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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, cdnflirt, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, Schnozzle, dragon-soul92
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Whatcha gonna do.........

Friends vs. friend, lover vs. lover, brother vs. brother, one could only wonder how this reunion would end.

The first of the party to act this combat round was Rayne, still under the influence of Sirene’s Hasted spell she quickly brought up her bow ‘Aduril’s Blood’ and fired off four Arrows while yelling at Conall to slow his charge. Each arrow aimed at the largest of the summoned fighters, #4.

The first two of the four magical energy arrows attacking #4 were complete misses, the huge fighters unnatural speed helping him to evade them as he was already moving forward. Arrow #3 was a grazing hit, ignored, and it was only arrow #4 that hit and looked to have done any damage.
However the tiny spurt of blood from it’s wound was a start, showing the party facing the four creatures that unlike the Roach/Scorpions these were not immune to magic.

The next to act this round was Kenji still in the form of a giant Samurai. With his movement increased by Haste and his size increased by magic he easily closed to and engaged in melee. Seeing him coming or commanded to do so by Alasdair, the largest of the summoned minions #4, having with stood Rayne’s arrow attack, strode out to meet him in a flurry of blows. With Kenji getting six attacks this first round due to Haste and the large minion only two the two adversaries came away with 3 hits total. Two for Tomiki and one for the samurai’s large adversary, Kenji’s katana“Tetsumeka” cutting the deepest.

However the hit the samurai received in return was so powerful that even in his giant state it launched him back 5 yards. His mid section feeling as if it had been crushed by the bludgeoning weapon, he was still in a sense lucky. For in the next instant a fireball erupted in the area where he just had been the hit having moved him to the edge of the blast radius of the spell. Though he did take some damage a save made and distance from the fireballs center it was nothing compared to that of the blow just received. Smoking from the fireballs flame minion #4 continued to move into melee with Kenji once more.

That fireball was the result of Sirene who hoping to catch all of the summoned minions together had quickly cast it. However not only did she hit them all, the shield held by #2 flaring a bright green, she hit Althena and Alasdair too, setting a series of events in motion.

The first of these actions was Althena losing her link with Alasdair’s mind due to the pain and damage inflicted upon her by Sirene’s fireball. Though her save was made and only half damage taken, the pain was enough to break her concentration and leave her hurting. Her mind attack now a failure and Alasdair now quite aware of it Flesh burned and bleeding she was worse off then she had been before while Alasdair seemed not to have been effected by the magical fire at all.

His reaction of her attempt to attack his mind was quick. Piercing her skin with the tip of his new sword he allowed it to taste her blood and sap her of just enough strength to, for the moment, cause her to no longer be a threat to him. Then moving slowly once more moved her back towards the glass stand and the sword incased within.

Yet while he did this he looked to where Sirene was and in retaliation for her fireball struck at her with the power of his mind hitting her with a Psionic blast.
Having no way to shield her mind from his attack she bore it’s full force, the pain and disorientation causing her to stumble backward. Her mind, for lack of a better term, stunned, she would be unable to cast a spell this next round though able to attack physically or with a ranged Weapon.

The second of these actions dealt with Conall, though having heard Rayne’s cry for him to stop he still found himself moving forward. His momentum, thanks to the weight of his weapons and armor, not allowing him to stop as easily as hoped. So it was that he too was hit by the blast from Sirene’s fireball just as he came to a full stop, the Holy Avenger sword readied before him.

Then almost before he could recover and defend himself from out of the blast zone a two handed sword was headed for his head. The Avenger, moving almost as if on it’s on, managed to just barely block the attack. Before the parties lone Paladin now stood summoned minion #1 the large two handed sword reading for another strike, a sick grin upon the wielders face.

The next of these actions was Maggot charging forward under the cover of the exploding ball of fire to find himself met in mid charge by a smoking, lightly on fire, summoned fighter #3. His two axes to Maggot’s one the two combatants engaged. Though Maggot was naked he still had his ring of protection and the blessing of a Goddess on his side and was only struck twice by #3’s 4 attacks.

However the Ranger/Bard’s attempt to return the favor was doomed to failure as he found himself fighting with a weapon, a battleaxe, unfamiliar to him and the minuses it entailed. This first round clearly in favor of his opponent Maggot was at a serious disadvantage with the weapon carried.

However by some guiding hand or a touch of fate the brief exchange of blows between them, had moved the two fighters. So that out of the corner of his eye Maggot caught sight of a pile of shredded clothing and unharmed weapons lying nearby.

