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Sorry Ayrn!

Llamoth returned with the news, "The Sebarter family has found an apparent flaw in the archives. The people are saying that they claim ownership of a large amount of cattle, and that if this is proven true, that this already rich family will be even better off than before."

Percifeer sighed. It was one thing after another with this town. It wasn't that she wanted to leave, so much as time was now actually a matter of importance. Percifeer was never one to take time lightly. Even during her studies at the tower, she was itching to travel again. Still, now time could mean the difference between life and death for her father, and the same for the orphanage. Now time was really vital.

Llamoth continued, "Do you think perhaps we should come back another time? The courts will be busy with this incident, and will likely shoo us out the door. I can't see any good coming of our visit at this juncture. Perhaps we should just carry on and return at another time?"

Percifeer wasn't shocked at her sister. Llamoth wasn't one for confrontations. It was why they got along so well during their time in the orphanage. That is to say, they complimented each other. What did surprise her was Pio. It shouldn't have, given his actions so far, but it did. She had felt an inner bond with him as he was playing a big role in sticking it to the council.

“Patience, m’lady,” he said, “Let’s try not to be noticed today.” were the words that left his mouth. When he said them she yanked her arm from his and glared at him.

He continued to speak, this time to Llamoth, “I think your right, sister. I do not think the officials at court will be available to address our questions today. We may have to wait a day before we examine the alleged scene of the crime.”

He looked like he would speak again, but she didn't let him. "Nonsense, this could take all week or longer to deal with." Of course, she said this while walking away from the group. She was circling the edge of the crowd, weighing and measuring as they had taught her in the tower. She learned long ago that using spells wasn't worth anything. Using them wisely though, that was power. Just as a swordsman carefully chooses his thrusts and parries, so she must carefully choose her spells during the day. After a few seconds she was (reasonably) satisfied with the angle, and she spoke a few words, a bit more loudly so the others could hear them. Of course, it was also her way of casting the spell.

"All we need is a RIDE." and with a snap of her fingers a horse appeared in front of her at the edge of the crowd. She slapped it hard on the rear and sent it bucking toward the doors of the council. Her separation from the group now became obvious. The horse charged through the crowd, knocking people out of the way, but seemed directed at the doors by going around the carriage at the front, completely avoiding a rather ugly collision. Percifeer followed behind it, quite confidently on foot, walking rather calmly through the crowd. Just as the horse was about to burst through the doors of it's own accord, she dispelled it.

((this part's up to you DM, if I can't dispel it, it is trained to obey my wishes, and I will 'whoa' it))

**assuming no guards stop me**
She walked right up to the council doors and opened them.

Posted on 2008-03-28 at 14:31:26.

RDI Fixture
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Why gods?!? Why?!?

Pio allowed Percy to yank her arm away without a struggle. He was not one to force his will on people… definitely not on the young sorceress. For what must have been at least the third time today, the beautiful woman once again cut the young knight with her glare. Pio remained still, though his eyes may have betrayed his feelings.

The man really did not want to stand out today. He knew that should the court officials find out their association with the orphanage, those officials would be more than tight-lipped.

But he also knew better than to stand in the way of his sister. The beautiful, young lady’s blood was hotter than the sun’s burning beams on the Chindari plains and her spirit was as wild as the foaming waters around the Leema Krags.

And once again, Pio found himself both attracted to and repulsed by his sister. She was impulsive, stubborn and lacked prudence… and yet, the young knight found her carefree attitude, her passionate energy, and her untamable spirit to be refreshing.

That did not diminish the fact that Percy once again placed him and his sibling, though, in place of decision: should they follow after their sister, not knowing what chaos she was about to call down… or leave her to her own devices?

As Percy skirted around the edge of the crowd, Pio called to her gently, “You know, sister, if you’ve got a idea, you could maybe talk it over with us first.” Whether, she heard him or not was impossible to tell, as she continued to move away from him.

Why, Oriana? Why do you tempt me so? Pio breathed a silent prayer.

The knight resolved himself not to follow after his sister… at least, not for now. He waited to see what the others would do.

OOC: I ended my post to just before Percy casts her spell. I'm waiting for the others to see if they'll follow. I think Pio, though, will not follow regardless. He's too worried that Percy (and who ever is with her) are just going to get themselves arrested for disturbing the peace. And getting in a fight with the city guards is just not going to be helpful.

