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Parent thread: Trilogy War Q/A
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GM for this game: TannTalas
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RDI Fixture
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fire.. bad..?

the roar of the fireball was deafening as the blast impact knocked her down as the heat licked her flesh.the room went black.

Alyia's ears were still ringing, her vision blurred. As she tried to focus her eyes. the room spun an she tried not to vomit. her hands trembled as she tried to touch her arm, her hand still clenched white knuckled around her sword. she wasn't dead, the pain searing through her body told her she was still alive.

Fumbling Alyia pulled one of the two tiny viles from her pouch and pressed to her lips.
(potion of extra healing)

Posted on 2014-02-09 at 21:22:37.
Edited on 2014-02-10 at 00:09:23 by Astrid

RDI Fixture
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1292 Posts

Poppies! Poppies will make them sleep!

A dull, thrumming pain moved through the enchantress and the world began to slow. With it she felt the beating of her heart slow until it stopped. The icy grip of death began to twist around her and beyond it she could feel the sweet song of Faerie calling her home. And yet within the siren call she found another presence, urging her away. The life-giving power of the Great Goddess surged through her bringing the warm rhythms of life back to her.

The world returned to her in a surge of heat and pain. Siréne found herself staggering before the vengeful wizards. Every inch of her being ached with pain and she steeled herself against it. She was the hand of the Goddess in this place and she would not fall!

Battle raged around her claiming enemies and friends alike. Even as she raised her eyes to the Gith wizards another fell into madness and ran through the room in terror. Only one of the pale skinned magicians remained.

A cruel smile drew across her elven face as Siréne focused her blue gaze on the remaining Gith wizard. Faery magic still flowed through her and it ached to be free. She obliged.

A single word of power left her lips and her eyes flashed with fey power. The enchantress blew the Gith a kiss as he fell to the floor wrapped in supernatural slumber.

Not waiting for another enemy strike she raised the wand still clasped in her hand and released a bolt of lightning into the illithid. She dearly hoped it hurt.

((OOC: Second slumber gaze attack on the remaining Gith wizard. Wand of Lightning on the illithid))

Posted on 2014-02-10 at 01:56:40.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6611 Posts

Round 4

With the third round of battle upon the surviving eight party members, the time was now. With Cor, a hair’s breathe away from death and all of party members wounded in some way the battle looked grim.

The first of this round to act was Rayne. For once deciding to forsake her trusted bow, she instead cast her one true spell of attack, Flame Strike. Targeting the last Illithid, she spoke the words and the spell was cast to engulf the Mind Flayer in a spiral of flame. As the creature fell to the floor screaming out its last as it burned, she once more turned her attention to other enemies yet standing.

For Sirene having survived a Finger of Death only to take damage from a Fireball the Elf Mage/Enchantress was mad. Grinning an almost malevolent smile, she decided to treat her foe, the last dangerous Gith mage, to some rest. With a kiss and a word of power, the Gith mage fell to the floor of the room out cold asleep. However as the mage fell away he revealed behind him that the three Illithid thought dead were slowly getting to their feet once more.

Ulthok had no choice but to act quickly and use his footgear, his Boots of Striding/Springing, to avoid the lunge. Thanks to those same boots, the Halfling Thief/Mage was just able to avoid taking the lunge fully upon him. With his spring and some would say luck, he now found himself to the rear left of the Gith #9 in perfect place to finish the creature off with a clean backstab. However instead, seeing Cor’s near death plight, he chose to save his friend. Gathering up his magic, he would be ready to cast the spell Magical Missiles next round. However, his movements and his reading of his spell had left behind him an enemy dieing but not yet dead. Unable to gain the attack from the ground the Gith phased itself standing now holding a shorter version of its greatsword laying on the ground. Without hesitation, it slammed the blade into Ulthoks back cutting through and into the halfling’s right shoulder. The blade so sharp it cut the Thief/Mages tendon on that side causing the right arm to drop useless to his side. A grunt and a crash and the Gith was finally dead his last attack while alive deadly.

Lothor finding himself locked in a toe-to-toe fight with the biggest of these Gith (#3) foes found himself in needing utmost concentration to dispatch this foe. However catching a glimpse of Cor falling, a sword run through him, he knew he had but one choice. Lothor would not let this happen. Months ago, upon the mountain his life had been saved by Cor, the leader of this party now it was Lothors turn to repay a debt, to save Cor’s life even if it meant his own.

