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Deeply worried about Conall and Cor, Cynil took time to look at the map and then considering the trees she had flown over, spoke up about the plan.

"The Forest is deep here, Traveling at night with those who have not the ability to see in lowlight or have darksight would make the trip more difficult. I suggest we move to the road, we can travel faster on the road, even if it is the longer distance. Mayhaps we might run into travelers onthe road who could aid us."

Cynil gather up her pack and weapons and sits on a log with her ears trained to the forest across the river. She sends a Prayer to Jora for the safety of Conall and Cor and the prays that the cannibals be cursed, for their insidious turing of the trees into something Evil.

"Divine Jora," Cynil speaks her prayeres in Druidic, "Plese aid Conall a Paladin of Odin and Cor a Cleric of Odin. Help them to find their way back to us.

And now Divine Jora about these forest folk here across the river. These people defiled the trees of your great forest. They are not fit to live, I am just a Druid and a follower of your ways. I am not a Priestess of yours, but I ask you to curse these cannibalistic forest people for what they have done to descecrate your trees."

Posted on 2008-02-01 at 05:56:06.

Angel Reincarnated
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Listening to her gut....

Halia listened silently as sounds in the distance caught her attention. The prowlers of the night would be out shortly, and myths had warned them of many strange creatures who lurk in the shadows of these lands. The woman listened carefully for familiar sounds and her gaze continously watching their surroundings. Different sounds filled her including the voiced comments of her comrads. Nodding softly to both plans she grabbed the light that was being offered to her and she spoke softly "I thank thee mi'lord" she nodded softly to the one who seemed most in charge of their mission.

Her senses flowing and her weariness beginning to take it's toll since her muscles were starting to cool off just standing here. In turn she voiced her opinion "It's getting late with each passing moment, and our muscles are cooling reminding our bodies how weary we are. The sooner we find a safe zone in which to rest. The more ready we'll be if anything should happen. Let us move swiftly for the air warns me of trouble to pass through here shortly." she fell silent and continued to look about their surroundings carefully. Halia listened to the warnings in her heart, and would push back the thoughts of weariness until they were in a safer location.

Posted on 2008-02-02 at 14:59:25.

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Into the forest.

With Halias warning of feeling that trouble would be passing their area shortly, and the fact that she was right the longer they stood around the more they would cool down. So moving to the group with Divot at his side Ulthok speaks I think we realy have no choice here we must move out and seek out this city and the first passage is through this forest to the west so if all are ready it is time we moved out. Halia here is my wand it will light your way, it is best if you keep it low to light your foot path and in that way should not hinder anyones dark vision. I shall head out and scout the way but we must stay due west to reach the road.
With that he at first transforms into a wolf for he wants to be able to move quickly through the trees but see and hear well. After moving into the forest for about 5 mins he stops at the base of a nice large tree and scans and listens.Then he transform once again this time into a mountian lion so he can climb the tree once up in the tree he will again scan and listen. He will of course also be listening for his party to be coming along very soon.

Posted on 2008-02-06 at 11:04:28.
Edited on 2008-02-06 at 11:05:31 by Dragonmist

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Round One for two, a long walk for five

With Ulthok’s idea agreed to in principle by all and Haila’s urging that they should move quickly the Halfling Mage/Thief still able to polymorph himself did so taking the form of a wolf. To the west he moved followed closely by the other four members, Haila in the lead with Ulthok’s Wand of Illumination.

The ten miles to the road for those yet in their true shape was slow going, though the tree’s were not of the type found at the river campsite yet they were still daunting and so progress was slowed, it would take these four a good five to six hours to reach the forest edge.

Ulthok found himself able to move quickly his wolf form not in any way hampered by the large trees. With occasional stops to transform into a mountain lion to climb trees and scout, he soon found himself at the edge of the forest only a short 4 miles from the road north. Though he had moved fast, he knew his spell was close to ending as two, ½ hours had passed. With the party at least another two to three hours behind him the choice for the halfling now was either to continue to the road and wait for the others to catch up or to return to his normal form and set up a camp here at the forest’s edge.

