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Parent thread: Filthy Thief Q/A
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Utan the Orange
Karma: 23/18
458 Posts

A pause of recognition

Approaching with young Ocyari, Pao noticed a small group gathered around one who was on the dock flooring, prone and unconcious. He also saw something he had seen often enough to recognize: a largish crowd that looked as if they had seen something terrible happen and yet still could not act, for they knew not what to do. Such was the lack of discipline of the commoner. And so could it have been with himself, had he not been what he now was.

He heard someone mention the Temple of the Sacred Lady as another bent to pick up the fallen one. Here he pause for a second or two as he recognized Pio, one whom he knew personally from his time at the orphanage. He nodded at Ocyari's concerned query as to what has happened here, and smiled when one of the group near Pio answered with his version of the "fate of warriors". The words sounded much like those of Ormander when Pao had told him of his own desire to become a bearer-of-arms. Would he never get away from reminders of Ormander?

Nodding to the others when Ocyari introduced him, he said, "Amenities shortly. Breecher, is it? I agree that this one should be taken to the temple of Our Sacred Lady Lysora to be tended to. I am not strong enough to take him myself, but if you and some others would carry him there, I would be most grateful, for I am one of their order."

Here he holds out the medallion on a chain around his neck displaying the Rose of Lysora with one hand, "Our Reverent Lady of Spirits, Watch over the soul, spirit, and body of this fallen one that he may be returned to those he cares for and who care for him."

Turning again to Breecher, he reaches into his belt pouch with the other to pull out a few small turquiose stones. He counts out two. "Others here seem to trust you, so I will as well. Take these stones with you to the temple of the Sacred Lady and give one to the priest who looks to Pio here. It will identify who sent you. Then keep the other for yourself and whoever aids you."

He pauses to make sure that Pio is carried with dignity, then turns to the others. "Now, that's done. I am called Pao, as young Ocyari indicated. As are most of you, I imagine, I have come here at the request of Headmaster Ormander. I differ, though, in that I am here only because I feel I owe him that one debt. But I am clueless as to why I am here. Is there a place where bellies can be filled, and throats moistened to discuss at length what is to be done from here?"

While waiting an answer, he calls his warhorse to him and grabs the reins.

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 22:33:54.
Edited on 2008-07-26 at 03:58:29 by Utan the Orange

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts


Breecher accepted the stones from the half Sylvari Cleric, and lifted Pio in his strong arms. Holding the knight in the most comfortable position possible was no easy feat. Pio was still wearing his armor, and it said a lot about Breecher's strength that he carried such weight without appearing encumbered. With an understanding glance at Pao, and a nod to the others, the big man trotted away.

But as soon as Breecher had left the docks, Llammoth stepped forward.

"I'm sorry, guys, but I'm going after him. I can't let Pio wake up without a familiar face to greet him. I cannot let him leave alone. I will see to it that he is treated well."

A moment later, the half orc was lost in the crowd. The crowd; it was still standing there, though some of the people left, others were still vividly talking amongst each other. Some were pointing at the orphans, some at the creature that lay on the docks as a drowned animal.

"Alright, my brothers and sisters," Dorothy began, "We should do something about that beast. After that, we can go into the Freemen's Way and catch up."

(OOC: anybody got any plan for the creature. You can also choose to let it lay there, if you don't want anything with it.)

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 23:08:40.

Utan the Orange
Karma: 23/18
458 Posts

A hint of arrogance

Pao chuckled softly at Ocyari's comments and her movements to stay out of reach of the others. She seemed the ever-curious child, but much more cynical than her one her age should be. But she had actually been sent with him, and while he had no real love for the headmaster, he had learned to trust his judgement -- albeit begrudgingly. Fshar!! Ormander again. This flurry of reminders was getting aggravating ...

He turns toward Ocyari and becomes serious, "This one was sent with me, not to guide but to accompany. In the past few years, I have learned to trust Headmaster Ormander's judgement and wisdom in some things. Because of whatever abilities she has, she was sent here by him, as I was, as we all were. For my part, and for what that is worth, I say let her go with us. As long as she understands that there are things to learn and people here -- us -- willing to teach her, no?"

