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RDI Fixture
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A direction

Sitting at the table with the guards and Percy, Pio listened politely as the men gave his sister a stern talk about disturbing the peace and such. And while they told her to apologize to the young knight, Pio did not expect it. He only prayed (silently) that his sister would have enough sense to nod her head, acknowledge her own responsibility, and keep her comments to herself.

Apparently, it was too much to ask for. When Percy reply with some snide comment, chastising the guards, Pio nearly interrupted with his own stern talk, nearly walked out of her to leave his sister to her own devices.

But he didn’t. She was family, as close as a sister as he had ever known. And he would not betray her or forsake her.

And yet, he did not dishonor her by making excuses for her behavior, nor did he patronize her by apologizing on her behalf. He knew that she was old enough to take responsibility for her own actions. It was something Ormander had taught them (or, at least, Pio) at an early age – that “one must own up to their mistakes, so that one may grow up into maturity.” Pio knew (or, at least, thought he knew) Percy’s heart… and her heart was good. She had not meant to hurt the boy. Her concern for their father and the orphanage had merely blinded her reason.

As the guards escorted them out again to the main hall of the courthouse, Pio wanted to talk to his sister, but she was uninterested, keeping her distance from the young knight. He didn’t push himself on her but, instead, kept a few paces behind her, giving her space.

Soon, Percy managed to make her way back to their brother and sister. Good! the knight thought to himself. Now, we can get out of here. And when she found Bensiel, Percy embraced and thanked him.

After Percy’s embrace, Bensiel took a moment to greet the rest of his siblings.

" It's good to see you all again, I'm glad you are all safe and doing well. But what is your business around these parts? This does not look like the usual place to be. And let me say it one more time, it is great to see you all again. Every thought of home tugged at me to go back when I was out on the road, and now I finally had a reason to, it feels great."

Pio also approached Bensiel and embraced him, “Nice work, brother. The hands of a healer? I never would have guess you’d get religious.” Pio said good-naturedly and a twinkle in his eyes.

Beinsel put away his lute, and straightened out his finely made blue tunic, getting a crease out of it. He looked up and chuckled slightly.

"I guess,” stared Bensial. “I can't help myself when it comes to looking nice in front of ones who I haven’t seen in ages."

Pio smiled at his brother. “It is good to see you too, Bensiel!”

The urgency of the rescue mission to save the orphanage came back to the knight, and he turned to his siblings to discuss their next course of action.

“I’ve seen enough of the courthouse for today.” began Pio. “I say we see if we can hook up with our brother down in the barracks. What do you all think?”

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 08:05:41.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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the barracks, now where's Grikky

Outside Courthouse
Stout Galius Square
~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

The trip to the barracks was not a long one, but tedious nonetheless. The streets leading away from Stout Galius Square were packed, and travelling in a group, even a tough one as they formed, was difficult. It took them almost an hour, where they knew they could’ve done it in at least half if it wasn’t so busy. But something had stirred the people today, and they were anxious to be out to hear the latest gossip.

They passed more heralds, trumpeting the latest news over the heads of the people. It was more of the same:

~Farmers afraid of consequences new patrons.

~Flowerseed Festival rescheduled to Alvaday next week.

~Orcish war band rounded up. Jarok citizens can sleep again.

The barracks were situated in a fairly small and insignificant building. It was mostly a centre of information trade. Here guards reported in the morning, were given new assignments and got their payment. The real action was at the Prison, the Arsenal or the Training grounds.
The man at the desk told them that Grikky was on an assignment at the Training grounds, and would be at the outskirts of Drefast for at least two days. He let them know that he was most likely playing a marauder, as his orcish nature loaned itself perfectly for this. The man quickly apologized as he noted Llammoth’s orcish heritage, and added that Grikky loved the part of the villain and commented on his great skills in combat.

Standing outside the barracks they realized the day had gone by rather quickly. They had found some leads, but had also lost precious time going after loose ends. What would be their next step? The sky was already turning orange and pink, and in two hours darkness would claim Drefast. Stores would close within an hour, so if they wanted some goods, they had to hurry.

