next to his last victims.

Chiron's version of the incident is that when he arrived the blacksmith, his wife and the infant were all dead and Malosey was waiting in the master bedroom with a knife to the girl's throat.

"Malosey made no demands about how the situation would play out. He only said, "Well, now. What do you do here?" when I stepped into the room.

He had a weapon in hand so I drew my sword and ordered him to drop his dagger, slowly stepping closer as I did. His response was to slit her throat and throw her aside. I was afraid he might engage me next and the girl didn't appear to have been instantly killed, so I dispatched him quickly so that I might render aid before she followed her family into death.

My connection to Ilmater suffered from some unknown influence. Mayhap my anger at the amount of suffering Malosey caused in such a short time clouded my mind, but I was unable to call upon the One Who Endures to heal the child's throat. I treated her as best I could and carried her outside in search of a priest or another paladin who would be better able to call for divine aid.

I hear the girl's throat didn't mend properly. Is she still unable to speak?" ~Chiron Po

Something about the event doesn't add up. Chiron should have been able to call upon The Crying God if everything happened exactly as he recounted it. Malosey's body was found with a dagger in hand. The location and depths of the cut to the girl's throat wouldn't leave much time to change the scene before tending to her. Leaving the girl's side after treating the wound wouldn't allow for her to bond so fiercely to him. For some time during her recovery, she would only smile when he stopped in to visit her. No, he would have had to treat her as soon as Malosey was dead, and stay with her and keep her from looking at her dead family while she was still in the house.

Whatever Chiron did to remove an increasingly violent and dangerous man from the community, it was enough for Ilmater to revoke the special blessings granted to Chiron for his service as a paladin. It was not enough to keep Chiron from being returned to the Crying God's grace after a ceremony of atonement.

This was the second time Chiron's actions both proved a benefit to the community and violated his code of conduct as a paladin. Because of the controversy surrounding this second "offence", Reverend Father Turalyon, in his wisdom, sent Chiron from Innarlith on an extended mission to bring healing and faith of Ilmater to the people of distant lands. This mission is the reason for this report. Chiron's last known location places him near your city and I believe that he would make a most welcome addition to our special order.

~~Excerpt from a report by a Grey Guard recruiter

You can block incoming arrows with your shield.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Shield Proficiency.
Benefit: You must be using a shield to use this feat.
Once per round when you would normally be hit with
a ranged weapon, you can deflect it so that you take no
damage from it. You must be aware of the attack and not
flat-footed. Unusually massive ranged weapons, such
as boulders hurled by giants, siege weapon attacks, and
ranged attacks generated by spell effects (such as Melf’s
acid arrow) can’t be deflected.

You know how to move stealthily, even when armored.
Benefit: When you are wearing light or medium
armor, reduce the armor check penalty of the armor by
1 (minimum 0).
Hide and Move Silently ranks cost 1 skill point, even if
these skills are cross-class for you. The maximum number
of ranks you can purchase in a cross-class skill remains
the same.
Normal: If Hide and Move Silently are cross-class skills
for you, each rank you purchase in those skills without
having this feat costs 2 skill points.

The content taken from Complete Champion is as follows:

You can heal damage faster than normal.
Benefit: Once per day, you can gain fast healing 1, +1 for
every five character levels you possess (maximum fast heal-
ing 5 at 20th level). This effect lasts for 1 minute.
You can activate this feat as an immediate action or, if
you have a daily available, it automatically activates if you
are reduced to 0 hit points or below (but not killed).
Special: As a full-round action, you can transfer this ability
to a willing recipient as a touch spell. Doing so counts as one
daily use of the ability.
Special: You can select this feat multiple times, gaining
one additional daily use each time you take it.
Special: If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead,
you gain one additional daily use of this feat for each daily
turn or rebuke use you expend.


Chiron Po
Paladin 5

HP Max: 34

AC: 21 = (+5 armor, +3 shield, +2 dex, +1 deflection)
Touch: 13
Flat-footed: 19

STR: 16 : +3
DEX: 14 : +2
CON: 10 : +0
INT : 14 : +2
WIS: 18 : +4
CHA: 17 : +3

BAB: +5

Grapple: 9 = 5 + 4

FORT: 7 = 4 + 0 + 3(Misc: Divine Grace)
REF : 6 = 1 + 2 + 3(Misc: Divine Grace)
WILL: 8 = 1 + 4 + 3(Misc: Divine Grace)

..Attack Options..
+9 melee : 1d8+3 : 19-20 x2
--Mwk Composite Longbow
+8 ranged : 1d8+3 : 20 x3 : Range increment 110ft : max range 1100

Code of Conduct
Aura of Good (Ex)
Detect Evil (Sp)
Smite Evil (Su) 2/day (+5 damage)
Divine Grace (Su) (+3 to all saves)
Lay on Hands (Su) (15 points healing / day)
Aura of Courage (Su) (immune to fear (magical or otherwise)) (allies within 10 feet +4 morale bonus vs fear)
Divine Health (Ex) (immune to all diseases)
Turn Undead (Su) (as Cleric1) (3 + Cha mod /day)
Special Mount (Sp) 1/day, 10 hour duration

Healing Devotion (Complete Champion) human 1
Guerrilla Warrior (Heroes of Battle) character 1
Block Arrow (Heroes of Battle) character 3