As the first three of the summoned evil minions engaged the fourth, the slender Elf or female figure #2 did not. Stepping back to cover Alasdair, words of a chant or spell coming from inside its full helm, could be heard yet not understood. For a brief moment a greenish/blue light appeared surrounding #4’s body then was gone as if it never had been. Unlike that of it’s three companions the slender figure had no evidence on it that the effects of Sirene’s fireball had even touched it.

Ulthok was shocked to see what remained of his once loved brother, now a rotting corpse, yet a powerful one and knew he was clearly at a disadvantage in this fight. As Divot dragged him closer into the darkness of the corner, revealing a small hidden closet sized room beyond, the Halfling Thief/Mage unable to still cast spells had to do something.

Quickly rummaging through his first pouch he came upon his Figurine of Wondrous Power, the Obsidian Panther. Drawing it quickly forth and invoking it at the same time, the panther appeared and attacked. With a speed belaying that of his appearance Divot was on the wall, hanging from it, and avoiding the panthers attack, yet easily striking the magically conjured cat in return. His massive for a halflings fist striking the cat’s head and spine Ulthok could clearly hear bones in those locations breaking sending the cat reeling away from his undead brother.

However as his brother was distracted by the cat’s attack Ulthok found himself quickly recovering from his bout of nausea and able to once again cast spells. Thinking quickly however he planned as his next attack, not a spell but a physical one, to give his brother release from the curse of being undead in the form of magical fire.

(DM OOC: Ok did not get enough time to draw a new map but will have one up by tomorrow along with a damage update. Next post Next Sunday.

As for our guest Villain I don't know what happened to Hammer this week but will try to find out. RL may have caused his guest appearance to be cut short.


Posted on 2012-02-27 at 04:14:04.
Edited on 2012-03-30 at 00:54:24 by TannTalas

Kool Killer Kitty
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First one to post. Do I get a prize?

A shadow had fallen upon Sirène. She could feel him inside her mind; a dark, malevolent presence trying to worm its way through her most intimate thoughts. She tried to resist, clawed at him as best she could. But it was no use. Her vision became blurred and indistinct; her ears numb from the endless dull ringing inside mind; her chest tight as the air was squeezed from it.

Until, finally, he was gone.

Sirène gasped for air. She shook her head in an effort to gain her bearings, returning to the world through blinking, tear-strained eyes. The battle was not going well. Alasdair smirked triumphantly, a crazed general surveying with glee the chaos that he had sown. Her allies were all isolated, all wounded, and all overwhelmed.

“Astaldi Sirène,” the elven enchantress whispered to herself, trying to ward off any lingering fear and doubt. “Astaldi ten’mellonea.’
One of her hands produced a vial from a belt pouch and emptied its contents through her parched lips. With that brief moment of respite, she forced herself back into the fray.

OOC: Sirène will move will drink a potion of extra healing and move to where Cor is currently lying.

The Elvish translates: “Courage Sirène. Courage for my friends.”

Posted on 2012-03-03 at 13:07:24.
Edited on 2012-03-03 at 13:08:23 by Ginafae

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne paid attention to the ebb an flow of what was happening around her but here main focus was on the far right hand Minion, she had already wounded. Hasted still her arrows flew from quiver to bow and when released, there was a satisfying twang of the string as it vibrated. Rayne watched each arrow fly off and transform into a shaft of energy as it flew towards it intended target. Even as it dlew her fingers snatched another arrow with practiced ease notched it drew and released yet again. Four shafts of energy targeted on on minion . If they got out of here, and the story of there travails were told, songs may be written, perhaps an epic poes or ballade.

Rayne couldn’t help thinking that it was like a song a war song to be sure, yet even more than that. The was the twang of bow, the clash of steel and shield the smell of blood and sweat, the sizzle of magic that permeated the air. She wondered if those in years to come ever heard it would believe a half of it. The thought a strange little smile that played on her lips. This was a fight they must wim for the dade of the world. Wherther it was ever sung about or recited what was important was that she and her comrades did theier utmost to win. This was her overriginf focus of her entire beings.

Lives had already been lost to get them this far. Lives had be lost today. But how many more lives would be lost if The Darkness won. Rayne could think of no sacrcrifice that was to great to make to achieve their vistory.

