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Conall slips away and rides north.

One hour before dawn Conall finished his praying, he stood and left his room leaving all the items on the bed as he had placed them early that evening.

As he walked through the common room he smiled and said hello to who ever might be on watch at that time. He smiles at the invite to sit and have an ale with Cor and Magma, “Brother Cor, I have spent much time in prayer and Odin has given me guidance. Perhaps on the road ahead we will ride close together and I may bend your ear at that time but let us not taint such ale with uneasy words at this time.” Conall sips from his mug, “MMM, a hint of honey, if I take one thing to grave that a value above all other things it is learning how to drink and being able to drink with the children of the earth.”

When his mug is finished, “Well that was truly a good mug of ale. Now I think I will walk to the stables and check on Af’Till and give him a short break if he needs one.”

When Conall gets to the stables he makes small talk with Af’Till as he gets his horse ready to ride. When the animal is ready Conall leads the animal out side the stable to tie it up as he is leaving, “Af’Till I will see you in a while.”

Out side Conall gets on his horse and spurs the animal north.

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 13:02:31.
Edited on 2006-10-08 at 19:50:05 by Kyle

Queen Hugglepounce
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A new day!

Althena looked at the pouch placed on the table and began to protest, but Alasdair’s hand on hers, and the gentle squeeze she received, told her to hold her tongue. She listened to her love’s words to Conall and she nodded her head in agreement. She was left speechless when Conall placed the money on the table before them and told them it was his wedding gift to them. He was gone and headed up to his room before she was able to collect her thoughts for any kind of response. She stood and placed her hand on Alasdair’s arm and followed him up to her room.

When Alasdair kissed her so tenderly her cheeks flushed a bit, and she nodded in acknowledgement of his words. So as he went to pass the watch to the next in line, she settled on the bed and closed her eyes. Conall’s words, however, kept sleep from finding her once more. After a moment she opened her eyes and sighed loudly. She got up from the bed and left her room. She quickly made her way to Conall’s door and knocked softly. When the door opened Althena looked up at him, a tender look on her face and a gentle smile upon her lips.

“My dear Conall, I have come to be sure you know something. Alasdair is right. You’ve not failed in any sense of the word. You have been a wonderful guardian, a dutiful chaperone, and a good friend as well. The king will surely recognize this. I’ve no doubt of that. Though he has been as a father to me for some time now, he too knows who I am. I truly doubt that he would attempt to deny me the choice of who I am to marry. Many years upon this earth would bring with it at least some wisdom, don’t you think? The king is a good one and he will not hold you accountable for my actions. You’ve no need to worry.”
Before leaving Conall to his own thoughts again, she gave him a gentle hug and promptly released him. Then after looking around so as to make sure none were near to hear, she whispered softly, “I have loved before in the many years I have lived. I have been married once before as well. I want to make sure you know that it is not an “innocent” young maiden you see standing before you. Please rest assured you have not failed in any aspect. I hope that my words will serve to bring peace to your mind. I do love Alasdair, and I fully intend to be his wife. And while I do not require your permission, it would do my heart good to know we at least have your blessing and well wishes.”
After the conversation was ended, Althena returned to her room. After removing her dress and hanging it up by the window to air out, she returned to her bed and found her place beneath the sheets. With the knowledge she had done her part, sleep found her easily and she rested.

Several hours later Althena awakened when she felt Alasdair’s soft lips upon her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. Reaching up, she tenderly caressed his face with her hand, “Good morning my love.”
He soon left for his room, and she set about readying herself for the day ahead. She quickly donned her riding clothes, then releasing the many braids that had so intricately adorned her head the day before, she brushed her long hair out to a silky shine. She pulled her hair back into one thick, tight French braid, and tied it off with a leather strip at the end. Flipping her braid over her shoulder she placed the remainder of her things in her pack, and with one last glance around the room, she was sure nothing had been forgotten.

Althena quietly closed the door to her room behind her and joined the others downstairs. She noticed Alasdair was not to be found, and upon seeing Af’til among them, she knew her love was in the stables. She ordered a hearty breakfast this time around, not knowing when they would again have the comfort of a good meal. She ate in relative silence, savoring every bite.