Time seemed slowed, greatsword falling to the ground, right hand to his side, Axe of Hurling drawn and thrown. Lothor watched as the Axe flew true striking the Gith (# in its right side, so hard that the axe itself for a moment stood embedded in the creature’s side. Then its magical nature took over and the axe was once more in the big fighter’s hand. However having predicated the consequences of his actions they now came true as Lothor had no weapon in hand to block the large Giths attack. The creatures sword with nothing left to stop it hit the large human fighter and as had the sword of its companion sliced cleanly into Lothor’s stomach. However, unlike Cor, the attack was not a critical and afterwards Lothor found himself still standing though very hurt. With only the Axe of Hurling in hand he was still able to fight back.

For Maggot the fight had bowled down to a simple attack, defend, counterattack type of combat. A quick move to the right, a faint, then striking from the left the Ranger/Bard scored his first hit upon the Gith #2 before him and it was a good one the blade of his sword slashing across the creatures forearm causing it to lose its two handed grip on its sword, yet not dropping it. With the Gith unable, to do anything but gain a new hold Maggot was spared once again any damage this round.

Barreel came out of his roll to find the strange creature he had been fighting moving in to strike me full on. Most normal combatants would seek to avoid such a strike but the Dwarf Berserker relaying on his speed and armor was nowhere near normal. His Rage slowly increasing and singing a bawdry song of a very adult nature he charged. The Gith #1 not expecting this tactic found itself instead of swing to hit impaled upon Barreels armor screaming in horrendous pain. Using his full movement Barreel finally hit the wall before him and the impact in doing so ripping through the creature’s body leaving it dead. Shacking rapidly Barreel freed the body from his armor and was ready to fight once more.

For Aliya having been thrown around like a ragged doll it was not so much the threat of attack but of taking more damage from the areas of her body yet burning. Seeing herself for the moment free of danger, the intrepid Fighter/Mage quickly reached into a pouch coming away with a Potion of Extra-Healing. Drinking a portion of it, she felt its powers of healing flowing through her and the burns on her arms fade her flesh whole once more. This feisty Half-Elvin girl would be ready for the next round.

For Cor, the last of the party to act this round, things were bad very bad. With only one action available to him as his blood flowed from him and with it his life. The choice for the Dwarf Knight Cleric was fight or heal. Hoping against hope that he would be able to heal before the creature dealt its killing blow Cor watched, as a hand axe appeared it the Gith’s side. One minute it was there the next gone and as the Gith recoiled from the hit Cor had his chance. Knowing that it was all or nothing, live or die, the Dwarf holy man cast his only spell of Heal upon himself and at once was again fully healed. Where he had seconds ago been dying now he was once more fully alive and with Axes ready was once more in this fight.

For the moment, though party members wounded all, they now had the advantage of numbers once again inside the room as only three of their Gith foes lived and the three Mind Flayers were in no position to attack this turn. However, noises could now be clearly heard as the Orc’s and Ogre Orcs were once more on the move towards the room.

(DM OOC: Ok finally a post from me, once again I apologize for the wait. Check sheets for new damage and next post next Sunday if a majority of players post.)

Posted on 2014-02-10 at 04:22:00.

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No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished..........

He felt the pressure against his back and before the pain could register his arm fell limp to his side, useless to complete the spell to save Cor’s life. The realization that his choice had may have cost him the treasure of a dear friend..and maybe his own life.

Staggering the rouge couldn’t help but know the irony that he was backstabbed. The only thing left he could think of was to fling himself into the Gith looming over Cor. Then as he heard the clatter of his attacker collapsing to the ground behind him an axe flashed into the side of Gith about to chop Cor, throwing it off balance. At the same time a glow appeared around the Dwarven Cleric and a moment later Cor was standing, axes in hand ready to finish the job that flying axe had started.

Although there was a brief joy seeing Knight’s Cleric once again ready for battle Ulthok himself would be of no help in his current state. His own pain and fatigue driving him down and also all the feelings of last few minutes came rushing in. He could feel the pain of the mental shock and the physical pain from him small companion, Peri. she has taken another attack from the Ilithid that caused her lose consciousness and fall painfully to the hard floor.

The Mage knows that there is still another damager coming to the door and he has to save himself so he can save Peri and his friends. Using his good arm Ulthok reached into his pouch and pulled a Potion of Extra Healing and drank the whole thing.

Feeling the potion starting to repair his sliced muscles and tendons Ulthok made his way to the Faerie Dragon crumpled on the floor. Scooping up her motionless form he once again cradling her in his arms. Turning back the room he scanned the battle for Valene, but he could not see her.

Posted on 2014-02-13 at 03:41:05.

RDI Fixture
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656 Posts

Reparations of failure...

