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GM for this game: Merideth
Players for this game: Steelight, Ion Kired, Tus Lased, Shield Wolf, Dakarta, speeddemon, Mahargave
This game is on hiatus.
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Give Me A Minute

Briar Underfoort Location Time
When then other two half-orcs stood up, Briar started laughing so hard he was cackling. Between outbursts of laughter and pointing at the half-orcs, he could only say, " It takes three of you to steal a halfling's food and you still didn't get it!"

Posted on 2010-02-06 at 21:08:21.

RDI Staff
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Gruel, Goblins and Orcs! Oh my!

Professor O'Leary
RedWyrm Cafeteria
Week 1 - Monday afternoon

When the bowl of gruel was snagged from Levanna the older, more seasoned, students stood back, allowing their younger counterparts to take care of the situation on their own. The Codge brothers were known for making trouble, especially with those who failed to stand up for themselves, so getting involved might prove to be worse in the long run than standing up for the halfling.

She seemed to take care of things well enough on her own, throwing the bowl of gruel down the hall way with her magic and then conjuring up ghostly sounds. Her fellow new students even stood up and backed her up but had not yet interfered.

Watching from across the room the goblin was still hoping that the half orc scum had found a new target finally. His thoughts, however, were shifted when Professor O'Leary strode through the doors of the cafeteria.

She held a bowl in her hands and her normally red bouncy curls were sticking to her face, heavy with gruel. Even walking down the hallways could prove dangerous in RedWyrm. Quickly her bright blue eyes sized up the scene before her.

"Alright! Enough!" Her loud commanding voice peeled over the heads of everyone and the ghostly sounds stopped immediatly.

Heads turned, even the half orcs, who were growling and gripping the hilts of their daggers, turned and faced the professor with widened eyes.

"I was hoping to eat lunch... not wear it." Her hand went up immediatly to stop any explainations that might come babbling forth from the new student's mouths.

"Dirdge Codge, Avar Codge and Mytel Codge... report immediatly!"

The three boys grumble and move toward the professor, the one who started the altercation, likely Dirdge as he piqued up when that name was said, whispers dangerously at Levanna as he passes, "I'm not done with you little fry..."

In front of Merideth the three give a short bow and Dirdge speaks up. "Yes Professor O'Leary."

"Don't 'Professor O'Leary' me. I know you are behind this. I wasn't born yesterday. Your mother, one of the ugliest humans I've ever met, but perhaps one of the most patient, pulled some big strings to get you in here. I know for a fact she has walloped you before and I promise if you don't shape up real quickly I will call her down here and have her do it again, publically! Do I make myself clear?" Even with gruel dripping off the small curve of her nose and clumped in her hair she still had a confident air about her and a presence that suggested you should not cross her.

Still grumbling the Codge brothers nodded, and stared at their massive toes.

"Now out of my sight!" Her arm pointed behind her toward the hall and they quickly followed its lead.

Merideth's head raised up as she looked around the room, not giving the departing half orcs another glance. "I trust that this will be the end of distrubances for the day..."

A brief pause as she looked each occupant of the cafeteria over and made sure there was no challenge in their eyes. Seeing none she gives a slight nod of approval and spins on her heels.

"Hurry up with your lunches, Professor Tann'Talas is expecting you in the yard." Her curt voice calls out to them as she dissapears back down the hall.

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 22:48:41.

Sage of the Realms
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Steelight Shadowborne
RedWyrm Cafeteria
Week 1 - Monday afternoon

Steelight looks up as he finishes his gruel. As he stands he speaks. "It seems we have true examples of halfling creativity and halfling stupidity in the same room. Well done Levanna."

He turns and walks away to place his bowl with the other dishes. Once that is done he turns back to the students he has been leading.

"Lunch time is over. Come, Master Tann'Talas is waiting for us."

Without another word he walks out of the room.

Posted on 2010-02-08 at 05:17:18.
Edited on 2010-02-11 at 03:16:14 by Steelight

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
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Combat training?