Once her meal was over she listened to any conversation that was taking place and waited ‘till it was time to get on the road.

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 13:11:02.
Edited on 2006-10-08 at 13:20:59 by DarkAutumn

Epic Level Bard
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Back when Conall was in prayer

He heard a knock at his door, he stood and opened it there he saw the Lady Althena. She spoke her words and Conall heard and understood them, by this time Conall felt no anger toward her or Aladair. When she was done Conall spoke these words to her, “MiLady Althena, I give the two of you my blessing and wish nothing but the best for the two of you.”

When the Lady Althena walked back toward her room Conall realized the state of his bed and all the things laid out upon it. ‘I hope she does not suspect anything?’ Conall shook his head no. ‘No I simply had my things on the bed ready to travel. I am sure they will come looking for me and find my things on the bed. For I fear that if I do find this thing that haunts the north pass and death does find me perhaps these things will serve them well.’ Conall thought to himself as he looked at the things on his bed.

Conall went back to his prayer and awaited for his time to leave.

Posted on 2006-10-08 at 19:46:32.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6604 Posts

A Mind Conflicted

The night for those on watch had been quiet no enemy’s in sight or on the attack, but for a tense moment between Alasdair, Conall and Althena, the party a good rest did achieve.
The morning arrived and all but Af’til and Conall at the table Cor did ask a time of departure.

"So Alasdair do we this morning leave or do we again await the night."
"Aye Brother Cor we do indeed leave this morning, I am eager to get away from here and to be on the road again as well. We've heard stories of a monster harassing the lands north of here, so we should remain of guard when we leave. I shall go and relive Af'til, he should get out of the stables and get freshened up and eat a hot meal before we leave."
With these words spoken all retired to eaches room to gather thier gear and make ready to leave, Alasdair to the stables did go to inform Af’til of their departure and to allow him a short break to clean up.
With Af’til gone the Cavalier did wander the stables and thus did notice that Conall’s horse was gone. But with Af'til having said nothing, the Cavalier gave it but a short thought and would ask Conall about it when all were gathered in the stables to leave.

Then it was time, Af’til returned, and the rest of the party with all gear, Alasdair having had his from the first, gathered together at the stables that it was then noticed by all that Conall was yet still absent.
Here it was that Af’til did finally speak telling all of Conall’s visit of 4 hour’s ago and his supposed readying of his horse to be ready to leave with the party. Having been in the stables for the most part, and knowing nothing of of the tense moment between Conall Alasdair and Althena, Af’til had not thought it strange that Conall had readied himself early but was as the rest shocked when the realization finally hit them all that the paladin….. Conall Glendower of the House Glendower.....was gone......

(OOC: Next post next Sunday)

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 02:01:11.
Edited on 2006-10-09 at 11:01:05 by TannTalas

Occasional Visitor
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Rash decisions

Having releaved Af'til earlier, Alasdair did set about readying the mounts. It was then that he noticed Conall's horse missing, he did not pay it too much attention and with no one to ask, decide to inquire later. After awhile the others finally came into the stables, all that is except the noble Conall. With a surprised look upon his face, Alasdair listen to Af'til as he told the group of Conall's visit to the stables some 4 hours past. With a quick run to the Inn, Alasdair goes up the stairs to Conall's room, making sure that he is not still there fast asleep. Finding Conall's room empty, save for the vast majority of his possessions. He sighs inwardly and says aloud, "My friend, I do indeed hope you've not gone off and done something more stupid than I would. Noble ye may be, but suicide is not for the likes of thee." With a final look around, he quickly gathers up Conall's possession and heads back to the stables.

Handing Conall's stuff to Brother Cor he says calmly, "Please see to these things for they need to be carried now." With a glare and a inward curse upon himself for not having pressed for a quicker explanation of Conall's missing steed he then says to the others, "Perhaps it is my fault for Conall's hasty departure." Acknowledging the quick looks of confusion on many of his friends faces he continued, "Last night during my watch Conall came downstairs to the common room and found Lady Althena fast asleep in my arms. This didn't sit well with his ideals or his views on being the Lady's Guardian." With a look to each of them, he then says with a steely determination, "The Guardian must now be found and protected himself, for I know him well enough to have guessed that he rides North to try and reclaim his perceived loss of honor." With that said, Alasdair quickly saddles his horse and loads the rest of his gear hastily, making sure that nothing is left behind.

