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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Kool Killer Kitty
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Holding on to who you are

It was exhilarating. The whole world was replaced by layers of intoxicating scents. Her heart pounded in her chest like an excited drum, an orchestral accompaniment as she scythed through her foes. Such strength was entwined in every sinew of her now massive frame that Sirène felt she could fight endlessly without breath or rest. And with each sweep of her paws and bite from her impossible large maw, tearing through the carapaces of the chitinous creatures as if it were paper, she felt her excitement build. She would hunt. She would kill. She would feed. And she would …

Thwack! “Tula hin!”*

Her hand stung with the blow of the cane, an angry red welt appearing upon the tiny hand it had struck. Her small lips pursed in silent shock and tears pooled at her eyes. But she let no sound escape or tear fall. She knew better than to lose control.

“ You must think like a beast to borrow its form, but one must never allow the beast’s primal desires rule what you are. If you do, you will forever be that beast…”


Sirène shook her large snowy mane, sending a shower of blood and insect innards to either side. She blinked slowly as if looking for the first time on the carnage of the battlefield in which she stood.

‘The sword,’ she remembered. ‘Her friends.’
They were still alive. Still fighting. Although she could taste the coppery odour of the blood that they has shed upon the air. Many of their foes had been slain, but she could smell two of the monstrous creatures embraced in battle with Connall and Alasdair, and two more waiting to pounce.

“Look out!” Sirène tried to bark in warning as she galloped to lend her aid. All that emerged from her mouth was a loud, bellowing roar. But, she was still an elf. Still Sirène.

* “Focus child!”

OOC: Sirène will try to attack Bug 4. If that’s dead or she can’t reach it by the time she acts, she’ll go for Bug 5.

Posted on 2012-02-04 at 09:24:40.
Edited on 2012-02-04 at 09:25:55 by Ginafae

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6627 Posts

The Eyes of a Stranger

I've always known that the mirror never lies people always turn away from the eyes of a stranger.
Afraid to know what lies behind the stare

With the battle to reach the Shadow Kings evil soul bound sword seemingly having turned in the parties favor, no one expected that a new enemy would be revealed this round. An enemy much more powerful then any mutated creature or foe yet faced within these mountain halls.

Rayne had finally made it to the top of the stairs and into the combat facing the party. Having only her sling and its bullets as non-magical she was still determined to make a difference. Her attacks like the rest of the party hasted she loaded and fired four bullets towards the leading creature headed for Althena. Three out of four bullets hitting creature #9 it hardly paused bearing down on her followed very closely by #8. In but seconds she would be in melee combat with two very large, very hungry and somewhat unhurt creatures.

Conall once more found himself facing the creature before him alone, Cor for the moment surrounded by the body of a dead Roach/Scorpion. As the Paladin moved into melee once more, his attacks again hitting the mutated creature before him squarely, he easily blocked it’s feeble return attacks as he watched it die. For the moment he found no enemy before him and watched as Sirene still in her polar bear form moved quickly past him followed by a giant Kenji.

Sirene feeling the joy of being in polar bear form and the strength and power it bestowed upon her moved to attack creature #4 however found herself seconds too slow as Conall, attacks perfect, was able to easily kill it. Not stopping she plowed into creature #5 and once again thanks to her natural claws and bite and the creatures lack of protection from them finished it off with only a single hit in return. With the mutated creature’s death only two Roach/Scorpions remained.

Kenji seeming to be a step behind Conall in his killing of creature #4 and Sirene in her killing of creature #5 kept moving forward until he found himself engaged in melee with the last two remaining Roach/Scorpions numbers #8 and #9 as they closed on Rayne, Cynil and Althena. His attacks still hasted he had four to use vs. the two creatures as he barreled into both, hitting #9 twice and #8 once, and diverted them both from their attack on the three ladies.

Ulthok was cramping bad, the poison starting to really take effect, but he was not about to give up. Seeing Cor trapped within the carcass of the Roach/Scorps body he released the ring’s ability of Invisibility and moved to help the Dwarf Knight Cleric cut his way free. However as he was getting closer another cramp hit him, this time in his legs, and with the large amount of pain his legs suddenly became useless. Unable to continue moving forward Ulthok fought and was able to keep himself from passing out, but just barely. If he did not receive help soon the poison would kill him.