Zeph Blighthunter
RedWyrm Cafeteria
Week 1 - Monday afternoon

Shoving one last spoonful into his mouth Zeph placed the bowl on the floor for Sintan to have a quick something to eat before getting up and adjusting his hood out of habit. He started limping toward the door, making his way to class briefly looking over his shoulder to be certain Sintan was not too far behind him. This would be a long walk, but he would not ask the other students for even the slightest bit of assistance.

He had to admit to himself though, he was eager to get to this class. He had heard that this particular instructor would be able to teach even him to fight to his fullest potential.

Posted on 2010-02-09 at 20:27:51.
Edited on 2010-02-10 at 23:04:32 by Shield Wolf

RDI Staff
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Welcome to Class

Combat Yard
Week 1 – Monday afternoon

Professor O’Leary had been correct, lunch would have to be called short to make it Professor Tann’Talas’s class. They filed out together, the seasoned students leading the wet ones, and a little goblin hobbling along behind.

The Combat Yard, sometimes known as Tann’s Field of Death, was nestled between two hall ways that formed an ‘L’ shaped border of two sides of the field. It stretched out from the joining point of that ‘L’ out toward the woods, and sometimes even made use of the first several hundred feet of the woods.

One leg of the ‘L’ was protected by a large overhanging awning. Under the awning shelves, brackets and pegs had been built onto the exterior wall of the school to house an arsenal of weapons and armor. The storage space was carefully designed to not only hold the various implements used on the Combat Yard but also to protect it. Locks and magical wards rested over anything that the Professor did not want students to touch that day. An expanse of bare shelf was set aside for students to place anything they carried with them that the Professor asked them to leave behind for the days lessons.

The Yard itself was a patch work quilt of various terrain and training sections. Most of it was paved in heavily packed earth with straw kicked around atop it to help when it rained and the ground turned into sucking mud. Hay foes of various sizes and shaped dotted the Yard. A vague ring of flat stone in the middle of the Yard often held hand to hand combat lessons. There was a sand pit, a dirty pond and even a small mountain of boulders not to mention the lands hidden by the forest that could be fought upon as well. An archery range stretched down one length of the yard while an obstacle course stretched down the other.

All in all it was an impressive set up and one that was always being improved upon by the faculty to give their students as well rounded an education in the forms of combat as possible.

Posted on 2010-02-14 at 17:06:45.

RDI Staff
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What a day!

Professor Merideth O’Leary
Staff’s Private Residences
Week 1 – Monday Afternoon

Most of the staff was provided with small cottage like homes on the edge of the school’s property. One night a week they had ‘Dorm Duty’ and stayed in an apartment at the end of the student’s dorm wing. This was not Merideth’s night for that, she thanked the heavens.

With the new students settled and in the competent hands of Tann she had excused herself for the day. One bowl of gruel dumping over her head was enough.

I do hope that I can get those three bloody trouble makers to graduate soon. I haven’t the slightest clue as to why I accepted them into the school in the first place. she sighed as she trudged along the path that led to her sanctuary from the madness of the school.

“Yes I do. Their mother impressed me.” Her eyes rolled at that.

“Note to self Merideth… next time make sure you met the prospective students and not just their parents before you let them in. Just as you did that goblin. That application surely threw you, but he’s worked out thus far. A little tense yes… but no real issues just yet. Certainly no gruel in my hair over it…” she groaned and moved to run her hand through her locks and stopped just short of the sticky mass that they had turned into.

Minutes later she opened the door of her cabin and stepped in. Lounged out in a rocking chair with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and a book propped in his hand was a lanky elven man. Under the blanket he was dressed simply in a green tunic and brown pants, she knew he wore no shoes even though he had his feet tucked under himself in his nearly catlike curl in the chair. His long brown hair hadn’t been pulled back and lay in a silken spread down his shoulders. Slowly his eyes lifted, dark green valleys, and a smile tugged his lips.