Once in the saddle, he looks over at his friends judging their readiness. As the last one mounts their horse he calls out, "We ride now not for our mission but for the life and safety of our friend. We ride hard and fast for we are already four hours behind him. Af'til you have the lead. I shall follow next along with Magma, the Brother Cor and Ultok shall take rear guard with the 'ladies' in the middle." With a hasty look for their acknowledgement, Alasdair spurs his horse forward out of the stables and onto the North road.

To Lady Althena he mentally says, 'I pray that we are not to late. For while we disagreed earlier, I value his friendship.'

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 11:24:05.
Edited on 2006-10-09 at 12:59:10 by DeryniLord

Queen Hugglepounce
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674 Posts

Make Haste!

Althena soon rose from the table, and, retreiving her pack from the floor at her feet she slung it over her shoulder. "I see no point in putting it off any longer. I will go to find Alasdair and see to it that my mount is prepared for the journey ahead." She then turned and left the Inn.

She entered the stables and smiled the moment she saw Alasdair. The others joined them soon enough and she too noticed that Conall was not among them. She was about to suggest someone awaken him when Af'til spoke of his earlier departure. The look on her face immediately told of her concern for her friend and faithful guardian. At Alasdair's words of guilt, Althena placed her hand upon his arm, and shook her head. "No, love, this is not your fault. I spoke with him just after you escorted me to my room. I was unable to sleep, and so I went to him. I needed to be at peace with the matter. I explained things to him, and he assured me we have his blessing, and that he is most happy for us. I am certain he did not leave as a result of anything that transpired last night." She quickly looked at the rest of the group then at Alasdair again, "However, I agree we must find him quickly before he finds himself in danger he cannot get himself out of."
Althena made haste in mounting her horse and riding out of the stables with Alasdair. Though she much prefered to ride along side him, she obeyed his command and rode in her place in the procession. She received his words, and responded, "Do not fear, my love. I am certain it is as you have said. He is simply out to check on this beast. While I agree he should have waited for all of us, he is surely simply scouting ahead to make sure it is safe for all of us. That being said, I am most afeared of what may befall him. We must catch up to him, and quickly."

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 14:00:59.

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Silent conversations

With a nods of his head as he rode forward he answered Althena's words that only he could hear. "M'lady while I would like to believe things are as you've said with Conall, I can not but help feeling otherwise, as he did indeed leave the bulk of his possessions behind in his room. It were as if he didn't not plan on returning at all," said Alasdair from his mind unto hers.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 17:16:01.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
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Oh no he di'n't!

Cor wasn’t in the worst of spirits, having spent a good morning supping and drinking with friends, but when Alasdair stepped before him (interrupting a riveting tale of Odin Versus the Troll Queen direct from the Hallowed Script and with minor elaboration by Cor) the priest was more than a little put out. His chair fell to all four legs with an angry thump. His face turned the red of his beard.

“The rash—blasted hot-head…” thus it was that the dwarf stomped about the commons, tossing his hands in the air and blowing through his mustaches while mumbling to himself. He remained animatedly fuming through Alasdair’s and Althena’s explanation and conversation, following the rest of the group (without ceasing in his unorthodox behavior) to the stables. Only when his horse is saddled does Cor finally give pause, the sudden calm perhaps a bit unnerving.