Then he turns to eye the soggy, bloody cat on the dock. "Would that I had the coin, I would ask for it's carcass to have it skinned for a quality cloak. But I don't and I was not involved in it's demise. Which leaves me out of the decision of how it should be disposed of. Those who made the mess should arrange for it's cleanup."

Posted on 2008-07-26 at 04:31:16.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Is it edible?

Hearing Paomallen's thoughts on her staying, and actually being a part of the group as being officially sent by Ormander, it is all Ocyari can do to keep the grin from her face. Thank you so very much! She thinks smugly.

"Alright, so, since that's settled..." Ocyari begins, "We have to deal with a dead beast now?"

"Oh whoa..." Ocyari murmurs as she finally sees fully the monster that did the damage to Pio.

Looking back over at Miran, she calls, "Y'know, you could've just told me to look at the cat rather than saying 'something bad'."

Ocyari examines the creature, viewing it from different angles, seeing its strong, muscular toned body and its deadly claws and teeth.

"Umm... would it taste like chicken?" Ocyari suddenly asks.

Seeing everyone turn to look at her, she blushes slightly, then adds quickly, "Well, it looks like a chicken from this angle!"

She fidgets nervously, then adds, "Well, we could always bury it I guess... isn't that what's done to dead bodies?"

Posted on 2008-07-26 at 22:19:07.
Edited on 2008-07-26 at 23:57:52 by Reralae

RDI Fixture
Karma: 44/13
612 Posts

that's ALL Pio had to do?

It wasn't to say that Percifeer had no heart. But she wasn't in any mood to show it right now. Still, as Beinsel said he couldn't help him more, and a man picked up Pio's body, shallow breathing and all, she watched, her eyes shining a bit from excess water that she refused to let flow out.

Still, there were other concerns now...Pao had arrived, a boy she had teased at the orphanage, and now a young girl was there as well. It felt wierd not to leap out to give them hugs, but she was afraid the tears might burst from her eyes with such power that she would go blind. Well, she was focused on something else: Pio's retreating form, and now Llammoth in hot pursuit.

She had seen the girl before, but interacted little with her. She had been so young when Percifeer left that she hadn't gotten the proper training. Still, it would be reasonable to blame Percifeer (and likely Llammoth) for her behavior, as most of the girls in the orphanage had taken after her more excitable, quick-lipped attitude by the time she left.

She stared for a moment, trying to recompose herself before turning to the others when she heard Pao speak.

"This one was sent with me, not to guide but to accompany."

"HAH!" A sorceress is always one to be overwhelmed by emotions, but emotion changes just as quickly as the winds, and sometimes with even more power. She had been bursting with emotion watching Pio taken away. Now she had an outlet and that emotion knocked her right off her feat.

She fell to her knees laughing; tears streaming down her face, she only held herself up by locking her arms when she went to fall on her face. It was almost a minuted before she was able to get up. She continued laughing for quite some time, but greeted her siblings warmly amidst her (soon-to-be giggles) laughter.

"I've missed you Paomallen." She hugged him tightly.

She knelt down, still giggling at the little girl. It was quite clear she was as determined as Percifeer and as quick as Llammoth in this. She placed her hand on her shoulder and spoke to her.

"If you die on me, Ormander will have my head." (Mage Armor on Ocyari)

She stood and looked about at the others, and then back to Dorothy. She hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Alright, my brothers and sisters," Dorothy began, "We should do something about that beast. After that, we can go into the Freemen's Way and catch up."

"I could use a bit of catching up." She looked over at the beast, and then back at the crowd. "I suppose it looks like a feast tonight, in honor of valiant people such as yourselves. Where do you want this thing? I can get it where you're cooking." And Percifeer started pulling out rope (150ft total) in anticipation of the crowd's response.

Posted on 2008-07-27 at 16:07:57.
Edited on 2008-07-27 at 16:13:00 by suicidolt

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Kono bashu wo dete aruku...

"If you die on me, Ormander will have my head."
"Trust me, I don't intend on dying, and I won't die easily." Ocyari replies.

Something feels a bit different though, so she holds out her hand, turning it slightly. There! Just barely off of her hand, there can be seen a slight shimmering, almost like heat waves in the air.

"Umm... what is this?" Ocyari asks.