Eledhost looked up at the woman who stepped in. She started at the floor in heavy brown boots that were old and caked in her life, but were also soft and clung to her calves until they gave away to the soft tan doe skin pants. The blue men’s cut tunic she wore was cinched to her curves with a leather vest, and he knew quiet well that despite the appearance the outfit could hide several weapons and that she was rather skilled and pulling them from the hidden pockets with a deadly silence. The large coat that dusted the ground could also hide many things. But the bright blue eyes that hid under the, normally, lovely expanse of red curls could hide very little from him. Today they were hidden under matted down curls and spoke of a rough day at the school.

Merideth watched as he put down the book and walked over to her. Her lips parted as she started to find the words to tell him what had happened. He only shook his head and pressed a finger to her lips silencing them.

“Bath first love… then you can you tell me all about how terrible the students are again… but right now you get a hot bath…” He smiled and took her hand, leading her out of the main room.

Posted on 2010-02-14 at 17:28:31.

Sage of the Realms
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Steelight Shadowborne
RedWyrm Training Yard
Week 1 - Monday afternoon

"Alright everyone. It looks like our Combat Instructor has been detained. I'm sure he will be here shortly as he is rarely late and never for very long. I would recommend you all put anything you have that you don't want broken or damaged over on the shelves there."

He points to the vacant shelving.

"For those of you with any combat experience at all, I would recommend warming up. These lessons have a tendency to take their toll."

Steelight wanders off a bit into the yard and begins a series of stretches, followed by a warm up routine of fluid attacks, blocks and maneuvers... all without any form of weapon.

I wonder how they'll do. Steelight thinks while watching the new students during his own warm ups. They have been anything but impressive thus far, but here is where the truth of their nature is shown. We shall see.

Posted on 2010-02-15 at 01:06:55.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6513 Posts

1st Teacher Post......Welcome to HELL!!!

Teacher’s hidden Tower
RedWyrm Training Yard

"Alright everyone. It looks like our Combat Instructor has been detained. I'm sure he will be here shortly as he is rarely late and never for very long. I would recommend you all put anything you have that you don't want broken or damaged over on the shelves there.
For those of you with any combat experience at all, I would recommend warming up. These lessons have a tendency to take their toll."

~Hmmm interesting~ thought Professor Tann’Talas as he watched from his magically concealed tower just to the right of the courtyards lower wall as the 5 students quickly entered the area..
~Perhaps this one fancies himself a leader~
Looking to his list of current students he quickly found the speakers name…. Steelight Shadowborne, 3rd year Monk ~All right then let’s see what he can do~ A quick snap of his fingers and the magic of his field of Death took hold……

For the students events happened quickly, one minute they stood in a yard full of daylight readying themselves for training, the next total darkness. Within seconds a loud chorus of guttural screams could be heard along with the sound of many large feet and out of the slowly thinning blackness the students were greeted by the sight of a dozen large Bugbears, all heavily armed and armored. The next surprise for these same students was the fact that each was now armed with his weapon of choice and armored as was appropriate to thier class.

A loud voice was then heard as the Bugbears closed.

“Defend yourselves or be killed,... Training has begin”!!

Posted on 2010-02-15 at 05:44:07.

Sage of the Realms
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1024 Posts

A sly grin

Steelight Shadowborne
RedWyrm Training Yard
Week 1 - Monday afternoon

(OOC: How many bugbears are there? Also, I'm not sure how we are doing combat so I'll do my best.)

The bugbears came forth filled with rage and anxious for battle, yet young Steelight was equally anxious. It had been quite a while since he had tested himself against so many foes, and even longer since he had so many allies. The true test. Now we shall see how worthy they are. He looks at the other students for a moment appraisingly, judging them by the weapons they carry.

"Goblin, Levanna, stay to the rear. Use your arrows and spells where you can. Briar, try not to get squashed and strike as you can, finshing any we drop. Darkon, with me and Ion... well, you know what to do."

