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Battles End

THE MANOR (Dinning Room)
The battle for the main dining area was now into its sixth round and the steam fog was beginning to quickly dissipate. For the Lady Jessica this was a boon as she saw that her last set of attacks had killed one of the remaining Bhuts before her and that a third lay also dead at her feet. This Bhut dead by a pair of huge force slammed rips in its chest, was clearly not dead of her blade. With these three dead, the only remaining Bhut before her was the dancing one and as it continued to dance. The Lady Jessica, a Paladin in good standing with her god and faith, could not attack this last helpless Bhut, so stood unsure of what to do next. Then a choice was given to her as Ulthok’s voice rang out…

“Everyone… quick everyone to the kitchen…..Peri, show the lady knight the way…Jessica... watch for cute flying thing and follow her.”

With the ‘cute flying thing’, clearly the butterfly type dragon before her she moved towards the kitchen in its wake.

Cor, having stood his ground within the fog of steam and having taken a risk by throwing his axes watched as the Lady Jessica made her retreat on the Halflings voice and moved to follow. Passing the still dancing Bhut, the Dwarf Knight Cleric though not constrained by the same morals as that of the female Paladin was still of lawful good and nobility. Grabbing the creature by its side the strong Dwarf lifted and threw the Bhut into the center of the room. With Cor, watching on the move and Ulthok watching from his place at the door the Bhut landed beside the now visible dead body of the Black Robe. Killed two rounds before in the combined explosion of fire and ice. As the last of the Bhuts in the dinning room once more gained it’s feet, Ulthok watched as the last of the three Air Elementals rose up behind the Bhut and attacked it!. The Halfling Thief/Mage never one to miss a target of opportunity and not held back by alignment or any type of code other then self-preservation. Lifting the Wand yet held in his hand he commanded yet another Cone of Cold at the last two remaining enemies and watched as both were flash frozen to death. In this way did Ulthok end the battle in the main dinning room.

THE MANOR (Hallway)
For Lothor going from facing four undead looking creatures by himself to facing only one along side a beautiful half-naked Elf, the night was certainly looking up. In no way had he ever thought to be in this type of fight but was honestly not unhappy it was so. With Sirene beside him, one Bhut to go a combination of steel and spell, and the fight was quickly over. The main hallway once more secure.

THE MANOR ( Kitchen Hallway )
As Rayne moved to the attack she was faced by only two of the four Bhuts she had been at the beginning of this fight. Her sword a blur of steel she easily cut the creature before her before the second could attack. However as she turned to deal with her second attacker while the first reeled backward Valene’s voice yelled at her from the kitchen area.

“Rayne drop to the floor!”

As Rayne dropped to the floor she watched as Valene, a wand in hand, mouthed a word, pointed the wand and a series of five greenish arrows streaked to hit the second of the two Bhuts. This one wounded by Rayne just seconds before was hit dead center in its face and throat. The arrows clearly made of acid melting the head and upper shoulders into a large pool of sludge. Still on the floor, she continued to watch as a black streak of fur and claws leaped over her and slammed into the last remaining Bhut. In a matter of minutes with help from Valene, and Valene’s onyx dog the fight was over, the kitchen and kitchen hallway secure once more.

With his first opponent dead and with two more to go Weaver knew he had to do something quick. With sounds of battle from inside the fortress walls, seemingly increasing Weaver had no time to be stealthy any longer. On top of everything else whatever these three creatures were, doing to the base of this outer wall was surely not good; he needed to give warning to the guards above. Zeroing in on the other two human/monster creatures before him he smiled to himself as he cast forth a Lightening Bolt, watching as it was dead on target slamming into the two enemies before him. Moving in fast his sword in hand, he watched as both stood up their cloaks and the clothes smoking, skin shredded, blood flash fried to their bodies but not dead. All of them, the two Bhuts and Weaver could now easily hear an alarm quickly being raised by the guards above, As Weaver moved in and the first of the Bhuts moved to face him, it no longer looking human, the second moved away. The next two rounds were a flurry of attack and defense as the Ranger/Bard slew the Bhut before him. Moving to engage the second, he rushed forward only to find the creature smiling as he drew close. It spoke as Weaver drew back to strike.

“Ara tat mora”

For Weaver caught up in a blinding flash of sound, flame, and exploding wall the night became black, conciseness gone.

