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Parent thread: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: TannTalas, Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas, Odyson
This game has fizzled.
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Trilogy Master
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Hot Rod Fever

Fenris with his personal tools in hand found himself spurred on by Wyatt’s words feeling the trust that the Captain had in his ability to fix the brakes and made quick work of doing just that.

“Asher! try the horn - it’s the Fay-Fay Duh Pee-Yen brake now!”

As he righted himself to take the wheel once again he could feel the gunslinger start to slow the heavy mule after just missing the stage. that coulda hurt he thought to himself as he took the back control of the mule from Asher.

Sheh-sheh my friend.”

As he was regaining full control he winced as he found that he, the Cap’n and Asher were under fire. The mechinac could see the shots had come from a smaller mule parked with its engine running outside the bank, clearly the get away vehicle. The shots Fenris could see were coming from someone inside the mule, someone with a rifle, the barrel pointing their way.

“Oh Tzao gao“ Fenris exclaimed as he reached for the loaned Uzi smg resting beside him.

“Cap’n, Asher, get ready to bail when I turn to block him in”

(OOC: Ok I intend to turn the mule sharply in front of the get away mule laying down covering fire of the whole clip. Not sure what Blamm and Brom will do but I am assuming for the moment they will bail out to hit the bank.)

Posted on 2008-06-06 at 03:20:19.
Edited on 2008-06-06 at 03:22:17 by TannTalas

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
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4193 Posts

You heard me!

The bullet came awfully close the taking one of their heads off, and it was all Wyatt could do to remain sitting pretty, but remain he did.

“Oh, Tzao gao,” Fenris exclaimed as he sat upright again, taking the steering over for Asher. “Cap’n, Asher, get ready to bail when I turn to block him in.”

Wyatt had been watching the coach up ahead, trying to figure distance and odds when the mechanic spoke. His consideration of the maneuver was brief, but he knew that diving out of the mule at any speed was just as likely to injure them as it was to be effective in blocking the smaller vehicle from going forward…wouldn’t stop it from reverse either. The machine was already humped—likely cost them an arm and a leg to get it out of impound once the whole Ri shao gou shi bing thing was over anyway.

“Negative, Wolf,” Wyatt drawled all calm-like. “We’re bigger. Ram the Huen Dahn if Asher don’t have nothin’ to put holes in ‘im at this distance. Kid, if’n you got something to do him in, I’d suggest you do so, otherwise, grab hold of somethin’.”

Posted on 2008-06-06 at 06:24:03.
Edited on 2008-06-06 at 09:56:25 by Alacrity

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Oh, I gots me a little somethin' somethin' a'ight!

Asher laughed out loud as the passed the stage coach, “Who-wee! Haha! Sorry ‘bout that!”

“Asher!” Wolf calls out, “Try the horn - it’s the Fay-Fay Duh Pee-Yen brake now!”

Asher hits the horn and sure enough, the vehicle starts to slow as if he hit the brake. He turns to shout an affirmation to Wolf when a bullet passes close to his ear. The Kid snaps his head back to see the glint off a gun barrel. Outside the bank is smaller mule – parked with engine going. Inside the mule, someone with a rifle is shooting at them.

The Kid was already considering the distance and taking mental aim while Wolf came up and took control of the wheel.

“ Sheh-sheh my friend.”

Asher was already pulling up his rifle, double checking the distance, switching the weapon to full auto, and waiting for the Captain’s ‘okay’. “No problem, Wolf.”

“Oh, Tzao gao,” The mechanic exclaimed. “Cap’n, Asher, get ready to bail when I turn to block him in.”

Asher was about to say he had the mule in his sight, and figured he could probably fill the thing so full of hole it wouldn’t go no where soon, but the Captain beat him to the punch.

“Negative, Wolf,” Wyatt drawled all calm-like. “We’re bigger. Ram the Huen Dahn if Asher don’t have nothin’ to put holes in ‘im at this distance. Kid, if’n you got something to do him in, I’d suggest you do so, otherwise, grab hold of somethin’.”

The Kid grinned broadly, “Oh, I got a little something alright.” Taking aim with the assault rifle, he squeezed the trigger and released the spray of bullets.