With a grin he sets himself to receive the charge of the larger creatures. Slowly, with deep focus he falls into a defensive stance. As the first of the large creatures approaches his still form explodes into a flurry of movement, lashing out with two knife hand strikes against the first of the creatures. His first strike pierces the air towards the bugbear's throat as he steps slightly to his left to avoid the momentum of his charging foe.

(OOC: Unarmed Strike +3 (1d6+1 damage), Piercing attack, I'd like to use my Stunning Fist with the first strike. I'd also like to try a Sense Motive ( +8 ) check to judge their general strength against mine. If my first strike stuns I will do a trip attempt on the following round. If not, I will use flurry of blows (+1/+1) splitting my attacks between the first one I attacked and the next closest.)

Posted on 2010-02-15 at 21:44:23.
Edited on 2010-02-16 at 02:06:09 by Steelight

Tus Lased
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Spells, ranged weapons, stay in back check

Immediately Levanna did what she was told she stepped to the back of the group and whispered a few magical words. As soon as the words started leaving her mouth the air got really cold. She had summoned an ice cycle and caused it to elevate to the furthest bugbear, where it dropped on his head sharp edge first. Then she spun around and through three darts (1d4 each) to the left group of bug bears and fired her crossbow (1d8 ) in the right group. She waited as a dark portal opened and a lower level fiend came out and attacked the bugbear behind Steelight.
(I attempted to use ray of frost, summon monster I, mage hand and I used my feat silent spell)

Posted on 2010-02-15 at 22:53:58.
Edited on 2010-02-15 at 23:03:23 by Tus Lased

Regular Visitor
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Let the fun begin

week 1-monday afternoon
Redwyrms training yard

Alright I think to myself, there's about 12 bugbears coming at us. I remember from my combat lessons in my old grove how goblin's tend to fight and how to accuratly break their guard with my attack's

I stop for a momment to consider that they might be an illusion. They did appear quite suddenly with the darkness enveloping us, however a fact that may be missed on my overeager or scared classmates is, where did they come from. There are three opition's:

1 They were captured from the wild and sent to attack us. Seems unlikely though as we could quite easily die from battling them and with so many of us the teacher would be hard pressed to intervene in time, besides it just dosn't seem like the sort of thing the Redwyrm acadamy would do.

2 they are actually other students meant to test our fighting skills. Unlikely for the same reason that we might kill one of them easily, and it would just be easier to split us up into sparing groups.

3 they aren't real and were just being fooled by an illusion. This one seems the most likely because an illusion spell could easily create them out of nowhere and the spell could be made so there is no chance of fatality even if we fully belive in it. If they are and they fight them, then i'm just wasting my time. However Darkon stops thinking for a momment as he hears steelight call out to him to help him.

(OOC: Make a disbelief save versus the illusion, if succesesful than follow text bellow, if not or their is no illusion then follow the text under that)

Darkon sees the courtyard for what it truly is and watches his friends battling imaginary foes. Darkon shouts out "It's an illusion, the enemies aren't real". He then starts calmly looking around to try and find who caused it.

(If I failed my disbelief, or there really isin't an illusion)

Crap they are still here. Prehaps it's a highly advanced illusion that is actually partially real using material from the shadow plane. Well I can't waste any more time worrying about where they came from, Darkon thinks to himself. He's about to go help Steelight killone when he sees Levanna summon a monster to help him. As Darkon take a quick look around he realizes that while Steelight might be fine for now the others are going to be at a major disadvantage form the darkness. The Bugbears however have darkvision and can see clearly here, Darkon is alright as his vision is more accurate than a humans in darkness, but light is still going to be needed if were to orginize properly to defeat them.

Darkon sees Levanna casting spells about and Darkon whispers to her "cast a light spell to help penetrate this darkness so we can fight better". He then puts the hood of his cloak up and sneaks to ward a bugbear coming in on Sreelight left and strikes with his scimitars. Normally a bugbear would be able to tell when he got near him just because of bugbears good noses, however with so many people fighting on persons scent could easily get lost if the bugbear isin't focused on finding that one person.