For the party the end of the battle within the Manor’s walls were only a prelude to a battle-filled day. With the destruction of the outer wall, a wave of Black Robed led Orcs’s Goblins, Bugbears and many more creatures of evil rushed forward. Meant to take the fortress by surprise, the interior attacks a series of deadly diversions, they instead found a readied force of arms facing them. If not for the warning of a single unidentified person this attack would have easily breached its way to the inner walls and the heart of the fortress beyond. The next twelve hours was among the fiercest fighting to date as Man, Elf, Dwarf and the party along with various members of the good races fought this dark wave to a halt, then a retreat.

It was then in the late afternoon following this fight that removers of the dead spotted a large wolf digging at a plot of stones. Upon inspection, they found at first what was thought to be a dead body but were in fact very much alive. Realizing that this could very well be the benefactor from the night before, the body was rushed to the main medical area within the fortress for healing.

Meanwhile for the party now recovering from the night’s ordeal it was all about rest and healing as Valene Cor and Rayne moved among both the party and surviving guards and servants healing as much as they could. With both dark army and the armies of good recovering things for the moment were quiet.

Ulthok and Cor had been called once again before a council of surviving Kings, the raid by the Black Robed led Bhuts then the fighting at the outer wall having taken the lives of two of them and a prince. King Leoplode of Eshmara, King Gerald of Mya-sith and his son Prince Philipe all killed fighting to defend the fortress within. Standing before this council of nobility the two most senior members of the party were asked to give their account of the night and their thoughts about it. Here they learned that the Black Robed wizards were all clones of the same person created using the deepest of the dark arts. At the meetings end by order of King Maridynn two new party members were assigned to them to bolster the party’s ranks and ability to heal and fight in case of another such raid. These were the female Elf Cleric Amara Lania’Drian and her Half-Elf sister, the Fighter/Mage Aliya Moonshadow. Both women top notch in skill and purpose. The King after introducing them all left the four of them to return to a slowly recovering manor house.

However Cor being Cor decided to first make a stop at the main hospital to see if he could render a bit of aid and followed by the parties new Cleric, her sister, and Ulthok, he and they, did just that.............

(DM OOC: Ok here‘s this weeks post I hope you all enjoy it. Welcome to SilentOne, Astrid, and SirSadaar as the new Cor. I hope you three will have fun and enjoy my game as much as I, and I hope the other players do. Feel free to start posting.

Ok just a reminder there are only 3 more Sunday posts coming from me before I leave for 2 weeks to Maryland. As such, I will not start anything-major game wise until my return so these next 3 weeks is a great time for everyone to get to know the new characters and players with game related RP. Ok then next post next Sunday the 19th.

Also an apology to you, the players, for putting the game on hiatus for those brief two days. Due to events on the Inn and RL early in the week, I fell into a fast semi-deep depression and was ready to trash Trilogy and walk away from the Inn. However thanks to positive reinforcement by a very special friend and former fellow Mod on here and the excitement of Silent and Astrid wanting to join reminding me of what the Inn and most of the people here mean to me. I decided to just say goodbye to this depression and thoughts of ending Trilogy and move forward. I really believe with the changes forced to the game this past week that it will be much more enjoyable for all of us.
So of course GAME ON!!

Almost forget feel free to back post as needed

Posted on 2013-05-13 at 06:13:40.
Edited on 2014-01-16 at 01:10:53 by TannTalas

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Out Of The Fog......

The party moved toward the seeming safer kitchen. The last cone of cold had also reduced the steam so Ulthok now saw the damage his and Cor's attacks had done along with the valiant Jessica. With the help of which ever deity was watching over them they had vanquished the enemy in the room.

Wanting to know more about the Black Robed One Ulthok moved to the oddly looking burned and frozen body. The cross fire of Flame Strike and Cone of Cold had proven an odd but deadly combination. This "thing" had great magic so Ulthok quickly search the remains removing all the items it had or carried.

The Black Robe itself might be of interest to study for possible magic but it was badly damaged from the flame strike.

Before join the rest of the party Ulthok also checked the now human forms of the dead Bhuts, any items on those bodies might further explain the creatures or provide useful items for the..... party, of course.

Depending on what the removed loot might do, Ulthok would keep these safe for the party and him to use.