Cor covered in bug guts was not the happiest of Dwarves, though he had killed the creature before him, he was now semi-stuck. Quickly casting Cure Serious Wounds (+17 hp) upon himself he moved to climb and cut his way out of the mutated creatures body. After a few seconds he was finally free and had started moving towards the last two still living Roach/Scorpions when he caught sight of a crawling Ulthok clearly in pain moving towards him. Turning towards the injured Halfling, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye from the stair entrance to the second floor. With mouth open he inadvertently stopped dead in his tracks and stared in disbelieve, Ulthok for the moment forgotten.

With creatures #4 and #5 both dead, and creatures #8 and #9 engaged with Kenji, Alasdair seeing the way before him clear of enemies, knew the time was now to make his move.

“Althena, Cynil with me, we must reach the sword and contain it before it unleashes yet more evil upon us.”
As the two moved forward Alasdair followed, covering them from the last two Roach/Scorpions engaged in melee with the rest of the party. Pausing briefly by Maggot’s gear, he caught up to Cynil and Althena as they reached the glass stand. Below him incased under the glass dome lay a sword unlike any he had seen before, a blade of crimson with veins of black running through it like blood moving inside a living creature. It’s pommel with four equal length black spikes extending from it here and capped by a pulsating green emerald, finally here was his goal, his true and only goal since returning from hell.

“Cynil help me move the top, Alasdair guard us”
Althena spoke as she, then Cynil, did just that. Quickly the top was moved to the side leaving enough room to reach in and grab the sword lying there and it was here that Alasdair made his move. The sword in his hand, the same evil one carried for so long by Maggot, held unnoticed by his leg until now swiftly came up and struck forward piercing Cynil’s back. The blade ever so hungry pushed up through her ribs and heart then finally exited her throat. The Life Drinker function of the sword kicked in and as a horrified Althena and a grinning Alasdair watched, Cynil’s body withered and folded in upon itself, the sword drinking it all in, leaving at first a dried husk, her armor, clothes and weapons falling to the floor. However, in moments her dried husk of skin turned to ash and with the room’s slight breeze was blown away, Cynil gone forever.

Before a horrified Althena could react to Alasdair’s actions he had her by the throat, sword pressed to her ribs, and turned facing the glass stand. His head next to her ear, he spoke as she looked into his eyes, the eyes now of a stranger.

“Take the sword from the case and place it into the empty scabbard at my side.”
However before she could do so a loud booming voice rang out from the area of the stairs, clearly directed at the two of them.

“Vile off spring of Mammon! You have what does not belong to you! You seek what you cannot have! Show yourself true or forever be a coward! Maggot longs for the son of Glasya to fall this day. You will not deny me my revenge!”
Both her head and Alasdair’s drawn to the sound, there at the top of the stairwell stood a completely naked younger version of Maggot, Divots former axe held in his hand. The battle to recover and destroy the Shadow King’s evil sword had just, for good or evil, taken a new turn.

Alasdair smiling a sinister grin at Maggot let fall the glamour’s placed upon him by his Master Mammon and Glasya and revealed to the surviving party members what the two Arch Devils had turned him into. Standing before the party was now a very different Alasdair, clearly no longer a Paladin, but now a skeletal Lesser Death Knight. Seeing that, the naked man calling himself Maggot moved toward his prey with an animalistic drive............

(DM OOC: Ok here’s tonight’s post I hope my evil twist surprised. Also let us all welcome Hammer as he has graciously accepted my offer to play as Alasdair temporally for this battle. So then Next post Next Sunday and please see the Q/A for player details.)

Posted on 2012-02-06 at 05:32:30.
Edited on 2012-03-30 at 00:55:41 by TannTalas

Epic Level Bard
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You Hide?!?

Having revealed the Death Knight for what it truly was, Maggot knew it was but only a matter of time before Cor, the Knight Cleric of Odin and Conall Glendower of the House Glendower would step to the old man’s side.

Maggot slows his pace when he gets out front of the rest of what he remembers to be his companions. He lowers his stance and begins to stalk the Death Knight. Watching for any signs of sudden movement. For Maggot is well aware of the arsenal of magic at the hands of this offspring of evil.

“Have you fallen so far from what you once were to this? Hiding behind the skirt of a woman! Steeling what is not yours! Or do you feel you are greater than what your new father has made you? Do you look to have more than what you know your new master will let you keep! Never will you sip of the sweet nectar of the Gods Alasdair the Lost. Forever will you feed of the table scraps of Mammon, for he will not let you keep what should truly be yours now will he? Take up the sword yourself or has he truly whipped you into a good little curd?”