Sui... thanks for making like interesting!

Posted on 2008-03-28 at 21:18:35.

Sibelius Eos Owm
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As his siblings chewed over the decision whether or not to keep under cover while the day's big event unfolded, Miran weighed the pros and cons of sneaking within with his own cover.

If he were careful, he could easily get into the courthouse under the cover of an Invisibility spell, but on the other hand he would still have to fight through the crowd. Of course there was also the question of what a single mage could do once inside when he returned to a fully visible state.

By the time he had finished his internal struggle he had reached the decision to save his single casting of the spell inquestion for a possible need later that day. He glanced at Percifeer as she detached herself from their older brother Pio. He immediately knew the look within her eyes, the same look that had often in youth meant that later there would come a stern disiplinary talk from Ormander, as often for his participation as not.

He followed several paces behind his sister until she halted and unleashed her magic. He slipped up behind Percifeer, glancing over his shoulder to see who had yet elected to follow this impromptu plan of action. He walked down the freshly created parting of the masses,

"It's always a pleasure to observe your subtle art, sister," he said with hushed tones. Now if only the others would follow up, then they would have a more intimidating presence. That and he doubted his ability to keep Percy from recreating the scene from last night with the cutpurses, with city guardsmen acting out the role this time.

(Curse you Ayrn, I was posting!!! XD all is good though)

Posted on 2008-03-28 at 21:22:53.

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So Much For Piety.

A stern look creased across the otherwise smooth forehead of the young half-orc, as Llammoth watched in trepidation as her emboldened sibling took a different approach to the investigation. She could not see how such shows of bravado and inconsideration to the public eye could bestill the hearts of hardened politicians and judges alike, but seeing as the political route was blocked, perhaps what they needed was a bit of anarchy.

Llammoth glanced over to her knighted brother, observing the body language he was betraying. It seemed that he had no interest in pursuing this rampaging path of insipid vagrancy. Llammoth however, would not abandon her sister, regardless of how stupid her actions appeared. She would not wander uselessly into a crossing with the law however... that she would leave for Miran.

Lifting the hood of her cloak and placing it upon her head, Llammoth carefully treaded between the bemused denizens of the square, as they watched the spectacle of the sorcerer's ill doings. Through the bobbing heads she kept an eye on her sister, reflexively clutching and releasing the shaft of her shortspear, which remained strapped upon her back, hidden within the folds of her cloak.

The young rogue would press her way through the crowd, until she was at the steps, at which point she would observe the situation. She had melded into the sea of people, a wolf amongst dogs.

"Why, sister," whispered Llammoth under her breath, "you are not helping to repair the reputation of our dear father's orphanage..."

Posted on 2008-03-28 at 22:09:51.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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I don't think Percy thought this through enough

Outside Courthouse
Stout Galius Square
~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

The companions were about ready to leave Stout Galius Square, when Percifeer decided that a little crowd would not stop them from their just cause. Acting on impulse, as usual, Percy conjured up a horse, and sent it flying through the gathered citizens, tourists and other curious people. They parted like water before a rock, but not as smoothly, and the mount knocked over five people, one of them an old lady that broke her wrist and shoulder as she was flung against the pavement.

The horse continued its way up to the stairway, evading the carriage and its bewildered driver who did everything he could to control his horses. Then the horse suddenly disappeared from sight, right before it was to enter the building.

Yes, the crowd had parted, but when Percy walked through the clearing, fingers were pointed at her, and people started whispering. The whispers rose to a loud murmur and then the first shout came: “It was her! She sent that thing at us.”
“Yeah,” came an answer from the other side, “She killed that boy!”

It was then that Percy, and whoever followed her, reached the other side of the carriage. They found the crowd exchanging glances, eyes darting from each other to the sorceress to the body of a young boy, which lay still on the stairs of the courthouse. A man was crouched near the kid and wept silently, as guards came running from the open doorway.

(OOC: I’ll stop here, because I have no idea how you are all going to react to this.)

Posted on 2008-03-29 at 11:50:35.

RDI Fixture +1
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Oh man, oh man, oh geeze, gotta run...
Bensiel ran as fast as his scrawny legs could carry him, trying to make it to the courthouse. He had just arrived at the orphanage, being late as usual. Some things had crept up on his trip back to Ormander who needed his help. A chance encounter with some 'friends' he had made on the road cut his time back signifigantly, and now he was paying for it.