(OOC: Basically you guys need to make a new decision. I’m giving you all a lot of freedom in this. That can also be a curse. You really need to converse, whether in this game or in the Q/A or in chat. Make decisions so we can start going again. And please: no more waiting for others to post first? )

Posted on 2008-04-26 at 12:55:39.

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Three Meals a Day...

What a disappointment that was...

After all the wading through the crowd, waiting around for Pio and Percifeer to get out of the entangled web that was the justice system... and now, they come to find that the barracks was indeed deserted.

What to do next?

Well. Neither the Prison nor the Arsenal appealed to the young half-orc. She wasn't getting any hits in memory on the importance of these locations. Then again, her concentration wasn't in tip top form. She was now regretting not taking a bigger piece of bread with her on the road. Though none of the group had really eaten that much in the day. Perhaps they could discuss their plans where food was conspicuous.

Choosing not to dote on the fact that she had been stereotyped as a barbarian by the man behind the counter, she turned to the others, "Do you suppose we could go and get a bite to eat before it is too late to find a decent place? Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone. There was that one place that tavern that we were supposed to eventually go by, there was a road sign near the Thunder Bridges... does anyone else remember? I am awfully hungry..."

Posted on 2008-04-27 at 16:37:11.

RDI Fixture
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Dinner and Dory...

Pio was once again disappointed with the news from the guard. Though he had not expected to connect the Grikky right away, he didn't like the idea of waiting a few days to connect. Quickly, he scribed a note for his brother and asked the guard to give it to Grikky when he returned. He gave the guards a few silver pieces [3] to help the man "remember" to actually get the note to Grikky. The note simply states:

Grikky, we are looking to meet with you as soon as you are available. Please look for us at the Broken Grommel or at home. Ask Bollo or our father. They can tell you where to find us. Pio.
When they had made their way outside the barracks, Llammoth put forward the suggest to get some food at the tavern near the Bridge. Not having a better plan, Pio nodded his agreement.

"Yes. The Freemen's Way was the name of the place you are thinking of. Maybe we'll have better luck catching up with Dory. I could use the food too. And a drink."

Seeing the sky begin to darken, Pio added, "I could do with a trip to an armorer too." He looked over his fine suit of plate mail. "I'd like to pick up something a little less conspicuous and a bit more flexible."

[OOC: Pio would like to buy some studded leather armor, or either a chain shirt, on the way back towards the orphanage, before hitting the Freemen's Way, if the shops are likely to close before supper... we don't have to RP it, unless you guys want to, and you think we might pick up some more clues.]

Posted on 2008-05-01 at 04:56:18.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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1376 Posts

I know it is largely a summary, but give me credit. It's late and I'm still suffering from post-To

Percy at first approached with a soft apology upon her lips, murmured with her gaze slightly downcast, though that was not long to last for at then she found herself to be close enough to launch the preemptive strike. She leapt into Beinsel’s unwary form to embrace him with a hug used between far-reaching siblings, a curiosity to those who did not understand that the life of an orphan spans racial background. When they parted, Percifeer uncharacteristically drew back, giving her brother the full attention of the spotlight. Pio also went forth to thank the minstrel for rescuing the group from what may have been accident turned disaster. Beinsel straightened out his blue tunic and with a bright face greeted everyone again.

Miran wondered about the hours so unfortunately wasted between now and the date of finality. Ill luck had taken to visiting the orphanage lately it seemed, spreading itself by riding the many feet that through there traveled frequently. At the thought, the illusionist made a gesture to ward against bad spirits and ill-luck, one that had more superstitious use than arcane significance. It seemed to dawn on Pio also that time would be a foolish resource to be loose with, as he suggested that the reunion continue at the barracks where Grikky could possibly be recruited for some behind the scenes aid.

“I’ve seen enough of the courthouse for today.” began Pio. “I say we see if we can hook up with our brother down in the barracks. What do you all think?”