Posted on 2012-02-06 at 21:34:43.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
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2324 Posts


Cor wiggled his way out of the creature, though in future tellings he would certainly not refer to his escape as 'wiggling'. Casting his gaze across the room he saw Ulthok in the grip of poison, but still struggling to help Cor escape the dead creature's body. Before he could even comment on the irony of that, he stopped cold as not one but two surprises unfolded. First, Maggot, or at least it sounded like Maggot, appeared well and whole not to mention younger. Then Alasdair revealed himself to be a creature from hell itself. Cor was torn, as a knight-cleric of Odin he felt a duty to destoy the abominaltion that now stood where Alasdair had moments ago. But Ulthok desparately needed aid before the poison was too much for his small body to withstand. In the end, Cor's sense of duty to those in need trumped his wish to engage the death-knight. "I am coming Ulthok. Hang on my friend, soon you shall feel better." Cor moved to the west away from the cretures, draggin Ulthok with him and then casts neutralize poison and heal.

Posted on 2012-02-07 at 00:02:41.
Edited on 2012-02-09 at 19:39:20 by Keeper of Dragons

RP Noob
Karma: 27/1
348 Posts

The battle rages on.

Tomiki Kenji was unaware of what was transpiring behind him with Alasdair, Maggot and the others; being engaged with the last two remaining bugs his battle rage was in full swing and he focused upon ending the pitiful lives of these hell spawned creatures.

Having forced the two bugs back and freed up the others from harm; he yelled again his battle cry and gripping the hilts of the two iron swords he slashed again with all his might at the beasts. He was bound and determined to end this conflict now; unaware of the newer and more dangerous foe that waited behind him nears the evil sword.

(Short post; I know. It has been are real busy week for me and other than him attacking the bugs I couldn’t think of much more to post. I don’t think he is really aware of what is happening behind him as he is so caught up in the combat of the moment. Hopefully we can dispatch these two bugs and then get into the real fight, unless the rest of you finish him off before that happens. Try to save some for Sirene and Kenji, ok? )

Posted on 2012-02-10 at 12:10:59.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Rayne had lived long, but never had she been in such a fight as they face in this final phase of the long quest and trials underground. The very nature of this place revolted her. No sun, ho sky, natured twisted into aberrations. For so long she dreamed of them and her animals companions she had refused to bring down here with her. She missed them sorely but was glad they were not here.

Faced with almost impossible odds in the form of the Aberrations of nature, pervert by great evil but none of their most potent weapons, magic or God granted spells seemed to phase them not at all , What make it worse was their armor was like tissue. The clawed feet and what pass for hand and mouth tore at them with impunity. Undeterred by the lack of suitable weapons or protection

Through the dim light with the sounds of battle about her the smell of blood and the foul ichor of the insect-like bodies of their adversaries; she closed in on their enemies to aid her comrades. The elven ranger/cleric had only a sling and bullets and her dagger to use against them. But move against them she did. Rayne moved into the fray, armed with but a dagger and a sling. She loaded a bullet into her sling and had it ready to swing and release though her efforts were directed on how to get through them to the other side. Ah the while trying to, When a target presents her with a clear target she twirled the sling and let the bullets fly at that opponent. If only there were at way to bring the ceiling down of the creatures without risking her friends—wasteful thoughts that she had no time for.

Her bullets flew true and she hit her targets though he was not sure how much actual damage they did. It did catch the attention of two of them and they were both closing in on Rayne even now. She had one spell that might give her some and anyone else that move close to her some protection form evil. It was about all she could do as the aberrant roaches closing in on her.

In the midst of the din of battle raging about her, the metallic smell of blood, Rayne lifts up her voice, “Kith Jora, grant me and those near me Protection from Evil 10 ft radius). She held her knife and dagger at the ready to do what damage she could when they closed. She screams out her battle cry and faces rhe foes. She, as the other had been doing would do her best. The end was neaer but the quest not finished. For every decent persons sake they must win.

Posted on 2012-02-11 at 11:07:01.

Kool Killer Kitty
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Unanswered questions

Dark viscous blood dripped off her fur, falling with a plop upon the cold cavern floor. Sirène could no longer tell if it was hers. It did not have the same ichrous taste and smell she had noted before when showered by the insect-like creatures’ blood. But neither did it release the coppery odour her blood ought to have done. It was bland, tasteless, and her fur was matted with the stuff.

