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GM for this game: TannTalas
Players for this game: SilentOne, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Nimu, Odyson, dragon-soul92
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Passing back through the market place Cynil looks for fruit and root vegetables that would stay fresh for a week or more and could be packed. She also looks for dried fruit and vegetables, and jerked or smoked meats. She is not sure of the rest of the supplies and will go through them when she gets back to the inn.

She wonders if it would be a good idea to get a pack animal, horse or mule for some of the supplies.

Once back at the inn with her purchases she finds most of the group still out and she has no idea who had what in the way of supplies. With all the fighter, clerics Ranges and magic users, someone need to take care of the practical things, and she made up her mind to serve the group in such a capacity.

Posted on 2007-03-21 at 03:42:35.
Edited on 2007-03-22 at 00:23:32 by Dragon Mistress

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Day on the town.

When Magma agrees to join them and help him find a new bow Ulthok is delighted.So they all head out into the city.Making that his primary quest he will try to find if at all possable any magical bow that might be found.If not then just the best made short bow he can get for his money.

he will shop and follow Ryane into whatever shops she might like to look through always on the lookout for anything of a magical nature.In their wanderings he will visit any shops they pass offering potions,or herbs.He will also ask around about anyone who may offer magical items of either offense or defense in nature.

If he can locate any of these types of shops he will visit them and see what is offered making purchases based on what is offered and at what price always trying to haggle for a better price when possable.

As they shop he will talk with Rayne and Magma.He will ask RayneI don't want to seem nosy Rayne but I was wondering how you came to be in service to the king as a Pegaus rider, and come to be associated with so many great animals?At one point during their shopping he will also ask Magma, Say my dwarven friend I was wondering if you would mind relating to me how you feel about traveling so far from your own home and with so many of a different race? I know I myself sometimes have a longing for my homelands and kinship with some of my own kind.Now don't get me wrong I have made some great friends here that I would lay down my life for, but sometimes, you know I just get a little longing to see the homeland again.
OOC:If you could just let me know what I might come across if anythings as far as potions, or items that may be for sale I will post what I am interested in buying. Thanks.

BIC:As the day grows long they finish their shopping spree and with their new found items in hand head back to the inn for a good meal and some good drink.

Posted on 2007-03-22 at 03:50:37.
Edited on 2007-03-22 at 03:51:14 by Dragonmist

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Star Falls / Day 2

The party for the moment safe in Star Falls had finally had time to really introduce themselves all to Rayne and before they knew a night of rest, good food and comfort had passed them all by, but for1 member of the party the night held a question in store.

Cor himself was glad they had reached Star Falls for even one of his endurance and faith had need of sleep. For all the glory of the fight a time of rest for all was needed. With his mount placed for safe keeping and his prayers with Conall over and with a belly full of good food and beer the Dwarf Knight Cleric to bed and sleep did go.

Magma though he gotten also a good nights rest had spent hours gaining a repute with the new axe before him its name was Khazadul-Barmaz or Dwarven Revenge, clearly made by dwarves for a dwarf. From now on a dwarf would carry it and so the axe was proud and did let it be known by its new owner. With this done a good nights rest did the dwarf warrior find.

Haila had awaked this new dawn early as had become her way these many days. After dressing and milk gotten for Niamedris, she with the Elvin cat upon her shoulder made her way downstairs and joined the others. All it seemed had plans it was only a matter of who to join.

Ulthok always it seemed being by his nature the one to see to the items found and the gear of the dead, at the breakfast table did bring the topic up.

"I know we have just gotten somewhat comfy and relaxed and I hate to always be the one to bring up unpleasant things but since we are in a city it would probably be a good idea to decide what to do with our fallen friend’s worldly items, and the stuff he pulled from that dam beetles belly. I for one feel that unless someone wants or needs something there we just sell the stuff and maybe donate the proceeds to one of the churches or shelters here in Star Falls. Except however for the writing supplies that our dear comrade carried I would be interested in retaining the paper, parchment, ink vials, and quills that he had if no one objects. You know I do a lot of writing and my personal transcripts of what has befallen us so far when finished will make a very nice historical reference of what is happening in our world at this time."
When no reply as yet was given by anyone he turned his attention to another important matter at hand… Shopping!

With invitations given to any to accompany him, both Rayne and Magma did choose to go.
Before long the three, having been in and out of various shops, came to find themselves before a store selling Misc Leather Goods having found no Fletcher in town.
The question for at least one of them would he find what was needed inside.

Conall prayers with Cor finished a good meal inside him and a night of sleep over awaited the arrival of his mentor Cor, and could not help but notice the dwarf seemed far away in thought. What or why at the moment he did not know.