Concentration: 8 = 8 + 0(con)
Heal: 12 = 8 + 4(wis)
Hide: 6* = 4 + 2(dex)
Knowledge(Religion): 10 = 8 + 2(int)
Move Silently: 6* = 4 + 2(dex)
Ride: 8 = 4 + 2(dex) + 2(Prajna's military saddle)
Sense Motive: 12 = 8 + 4(wis)

*-1 armor check penalty if shield is worn

..Special Mount..
Heavy Warhorse (Magical Beast)
Large Animal
HP max: 46
Initiative: +1
Speed: 50ft
Armor Class: 22 (+4 armor, -1 size, +1 Dex, +8 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 21
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+12
Attack: Hoof +8 melee (1d8+4)
Full Attack: 2 hooves +8 melee (1d8+4) and bite +3 melee (1d4+2)
Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent
Saves: Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +2
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 6, Wis 13, Cha 6
Skills: Jump +13, Listen +6, Spot +5
Feats: Endurance, Run, Improved Natural Attack(Hoof)

MP: 10
Caster Level: 2
Highest Spell Level: 1

+1 longsword
mwk composite longbow; str:3
20 arrows
+1 chain shirt
+1 heavy steel shield
Ring of Protection +1
Belt pouch
50ft silk rope
small steel mirror
flint and steel
silver holy symbol (Ilmater)
Explorer's outfit
rations (4 days)
Healer's kit (10 uses)

--With Prajna--
Military Saddle
Bit and Bridle
Masterwork Chain Shirt Barding
rations (10 days)
Healer's kit (10 uses)

Funds: 730gp; 16sp; 18cp

Languages Known: Common, Celestial, Dwarven

..Physical Description..
Standing at just over six feet, Chiron would be quite the imposing figure in his shined armor were it not for the disarming grin almost always on his face. He keeps his dark hair cut short, and his beard, if you could call it that, would be better described as groomed stubble. There are no elaborate engravings on his armor or shield marking him as a holy knight. In fact, if a casual observer missed the symbol of The Broken God (a pair a hands, bound with a red cord) hanging around his neck, they might take him for a mercenary or some other secular fighter.

Posted on 2009-03-06 at 04:20:11.

5 Headed Dracohydra
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1117 Posts

Ava- Ardulace Despana-Everhate (Lacey)

Ardulace Despana-Everhate was born in the Drow city of Guallidurth, the offspring of a meaningless tryst between two members of rival houses. Her mother was the daughter of the Matriarch of House Everhate, while her father was a warrior of house Despana. Both her mother and grandmother were Priestess of Lolth. The Matriarch of House Everhate pressured her daughter to terminate her pregnancy, not wanting any issue from this illicit liaison to be a liability that could be used by House Despana against House Everhate.

Ardulace's mother however, did not see the need for such drastic action, and carried the child to term. Also determined that the child should not be used against her own house, she fostered the child with a wealthy merchant who had deep ties with House Everhate. She was well treated by the merchant and his family, and given a first class education as befitting a child of a Noble Drow House. She became close friends with the merchant’s son, a boy roughly her own age.

When her father's house discovered her location and attempted to seize the child, a small conflict erupted between the two houses. The Matriarchs of the two houses opted to negotiate the matter rather than waste valuable lives over something so insignificant, and ultimately decided that the child should be sent to the Academy of the Iron Orchid, an institute devoted to the training of novice clerics of Lolth. Both sought merely to remove the child from the direct influence of the other house, while still retaining the possibility of using her against the rival house at some time in the future.