“To that, you I agree. We may have nearly a week to enact our strategy, but judging by the events of our first day on the job, I find that we want not to assume we have any time to spare,” Miran replies to Pio.

Unfortunately, the recruiting mission found Ormander’s saviors with extra time lost and nothing to show for it but the knowledge that Grikky was unreachable for the next few days. Growing worn of the infuriating nuances and nuisances of the thickly packed city street, the orphans were easily convinced to become customers of the last stop for the day on their schedule, the Freeman’s Way. There, it was promised, would be the locale of the last sibling on their contact list, dear sister Dory, likely with the description ‘sister’ removed so not to imply that she was a member of any clergy.

“What think you? Need I a change of outfit?” Miran throws his arms wide exaggeratedly to show himself off in the rays of the sun during the time when day and night evened out.
“Perhaps a hat to go with the cloak?” he asked, with similar mock pomp and circumstance. In the end, Pio went alone into the armorer alone, Miran having decided in a moment of ambivalent thought that he didn’t want to outshine the others too badly with his sense of fashion that the others were overlooked. Of course the more likely case ran for Beinsel or Percy, but the wizard felt it unnecessary to make too fine a comparison.

Posted on 2008-05-02 at 05:29:32.

RDI Fixture
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a bit of personality

Percifeer was looking around at her brothers and sisters confused during most of the trip away from the courthouse, and was even more disturbed to see that, when they arrived at the barracks, they didn't even go inside. They wanted to go eat and ignore their duties. Sure, she had to agree Dorothy was there, but Dorothy likely knew no more than anyone else.

"Have you all forgotten why we're here?" She said, her chest burning, her eyes wide with anger. "Or is it just that you'd like to see Ormander arrested or worse?" She pointed south, rather than north as everyone was prepared to go. "If you recall, our best lead so far was a thug in the Heart of Darkness. Given his field of employment, I think we should try and get information from him before he ends up dead or in prison. You'll all be fine without a meal for the moment. We have priorities here."

She had to be honest with herself. Even Llamoth's choice didn't surprise her here. That didn't mean, however, that she was happy with the situation. It was as if her whole family didn't care a bit whether the Orphanage stood or fell. Moreover, it was as if they didn't care whether or not she had places to be, and she certainly did!

Posted on 2008-05-02 at 14:22:11.

RDI Fixture
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Yeah... it's a bit of a talk... but gentle, not preachy.

The group seemed agreed on going on in search of Dory, and maybe a meal to go with it, and they were about ready to leave, when Percy “expressed” her concerns:

“Have you all forgotten why we’re here? Or is it just that you’d like to see Ormander arrested or worse?”

Wow… Pio felt his own anger well-up inside at his sister’s outburst. Her accusation cut his soul. That she would even say such a thing… You! You, who left the orphanage so long ago to pursue your own goals and desires! You, who never came back to visit and check in on our father! You, who by your very actions today have put both our’s and our father’s reputation at risk! You would DARE say such a thing! And, while the muscles of his body tensed, and his armored hands clenched, and his eyes fired up… he remained silent while his sister continue to make her case for a different course of action.

Percy: "If you recall, our best lead so far was a thug in the Heart of Darkness. Given his field of employment, I think we should try and get information from him before he ends up dead or in prison. You'll all be fine without a meal for the moment. We have priorities here."

Pio blew out the air in his lungs, trying to expel the tension in his body. He looked directly at Percy, trying to understand why she would use such hurtful words. “Percy,” he paused, his voice was cold, trying to contain his anger. “Percy, you misunderstand our intentions… at least, mine. That you would even suggest that we care not for the fate of our home, and more importantly, our father is… is…” Pio felt his anger boil up to the surface as he searched for the words. “… is unfair and dishonors us, your brothers and sisters.”

He paused for a moment, collecting himself, “If you wish to suggest a different course of action, then simply do so… and we will consider it. Just as I hope you will give consideration to our suggestions.