Posted on 2013-05-13 at 16:41:55.
Edited on 2013-05-13 at 16:45:54 by Odyson

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After the fight, Cor went and checked to make sure all the enemies were dead. He found it strange that the air elementals would attack a teammate. Especially when they were on the verge of losing.

Quickly, Cor came back out of the dining room. "Is everyone accounted for? Does anyone need healing?" he asked. It may have been a relatively quick fight, but that didn't mean that none of them were hurt. Cor looked around the room at the fallen attackers, especially the now changed Bhuts. A shame, he thought, that these innocent people were forced to fight for evil.

Soon after a quick tally of allies, Cor asked, "Does anyone have any idea of something that might break these spells?" He said while referring to the Bhuts. "I hate the thought of ever having to kill innocents under a spell." Cor hoped that perhaps one of them could think of a spell to counteract the enchantment used on the Bhuts. It was a long shot, but it was worth an attempt.

(OOC Edited, as I made a mistake about returning axes.)

Posted on 2013-05-14 at 03:46:12.
Edited on 2013-05-14 at 22:17:34 by SirSadaar

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Where are my pants?

A slash of his blade. A rush to the next one. A smile and then nothing...

24 hours later

Maggot awoke, pain held is body. His hand moved to his side, there was no weapon. He did note there was a bandage. He blinked a few times and the glow of a candle lit the far end of the room. 'The Halls of Healing some wold call this, a place to die is what I call this.' He attempted to sit up when a nurse saw him move.

'No, no! You will open your wounds again.' She placed a hand on his shoulder and a cup to his lips, 'Cool water drink.' While he drank she called out, 'Scarlet tell the guard at the door our alam is awake.' The young Scarlet took off in a rush.

Maggot move his mouth away from the cup, 'The dog, where is the dog?'

'I know of no dog but there has been a wolf seen. The same wolf that brought your body to the attention of the stretcher bares.' She placed the glass on the side table, 'You do worry the archers will get him.'

Maggot again attempted to sit up, 'No! Tell them it s a friend.' The nurse pushed him back to the bed. The bandages began to turn red.

'I will send word to not kill the beast but you need to not move!' It was then Maggot's eyes rolled into the back of his head and again darkness took him.

2 days later

Maggot had awoken several times but only for a few minutes at a time. This time he awoke and heard voices he knew. 'I know that smell!' He called out the best he could. 'So tell me Master of Shadows, Does he still drink during battle?' Maggot coughs a bit and then winces in pain. They look over to note a young half/elf sitting in a bed with is feet hanging off the side, holding the bandage around his waist, and reaching for his pants.

The nurse rushes over yelling, 'I have told you not to move!'

Maggot looks at her, 'Hold your tongue still woman! Master Cor is here now! He will see me fit to leave this house of death.'

Posted on 2013-05-14 at 07:38:40.

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meeting new people...

Two days later...

Alyia wiped the sweat from her brow and brushed the tendrils of hair back from her face, as she helped shore up the breaches in the battered walls with wooden palisades. with an unlady like yelp she slipped down a muddy slope to talk with the commander of the unit sanctioned to that section of the wall. she paused in her conversation with the commander about which wards and other fortification could be in placed when a guard had called out to her stating she was to report to the kings council. pointing out the an obviously missed areas the commander nodded and agreed with her. clasping the commander's hand she reminded him that she did still owe him a round from pulling her from beneath a bugbear corpse after the fray the day before. she strode forth following the guard. the third time she stopped the guard balked at her arrogance. "you mustn't keep the kings waiting." the guard chided. Alyia gave him an annoyed look as she paused to suggest to the commanders what fortifications would best suit the damaged walls and wards. she hated how unprepared this attack had made them seem. slapping the regiment commander on the back she reluctantly followed the guard.

the kings council was a flurry, and even as she entered their were several pages tarring past her on mission or task. She was handed a linen and pointed towards a wash basin with a obviously chided look over her sorry condition. she washed her face and mopped her hair clean as best she could looking over her clothes she made sure what could be seen was actually mud. she had heard rumors circulated about the kings whom had fallen and the grief of those who had followed their banner. Aliya followed no banner but understood their grief, she was hard but not heartless. shuffled into the council chamber she bowed and was received. she stood by her half sister Amara, she gave Amara a quick shrug as amara gave her a look which visably chidded her on her state of dress. as a cleric Dwarf and a halfling mage were brought before the council. She tried not to look abashed as her recognition of Lord Cor's name, which made her take a sterner look at the dwarf.

the order at the end of the meeting did come as a bit of a shock. she wondered as she greeted the dwarf with a slight bow "master cor, i am at your command." and offering a hand towards the halfling. "Ulthok. " she said not meaning to come across so curt, but shrugging it off as she followed the two men from the tent.