The halfling knew without saying it aloud that with the events at the river camp site, the brief battle and the hard travel through the woods that the others behind him would most certainly be exhausted by the time they reached him. Stay or go the halfling a choice to make.

With a loud cry of “KIAI” Tomiki, hesitated not and attacked full into the band of twelve surrounding the wounded warrior. His shout having for the moment stunned nine out of the twelve he still had to face three others who quickly moved to engage the Samurai.

Surprise and quickness to his advantage Tomiki was able to attack first this round and was rewarded with two clean hits both causing both attackers to quickly move backwards and away from his blade. Where the katana had cut his new enemies Tomiki could see that instead of blood a thick liquid the color of a light yellowish sap flowed slowly forth.
Though hurt the two bark skinned warriors were yet in the fight as was, his third opponent whose attack from the samurai’s left side was a close but clean miss.

Two enemies hurt but not down, a third to his left and nine more about to enter the fray Tomiki Kenji, Samurai, warrior of the Bushido Islands, Master of the arts of Ki, knew that if it be so it was a good day to die.

Cor prayed in silence to Odin for the speed to reach his wounded friend not yet knowing what danger Conall faced.
'Odin grant me speed. Allow that I reach him in time. Take my life if it will save his.'
With the words, echoing in his head the dwarf Knight Cleric found himself breaking into a full sprint. Paying no heed to the branches and shrubs that seemed to try to clutch at him and hold him in place. Using his whole body, braches drawing lines of blood upon his face and hands, he ignored it all seeking only to reach the Paladin’s side.

Then ahead of him he caught the sound of metal on metal and knew he was close, clearly, Conall was alive and on his feet. With only a few short yards to go Cor would be beside his friend the round after next and together they would stand as one.

Conall, dizzy, in pain, but awareness slowly coming back, heard the sound of a battle around him. His head raised and eyes open he at first did not understand what it was he was seeing, a man with features he had never seen before, wearing what appeared to be some sort of faded dress with loose pants underneath was engaged with twelve enemies.

Enemies upon a closer look with the features of the Stranger from the riverside camp site and though he was in much pain, missing a leg, Conall knew to lay as he was and let the lone man face the bark skinned Strangers could not be allowed.
His shield to him, the top grasped for use as a crutch, the Paladin raised himself to his feet and picked up his fallen sword, ready to fight as best he could.

(OOC: Ok once again good posting but 1-2 points on actions.
Brianna in your post last week you said you were healing any who needed it and then yourself, unfortunately you did not have any healing spells available other then one Cure Serious. If you wish to use it let me know on who but as no one is seriously hurt or in danger of dying it might be better saved but that is up to you. If you do choose to cast it just to speed things up Divot is the lowest on hit points, but again in no danger of dying.

Keeper just to clarify you will not reach the clearing this week but will next week as its all by rounds right now and not turns.)

DM OOC: Just to let those of you on the eastern side of the river know feel free to post that you make it through the woods with no trouble, except speed wise, and to the meeting with Ulthok. If you decide to camp I will cover that in my next post.

Posted on 2008-02-07 at 05:46:56.
Edited on 2008-02-08 at 03:55:29 by TannTalas

Keeper of Dragons
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Cor heard the sounds of battle and pushed himself to a full charge. Whatever he ran into would rue the day it attacked his friend.

DM OOC: Keeper as your in combat rounds right now you can do things like cast spells, drink a potion etc...
You may have a spell or two that could help you in the coming battle.

Posted on 2008-02-08 at 01:33:53.
Edited on 2008-02-08 at 03:58:33 by TannTalas

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… supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.

Being fearless even in the face of overwhelming numbers, Kenji stayed on the offensive against his opponents. With the wounded man at his back, he fiercely attacked the three that were upon him.

Starting from his jodan kamae (high guard) position he attacked one of the two wounded opponents with a jodan giri (high cut) towards the head, this fluid motion continued into a kesagiri (diagonal) cut towards the chest of the second wounded man, and continuing his flowing sword movement he let the action carrying him into a chudan tsuki (middle level thrust) at the new unharmed opponent. Taking a step back he unconsciously performed a chiburi (blood swipe) of the blade flicking it to fling off any ‘blood’ of these creatures; he kept his sword in a katate hanmi gamae (one handed angled guard) waiting - on guard.