Pio allowed himself to calm down as he considered Percy’s suggestion. He had, of course, already considered it… just hadn’t spoken it out loud. His body noticeable relaxed, and his voice became gradually warmer as he continued to speak, not in a condescending, patronizing way... Pio really did value Percy's ideas. “You suggest we pay a visit to this Stuart fellow, down at the Heart of Darkness. I like that idea too. I hope we can do that yet tonight, after we visit the Freemen’s Way. And here’s why. Family is important. I trust our family, trust our siblings. Or, at least, I hope too. This fellow at the Heart of Darkness… he’s nothing but information. But Godfrey, Grikky, and Dory… they might be able to give us information. But they’re also, potentially, allies just like you, and they’ve been in the city more recently than you and I both. They might have contacts.

“Like Godfrey, for instance… he’s got a natural connection to the courthouse coming up the day after next. I’m hoping we might be able get in on that connection. That’s why I suggested we keep a low profile back at the courthouse.. so that when we show up in two days, people won’t recognize us.

“Grikky, too, I had hoped would be able to help us out. He’s likely got some great contacts within the city guards. I’m hoping he can call in some chips to see what the law has been doing regarding our case.

“And, Dory… well, she’s a bit of an unknown to me. But from what Godfrey said, she may have some contacts on the shadier side… perhaps a fence or two who may have heard some thing or an employer who may be able to give us some clues. Who knows.

“I think the sooner we get our family in the know, the sooner we have extra pairs of eyes and ears on the streets. And the chance to pick up more information, more leads, more contacts. Virgin Stuart… he doesn’t have that potential. He’s not family. He, unlike all of us standing here, really doesn’t care one bit what happens to our father or our home. He’s just… information. Good information, maybe, but just information all the same.”

“Beyond that, the thug we left back in the alley suggested we might have some trouble getting in to see ol’ Virgin. Personally, I think if I try to enter into some den of thieves all suited up the way I am now, I won’t get past the door.” He looked down over his suit of plate mail, and tried to crack a small joke, “I think I’m a bit over dressed.

“So, I’d like to pick up something a little less conspicuous, like some worked leather. But I’ll also need to stop by the orphanage to get rid of this suit. And, well, the Freeman’s Way is on the way home.

“And getting some food IS a good idea. I’d rather get some food in my stomach while I’m searching out Dory anyway, than have the rumbles in my belly affect my ability to think clearly. And if we decide as a group to head to the Heart of Darkness first… so be it. I still think we should look to eat… while we’re there anyway.”

Pio took a breath, “So, there you go, Percy. I think your idea is a great one… I think we need to follow up on this Stuart fellow. Just a little later tonight. First, some shopping. Then the Freemen’s Way and, hopefully, find Dory quickly. Get the orphanage quick and touch base with our father. And then head over to search out this Stuart fellow. And if we cannot do that all tonight, then we’ll try again tomorrow.

“We have not forgotten the task we have been given, Percy. The fate of our father weighs heavy on my soul, and is ever before me.” He smiled at his sister, with both warmth and weariness. “Just like you, we are looking for the best way to rescue him and our home from disaster.”

Posted on 2008-05-02 at 17:18:50.

RDI Fixture
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Percifeer was livid. If the man she was speaking to hadn't been her brother, she might have already killed him. There was no time for nonsense. Without her current state, she still would've seen the need to say such things, just to get something moving again. It had seemed like the entire day was spent just standing around.

Then Pio spoke. He said a lot of things, but one thing really rang out in Percifeer's mind. She held it, and waited, brooding over how to say it most viciously. Her anger boiled to her chest as she found herself breathing sharp and quick.

"I have never heard of honor before that would convince me to leave my sister to be lynched while I hide amongst the crowd. If I had, I don't think I'd want any part of it. Oh, and since you're famous now brother, I think you're going to stand out even more going into the shadier side of town at night. If we get there before nightfall we'll be safer and have a better chance of speaking to him." She was speaking to Pio. Sure, he wasn't as famous as Beinsel, but the point was there, and she had made it. If he had been any other man, Percifeer would have already struck him down. She was being generous, and she was furious even more that he couldn't see it.