The only thing that she was sure of was that the battle had gone well. Only two more creatures remained. Sirène could see them now through a crimson lens, recoiling from Kenji’s flashing sword. Victory was close at hand, and, more importantly, no more of her friends had succumbed to monstrous claws or pincers.

Or so she thought.

“Vile off spring of Mammon! You have what does not belong to you! You seek what you cannot have! Show yourself true or forever be a coward! Maggot longs for the son of Glasya to fall this day. You will not deny me my revenge!”

The shout echoed through the chamber. Sirène craned her head to see Maggot – or what looked like Maggot – strolling towards the dais on which the Steel Maiden lay. And near the sword she could Althena and Alasdair – or something that looked like him – locked in some sort of tussle.

‘What’s going on? Sirène asked herself, a puzzled frown spreading over her ursine face. But before she could find out, she knew she still had some more fighting to do.

OOC: Sirène will charge and engage Bug 8 (or Bug 9 if it’s killed before she acts).

Posted on 2012-02-11 at 16:34:53.

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6254 Posts

A Chorus of Grateful Dead........

Ulthok struggled to move, the poison cramping his limbs not letting him rescue his friend and long time companion. Cor and Conall both had been with him since the King had formed their group in what seemed so long ago. The odd band had seen much together and Ulthok owned them dearly, though he would never speak of it openly. He had to save the Dwarve. Who else could he turn to rescue to local towns from their excess ale.

The poison was affecting his mind, scenes of old times appeared and faded. As he thought he struggled to thrust his sword into the crusted shell of the roach that entrapped their leader and cleric, he could see Cor emerging from vile creature body as if being birthed. The warrior cleric wiggled and waggled as babe might to be free of its mother and start life on its own. The Halflings head rang as the poison pounded at his system.

A voice boomed nearby, a failure voice… but it must be the effects of the venom… Maggot was utterly destroyed save for his hand.

“Vile off spring of Mammon! You have what does not belong to you! You seek what you cannot have! Show yourself true or forever be a coward! Maggot longs for the son of Glasya to fall this day. You will not deny me my revenge!”
“Have you fallen so far from what you once were to this? Hiding behind the skirt of a woman! Stealing what is not yours! Or do you feel you are greater than what your new father has made you? Do you look to have more than what you know your new master will let you keep! Never will you sip of the sweet nectar of the Gods Alasdair the Lost. Forever will you feed of the table scraps of Mammon, for he will not let you keep what should truly be yours now will he? Take up the sword yourself or has he truly whipped you into a good little curd?”
The naked form of a man passed, barely perceptible to the Mages sight, carrying a very recognizable weapon. Ulthok knew he must be near death himself, how else could it explain the appearance of Maggot carrying the axe of his dead brother Divot?

Ulthok struggles to see who it was this mirage was addressing, but the poison was drawing down on him. Faintly he heard another voice approaching, "I am coming Ulthok. Hang on my friend, soon you shall feel better."
Cor grabbed up Ulthok dragging him away from the battle. As they settled Ulthok felt a warm smoothing sensation pass through his body as his old friend layed hands on him. The cleric prayers of aid flushed the poison from the Halflings body. Then the pain and weariness ebbed as those same strong hands let the grace of his deity heal the wounds and damage that the scorpion bugs had inflicted.

Using his best well rehearsed cherub smile the little man gleamed up at the rugged breaded face of the warrior cleric, “That surely deserves a tankard of that old hairy Red Dragon Inn innkeepers private ale and if we get back I’ll buy you a whole keg.” Getting to his feet Ulthok’s attention was now drawn to the commotion across the room. Standing by the glowing light was now a monster in Alasdair’s armor.

The mirage was indeed a young strong version of their Bard friend Maggot. The man moved with a skilled grace and he was indeed carrying Divots axe.

“If this “New” Maggot carries a Rydenham family weapon then he needs to be considered family and deserves Rydenham family help,” Ulthok muttered. A mischievous gleam came to Ulthok’s eye as he turned to Cor.

“What better way to distract your enemy then to preset them with too many options.” With that the Halfling grabbed his sword and scurried up behind the naked fighter so he was blocked from the skeletal Paladin view.

“Maggot, old follow, you carry my family’s weapon so maybe you’ll stand better if you were twice the man you are today.” With that the Mage cast “Change Self” and a moment later there now stood a second naked Maggot behind the first .