(OOC: I sneak using either my move silently or hide check, whichever is most appropriate, both +6 mod. +5/+5 for each scimitar attack Dmg:1d6+7(part of this is the fact that goblins aremy favoured enemies) for main hand and 1d6+4(as mentioned above +2 from them being my favoured enemies) for off hand. Both have a crit range of 18-20 and do 2 times damage on a crit)

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 07:25:45.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
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It just HAD to be bugbears!

Zeph Blighthunter
Tann's Field of Death
Week 1: Monday Afternoon

As much as he hated to have a human telling him what to do Zeph placed any unnecessary items over on the empty shelves where the monk had indicated, grumbling under his breath in Druidic the whole time of course, he had learned during his last year that the dancing Elf-kin knew his native language and had since made it a point to say things in a less well known language if he didn't want them overheard. Since he had no idea what to expect during this training period he motioned for Sintan to come close to him as he crept toward the back of the group, getting as far from the Humans, Halflings, and Elf-kin as he could while remaining in the area.

The minute it went dark Zeph knew something was wrong, usually he had no trouble seeing in the dark, yet in this darkness he found himself as lost as a human would be. He timidly reached out to where he remembered Sintan being, making sure she was still close by. When the screams started he knew what was coming, war cries like these were something he had heard many times growing up, Bugbears.. no doubt about it. Sintan's reaction served only to confirm that he needed to worry, he could feel the wolf tense up and could hear her low growls, she obviously smelled something she did not like. His suspicions were only confirmed as the darkness faded and he spotted the troop of Bugbears advancing menacingly toward himself and the other students. He gave Sintan a quick pat on the back, whispering to her in Druidic, "Be careful my friend.." as he backed away even further.

To his surprise he found himself in leather armor he had not been wearing and holding a shortbow in his hand. Reaching back he found that he had a quiver of arrows on his back as well and took aim at the Goblinoid closest to himself and Sintan, letting an arrow fly toward his target.

((Declaring Dodge against the same Bugbear I'm attacking, raising AC by 1 point in the event he reaches me, or happens to resort to ranged combat as well. Base Attack is +0, but Dex is +4, so that would be +4 to attack with the bow. If engaged in melee he'll likely drop the bow, pull his morningstar and attempt to flank with Sintan if she stays close enough. If engaged in melee by a foe other than my current target I will declare my Dodge bonus against the foe attacking me. If push comes to shove I do have magical options available to me as well, though they're not likely to be a huge help against roughly a dozen foes.))

Posted on 2010-02-16 at 22:56:00.
Edited on 2010-02-17 at 05:56:08 by Shield Wolf

Ion Kired
Tapped Out Bullywog
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I told you this would be a doozy

“So Ion what grove do you come from? You look like you would have fit very well in my grove but I don’t believe we’ve meet before.” Levanna asks as she looks around at the many statues and nearly runs into Shadowborne.

“I don’t entirely know what you mean.” Ion answers as he leads the parade down the hall. “I come from a city. I’m sure you’ll notice that everyone here comes from a different background and has a different view on life. Some of us even come from different worlds.”

"Why would anyone care about one of those stupid groves. One group of traitorous backstabbers is like the next if you ask me." The elf introduced as Darkon muttered spitting on the floor. Feeling that such ignorance would be dealt with by wiser and readier hands than his own Ion chose to ignore the remark. "Hey, Shadowborn, what classes will teaches us the most about melee fighting and dungeon skills?"

"Careful where you step little halfling. There are many here who would just as soon put you under their boot. And you elf... I wouldn't spit on these floors if I were you. The professor doesn't particularly care for it." Shadowborne says darkly as he spins to both avoid the Halfling and better address the offending elf. Ion merely nodded as he led the way. I wonder if they realize the competitive nature of the academy. Every student is constantly taking note of each other. How much of this first meeting will just be nerves and how much will be for show. We know the Elf doesn’t like Half-Elves or is it he doesn’t like Halflings?
Arriving at the dormitories Ion begins the tour.