Posted on 2008-05-03 at 12:57:38.

RDI Fixture
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Pio licked his lips, and swallowed his anger. He smiled at Percy, but it was a tight smile. “Are you looking for me to defend my actions, sister? The entire situation at the courthouse would never had happened if you had remained at bit more level-headed, sister. You are a lone-wolf. You don’t like an idea, and you rush off to walk your own path. You don’t ask why we are making certain decisions; you make assumptions about our intentions; and when you come up with your own idea, you don’t give us time to ask you any questions… you just run off and do it, and we’re left trying to figure out what you are doing.

“I chose not to follow after you at the courthouse. Like I said, I didn’t see it as wise to get noticed. People find out we’re with the orphanage and they’ll clam up quick. We need subtlety. You were not taking that route, that much was obvious to me. But you didn’t take the time to tell us what you were planning on doing.

“When your horse went careening into that boy, I knew you were about to get into a heap of trouble with the law. I made an assumption that the city guards would arrest you and, perhaps, Llammoth and Miran as well. When the crowd began to turn against you, I considered jumping in, but how would that have helped our father? That’s what you accused me of, right? Of not caring about our father?

“Well, I didn’t come into the crowd, because I thought that all of us in jail probably wouldn’t help our father out very much at all. I had hoped to remain unseen, and bail you out later. But you saw fit to point me out and have our fates intertwined. So be it… I cannot control your actions, nor would I ever patronize you in such a way. You are a woman in your own right, you are old enough to experience the consequences of your own actions.

“Now, about visiting the Heart of Darkness, I still disagree with you. I am not famous or well-known at that tavern. At least, I hope not. You may be, Percy. Killing that ganger earlier may have earned you a name over at the tavern as folks talk about who took down their leader.

“Like I said, if I show up dressed like this, I do not think I will get in. Beyond that, I think finding Dory is more important.”

Posted on 2008-05-03 at 14:08:37.

RDI Fixture
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this should be interesting

Percifeer had had quite enough of Pio's dodging. "No knight I've met calls himself that by justifying his actions. Either you show honor, or you don't. There is no grey area to it. And I hardly think it's honorable for us to have wasted an entire day walking around this town with no clear purpose, and largely ignoring all logical direction when our father's life is on the line.

"My honor is now an issue, and I hardly find honor worth the time to think of normally. I will not stand by and let you waste more time!" Her voice was raw by the end of the rant, mostly because she was screaming for the third time today. She was initially upset with the inefficiency. But the fact that they were now arguing with her when she was only trying to fix that problem, which was to everyone's advantage....well, that just made her furious.

Posted on 2008-05-04 at 19:19:36.

RDI Fixture
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Attempting to listen to his sister...

Pio maintained eye contact with Percy as she blasted him with her words. He tried hard to understand her points of contention through her passionate outburst, but could not.

When she finished, he allowed her to have the last word of the argument. If it made her feel as though she had “won”, so be it. He was not looking to win any longer. By her own admission, she cared not for things like “honor”, so how could she understand such things. She was right – there was no point in trying to defend his actions to her. It was like throwing pearls to swine.

Instead, he moved along, as his sister had suggested, and presented her case to the rest of the group, who until now had been silent. Giving a nod in Percy’s direction, he spoke to the group, “Percy feels as though we have wasted much of our time today wandering aimlessly around the city. She feels that trying to locate Dory will further waste more time. She has suggested an alternative plan: that we head to the Heart of Darkness to find Virgin Stuart, the contact given to us from the thug this morning. She believes that this is our best lead, and is worried that if we do not follow up on it immediately we may not have the opportunity to do so later. On that point, she may be right. Who can say what Virgin’s future holds.”

Looking to the group, he simply asked, “What say you? Shall we head over to the Heart of Darkness?”