“And if one is good then more is better.”

Ulthok whispered the words needed to cast Mirror Image and in an instant several more images of the naked Maggot appeared. A small army of viral, chiseled naked bodied warriors now mimicked the bard’s movements as Ulthok tried to copy what the bard did. Distraction and confusion of the now openly evil Alasdair might help the true warrior in his quest.

“For Divot and the grateful dead.” Ulthok stood hopeful that this would aid their quest.

(O.O.C. I hope I got the time thing straight so all of this might happen in this turn. By Ulthok being disengaged from combat and also still hastened he could move and cast the two spells. Tann will have to roll a 1d4+3 to see how many images appear. BTW, Kyle you could have Maggot cast mirror image on yourself and make ever a bigger army naked dancing Maggots, lol.
BTW, if it seems to be a bit light on the healing to get Ulthok back to full or near, I would have him down one of his potions of extra healing when he was talking about the Ale.)

Posted on 2012-02-12 at 00:03:13.
Edited on 2012-02-14 at 00:52:06 by Odyson

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Blow the Horn of Battle

Alasdair stood revealed for all to see his now true skeletal self, transformed by his master and sent for the sinister purpose that the former paladin had once, oh so long ago it now seemed, given his life to fight against such evils that he had now become.

The thrill of battle coursed through his undead frame, as the youthful Maggot advanced upon him with an animalistic drive that could only be met in kind by the other worldly abilities that had become infused in the transformed soul of the Lesser Death Knight.

Former friends were now foes and Alasdair showed no signs of mercy as he sought to claim the lives of one and all, but his purpose was plain and it was the Soul Sword that must be claimed for his master, with the added euphoria of dealing death to the living who sought to keep him from his prize.

Smiling a sinister smile, the Lesser Death Knight pushed Althena towards the advancing Maggot, as he lifted the Iron Horn of Valhalla to his lifeless lips, blowing an eerie tune to summon 4 evil fighters to join the fray and even the odds in his favor.

As the billowing tune rippled through the atmosphere, distorted visions of fractured memories effortlessly passed through his evil clouded mind, as muddy sludge would drip and flow through the contorted openings of a damaged and rusty sieve that once had true useful purpose, but now lay wasted and worthless for any good endeavor.

Then Alasdair grinned the distorted, sickly grin, as he quickly surveyed the vacant area where Cynil had been claimed by the hungry Life Drinker blade in his skeletal hand, before turning his full attention to Maggot and the meat shield Althena that now stood between them.

Eerie laughter floated from his skeletal throat as he raised his Life Drinker blade to dissuade any and all attackers from preventing him to seize the prize he had been sent to retrieve for his master!

Posted on 2012-02-12 at 18:27:14.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6627 Posts

Nothing Like Family

With enemies to the east in the form of the two remaining giant Roach/Scorpions and a friend now revealed to be in truth an enemy to their North, what other hidden evils were there yet to be revealed. Unfortunately for the party one more adversary had yet to make an appearance, however this round would be all about family...............

The first to act in combat this round was the Giant Kenji, the only member of the party still engaged in melee with the last of the two mutated creatures. His attacks again swift and deadly he struck at creature #9 and it’s death was so swift it did not get a retaliatory strike in return leaving Kenji alone facing creature #8.

However this was not for long as within seconds of him killing #9, Sirene was once more beside him, still in polar bear form. Tearing into the last of the Roach/Scorpions with bite and claws, she like Kenji made killing it seem easy and quick and she too was rewarded without taking damage this turn.

The next in line in this fight was the naked man calling himself Maggot. Slowing his stride he began to watch Alasdair, gauging his chances verses the creature the Paladin had become. For now doing nothing he was quickly joined by the other Paladin in the group Conall. However unlike Maggot, Conall did not stop his charge, continuing to move forward recklessly, clearly caught up in rage and grief at the loss of his love Cynil.

Conall having stood for a moment in stunned disbelief as his love Cynil was taken from him, a sense of betrayal unlike any before burning white hot within him, clenched his fist tightly around the Holy Avenger’s handle.

“This treachery will be paid in blood,” Conall said through gritted teeth then before fully realizing that he was moving, with a roaring scream of anger echoing through the chamber, Conall charged at full speed towards the Death Knight slayer, His only goal now to engage Alasdair and kill him

The creature once known as Alasdair but now something totally different watched as first Maggot closed then semi-stopped clearly gauging him and then as Conall continued forward. A sinister grin upon his face, Alasdair knew his initial planned killing of Cynil had worked leaving one of the more dangerous party members stricken by grief and blinded by rage. Lifting the stolen horn to his lips he used its power to summon the creatures held prisoner inside it for so long.