[If #4 goes down, then Rayne will swiitch to Minion #3]

Posted on 2012-03-03 at 20:11:40.
Edited on 2012-03-03 at 20:17:02 by Brianna

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Ulthok (Edited)

The stone turned to flesh as the panther took shape and responded to Ulthok’s commands. Leaping to attack Divot the panther drew the Zombie's focus. To Ulthok's surprise and amazement the Zombie bounded from the predators attack, leaping up on the wall and clinging there to keep out of the panthers reach and returning its attack. Divot’s movement away gave Ulthok the time he needed to drink the potion of fire protection and digest it without worry of throwing it back up. He now needed to get close to the horror in his brothers body. His ring would allow him to vanish and get close enough reach out, smashing the vial of oil of firey burning on the zombie consuming the evil. Protecting himself from the fire should give Ulthok an advantage and as the creature burns the mage will be sure to finish it.

Posted on 2012-03-04 at 04:53:41.
Edited on 2012-03-12 at 00:15:13 by Odyson

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Battle on

Kenji’s battle rage grew when he felt his swords bite deep into the opponent before him; it was cooled a little when he received a blow to his chest which slide him backwards in his stance. He looked up and shook his head and then seeing the smaller opponent striding forward to meet him again he smiled broadly.

“Ai.” was all he said as he reengaged the warrior before him. Finally he had found someone with which to do proper battle. This was no riddle, puzzle, or bug creature; this was a warrior which stood before him and tried to kill him. The honorable thing was to give his best in return and either slay his opponent or die in the attempt.

(If by some chance this opponent was killed prior to him getting his turn; he will turn his attention; move then attack, towards Alasdair.)

Posted on 2012-03-04 at 13:50:02.

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Stop drop and get your sh.... things

Wanting to go into battle behind the other fighters and use them as shields did not seem to work a brute all to himself. The sword play seemed to be all it was. The brute being able to hack and slash at will and the old man only being able to wave his huge axe as if saying, ‘see this don’t come any closer or I will use it.’

It was then a familiar smell came to his nose. He pushed this to the back of his mind as he fought but some how he was pushed or guided back to something. It was then Maggot took a blow and in the pain his eyes widen and he saw what was there, his things.

OOC: Maggot will attempt to break combat, move to his things and pick up his Sword. So that way he could at least possibly hit this brute that stands before him.

Posted on 2012-03-04 at 15:03:18.

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Got off my Ass and got it done :)

It had been a long road to this point in time for this party of adventurers. Losses of friends and fellow party members, now with the recent deaths of Haila and Cynil, numbering a baker’s dozen. The goal before them, a number of enemies new and two old standing between them, the fight continued........

The first to act this round was Sirene, having fought off Alasdair’s attack on her mind she took a quick scan of the battle field before her and knew what she had to do next. A potion of Extra-Healing to hand she drained it and was on the move even before it had fully taken effect. Her movement still hasted what would have for her been a full move was shortened and she easily reached Cor’s unconscious body. Rolling him over she prepared to help him the next round.

Kenji’s battle rage grew as he felt his swords bite deep into the opponent before him, however his feeling of elation was quickly cooled as he received a blow to his chest.
The Samurai, not one to let the blow stop him, was once more engaged in melee within seconds. Still benefited by Sirene’s Haste spell his attacks where many with three of them connecting this time. However again the Samurai warrior found himself taking a heavy hit, this time to his right leg, and felt the bones there shatter!. Off balance, Kenji almost fell, but was able to maintain his stance as the hulking brute stepped up once more, A ball of greenish/bluish light cast from the shielded minion (#2) inclosing him for a few moments once more.

Maggot was in trouble and knew it, due to his eagerness to engage the foe after having been brought back to life he had grabbed a weapon unfamiliar to him, and so far it had proven to be a bane on his attempts to hit the minion before him. Having caught sight of his gear nearby out of the corner of his eye he made a desperate choice. Throwing the axe of Demon’s Fire towards the minions head he dodged low and was able to reach his gear, grab his normal sword and block the minions main attack with it’s battle axe but was still caught by the hand axe held in its left. However now armed with a much loved and familiar weapon the next round would be very different.

Conall having met the minion’s first attack and blocking it was ready for it’s next set. Still somewhat alit with tiny flames it moved with one purpose to strike the Paladin before it. A series of parries and blows and Conall found himself unhurt, yet having gained a hit upon his adversary.