Posted on 2008-05-05 at 00:50:23.
Edited on 2008-05-05 at 01:03:14 by Ayrn

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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Miran knew not how to abate an argument between siblings, and most certainly did not want to get involved for quickly he would have to declare allegiance to one or the other. He waited on the outskirts of the discussion, weighing one argument against the other. He hoped that somebody would take the initiative to put a halt to the unpleasantries abound. Unfortunately, before that happened, both sides finished making their stakes and openned up for comment.

Miran glanced from one to the other, quickly trying to decide who he would side with. Pio wanted to proceed to not necessarily familiar territory, but with family known to frequent the area. Percifeer's opinions was that the group's time would be better spent seeking out a potential source of information in most likely unfriendly parts. Though as for all that, Percy was clearly more adamant than Pio to get her way.

After another few seconds in contemplation, Miran stood forth to gather attention and voiced his reasoning for which opinion he ended up choosing. "The both of you have made your arguments for or against each of the two paths immediately apparant, and I for one have this to say: While I agree that our sister could be a source of valuable assistance and a friendly sight for supper, we know not how long we will be able to find this 'Virgin Stuart' at the expected locale. There were more than a few thugs who were present at our inquisitioning that escaped and may be willing to recount the events to a sympathetic ear. My say is that finding Virgin at the Heart of Darkness has the potential to be a very difficult task if we wait too long.
"Also, we don't expect Dory to be going anywhere in the immediate future, compared to this other contact who may have unanticipated plans."

He looks at his siblings left and right. Two votes for the Heart, one for the Freeman's. He finished his miniature speech, "You have my reasons, I think we should get Pio his disguise and go to the Heart of Darkness. Also we shouldn't forget that we will be going into possibly hostile parts of the city, and anyone here whose shown his or her face as one they might remember, they should be very careful."

He waited for Beinsel and Llammoth to agree or disagree, he privately began to consider what would and wouldn't go with his current attire. Afterall, regardless which way they went, there would be some shopping soon. Something in the back of his mind reminded him that an armorer wouldn't likely carry much that was suitable to his fashion sense, but he discounted it, deciding that it wasn't necessary to fret about those details before he even saw the selection.

Posted on 2008-05-05 at 03:31:40.

RDI Fixture +1
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Beinsel stood by and watched the tide of words flow back and forth. Screams and then calmly forced words. Back and forth. He fidgeted where he stood, thinking of what to do. He knew he needed to do something.

From what he had heard it seems that they have pretty much waisted a day only to most likely regress at drawing attention at the court house. Now some of them were more " famous" then others, obviously himself and Percifeer for being gawked at the entire time. And others who have stayed back in the crowd have the advantadge of not being as well known at this point. also they have wasted some time.

But then he decided. He had listened to the last few comments and finally drew a conclusion.

Llammoth was right. The heart does not really have any closing times, but honest working store owners do. And he was feeling the tugs of the hunger string, so he made up his mind.

" I feel it is right if now we head towards the shops and taverns for a good meal, and to meet up with our sister. But I also say we head straight to the heart afterwards, if we can. We shouldnt be too tired, and who would'nt want to walk off that few extra pounds we would put on from eating? A nice little stroll could be good for us all."

Posted on 2008-05-05 at 23:25:09.
Edited on 2008-05-11 at 23:25:58 by Jozan1

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Temper Temper

Honour versus Immediacy... Intellect questioning wisdom... The blunt instrumentation of impatience was something Llammoth only observed as weakness.

She had had enough of the rantings of her spoiled sister. Temper as hot as the blood of dragons, perhaps it suited her, but nonetheless it was annoyance of grave proportion this entire day. "As far as I've discerned, Percifeer, you are the problem that has decapitated our attempts at every turn this day."

Though she awaited her sisters reaction, and stared unnervingly at her through the twists and turns of her potential tantrums, she gave not thought to what she did or didn't say next. "In the alleyway of the Broken Grommel you showed an impressive lack of consideration for human life. One could not even call it self defence, because we would have murdered those fools with lightning efficiency. Perhaps your ego was bruised, and you were posturing. I see weakness in your actions, not the strength that I remember from your fiery youth."