[OOC: Asher is looking to target the mule, more so than the man. Not sure if this will work, but Asher’s hoping to punch so many holes in the opposing mule that it will at the very least not work. My deeper dream is that the thing will blow up. … Not sure how many bullets this eats up? Half a clip? (that would be 20 bullets)

If that’s really not possible, and Asher would know that, than Asher will just take a single shot against the man in the mule… with his assault rifle, that’s a d8 +2 step (talented) -2 step (range) +2 step (from Sung). One bullet used in this scenario.

Regardless, in round two, Asher will switch the rifle to burst fire and target the man (if he’s not disabled after round one)… this allows him to make three separate attacks against the target, each with a -2 step. Again, with the rifle, that’s a d8 +2 step (talented) -2 step (burst) +2 step (from Sung… how long do I get this bonus for?) +1 step (plot point… if I don’t get the Sung bonus). Three bullets used here.]

Posted on 2008-06-07 at 01:15:28.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
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8482 Posts

C'mon good karma!

The ‘I’m so humped’ look on Rope and Grope’s face when Sam had sat up was almost worth the price of admission to this shindig, bleeding nose, cracked ribs, and all. If the rutter hadn’t spent so long crapping his pants he might’ve come out of the whole deal with a gimped arm and an ugly scar but them’s the breaks… the derringer barked and tore a tiny hole in the guy’s chest… “Grope that,” Sam grinned – or, more correctly, winced – as he reached for the killed man’s Colt, “ya sonuvabi…”

“What the…”

~ PAF~
“…iiITCH!” It felt as if a bomb had just gone off in his shoulder and, just before his vision spun and he’d gotten blasted backwards, Sam had a vague recollection of Ludlow pointing that equalizer in his direction. Gorramit but that ruttin’ hurts! His reeling mind protested as Sam fought for at least enough wherewithall to hold onto the colt he’d just snatched from Mr Dead.

Merciful Buddha, I’m kilt,Sam realized even before he managed to force his vision to clear, Wong bah duhn’s got me dead to rights! Stupid, Sam! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
He was already raising both the stolen colt and the derringer to fire off a final, defiant salvo when, out of the clear blue, Brigit sprang up and kicked the customized cannon out of Ethan’s hand. Mercifully, from the sound it made when it hit the floor, the thing was broken and wouldn’t be used again any time soon – if it hadn’t been for his ballistic mesh and trying to twist out of the projectile’s way, Dash was sure, just one shot from that gorram thing would’ve punched a suckin’ mudhole in his chest. If’n I only lusted ya before, Miss Brigit, he thought, I sure’s hell love ya now!
The schoolmarm had earned a viscious backhand for her efforts. The slap had sent the woman reeling, off balance enough to trip over the table and land a faceplant in one of the overstuffed chairs. The fact that she was apparently unconscious again suited Sam just fine – them as is playin ‘possum usually don’t get shot much – but the fact that this Ching Soh, Ludlow, had slapped the mi tian gohn out of her to get her that way flat pissed the pilot off.

Ethan was already going for the twin Pythons and Dash knew that he had less than a heartbeat to get his next (and maybe last) shot off. A communicator on Ethan’s side activated and frantic voice squalled “We’ve got company!” just as Sam leveled both the colt and the derringer at Ethan…

“ ‘bout mother-humpin’ time,” Dash growled, pulling the triggers on both weapons even as he convinced himself that, to survive even the next few minutes, he’d need some sort of cover. Right now, the dead guy looked about as solid as it was going to get.

((assuming he doesn’t get killed after busting a couple of caps in Ethan’s direction))

C’mon, Cap, Sam prayed as he hauled Jones’ body into position between himself and Ludlow, Haul me outta here breathin’ an’ I swear ta th’ Big Fuzzy as I’ll never put m’feet onna supper table agin!
((OOC: Alright… if possible, two shots (one from the derringer and one from the colt) at Ludlow – if Sam can only take one, let’s go with a shot from the colt – then, we’re using the dead guy as cover/a shield until we’ve got other options… also might help if Sam can get the other colt worked loose… two guns is better’n one, puhn yoh! ))

Posted on 2008-06-09 at 18:46:18.