Aliya shifted uncomfortably making her leather boots creak on the cobblestone beneath her feet, as they waited to speak to the head cleric at the area designated as the main hospital Aliya listened to the cleric's talk she interrupter impertinently demanding to know what was being done with the bodies of the dead, had they been magically sealed or at least walled off? the thought had been bothering her tearing at her mind since she had learned of the dark wizard clones. if someone had that much power, their petty deference's meant nothing if he could raise the recently dead. they could be routed from within or worse. her mind pictured the horror that would be a battle field if their troupes had been caught in a pincer move the dead from within and the hordes of evil from without.

(OOC: sorry if this post is more story~ish then rp~ish)

Posted on 2013-05-15 at 02:48:18.

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Did it!

Amara sighed softly to herself as she drug her fingers through her blonde locks. She had been summoned by the Kings. She wasn’t sure if she and her sister should join this group of strangers in their quest. The cleric sat down on her bed and bowed her head, thoughts of her father entered her mind as she thought about pulling both her and her sibling out of what she could only consider a dangerous task. Laying back, she stared at the ceiling and sighed again, resting her arm across her eyes it was all she could do not to let out a frustrated sigh.

It took the cleric a few more moments of silent contemplation to move her body into a sitting position, then another moment of clarity to pull herself to her feet. Making her way down to the Kings room she stopped momentarily to give her sister a disapproving look at her attire before quickly turning to the Kings gathered, taking a quick glance around the room she noticed a Halfling and Dwarf standing there giving a report. These were the two they were to follow.

Grinning slyly she nudges Aliya gently, “Sure you’re up for this Youngling? Might be too much for your little self to handle.” She laughed at her sister’s glance at her causing her to raise her hands in a surrender gesture and followed the two out walking next to the Half-Elf.

Posted on 2013-05-15 at 02:49:38.

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He's dead Jim.

The battle had ended but another had begun. The last of the monstrous creatures had fallen, and, Sirène, at last caught sight of some of her other companions. But before anything could be said, before she could even exchange a word of greeting, the city seemed to awake into the nightmare it had long dreaded. Bells started to ring in alarm; horns bellowed in response, and beneath it all Sirène could hear the screams of the dying and soon-to-be dead.

“Rhaich,” Sirène muttered darkly. It was rapidly becoming her favourite word. She hopped over the burnt out ruin of the floor under the staircase – still smouldering courtesy of a certain fireball – and almost straight into the assembled throng of Cor, Ulthok, Lothor, and a large armoured woman that she did not recognize.

“Leave the dead. It’s the living that need us,” Sirène replied to Cor, still dressed in nothing but her thin shift. “They’ve breached the walls!”

OOC: Thought I’d post on this timeline before zipping forward 2 days.

Posted on 2013-05-15 at 09:56:08.

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The next afternoon, after a long day of fighting, Cor went to help heal the wounded. As good as he was at the fighting itself, Cor knew that healing people was always more important then being the hero in battle.

2 days later...
Cor went with Ulthok to report to the king. As Cor entered, he noticed two women standing in the room; half-elf warrior, and an elven cleric. After the meeting, he discovered that they would be assigned to his party. Cor briskly walked up to introduce himself to the new members.

The greeted the dwarf with a slight bow "master cor, i am at your command."

Cor replied, while he returned the bow "I respect yer loyalty, but I don't want blind obedience. Each member of my group is more then capable of working on their own. That makes us more capable together." As much as it grieved Cor about recent deaths in his party, he was glad that the party had filled in the gap. Cor also bowed to Amara. "Greetings Lady Amara." Cor said. After the brief introduction, Ulltok, Cor, Alyia, and Amara began to walk towards the main hospital.

Soon after he arrived at the main hospital, Cor was once again healing people. Cor glanced back as he heard what sounded like a bit of a fight between someone recieving medical attention, and the nurse.