He didn’t think of them as men but as creatures, the color of their ‘blood’ was a telling sign that these things were indeed oni (demons) or some other unnatural things.

Twelve of these things against one wounded man was not honorable under any circumstances. If they wanted the man dead then they should have challenged him openly with their best warrior, but unnatural creatures without souls would have no concept of honor.

Posted on 2008-02-08 at 13:42:09.

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At the Ends of the Forrest.

In his altered form Ulthok made short work of traveling through the forest. He found the way to be easy for him in his wolf form and several times along the way he stops changes into the mountain lion in order to climb a tree for a better vantage point to scout about. He finds that the others should have an uneventful trip although it will be much harder and much more tiring on them. Upon reaching the forest edge he finds that he is still about an hours good walk from the road north. Although the trees are gone they still will have the open bushland to travel before reaching the road. When the rest reach where he is now he knows all will be exhausted and he feels they will be far enough from the camp site and its strange trees and strange caretaker that they should be able to stop and take at least a short rest here before finishing their trip into Main.

So the little halfling makes a decision to prepare for the others arivial by setting camp here and when they do arrive a short rest could be had. So he decides to set camp as best as he can here. Changing back into his own form he sets about first to gather a small amount of firewood to set a fire if they want. He will also use his tracking ability to scour the area around where he wants to set camp to see if there are any kind of tracks he may pick up on either humanoid or animal. He will be keeping an eye out for any small game trails he might see showing that small animals are using it to travel. If he finds a game trail he will using his ability to make and set traps set a couple of small game traps to try and snare some fresh meat for the party. So with some firewood gathered and a couple of small game snares set the halfling settles in for the long wait for the rest of the party to catch up with him.

As he is waiting he will standing at the edge of the woods put out his usual call for Omensamen he would if nothing else like the company of the great owl. Waiting patiently she shows herself after a brief period and flies in and lands this time at Ulthoks feet since he is sitting on the ground with his back against a tree. He welcomes his friend as always and then reaching into his pouch produces one of the treats he always carries for her. After feeding the owl they commune for a brief period Omensamen departing any information she may have gathered for him.He had asked the great owl to see if she could determine if the party was being followed in any way as well as to scout ahead for any dangers.

(OOC: I believe the instructions I gave to Omensamen about watching to see if we where being followed as well as to scout for danger are in a post somewhere just before the now famous camp site or just after we landed but it's there somewhere)

So as they sit there Ulthok scratches the owls head and back and the great bird flutters about and turns it's body this way and that to be sure her master scratches her in all the right places. Ulthok always feels at ease and at peace whenever he and the owl are together he is not sure but he feels that their bond is somewhat stronger than most wizards and familaries bonds may be for they where brought together in an instance of need more than just by a familiar spell cast to bring a mage and an animal together. Ulthok thinks back to that day when he was searching for a familiar and preparing to cast his spell. He was right in the middle of casting when this huge owl literally fell out of the sky and into his lap not sure what had happened or what was going on Ulthok completed his spell which upon completion brought no other animal than the bird that had fallen on him.

Confused by the events he started to look the owl over for it had not left and was still sitting where he had put it near him.Upon inspecting the bird he found it was in danger of dying for it had been shot with an arrow that had clipped it's wing that was why it had fallen into his lap it's wing was broken and the owl had a gash in its breast that had been bleeding. Not being familiar with animal healing especially a bird he seeks out a local druid healer who was know in the parts he was at present calling home.Bringing the bird to the druid to be healed they where both surprised when his attempt to do so was unsuccessful. So the Druid showed him how to set the birds wing and he became the birds nurse till it was healed. During those long weeks while he changed the owls dressings over its wounds and keep the set wing exercised and strong the two developed a strong bond of friendship.

Then on the day he was to set the owl free it didn't seem to want to go, but eventually and reluctantly it did. The next day it so happened was the day that Ulthok could once again cast his spell to seek a familiar which he did, and to his surprise lo and behold when he did who should appear but the very owl he had just nursed back to health and only yesterday released back into the wilds. They where both surprised but quite happy about the turn of events.