“We need not go traipsin’ through the countryside in search of the errant knight,” he mumbles, his right hand beginning to stroke his beard. He envisioned a night’s rest and beseeching Odin for the rights to command an aerial servant. The circle of silver that would protect him from the being would be easy enough to create and from within it he saw himself calling out the ethereal creature and commanding it to bring Conall back to them. The invisible being would stalk the knight, pouncing on him and wrapping him in an unbreakable grip, lifting him into the heavens where it would then deliver him back to the waiting and infuriated dwarf. Ah, the reunion… “No, if the lad feels that his honor has been tainted by his failure to keep the Lady Althena from the amorous clutches of one Lord Alasdair—“ Cor suddenly broke off, chuckling to himself at the mental image that presented, all propriety momentarily forgotten in the heat of the moment. “Aye, if the lad feels the taint, he’ll not take lightly to an old codger like meself calling upon Odin to bring him over my knee like a young digger.”

On horseback once again, his buttocks very much in complaint of his return to the saddle, Cor Trollhammer, Called of Odin, turned a very stern gaze upon the Lord Alasdair and Lady Althena. “While I do not condone the childish manner in which Lord Conall has run off to seek penance for his failures, I view the behavior of the two of you with even less favor. Behaving like lovesick children at festival with no mind for the task at hand, your companions, or oaths taken! I’m not the proclaimed leader of the King’s Select, but I am your spiritual guide and you have stepped awfully close to the edge of the brink—and you, milady, with the age that should be accompanied by wisdom! For shame! For shame on the both of you!”

That said, his face flushed with righteous indignation, Cor dug his heels into the ribs of his horse and arms held out straight from his body, legs held rigid to balance himself in his hurried motion; the dwarven priest left no room for reply as his steed bound from the stable and hit the northern road.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 21:40:10.

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Oh yes he did

Conall had been on the road for almost an hour when the sun crested the landscape to the east and the warmth fell upon his face. He pulled slightly on his horse, “Slow down, I think we are good.” Conall made no attempt to conceal his tracks.

He knew he had at least an hour head start. He hoped that Brother Cor would understand why he did what he did. He hoped his friends and companions knew they had not been abandon, but Conall did not wish to let his friends ride forward into the unknown. As for Alasdair and the Lady Althena he hoped he would see them again and if he never saw them again in this life he would pray that they would find happiness in what ever this life may hold for them.

A smile drifted across his face as once more his mind fell back to his friends behind, “Hope Af’Till does not catch it too hard for letting me go.” The horse gave a sniff to the air and tossed his head a little. “Yes, I know he could not have stopped me.”

Conall watched as the landscape around him changed, always pushing north until noon when he took a short time to let his horse eat some green grass just off the path. As the horse grazed Conall walked beside it.

“It is a good thing Magma can not use the arcane arts like the wise Ulthok. He might want to turn me into some odd looking toad or something. Perhaps having the hart of a true warrior will curve Magma’s anger toward me.” Conall smiled once more as he walked by the horse. “Now the Lady Haila,” Conall laughed a little, “she would hold me down as the others took leather straps to me.” Conall patted the shoulder of his horse, “I know they will understand I am doing this so those close to me do not find danger ahead unlooked for. This is something I must do and you my good friend, are the one Odin has given me for such this task. You are small but I know the heart of a truly great war horse beats inside you.”

The horse stopped and looked at Conall, never before had he found a human that spoke to him is such soothing tones. “To the ends of the world and back,” Conall said to the horse. He then put his foot in the stirrup and mounted, “Too much of this will make you soft my friend.” It was then Conall took pause and looked about him, not this time looking for movement but actually taken in the landscape, “I think the Lady Cynil will like this place if the sun does shine down upon it as it does now.” The two then turned north up the road and head off.

Posted on 2006-10-10 at 07:12:23.

Trilogy Master
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A Paladin Alone

The Paladin Conall had for the first hour away from Panzer ridden hard Northward, his horse soon leaving a trail of sweat behind itself.
It was as if he needed to somehow put distance between himself and the rest of his, for the moment, former friends. His reasons for such as yet unclear to any but he alone he finally slowed the horse much to its delite.

With the coming of midday his pace remained steady his lead of 5 hours having been reduced to 3 by the steady yet faster pace of the party trying to over take his lead.
Then as time did flow it slowly became dusk the time before the setting of the sun and Conall did look to mayhap find a quiet place to camp for the night.