The Tired
RDI Staff
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6340 Posts

Addendum - Willow and the Doc

Willow said,” I’m the ship’s medic; I’ll have a look at these brave musicians. C’mere boys, lets have a look at any boo boos!”

The band members, whose faces were lower than a snakes belly before, brighten at the prospect of Willow examining them. They practically clamoured over each other to describe their injuries.

While they did so, the people at the landing pad seemed to break into groups. Willow quickly could see the groupings and how the factions of the town were held together by JW, but when he was gone, they divided up again into Townies, Miners, Owners/Merchants, and the Tong.

A man came over towards Willow on his horse, stopping a short distance away and sliding slowly out of the saddle. He was a elderly man, at least 70 years, dressed is a fine suit of black and tweed that was probably about 30 years old and looking a bit worn in places. He had gray hair, when kept and a clean shaven face (picture Burt Lancaster in “A Field of Dreams”).

Her trained eye took in the man as he reached into his saddlebags and pulled out a old style doctor’s bag – very beaten and fixed in places with black electrical tape. He had a dignity to him as he walked towards her, his stride told her that he was a proud man, probably a stern one when needed. There was a sense of sadness to him, deep in the eyes that spoke to Willow’s empathic nature – a pain still felt in the heart from long ago.

“Good Afternoon Ma’am.” He stopped and gave Willow a respectful bow that touched her heart, “Did I hear you say you were a medic? I am Doc McQuire, and if it is not too bold of me to say, you are the prettiest medic I have seen in many a years. Perhaps we can look at these fine gentlemen together.” It was a statement, not a question, as if there would be no arguing his suggestion.

Posted on 2008-06-11 at 23:06:43.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6340 Posts

Never play wth jet fuel

I know you are all anxious for the outcome. I will post to Willow once she has time to post.

Time 1:26 pm
Outside The Bank
Grant Mustard’s life story was a long list of men he had killed, women he had ravaged and machines he had “fixed up”. In Grant’s mind, the men all were deserving of death, the woman all asked for it and the machines, well the machines just needed a little love to be the best they could be.

So it meant little to the big man to sight the driver in the upcoming mule and fire off a few rounds. The Chwen deserved it for messing with his business.

Down the Main Street
As Wolf took the wheel from Asher, there was a brief wobble as he over-steered and then corrected quickly. The slight movement saved his life as a bullet hole was torn into the head rest where Fenris’ head was a second ago. The pain lanced through the mechanics left arm as he caught a bullet in the meaty part of the bicep, and another round burned passed his left shoulder blade. Wolf didn’t let the pain or injuries distract him from the task at hand, but grit his teeth and held the course for the crew.

Asher swore and opened up. The assault rifle became like a part of his arm, he didn’t truly aim as much as he felt where to shoot. With the gun set to full auto, he fired of a quick salvo that forced the shooter to duck below the dash. Bullets tore through the front plate of the mule as if the metal was paper, and in the back of Asher’s mind dawned the fact that the plating was stripped off this mule.

Grant threw himself down from the hail of gunfire and heard every “plunk” of lead tearing through his baby. “Stop shooting at my Girl!” He screamed and grabbed the single shot grenade launcher from the passenger seat. They would burn for this, he fumed in rage, and they would burn in hell. He flipped the safety with his thumb and leaped up, pointed at fired.

The getaway mule outside of the bank didn’t so much explode as take flight. The hydrogen fuel cell that was punctured several times by Asher’s gunfire was leaking profusely. The friction of the bullets didn’t set off the gas, but the grenade launcher did.
The hover mule shot like a rocket into the air, and then exploded into a fireball about a hundred feet above the bank. Pieces of mule were scattered in all direction, but luckily none so big as to do anything beyond bounce off the shingles of the nearby building.

Inside the Bank
Ethan dives for cover behind the big chairs as Sam opened up with both weapons. The Derringer missed completely but the colt drew blood from the big man as he rolled behind the chair.

The two men working on the safe had drawn guns as opened up on Sam as he moved to grab the body of Jones to use as a shield. The brothers open fire, one using two pistols and the other a sawed off shotgun. But the bullets are stopped by the teller’s wall, even the glass spiderwebs but stops the slugs. One of the brothers stops and runs to the doorway, the other runs forward to climb over the reinforced wall.