The nurse yelled, 'I have told you not to move!"

Maggot looked at her, 'Hold your tongue still woman! Master Cor is here now! He will see me fit to leave this house of death.'

Cor quickly ran over to him. "Weaver! We've been looking everywhere for you! What trouble have you got yourself into now lad" Cor smiled, relieved that Weaver was found. "You seem a bit worse for wear lad..." Quickly, Cor casts a healing spell to try and get Weaver back on his feet. "How's that? Feeling better lad?"

(OOC: Edited due to time mistakes!)

Posted on 2013-05-15 at 13:53:49.
Edited on 2013-05-16 at 01:23:37 by SirSadaar

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A Troubled Mind...

Ever since the presence of Sirene, the fight had felt less frantic. His blade moved faster and smoother and it looked like he would make it out of the, now bloodstained, hallway alive. As the thought occurred to him a ball ablaze with fire sped past and hit into the creature forcing it backwards. With great regret Lothor raised his greatsword for the last time and delivered a killing blow to his ugly foe. As it fell to the floor and once more returned to it human state he looked behind him to show Sirene of the true nature of their enemies, but she had already gone and he noticed the sounds of relieved greetings from the room adjacent to the hallway. With one last look of horror at what he had done he pulled himself away from the gaze of the dead eyes of the corpses and went to the chamber where the whole party stood and hastily wiped a tear from his cheek.

With a gruff acknowledgement to the others his ears picked up the sounds from outside of their lodge, clearly this was not the only combat he would see tonight. His shoulders slumped and he let out a long, audible sigh.

It was a long night and when the threat had been averted Lothor returned to his bed physically, and emotionally, drained. He sobbed into the pillow finally able to let out his emotions now he was alone and let fatigue wash over him. He would never forget this night.

Two Days Later...

Heavy black circles surrounded Lothor's eyes and they seemed to weigh him down. Lothor walked sluggishly through the Lodge, his normal great height and presence had apparently left him as he was hunched and stooped over. He hadn't left his room since he had cried himself to sleep even for food. His sleeps had been fitful, his dreams were filled with the terrible scenes of the long night. One dream had been reoccurring.

Surrounded on every side by hundreds of the slow and sluggish moving Bhuts there was no escape from their long limbs and evil intent. As they drew nearer Lothor swung wildly at the forms like a madmen, his skill with a sword seemingly lost. Each time his sword nearly bit into the flesh of his foes their forms would change to a mirror image of himself and he could never draw back his sword in time to stop the death blow. Sometimes the image they changed into would not be of him, but the faces of those he had killed, or members of the party and the villagers he had saved. Every time he woke with a sweat sodden brow and trembling hands.

Finally Lothor had summoned the energy, and courage, to rise from his bed and walk downstairs to the common room. He needed a hot meal and plenty of drink. He was beginning to wish the Giants had eaten him, better that than experiencing the horrors of that night again...

Posted on 2013-05-15 at 18:19:37.

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Into The Night..................

As the body smoldered Ulthok search the remains of dead Black Mage. He removed a ring from each hand and found a deadly looking dagger from its boot. The Halfling carefully wrapped the blade in case it was poisoned. The robe had to magic, evil magic.

The thought of the Black Robe Mage being reanimate gave Ulthok pause. The creature was hard enough kill once….. but as an undead? Reaching into his pouch he found the needed elements. Uttering a few choice words a beam emitted from hand and where it touched the Black Robed Mage it just ceased to exist. In short order the Black Robe was gone.

Crossing the room the mage saw the Cor was gathering the party to check on their condition. From out came the sounds of more battle. He knew these not the end of the night. “Cor..sounds like we have more work to do outside. I’ll meet you in the courtyard.” Ulthok ran back to his room and dressed for battle. Swords, bow, knives and the rest of usual toys.

Rushing back and joining his companions they set to the bloody task of defending the city.

Posted on 2013-05-16 at 03:10:18.
Edited on 2013-06-14 at 02:20:03 by Odyson

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Some soup amid the chaos

Blalatha. It smelt good. An elven soup of mushrooms grown in E’Loth’Lorian, diced and then boiled. Or at least she thought it did. Herbs and spices were increasingly hard to come by in the besieged city of Craggon Core, and the mushrooms Sirène had managed to find were drier and smaller than she would have wished.