The last of the group facing Alasdair and his minions to act this combat round was Rayne. Having had some success with her bow attacks the last round she decided to continue to attack #4 again in the same manner. However this time her aim was badly off as the first two energy arrows missed minion #4, the third striking Kenji in his unhurt leg and the fourth barely missing the Samurai again as the two combatants were locked close together. Seeing that this time her attacks had done more harm then good it was time to perhaps try something else. As only one of two healers, with Cor down and out and Sirene moving to help him, mayhap it was time her talents for healing were brought forth.

As it had the last round so it did again this round the shield wielding minion (#2) standing in the rear casting spells and guarding the way past it to Alasdair. Having finally moved Althena next to the glass stand, he spoke to her once more.

“Grab the sword and place it in my empty scabbard or I shall take it myself and then you and everyone in this room will die!”
Punctuating this with a blast of his psionic ability of Domination, Althena reached for the sword grasping it in her hand for the first time in 1200 years. Her eyes flashing open in surprise, she was shocked at what she truly held, Nothing told to her from her father up to this point had prepared her for this................

Ulthok, though not 100% was better then he had been since his brother had first appeared and shown himself as a Zombie Lord. With his summoned Panther dazed, its back broken, the Halfling Mage/Thief found himself facing his brother alone once more.

With Divot distracted by the panther attack Ulthok willed a spark of spirit into his ring and vanished, at the same time grabbing quickly a Potion of Fire Resistance and drinking it down. Now invisible his plan the next round was to directly attack his undead brother using a flask of Oil of Fiery Burning, while he himself was protected by the Potion he had just drank. As he watched his brother easily finish off the panther the Halfling Thief/Mage noticed for the first time the slippers upon Divot’s feet, much like the ones of Spider Climb he had worn before. Again his brother’s unnatural speed came into play as he noticed Ulthok gone and began a quick search of the small darkness shrouded area. Ulthok knew that the Zombie Lord was sure to find his ’little brother’ within seconds..............

(DM OOC: Ok here’s my delayed post from this past weekend. I just started to write it and it seemed to almost finish itself after all the rolls were completed. Next Post Next Sunday the 18th. Damage and a semi-new Map are updated.

Also as I have not heard from Mercury or seen any activity from him on the Inn in 2 weeks I have decided to drop him from the game and the character as with Haila and Cynil will not be recast. For now the 6 players we currently have will be the only players until I get you to a spot that I can recruit two new players and characters.

Like always..............

"GAME ON"!! )


Posted on 2012-03-10 at 04:43:45.
Edited on 2012-03-30 at 00:53:54 by TannTalas

RP Noob
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The Final Battle?

Kenji staggered from the blow to his leg; he felt the bones break and gritted his teeth against the pain. He barely held on to his swords and glared at his opponent. He saw the strange glow that enveloped the guy and frowned as he glanced at the enemy that was in the back of the front group.

“SOMEONE TAKE OUT THEIR HEALER” He yelled and gestured briefly at the one he suspected of healing the one that he was trying to kill.

Knowing his time in this battle was running out, he gathered all of his remaining strength. With a battle cry "Kiai!" (Lesser Ki Power) he flung himself at his opponent whom he now saw as unworthy. This thing may be a good warrior but he was not honorable; to be engaged in single combat with another warrior and yet to be assisted by their healer was not the mark of an honorable warrior. In Kenji’s eyes this one was no longer worthy of an honorable death.

He threw himself bodily at his opponent, he sweep both of his weapons at the weapon of his opponent in an attempt to knock it to the side; then he threw himself atop his opponent attempting to use his giant size to overcome him and bear them both to the ground. He wanted to pin this opponent down where he could not use his weapon or get up.

Kenji knew he would probably not survive this battle; his strength was failing and he was seriously injured, the least he could do was to temporarily take his opponent out of the picture. He hoped to give his comrades time to accomplish their ends even if it meant his life.

(Edit: Added use of lesser Ki power shout, see above)

Posted on 2012-03-11 at 20:57:05.
Edited on 2012-03-11 at 23:44:53 by RP Noob

Epic Level Bard
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My old friend

“Hello old friend.” The old man whispered to himself as he sprang to his feet with sword in hand. The half wild Ranger/Bard still in a three-point stance but now facing his foe with a much loved blade gave an evil grin as a bit of light twinkled from the blade, “Now let us dance, you and I.”

With that the Old man sprang into attack.

Posted on 2012-03-12 at 03:18:11.

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From Out of the Dark.....Ulthok..........