The Banker bought bullet proofing! Sam realizes his luck and quickly draws the other colt from his shield’s holster.

Ethan opens with the Python and the wallop from the round sends San back a step and almost causes him to drop his shield. Taking three rounds into the shield is making the protection weaker and weaker.

Seizing the opportunity, Ethan grabs Brigit by the hair and hauls her up in front of him. “Hey, You Cheong Bao Ho Tze Chwen! Drop them or she’s next!” He yells.

The windows all shatter into millions of pieces and fly inwards. The doorway is blow clear off its hinges and across the room. The bandit clearing the wall has to duck and leap out of the way to prevent being clobbered by the door. The sheer force is too much for Sam, being so close to the window and he is knocked to the ground and does not get up. The wind blows dirt and dust into the room blinding everyone for a few seconds.

Recovering quickly, Ethan runs full tilt to the open doorway with the two brothers closely behind, pulling Brigit by the hair along as a shield between him and Sam.

OOC: Wolf has taken 4 stun and 7 wounds. (Tann, which is a serious wound - 50% of life). Sam takes an additional 3 points of stun damage and is now unconscious.

Posted on 2008-06-13 at 00:26:35.
Edited on 2008-06-13 at 00:29:15 by Alacrity

Den Mother
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The Doctor and the Companion

Willow drew musicians to her side as a flower draws bees, and she used their jostling for position around her as an opportunity to look around. The crowds, originally a kaleidoscope of faces and colours, were drifting apart into discernable groups. The miners, in their checked flannel and worn denim, looked sheepish around the finely dressed merchants, while the townspeople looked askance at the Asian Tong. The Tong, flowing around everyone as gracefully as water, seemed to ignore all while missing nothing.

You could shake a salad dressing all you wanted, Willow mused, but eventually the oil and vinegar separate.
Her jade green eyes were drifting back to the portly drummer in front of her when she spotted a rider approaching her, his horse guided carefully through the thinning crowd. He was older, but still a fine figure of a man, and Willow found herself fighting a blush.

“Good Afternoon Ma’am.” He stopped and gave Willow a respectful bow that touched her heart, “Did I hear you say you were a medic? I am Doc McQuire, and if it is not too bold of me to say, you are the prettiest medic I have seen in many a years. Perhaps we can look at these fine gentlemen together.”

Willow recognized the quiet authority in his voice, one that brooked no argument. She returned his bow with a graceful one of her own, and gave him her full smile. “I would be honoured, Doctor, if I could assist you in your care of your people.” As the doctor came closer, she took in his clean scent of soap and linen, and told herself sternly to behave. Instead, she watched him sideways through her lashes, pondering the deep sadness that had etched lines of care around his eyes and mouth.

“I don’t believe anyone has more than a bruise or a few scratches, but perhaps….Merciful Buddha!” Willow stopped, wide eyed as she saw a bright flash and the ground shook beneath her feet.

Posted on 2008-06-13 at 01:18:56.

Trilogy Master
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Sorry its so short

Fenris hurt, he really hurt the shooter’s first slug having lodged nicely in his bicep, having found a new home, while the second slug, though having missed, still caused pain.

Though the pain was intense Fenris for the moment shrugged it off and using his modified brake, he was quite proud of himself getting it to work brought the mule to a stop just past the now burning getaway mule and its dead driver.

The lent Uzi to hand he was ready to cover Asher and the Cap’n as they assaulted the bank.....

Posted on 2008-06-18 at 02:08:32.

The Tired
RDI Staff
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6340 Posts

Four minutes to save the Girl

The Main Street 1:25-1:27 pm
“Where were they going in such a hurry?” Cora said to her husband, “No respect for people on the road. This is why I keep saying we need an Alliance presence here in town. To keep the peace and maintain some law and order.”

“Yes dear.” John replied

“…Tearing down the street like hooligans.” Cora continued.

“Yes dear. Was that gun fire dear?” John asked.

“Oh my lord!” Cora raised her hand to her mouth.

“What was that dear?” John asked while instinctively taking cover at the bottom of the stage.

“It was outside our bank! Hunt! Turn around! Take us back fast!”