‘But still better than eating cured beef,’ she reminded herself, sickened at the memory of having to swallow its hard, stringy flesh. It was all she had had to eat over the last day – a day and night spent casting spell after spell as she helped to rebuild the outer fortifications of the city. It was relatively simple to conjure 260 squared feet of granite, but harder to decorate each casting with crenalations and battlements and ensure it fitted with the existing walls. And, all her work might not last for long if the stories were true and the Black Robed mages she and others had duelled were being cloned from each other in some unholy rite. No walls could stop someone who had mastered the arcane arts. So what chance did the city have against an army of archmages?

The sound of a chair scraping against the stone floor provided some relief from Sirène’s train of thought. ‘Lothor’, she realized, spying the human from her vantage point in the kitchen. He looked awaful – bleary-eyed, with his beard and hair wild and untamed.

::Mmm, still better looking than the dwarf though:: Niamedris chimed in from his vantage point on the dining table, his tail wagging hungrily. He was the only creature Sirène had met, who had actually enjoyed eating the cured beef.

Sirène shrugged noncommittally. Lothor was ruggedly handsome, but, from what the elven enchantress could tell, painfully shy.

“Would you like some blalatha, Lothor?” Sirène ventured in her accented Common. “It’s … umm, a kind of mushroom soup.”

Posted on 2013-05-18 at 13:55:10.

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Degrees of Time

Cor, Ulthok and the two sister’s visit to the fortresses main hospital to offer what help they could had granted, at least for Ulthok and Cor the renewed company of Weaver who the two friends had thought long gone or dead. During this reunion of sorts Aliya asked of the head cleric what was being done with the bodies of the dead,

"The enemy dead are burned then the ashes are magically destroyed while the defender dead are put into magical stasis till they can be returned to their home country to be buried there."

Getting her answer and after introductions and all available healing by Cor and Amara was finished. The five party members, for there was no doubt that Weaver was once again such, headed back to the Manor house.

THE MANOR (Refurbished Dinning Room)
With the coming of night, the return of Weaver, and the addition and introduction of the two new members, the Elf Cleric Amara Lania’Drian and her Half-Elf sister, the Fighter/Mage Aliya Moonshadow. It was decided by all that for at least this night they would try to forget the war outside and just relax. However having learned a clear lesson from the surprise attack four nights ago all were armed and armored to the teeth with spells ready. Though this state of dress was much to Lothor’s dismay in the case of Sirene, it did not last long as the beautiful Elf began to flirt with him over dinner. Tonight would be about reunion and welcome as this party of ten sat and talked. During the course of the night, Amara and Aliya met the whole party in its entirety.

The Dwarf Cor Trollhammer, Knight Cleric of Odin, the Halfling Ulthok Rydenham, Thief/Mage, the Half-Elf Ranger/Bard Weaver Hovsus. Then there were Sirene Tele Melete Elf Druid/Mage, the Human Fighter Lothor Greenbeard and the Elf Ranger/Cleric Rayne Fireheart. Then finally the Human Paladin Lady Jessica Voltaire and the second of the parties two Halflings the Thief/Cleric Valene Beestinger. With all introductions over and done, the ten members of this party relaxed as much as they could knowing nowhere was really one hundred percent safe.

“My Lord General Torge” The half-Orc half-Ogre guard announced.

“Show him in: Replied the heavily plate armored man seated behind the wooden desk.

“My Lord I come with the final results of our ‘failed’ attack” Stated a Black Robe wearing a cap of black and gold upon his head as he came to stand in front of his Lord’s desk. As he heard this the armored man looked up into the face of the Black Robe and as he did every time, could not help but wonder if this was the real Torge or one of his many clones.


“Thank you my Lord. Though the attack failed that was expected, however it did achieve its primary goal, the destruction of the outer wall and retreat of the defenders to the second wall. We lost roughly 50,000 in number most were of the Goblin, Orc and such races and easily replaced however we did lose most of the Bhuts and the Black Robed clones sent into the fortress itself. We still have at last count 20-25 Bhuts left in the city part of the fortress awaiting word to possibly strike again as needed. In addition, the Witch-Queen has sent a courier stating she is ready for the second phase of the siege. She also asks once more about her captive, the Dragon Queen, and what you wish done if anything?”