Alas his hope was not to be as around a bend he did travel to be greeted by a flight of 4 arrows all aimed at one target, that of his horse. His horse now pierced with 4 arrows and dead did start to fall and only by the luck of a die roll did his low dex save him from being pinned beneath it. Landing on his feet he heard the baying of a pair of hounds and to his eyes were revealed 8 men, 4 with bows and arrows nocked, 4 running forward to engage him. The two large hounds in the lead.

The Paladin Conall did face combat alone and out numbered.

(OOC: Ok Kyle you face 8 armored humans in various types of armor from chain mail to one large man in full plate, The 4 rushing towards you are armed with a varity of weapons that include two swords, a large double bladed axe in the hand of the Fully armored person and the last with a pair of daggers only.
The 4 archers have arrows nocked and will be able to fire one volley at you before the two hounds and the 4 melee armed men get to you once rd 1 begins.
As for the order of battle it will be your actions to start the rd
The arrival of the 4 arrows
The physical attack by the hounds
RD 2 will see the 4 melee combatants able to attack you.
As I have already said RD 1 starts with your next post.)

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 02:01:52.
Edited on 2006-10-11 at 02:04:11 by TannTalas

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Do I look like a push over!?!

‘Conall’ for a moment Conall was unsure where the voice came from. He reigned in his horse and looked around but saw no one. Convinced it was a trick of the wind he rode on. ‘Conall’ Again he heard the voice and once more stopped, one hand dropping to his sword. As before his eyes saw nothing and he urged his mount on. It was not long before the voice came again. ‘Conall of House the Glendower’. This time Conall knew they voice was inside his head. It was not the first time he heard such voices but this one was new.

“What do you want?” Conall asked the air around him.

‘Why do you ride forth alone?’

“How do you know I ride alone?” Conall asked and once again scanned the woods beside the trail looking for a hidden enemy.

‘How is not important, the fact that I do is. Once more I ask, why do you ride alone?’ Conall replayed the events of the past few days in his mind and was about to speak when the voice returned. ‘I have seen the images as you remember them. So you feel you have failed? Interesting. Why do feel so?’

“I was charged to protect the young girl by her father the King. By his own words, was I given this task and now she has despoiled herself by an unlawful union. Despite by best effort I have failed to do as tasked. I ride now to seek redemption.”

For a moment there was silence. The voice returned once more. ‘Do you know the story of the Wizard Althatch?’

Conall searched his memory but found nothing. “No, I do not believe I do. What has it do with me?”

‘Long ago the Wizard Althatch worked for an elderly King. The King had many enemies and as he had gotten along in years his enemies had become bolder. One day he visited Althatch and charged him to guard an ancient tome. Take great care of this book and see that none damage it in any way. The book holds the key to my very life and I trust only you with this task. The wizard took the tome and assured the king that it would be well protected. For several months Althatch worked on a special room, equipped with traps both mundane and magical designed to assure the book remained safe. Finally he accomplished his task. However it wasn’t long before he thought of ways around the safeguards he had laid and so he set about improving the defense. Years passed and the wizard single-mindedly toiled at the task of protecting the tome as ordered by the king constantly upgrading the protective room. One day a page appeared at Althatch’s door.

‘I must have the book you hold for the king. Tis an urgent matter.’

Althatch thought for a moment. Was this a trick, a ploy perhaps to test him? What if the lad wasn’t truly a page and intended to damage the book? ‘Go away lad. The king charged me to see that no harm befalls the book and so I have and always shall.’ The page turned and left.

Hours later a steward approached and asked for the book. As before Althatch remembered his charge and refused to part with the book. Next a minor noble came asking for the book. He claimed he came in the name of the king and all was in order for him to retrieve the book.

‘How do I know you come from the king? Have you a note?’

‘No master wizard I cannot get a note. You see…’

Althatch cut him off. ‘No, I cannot take your word for my orders come direct from the king. To him alone will I release the book.’

Soon after the Queen herself appeared in the wizard’s chamber. ‘I must have the book. The king requires it urgently.’