Ardulace did well at the Academy, but did not develop the truly deceitful nature needed to rise high in Lolth's service. While at the Academy she remained close friends with her foster father's son, and discovered that he was part of a sect devoted to Eilistraee. Such worship was forbidden in Guallidurth, and those caught were punished harshly. Through her close ties with him, she eventually drifted away from the worship of Lolth, and into that of Eilistraee. When the sect was discovered and most of its members caught, her childhood friend was sacrificed to Lolth in a very public and bloody ceremony. As a result Ardulace foreswore her bond with Lolth and embraced Eilistraee.
Ardulace and several other members of the sect realized the danger they were in, and immediately fled the city. The group split into two groups, one opted to attempt to find another city in which they could live undisturbed, while the other (Ardulace included) chose to try to reach the surface. The small band that tried to reach the surface, numbering only four and almost completely unprepared for a long journey through the underdark, battled through numerous encounters with duergar and other denizens of the dark. They faced many trials and after many weeks of harrowing and arduous travel Ardulace alone reached the surface, the rest having fallen to the dangers of the subsurface world.
She emerged from cave at night half expecting to see Eilistraee herself dancing beneath the moon, but instead found only a cloudy night. When the sun rose the following morning she was blinded by the harsh light, and retreated back into the cave, lingering in it for days, until she grew somewhat accustomed to the light. At night she would venture out, and found herself utterly entranced by the beauty of the stars and moon. Out of food and short of water, she finally left the cage and found herself amid a seemingly endless mountain range. Following the lay of the land she went downhill until she came to a stream, and followed that until she came to a river. Spearing her fish with a dagger lashed to a tree limb, she ate them raw along with what nuts and berries she could find.
As she continued downstream, she discovered that her belongings were beginning to fall apart. Her clothes rotted away to nothing, the only item to survive was a sword of dwarven make that was given to her by her foster-father. Naked, alone and hungry, she continued to follow the river for days. Finally, having grown weak from hunger, she despaired of ever finding her way out of the wilderness, and cast herself down beneath a tree and wept. Eventually she slept, and dreamt of Eilistraee. She saw the goddess dance naked beneath the moon, a shining silver sword in her hand. The bright gleam of the silver blade seemed to burn into her eyes. She woke with a start and saw a bright light hovering in front of her... a will of the wisp. She rose and approached the wisp, only to see it flit away. She continued to follow it through the night, desperately trying to reach it, not even certain why, only sure that she must. Weak and weary, she tripped and fell over a fallen log. When she rose, the wisp was gone. But there, far off through the trees, she could see a red flickering light.
As quietly as she could, she crept closer. There she spotted a campfire, and around it a group of five wagons and a band of wandering tinkers. At once elated and terrified, she remained hidden and watched the group. She watches until the group goes to sleep. Desperately lonely and hungry, but knowing that her kind were rarely welcomed by surface dwellers, she crept back into the forest and slept. Still not used to the glaring light of the sun, she remained hidden through the day, then rose near sunset and found the tinkers gone. She scoured their campsite, and found a few bits of cast off food that she devoured right away. Their heavy wagons left tracks that anyone could follow, so with no other viable options she set out on their trail.
Traveling as swiftly as she could, she caught up with the slow moving wagons in a few hours. The tinkers were camped on a small hillock, not far from the river. As the tinkers went about their routine, Ardulace watched from beyond the ring of light thrown by their fire. She watched them carefully, listening to every word they said, and paying very close attention to where they kept the food. The patriarch of the group of tinkers appeared to be an ancient half-elf. When all the tinkers had gone to sleep, just as the moon rose over the hillock, Ardulace crept forward as quietly as she could, directly to where she had seen the food placed. Taking a burlap sack hanging from one of the wagons, she quickly and quietly filled it with as much food as she could, then grabbed a bottle of wine and turned to leave.
The old half-elf, a long since retired master thief, woke in the darkness of his wagon, his bladder badly in need of draining. Stepping from his wagon, he startled the drowess as she leapt across the camp fire. The old man cried out in alarm, at the sight of a sword bearing, naked, dark elf maiden silhouetted against the newly risen full moon.
Pausing a moment to see who had cried out, Ardulace then fled into the darkness. As the camp came to life behind her, she heard the old man call out “A vision….I have had a vision!”. The rest of the tinkers gathered around as he told them what he saw. The old half-elf’s son, noting the empty box where the food had been replied “Well, your vision has stolen most of tomorrow’s food”.
Ardulace ran until she was certain she was not being followed, then gorged herself on the food and drank the wine. Unused to such rich fare, she quickly fell fast asleep.
Angry about the stolen food, the son of the tinker chief insisted on tracking the drowses. Wanting to meet his “vision”, the old man agreed, and a group of tinkers set off into the woods. Within a few hours they had tracked her and found her fast asleep. All but the old half-elf pounced on her and quickly tied her up.
For the next few weeks they keep Ardulace captive, they clothe and feed her, and the old half-elf speaks to her every day, but she says nothing in response, merely waiting for her chance to escape. One morning, having remembered a trinket he had stolen years before, he retrieved it from his wagon, and approached the drowses. Extending his hand, he opened it to display a holy symbol of Eilistraee, a silver amulet of the moon with the enameled figure of a dark elf maiden silhouetted on it. Offering it to her, he turned to leave, but this small token was enough for her to break her silence. The two began to speak each evening, and eventually the half-elf took her under his protection despite the protest of his son and several of the other tinkers. The son had intended to turn her in for a large bounty.
As Ardulace and the old half-elf became closer, he realized that his days were limited and that his death was near. Knowing that Ardulace was in danger from his own son, and knowing that as old as he was, if his son challenged him for leadership of the band, there was little he could do to retain his power. He equipped her with all that she might need to travel through the wilderness, and knowing she would need it more than he, he gave her his most prized possession, a Hat of Disguise. He then bid her goodbye and wished her well.
In her travels, she stumbled across a few clerics of Eilistraee, from whom she learned all she could. She joined a band of adventurers that thwarted a smuggling ring, explored many a ruin and spent a great deal of time Waterdeep. Much of the time she has had to use the Hat of Disguise to conceal her race, and usually adopts the form of a half-elf named Lacey when she does so.
While adventuring she has accumulated some small wealth and a few magic items. Though she has found places where she was not killed on sight for being a Drow, she still seeks the place where she will be genuinely welcome, and is determined to find it, even if she has to found such a place herself. She utterly hates Lolth and considers the Drow people to be her victims, enslaved by the spider queen. Though she is distrustful of everyone she meets, she longs for true friends and is horribly lonely. She dislikes having to use the Hat of Disguise to conceal her race, but feels she has little choice.
She is very leery of tightly organized religions, seeing them as only a means to control their followers in order to keep those in power in power. Likewise she distrusts overly lawful societies, seeing those that write the laws as using them to oppress the populace in order to retain their wealth and power. Above all else she values the freedom and independence of the individual. She remains devoted to Eilistraee, convinced that it was the goddess that sent the will-o-wisp that guided her to the tinker’s camp in her moment of despair. As a cleric of the Dark Maiden she has given up the use of traditional cleric weapons and adopted the Bastard Sword and Long bow. She loves music, song and dance, both for their simple pleasure and as part of the ceremonial worship of Eilistraee. Since her home city of Guallidurth has had little contact with the surface for centuries, the version of the common tongue she learned there is somewhat archaic and formal, so Ardulace has a tendency to sprinkle her speech with thees and thous. She continues to work on this and has been successful to a degree. Typical of her race, she is possessed of great passion and fury, but seeks to keep both under control and tries to approach things as level-headedly as possible.