A sudden small noise brought Ulthok back to today and reality one of his snares had been set off. So with Omensamen on his shoulder he ventures off to see what he had trapped. There was a nice size rabbit type animal in his snare that would make for some nice eating. So with his dagger he quickly dispatches the animal and quickly skins and cleans it. Finding a nice green branch that would make a good spigot for turning and roasting he puts his catch over the limb and binds it securely into place. Now he had to prepare a small cooking fire.Now not wanting to advertise that he is here especially out towards the now open field that is behind him and leads to the north road that is not to far distant.

So moving back into the woods about 100 feet or so he takes his bed roll and with some branches and rope and trees he sets up a kind of lean to with his bedroll to keep the main part of the fire from direct view.
Now with his hidy hole set he digs a small pit and puts the small kindling wood in and with his flint and steel kit strikes himself a small fire. Once burning he will feed it but will continue to keep it as small as he can but still big enough to use to cook the meat. He asks Omensamen to keep watch for him out towards the road to be sure no one or nothing approaches him from that direction. So with her set to watch he sets up his little cooking apparatus and starts to cook his catch. So with his great owl watching his back and the rest of his party still a couple of hours behind him the little halfling Ulthok will roast the meat he has caught in order to let the rest of his party have at least a small hot meal when they reach where he has set camp. Then they could decide what they wanted to do next.

Posted on 2008-02-10 at 12:58:40.
Edited on 2008-02-10 at 13:03:48 by Dragonmist

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The Druidess was in her element and she moved to the front of the group. "Please allow me to find the best path, along with Rayne."

She will use her knowledge and feel of the forest to help pick the best path through trees and the terrain. She might have been humming a cheerful tune, except that her mind was more on the missing members, Cor, Rayne's owl, and Conall--mostly on Conall.

Posted on 2008-02-10 at 17:15:45.
Edited on 2008-02-12 at 23:21:19 by Dragon Mistress

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


The natural forest held no fears for Rayen. Respect yes but not fear. As a Ranger, Rayne is more in her element here than in any city or town. The sounds and scents of the flora and faune were like coming home to a fire and dinner for most folks.

She helps ster the party though the easiest route she can locate by scouting scouts ahead and checking back to report to the others. Cynil too finds the going familiar and comfortable and helps out the others. If need be Rayne climbs a tree to check out the starts to make sure they are headed in the right directions.

Rayne keeps whistling for Arwen ever ten to fifteen minutes minutes hoping that he is searching for her. afraid wither that he is hurt somewhere and cannot fly though there is the possibility that he ws killed but she tries not to think of that possibily. Though as hours pass without any sign or Arwen it gets harder to keep the thoughts of him being dead out of her mind. She then comes up with another possibility to keep her hope alive, he could be still on the other side of the river hunting for her. H might then try.

Posted on 2008-02-11 at 02:03:21.
Edited on 2008-02-11 at 02:29:46 by Brianna

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Following tracks...

Haila wasn't stupid when it came to nature, and she would follow the fresh tracks on the ground that she examined when Ulthok had transformed the first time, occasionally the prints would change into those of a mountain lion, yet she remained silent and continued following the tracks. Wand of illumination in her hand she kept it low to follow the path their comrade had created. Occasionally she would glance over her shoulder to make sure everyone was sticking together. Keeping her thoughts on the task at hand, of finding Ulthok, she wouldn't allow thoughts of grief to creep into her mind. Soundlessly she moved following the paths. Momentarily glancing up above her head in search of much. Licking the dryness from her lips Halia moved soundlessly through the brush. Eventually she began to sing softly to herself, the song she remembered from her childhood.

Posted on 2008-02-12 at 13:46:32.