Pushing his way through the pain, Cor pulled himself back to his feet, axe ready for combat. Someone had thrown an axe of hurling into the Gith, which was poised to gut him, and had stumbled it. Cor would have to remember to repay Lothor, Cor knew as he was the only one with throwing axes, later. Until then, Cor had to take the initiative and kill this Gith. Only then could he help his repay his allies.

Cor heard the faint clambering of something coming in the other door: the orcs. Cor did not have the time to ponder this, at least, not without making the same mistake as last time. Cor ignored them for now.

Angered, at both his own misstep and the Gith, Cor prepared his bipennis battle axe for another assault on it. "By Thor's hammer, I will defeat you!" Cor shouted, staring directly at the Gith, as he swung his battle axe.

Posted on 2014-02-14 at 05:42:09.
Edited on 2014-02-14 at 05:43:33 by SirSadaar

Epic Level Bard
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557 Posts

Grab this

As the Gith attempted to regain full control of his weapon, Weaver used his short sword to swing at the Gith’s blade. He would anything to make it difficult for the Gith. With his sword Weaver once again lashed out at the Gith.

It seemed for Weaver the room had fallen away and before him stood a formidable foe, “By Thor’s hammer, I will defeat you!” broke chaos of battle.

‘You should have never come here!’ Once this one was dispatched he would see to the others but first things first.

Posted on 2014-02-15 at 19:44:23.

RDI Fixture
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1292 Posts

Get back down on the floor

As the gith wizard fell before her, the three illithids began to move to stand. The enchantress did not hesitate to act. She could not allow the wretched creatures to twist the minds of her companions.

Still gripping the wand, Siréne flung her hand outward to point the steel rod and the three abominations. A tingling thrum began to rise in the wand, seeking release. She obliged.

Once again a clap of thunder and a flash of light exploded through the room as a forked bolt of lightning struck the three illithids.

((OOC: Wand of Lightning, Forked Bolt, Targeting the three illithids))

Posted on 2014-02-16 at 16:12:43.

Regular Visitor
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89 Posts

I'm here

As Rayne saw her flaming strike hit true she knew there were enemies still. Returning once more to her bow she sought out one of the last three Gith. Seeing the one by Lothor having just struck him and clearly hurting him she turned towards it. Hoping to hit once more she fired her two arrows of green once again.

*shooting at the one by Lothor #3?

Posted on 2014-02-16 at 22:19:48.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6611 Posts

Battles End

With the enemy numbers vastly decreased once more the party found themselves, as they had so far to date, in control. With only six foes left Sirene and her magic was at the forefront once more.

Having watched the last Githyanki wizard fall she was granted the forewarning of the last three Illithids attempting to rise once more. The Wand of Lightening in her hand she smiled as she once more called upon its powers. As was the previous time so was it now as bolts of electric power flashed out and struck the three Mind Flayers unerringly. However, unlike last time this time the bolts easily finished the job. Sirene watched as the Illithids skin melted and burned away. Clearly, this time, the three creatures dead before hitting the ground.

For Maggot this round was different then the last for the Ranger/Bard having scored hits against his opponent. Taking full advantage of the Gith’s fumbling of his weapon Maggot lunged forward and with a skillful use of Long and short sword put an end to his fight. As the Githyanki fell, Maggot once more looked for his next foe.

For Cor fully healed and no longer near death it was about payback, with his axe ready and the Githyanki before him still reeling from Lothor’s hurled axe, Cor did just that. Before the large Gith could raise any kind of defense, the Dwarf Knight Cleric was on him and swinging. With the sound of sliced bone, Cor watched the Githyanki’s head as it slowly fell to the ground at his feet. Within moments it was followed by the creature’s body falling on top.

With the three Illithids dead at Sirene’s hands. Two out of three Gith’s also dead by their party opponents, the last enemy yet standing was the one facing Lothor.

As the parties, only true fighter steeled himself to another fury of blows, armed only with his hand axe. Not one to remain defensive he moved to meet the creature head on just as two bright green arrows of energy from Rayne’s bow blasted into the Gith’s chest. Knocking the creature back, Lothor saw his chance cleaving the hand axe into the creature’s collar. The combination of the arrows and Lothor’s strike was enough to end the Githyanki’s life sending it crashing to the floor.

With Ulthok drinking, a full Potion of Extra-Healing and the rest of the party finding for the moment that the room void of enemies had gone quiet. Found that their attention was at once brought back to the threat beyond West door.

Barreel though having no enemy had continued his song of rage and hearing the orcs banging on the locked door knew what had to happen next. Calling to Aliya, he mentioned her to the West door and moved to stand a few feet from it.

“Run, move to the North door and run, get out of this room as fast as you can I’ll hold them as long as I can.”