He was told that the people was suppose to meet was at the courthouse, and now was bolting his way there. He didnt want to keep anyone waiting any longer than he needed to already.

He stopped dead in his tracks, his deep blue tight pants and forest green tunic with a deep green matching cloak all almost flying off of him as he hit the edge of the crowd. His armour glistened in the light as a part of the tunic opened to show it, and his lute almost fell off of him. He caught it before it could fall.

Something had pushed the crowd back as he approached, makign him misjudge the distance between him and the last person. He craned his head far over the people to see a large horse galloping up the court house steps and dissappear into nothingness. That must of surged the crowd backwards.

Well, that was quite the site to see. Something very..different.
His ears perked up though as he heard screams and shouts.

“It was her! She sent that thing at us.”

“Yeah, she killed that boy!"

He looked up towards the steps as he made his way to the front of the crowd, grabbing for his lute, and kept it held underneath his cloak. He pushed and shoved until he was up front, seeing someone being pointed out like a witch, and blamed for the death of a child, which he had just spotted.

A child lay on the steps, a man leaning over him, crying.

Everything seemed to freeze for a moment as Beinsel thought.

Oh wow, this does not look good at all. If I dont step in, someone might end up dead.
He took one hard gulp and burst out of the crowd.

Well, here goes nothin'
He jumped out of the crowd and over by the boy who lay still. He pulled threw his deep green cloak back, and held out his lute, which glistened with an unnatural beauty, unequal to any instrument in the city. He looked around with his emerald eyes, and quickly wiped his black hair out of his face, and spoke.

" Please, please everyone! We do not want to make any threats or accusations towards this poor unfortunate person!"

Beinsel gestures towards Percy.

" Instead of taking another life today, letstry an save two. Let me try an save this poor child, and heal his grievous wounds, which would surely bring forth death if not treated."

He looks at the boy laying on the ground, and looks back towards the crowd, with a very sympathetic look on his face. He strums a few slow notes on his lute, and speaks.

" Please, violence only begets violence, and that gets does not help anyone. Be the bigger person and forgive and forget, and lets all see to it that we all are able to wake up to a bright new day." ((Beinsel will be makig a diplomacy check on the crowd of people so they wont mob up and kill anyone today. he just wants to calm them down.))

Beinsel starts to play on his lute, a slow melody on the lower notes, that slowly rises to higher strings, growing in pace as he goes. He turns to the child, and plays harder, focusing his bardic magic through his instrument, trying to heal the young one of all his malodies.

(( Beinsel will be casting Either two cure light wounds, or one cure moderate wounds. If I can only get one spell off, I will cast the CMW's, but if I can get both off, I will cast the two CLW's))

Posted on 2008-04-01 at 03:26:38.
Edited on 2008-04-01 at 03:27:39 by Jozan1

RDI Fixture
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CN is NOT Chaotic Stupid!

Percifeer walked calmly to the front, ignoring the catcalls that started coming her way. Well, it wasn't that she was ignoring them, so much as she didn't hear them. She was intent on her destination, and had no desire to listen to any more debate that wasted time. She did, however, hear the cries of the father at the front of the crowd. The boy was in front of the doors, away from the crowd. It didn't make sense...well, it did, and that was the sick part. She pondered it during her brief walk, but her mind wouldn't stop rambling. She thought about pointing to an evil person in the crowd and blaming him, but her lover's voice cut her off It's politics, they're all evil. It had been quite a while since she had discussed it with him, and the relationship was more broken than the love of a princess and a toad, but the thoughts kissed in her mind, and the prince of logic was beginning to appear.

The boy wasn't struck down by her least, not of her accord. If he truly was hit by hooves, he was pushed. Then again, they're all to blame. The thought was hers, but it sounded like Christophika's. She remembered that livid face. He honestly looked like a kettle of tea steaming from the sides. He didn't like the politics, but he was absorbed by them. She didn't like politics, so she completely ignored them. But here, and it was at this point she realized that, though some had followed her, Pio hadn't, here was a case where the politics were really happening. She needed to think.