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Round two for some / Night and Day for the rest. Time to find a 7/11

The next 2 1/2 hours moved slowly for the four party members yet traveling within the forest. With Halia somewhat in the lead with the Wand of Illumination and both Cynil and Rayne helping they moved faster then expected and finally exited the forest to find themselves awaited on by Ulthok. Sensing the need for all of them to rest, he had set up a small camp with a fire, food of his own cooking for all and places cleared for them to sleep.
With bellies full and guards set the party rested, yet Rayne still having seen nothing of her companion Arywn though tired slept fitfully and was awake before the rise of the sun to sit with Halia as she was last on watch.

Then as normal the sun slowly climbing up into morning, the party rose and moved on towards the road. Within an hour’s time, the relative openness of their path making for good time, they reached the road and began to move north towards the town of Main.

Conall was up; his sword swinging before the bark skinned Strangers realized that the Paladin was far from out of this fight. His surprise attack unblocked he cleanly sliced into the back of one Stranger cutting him across the spine and dropping him to the ground. His second swing though a miss had gained the attention of the rest and he now found himself facing the others. With four Strangers turned his way he did his best to avoid their attacks and was lucky with three but not the fourth, the Strangers blade striking him a cut deep into his side. Hurting and once again bleeding from a new wound he yet would not give up the fight....

Tomiki watched as the man he had chosen to fight for had stood and incredibly taken one of these bark skinned creatures down. With the armored man’s surprise attack four of the now eleven Strangers had turned back to attack him, only one scoring a hit. Finding himself facing now only seven of the eleven, two of which were wounded, he chose to quickly, from a high guard position, to once again attack the same two as before.

His first strike once again successful he watched as his Katana cleanly severed the head from the first of his targets. His swing continued he aimed it into the second wounded Strangers chest, gorging a deep cut, and again was rewarded with the death of a second. But things were different on his third attack as the unwounded Stranger had moved quickly and Tomiki’s attack did miss.

With his attacks over the Samurai now found himself on the defense as the last five came at him all at once from every side.
A sword to his head a miss!!
A sword to his ribs deflected!!
A sword aimed for his back dodged!!
A sword to his left leg, a hit!!
A sword to his chest blocked!!
And then the attacks were over as the five Strangers regrouped for the next round. Though the pain in his leg was strong, the sword having cut deep, he had been lucky that nothing serious had been hit. Though for the first time bleeding Tomiki Kenji was far from being down and out....

Cor running as fast as his stubbing legs could carry him heard the closer sounds of steel on steel and knew within moments he would be by his friend’s side.Bursting from the trees into a small clearing, he took in the sights before him.

Conall, a leg missing, was facing four of the same type of creatures as the one he had killed at the river campsite, a fifth, dead, lying just to the right of the Paladin.

A Man in a strange dress type outfit wearing no armor and bleeding from a wound in the leg facing another five with two apparent dead Strangers at his feet.

Clearly, the question now for Cor having enough enemies to choose from was which ones to attack first, but for any knowing the relationship between the Dwarf and the Paladin the answer was obvious. Cor finally on the scene attacked.

(OOC: Ok everyone good posting, though Keeper’s was a mite short . One thing I wanted to remind you all of is the time frame between the two parties is very different.
Cor, Tomiki and Conall’s action is still taking place at night while for the rest of you it is already morning of the next day. Please keep that in mind.
Next post next Wednesday)

Posted on 2008-02-14 at 06:44:03.
Edited on 2008-02-14 at 06:53:32 by TannTalas

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Decisions, decisions

Cor busrt into the clearing and beheld a most inetersting site. Connel stood on but one leg facing his attackers. Such was to be expected from the paladin; he would fight to the last. Nearly a dozen (Cor didn;t bother to take time for an accurate count) of the same strange men as before stood in the clearing engaged in battle. The last person was a bit of a mystery. Certainly Cor had never seen one dressed or armed in such a manner. Friend or foe he did not know for sure but as the strange men seemed to be fighting against him for the moment the enemy of my enemies is my friend axiom held. Cor would count him as a potential ally.

From the look of things, Connel was in bad shape and Cor did not pause to make an attack but instead made straight for his friend. Upon his lips were the words of a heal spell. It would not bring back the missing leg but it would at least give Connel a fighting chance.

Posted on 2008-02-14 at 23:31:12.

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"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.....