Althatch though long and hard as it was the Queen making the request. In the end, he held fast to his charge and refused the Queen. ‘Sorry your highness but the King gave me this charge and only he may break it.’ The Queen tried to speak but Althatch cut her off. ‘I will hear no more on the subject; my word is my bond and cannot be broken.’ Fearful now that so many had attempted to access the book, Althatch made one last adjustment to his defense of the room. Using a powerful spell he transferred the entire room; traps tome and all into an alternate dimension. Only he knew where the tome lay and how to access it.

Proud of all he had done he set out to tell the King of his latest plan. As he approached the King’s chamber he noticed a large gathering. He pushed his way thru the crowd and eventually found the door blocked by a royal guard. ‘I must enter and speak with the king for I must update on my actions.’

The guard looked at the wizard with a soulful expression. ‘Have you not heard?’

‘Heard what? asked Althatch.’

‘The king has died. One of his enemies slipped poison into his drink and he fell ill.’ Aghast, Althatch asked why they had not prepared an antidote. A tear ran down the cheek of the guard as he answered. ‘We tried but some idiotic wizard would not give up the tome that held the list of antidotes and spells the clerics needed. He refused to give the book to anyone except the King who could not go for he laid deathly ill. Even the Queen tried but the fool was set on the literal wording. His failure to understand the intent cost the King his life.’

You were charged to protect the lass. Make sure that you do not view the normal course of change as an attack upon her. Time passes, circumstances change. She still lives and breathes. No harm has come to her. Are you so sure that you failed based on literal interpretations of the King’s command?’

Conall could feel the connection between himself and the voice severed. Once more he was alone with his own thoughts.

Conall rode on through the day and as the sun was finding a place to rest in the western sky Conall’s horse began to feel a little uneasy. Placing a hand on the side of the horse’s neck he spoke softly, “Easy there, it is only the sun finding rest. You and I will do the same soon, just one more bend and I will look for a wide spot with fresh grass.” It was then the bottom fell out from Conall and instinct put him on his feet ready for what ever comes his way.

‘Two dogs, four men at arms, and the arrows tell me archers.’ Conall’s mind began to race. His hand went to his axe handle and he flung his axe at the first dog, ‘beast such as that have no honor and are only pawns in a deadly game.’ Then lifting his shield to deflect the enviable round of arrows that would surly be raining down on him again. As Conall pulled his sword and made ready, “Call off your beast and fade back into the shadows and I will not kill you. Press on with this foolishness you have chosen and before Odin you stand. He will know what to do with those such as you!”

No I say! Round 1 started when they dropped my horse. But the last round will be mine! Odin will guide my sword and all will be as he wills

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 06:55:31.
Edited on 2006-10-11 at 12:31:38 by Kyle

The Tired
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and two ranting dwarves will beat you straight up!

Magma ate his oatmeal and drank his beer while trying to follow the discussion. So far he had gathered that there had been some sort of argument between Alasdair and Conall, involving the young lady. Fine. That sort of thing crops up from time to time, you give the men some clubs, let them beat on each other and in the end the girl decides – all rather simple and yet another reason to delay their journey and perhaps go shopping for bandages.

But what was this? Conall had left the party? He left on his own? Magma thought about this for a minute, feeling his blood boiling as he stewed his anger.


Magma began to grab his gear and hastily prepare to leave, all the while muttering curses under his breath that would have made a fishmonger’s wife blush. “Going off alone. Facing danger unknown. He could have taken me along just to save me the agony.”

“COR!” Magma shouted following his dwarven brethren out the door, “I hope you can call the dead back to life. Cause if find that copper bottomed knight has gotten himself killed in combat, I’ll go straight to Valhalla myself to drag his sorry ass back so he can die an old man wasting away eating oatmeal and drinking ale!”

Magma begins to hurriedly saddle and prepare his pony for flight. maybe with some luck and the gods blessing, we can find him before he’s killed everything in his path.

