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'I am Thäoran,' he introduced himself quietly. 'I hail from the elven forest in the east. I am travelling with my companions to help them eradicate the evil that lurks in these lands.' He refrained from divulging anymore of his quest as of yet. After a pause, he added 'a pleasure,' and gave a curt nod reminiscent of a bird dipping its head.

The monk bowed her head in reply to Thäoran, “Greetings Noble Elf,” she said and bowed her head. 

D’harum listened as the group discussed future plans, she liked the general ideas they were throwing about, and she would consider throwing in her support, but she was waiting for someone in the group to ask her to join them; this had yet to actually happen. 

Posted on 2023-03-13 at 19:06:42.

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“Hello my name is Fenris Kaine, happy to meet you” Standing he offers his hand and after a strong shake returned to his seat. With really, for the moment with nothing to say, he'd await the party's next destination.


"Well, I am Sir Gerdar Cordorehk, third of my name", the dward nodded whilst once again stroking his beard, "Though just Gerdar's fine."


D’harum listened as the group discussed future plans, she liked the general ideas they were throwing about, and she would consider throwing in her support, but she was waiting for someone in the group to ask her to join them; this had yet to actually happen.


"What about you, silent one? Where would you be heading?"

Posted on 2023-03-17 at 14:35:23.

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Hit the road!

Uthal clapped his hands together, "Well, I am all for hitting the road." He turned to D’harum, "Will you join us?" 
Returning his attention to the others, "I will retire and meet those of you who wish to join us on this quest to find and vanquish these troublesome bandits, here at dawn. "Until morn." Uthal leaves to find a suitable place to sleep and recoup. He will be here at first light with those who wanna go chasing bandits.

Posted on 2023-03-18 at 02:45:50.

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Morning had come and Soledad joined her companions as they made their way to the Barren Woods in search of the band of bandits. Sunlight shone from above and the with drew upon it. Speaking a word a power, she wove the life-giving essence of the sun around her like a second skin to offer some protection against whatever might lay ahead. They would all be ready. 

((OOC: Mage Armor))

Posted on 2023-03-19 at 10:13:01.

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So it begins

"Well, I am Sir Gerdar Cordorehk, third of my name", the dward nodded whilst once again stroking his beard, "Though just Gerdar's fine."

"What about you, silent one? Where would you be heading?"

D’harum smiled at the dwarf and inclined her head to him, “Well met, Sir Gerdar.”  

The monk’s forehead crinkled slightly at the dwarfs last question, she shrugged and said, “I have no plans for when I leave here.  I just go wherever fate takes me.”

She had been asked to go with this group and while she had listened to them discuss their plans, she heard them discuss going to deal with some bandits that had been reported in the area. 

“If you go to fight bandits,” she finally said, “I would accompany you to fight people who would prey upon innocent travelers.”

If their were no objections to her joining, she would shortly retire for the night with plans to meet the group in the morning to leave for their destination.  

Posted on 2023-03-21 at 17:49:54.

Nomad D2
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On the Road Again, I Just Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again

After extensive discussions about options and plans the group made final preparations before they left.  For a few silver spent at second-hand shops you were able to procure a reasonable ensemble of various garb.  You could likely look like peasants – or a slightly lower class of merchant if you desired.  Would it hide armor well?   Likely not.  But someone not armored or only in light armor should be well concealed.  But a goliath would be hard to hide.  And a dwarf was likely to look like a dwarf.  Their wealth and weapons might be concealed but not their race. 

               The group was also loaned a small cart and pony by Captain Rambolt who seemed eager to have someone finish off the bandits.  He took 15 gp from the party as a retainer – you would get it back when the cart and pony were safely returned.  He even tossed an empty chest into the back of the cart for you to make it look like you had something with you.  It wasn’t much, but it was there.