“Here we have the dormitories affectionately known as the Player’s Guild.” Leading them into the foyer Ion points out a few bill boards “As you’ll see a few helpful previous students have left for us some words of wisdom. You’ll find a code of conduct in the article ‘What is Alignment’ as well as helpful suggestions on how to act in the article almost jokingly titled ‘How To Avoid Stereotypes That Kill.” Moving over to another board. “Here you’ll find helpful info for the real beginner adventurer in ‘Common Questions about Roleplaying’ as well as the articles ‘Common Fantasy Races’
‘Basics of 4th Edition Party Dynamics.’ It’s always helpful to read the Player’s Guild boards every once in a while. Also you’ll notice,” Ion moves in front of his own room, “That there are chalkboards in front of many of he doors here with names written on them. These will correspond with the room’s tenets and luckily we only have one tenet per room. We’ll give you five minutes to drop your stuff then he our will move on.” Ion waited patiently as the new students searched for their rooms and dropped their stuff off. “Everyone all set? Let’s roll on.” Ion announced as everyone regathered in the foyer. “Next is the Articles hall where you’ll find the teacher’s lounge affectionately called the DM’s corner. Where if you can sneak past Professor O’Leary you will find many convoluted theories written about some of the systems you’ll encounter while adventuring. If you can understand it; it’s very helpful.” Ion continued on through the school. “We also have Alacrity’s Magic Items closet. There’s a few silly items and a few useful items in there but you have to be one of the op students to check anything out of it. As Freshmen chances are you guys won’t get to play with the items in this closet.” Moving on brought the group to the Armory.

“Here you’ll find the Armory.” Ion says dodging an imp. “Try not to step on the imps they do get revenge. Here is where we keep a few neat machines that you’ll be sure to use. Like our fate calculator known as the Dice Roller. This device is ran on imp magic and it is very accurate including bad karma placed on you if you step on an imp. There are also machine’s that can tell you to a person how many people are in a town, that one’s the Town Generator and then we have a tavern name generator capable of suggesting taverns, as well as if you ever need suh a thing a dwarf baby namer. And this machine,” Ion stops before a flat screen with an image of a disk attached to a body with two poles sticking out of it. “Is he trek tools capable of giving information related to a futuristic world we have discovered known as Star Trek. We call his machine our Trek Tools.” Ion led the way back through the door and down another hallway. “Next is the Vault.” The Vault was a sealed hallway placed behind an overly locked door.

“You’ll have to be sure to get a key to the vault from either our groundskeeper Alacrity or one of the graduates that sometimes pops in named Bromern Sal.” Ion says as he unlocks the myriad of locks with a single key. “Or if you’re talented you could just pick the locks. In here you’ll find multiple useful tools I recommend using a lot of Bromern Sal’s equipment, that man knows how to adventure.” After showing the Vault the party moved on to the Archives.

“Here are the Archives.” Ion said softly as they entered. “Here you’ll find the works of both students and professor’s from he past and present. Some of the most creative and best tidbits at the school are held in these walls.” Ion stops to admire he view. “If you don’t wander through here then you will truly have wasted your time at the school I promise.” Tapping along Ion then brings the group to an ampitheatre with the word blogs above it. “Here the professors often give extra lessons. The benefit is extra knowledge without homework since their voluntary. And if you miss the actual orating then they often post them on the billboard posted just inside the wings.” (OOC Note: wings are the sides of the stage where the performer goes to be out of audience vision.) Tapping along brought the group to one of Ion’s personal favorite halls.