She wanted to ignore the scene and deal with it later, so she stepped into the courthouse--partially. There was a loud thumping behind her, as someone interrupted the crowd. "Please, please everyone! We do not want to make any threats or accusations towards this poor unfortunate person!" It was Beinsel! She stopped, her left foot's heel dangling over the threshold, and turned back to Beinsel. Now's not the time for hellos! It took nearly all of her restraint to stop from rushing out to hug him. Not only was he here to help Ormander, but he was now risking his life to help her, something, she realized, she was flat out shocked Pio wasn't willing to do.

"Instead of taking another life today, letstry an save two. Let me try an save this poor child, and heal his grievous wounds, which would surely bring forth death if not treated." Beinsel had become a much better talker than she remembered him. She remembered him as the quiet one, very introverted. It seemed he had turned over a new leaf. "Please, violence only begets violence, and that gets does not help anyone. Be the bigger person and forgive and forget, and lets all see to it that we all are able to wake up to a bright new day."

Then, rather abruptly in front of the crowd, he did something that jogged her memory. He had done these things very little back at the orphanage, but they were dead giveaways that he was also a caster. He healed the boy. As he did, Percifeer ran at him. It would be her only opportunity, to be sure.

((assuming the father is between Percy and the boy, lol, I would be if I was him...This is irrelevant of whether the cures work, because she can't change that after she's started running.))

She shoved the boy's father out of the way and rushed over to hug the boy. "I'm so glad you're ok!" She pressed him against her chest, a dirty move, but nothing better than this crowd deserved. "I'm so sorry that happened!" Then she paused, and looked at the crowd. Her face was stern, but not unforgiving. It was clearly NOT the face of a guilty party, because she was not guilty here. She was going to point out the most evil looking member of the crowd, but she saw someone. His armor glinted in the sun, as he paced the edge of the crowd, trying horribly to blend in. Her teeth bared as she pointed to Pio, removing his stealth amongst the crowd and shouted at him. "DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" It would probably be clear to Pio what she meant, but it would look to the crowd as though she was blaming him for the mount that nearly killed the boy. She was, but that wasn't what was upsetting her.

Posted on 2008-04-02 at 20:31:52.

Typing Furiously
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close call

Outside Courthouse
Stout Galius Square
~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

Beinsel’s appearance meant a second drastic change in the situation. The bard used his charm to the fullest, and calmed the whispering and the tension in the crowd. The guards also seemed taken aback by the apparent control the charismatic man took over the situation and the confidence in which he did it.

The tones of the lute sounded clear and relaxing. The boy shuddered suddenly, and opened his eyes under a gasp of his father. Healing was a rare sight to the common folk. A miracle had just happened under their very eyes, overshadowing the tragic events.
As in a trance, the father let Percifeer grab his son and hug him close. He was so stunned that he did not object. But when the sorceress pointed her finger through the crowd, and gazes followed her direction, the mood passed. She had chosen the wrong person to blame, for Pio’s knighthood was evident. And military service and honour are held in high esteem in all of Drannon. Eyes darted back at her, though hate had been diminished by doubt. The boy’s father was not so easily deluded though, and he snatched his boy from Percifeer’s grasp. He looked at the woman before him in an angry glare.

“Leave us alone now!”

“Well, sir, we’ll deal with this now.” One of the guards said. He smiled thinly at Percifeer and stretched out a hand. “Come with us please, miss. We’ll clear up what exactly happened here.”
Though the man was obviously not addressing her in a hostile manner, it was clear to the sorceress that his nice approach could change if she attempted anything foolish.
He peered over the crowd until he spotted Pio. He beckoned for the knight to gather around too.
"I think it's best if you join us, sir."

Beinsel got an appreciating handshake from the other guard, and people in the crowd started coming his way too, hoping to get a glimpse of attention from the man who performed such a miracle. Of course the boy had not been dead yet, but many were convinced that the bard had returned the kid from the hands of the Gods. Here was a hero, and it made them forget the Sebarter Family and the Archives completely.

Posted on 2008-04-03 at 17:34:35.
Edited on 2008-04-03 at 17:39:55 by Almerin

Sibelius Eos Owm
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I think they're missing an alignment factor in the book: Psychotic -Neutral/etc XD

“Yeah, she killed that boy!"