Looking down at the papers on his desk, really there mostly for show, he sighed and slowly once more looked to the General.

“She is a pest is she not but one we must humor as she and her ’home’ hold key to breaking this siege and granting us victory here. Never fear General I will deal with her, just gather your forces for another attack. Dismissed”

The Dark Lord, commander of this part of the Dark Kings army, leaned back in his chair, a very sturdy uncomfortable one, and watched as Torge left the tent. If only the races of good, hell all the races good and bad, knew the truth of so many things how would things truly fare. As he relaxed, out of the deeper shadows of the tent emerged another dark form clad in black chain and matching cloak, the hood of which hid the mans? Creatures? Monsters? Face.

“Very neat indeed Lord Commander I see your first phase has gone nicely. The ‘Dark King‘ will be pleased.” The man removed his hood as he answered, revealing himself to be the Valar Shadow Wraith known as the Howler.

“Yes, Howler, I suppose our King shall be” The two enjoyed a smile between them of those that know a hidden secret.

“However it is time for the next phase to begin. With the defenders now retreated to the second of their three walls it is time for the Witch-Queen and her forces to make their appearance.” Turning to the Howler, he reached within his desk and removed a rolled and tied piece of parchment.

“Deliver this to her and tell her, her brother wishes her presence at my side.”..................

(DM OOC: Ok a little added storyline for you all to ponder. Next post this coming Sunday the 26th and my last one before going to MD will be on the 3rd of June not this Sunday as I first thought. Kinda forgot about that Sunday but thanks to Silent was made quite aware of it . Thank you Miss Silent.

Good posting but please interact more ok give me more to work with )

Edited to reflect a forgotten answer above

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Hot soup and a gentle heart

Quietly, Lothor sat on a barstool staring into the depths of his tankard hoping it would swallow him. It was not long though until a fellow party member came over to soothe his worries. Sirene, the half elf he had often been thinking about after the fierce night of fighting within the city, came over holding what appeared to be some kind of soup or broth.

Sirene had been the one shining light, the beacon of hope for Lothor to cling to that night. The moment she had come to his rescue, scantily clad and with a ruthless look in her eye it had spurred him on to kill the strange abominations and reminded him that the death of those would be the saving of others. Whilst in his fevered and worried state the previous day he had thought of Sirene often and wondered when he glimpsed a sight of her for only second was there a look of approval in those deep, dark inviting eyes?

Those eyes were staring at him now. She was stood over him holding out the bowl of soup named Blalatha and apparently tasted of mushroom. Lothor was hungry and awaiting a meal he had ordered only minutes before his visitor so accepted the offering gratefully. As he took the bowl from Sirene's hands he nodded towards the barstool next to him.

“Thank You.I was wondering if you would sit with me... I have had some troubling thoughts these past couple of days. I understand if not, after all I am afraid I am not the most cheery of companions.”

Lothor began to eat the blalatha, hoping it would fill his growling stomach.

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And So On............

Armed to the teeth Ulthok joined his companions as they rushed from the manor to aid the city guard against the force that had breached the city wall. With his Sword of Lighting Quickness in hand it wasn’t long before they encounter Goblins, Orcs and Bugbears.

Lothor and Lady Jessica used their armor and skill to slow the advancing creatures. Ulthok had used several of his area spells, but in close fighting he prove once again he more than just a spell slinger. The streets were soon wet with the blood of the foul beasts that would invade the city. The party drove on through the city, each having the others back.

The battle in the manor had left Ulthok burned and injured. His wounds seeped through the blisters from the fireplace but as it had been from the start the time for healing was when there wasn’t a chance of more injury. So on for the next twelve hours they pressed on. Final the tide was turned and the creatures were routed.

Bone weary the group made their way back to the manor. Once again they gathered in their common room, but this they kept their arms and armor. Rayne and Cor checked the house hold staff healing the injuries they received from Bhut attack. Valene lingered to tend to Ulthok. He had come to know her touch and the grace of deity now soothed the pain and healed the blister, cuts and bruises from the night combat. For the next hours they eat, rested and were glad to still be together.