Name: Ardulace Despana-Everhate / Lacey
5th level cleric of Eilistraee
Chaotic Good
Str: 14 (+2)
Dex: 17 (+3)
Con: 13 (+1)
Int: 14 (+2)
Wis 19 (+4)
Cha: (+4)

HP: 36

Saving throws:
Fort: 5
Reflex: 4
Will: 8
Base Attack Bonus: 3
Feats: Empower Spell, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Armor Proficiency (light, medium and heavy), Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Elven, Drow
Clerical Abilities; Turn Undead
Racial Abilities: (Not sure what you are permitting here, so I just used standard Elf abilities, let me know if you want these changed to actual Drow abilities, though they are very powerful ) +2 Dex, -2 Con, immune to magic sleep effects, +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.
Low light vision, Weapon Proficiency(Martial Weapon proficiency for longsword, rapier, longbow, shortbow.
+2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks. Entitled to a search check if passes within 5’ of a secret/concealed door.
+1 Half Plate (worn)
+1 Small Steel Shield (carried) Note: This shield is painted dark blue with a field of stars and a full moon with the silhouette of a sword bearing dark elf on it.
Bastard sword, belt and sheath (worn)
Longbow, 30 arrows, quiver (slung on back)
Hat of Disguise (worn)
Heward’s Handy Haversack (on back)
Blanket, winter
3 candles
4 case, map or scroll
2 pieces of chalk
Cleric’s vestment (usually worn only for ceremonies)
Flint and steel
Healer’s Kit
2 Holy Symbol’s of Eilistraee (one worn around neck, back up kept in pack)
Noble’s outfit (worn, clothing)
10 sheets of paper (in map/scroll cases)
2 belt pouches (one worn on belt, spare kept in pack)
Two weeks (14) daily rations
50’ silk rope
2 empty sacks
Sewing needle
Signet ring
Spell component pouch (belt)
Vial of ink
2 waterskins
Anything without a specified location is packed in Heward’s Handy Haversack.

As herself: Ardulace is tall for an elf (5’7”), but typically slender (104lbs). She is quite lovely to look upon, her skin is flawless ebon, and her eyes pale violet. Her hair is silvery white and falls just past her shoulder blades when not put up. She walks with the grace of a trained dancer (which she is, as both part of her childhood education and as a cleric of Eilistraee), and makes a conscious effort to maintain good posture (head up, shoulders back, back straight). When not in her armor, her typical attire is demure and modest, usually consisting of a white silk blouse, dark blue pantaloons tucked into a pair of tall, soft boots. She is built like a ballerina, very slim. She displays no cleavage (she doesn’t actually have much), and makes a point of not showing much flesh (she is both modest, and easily burned by the sun). She sometimes wears a broad, red sash as well. Still being sensitive to bright sunlight, she will wear a broad brimmed hat during the day to help shield her eyes from the sun’s harsh glare.
As Lacey: She adopts the identity of a ½ elf, physically the same, but with pale ivory skin and flowing black hair. Her eyes remain violet. She attempts to change as little as possible with the Hat of Disguise… simplicity being easier to maintain.
In either guise, she loves to sing and dance, and has some minor skill with stringed instruments (nothing to rival a bard, nor currently approaching the Perform skill), and greatly enjoys playing and singing in taverns or in camp.

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Sorry no can do.....

All I can say about the campaign is that it is dragon centric, and powerful.

The players will be starting somewhere near Unther in Faerun.
However, location in Faerun is not important for the majority of the Campaign won't take place in that world. I'm hoping for true immersion into the storyline and honest reactions from the characters (not planned out because the PC knows what's next).

I have decided to say that the world is called Genesica. It is my own world. The following is an excerpt from the campaign module:

Genesica, the origin of which has two legends. For the most part, everything in both legends are the same. The only difference is, where did Genesica begin? There are scholars that are native or descendants of natives to Krynn who believe that Genesica was an island that existed in time unrecorded about 500-1000 miles southeast of the Celestial Delta and the Towers of Eli. Scholars and lore masters native or descendants of natives to Faerun believe something similar. They believe that Genesica was an island 500-1000 miles southeast of Estagund.

This is the Faerunian version of the legend.....