Quickly a black cloud of magic appeared in the air in front of him and coalesced into four large man sized shapes. Once fully formed those of the party aware of what was happening could see that in front of Alasdair now stood three burly human sized fighters, the furthest on the right (#4) twice the size of the other two, and all covered head to foot in identical full plate and helms and a fourth in the slender shape of a female or an elf.

The first of the human fighters (#1) was armed with a two handed sword while the second (#3) was armed with a double bladed battle axe in his gauntleted right hand and a hand axe in his left. The last of the human fighters was armed with a huge twin headed maul, held easily in his hands seemingly to weighing nothing at all. However it was the last of the four (#2) summoned minions that garnered the most attention, as he/she/it was the only one armed with a shield on the right arm and upon that shield could be seen a symbol of law interconnected with a symbol of chaos. Even the armor, though full plate like the rest, seemed to hang differently on the slender frame and could be seen was etched with archaic symbols. Armed only with a bastard sword in he/she/it’s left arm the minion seemed ready to fight.

Rayne finding herself close to Sirene and Kenji watched as the last two mutated Roach/Scorpions were quickly finished off by the giant Samurai and the shape-changed Druid. Witnessing Alasdair’s killing of Cynil and seeing the arrival of the four new combatants she quickly considered her spells and cast upon herself, Sirene and Kenji the spell of Protection from Evil. Then still clutching her one knife and a dagger turned to face these newest of foes.

The last of the party in combat was Althena though as Alasdair’s hostage her actions were limited. Not for the second time had her heart now been brutally crushed, torn out of her body and flung away as if some handful of feces to lay upon the ground bleeding its last. However this was not the same Althena that had been as if dead and for days barely comatose after Alasdair’s supposed death in the casino of Star Falls. No this was a much stronger version and though in shock, pain and disbelief in what Alasdair had become knew she had to fight back in the only way she could. Appearing to remain docile as Alasdair pinned her with his sword and summoned help. She slowly, ever so slowly, began to probe his mind with hers. Hopefully while he concentrated on the party, once friends now enemies before him, he would take no notice of her attempt to psionically breach his mind.

The last two members of the party Cor and Ulthok having disengaged and moved far enough away to remove themselves from combat, found themselves for the moment it seemed forgotten. Quickly reaching the Southwest corner just as the effects of Sirene’s spell of haste wore off. Cor laid Ulthok upon the ground and began to tend to him. Casting first a much needed Neutralize Poison, Cor watched as the Halfling’s normal skin color returned. Quickly readying and casting a second spell, this one of Heal, he again watched as Ulthok’s wounds seemed to heal by themselves. However as the Halflings wounds were healing he suddenly convulsed, throwing up the contents of his last meal, and almost passed out having failed his save vs. poison yet again!

Cor, having made his save, yet sensing something behind, him turned quickly to find a pair of gnarled grayish fists heading towards his face and then there was only darkness.

As Ulthok attempted to overcome this sudden attack of nausea, he looked up to see a familiar face. Though it’s skin tone gray as that of an undead zombie, the features were to him unmistakable. As a second attack of nausea hit he heard the thing speak.

“Hello little Brother”...........

(DM OOC: OK sorry for the delay once again, but it was not planned or avoidable. So as such my next post will not be till Sunday the 26th to give everyone enough time to strategize.

Also to Odyson I must apologize though I loved your post & plan Keeper moving you into that corner put you right in in the area of shadows that the last of the parties unknown enemies had been lurking since before the party arrived in the pyramid. It was always the plan to have this last enemy revealed but I had hoped to get someone to play it, but you two being in that area caused me to have to reveal it early. So don’t hate me ok but you and Keeper are now back in combat rds without the use of Haste..

Alrighty then good luck and a big welcome once again to Mercury and Hammer)

OK MAP SIDE NOTE: For some reason, most likely that I'm still learning Photobucket , The distances look closer then they really are so if you have any questions on movement rates let me know in the Q/A.