With a look at the party, with a nod to each of them he once more called to the Half-Elf Fighter/Mage to open the door.

“I got this”

As Aliya started to do so Barreel was already in full charge and as the Controlled Berserker slammed through and then past the open door and into the mob beyond the last words the party could hear his voice in full roar before Aliya once more closed the door.

(DM OOC: Ok there you have it battles end for this room for the moment. Barreel has told you to run out the North door and is holding the Orcs up for the moment. Next post next Sunday the 23rd.)

Posted on 2014-02-17 at 05:20:01.

RDI Fixture
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Sacrifice, and hopeful escape...

Attacking the still stumbling Gith, Cor swung his axe in a sideways chop. It was a perfect slice on an already injured opponent; it's head was rended clean from his body. He would have to remember to thank Lothor and the others personally after the battle. He had made a near fatal mistake, and had used up all of his last 'Healing' spell in the process. The room fell silent, with the exception of Bareel's signing, as the party had once again finished all of the opponents.

Cor watched as Bareel called Aliya over to the door. The orcs were going to arrive within moments, and the party had to be ready. The cone of cold Ulthok had blasted had definitely slow them down, but it would by pure stupidity to assume they were stopping. Especially since the sound of their impending arrival was audible in the room.

To Cor's amazement and surprise, instead of forming a line of defense, Bareel told them all , "“Run, move to the North door and run, get out of this room as fast as you can I’ll hold them as long as I can.”

With a look at the party, with a nod to each of them he once more called to the Half-Elf Fighter/Mage to open the door.

“I got this”

Cor wished that he had reacted a second faster so he, not Bareel, was the one to sacrifice himself. What was a leader if he took none of the risk, and all of the rewards? But Bareel had made his choice, and had charged into the room, going in full battle with the orcs. There was no time to mourn now, with time certainly not on there side. They had to get the dragon queen.

If only to make due with Bareel's sacrifice, Cor knew they had to go. "Move out! We have to go now! If we don't his sacrifice will be for not!" Moving for the north door, he stood by it for a couple second; he let everyone else through the door before following behind them, keeping his axe at the ready in case any of the orcs came through.

Posted on 2014-02-18 at 00:37:02.
Edited on 2014-02-18 at 00:38:19 by SirSadaar

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The dance has ended

The Gith before Weaver knew he had chosen a battle that he could not win. He had lost control of his blade but he had not lost the control of how he was to die. The Gith with one hand held his weapon up halfheartedly and with the other gave some kind of gesture. What the gesture meant was unknown to any but the Gith.

Weaver saw his advantage and some how knowing the Gith was some how in his own way wanting an honorable death, lunged forward with both blades to the chest. The blades entered and the eyes of the Gith went wide open. Weaver then withdrew his blades and the two warriors eyes locked, the look was a look of thank you from the Gith as he fell to the floor and life left his body.

Weaver turned and scanned for another foe and the room was void of them. The room once more was theirs. The chaos was not over as Barreel moved to the west door and made the choice to move the battle to the other side of the door and in a blur of time and actions he, with the help of Aliya moved through the door.

A quick glance down Weaver looked to the hands of the Gith and took any rings that might be on them, ‘Die well and drink in what after life you choose with your fore fathers.’

Weaver then stood and moved to the North door. Weapons still in hand, he moved with a purpose.

Posted on 2014-02-22 at 19:49:27.

RDI Fixture
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talking to myself again...

Aliya caught Barreel's motion and moved to the west door. before alyia could do much but nod Barreel had begun his charge at the door. Alyia whipped it open and gasped at the horde of orc's behind it.

She hated to leave the berserker to the throng, but she trusted in his judgement and skill. bezerkers were good at what they did, an what they did was rarely pretty.

As the door closed with a loud metal clang, Alyia gathered herself an began to sprint towards the north door. in her mind she kept repeating one phrase.

"just keep going, we must keep going..." Alyia bit her bottom lip to keep the tears back which had sprung unbidden to her eyes. after everything that had happened thus far to loose yet another party member...

Alyia almost plowed headlong into weaver, her head low so that her bangs covered her teared eyes she hissed.

"we cannot let that bitch queen live!"

once in the hallway again Alyia looked around doing a metal head count of what was left of the dwindling party, and with a sad heart grimmest.

"... we must press on..."

she whispered more so to herself then those who stood beside her.

Posted on 2014-02-22 at 20:30:41.

