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Alvareon, Goddess of Prophecy and Fate

Sphere of influence:
Prophecy, fate
Blue, yellow
An hourglass with yellow sand on top and blue sand on bottom
Granted powers:
cast augury once per day, at fourth level, may cast divination once per week
Allowed alignments:
any neutral
Allowed weapons:
staff, sling, dart, whip
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
Eternal Oracle, Mistress of Sands, Keeper of Time, Illnalda by Sylvari, Gamelu Xoth (Ancient Knowledge) by Khordaldrum, The Watching One by Cidal
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Prophecy, fate
Knowledge, Fate, Divination, Time
Favored Weapon:
Slap of Fate (sling)

As vast as the power of prophecy is, Alvareon seeks to remain apart from the world. Her limitless sight pulls her away from the other deities. To them, she is shy and timid, a goddess that fears attention or reprisal. But to her followers and chosen priests, she is a goddess of quiet contemplation and calmness.

Alvareon sees the fate of all things. From her whispering voice come the prophecies all of things, including the machinations of the pantheon. It is through her uncanny ability to see all that she became a member of the pantheon.

Alvareon keeps her knowledge secret and hidden. She simply wishes to watch the world without causing many changes to it. To this end, few who attempt to catch her eye actually succeed in gaining her interest and those who do often die before she truly begins to accept them.

One in a sole few, who truly wish to become her disciples, do attain her grace. These followers are young, chosen at the moment of their birth. Each bears a holy symbol upon them of an hourglass on their foreheads. The symbol is small, seeming no more than a blemish or beauty mark. These children have visions their entire lives, flashes that lead them to one of the sacred glades or temples of Alvareon.

These children, now growing into young adults, travel for a vision, an answer to the call of prophecy. However, once they have seen through her all-encompassing vision, they leave the world for fear of interrupting its flow. Many of her disciples become hermits, living in secluded areas. Others join into cabals to see with sightless eyes and understand the fate of all.

Few join the ranks of Alvareon as priests and seers as adults. Though in times of great need, she has touched an older mind and called it to her fold. Those touched need not to have been previous followers of the Eternal Oracle.

Joining the Pantheon
Alvareon began her life as a lady of the southern Sylvari courts. She had always been blessed with the sight, a rarity at the time. She lived among the Sylvari of Maelamin in the once beautiful Kaimelar Minas (Dreamer Tower). One night, she had a terrifying vision of a second war between the Khords and Sylvari. She immediately entered deep meditation. It was then that Bakloran touched her mind. With a war to come, yet nothing planned, it set him in motion to begin the bloodshed.

She knew she could not hold her tongue. And a warning was something Bakloran could use to his advantage. Speaking whispers of terror and war, he twisted her dreams which caused more visions to blossom. The winds of fate answered and a prophecy born. Soon the Sylvari and Khords were warring. Blood soaked the earth in a battle none thought the other would win.

Realizing that she had been used, Alvareon stopped sleeping and began to enter meditations that lasted for weeks. In these, she began to build a new prophecy: the first treaty between the two races. Bakloran was soon foiled, but not without taking his vengeance. With a mighty blow, he felled Alvareon. However, another was watching, Jusarin.

He came upon the fallen lady and gave her the gift of chance bestowed to him by his wife. Grasping the staff, Alvareon used it to write her own prophecy, joining Jusarin in the pantheon as his lesser. Through the ages, she has sought a solitary path of neutrality, to forever keep the power of fate from the wrong hands. Forever she carries the harsh lesson born from war and the greed of others.

Watch and seek understanding. Stand and endure the tempest of time. Walk and leave time unaltered. We are the whispers that study the ripples others make in the rivers of time. We are the wardens of prophecy that know and see all. -Li'anui, Disciple, Oracle of the Sands

Fate and prophecy are powerful forces. We are the those who watch, those who protect. Ours is not the way to enforce prophecy or protect peoples from their fate. Ours is the way of watching, learning, being.

At times, our hand must be moved to action. But we must await the commands of the Eternal Oracle for that.

Avlareon appears as a young lass, little older than a child. Her features still have a Sylvari cast to them from her mortal life. Her hair is silken midnight, dark with highlights of gold and blue. Her skin is pale with a golden tint to it. She rests with closed eyes upon a simple throne. She wears noble garments of flowing silks and velvets with various adornments. When the windws of fate blow, whispers of songs and words can be heard from the shells and stones woven within her hair or hanging from her garments. None have ever seen her eyes, and those that have do not recall their color.

Clerics and followers of Alvareon tend to use magics to see and work fate, time, and prophecy. However, they must never use what they learn to drastically affect the world. They must use this knowledge only to understand and affect small changes. These followers use their gifts to aid the world based on their faction.

The fellowships of Alvareon include the following:


Spinners of Fate: A somewhat chaotic bunch, the spinners twist and turn fate to fit a fractured view of what the world is. They seek neither complete chaos nor complete law, though they do see themselves as the tipper of scales. If situations ever unbalance, the Spinners arrive and begin changing the outcome to a more balanced light. However, some may not like what they consider as balanced. Their vision is greater as spinners for Alvareon.

Oracles of the Sands: The Oracles gather in small temples and sacred places throughout Audalis to divine prophecies. Their temples are calm places filled with incense, winds, and the sounds of Alvareon's whispers. The Oracles gather together, sitting in various positions of meditation. They begin to look into a central pool of water or flame to see their visions. As they see the sights, they speak them while initiates document their words. Many kings, tyrants, holy warriors, farmers, and mercenaries have sought out these temples and their libraries of fate, but very rarely are they found. The Oracles are the largest group of her followers and priests, with most of their temples scattered throughout the lands.

Tormentors of Heaven: The Tormentors are a small group that take great pleasure from knowing the past and future of the world. Their words have an unerring way of coming true, but gaining that prize costs dearly. They earned their name by dangling the prospect of not only knowing but creating their fate before the powerful and affluent or the downtrodden and desperate. Many of the Spinners have come to unbalanced lands only to find the problems arose from the Tormentors. No matter how carefully the other factions search for this one, its followers always remain hidden from sight. None of Alvareon know what their motives are or what they know and do not know. Many do seek to remove them entirely.

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