When these words rose into the air above the crowd and slipped into the eager ears of the mob, Miran faltered. Isn't it a little soon to declare a death? Miran thought, halfway horrified already. Surely if the horse had struck a child it would take a moment to see to hom, then surely another moment to determine that the child had indeed passed away.

But in the rising anger and panic, the illusion-worker and fencer was forced to keep an eye out more for his own head rather than contemplate the matter further. When he paused in his stride, the masses washed around him like a rippling brook, eager with morbid sense to see the dead child with their own eyes, to verify the cry. The people all craned their heads and squeezed in tighter to catch a glimpse of the child's body and to be close enough to participate in the potential mob of the guilty party.

When he realized that he had been lost as another face in the crowd, he took advantage of it to slip through the cracks and seek out Pio's advice in the matter. Of course he admitted to himself that he too wouldn't mind getting a glimmer of the body, to verify it for his own senses.

"Pio!" he shouted at a whisper to get his attention, though something happened back at the center of attention that drew them both away. Their brother Beinsel had shown up and was trying to mitigate the hostilities. The young man had sung a song of healing for the boy, who was seemingly brought back to life from the realms of beyond. Miran was not nearly so easily fooled, being a crafter of deceptive magic for some time. Still, he had to admire the ability of his musical brother, to not only revive the child with his voice, but to use that same strong and confident reasoning to throw a potential mob right off the shoulders of the guardsmen.

Miran sighed in relief as the situation apparantly had died down, but a problem arose quite suddenly again, as Percy tried to throw the attention off her, so that she might escape into the Courthouse to complete their intended task. Miran wished he could pull of an invisibility in an instant as he tried not to be appear accociated with the knight who was thrown on the spotlight. When the city watchman stepped forth to do their duty finally, Miran realized that some of their party would have to straighten things out at the station, so it only served to reason that not everyone be dragged into it.

He whispered to Pio again while the attention of the crowd was scattered. He tried still not to appear to be aquainted as he stepped slowly around Pio, "What do you want the rest of us to do?" He asked. Upon receiving an answer, he would make ever attempt possible to slide back into complete annonimity and seek out his half-orcish sister, another who would have a plan of action by now.

Beautiful plan, really. It just went wrong when dead children very nearly put a stop to it.

Posted on 2008-04-04 at 04:11:08.

RDI Fixture
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Catching up

[OOC: Back-posting a bit to catch up…]

Pio stayed at the edge of the crowd as Percy moved away. He watched as Milan followed after her, carefully leave a few paces between them. Then, Pio watched as Llammoth drew up the hood of her cloak. The knight gave the half-orc a grim, knowing look. Both knew their impulsive sister was likely about to get herself in trouble. Llammoth trailed after the sorceress, but Pio continued to stay planted where he was.

The knight watched on as Percy found herself a spot on the outer edge of the crowd. Now what are you going to do, sister?
Percy’s response can quick enough, and even Pio was caught off guard as a beautiful horse materialized out of nothing before her. The knight had little time to consider how she had performed such a trick, as he was quickly distracted by what Percy DID with the mount. As he watched his sister slap the horse’s backside, sending it through the crowd, Pio nearly cried out for her to stop… but he knew it was too late.

Moving away from where he was standing, Pio edge further away from his siblings. Experience with working within the military told him that the guards from the courthouse would soon be coming out to investigate, and possibly put down, this disturbance of the peace. The knight could only hope his siblings would have enough sense to surrender peacefully.

He knew, with Percifeer, he was hoping for a lot.

And then it happened. Pio saw it from his new vantage point. The horse Percy had conjurer, in it’s panicked state, barreled into a small child, sending the boy sprawling to the pavement. Then, almost as quickly as it came, the horse disappeared. The boy lay motionless on the ground.

The color drained out of Pio’s face as the first cries started to emerge from the crowd. “She did this to us!” “She killed that little boy!”

This situation looked like it was about to get much worse than even the knight could have anticipated. Oh, Percy…
Pio started to make his way through the crowd, wanted to get to his sister, to stand by her side, to protect her… when another voice called out from within the crowd. “Pio!”

It was Milan. The man must have back tracked through the crowd when he also came to realize the trouble their sister was in. Pio was about to draw near to Milan when, suddenly, yet another voice called out.

This voice was loud and clear, yet gentle, coming over the din of the crowd. It was the voice of peace… the voice of reason.

It was the voice of his brother, Beinsel.