Hunt responded to Cora’s command as swiftly as he could. It was all of his driving skill to keep the stage from falling over when that mule flew by. A three point turn in a hurry was a bit much for his nerves now.

“Ummm. What are we going to do when we get there Dear?”

Cora gave a martyr’s sigh, “Try to be a man for once John. You know … surprise me.”

“Hey!” Hunt called out, “There goes JW! He’ll get the job done! Now hold on while I back this up…oops.”

The Bank, 1:27 pm
Ethan shoved Brigit towards the doorway. She stumbled as she did and fell to the ground, tripping over the weapons of Sam that were shoved across the floor. She falls without grace and send the pieces scattering. If that wasn’t bad enough, her blouse chose that moment to lose their lacing, opening her voluptuousness to the men to see. The two brother holler wildly but Ethan Silence them with a glare, “Get that rifle and grenades, we gonna need them...” And then to Brigit, “Fix yourself Woman.”

As Fenris pulls up the hover mule and lays on the horn/brakes, a man take a single step out and pushes Miss Brigit out before him while holding her hair in one hand and a long nose python in the other, the muzzle on the back of the pretty woman’s head. He sees the Hover mule and yanks his hostage back to the doorway.

“Stop the Mule! Get out, and leave your guns inside, or she dies!” Ethan yells out at you from the doorway. He is completely covered by the doorway and Brigit except for part of his head and face behind her. It is enough for Asher and Wyatt though to recognize the family resemblance.

Inside the Bank 1:27 pm
On the floor of the bank, Sam forces his eyes to open. Unconsciousness grabbed him for a moment but he couldn’t let Miss Brigit be taken away by these men. If it was that last thing he did, he would….

Sam blinked his eyes in disbelief. His Avenger was there, not a foot away from his body, like a long lost puppy who found its way home. He looks across the room with unfocused eyes. Ethan was at the doorway with Brigit, back to Sam. The two brothers were scoping up his equipment and stuffing the grenades into pockets, not paying attention to what they figured was a dead man.

The Landing Pad, 1:26-1:27
As the explosion settles, people who were once milling around are no longer without propose. Those with horses take off at full gallop and many of the men and woman take off towards town at a full run.

“I don’t believe anyone has more than a bruise or a few scratches, but perhaps….Merciful Buddha!” Willow stopped, wide eyed as she saw a bright flash and the ground shook beneath her feet.

The doctor looked up at the explosion and quickly repacked his bag, “Gentlemen, you’ll excuse me but that looks a might more serious than your injuries.” He moved to his horse and stuffed the kit back into the saddle bag. As he began to ride away, he hesitated and offers a hand down to Willow, “I might need some help?” he asks, “if you don’t mind being with an old fellow like me.”

Posted on 2008-06-20 at 00:49:33.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
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If ya believe in fairies...

For a split second, Sam thought that luck was finaly beginning to smile on him. He’d managed to keep himself free of being hogtied, survived a shot from Ludlow’s equalizer that right shoulda killed him, and, better yet, had managed to rearm himself with something a little more substantial than the last ditch derringers. He opened up on Ethan with the newly acquired Colt and backed it up with the last shot from the tiny hold-out. He’d plugged Ethan with the colt as the man dove for cover behind the chair but…

“Gorramit,” Dash cursed when neither shot was lucky enough to find a place between the big man’s eyes. He tossed the now useless derringer aside and, seeing as how there was little else for use as such, hauled Jones’ corpse into place as a meat-shield. It was then that he spotted the other two out of the corner of his eye.

“Oh shi..” Dash struggled to sling Jones’ body around, hoping the corpse would take the brunt of whatever damage the brothers’ bullets might do. The only thing that followed the bark and boom of the weapons-fire, though, was the crackle of spider-webbing safety glass and the pock and thud of bullet resistant walls. Banker bought bullet-proofin’, Sam realized, grinning at his luck while drawing Jones’ other colt free, Probl’y his wife’s idear, if’n I… ooof…
Ethan’s Python boomed and Jones’ ragdoll body jerked violently against him. The impact of the shots staggering Dash back a few steps before he could even think to draw down on the other man…An’ this wong bah duhn ain’t gonna take many more hits neither, Sam mused even as he lifted the colts and aimed at Ludlow.

