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Lysora, Goddess of Healing

May our hands and hearts restore and aid the sanctity of the world. -Lady Marion Milborn, Priestess of Lysora, Reverent Spiritess

Sphere of influence:
light blue, white
A thornless rose
Granted powers:
All heal spells gain +1 per die, cast cure light wounds once per day, cast slow poison once per day
Allowed alignments:
Any good
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Studded Leather or lighter
Other Names:
Sacred Mother, Reverent Lady of Spirits, Lissentoria by Sylvari, Gamal Pandar (The Great Mender) by Khordaldrum, Blue Lady by Cidals, She who Birthed All People by Slaa'kar, Lauriel by Brathunspar, Lannal by Ungoulid

Lysora is the consort of Rydor. Her clerics are the only ones regularly granted the more powerful healing spells.

Clerics of Lysora are often found among the sick and needy, where they spread their lady's blessings without expectation of repayment. Obviously, they are considered to be a great boon to any army, but Lysorans are very careful about what sorts of conflicts they support. Servants of this goddess often fill a community's need for midwives, surgeons, and other healing-related offices.

Lysora is considered to be one of gods most involved in the day-to-day lives of mortals, and her worship is widespread, especially in Coria and Sylvaria. She sometimes chooses to speak both to and through selected followers with dreams and visions.


Lords and ladies of Lysora are the tenders of life. Our hearts and hands uplift and aid the afflicted. Sorrows of the mind and body call us to sooth their pains. Life and harmony are sacred.

Lysora appears as a caring and loving lady. Her eyes are soft of need and support, sparkling clear and blue. Her robes are of white silk with blues within their folds. Hair the white of swan down floats around her. Lysora reveals a deep sadness and fondness within her movements and looks.

Clerics and followers of Lysora tend towards the use of magics and arts that heal wounds of the mind and spirit. Many of these clerics are experts in healing, alchemy, herbalism, and knowledges of the religious and arcane.

Fellowships of Lysora include the following:

Communion of Reverent Spirits: Ladies and lords of this communion seek to heal all of mankind regardless of station. Their churches are simple, exuding the patience and piety of Lysora. Life in all of its forms is sacred to this communion. As they tend to people, so to do they tend to their gardens, surrounding their churches and holy places with gardens of flowers and vegetables. One of the most beautiful of these temples resides near Willow Pool in Pardinal. Their gardens of roses bloom yearlong in dedication to Lysora.

League of Wayfarers: This league of Lysora's followers have taken to the road and hidden ways to seek to help others. The Wayfarers formed in reaction to learning of Garghas' minions travelling the world in secret. These healers blend into the world around them, helping when they can, yet always remaining hidden. They have many abilities and hobbies which help hide them, including talespinning, cooking, dancing, sewing, and bartending. Wayfarers follow in the footsteps of Tabilin Farwalker, a kender who first found the Blue Lady and wrote her words of wisdom through a meandering of the world. In her journals, she details how to find and help those in need without ever being uncovered by the dark things of Audalis.

Knights of Aina'rutha: These knights are powerful clerics who seek to end the tyranny and evil of the dark and undead. The Aina'rutha, or Holy Anger, was founded by two clerics: Gilmandrion, priest of Solanis, El'endar, and Amiolia, priestess of Lysora, Coria. The two met in Quevin to answer the aid of the council under attack by dark forces. Together, they worked to banish the darkness and heal the injured. After the terror passed, the two spoke with others and soon a following was formed. Members typically are elven and human, though some dwarves have come to the call.

The thornless rose of Lysora comprises a multitude of pale blue and white stars. To locate, look for the straight line of four brilliant stars, Lenia, Elyath, Ariana and Audria, equidistant between the serpent of Tryannis and Shinara's circle of tiny red stars. While the smaller stars that pick out the leaves and petals are only usually visible on the clearest of nights, Audria, the heart of the rose, is one of the brightest objects visible in the night sky. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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