Pio halted in his tracks as his brother’s soothing voice called for the crowd to forget their violence, and to look for healing and restoration. Working over the boy, still motionless, Beinsel played a beautiful song of hope and grace. Pio could feel his spirits lift and began to move to the edge of the crowd, allowing those around him to move in closer.

As the song finished, sure enough, the young boy began to move. Along with the rest of the crowd, Pio was elated and amazing at his brother’s handiwork. He was truly the hero for the day. Pio thanked Shinara for Beinsel’s timely entrance.

Then Percy acted again.

Pio could see her scanning the crowd, and he knew in his heart she was looking for him. When she finally spotted him, she singled him out from amongst the people gather and shouted out in a loud, angry voice, “DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN.”

Pio cringed inside at her words, but on the outside he betrayed no emotion as all eyes fixed themselves on him. He hated this place… this place where he was the center of attention, where everyone waited to see what he would do. He simply stared back at his sister, cold and hard.

The crowd seemed to favor the knight of his sister and, while their anger had been assuaged by Beinsel’s song, the people doubted Percy’s claim.

Just as Pio had thought, the guards quickly stepped in and asked Percy to “accompany” them into the courthouse to “straighten out” the matter. One of the guards also caught Pio’s attention and asked if the knight would come along as well. Pio simply nodded and indicated he would be in momentarily.

“What do you want the rest of us to do?” Milan asked, his voice coming from around the knight.

Pio remained still, looking on at his brother Beinsel, now being greeted by the crowd as the hero. “Find Llammoth and greet our good brother, Beinsel. Perhaps, while Percy and I straight out things with the guards, you three might be able to use our brother’s new found fame to gain some information from the courts regarding our affairs. We’ll meet up with you here when we have concluded our business.”

Straight and confident, Pio made his way through the crowd towards the courthouse, his eyes now locked on Percy.

Therassor, give your servant prudence.

Posted on 2008-04-07 at 03:49:07.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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the warning

Outside Courthouse
Stout Galius Square
~Positive Tide is normal
~Negative Tide is rising

The guards guided Percifeer and Pio inside the courthouse, where they noticed more people waiting around for a sign of the Sebarters. The Courthouse personel was having a hard time keeping up with costumers, orders from within the building, and gossiping with each other and commoners.

From the main hall they went into a more private corridor of doorways and entered a small room with a table under a barred window. Here the two guards asked to see their licenses and proof of citizenship.

Assured, one of the guards sat down at the table, and implied Percy and Pio to do the same. A small speech followed, but it came to a simple fact:
the guards were very, very busy, and didn't want to deal with something that had ended well, considering the circumstances. They judged the situation best they could. They didn't know what Percy did with the horse, but from her reaction towards the child they figured she was somehow involved.

Percifeer was let off with a warning, and was asked to apologize to Pio for blaming him for something he didn't do. They penned down her citizenship number and told her that if she ever got into trouble again, this incident would not be forgotten.

Then they were escorted back to the Courthouse's main hall, where they were sent on their way again. The whole incident had been dealt with, and the guards could return to their place amongst the gossipers and the curious commoners.

(Sorry for rushing this... I didn't want to spend a lot more time on it then necessary. We need to keep being focused on our objective. It doesn't even really matter if Percifeer apologized or not, the guards were satisfied as soon as Pio was. Let's continue our quest now!)

Posted on 2008-04-10 at 18:37:15.

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Let's Regroup Shall We?

Things had turned out to be worse than she ever imagined. Llammoth wasn't going to fool herself, she knew that where there were disturbances of this magnitude, that guards would be chasing down the door soon after. They were always available when you had no use of them... but of course.

The screams of the crowd suddenly went from exasperation, to anger. A mob was forming, and all due creation from the hands of her sister Percy. The screams said that she killed a boy. This was dire news indeed. News that became fictitious at the healing song of Bensiel.

Slowly, so as not to make waves, she crept through the crowd, hood still in place, until she was amongst the mob that was at first angry, and then astounded by magic. There were no more threatening faces, but disappointed ones to be sure. None moreso, it seemed, than that of her brother Pio. The guards caught up to the scene, as they generally do, and asked Percy to go along with them, as well as Pio, who Percy had singled out in the crowd, a bluff gone wrong. No one was going to take her word over that of a regal knight, not after the mass hysteria had decidedly favoured her as the culprit. More than that, Llammoth realized that Pio knew how to play this game quite well, cultivating a look of nonchalance and oblivion.