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 08:33:31.
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A Hard Ride Northward

Alasdair rode his horse with a cold determination about him. For no well-mannered Paladin was going to get out of his duties to protect Lady Althena so easily. Words and discussions may still be needed between them, but he had no hard feelings towards Conall and hoped that he would realize that she didn't need his protection in the areas of romance. True the words of Brother Cor hit home with him as well, "While I do not condone the childish manner in which Lord Conall has run off to seek penance for his failures, I view the behavior of the two of you with even less favor. Behaving like lovesick children at festival with no mind for the task at hand." Now he had to make sure that the others realized that he was still very much aware of their mission. Though he had hoped that the party's stay in Panzer might have allowed all to relax their guard and remember the value in the sort of life they were all fighting to protect.

For in Alasdair's mind they had done nothing wrong... yes, they had spent the day walking about the small village, as had the others, they had eaten dinner together, as had the others and they continued to talk. All knew of their interest in each other and it was indeed inevitiable that Althena and Alasdair should show their affections openly. They each knew that life was too short and too precious to let things go unsaid between them. Till now they had indeed been bottling up alot of emotions and hiding it as well as they could. He was still perplexed that any would have gotten so upset at the sight of Althena meerly sleeping cuddled along side Alasdair as he sat in the common room of all places. In his mind they had in no way been inappropriate nor negligent in his duties as the leader of the Special Guards.

With this on his mind he rode up to Lady Cynil and said, "Perhaps you could use your abilities with the woodland creatures to scout ahead and attempt to locate Lord Conall and/or warn us of any hidden dangers?" Then he dropped back to ride beside Ulthok for a moment and asked, "Would this be an appropriate time to try and teleport us as you had before? Would that even work in this circumstance?"

As he rode back to his forward position, he paused along side the ladies and said, "If any of you have ideas which would help locate Conall or get us to his aid faster, now is the time to speak up." With a brief look to Althena, their eyes met for a moment, the anguish clear in his eyes for the peril that he held himself to blame. Then spurring his horse forward he regained his position along side Magma and continued on in silence for awhile, his eyes alert searching for dangers and any signs of the noble Conall of House the Glendower.

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Under Attack

Conall knew he was outnumbered 10-1 but the Paladin seeking a honor restoring fight had found just that.

His axe from his hand did fly and as quick as that a hound was dead the axe firmly imbedded in the creatures skull. Then the 4 barbed tipped brutal arrows arrived and the paladin did use his shield for protection.

The first arrow was a clear miss at least a foot away, numbers 2-3 were deflected by the skill full use of his shield, yet it was the 4th that did hit a glancing blow leaving a small line of blood on the paladins left side.

Then it seemed almost at the same time the 2nd hound did attack but with Conall skill and his armor both did stop the claws and bite. The hounds attack leaving him unhurt.
Conall could see that the next round would put him into melee with the first 4 men and that the archers had slung their bows and melee weapons had drawn, moving forward to attack in 2 rds. The paladin stood his ground ready for a good fight.

(OOC: Ok Kyle you took a small hit to your left side check your character sheet for damage amount.)

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 01:51:30.
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Rd1 ends, Rd2 starts

Rd. 1 Conall’s Axe buried deep in the hound’s skull, the dog’s front legs crumbled under him and his face planted into the ground. The body was now lost in a cloud of dust. As the dust cloud for a second glowed with a slight blue color as the magic from Conall’s axe took affect and returned to its sheath on Conall’s right shoulder.

‘Arrows!’ A voice in Conall’s head spoke out. His mind erupted with thought, his body went into action. This was as he had been taught to be when combat was around him. The blur of an arrow, the sound of two more stopping on his shield and falling away. ‘The other dog!’ Conall spun around to face the dog but it was too soon, an arrow grazed his armor and found a spot to wedge itself between his under padding and the armor. This caused Conall some discomfort (2hp) but as his shield arm came up, the arrow snapped and fell away. Conall was able to get his shield up in time and his footing right and the dog bounced off Conall’s raised shield.

Rd. 2 (oh boy can I pull this off?) Conall’s sword stabbed forward hopping to find the under belly of the hound as his shield kept the teeth and front claws at bay. If Conall can find the under belly of the animal and can get it off balance he will try to sling it toward one of the approaching men in the hopes of using the dead dog as a weapon.

Posted on 2006-10-12 at 07:26:30.

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