The last of the party Cynil having found as had Conall and Cor a Temple of sorts did the best she could and prayed to her patron deity Mielikki. With her prayers and the day done as had the rest she laid herself done to sleep. With morning’s arrival and breakfast with the rest had she decided to shop on her own. Many stores visited and a shawl wanted but not bought she turned to return to the Inn. Supplies bought and paid for her mind did focus on mounts and possibly a new pack animal, but in a moment of remembrance of the Kings words knew that a river ride was next before her. Canoes and paddles would soon take the place of Horses and mules.

(OOC: OK good posting everyone for those of you that went shopping please give me a list of your ordinary items.
Ulthok per your shopping stops you did not yet hit the shops of Exotic Goods, The Metal Smith or the Alchemist. So if you decide to go to them next after your stop here at the Misc Leather Goods shop I will post that then.
Ok the next of 2 items that still needs to be taken care of once again is the list of items found and Af’tils gear minus the items taken by Dragonmist. I have listed them below what do you guys want to do. If nothing is told to me I will assume you just dropped them.
Last item I still need spells from these 3 people, please get them to me soon thanks. Next post Next Wednesday.)

Brianna: 2
Cynil: 6
Haila: 3

AF’TIL’S GEAR Elvin Harp
Rope Silk 50ft
Oil (2 flasks)
Signet Ring
Flasks of Holy Water x10
Mace of Disruption +1
Morning Star +2

2 Emerald’s
6 Diamond’s
2 Pearl’s
A ring
A Dagger

Posted on 2007-03-22 at 05:41:31.
Edited on 2007-08-16 at 04:35:20 by TannTalas

The Tired
RDI Staff
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okay ... what is behind door number 1

The items belonging to Af’Til held little interest to magma, other than the holy water, which is always good to have around when fighting undead. He will take two of those if there are no objections.

As to the items from the belly of the beast, Magma suggests perhaps seeing if anything is magical and casting identify upon them. Otherwise, sell the lot and donate the money as we best see Af’Til wanting.

Having no luck in finding a Bowyer or Fletcher in town so far, Magma is willing to accompany Rayne into the Leather Shop. Otherwise, it would be the Exotic goods and then the metal workers to see if they know where people buy their arrows around here.

Posted on 2007-03-25 at 19:22:55.

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Cynil asks for 3 of the holy waters, the silk rope, and the harp. Of the Belly treasures she is asks for the pearl and the emerald.

Posted on 2007-03-25 at 21:05:31.

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A shopping we will go.

Quite surprised at the lack of a fletchers shop in Star Falls ulthok continues to shop with Rayne, and Magma.When they find themselves at thr leather shop.The only leather good he is interested in is a nice leather bag of holding which he doubts would be found in a regular leather shop such as this.However he will enter and browse.Whenever he is approached by the current clerk he will mention his wants and go from there.When the others are finished here he will go along with Magmas idea of visiting the Exotic goods shop next.It is durning the walk from the leather shop to the Exotic goods shop that he talks with Rayne about her service to the king.
don't want to seem nosy Rayne but I was wondering how you came to be in service to the king as a Pegaus rider, and come to be associated with so many great animals?

Once they arrive at the exotic goods shop he wastes no time in finding the propriater and asking about anything of an unusal or magical nature they may have.Since the name Exotic Goods could include many types of items he will ask about a range of items listed here.
bag of holding (of course)
rings both unusal or magical
defensive items he might use as a mage
potions, lotions, unusual herbs
of course I would expect the owner to let us know if he has anything unusal he is wanting to sell even if we don't specifically ask about such item.While in the shop he will continually browse the set out items.
Once they are finished here he will ask the pair where they would like to go next, with the metal smiths or Alchemists at the top of his list.

Posted on 2007-03-26 at 12:34:07.
Edited on 2007-03-26 at 12:34:44 by Dragonmist

Not Dragon Mistress
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Rayne's Friends Old & New

Rayne too is surprised by the lack of a fletcher in the city--well so far as they have come across. If she sees an archer or person carrying a bow and arrows she will go and ask them where they got them. For now it is all she can do. She does continue with the rest of the small party that set out shoppoing as the others seek items they desire. Mostly she is quiet, and obsercant companion.