Kenji raised an eyebrow at the way the last opponent managed to sidestep his thrust as he came back into a guard stance waiting for the counter attack he knew was coming.

He whirled and ducked and dodged as his remaining five opponents attacked him from all sides. He grimaced in anger and pain at the strike that cut his upper left leg, but when he moved it hurt but didn’t seem to hinder his movement much. He calmed himself inside, using his Ki to lessen the pain and concentrate on the battle that was not yet done.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kenji caught the image of a short armored man rushing into the clearing and at first the samurai thought there was another opponent to deal with, but he saw that the figure was headed straight for the ones surrounding the wounded man and he realized that the new arrival must be an ally of the man. He was glad as it didn’t look like his opponents would be giving him much of a chance to aid the wounded man.

Holding his Katana, “Tetsumeka”, in his right hand, he drew his Wakazashi, “Sashoujoshu”, with his left hand. He took a deep breath and attacked the five men around him, with such odds against him he fought now to break through the surrounding circle of attackers. He spotted the nearest decent sized tree and with a faint in the opposite direction, he suddenly used his speed to attack those in the direction of that nearest tree.

Kenji attacked with the Senpuu ‘whirlwind’ attack, used with two swords and when surrounded by enemies. He would use his speed and the ferociousness of his attack to try and win his way through the enemy before him. He counted on the faint, and the sudden speed in the opposite direction to delay any back attack on him as he attempted to break free on the side of his interest.

His swords lashed out left and right and any person or body part that came within range. If he managed to cut through he would put his back up against the tree so that no one could come at him except from the front and sides.

If he made it to that tree, he would glance at the wounded man and his diminutive rescuer to see how they faired, but it would only be a short glance as he would wait for his opponents to now come to him in a more defensible position.

Posted on 2008-02-15 at 18:08:31.
Edited on 2008-02-15 at 18:12:14 by YeOlde

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A Long Walk - and Deep Thoughts

Ulthok had finished preparing the area so the others would be able to relax upon their arrival as well as eat a nice warm meal that he had prepared from the game he had caught, he hoped this would relax the group and prepare them for whatever might lay ahead in the next couple of days, for with the group now separated and he thinks for the first time there was no telling what the next couple of days would bring good or bad they had to be prepared to face it.

So when the others did arrive about 21/2 hours latter they where feed a warm meal and found he had prepared sleeping areas for each. After the meal and when watch had been set and all where preparing to sleep Ulthok sought out Althena for he wanted to speak with her and see if he could find out what had happened to her and if she had any memory of the last few days. Finding her preparing to sleep he approached.

My Lady if it be no hardship on you I wonder if I may speak with you for a brief moment before you sleep? If she agrees he will sit down and start I don't want to sound as if I'm being intrusive into your life however I am wondering if you can tell what happened to you over the last few days since we left the city and started our journey up river.For to us you where lost and we could not communicate with you at all.
Not being familiar with the powers you posses I can't help but wonder if your state of withdrawal was one that was self inflicted in order to seek out answers,for I have seen such things in the past or where you possibly under some sort of attack to which we had no way of knowing, and was there something we could have done to help you?
With both the others now missing I feel it is my duty to for now take over as your protector at least until we either rejoin with Cor and Conall or know what has happened to them. If you find my question to be in bad taste I do apologize but I only wish to be of service to you as I have pledged service to our king, and since you are his representative here I feel it is my duty to protect you as i would him.

With his question asked of the Lady Althena Ulthok sits quilty in her presence either until she answers him or tells him to leave her. When he returns to the area where he had prepared to sleep the first thing he will do is get out his book Babcock's Blessed book and prepare for the marrow, sitting crossedleged he quilty reads his spells and slowly commits the words, images, and movements needed to complete each one.After which he will attempt to sleep until it is his turn to watch at which time he will rise and take his place at watch. When the sun does rise and the night has passed with no incidents he quickly packs all his stuff and they head out. Ulthok quickly assumes the lead and he puts divot at the back to watch there backs, so off they head four ladies with two short males one leading one behind.

