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Parent thread: What Dreams Become - Q/A
GM for this game: Skari-dono
Players for this game: Drakar, Vorrioch, syanide shadowalker, Shounin, Gerald Tarrant
This game has fizzled.
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Gerald Tarrant
Regular Visitor
Karma: 6/3
92 Posts


Even though he was quite confident that he could get out of a fight with his abilities Ren was very pleased to see the man put away his gun, he however was not pleased about the man skipping to greet him propperly, it was not the right way for an Invictus to behave.

"Help me investigate something?"

He said, arching his eyebrows slightly wondering if Marcus had asked him to do something that he had forgotten, quickly concluding that he hadn't.

"I'm just here repaying a favor to an old friend of mine, Marcus has not asked me to investigate anything, nor should he since speaking is my job, not investigation..."

Ren said giving the man a slight smile, as he opened the door on his car.

"Now i really should be getting out of here before the police arrive, even in this part of town they are bound to be attracted by the gunshots eventually.. Contact me after you get some information about what it is we are supposed to investigate for Alder Marcus, good night Mister Syanide."

He said as he sat down in the back seat and closed the door, making him invisible behind the shaded windows.

"Lets wait for a bit, but drive away once the serenes have become to loud.."

He said, even though no serenes could be heard at the moment, only the occasional gunshot and howling.

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 21:23:09.

syanide shadowalker
Veteran Visitor
Karma: 8/6
131 Posts

More than a little annoyed

syanide growing more than a little annoyed at the circumstances surrounding him, how dare ren just turn his back on him. Syanide walked to the car that ren had gotten in. Syanide knocked on the window and not to gently.

" I already told you we are to INVESTIGATE the reasons why this vampire turned to smoke and goo instead of dust"

came syanides voice clam and colected but in it Ren could hear the under tone of anger

Posted on 2008-05-01 at 05:02:36.

Gerald Tarrant
Regular Visitor
Karma: 6/3
92 Posts


Ren shook his head slightly at the mans words, becoming more confused by the minute.

"What is this nut job babbling about?"

He said, trying to dismiss what he said about vampires in Twitches mind although making a mental note to erase that part from his memory later. Again assuming his best political smile he rolled down the window.

"There seems to be some misscommunication between me and Marcus, I'll tell you what, I'm going to head out and sort all those things out with him right now so that we can get to work"

He said, gesturing for Syanide to get a bit closer

"In the mean while i need you to Stay here and make sure that the only thing that comes out of that house alive is a big man named William I do recommend not going into the house though, that would be hazardous to your health"

Ren said, knowing that he might just do that non the less since he had not enforced that part of the order, but then again if he did it could hardly count as being his fault as he had told him not to do it.

"I'll be back in twenty, good luck"

He said smiling as he snapped his fingers at Twitch who drove off towards Marcus's estate

(Used dominate 2 on bold)

Posted on 2008-05-01 at 14:48:13.

syanide shadowalker
Veteran Visitor
Karma: 8/6
131 Posts


so i am guessing i came back to the game just as it died
ah tis life

Posted on 2008-07-12 at 05:50:18.

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