To Magma's question she responds. "I was a Ranger first and then becamse a Cleric to Corellon. My animal companions came to me over the years. I have lost a few to natural age and in the line of suty. My first companion was a grumpy old bear. It lead to many interesting situations when he decided that he could come anywhere I went. Shara, my pegasus, was my second companion. I found her in the forest having been attacked by griffons. We got along very well together and this has continued. The reason I am a pegasus ride is that she wanted to be a member of the Pegasus partrol like her father was. Heance I am too." Rayne looked

Arfaren came next He is really a most splendid fellow and a great asset in the forest and field. Luckily he can fly day and night. My Cath Shee is a gift of Corellon. I found her in an Elven forest as a half grown youndster. She had cross paths with a porcupine and was in dire straits. She has stayed back withe the two wolves Shadow and Stormy, I have raised them from cubs after their mother was slain. These three are not good in a dungeon crawl. As for Shara and Arfaren, I will send them off once we get to the dungeon. I may take in the two ferrets, since they can be handy in tight situations and mostly they travel in a special pouch I carry."

You can tell she has a special place in her heart for all her many animals companions. "I have had to turn some away that would join me. It is difficult sometimes; they do so want to belong. Some just do not have the qualities that are necessary to make a good team member. There was a particular raven once, a rapscallion, he liked shiny things and was a irrepressible thief. I found him a mate, thank goodness. Oh the trouble he got me into when I was younger." Rayne laughs at the memory of his antics now but back then it was a constant problem for her.

Rayne will accompany the pair as they move about the town. She even checks for a bow at the Exotic shop. If none is available there she will ask where she might find a used arms and weapons shop. She also looks for information so she can buy the best ale or beer available, just a small keg for the group to broach tonight and drink a toast in Aftil's honor. They had not had much time for that after the fight and there needed to be closer. Like passing ceremony or something similar for a human.

Later when Aftil's items are discussed waits until his companions all choose first, If available she will ash aks for the Flint/Steel, Writing Ink (2 vials) Oil (2 flasks),
Paper (2 sheets, Parchment (2 sheets), Quill pen x4Flasks and a vial of Holy Water.

Rayne suggests His signet ring if it is of his house or lineage should be returned to his family or temple.
I f no one claims the mace or morning star she will consider one of them if possible but she says nothing unless they are left. IF other say to sell them then she will not ask. She claims nothinof of the what was found in the bettles belly, since hse was not there to help kill it.

Posted on 2007-03-27 at 00:30:51.
Edited on 2007-03-27 at 01:30:30 by Brianna

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Star Falls day 2 Cont...

The Party for the moment in Star Falls and as normal on this the 2nd day shopping for supplies was commenced. Would all find that which they sought?

Af’tils gear, the subject of discussion brought up by Ulthok, was somewhat finally resolved as it was decided to allow those that did have a want or need to pick and choose.
Then for most shopping they did go.

The three party members Ulthok, Rayne, and Magma banded together in the dangerous art of shopping did find that their travels so to speak had brought them to the front of the Leather Goods store.

As the three enter, almost at once they are approached by a clerk, a young dwarf with the start of a thick beard and asked if he could be of help. Upon learning of Ulthoks search of a Bow and the fact of no Bowyer/Fletcher’s they discover that only a short week ago the owner, also a halfling, lost all his money at the gambling tables at Dwarves and Babes and ended up working there as a dishwasher to pay off his debt. His shop now lay empty and all his items and gear now owned by the Bordello and gambling house.

With nothing of magic to be had here the 3 did once again journey out upon the street, after a short discussion all agree to head for the Exotic Goods shop. As they enter they are all taken slightly by surprise at the number of people inside, for this hall sized shop is not just one shop but many in a bazaar type setting.

At a rough count Ulthok, Magma and Rayne can see that there are at least 15 tables maybe more here selling everything from Herbs and Potions to Fish and beef, the visible aura of magic is strong.
The only question for the 3 party members now is which table to start at first....

(OOC: Next post next Wednesday)
All items added to character sheets

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 05:14:06.
Edited on 2007-03-29 at 22:48:19 by TannTalas

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A Wonderful New Shopping Area.

As soon as they entered the Leather shop the owner approached.They found nothing of interest to buy but did get some interesting information as to why there is no fletcher in town.Seems like the owner had gambled his shop away and was now working at the Dwarves and Babes bordello.
Storing this info in the back of his mind Ulthok and the others move on with their shopping to the exitic goods shop.
Upon entering the shop they are at once surprised for this shop is a large bazzar full of different tables with all kinds of stuff for sale Ulthok can feel the magical aura that fills the air here.
Ah this is my kind of shop.It could take me awhile to work my way around in here.If you get tired of waiting for me please just let me know and I can always catch up with you latter.