On a beautiful island in Faerun called Genesica, a red dragon named Colossus ruled with an iron claw. She just
laid her clutch of eggs then went to sleep. During her slumber, the dragon goddess Tiamat blessed one of her eggs,
for she believed that through this offspring great deeds of evil would be wrought.
When the eggs finally hatched, five red wyrmlings were crawling around in the lair and one egg still remained. The next day the last egg began to crack open. First a tiny red head poked out, then a black head, a green, then a blue. A final head poked out, white as snow or ice, and as this head became visible the shell cracked completely open and Colossus was amazed but at the same time dismayed to see that the wyrmling was deformed for all five heads were
connected to the same body.
She was further dismayed that the wobbling reptile could not coordinate and decide which way to crawl, but the last
straw was when it finally zeroed each head in on one of his siblings and burned, zapped, poisoned, chilled, and partially digested with acid five of the red babies. Each one went down lifeless and he began to feast upon each carcass.
The new mother was infuriated with the tiny death bringer and picked him up, carried him out into the morning sunlight, and tossed him away as so much refuse. Colossus had no idea of the implications that these events held and did not care, nor did she know of the consequences that were soon to follow.
Tiamat soon made her self known to Colossus and called her from her lair. When Colossus made her exit, she was
shocked to see her son held ever so gently in the hands of Tiamat. The tiny deformity, diminished by the Dragon God’s
size, began hissing and spitting vile things in draconic at his mother and almost vomiting fire, poison, and sparks of
lightning at her. Tiamat put down the baby dragon and went to war with Colossus and slew her by freezing her with an icy blast from her white head. Colossus fell, and great was the fall of her.
A millennium had come and gone. When all creatures thought they were free of the tyrannical rule of dragons, the
dreaded son of Colossus, reared and trained by Tiamat herself, *Sver’ir* (in the common tongue means Dark One)
rose on the horizon of a new terrible era of rule over Genesica. He ruled as his mother once did and was venerated as a demigod unofficially. He made a volcano his lair for he had grown accustomed to the fires of Ba’ator, the home of Tiamat. He named his new home Sverthicasver (Mountain of Darkness, or as it has come to be known, Mt. Darkest).
As the Dark One’s rule continued over Genesica, an evil plan for domination formed in his sinister mind and began
making preparations at once. He took a half wyvern, half dragon named *Lorea’renk* as his mate and her clutch of
eggs numbered in the area of one score and ten.
His plan was simple enough. Through his ability to charm masses of creatures, he brought together mammoth armies
and commanded archways to be built so he may construct portals and gates to all the planes and realms as an
eternal fixture in his land to be used as the instrument of his dominance of all creation in any plane, and to stand
forever more as monuments thereafter to his superiority.
The time had come for him to strike. His children were old enough to find prey on their own though a few had fallen
prey to other creatures already. Almost all the portals had been created.
One of the gates was opened to the astral plane by mistake in the Dark One’s rush for supremacy (Tiamat tried
to teach patience, but that lesson fell on deaf ears) resulting in a tragic end for the beautiful island Genesica.
The other end of the astral portal opened into the pathway of an asteroid belt. Great rocks from this plane hurtled
and smashed their way through the gate. Without an atmosphere to slow or stop the onslaught of rocks, three
quarters of the land was laid to waste. One third of all life was destroyed including the Dark One’s mate and all
but five of his children.
The gate to the astral plane was ruined in the fray and the other gates and portals became unstable for use. They
functioned only to anchor this island to a fractal zone it has teleported to in the outsider plane. The link with other planes and realms were fortunate for repopulation purposes but unsteady at best.
With the Dark One’s legacy still intact, he vows to try again.....

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Nimu - Seluumiel Ithil'Luume

NAME : Seluumiel Ithil'Luume
PlAYER: Nimu
RACE : Moon Elf
GENDER: Female
MAX HP: 42
CUR HP: 42
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
WEIGHT: 98 lbs
AGE : 123
HAIR : Silver
EYES : Sapphire
HAND : Left
SIZE : Medium
SPEED : 30
CLASS : Cleric 3 / Diviner 2
XP : 10,000
ALIGN : Chaotic Good
DEITY : Sehanine Moonbow
STR : 10 : 0 : : : 2
DEX : 16 : +3 : : : 10
CON : 14 : +2 : : : 6
INT : 19 : +4 : : : 16
WIS : 18 : +4 : : : 16
CHA : 16 : +3 : : : 10
Total Armour Shield Dex Size Misc
AC : 5 = 0 + 0 + 3 + 0 + 2

Total Dex Misc
Init : +0 = 3 + 0

BAB: +3
SAVES Total Base Ability Magic Misc
Fort : +3 = + 3 + 0 + +
Refl : +4 = +1 + 3 + +
Will : +10 = + 6 + 4 + +
Immunity to sleep spells
+2 save bonus vs Enchantment spells
+2 Listen, Search, Spot checks
Automatic search check to notice secret/concealed doors when passing within 5 feet of one
Low-light vision
Proficient with longsword, rapier
Proficient with most bows

Travel Domain (Freedom of movement 3 rounds/day, Survival added to class skill)
Knowledge Domain (Divinations +1 Caster Level, Knowledge Skills added to class skills)
Turn Undead (6/day 1d20+6)
Diviner (Barred School Necromancy)
Divination Immediate Magic (4/day Glimpse Peril : +2 Saving Throw Bonus)

Scribe Scroll
Eschew Materials
Ritual Blessing
LANGUAGES: Common, Celestial, Draconic, Drow, Elven (Native Language), Sylvan

Appraise (int) 4 = 0 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Balance (dex) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Bluff (cha) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + (misc)
Climb (str) Level 0 = 0 (rank) + 0 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
*Concentration (con) 10 = 8 (rank) + 2 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
*Decipher Script (int) 6 = 2 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
*Diplomacy (cha) 5 = 2 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Disguise (cha) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Escape Artist (dex) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Forgery (int) 4 = 0 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Gather Information (cha) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Handle Animal (cha) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
*Heal (wis) 10 = 6 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Hide (dex) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Intimidate (cha) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Jump (str) 0 = 0 (rank) + 0 (ability mod) + (misc)
*Knowledge (arcana) (int) 12 = 8 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
*Knowledge (history) (int) 8 = 2 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
*Knowledge (religion) (int) 10 = 6 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Listen (wis) Level 6 = 0 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 2 (racial)
Move Silently (dex) Level 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + (misc)
Perform (cha) 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Ride (dex) 5 = 2 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Search (int) 6 = 0 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 2 (racial)
Sense Motive (wis) 4 = 0 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + (misc)
*Spellcraft (int) 14 = 8 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 2 (knowledge)
Spot (wis) Level 6 = 0 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + 2 (racial)
*Survival (wis) 6 = 2 (rank) + 4 (ability mod) + (misc)
Swim (str) Level 0 = 0 (rank) + 0 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)
Use Rope (dex) Level 3 = 0 (rank) + 3 (ability mod) + 0 (misc)