**The above was added based on discussion to give you options.  If you don’t want it – say so.  If you want to bring something else not normally on your character sheet say so – before my next post.**


               The party left town by the Field Gate along Field Lane early on a sunny day.  The road quickly turned to the Northwest and followed along the river.  For the first few miles there were open fields and pastures where the locals had cleared the Barren Woods and made room for agriculture.  But after a couple of miles the woods started encroaching on the road again.  Soon the settlements became sparse (and then non-existent) and the geography simple – to the left was the Barren Woods and to the right was the river.  It usually was about 15-50’ from the road to the woods but sometimes the road seemed to pass through it and there would be trees on the riverside of the road as well.  The Hreusen River was a large and relatively slow-moving river that flowed southward. (In the opposite direction the party was travelling.)  The road was generally about 50’ or so from the river but you could find spots that were a few hundred feet if you wanted them.  Between the road and the river was usually just light growth – bushes and such but sometimes there were small trees.  Essentially – the roads passed between the woods and the river.  While there was generally some distance between the two, within the space of a few miles you could probably find any distance and setup of woods and river you wanted.

               Before leaving town Captain Rambolt had given you a little information on the road.  There were several locations of interest worth commenting on. 

  1. About 15 miles from town there was an area where the woods went all the way down to the river and the road passed through dense woods for about ¼ mile. A couple of reported attacks had happened here. 
  2. About 22 miles from Ludensheim there was a small hill, really several small hills, just a short distance to the woodward side of the road. They were mostly in the woods but the road curved around the base of the mounds.  They were less than 40 feet high at most – not really hills but notable only since this side of the river was fairly flat.  (Compared to the Blacktooth Ridge opposite.)  At least one bandit attack was know to have happened here.
  3. In the 30-40 mile range several attacks had happened. There didn’t seem to be any specific location although the bandits seemed to like locations where the woods came close to the road. 
  4. About 45 miles down the road is the RiverRush House – an inn for travelers that had a wooden wall around its yard and which employed several guards. Its owner was Sven Folkenberg who captain Rambolt indicated was a “good man” who guarded his possessions well. 
  5. A few attacks also occurred Northwest of the RiverRush House but Captain Rambolt know no details about those attacks.


**If you want to ask Captain Rambolt any further questions you are welcome to do so.  If you have questions about anything along the road, let me know. 

Posted on 2023-03-22 at 20:17:54.

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The next morning, D’harum gathered her few belonging, and met with the other party members out front of the Inn and prepared to get underway on their current journey. 

The monk was dressed in her simple clothes, with a plain brown and worn cloak that covered most of her slim form.  When the party got underway, she simply walked along next to the cart that they had decided would be their ‘cover’ in their quest to draw out the bandits and get them to attack the party, much to the bandits trepidations. 

While she wasn’t sure this deception was going to work, D’harum went along with the groups plan.  She was a newcomer to this group, and while she got a good feeling about them, they had yet to show any true good intentions to her. She would hang around, and lend her support to them, until they proved unworthy of her assistance.

She walked along next to them, trialing slightly behind near the rear of the group so she could observe and place herself where she could lend assistance as needed.

The only ‘visible’ weapon, might be the short 5’ hardwood staff she carried in her left hand as a sort of walking staff.  While she seemed at ease, D’harum was on full alert as they moved down the road in search of the bandits they had mentioned were about.

(OOC: she will follow along with the group, on constant alert ready for any sort of attack or counter attack. Since she has'nt been completely filled in on the mission, she isn't sure what to expect so she is on constant alert. )


Posted on 2023-03-25 at 20:08:59.

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Alas, the heir to the Cordorehk clan emerged in what almost passed for a peasant disquise; his simple tunic, wide as it was, bulged on the armor and the the sizeable axe probably wasn't even worth trying to hide.

"Maybe if you guys stand around me the bandits won't notice and think we're a bunch of regular folk?", Gerdar pondered, fingers within his beard again, "Just let me through if they attack."

Posted on 2023-03-29 at 09:37:06.


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