“This hall is my favorite.” Ion said as the laughter bubbled out of it. “It’s the Posting Games hall and the wackiest stuff is said in this hall. If you need inspiration visit this hall for ten minutes and if you need to distress visit it for longer. That ends the tour for now. There is of course more to the school but you’ll just have to find that on your own I’m now hungry enough to eat the gruel.” Thus saying Ion led the group to the cafeteria. “This gruel is awful and crap we missed out on the cheese. You always want to get here early to get lots of cheese and bread, it’s the only way to make the stuff palatable.” Ion scooped up a bowl and a few breadsticks placing the bread in the gruel. Ion led the group back to a table noting the party of orcs and steering a little clear.

“I be needin’ seconds, thanks for bringing it over…” One of the orcs says while his hand reaches over and snags Amaker’s bowl from under her nose. Well now we really get to see whre these new students fit into the school society. Ion thinks as he watches everyone’s reaction. If things go too far I’ll step in but I’d rather not get into trouble the first day. I’m saving that for when I get caught sneaking to the inn later.
Ion watched as Darkon seemed to support Levanna. Well it seems he dislikes Hal-Elves and he has a sense of honor. As he bowl of soup flies out of the cafeteria Ion nods with approval and grimaces with dismay at the same time. Funny answer but it’ll just piss them off. Looks like there may be combat after all. Weird I didn’t think the ghosts were allowed out the first day. Ion looks around to see if a ghost had made it past the barrier that would be let down later that night. What he spied was all at once scarier and funnier than anything the resident ghosts could conjure; Professor O’Leary walked through he door apparently wearing the bowl of Gruel Levanna had sent her. Seeing this sight Ion burst out laughing. What a way to introduce yourself to the school.
"Alright! Enough!" Professor O’Leary yelled above the din. Ion ceased laughing though he was still obviously amused as the professor proceeded in chewing out the orcs that had started the whole mess. "Hurry up with your lunches, Professor Tann'Talas is expecting you in the yard." Her curt voice calls out to them as she disappears back down the hall. 

Ion plugged his nose and downed his gruel grimacing as he drank the last swallow. Ion rises jut a little after Steelight smirking at his comment. One things for certain. The orc brother’s won’t forget this one. As the group entered he training grounds Ion split just a little from them starting his own warm ups. He began with arm stretches and then began stretching and rotating his ankles. He spent a bit of time tapping around and to anyone who didn’t have experience with him it seemed as though he was messing around, but that was far from the truth. In reality Ion was mentally preparing himself. As a bard Ion was a bit of an eccentric. Unlike his peers Ion couldn’t for the life of him sing, so instead he’d discovered a way to communicate with the arcane through the rhythm produced by his tap shoes. In essence he literally tapped magic. He wasn’t entirely caught by surprise when the field went dark after all it was known as Tann’s Field of Death and if Ion had learned anything it was that at the Redwyrm academy names were not given for naught. As soon as the field darkened Ion began taping the rhythm for his summon monster spell calling forth from the astral a blessed dog. Ion then transitioned to tap and as he tapped his shoes began to glow bright enough to see by. Ion drew the sword that appeared by his side even before he realized it was there expertly handling its double blades. He led his dog beside Steelight choosing an opponent. Ion seemed to dance as he moved to engage his chosen adversary. Indeed he was dancing almost a waltz, the graceful steps placed just so that he wasn’t in the way of his blades as he fought.

(Just working off he system that seems to have been supplied: a three round move declaration. First round Summon Monster 1 Celestial Dog. Round 2 Light spell. Round three select and engage one previously unengaged bugbear with a base attack of +2 a str modifier of +0 and a damage of 1d8/1d8 though I believe I only get one of those d8’s since I only have one BAB.)

Posted on 2010-02-18 at 04:55:10.

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1...Nothing Wrong With Me

Briar Underfoort Redwyrms training yard Week 1-Monday Afternoon
Ready to get his training underway, Briar stepps over to the vacant shelves and places his pack there. To prepare, Briar quickly pulls his leathers out. Doning his armor, he placed the rest his travel outfit in his pack and closed it up.