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Ulthok saw Barrell plunge out of the room and knew that was just what the warrior wanted. To rage into such a battle was what the dwarv saw as the best of life. As the door clanged shut Ulthok thought they may meet again. So with Peri in arms Ulthok started to search among bodies laying life on the floor. “Valene” he shouted, a note of despair in his voice. The mage approached the bard Weaver, fear in his voice, “Where is Valene?”
(assuming Weave tells him of the Gith grabbing the Halfling cleric and disappearing.)

Ulthok’s caught his breath. ….As the party headed back to the door they had used to enter the room the mage raced from body to body grabbing brouches and rings, if it didn’t slip off he took the finger with it. Desperately Ulthok hoped that something would eventually lead him to a clue to find her. Finally Cor's shouting,"Move out! We have to go now! If we don't his sacrifice will be for not!" got him to leave the room and into the hall.

Posted on 2014-02-23 at 02:24:44.
Edited on 2014-02-23 at 15:55:29 by Odyson

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Joan… Joan… where are you bitch. I will find you then I am going to kill you

As stillness fell upon the room ‘Valene’ broke the silence. Ulthok looked to the Ranger Bard, ‘Where is Valene?’
Weaver looked up from the Gith on the floor and at the Master of Shadows, ‘A Gith,’ Weaver spat upon the ground as he said the word, ‘took her and now she is gone.’ Weaver looked back at the Gith. As he heard the slamming of the west door he turned and moved to the North door. Weapons still in hand, he moved with a purpose.

Weaver heard the Lady Alyia approaching from behind at a sprint and as if everything went into slow-motion Weaver glance back just in time to slightly side step the approaching lady. She glance up and through her bangs she spotted the ranger-bard and adjusted slightly to pass quite closely to him, ‘We cannot let that bitch queen live!’ Weaver simply smiled to the lady as he gave her the path she hurriedly sought.

Once in the hallway and the door to the room was closed behind the now splintered group, the Lady Alyia continued to whisper things, ‘Use that fire and may it keep you warm in the cold death of battle.’ Weaver coldly whispered to the Lady.

As Ulthlok passed by Weaver he gave the Master of Shadows what trinkets he may have taken for the fallen Gith, ‘Turn these to a good use my brother.’ Weaver placed a hand on Ulthlok’s shoulder, ‘So that we may use them to get us all out of here, every one of use.’ He then looked to the bundle Ulthlok carried in his arms, ‘You and your master will not feel heart broken much in your long life you have yet to still live.’ He moved the back of his hand down a little lower so it may be smelt. One last smile to the two of them and he stood upright. His eyes once more turning cold and unforgiving, ‘No brother let us harden our hearts so you can have that life I have seen for you.’

Posted on 2014-02-23 at 19:50:28.
Edited on 2014-02-23 at 19:59:12 by Kyle

RDI Fixture
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A Healing and a Farewell

As the last of their enemies fell, a thick, uneasy calm filled the air. It was tenuous but it was still there. Stowing the wand away once again, the enchantress let her gaze run along the room. Once again bodies littered the floor, bloodied and unmoving. She and her companions, one and all had become the makers of death. Their cause was noble, but with the battle rage gone, she could not help but wonder if ends truly justified the means. Would she ever wash the stains of blood from her soul?

Strong though they all were, yet another of their number had fallen, whisked away to a world beyond their reach. Sirene bowed her head in silent prayer for Valene, hoping against hope that the little cleric somehow made it back to them.

In the absence of battle the needs of her body began to scream. Flame and death had sought to consume her, and it was only by the grace of the Goddess that she still lived. With a calming breath, Sirene reached out to the Mother Goddess letting the warmth and light fill her wholly. The divine, life giving presence flowed through her, restoring her waning life essence. With her strength returned and her body healed, she felt at once invigorated and exhausted, but such was the way of healing.

Sudden shouts pulled her from the peaceful reverie. Bareel hurdled past her and threw himself through the doorway into the midst of the waiting orcs beyond. Dwarven battle calls rang through the air as the berserker rained death upon the creatures. She stood there, almost in shock. It would have been an easy thing to stop him. A simple flick of her wrist and a word of power would have sent fey magic to bind him. It would have saved his life and yet something stayed her hand. Was it some alien respect for his autonomy that had miraculously grown within her as she walked among the mortal peoples? Or was it instead her own desire to live on?

Another of them had fallen. Sirene breathed yet another silent prayer and a farewell to the Dwarven warrior. There was not to do but step forward and move on.

So she did. Wrapping herself in the serenity of a priestess, the copper skinned elf glided across the room to join the others as they passed beyond the northern door.

((OOC: Casts Cure Critical Wounds on herself))

Posted on 2014-02-24 at 00:52:57.
Edited on 2014-02-24 at 00:54:04 by Nimu

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