Posted on 2008-07-27 at 18:21:07.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 44/13
612 Posts is a lot of space, lol

"Umm... what is this?"

Percifeer smiled. "That's my way of keeping you alive."

Posted on 2008-07-27 at 18:24:21.

Utan the Orange
Karma: 23/18
458 Posts

Missed me?

Percifeer's reaction to Pao's statement about Ocyari's accompanying him, and her ensuing knee-weakening laughter, made Pao take pause and think. He had not actually heard anything to the effect that Ocyari would be going with him. She had simply appeared, suddenly and confidently, beside him as he left the orphanage, and her apparance and confidence was the reason Pao was so certain that she had been sent. He was certain no more, but saw no reason -- yet -- to change his spoken assessment.

And Percifeer was correct on one matter: if any harm came to Ocyari at this stage in her life, Ormander would hold them all responsible. Pao certainly did not want that worry hanging over his head, not now. But Ocyari seemed ever the resourceful one. She would learn what trust was worth soon enough, especially if caught in battle with the group and her life depended on one, some, or all of the others.

When Percifeer hugged him, Pao's stolid expression did not change, and his returned embrace was more token, cursory, or courteous than affectionate. He did allow himself a small smile when he heard that someone actually missed him, although he couldn't imagine why.

Although he didn't say anything, Pao shrugged off his backpack and looped his mount's reins through the straps in preparation to aid the others to move or remove the carcass of the cat.

Posted on 2008-07-27 at 21:44:28.
Edited on 2008-07-27 at 21:49:09 by Utan the Orange

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Oooh, shimmeringness!

"Oh wow... this is neat!" Ocyari says, twirling and tumbling around, just to see how the slight shimmering follows her.

She also notes that even though it stays with her, it doesn't encumber her at all, and her landings seem to be cushioned slightly by it; her hands don't seem to directly feel the impact of the ground beneath her. After cartwheeling around the group, along with flips and other assorted gymnastic routines, Ocyari lands on her feet, with her arms held straight out.

"It's pretty." Ocyari says simply as she continues to examine the shimmering effect around her.

Seeing the few people there beginning to get ready to move the dead cat, Ocyari shies away slightly, "Sorry, I can't carry or push much; I'm not that strong."

Posted on 2008-07-28 at 01:08:55.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

hey hey!!!

Freemen’s Way
North West Dock
~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

"Where do you want this thing? I can get it where you're cooking." Percy called out to the crowd, and people burst out into joyful cheers.

Several men aided the sorceress, hauling the creature with the ropes she had given them, into the direction of the Freemen's Way. It was the nearest establishment with a kitchen, and making a fire on the damp, wooden docks would not be a good idea.

The Freemen’s Way was an Inn that you would miss if you didn’t know of its existence. It was hidden in the shadow of the First Thunder River Bridge. A dull glow oozed from the stained windows, and the door was of an oak so dark that it seemed a shade itself.
Inside the Way, a big man with a black beard and a wide brimmed hat introduced himself as the owner, and guided them into a steaming kitchen. It was dinner time, and on several tables in the common room rested plates that had been left by guests who had ran outside to spectate or aid in the fight. Some of them returned to their plates, others sought a place by the fire to dry their soaking clothes.
The cook’s eyes widened at the sight of the Sea Cat, but was delighted at this new challenge. A little later, plates with the most wonderful Sea Cat dishes were brought into the common room, which was crowding up fast.
The innkeeper came back to the group, and announced that their drinks and meals were off charge because they brought so many customers to his otherwise quiet house.

The Sea Cat proved to be an interesting find. Its flesh was meat-like, but with a salty and loose texture that reminded of fish. The customers around the group of orphans were delighted by the cook’s work and the richness of the available beverages, and soon the establishment breathed homeliness, frivolity and comradeship. In the middle of this buzz of enjoyment were the companions, and on their mind was a more serious matter. Dorothy bowed closer to the others, as to better hear what they had to say. When they were done with their tale of the orphanage being wrongly accused, and the penalty that hang over Ormander’s head, she leaned back in shock. The old man meant a great deal to her too, but more did she think about what would happen to the young orphans who were still under his guidance.