Just as he turned to join the rest of the group, everything went black. Making a quick note to himself, 'Here we go!' He heard Shadowbane take the role as leader of the group and give everyone fighting positions. Beings it was his first day here and really didn't know what to expect, Briar had no qualms about the situation at hand. The older student said he needed to jump into the middle ranks, thats what he did.

Briar took a dive to the middle where he had been told to get. Tumbling up to his feet in his best fighting stance sling in his right hand and punch dagger on the left, he looked around sizing up the area as he saw it. His first thought, was, 'What kind of beast are these?' He had very little actual combat training. Most of his liffe had been spent gather information and espionage, not actual fighting. In the past the goal had always been get in, get out, avoid contact, that was all about to change.

Briar made a quick decision, sling was in hand use it. Locating the first beast, he took aim and let it sling bullet fly(1d3+3). As these things appoarched, he safely tucked away his sling and donned the other punch dagger. Now armed with one on each hand, Briar tried to determine his best course of action. Hoping the bodies were like most he had encountered, he decided that they can't fight very well if the can't stand.

Briar tried to use his rogue abilities to hide in hopes of gaining a surprise attack to the first one he encounters. If this happens, he is using his size against them and attacking their Akiles Tendons. He knew form past encounters that, if someone's Akiles Tendon was cut the entire calf muscle will snapped into the back of the knee. The pain of this will stopped someone in their tracks and it takes magical healing to repair.

(Hide +8, sneak attack called shot to Akiles Tendon)

Posted on 2010-02-26 at 07:53:41.

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Not my best, my apologies

With the students all on the “field of Death” Tann watched as each reacted to the attacking 12 Bugbears.

Steelight choose an unarmed attack and was quite successful pummeling the bugbear before him repeatedly watching it forced to its knees. However with a huge grin it and a roar it lunged back up and proceeded to grab the Human Monk and throw him 20 feet away into the arms of 2 of his companions who while one sat on him the other captured him.

For Levanna, not a melee fighter for sure, it was to be the use of magic as a ray of frost shot forth freezing two of the Bugbears in their tracks. However having no one to protect her the young Halfling found herself quickly subdued by 3 Bugbears and laying on her stomach hog tied hands and feet above her.

For Darkon it was even worse as he paused in his movements to disbelief the 2 Bugbears headed towards him. In that moment of hesitation he was driven back by two very painful hits and quickly like Levanna subdued, hog tied and lying on the ground.

For Ion another user of magic, and other things, it was the spell of Monster Summoning I that was voiced, however though the spell was successful the 1 round wait for his allies to appear was bad as 4 Bugbears surrounded him and quickly, with a bit of trouble, soon had him trussed up like his 2 fellow students.
The arrival of 6 Goblins a round later was quickly dealt with as they were no match for the heavily armored Bugbears.

With the darkness that had first assaulted the students quickly clearing, Professor Tann’Talas watched as the Halfling Rogue of the group, Briar, at first was successful in hitting an attacking Bugbear using his sling then watched, his mouth dropping open, as the Halfling tried to hide in the middle of the wide open field!!. A grunt of disappointment escaped his lips as 2 of the Bugbears, chased the small quick Halfling down and had him tied and lying next to the others within seconds.

The only one of the students to have any type of real success against the Bugbears was perhaps the one least expected by the Professor to do so and that was the Goblin Zeph.
His quick use of a bow and continued movement gained him a number of clean hits against his Bugbear foes and kept him out of their hands and free from attack

Having seen enough the Professor clapped his hands and in the course of the 3 claps appeared on the field, revealed the Bugbears as polymorphed 15 year old humans, and had all the captured students freed and standing before him.

“Very, very poorly done with no teamwork at all!! If this had been a real combat with real Bugbears and not Polymorphed children you all would be dead!! Now off with you and take this extra time to think on your actions here today. Next time be more prepared!!.”

With that the Professor turned and walked into the school proper................

Posted on 2010-02-27 at 02:28:59.


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