“Hey, you Cheong Bao Ho Tze Chwen,” the huen dahn had apparently had time enough to haul Miss Brigit up by her hair and put iron to her head, “Drop them or she’s next!”

Gorram mud-suckin’ filthy sonofa… Sam thought for a split second that he could sure put a bullet twixt Ethan’s peepers from this distance but tweren’t no guarantee in it that Miss Brigit wouldn’t get killed or uglied up if he tried it… Can’t have none o’ that, Dash. Poor weaseluva tellers a’ready kilt cuz ya weren’t on yer toes.
“Yer a ruttin’ piece o’ mi tian gohn, mister,” Sam snarled as he prepared to loosen his grip on the colts and shove the meat shield aside…

What the hell? Wong bah duhn! Where… gorramit… Miss Brigit… the hell ya does, Ludlow… Dash thought as he found himself on the floor once more. His ears were ringing and his vision was blurred by shock as much as the dust and debris floating in the air. He blinked trying to clear his vision and to his surprise (and another testament to Wyatt’s ruttin’ belief in luck) saw his beloved Avenger within reach… Whatever had happened during and immediately after the explosion that left him feeling like he’d been kicked by a mule had also scattered his gear all over the place. The brothers, paying him no mind, were in the process of gathering up his gear… Likely figger me fer dead… and Ludlow was standing in the blown-open doorway, back turned to Sam and Python still trained on Miss Brigit’s pretty little temple…Definitely figger me fer dead, he nodded, wincing as he eased a hand towards the Avenger hoping not to draw the attention of either the brothers or Ethan.

Only th’ ruttin’ Kid coulda made somethin’ go boom like that in a drier’n a popcorn fart town like this, Dash grinned to himself as the familiar grip of the revolver married to his palm and his finger slid over the trigger. Means the calvary’s done rode in, puhn yoh. I’m believin’ in the luck business more an’ more…
It also meant that Sam was free to take his pick of targets and, if the luck held out, Wyatt, the Kid, an’ whoever else had come-a-runnin’ would surely drop the rest before they got a shot off… Hell, Wyungsung’s done put one Ludlow down…
He heard the shattered glass and debris fall from his still prone body as his arm snapped up and took aim at the larger target. The two brothers huddled close together left less room for error…More ta hit an’ less ta worry ‘bout puttin’ one through Ludlow an’ inta th’ schoolmarm… Don’t ruttin’ miss the shot, Wyatt; oncet I shoot these goathumpers, Ludlow ain’t gonna look my way but fer a second…
((Allllllrighty then… There we have it… Sam’s aimin’ for the brothers and hoping for headshots (meaning, in his condition, he’s liable to hit one of the grenades that one of those poopers has scooped up ) and hoping that Wyatt, the Kid, Wolf, or somebody will be able to “lay low another Ludlow” before he caps Brigit or Sam.))

Posted on 2008-06-22 at 20:16:56.
Edited on 2008-06-22 at 20:20:50 by Alacrity

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
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Wyatt braced himself with his feet, everywhere else visible to the eye a complete picture of calm. His survey of the scene quickly determined that Sam Dash wasn’t in sight, but the big, ruttin’ bad guy dragging JW’s woman in front of him as a shield sure as sin was. The other two following were also trouble.

“Stop the mule! Get out, and leave your guns inside, or she dies!”

Wyatt’s head tilted slightly to the right, as though amused with the situation. “Kid, the entourage is yours.”

Sung made his move quick, steady, and solid. His concern at this point was his friend, and this familiar-looking hwoon dahn appeared to be the cause for the distress. Wyatt was determined to end it, and end it quick. The shotgun fell to the floor as the captain rose from his seat, his colt skinning leather. There would be only one shot this time as Wyatt knew there was, but one chance here. He wasn’t trying to be a hero; just decisive and final. That one shot was for Ethan’s forehead.

(OOC: OK, here’s for hoping. Wyatt isn’t that bad of a shot either, and by spending all 5 of my plot points, to increase my dice steps, chances are Ethan will follow his brother to the grave. Here’s to being a Big Damn Hero…)

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 03:18:48.
Edited on 2008-06-24 at 11:09:27 by Alacrity

Den Mother
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The silk-clad cavalry

Willow was transfixed by the explosion; in that sound, she heard some of the people she loved the most in the world ripped away from her, and stood still, as if moving would make it more real, more painful.