At this point the half-orc stops to catch a breathe, but interrupts any further attempt at argument. "Then again, brute force is introduced into the well oiled wheels of the political machine that we call Drefast. You made an ineffectual attempt to quicken our progress, and delayed us by over an hour, tilling the twilight. Pio did not follow you because he is not retarded," She turns away from her sister, her rage-fuelled face suddenly becoming invariably soft as her eyes pout towards Miran in naught but apology, "no offense Miran."

Like a switch however, the full froth of her anger is surfaced back upon her face as her neck snaps back towards Percifeer. "This is not some dungeon's crawl, but a city, teeming with people, innocent, neutral. Rarely hostile unless it fits them well, and discreetly. You cannot bully a man as powerful as Councillor Velch. It would be miraculous amidst the bustle that we even manage to see him. No demands can be made! We can only ask nicely, and if he is booked, what then? Do we say, 'Hi, we're from the orphanage' and expect that this will somehow sway the inept ears of his secretarial department. Guards are posted at his door. What... do we just run them through? Is that not the insanity we are trying to avoid. Is it not enough that our father is to be convicted of high crimes?"

The orcish blood in her was coming to a boil. She had fought so very long to even appear as a speck in the radar of this city's diplomatic reserves, and yet, it could all go to hell at the blink of an eye, due to the rash and useless actions of her sister today. Llammoth would gladly give away her credence for the life of her father, but to this useless endeavor. No.

"I am going to the Freeman's way, where our sister may prove useful. I will have my fill of warm food, and then perhaps regain some sanity. A place like the Heart of Darkness does not have business hours... it will be there when we decide we've had our fill of the tavern. If you don't like it Percy, then you can stuff it..."

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The speech had ended, and the group stood in silence for a moment. The half-orc was not stealthy or subtle at all in her approach. Percifeer loved it.

A low chuckle rose in volume as Percifeer grinned. She had missed Llammoth. It had been so long since they'd seen each other, and it seemed neither of them had changed a bit. She remembered the last time her sister had yelled at her. She was even fairly certain she had reacted the same. This time, though, she refused to give up so easily. The last time, she had decided it wasn't worth the argument. This was definitely a different situation. Her chuckle lowered, but the occasional burst that she couldn't hold back came out for another few seconds.

"Sis, I agree with you. It's been a very rough day. But I don't agree that I've been holding the group back. If you recall, I even designed a plan, so we could do as much as possible today, and everyone here totally ignored that plan. Do you remember? with the counter clockwise map of the town?" She pulled out a piece of chalk and waved it at Llammoth. "I'll admit, I screwed up with the horse. I was flustered. Still, I don't think that boy was my fault. He wasn't even in the crowd. He would've had no trouble getting out of the way, and it's likely the horse would've avoided him anyway. But that's in the past now, and thanks to Beinsel, it may well stay there."

She put the chalk away and looked Llammoth in the eyes. "I would normally agree with you at this point to end the argument. But I can't do that. Ormander means too much to me to give up at this. We need to follow the good leads. Our brothers and sisters are nice, but I suspect they'll all be little more than hugs and kisses. We need to follow the real leads, the ones that will get us into the council chambers. Even if we have to dig up dirt on the Chancellor to squeeze our way past their defenses, it'll be what gets us in front of the council that matters."

She sighed, and started digging in her bag for something. "Now be honest with yourself sis, who do you think is gonna be able to get us that kind of stuff. A sibling who, at best, pays her taxes and makes a few guain on the side, or a big-name in the underworld of this city. A man who's business is most likely information, and who, for a price, will get us anything we need.

((please remember Percifeer is not thinking in terms of 6 days. No character would. It is a today-or-nothing strategy for her. And it will be the same each day in the future. ALMERIN: If we start heading towards the Heart of Darkness, Percifeer will pull out her disguise kit and start 'doing her makeup'. If anyone else needs use of it, she will happily assist.))

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