“I am afraid I don’t know how I can help you. I just returned from a job outside Drefast., so I have not been exposed to a lot of gossip or something.”

Posted on 2008-07-28 at 23:06:34.
Edited on 2008-07-28 at 23:08:30 by Almerin

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Oooh, so it IS edible after all

Ocyari sits at the crowded table with her cup of milk and wonderful dish of sea kitty.

"This is yummy!" Ocyari says after she has a bite.

So, it's more like fish than like chicken... oh well! I like fish better than chicken anyway! Ocyari thinks to herself, continuing to enjoy her plate.

Her eyes wander over towards the kitchen slyly. I wonder where they hide the cookies... She thinks, before shaking her head, no, concentrate! Focus on the conversation.
... but I do want a cookie.
“I am afraid I don’t know how I can help you. I just returned from a job outside Drefast, so I have not been exposed to a lot of gossip or something.”
"Oh!" Ocyari says, thinking aloud, "Let's see... when you came back, was there anything that seemed different here? Oh, and tell me about where you went! I haven't been outside the city at all."

Not that I am even allowed to get out of the orphanage often. Ocyari adds in thought.

Posted on 2008-07-29 at 00:46:06.
Edited on 2008-07-29 at 00:47:22 by Reralae

Utan the Orange
Karma: 23/18
458 Posts

Chapter 1 (?)

Listening respectully to learn of Ormander's plight, Pao knew that the fate of the orphanage also hinged on fate of the man. He also wondered what had happened to his own bracelet. At the temple, early on, he was asked not to wear it for it would be a distraction to his concentration. It seemed to have disappeared after his first year of studies at the temple. It was simply missed and then dismissed. Odd that this situation had to do with a similar bracelet. Stolen? A fake? Hmmmmmm ...

Pao waited for a lull in the conversation, cleared his throat, and spoke, slowly and solemnly.

"I am here, with you all, and will remain with you all to see this out as best I can. I, too, do not wish to see Ormander imprisoned for a falsehood, for it would have repercussions reaching far beyond just him."

"That being said, there is something you must know about me.

Pao stands and places bis hands on the table and leans on them, turning his head from side to side as he speaks to look at each of the others, look at each of them again and again.

"I don't hate Ormander, I really don't, but because of my own unique experiences and life in the orphanage, I cannot think of him or see him as a father-figure. Nor do I need to. He allowed me a better life than I would have had on my own, assuming I would have survived. While my life at the orphanage was far from pleasant, it was better than many alternatives. I will give the headmaster that much "

"To be honest, who I am is who I made myself. What I am is what the Headmaster Ormander gave me the opportunity to be. It is not the life I would have chosen for myself if left to my own devices, but I am inordinately pleased with it. I am comfortable with who I am and what I am. The former is my own doing, and the latter is due to the headmaster. For that alone I could thank him, and that is the only debt I feel I owe him."

So you will notice, at times, that I am less than affectionate with any of you. When I speak of Ormander, I will do so with respect, but it may not seem to hold the love or affection some of you seem to hold for him. This may seem stand-offish to some or all of you, but there is a reason."
He sits and raises cleched fists to his shoulders and then places the fists on the table with exaggerated slowness. His voice becomes only slightly louder.

"But all of you need to understand that my perceived ambivalence does not lessen my commitment to see him, and the orphanage, cleared of this sword at their necks. I am as certain of Ormander's innocence s the rest of you and will give the same ambition and commitment to see this righted that any of you would give, possibly more, certainly no less."

He sits back in his chair, closes his eyes breifly, and sighs deeply. "Sorry, but when it comes to Ormander, despite my attitude toward him or about him, he is one of the few things in my past I am grateful for. Those few things I will defend with every fiber of my being."

He pauses for a few seconds more, then suddenly smiles and asks, "Now where's some more of that cat-fish-stuff? I wanna stuff my face a little bit more before I ask some questions."

Posted on 2008-07-29 at 03:46:36.
Edited on 2008-07-29 at 03:50:05 by Utan the Orange

RDI Fixture
Karma: 44/13
612 Posts

Percifeer takes action.