Ulthok had willed a spark of spirit into his ring and vanished. Hidden from sight he knew he’d have to move quickly, he could not afford to let this atrocity to continue. Holding his breath to prevent the stench from befalling him again he closed on the creature searching for him. Divot moved surprisingly quickly. Ulthok could see the zombie had shoes similar to his for spider climbing, but they didn’t make him quicker. Divot looked up from the defeated leopard and starting searching the darkness to find Ulthok. As Divot passed the invisible Ulthok he was close enough to touch . Using the quickness gifted him by his boots of striding the determined Halfling leapt on the Zombie’s back,(stealth and /or dex bonus)grabbing him and smashing the vial into the living corpse, releasing the fire fluid. “Be free my brother!”

Both sadness and hope course through Ulthok as he clung (strength bonus)to his brother’s back. He knew he had to avoid those unnaturally strong arms. His heart ached and leapt with the hope he could save his brother soul by destroying the cursed body.

The abomination could not be allowed to escape, if the fire didn’t destroy the zombie Ulthok could hold him until help might arrive. If the corpse would collapse to floor the Mage would draw his sword and behead the thing.

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 02:51:59.

Kool Killer Kitty
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A quick prayer

So much had happened in such a short time, from the appearance of the hideous insect-like creatures to Alasdair’s sudden betrayal, that Sirène could barely register it all. She and her friends had done all they could to overcome each new challenge, only for another, stronger foe to emerge. The battle was endless. And bit by bit, like a patient craftsman working with unworked stone, they were all beginning to crumble beneath the strain.

“Arwen, laita ilya man verya óla cala ,”
The words crackled with power and meaning. Sirène found comfort in the familiar tones of the ritualistic prayer. A moment’s refuge from the deluge elsewhere. But it was mouthed to benefit Cor, whose broken body the elven enchantress cradled in slender arms. She moved her mouth to his, her dark locks mingling briefly with the blacker, coarser hair of the dwarf’s beard, to lay a chaste healing kiss upon Cor’s cracked lips.

“Tsk. Sleeping on the job. What would your Dwarven brothers say?” she added in a chiding whisper.

OOC: Sirène’s casting Cure Serious Wounds on Cor.

The elven translates as: ‘Lady, bless all who dare to dream of the Light.”

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 17:26:18.

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rayne what disappointed to say the least when her first two arrows went wide of her intended target. However that feeling turned to a horror as her third arrow struck Kenhi in his leg and that crumpled beneath him. HEr fouth arrow she hardly noticed what hapened to it. rayne leaped forward slinging her bow and raced towards Kenho She still had a Heal spell available to her. She had veen at the forfront of the battle taking all thepunishment form the minions Alasdair had summoned. She leaps forwaard and races across the room towards where KEnhi still fights on despite his injuries.

Rayne will use Cure Serious on KEnji as soon as she gets there this round or the next.

Will the bhump spell on my sword allowed me to hump that far?

Posted on 2012-03-18 at 21:47:45.
Edited on 2012-03-18 at 21:57:50 by Brianna

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True love's Kiss

Hard hits, tough talk, a kiss shared, with a battle very much in doubt, the party fought on.............

Maggot naked as the day he was born, but larger then the newborn he had been then, finally had something in his hand familiar, warm and throbbing for his touch. However this was not flesh but cold hard magical steel and as he brought it up to block he then at once attacked. Minion #3 caught off guard by the quick block/attack found himself hit easily in two places, Maggots two attacks successful. However the minion was not one to be upstaged and taking advantage of Maggots unprotected flesh struck right back gaining a single hit once more. The hit from the battle-axe in his hand cutting deep causing Maggot no small amount of pain.

Conall yet in melee with minion # 1 again moved to the attack, both combatants trading blows. This time the Holy Avenger in the Paladin’s hand cut very deep, slashing a clean blood filled line across the minions belly. However it was a case of traded critical hits as #1’s sword, revealed to Conall as it drew his life energy into it as one of 9 lives stealing. As Conall began to die he pushed the Holy Avenger forward attacking one last time hoping for a hit.

Rayne seeing the futility of firing arrows into a melee knew the best thing she could do was attempt to heal those of the party she could reach. Seeing Kenji as the most wounded of the party in melee she slung her bow and moved towards him. Still hasted she easily made it to his left side to stand slightly behind him and cast a Cure Serious Wound spell upon him. Her action for this round a success she watched as the Samurai surged forward.

