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Another Round

Dok had no time for celebration as there were still more Goblins to decapitate!

The Hill Dwarf Cleric of Helm focused his attention to direct the Axe (that had appeared in answer to his Spiritual Weapon spell) against the remaining Goblins who now had bows in hand, alerted by the unexpected ambush that had befallen them!

“And if their intent is a night-time raid

“They shall taste the wrath of my battle axe blade!”

Dok continued repeating this prayer as he directed the Ghostly Axe for another round of attacks against his Goblin foes!

Posted on 2020-09-07 at 18:44:45.

RDI Fixture
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Dream a little dream of...

Soledad smiled cruelly as group of stinking goblins succumbed to the hex and feel into a slumber. The witch hoped dearly that the hex sent them painful dreams from which they never woke. Still, a number of the little twits still stood. It was time to change that. Soledad struck again, hurling the sleeping spell at the remaining goblins. 


((OOC: Casts Sleep, first level slot))

Posted on 2020-09-12 at 13:43:56.

Nomad D2
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A bow, an axe and a sleep spell, oh my!

As the goblins reacted to their comrades falling asleep, Hornet was already sending another crossbow bolt winging towards the group.  This one took a goblin full in the throat just as it was looking up from its fallen comrades.  With barely a gurgle it joined the others on the ground, but this one would certainly never awaken. (dead)

Two of the goblins already had their bows out and sent shots flying towards the location where the crossbow bolt had come from, but with so much cover they were almost firing blind.  Neither shot presented any real danger to Hornet.  After shooting, the two goblins darted to the side of the road and took cover behind trees and bushes.

Dok, seeing another goblin fall, grinned to himself as he prayed to his god and manipulated his spiritual weapon.  In a replay of his first swings, Dok was frustrated when his first attack failed to strike a goblin.  But bringing the weapon up again he swung at one of the other goblins.  Even though the mystical weapon was nearly 80 feet away he imagined that he could feel the solid thunk of contact as the glowing axe struck right through the creature’s bow and into its chest.  Its chest took the blow no better than had the bow and the creature was flung backwards and into the bushes with its chest split open.  (dead)

At this point there were three goblins left standing – two of them in the bushes to the side of the road and one standing alone in the middle.  That one looked around with wide eyes and a sharp squeal.  It reached down to a sleeping goblin at its feet and quickly slapped it a couple of times attempting to wake it – tugging at it and beginning to drag it back up the road.  But it obviously determined the movement too slow and immediately dropped his rousing companion and sprinted away – heading at an angle back and away – quickly moving into the brush and rocks on the downhill slope of the road.  (The other two were on the uphill side of the road.) 

Soledad, smiling cruelly at the crumpling goblins, recast the same hex.  It had been extremely effective the first time, but this time the goblins were more scattered.  Aiming the target close to the uphill side of the road she attempted to get as many goblins as possible within the spells 20’ radius.  It worked – to an extent.  The goblin in the middle of the road that had been partially roused by its companion slumped back to the ground.  On the side of the road it seemed that one of the two had succumbed to the spell as it appeared to crumple to the ground, as evidenced by a booted leg sticking out into the road where it lay – the rest of the body being hidden by the bushes.  The other one on that side was a mystery – Soledad was sure it was within the area of the spells effect, but as it was hidden by the terrain she could not identify with any confidence if it had succumbed to the spell’s effects or not. 

The rest of the party held their positions in case any of the goblins came closer.

Goblin update:

Dead:  4

Asleep:  1 injured – on the road

          4 healthy – on the road

          1 partially visible in the bushes – apparently prone

Unknown:  Hidden on the uphill side of the road, maybe hit by sleep.

Alive:  One running on the downhill side of the road.  No longer visible. 

Posted on 2020-09-19 at 12:28:26.

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