Percifeer partook in the festivities and encouraged the crowd to give themselves a pat on the back. It was a big animal, and quite a feat that they took it down. Still, she was very distant, thinking a lot. Mostly, she wondered about Pio, but more it was her concern for what they may have missed out on by coming this way. A fear that was confirmed by Dorothy's statement.

She was generally upset, but she decided instead to take action. She picked up her empty glass of honey-water and a fork. Then she stood and started tapping the fork against the glass. It wasn't much, but it would be enough to quiet the crowd and get their attention.

"First and foremost, one more congratulations on a job well done. It's true, Drefast holds the finest men and women in Audalis.

"I thank you all for what you did out there, and for saving my brothers. Your quick thinking saved lives, and I'm honored to be a part of it.

"You have proven yourself valiant, and it is because of this honor that I now ask your help. My siblings and I are in pursuit of information. A man named Ormander Galios has been accused of theft. His orphanage is to be closed if we do not find proof that he did not do it. It is this orphanage that brought us together and is the reason we call each other brethren.

"This man has done a lot of good for us, and probably some good for many of you. All we ask is information. Please tell us what you can. You can count on us telling your tale for many years to come. All I ask is a bit of help in this brief time of need."

She smiled, and set down her glass.

"Now eat! Enjoy the fruits of your labor. You are a valiant group, and you deserve this feast!"

She waited for a moment to bow properly if there was applause, and then sat back down to her meal, hoping that others would approach her with offers to help.

Posted on 2008-07-31 at 01:04:24.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts


Despite whatever Ormander had said concerning Ocyari's permission, Miran kept an uncommonly attentive eye on her most of the evening. Percifeer made a small speech just before supper to the people of the drink and food den in askance for help. Paomallen, too, had something to say to the small group of orphans, during the supper of sea cat.

Free food and drink have a tendancy to lighten spirits, especially so when put next to a common room of cheer and goodwill. As supper wore on, Miran loosened up his foul mood. Though he was no more inclined to believe that Ormander had sent Ocyari, he didn't see the need to return her home immediately.

Posted on 2008-07-31 at 05:19:48.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

dory's story

Freemen’s Way
North West Dock
~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

After Dorothy had spoken her will to help, Pao felt the need to make a confession. It was quite a speech he gave, and when he was done, they were all silent for a moment. Though nobody said anything about what he had said, it was clear that they appreciated his honesty.

Percifeer took the opportunity to rise from her chair to demand the attention of the crowd in the common room. After half a minute the laughter and buzz of conversation had diminished and only a few whispers and noise from the kitchen broke the silence. She thanked those in the crowd who had helped them defeat the Sea Cat, but ultimately she asked for their help in aiding the orphanage and its patron. When she was done, more than a few people raised their glasses in salute, and a few ‘ayes’ sounded, but nobody seemed to have anything to share. Slowly the murmur started again, and attention was lost once more. Dorothy looked at Percy with eyes that betrayed that she had low hopes for aid.

Ocyari was ready to continue conversation in their own midst, and inquired about Dorothy’s travels. The older orphan looked at her, and started to smile at the kid’s enthusiasm.

“Alright then, I’ll tell you about my journey.” She leaned in before continuing.
“I don’t know exactly who my employer was, but I got in contact with a woman named Elsbeth Greenbook, who said she represented a third party. She asked me to deliver a sealed letter to a librarian in Throthgard. She would pay me a lot of money on my return.”
“I accepted, and was in Throthgard two days later. I met the librarian, gave him the letter. He asked me to stay for a week, because he wanted to return a delivery. I didn’t mind. Throthgard is a very old city, and there was much to see. But when I returned to the librarian, things really started getting interesting. The man was shot with an arrow as soon as he handed me two scrollcases. I ran for my life, and was chased all the way back to Drefast. They even killed my horse a few miles before the city gates. I was lucky to escape. Then I waited for Elsbeth to contact me again, and three days ago we met. I gave her the cases and told her about what happened. She didn’t seem shocked or anything. I don’t know what was in the cases, but it was something important.”

She eyed Ocyari apologetically. “I can’t say I’ve noticed anything different in Drefast since my return. Everything seems to go as it always did. But you know what? I'll stick around this inn, so that if people come up with anything, they know where to find one of us.”

Posted on 2008-07-31 at 12:11:24.


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