Doc McQuire was a more practical sort, packing his medical bag and getting into the saddle before Willow could make herself blink. He hesitated and offered a hand down to Willow, “I might need some help?” he asks, “if you don’t mind being with an old fellow like me.”

Willow turned her face up to him, a bewildered and frightened flower seeking the sun, and his calm gaze brought her back to herself. “Oh, yes, please, doctor,” she responded, hooking her own med kit over her arm and letting the good doctor pull her up onto the saddle in front of him.

She leaned back against his chest, letting his arms encircle her to work the reins, and felt momentarily safe in a world gone suddenly mad. The doc waited for her to settle, then urged the horse forward into a gallop.

Posted on 2008-06-28 at 13:02:47.

Trilogy Master
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Ho Boy its a gunfight in the making................

Fenris had quickly stopped the mule using its modified brakes only to look up and see miss Brigit in the hands of a gun weilding man who upon seeing them yelled at them.

“Stop the mule! Get out, and leave your guns inside, or she dies!”

For a minute, Wolf was at a total loss of what to do, he was in no way skilled enough to pin point a shot without hitting Brigit with the Uzi held in his hand. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Wyatt’s head tilted slightly to the right, as though amused with the situation.

“Kid, the entourage is yours.” The Cap’n said clearly addressing Asher, all Fenris could do do was hope his shooting skills, minor compared to Wyatt and Asher, would only be needed as backup. Even though he was no gunfighter he was still ready to open the Uzi up at the Cap'ns command.........

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Sorry for the delay

"Yee-hah!" Asher cheered as the opposing mule went up like a bottled rocket. Switching the safety on the JA rifle and laid down beside him on the seat. As the mule pulled into the recently vacated parking space, the Kid drew out his Peacekeepers, scanning the bank for targets. Without losing his focus, Asher quipped to Wolf, "Nice parking, man."

At that moment a man stepped out through the door of the bank, pushing a lady in front of him. Seeing the mule, the man took a quick step back using the door frame and the woman for cover. Coward. thought the Kid, as one of his pistols looked to find a bead on the man's face. Sure looks familiar...
"Stop the Mule! Get out, and leave your guns inside, or she dies!" It suddenly came to Asher, Gou shi! A Ludlow!
Wyatt's head tilted slightly to the right, as though amused with the situation. "Kid, the entourage is yours."

Asher's pistols moved to find other targets through the bank windows as he replied to the Captain, "Sam sure knows how to throw a party!" Then, speaking a little louder, so the folks in the bank could hear him. "Hey Sam! Come on out and tell your bouncer we're all friends."

OOC: Asher is looking to obey the Captain's order.

I edited the syntac weirdness for you - Al.

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I hate writing combat.....

The Bank, 1:28-1:30 pm “Stop the mule! Get out, and leave your guns inside, or she dies!”

“Kid, the entourage is yours.”

"Hey Sam! Come on out and tell your bouncer we're all friends."

Moments hung like hours between the groups of men. Ethan sorely wished that his brother was there at that moment. His brother wasn’t afraid of anything and had been in lots of scraps like this and lived to tell of it. Ethan wondered if he’d ever see his brother again.

Ethan whispered hoarsely out of the side of his mouth, “Pull all the pins and throw out every grenade you got. We be going out the back.”

The brothers snickered and smiled at each other. Then there was a PAFFT noise, followed by another and another. Jake watched Elway suddenly jerk to the side and slump against the chair near him. Blood came out of his mouth and from wounds on both sides. “Jake?” he spat, “Don’t tell momma…”

Rage boiled inside Jake and he forgot the grenades, the bank vault and Ethan. He turned his hog-leg directly at the man who shot his brother and made to eliminate his face from the world.

Sam’s vision was blurred but he saw the brother collapse and was pretty sure he got him in the side at least once. But he couldn’t move himself enough to dodge or get cover. He could only look as death came for him at the end of a shotgun.