Posted on 2012-02-15 at 05:50:38.
Edited on 2012-03-30 at 00:55:07 by TannTalas

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Love's Labour's Lost


The word conjured images of a better time. They were beautiful, bittersweet memories pregnant with missed opportunities. Sirène recalled once more the charred husk she had found under the shadow of the mountain. She remembered still the words of the prayer she had uttered as she desperately tried to breathe new life into the wounded man. She saw and heard his confusion and desperation as he struggle to recall the details of his past life, and joy as she helped him find his purpose. He felt called into the dark of the Drow Mountain, and she had allowed herself to follow him within. ‘It was her Goddess’ will,’ Sirène had reassured herself as she made his quest her own. But she knew even then that that was a lie. She found herself caring for the human, falling in love with him, and her only regret was that she had not acted upon her feelings.

Or, at least, it was Sirène’s only regret until now.

Her large polar bear eyes turned towards the plinth upon which the Steel Maiden was imprisoned. Alasdair stood there, his sword at Althena’s throat, the corpse of Cynil at his feet, surrounded by a corps of summoned lackeys. Her eyes widened in horror.

“Allanan?” Sirène repeated, the word whistling through her teeth as a dog-like growl. His skin was deathly pale, stretched too thin upon his skeletal frame. His eyes flickered with demonic madness, an adulterated evil that made the bile rise in Sirène’s throat. He was no longer Alasdair or Allanan or anything she had thought and hoped him to be. And, perhaps, he never was.

Her giant paws began to act as if possessed, hurtling Sirène’s giant bear form towards the plinth where Alasdair waited. She could see Conall out in front charging blindly into battle, as grief-stricken as Sirène felt betrayed. But seeing the paladin caused her place to slow. The four armoured figures that Alasdair had summoned were clearly waiting to pounce on any that drew near.

Sirène’s long , shaggy limbs began to collapse in on themselves. Her thick coat of shaggy fur began to recede, and her lolling tongue and razorlike teeth slipped back into a more elegant form. Sirène stood as an elf once more. Her gossamer thin dress was unstained by blood or any mark of battle. She barely had a hair out of place except where her long black bangs were collected into a partial ponytail at the crown of her head or spilled over the pronounced points of her ears. Only her burning, aquamarine eyes revealed her state of mind.

The burning blues of her eyes were soon matched by the thin tattooed runes on her forehead which burst into brilliant cobalt colour. A thin hand dipped into a pouch by her belt, and emerged wreathed in blue flame.

“Koron en' naur, bragollach en' templa.”
The whispered words breathed life into the flame, fed it and coalesced it into a ball twice the size of her fist. Until finally, with a dismissive wave, Sirène sent the ball of blue flame spiralling towards her foes.

OOC: Sirène is moving to near where Maggot is currently standing (about 20’ east of where he is on the map now), shifting and then casting fireball at the 4 summoned goons. She’ll direct the fireball to explode so that it hits the 4 lackeys without hitting Althena and ‘Alasdair’. Hopefully they’ll all fail their saving throws and choke on 10d6 damage.

Posted on 2012-02-19 at 11:01:04.
Edited on 2012-02-19 at 11:01:35 by Ginafae

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The Battle rages on.

Kenji’s battle lust was at the peak of its intensity; he relished in the feel of the blades cutting into the vulnerable flesh of the bug creatures. When the last one fell he paused a moment and looked around; his eyes grew larger as he saw the skeleton form of Alasdair holding on to the Lady Althena. Though he had missed the earlier happenings; the sight before him and the summoning of the four warrior figures against them it was plain what was going on here.

His lips drew back in a snarl of defiance; and he took a grip on the swords and then rushed across the room headed directly at the four assembled warriors opposing them.

(OOC: I don’t know how far they are away and if he can reach them this round with the haste and his giant size. If he is still hasted and large and I assume they are normal size and as long as he is still giant form when he reaches them then he will hurl himself at them throwing his large body horizontal in an attempt to knock as many of them down as he can. If this is not possible this round, or the spell effect wear off before he gets there let me know and I will reassess and repost actions.)

Posted on 2012-02-21 at 11:52:33.

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Am I Not My Brother's Keeper.................

The image of the naked warrior faded as a pair of strong hands seized Ulthok’s shoulders and began to drag him across the floor away from the carnage of the dying roaches. The illusion formed by the poison vanished. The strong warrior cleric quickly tended the Halfling, dispelling the poison and then healing his body. As his body started to feel stronger it was quickly evident that something else was wrong.