That same Samurai feeling the infusion of healing energy gave a shout of "Kiai!" bringing forth the ability to raise his strength and moved to close combat once more. Again the two enemies traded blows but only Kenji this time was successful in hitting, the giant maul missing him by inches. Kenji’s two blows clearly having an effect the largest of the minions instead of surging forward once more as he had before, instead took two steps back. However it was clear to Kenji, though he had hurt the big armored minion, he was still in this fight.

This time however no blue glow encased him as that went instead to #1 as Conall’s hit had hurt him the worst. The glow there and gone the shielded fighter moved in support of #4 and it’s battle with Kenji.

Sirene knowing the battle could easily turn against the party in a spilt second knew they needed every able body person up and fighting. A quick glance to make sure she was clear and still hasted like the rest of the party she moved, like Rayne had, easily to Cor’s prone body and quickly yet gently cradled the old dwarf in her arms.

“Arwen, laita ilya man verya óla cala”
Sirene spoke as she leaned down to place a kiss upon the dwarf’s lips, casting a spell of Cure Serious Wounds at the same time. Her head lifting, the spell cast, she watched as Cor once more opened his eyes.

Ulthok invisible and for the moment hidden from Divot’s sight heard his brother speak as he searched for him.

“Come now little brother, hide and seek? Whatever shall I tell mother of you while I eat her.”
As Divot passed Ulthok, crouched so very low, he was finally close enough to touch . Using the quickness gifted him by both Sirene’s spell of haste and his own boots he easily leaped upon Divots back smashing the vial of Fiery Burning he had yet been holding.

“Be free my brother!”
As Divot was suddenly engulfed in flames, Ulthok yet clinging to his back protected from those same flames, found that his older brother was yet full of fight even as the flames ate at him. Reaching behind him and over his shoulder he grabbed Ulthok by his hair and physically pulled him to his front. A fist hard as steel then struck the younger halfling square in the face easily breaking Ulthok’s nose. With blood spraying everywhere Ulthok watched as a flaming fist drew back to hit him once more.

As Althena grasped the sword only she had the power to contain she was shocked, scared, surprised and in disbelief as she stood in silence, a battle to gain this very item ongoing before her. The sharp jab of her former lover’s sword and his raspy voice once more reminding her of Alasdair’s commands she placed the sword within the empty sheath at the Death Knight’s side. Knowing what was coming next she braced herself for his killing blow but was surprised instead to find herself released and lying on the floor.

“I will tell my master of your cooperation my love. Mayhap he will once again send me to visit you with his blessings,”
Laughing clearly in victory and enjoying it, Alasdair disappeared Gating himself away.

(DM OOC: Ok there you have this weeks post and Map I hope you enjoy it. Keeper once more you are able to post actions.
Next post Next Sunday/Monday )


Posted on 2012-03-19 at 16:58:14.
Edited on 2012-03-30 at 00:52:14 by TannTalas

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Cor opened his eyes to find Sirene's lips pressed against his own. "Why lass, I dinna know ye cared." Cor winked then his mind tried to put things in order. One moment he had been tending to Ulthok and the next he was under care from Sirene and Ulthok was engulfed in flame in the clutches of what looked like Divot. 'That canna be. The lad is dead.' Cor thought. His next thought was zombie or some other form of necromancy. Unsure of exactly what was going on, Cor took a bit of a conservative chance; weilding his axe he used his priestly powers in an a attempt to turn the creature that held Ulthok. "By the power of Odin I command you to flee from his holy site!" As he cast, Cor moved closer in case next round his axe was needed in a differant manner.

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 21:24:37.

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The battle rages on and on and on

“Thank you Milady,” Kenji said quietly as he felt the healing and a slight turn of his head showed the Lady Rayne close behind him.

Getting the better of the battle this round pleased Kenji but his opponent was still standing and he was growing angry at the whole situation. Seeing the casting member of the enemy coming over to assist his opponent he growled.

“Coward!” He cried aloud looking directly at his adversary, “Have you no honor that you can not face an enemy in fair combat? So be it!”

Throwing caution to the wind, the Samurai gripped his swords tightly as he yelled a fierce battle cry "KIAI" (Ki power) and moved himself slightly to the left and placed his large frame between his now two opponents and the Lady Rayne behind him. He directed his attacks against both of the enemy before him; he used his right hand to attack his current adversary and his left hand to direct attacks at the latest arrival.

Posted on 2012-03-23 at 10:44:43.

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