Quarter Staff +3 1d6 x2 4lb Bludgeoning
Dagger +3/+6 1d4 19-20/x2 10 ft 1lb Piercing or Slashing
Dagger +3/+6 1d4 19-20/x2 10 ft 1lb Piercing or Slashing





Max MP : 40
Current MP : 40
Divine Spells Per day 4/3/2/0/0/0/0/0/0/0
Domain Spells Per day 0/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0
Arcane Spells Per day 5/4/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0

Prepared Divine Spells

Level 0:
Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Poison, Light, Purify Food and Drink

Level 1:
Command, Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary

Level 2:
Hold Person, Sound Burst

Prepared Domain Spells

Level 1:

Level 2:
Detect Thoughts

Prepared Arcane Spells

Level 0:
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Mending, Prestidigitation

Level 1:
Identify, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Disguise Self

Known Arcane Spells

Level 0:
Resistance, Acid Splash, Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation

Level 1:
Alarm, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Identify, Magic Missile, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Sleep

MONEY PP: 9 GP: 39 SP: 43 CP:

Bedroll 5lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Blanket Winter 3 lb (Hewards Hand Haversack)
Scroll Case 1/2 lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Flint and Steel (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Ink 2 oz (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Inkpen (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Mirror, small steel 1/2 lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Pouch, belt 1/2 lb (worn)
Trail Rations 10 days 50 lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Rope, Silk 5 lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Signet Ring (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Waterskin 4 lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Holy Symbol of Sehanine Moonbow, Silver 1 lb (worn)
Spell Component Pouch 2 lb (worn)
Spellbook 3 lb (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Clerics Vestments 6 lb (Worn)

Ring of Protection +1 (Worn)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (Worn)
Hewards Handy Haversack 5lb (Worn)
Wand of Burning Hands (50 charges) (Hewards Handy Haversack)
Wand of Summon Monster 1 (50 charges) (Hewards Handy Haversack)
1 Scroll of Fog Cloud (Scroll Case)
2 Scrolls of Mirror Image (Scroll Case)
2 Scrolls of Scorching Ray (Scroll Case)
2 Scrolls of Fireball (Scroll Case)
2 Scrolls of Lightning Bolt (Scroll Case)

*added Burning Hands to spellbook. 25 gp has been spent for a scroll of Burning Hands.

Otherworldly beautiful, Seluumiel is built with the lithe grace of the elven people. Of average height, she is of the slender build typical of the elves. Her smooth unmarred skin is a pale white tinged with blue making her delicate features appear carved from exquisite marble. Deep sapphire eyes glitter with intelligence and hold the hallowed sorry of the elves. Her hair, a shining silver, spills in waves falling just above her lower back. On her forehead, just below the hairline, she bears the silver mark of Sehanine Moonbow's holy symbol.

Seluumiel generally wears a diaphanous silvery white gown, the skirt is split at the hips and pale grey leggings are tucked into soft grey boots. She often wears a white cloak and carries a quarterstaff made from grayish wood. She moves with a languid grace and appears an apparition of moonlight poured into flesh. The elf is quiet and reserved, and spends much of her time in solitude. In order to replenish her spells she meditates at midnight when the moons are at their zenith.

As the tears of Sehanine Moonbow blended with the blood of Corellon Larethian so were born the elves. They would forever embody the light of Corellon Larethian and the mystery of Sehanine Moonbow. Some are born with the mark of Sehanine Moonbow, a silver symbol forever etched into their forehead. Touched by the Lady of Dreams they are the chosen of the Daughter of the Night Skies. Since the dawn of the elven people the chosen of Sehanine Moonbow have been known as the Ainur Ithil, the Holy Sisterhood of the Moon.

Our story begins on Evermeet, island of the elves.

It was on the night of the Mystic Rites of the Luminous Cloud that twin girls, Seluumiel Ithil'Luume and Siliveliel Luume, were born to the moon elven scholars Lathoniel and Aerandir. Twins though the girls were they could not be more different. Siliveliel, golden haired and emerald eyed, was fascinated by stories and song. Seluumiel, silver haired and sapphire eyed, was born with the silver moonbow of Sehanine on her forehead. The silver haired elf child was different, she seemed to be able to see and hear what could not be seen and could not be heard. She soon began to have dreams of a moonlit sky and an otherworldly voice calling to her.

After the twins reached their tenth year the family was visited by and enigmatic woman calling herself Ailenuial. Silver haired and sapphire eyed, she had the silver mark of Sehanine's moonbow on her forehead. She had come to take Seluumiel, claiming that Sehanine Moonbow had called the child. Her parents at first refused, but the mysterious elf eventually convinced them to allow Seluumiel to come with her. The twins resisted the parting, but their tearful separation was eminent and soon Seluumiel left her family home with the enigmatic stranger. The pair was joined by a guard of white robed men for their long journey. For the first few days on the journey Seluumiel cried, but on the third night under the light of the moon Ailenuial sat with the elf child.