From the darkness behind Cor something moved forward and struck out at the Dwarve, but before Ulthok could pass a warning a shocking wave of nauseating stench gripped him as a rotting fleshed figure stepped forward. Cor fell, knocked unconscious and Ulthok vomited, but there was a realization that he knew the figure. Through decaying teeth in a face of dripping flesh that had withered and turn gray came the words from the undead zombie, “Hello little Brother”...........
The shock that an undead zombie spoke was nearly a frightening as realizing it came from what was once his brother Divot. A zombie with self control is not the usual undead. Ulthok had just envision himself rising to enter combat and honor his brother, now that thought was smashed by the horror of that same corrupted brother was now trying to kill him and his friend.

This abomination has rendered Ulthok’s old friend unconscious, the mage knew he had to do something. Gathering himself together as best he could Ulthok stepped aside to keep Cor out from between the mage and what now could be a Zombie Lord. Ulthok needed to drive the creature away and perhaps clear the stench from the air.

The nausea and vomiting was clouding the mages thoughts of magic, no spell was coming to his mind. His hand was rummaging in his element pouch searching for something. A familiar object brushes his fingers, the cool stone of his wondrous Obsidian Panther.

Time was fleeting, Cor needed protection, options were minimal, but this could be just what was needed to buy them some time. A panther would not be repulsed by the smell of rotting Halfling flash, indeed it might excite it. If the panther could drive the zombie back, even seriously damage it with claws and bites, they would have time act further.

Quickly a plan formulated, as Ulthok pulled the Obsidian Panther from his pouch he also found his Potion of Fire Resistance. As the panther would attack the zombie the mage would drink the potion in preparation of next attack. He didn’t have a spell of Fire Ball, but he did have another vial of Oil of Fiery Burning.

Tossing the figurine to the ground in front of him and muttering the command the lean lethal features of the great cat appeared. “Tear up the Zombie”, Ulthok commanded, releasing the natural fury of the predator against the abomination.

The stench still turned the Halflings stomach, he would need to wait for the vomiting to pass before he could drink the potion. But when he did he would then take that vial of oil and crush it on the horror. Let the fire consume this thing and let the memory of Divot be brightened by the glow. Ulthok would do his best to end this corruption of his brother’s body.

Posted on 2012-02-25 at 03:59:04.
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A horn call summons not help but more enemies. Rayne could had not thought of how things could go any worse than they had. However, such thoughts did not deal with the realities they had facing them. Think and rayne did on how to best handle the situation . It had gone from bad to worse.

The fiend, that had been Alasdair and now was some foul undead, had struck Cynil down and held Althena with his sword to her neck, threatening to kill her. But if it was killing he intended then Rayne ws sure he would have done so already. Perhaps this might give them an advantage. However the minions had to be removed before they could deal with Alastair. Rayne’s face froze with barely controlled anger in the face of Alasdair’s treachery.

When Cynil was slain, Conall bolted forward. Rayne shouted “Stop , Conall. Think clearly. Do not act on emotion alone. You are Odin’s Paladin. Be cagey and exact vengeance with a cool head and an iron hand. We need to work together . Do not let him separated us off and take us down one by one.”

Even as Rayne called out she lifted her bow and notched arrows as fast as she could. Concentrating on the summoned minions . Her arrows flew towards her intended target.

Posted on 2012-02-25 at 18:48:02.
Edited on 2012-02-25 at 18:52:09 by Brianna

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A spark to the flame

The old man watches as the impending fight begins to unfold.

Alasdair the lost uses a stolen horn to summon more to fight his own battle and still cowards behind a woman’s apron.

As predicted, not one but two of Maggot’s companions spring into full charge. A third graceful, even in such surroundings the Lady Sirene moves near Maggot with whispered words upon her tongue. A smile drifts across his face, as he knows some of the meaning behind her words.

It was then Rayne shouted something and the two forward seemed to pause ever so slightly. Amidst the sound of arrows cutting the air all expertly arched to hit their intended target within a blink of an eye.

Maggot moves to his left, “Alasdair, the truly lost; you now add thievery and a new level of cowards to your shame!” Soon all will blow and when it does Maggot will spring into action and pounce upon his pray.

OOC: Maggot will charge after the spell goes boom. He will try not to be the first into battle for the two fighter types will make good shields for him to fight around attacking the same targets as they.

(DM OOC: Your not old any more remember )
OOC: Maggot has not been given a shinny shield to see himself in yet.

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Edited on 2012-02-27 at 05:31:44 by Kyle

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