With that he scans the tables and will make his way to the first one he sees displaying potions and such.Once the person behind the table is not busy he will approach.
Good day, You seem to have a nice array of products displayed here.
Extending his hand in a jesture of friendship My name is Ulthok I am a travler and merchant who is always on the lookout for interesting objects and items to add to my collections.I can tell you have some of the usual fare here that I may be interested in but, I would be much appricative if you could tell me if you have anything that you would consider to be of a new or unusal nature that would interest a collector.As he waits for an answer he scans the table for anything he might recognize and be interested in.For even though he asks about unusal things he always will add to what he has if the price is right.

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 14:02:30.

Dragon Mistress
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Out of Place

Cynil stays at the inn, at least there is a kitchen garden out back, but she longs for the forests, fields, and streams. The city was seeming trying to enclose her. Here the streets were cobbled, the private gardens were walled away, and the trees seemed as unhappy as she was.

At mealtime she picked listlessly at her food. The only activity that brought her respite was the concocting of ointments and salves for healing.

Cynil then went out to the kitchen garden and moved along to rows of herbs and vegetables growing there. She used her dagger at on rosemary bush to loosen the soil where it had been trample on so that it was binding the roots and keeping the water from getting to them. She also trimmed away a branch that was not doing well, for someone walking by had broken it, but cutting it away opened up other branches to get more light.

She carried the small branch of rosemary with her and inhaled the pungent aroma of the herb. Its clean fresh scent lifted her spirits, as she continued her tour of the garden, tending to this and that plants as needed. She finally came to the end of the garden and found a place to sit on a low stone wall the surrounded the garden.

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 16:05:59.

Not Dragon Mistress
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All for a Fletcher.

Rayne thinks about what she had heard of the about the Fletcher. The speaks to Magma and Ultok, "My need for that fletcher behooves me to do something about his current prediciment. To work in a brothel to repay a debt makes poor use of his skills for which he is usually well paid. When we are done I would like to see what I can do about getting him back to work."

Either she would pay to free him or negotiate for his releae for long enough to conplete the work whe needed from him.

She does pick up several needed personal items and is equally curious of the exotic goods store. A most interesting establishment made of many merchants seeing their own goods--more like a bazaar--a bazaar of the bizzare

Posted on 2007-04-01 at 19:01:45.
Edited on 2007-04-01 at 19:06:18 by Brianna

Eol Fefalas
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Down and Out in Star Falls

“I’m washin’ the blinkin’ dishes,” the gruff, little halfling barked in response to the rather snarky orders that the Dwarves & Babes kitchen manager had just given, “get off me blinkin’ back, a’ready!

Ye big folk’re terrible ‘bout yer eatin’ habits, ye know that, don’t ye,” he continued his tirade even as he climbed back up on the stool that allowed him to reach into the wash tub, “Leavin’ all manner o’ smears an’ bits on yer plates; tappin’ off yer pipes in the blinkin’ taters! I gotta scrape all that slop off ‘fore the dishes c’n be washed proper, now, don’ I?”

Even as he wiped his hands on his apron and reached for a stiff-bristled brush to set about the task he had just groused about, Delthak Rydenham – whom, these days, was better known to most as Divot – cursed himself for the circumstances that had led him to this fortune. Despite the disapproval of most folk back home and to the great despair of his Ma, Divot had struck out for a life of adventure rather than ‘rot by the fireside and grow fat an’ roly-poly’. Sure, he’d spent most of his career rutting around in tiny little tunnels, rooting out goblins and other nasties… doing things that Pa would swear that no self respecting Halfling would stoop to… but it had been a good career and it had rewarded him well. And, Pa be damned, he’d seen things that no “self respecting Halfling” could ever hope to see by napping in the clover and eating cakes by the wagon-load. Where had it all gone wrong, then?

“Likely, when I found meself in Star Falls an’ actually listened ta Ma’s wee, small voice, in me head, is when,” Divot muttered, angrily scrubbing a nasty smear of dried egg yolk from a plate. “Settle yerself down, now, Del,” he sneered, imitating his mother’s voice, “time for ye ta stop wanderin’. Why not open yerself a shop if adventurin’ still strikes yer fancy?

Aye,” he spat, dunking the now clean plate in the rinse bucket, “open a shop, make yer coin, an’ lose blinkin’ everythin’ fer the sake o’ one stupid wager! Settle down, indeed! I’d’ve been better off if I’d’ve ne’er listened ta that woman!”

“Oy!” Divot snapped as the kitchen manager sauntered through once more and complained about the speed at which he was doing his job; “I said ta get off me blinkin’ back, din’t I?! If I’m not doin’ it fast enough for ye, then gimme my blinkin’ axe back an’ we’ll see just how quick I can get ‘em done, then, eh?!”