"Do not cry my child," Ailenuial told Seluumiel as she smoothed the tears from the child's eyes, "You have heard the call of the goddess, and I have come to bring you to her. All who bear the mark the Lady of Dreams have made the journey you make now." And so they continued on. Ailenuial told Seluumiel of the ways of Sehanine Moonbow and the Ainur Ithil, the Holy Sisterhood of the Moon.

They travelled through the eldritch wilds of Evermeet for a fortnight. On the night of the fifteenth day they reached a lake secluded deep in the forests. Moonlight bathed the lake illuminating a small island at its center. Ailenuial led Seluumiel to a small canoe, and together they made their way to the central isle. Small white lights danced above the dark water, and the wide eyed child stared out in awe. The small island sat bathed in moonlight, white marble temples stood amid flowering white trees and indigo night blooming flowers. They had reached Anarriima, the home of the Ainur Ithil. It was here that Seluumiel would begin her path.

The young moon elf would spend the next century on Anarriima training in the ecclesiastical practices of Sehanine Moonbow. The sisterhood believed that arcane and divine magics were at the core the same, and Seluumiel learned to harness the power of both. She grew into a mystic priestess of Sehanine Moonbow and soon became the embodiment of the Ainur Ithil.

Upon reaching adulthood, after one hundred years on Anarriima, Seluumiel was initiated into the sisterhood and became fully and wholly one of the Ainur Ithil. Despite the century apart she remained close to her twin sister. Seluumiel and Siliveliel exchanged letters over the years, and their bond never faded. Following Seluumiel's initiation she received a letter from her sister stating she would be living Evermeet to seek out the stories of before the fall of Cormanthyr. She would not hear from her sister again.

Seluumiel remained on Anarriima for the years following her initiation performing Lunar Hallowings, the Mystic Rites of the Luminous Cloud, and Ceremonies of Recovery. Beyond their oaths to Sehanine Moonbow the Ainur Ithil all swore oaths to serve the elven people and as a sisterhood of mystic priestesses the Ainur Ithil had access to powers that normal clerics of Sehanine did not. Many of Sehanine's faithful sought out counsel with the Ainur Ithil, and as a fully initiated sister Seluumiel provided council and blessing to the faithful.

After nearly ten years as an Ainur Ithil, Seluumiel began to have visions and dreams of her sister. She saw her sister swallowed by a darkness in Cormanthyr and she knew at the very core of her being that Siliveliel was dead. Seluumiel left Anarriima. She left Evermeet and made her way to Faerun. Her bond to her fallen sister pulled her to Siliveliel's body. Seluumiel soon found herself wandering the forest of Cormanthyr. She wandered through the ancient wood for days. The ruins of the fallen elven empire drew her to them, and as she wandered through the fallen city she felt herself pulled to the temple ruins. There on the floor of the temple of the Seldarine lay the lifeless body of Siliveliel. As she ran to her laughter mocked her in a voice all to musical to be anything but elven. Seluumiel turned to face the undead priestess of Lolth that now resided in the ruins of Cormanthyr. A battle between the two ensued and Seluumiel soon found herself overwhelmed by the power of the long dead dark elf. Nearly dead with nearly all hope lost Seluumiel opened herself fully to Sehanine and in that moment the divine splendor of the Daughter of the Night Sky vanquished Lolth's minion. Exhausted and spent Seluumiel crawled to the body of her dead sister. Still filled with the power of Sehanine she performed the Ceremony of Recovery, and their in the ruins of the ancient elven empire Siliveliel's soul was released into Arvandor. With the moonbows still glowing in her eyes Seluumiel fell to the temple floor exhausted with visions of Arvandor and Cormanthyr caressing her soul.

The elf remained in the abandoned city for a time, and for each day she was in an almost constant state of meditation. Seluumiel sent her sister's body to Evermeet along with messages to her parents and the Ainur Ithil that she would remain in Faerun for a time. Before the retreat to Evermeet the elves had thrived on Faerun, and she would seek out what had been lost to her people and preserve what remained of them.

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ring of protection

Did you know rings of protection provide a named bonus (deflection)? That means they don't stack with each other, or anything else that provides a deflection bonus.

Posted on 2009-03-12 at 06:30:17.

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Actually, no I did not. I'll go ahead and make a change out then.

Posted on 2009-03-12 at 17:44:19.
Edited on 2009-03-12 at 17:45:04 by Nimu

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Gboy - Xavier Von Richter

Name: Xavier von Richter
Male, Half-Human/Half-Vampire Rogue 3
ECL: 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
HD: 3d6+9(Con)
HP: 27
Age: 19, Height: 5'8" , Weight: 130 , Hair: White , Eyes: Red , Complexion: Pale, almost white

Str : 16 (+3) - (5 Point-buy + 2 (template) + 1 (4th level))
Dex : 18 (+4) - (10 Point buy + 2 (template))
Con : 16 (+3) - (10 Point buy)
Int : 18 (+4) - (16 Point buy)
Wis : 14 (+2) - (6 Point buy)
Cha : 17 (+3) - (8 Point buy + 2 (template))