He went along with the guards, though not before her brother Miran had spoken to him. This was complicating matters. Even if the boy was all right, her sister had broken severe laws with what she did, and now there would be consequences... consequences that they couldn't afford at the moment.

After Pio and Percy leave, and Miran is looking about for his absent sister, she disrobes her hood, and steps out of the crowd, talking to him before he even realizes she is beside him. "So, what are we to do now? Suddenly this whole thing is becoming a frugal effort. Now we are down two, and by the looks of things, they may be gone for quite some time."

Looking over her shoulder to her brother Bensiel she smirks, her brother basking in the glory of a healer, though that was not his main function. His song was powerful, but he was no priest... in fact, they were all lucky that the kid wasn't truly dead, if there is anything that she can do to help her siblings now... she would have been unable to do so then.

Posted on 2008-04-10 at 18:38:26.

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Whatddya you think we should do? I dunno, whaddya think we should do?

Miran peered through the crowd, looking for his sister, Llammoth. He hoped that no one in the mob paid attention to him too much, for there was the possibility that one of them might recognize the one who joined the horse woman as she walked down the path born of chaos. He heard Llammoth’s voice and whipped around to find its sourse, instead realizing that he had been engaged in conversation with her.

“So, what are we to do now? Suddenly this whole thing is becoming a frugal effort. Now we are down two, and by the looks of things, they may be gone for quite some time." He nearly jumped to discover the one he sought had found him instead.

“Well…,” he began. He paused to consider the situation, “I don’t see how either Pio or Percifeer could get into the courthouse again without being recognized. Even I run the risk of being noticed a second time. I suppose there is a chance that Bensiel’s newfound fame could either help or hinder him if he tried to help, which reminds me, do you think Ormander sent him after us? To tell you the truth sister, I was looking for you to ask the same question.”

I wonder how long they'll be held? Miran thought to himself. Perhaps their time would be better spent visiting either the Barracks or the Freeman's Way, rather than waiting for their siblings?

(OOC: Tag Llammoth's potential response, and possibly Bensiel's departure from the spotlight, depending on how enamored the crowd has become)

It turned out that they needn't wait long, for both Percy and Pio had been dealt with quickly and let out, thanks to the commotion that had been going on since even before the orphans arrived.

Posted on 2008-04-13 at 15:20:59.
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She SOO should have killed them

She was flustered, but smirked when they dragged Pio along for the 'ride'. She was, however, somewhat surprised when nothing happened. She wasn't even brought to the council chambers, where she really needed to be. Surely killing someone is worthy of the council's attention. Still, it was typical reprimands and she let them off with a warning.

They were pushed back out, only to run into the rest of the family. She kept a distance between herself and Pio and approached the others. "Sorry guys," she spoke soft and low, "I didn't mean to slow things down." Then she saw Beinsel and rushed over to giver him a hug. She whispered in his ear as she hugged him, "Thank you SO much."

She stepped back and resolved to play a lesser role for the moment. Perhaps she was still flustered at the idea of that kid being it. It just didn't make sense to her. Still, she was deep in thought, following the group blindly through the council building.

Posted on 2008-04-15 at 15:48:57.

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Beinsel smiled as the gathering around him gave out thank you's and praises of good will. He shook many hands, and even kissed a baby for good luck. He was almost taken by surpise though when Percifeer came up and hugged him greatly, whispering into his ear a word of thank you.

" Anything I can do to help."

She stepped back, and Beinsel looked around the gathering group, remembering all of the faces that were infront of him. Miran, Llammoth, Pio, and Percifeer. He smiled and was happy to be back, to help his brothers and sisters in a time of need.

" It's good to see you all again, I'm glad you are all safe and doing well. But what is your business around these parts? This does not look like the usual place to be. And let me say it one more time, it is great to see you all again. Every thought of home tugged at me to go back when I was out on the road, and now I finally had a reason to, it feels great."

Beinsel put away his lute, and straightened out his finely made blue tunic, getting a crease out of it. He looked up and chuckled slightly.

" I guess I can't help myself when it comes to looking nice infront of ones who I have'nt seen in ages."

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 18:24:18.


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