With their path now open they did make good time and while it was still early the party did step out upon the road which lead them to the village of Main. With them being upon the road now and with more room to travel they did tend to group together more rather than in single file, and as they made their way rapidly down the road to their new destination Ulthok knew that each and everyone of there thoughts where one and the same How and Where, were there two missing friends and if one could feel such a thing they would have felt all the good energy that this group was emitting in an attempt to pass good will to those who were missing and to guide them safely to where this group was now headed.

OOC: What follows here is Ulthok's reminiscing about a night aboard the ship which brought the party to this land in search for the sword, it really does not play into what is happening right now, but I always like to build on what makes my character think and act the way he does and to give the other players some insight into my characters um Character.
{As they marched forward in silence each lost in their own thoughts Ulthoks as usual can't help but think back to a time when Cor had help the halfling when he was in a very bad way not so much physically but mentally. Ulthok had always carried some hevey mental baggage over the death of his younger brother to which Ulthok was witness to and had always blamed himself for. This baggage had often crept up on the halfling when he least expected it and had hindered him sometimes at very inopportune times. Although it had never interfered with his duties or his skills when he was needed often afterwards he would be caught off guard. This is what had happened when on the sailing ships they had taken at the beginning of this trip they where attacked by what at first seemed to be pirates of some type but ended up being some form of carnivorous sea life which got those on the ship to throw themselves overboard only to be eaten by these creatures.

Ulthok had polymorph ed into a whale and was underwater trying to save some of the ships crew when he was himself attacked as he was battling for his life he was joined by and help by one giant named Samson who the group had rescued along with the druid Cynil from the caves where they had also rescued Althens. Ulthok had escaped with Samson help but as he made his way to safety the giant was overwhelmed by the sea creatures and taken down to his death.

Well after that battle that night as the ship made it's way through a storm a storm was also raging in Ulthoks mind another friend who had come to his aid was now dead and he could for the life of himself not reconcile this for he could not see why others who he knew to be good and righteous people would lose their lives while he kept on surviving and to him it seemed like he was the one who should be dead not them. In a moment of great weakness the halfling had almost convinced himself that in order for this travesty to end and never happen again it would be best if he himself died and as he wandered the decks of the storm tossed ship with these self destructive thoughts running through his mind he came across Cor.

Cor who with his insights could tell that the halfling was fighting some internal demons. With quite determination Cor did manage to get Ulthok to bare his tormented sole to the Cleric and upon doing so had found in himself the answer to his troubles, but he did not recognize it at that moment, The Cleric Cor However understood the halflings burden and in doing so put forth to Ulthok some words that at that exact moment he did not truly understand, but that night as the halfling fell into a deep fitful sleep the Clerics faithful words did bring about their desired effect, and through what seemed at first to be a nightmare of historic proportions, did in it's end show Ulthok his salvation showed him how his thinking had been twisted and how in the long run, in the scheam of all things it was those around him who had made the decisions that had lead to their deaths and that it had nothing to do with him, that his influence played no part in their actions.

Anyways the Halflings burden was lifted and he saw things in a whole new light Cor had probably saved his life that night, and did not even know it. Ulthok did decide at that moment that he should if he has the opportunity in the future to let the cleric know how he had helped in that night.

Now however Ulthoks deep thoughts where broken when his friend and companion Omensamen flies up and takes roost on his backpack.
OOC: Sorry I am running out of time before work but I still need to post my spells taken in last nights reading and will do so this evening in the Q&A section Thanxs.

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Cynil is grateful for what the Halfling had done for them and she politely accepts the food and a place to rest. She takes the time to renew her spells and pray for their missing members.

In the morning she plans to turn into a horse, and if the Halfling could do the same, then they could travel faster, even though they both carry double. Divot could ride on his brother with the heaviest of the females and Cynil could carry the other two. After eating she goes to the Halfing with her plan.

"Ulthok, if you and I change into horses tomorrow, then we can speed out trip to the town. You can carry your brother and the heaviest of the females and I will take the other two."

After any reply fsrom him she goes to where Ulthok and made a bed for her and she wraps her cloak about her and falls to sleep with her staff in her hand, until it is time for her to go on watch.

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