Outside, Asher heard the three gun reports and knew that sound anywhere. That was Sam’s gun, and he saw one of the two men in the bank drop. The other made a move to shoot, but Asher didn’t even stop to think about aiming. The first shot took the shotgun out of his hands before Jake could fire. The next bit deeply into the bandit’s right arm and forced him to spin to face his attacker, as if Asher wanted him to see who was gonna kill him. The next three shots all clustered in Jake’s chest, and sent him down in a heap next to his brother’s body.

Sam stays conscious long enough to see the man go down, then he drifts into unconsciousness with the visions of Willow taking off his clothes after all this is done, and then taking off all of hers…

Ethan turned his head on reflex when he heard the soft shots of the silenced weapon. “Ta Ma Duh” he muttered.

Brigit just needed that moment’s distraction. She twists the small hairpin in her hand and thrusts it deep into the inner thigh of Ethan’s leg. He screamed and lets go of her in pain. Brigit wasted no time and throws herself down on the ground, trusting to fate that the men in the hover mule would take down her assailant.

Wyatt made his move and fired a single shot, hoping to take this Ludlow the same way he took his brother. Unfortunately, the man moved at the last second and the bullet that would have gone through his skull, only hit the side of his head, taking off a large portion of the left ear. Not waiting for Ethan to recover, Wyatt fired again, this time taking the big man in the belly. The next shot seemed to hit but the man didn’t drop.

Ludlow screamed in rage and raised his cannon to fire at Wyatt, as if the last thing he would do with his life is kill this stranger who appeared out of nowhere and ruined his day. Between the pain in his thigh, shoulder, ear and this strange wooziness that was overtaking him, he could barely focus. He forced himself to run towards Wyatt. Firing wildly, a shot managed to come close to Wyatt’s head, enough to take off his hat but not change his icy demeanour. Asher was busy killing the other bandit, and Wyatt was amazed this man could still move, let alone fire a weapon.

There was a shot burst of gunfire and Ethan went down in the mud on his back. Wolf stood, Uzi in hand, still pointing at the bank robber’s body as if he expected him to get up and attack further.

As the dust settles, a man comes riding at full speed to where you are parked. Wyatt recognizes him as the man who was giving the speech outside the other, whereas Wolf knows JW by sight. Asher has no idea who this old guy is, but he looks like a man in charge and he isn’t pointing the shotgun at any of them. He comes to a stop a short distance away and takes in the scene. He looks to Wyatt, with a look that asks if there is any more trouble or is everything clear now. He slides off his horse an heads directly to Brigit.

Behind him, comes a stage hover mule that also stops. A short, pudgy, and balding man gets out and looks around in pure terror. He starts to raise his hands in reflex to the number of weapons out. On the other side of the stage, a tall woman gets out, at least 5’ 10” tall; this brown hair beauty is dressed in a deep red silk dress, tailored to fit her hourglass shape and voluptuous body. The old man at the driving seat of the mule stays put and just looks around.

“My bank!” the bald man cries out but makes no move. The woman looks around the scene of death with mild distaste.

Down the road, you can see what looks like the entire town coming your way, some on horses, some on mule, and mostly on foot. Ahead of the pack, an older gentleman comes riding his horse hard, with Willow held tightly, but respectfully in his arms. Willow looks to be carrying her medical kit.

Albert Morgan: The bank teller Stun 10 Wounds 9 (10/10) – Electrical burns, heart beat erratic, barely breathing, needs attention now.
Sam: Stun: 14 Wounds: 8 (14/14) (badly bruised, broken ribs, internal injuries, possible internal bleeding, will need medical attention fast. Ballistic vest is toast, many bullets lodged in vest)
Wolf: Stun: 4 Wounds: 7 (18/18 ) (Bad through and through. Bleeding and needs attention but not as bad as Sam)
Wyatt: The hat is badly wounded, needs a tailor STAT!
Asher: Did anyone see me do that? Huh? Huh?
Ethan: Death’s Door – you could save him but at the cost of Sam slipping into a coma and the teller dying. You can get a few last words in before he dies.
Jake –So dead
Elway – Dead
Jones – Ground beef dead
Grant – His body got to heaven before his soul
Brigit – A few scrapes and cuts, but not so worse for wear.

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