After two days a call came the Palace, the Council of Kings summoned Ulthok and Cor to report. Here they learned that the fighting had struck deeply as two the King and a Prince were lost to the attack. Addressing their King Maridynn they told of the surprise attack in the manor by the Black Robe and it’s minions. Here they learned that the Black Robe were evil magical clones of a single formidable Mage.
When the reports were done King Maridynn called forward two armored ladies. King indicated that with the coming battles his special force needed more strength. To this he was adding a Fighter Mage and a Cleric to aid them. These were the Elf Cleric Amara Lania’Drian and her Half-Elf sister Aliya Moonshadow. It would that the mage had been called from her duties with guard in the city for her was soiled and touch of fatigued lingered on her face. After the introductions the King left them to their needs to return to the manor.

Cor however lead the group to the hall of healing where their skills could aid the valiant that now lay battered and wounded. As they walked Ulthok seemed to feel a bit of tension from the new members. He hoped he could make them feel more welcome when they were introduced to the others, but now they would do their share in helping.

Moving among the injured Ulthok heard a familiar voice, 'I know that smell!' 'So tell me Master of Shadows, Does he still drink during battle?' Across the room Ulthok saw a messy, hairy man that had aided them in their time of need and entertained them in their moments of rest.

There sat Weaver coughing a bit and then wincing in pain. Calling out Ulthok waved to the young half/elf sitting in a bed with is feet hanging off the side, holding the bandage around his waist, and reaching for his pants.
"Weaver, oh great master bard, what trouble have you gotten yourself into without us to keep watch over you.”

The nurse rushes over yelling, 'I have told you not to move!'

Weaver looks at her pointing to Dwarven Cleric moving among patients, 'Hold your tongue still woman! Master Cor is here now! He will see me fit to leave this house of death.'
Laughing Ulthok said,”And if he doesn’t we will….. friend I’ll trade you a tall stein of ale for a short story of what you’ve been doing.” The party gathered around the ranger, Cor added to the healing and soon they all headed back to the manor.

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Trill con
Maggot glances over toward Cor and Ulthok with a smile or what could be mustered up in the pain that racked his body.

Cor quickly ran over to him. "Weaver! We've been looking everywhere for you! What trouble have you got yourself into now lad" Cor smiled, relieved that Weaver was found. "You seem a bit worse for wear lad..." Quickly, Cor casts a healing spell to try and get Weaver back on his feet. "How's that? Feeling better lad?"

'Weaver, yes that is what you call me now.' He smiled as his feet hit the floor and he could once again stand without much pain.

It was then as in his usual manner Master Uthlok stood next to Weaver. Laughing Ulthok said,”And if he doesn’t we will….. friend I’ll trade you a tall stein of ale for a short story of what you’ve been doing.”

The party gathered around the ranger. Quickly the healing spell takes away all that hinders ones ability to continue but the bumps and bruises still linger. 'Yes, a good meal and a place to relax. Away from this din of death.' Weaver quickly took stock of what he had and bundled it up the best he could in his arms, 'Point me to a place where one can get some food please.' He said with a boyish smile. Weaver and his friends, yes he could call them that. For the first time in many years the Ranger/Bard could call someone friend and he could not remember when he had so many.

Shown to the Manor...

Seated with a tall stein of warm ale, bowl of something from the pot over the fire place, and a chunk of stale bread. The man from the woods was content for the first time in a long time. He sipped of the ale and said, 'No this will not do.' He then produced a small leather bundle and opened it reveling a bit of clove. Dropping it into his warm ale and stirring it with a finger, he sipped from it and smiled, 'Now Master Uthlok if I may...' Then this smell filled the room, 'mushroom soup.' Weaver whispered to himself. He closed his eyes and ate of his own bowl and if it was real or not he did not care but the smell of the soup made his bowl tastes just a bit better.

When he was done with his meal, Weaver as per the agreement with Master Uthlok, told any who would hear him of what he had been doing on the other side of the wall. That is until he got to the part of the wolf. 'The wolf!' He then suited up in his armor and and made himself ready. 'If I might have a guide to the whole in the wall? I heard tell the wolf still lives and might be in need of my help,' he then looked to Cor, for he knew none of the other healers. 'He might be in need of your help also and you know this beast, for a short time you traveled with her who calls him by name.' Weaver then began to shift his weight from one foot to the other as a boy would waiting for a spoon of honey on a bit of fresh bread.

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