Total: 5+10+10+16+6+8 = 55

Init +8 (+4 (Dex) +4 (Feat))
Fort +4 (1 Base + 3(con)
Ref +7 (3 Base + 4(dex)
Will +3 (1 Base + 2(wis)
Speed 30 ft
AC: 23 (Flatfooted: 19 Touch: 15)
Base Attacks: +4 melee, +6 ranged
+6 (1d2[+3], Shuriken [Thrown]),
+6 (1d6[+3], Rapier [One Handed - Finesse]),
+6 (1d6[+3], Slam [Natural]),

Racial Features (RF):

Base Land Speed 30 ft.
Bonus Feat at 1st level
Bonus skill point at each level.
Favoured Class: Any

Half Vampire
Str +2, Dex +2, Cha +2

Natural Attack: Slam 1d6+3

Natural Armor: +2

Blood Drain: With a successful grapple check, you deal 1d4 points of Con drain. You cannot drain more Con in one hour than you have Constitution points. You gain 5 Temporary hit points per point of constitution drained that last for 1 hour.

Blood Dependancy: You must drink blood from one living creature per day. If you do not, you must make a Fort Save (DC 15) or become fatigued. This DC increases by 1 for each day you do not drink. After one week, you must make a DC 20 Fort save, or become exhausted. Using the Blood Drain ability removes the fatigue, and improved exhaustion to fatigue.

DR 5/magic and silver

Fast Healing: If your HP falls below half, you gain fast healing 1.

Resistance cold and elec 5

+2 Racial Bonus on Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot Checks.

Improved Initiative Feat.

Class Features: (Class feats, Rogue/Monk abilities, etc.)
Trap Sense +1, Sneak Attack +2d6, Evasion, Trapfinding.


Bluff: +11
Climb: +9
Diplomacy: +13
Disguise: +9
Escape Artist: +10
Gather Information: +9
Hide: +12
Listen: +10
Move Silently: +12
Sense Motive: +8
Sleight of Hand: +12
Spot : +10
Tumble: +10


Improved Initiative (Bonus)
Weapon Finesse
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Shuriken)
Combat Expertise

Possessions: 100 Shuriken, +1 Mithral Chain Shirt
Wealth: 110 gp
Goods Stored: (behind saddle, in backpack/saddlebags/Bag of Holding, etc.)
Magic Items: 5 Potions Pass without trace, 5 potions of cure light wounds, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 5 potions of shield of faith, Shiftweave, Ring of Protection (+1), Amulet of Natural Armour (+1), Hat of Disguise.

Posted on 2009-03-15 at 04:12:11.

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Chiron's armor

Not really that shiny. It's kept in good repair, but he doesn't polish the armor. It's just gray steel.

And, wearing a chain shirt, he's actually less armored than some of the others in the group.

Lacey's armor is half-plate and Irgune's is dragonhide half-plate... Xavier's armor is the same style (chain shirt), but made of mithril so it's *much* shinier than mine.

Considering the robes that Seluumiel usually wears, if we're all wearing our armor and standing together, I'd draw the least attention compared to the rest of of the group.

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 00:47:48.

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Okay, my bad.

I was just making an assumption... oops.

Also, Tiamat, I wasn't expecting my sister to actually come into play here... but, Xavier is fiercely dedicated to his elder sibling... he'll take your word for it for now, that the Governor will try to save her... but if she doesn't make it back, Xavier is gonna be pretty pissed... and will come after you, accusing you of false promises.

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 01:08:56.

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I'm enjoying the show so far, thumbs up to everyone for nice roleplaying. I love Lacey's accent.

Hehe, I guessed that Xavier was a half-vampire (having worked out that template for some one in another game)

Also, a note to Tiamat that may help with game organization: If you go to 'edit topic' at the bottom of the game thread, then turn your game into a 'Private' topic, then you can create a short list of players who are in the game (which has the double bonus of keeping others from accidentally posting in the game thread, as well as showing up the game on everyone's profiles).

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 04:52:38.

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If you give me a good enough reason...

I'm a lawless little person who keeps his best interest in the forefront... if you can make it worth my while, then I will most likely convert. But seriously... make it VERY worth my while.

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 17:11:07.

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Beyond Saving?!?!?!

What???? That's terrible. I thought the whole outlook of Eilistraee was reaching out to those who were at the point of being beyond saving, and trying to save them. And I mean, I haven't done anything to bad yet, have I? I'm just exbuerant...

Oh, and Tiamat, I know you mentioned something about this in a PM, but I don't get spell levels and such. What is the max gold cap of an item we can take from the armory? And if we take projectiles, how many can we take?

Posted on 2009-03-19 at 04:37:25.

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"Can I get a halleluja?"

No especially not from Bailash.

Posted on 2009-03-19 at 05:04:45.

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Gp cap

For those who don't understand spell levels and spell like abilities, the gold cap average is 3585 gp for any weapon, armor, or shield.

1650 gp for the most expensive armor listed
4000 gp for a +2 enhancement bonus
690 gp for the most expensive weapon listed
8000 gp for a +2 enhancement bonus on a weapon

14340/4 = 3585 gp average cap.

in response to Gboy's question on ammunition, the following count as one Weapon choice: A quiver of 20 arrows, A wooden case of 10 bolts, or a pouch of 10 sling bullets.

Posted on 2009-03-19 at 05:28:21.
Edited on 2009-03-19 at 05:29:55 by Tiamat5774


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