((OOC: There’s Divot, folks… not much to do but wash dishes and wait at this point but, by buttered bums, I had ta post somethin’!!! ))

Posted on 2007-04-02 at 13:22:40.

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Boredom has gotten the better......

Niamedris bounces around the room as Halia Sits on her bed and taps her foot. It seems boredom had finally got the best of them. The money in her pocket was begging to be spent on stuff really not needed. She remembered hearing something about Exotic Delights shop and decides that is where she will start. She gathers what she needs and calls Niamedris to follow her. She locks the door behind her and head off to the market.

She stops at various other places but found nothing of real interest. She wanted something Exotic. So she headed off to her best bet. She Entered to find a few of her companions.. She browses around the store looking for anything that might interest her enough to spend money. Which apparently wasn’t hard because there was so much she seemed to want. Even though it wasn’t needed. She found a clerk to ask the questions she had.

She approaches him/her and introduces herself. “There are a couple of items that I am looking for in particular. Thunder stones, Tangle foot bag, A ring of Chameleon Power or a ring of Telekinesis, A bag of holding, And perhaps you have a sword of life stealing or sword of sharpness. If you have anything else you think I might find interesting, I would appreciate it if you would point me in that direction! ” She smiles doubting they really have anything she just asked for, but her want to buy things has gotten the better of her once again. This seems to happen every time she is bored.

As she waits for an answer she watches Niamedris playing with a small gem hanging from a string off one of the tables. A nice red colored gem. She figures she will have to buy that before she leaves for her small friend......

Posted on 2007-04-02 at 16:26:08.
Edited on 2007-04-02 at 16:26:53 by Drusillia

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Funny seeing you here.

As they look about the exotic goods shop Rayne talks to them about helping the fletcher out.
"My need for that fletcher behooves me to do something about his current prediciment. To work in a brothel to repay a debt makes poor use of his skills for which he is usually well paid. When we are done I would like to see what I can do about getting him back to work."

You know Rayne that sounds like a splended idea we help him out I'm sure we could get some good bows out of the deal, and I surely need one.As he speaks he finishes his approach to the potions table and does his business with them.Yep I think as soon as we finish here we shouls head over to Dwarves and Babes and see if we can find this Halfling. As he is looking around the room his eye catches the sight of a cat playing with a gem dangeling at a table he is sure it is Niamedris which means Halia must be around.He spies her speaking with one of the dealers.As soon as he is finished with the potion dealer he will catch up with her if he can and invite her along to the Dwarves and Babes.
Hey there Halia couldn't stay locked in that room forever could you.Rayne,Magma and I are going to head over to Dwarves and Babes and see about rescuing the towns fletcher from a bad gambleing bet so we can get some bows made care to join us?

Posted on 2007-04-03 at 02:17:47.
Edited on 2007-04-03 at 02:18:27 by Dragonmist

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A quite place

Conall awoke in the morning and made his way to the common room, had breakfast and after his dealings with Cor were done he made his way to the market place with a small bag of coin. He bought supplies, food rations and such. He then used the rest of the coin to buy bread and other such foods for the street children and a few mothers and their children. “Go find a place to eat in peace for a while. If you have need for anything seek out the temple of Odin, tell them I sent you. They will do what they can.”

The day still early on Conall made his way back to the Inn, he picked at his lunch as he had his breakfast and sat for a while taking a pipe. He then began to wonder if there was a more quite spot other than the common room. When one of the kitchen girls came by to gather the dirty plates Conall asked, “Child is there a place where one can be alone and sit quietly with their thoughts?”

“Yes Milord, behind the kitchen is a small patch of garden. It is used for growing herbs and vegetables but I dare say it could be used for what you seek also.” Conall nodded, and she continued, “If you would fallow me I will take you there now.” Conall stood and the child led the way.

“This will do nicely, thank you child.” Conall stepped into the small garden. Movement caught his eye and he glanced over to one of the small trees. There he watched a small wren as it darted from one branch to the other looking for bugs. Conall stood there for some time, just watching not moving or making a sound. The wren finally moved away and Conall began to stroll around the garden when he came upon the Lady Cynil, “Oh, forgive me. I am sorry; I do not mean to disturb your quite place.” Conall then saw the look upon her face, “One such as you should not carry such heavy thoughts. I can see that they play heavy upon you. In this place how does one let such thoughts carry heavy on one’s soul?” Conall then stepped back and shook his head, “Forgive me once more, I have spoken out of place.” I will go before I do it again. With that Conall gave a bow toward the Lady Cynil.

Posted on 2007-04-03 at 17:16:36.

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