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Tyrannis, Goddess of Evil and Treachery

With all of your will, throw youself into the Lady's work. Only those willing to give all to our mistress will gain her sweet caress. - Sustran Halivar, Rider of the Dark Tide

Sphere of influence:
Evil, treachery, corruption
dark purple, black
A coiled serpent
Granted powers:
Cast protection from good,10' radius once per day, cast confusion once per day (duration - 4 rounds)
Allowed alignments:
Any evil
Allowed weapons:
Any blunt
Allowed armor:
Other Names:
The Dark Lady, the Corruptor, the Seductress, Tari'ele 'kshnierwes (Queen of the Evil Hive) by Sylvari, Noroghxunder (Dangerous Secret) by Khordaldrum, She who Brings the Darkness by Slaa'kar, Caelis by Brathunspar, Tarkasha by Chindari, Edilphi by Ungoulid

Tyrannis ranks cheif among the evil deities of Audalis. Whether out of loyalty or fear, all of the other dark powers bow to her authority. Worship of Tyrannis is both widespread and open in the country of Sendria; elsewhere, it is less common, and much more secretive.

The Dark Lady works through force and conquest wherever possible, but her true forte is in deceit and manipulation. She constantly looks to further her power by corrupting those who can be compromised.

Particularly important or powerful mortals are sometimes visited by the mortal form of Tyrannis, who appears as a stunningly beautiful, seductively dressed woman with jet-black hair.

Clerics of Tyrannis are a resourceful, relentless lot. They well realize that their mistress has very little tolerance for failure, and therefore throw themselves into their tasks with nearly matchless zeal. Spells are prayed for during the darkness of night.

The church of Tyrannis is well-organized, with each and every priest knowing exactly where he or she stands in the scheme of things. However, the goddess seeks the strongest and most cunning to be her mortal representatives; therefore, there is constant scheming among the faith, and power struggles are not at all uncommon.

Ours is the path of power and rulership. Our dominion is the world. The keys of power are within our reach. Now is the time to take them! Any who wish to stand before us will fall. We will clease the world in our vision and rise from its ashes victorious.

Tyrannis appears as a strikingly beautiful seductress with raven black hair and sapphire violet eyes. She is alluring and tempting, but hidden in the depths of her eyes is the maddening need to destroy and corrupt all in her path. Her appearance sometimes also reveals her true form of a serpent as she has the lower body of a naga, as well as snakelike eyes.

Clerics and followers of Tyrannis tend to follow dark and terrible paths of power. They seek to control all people, all lands. And if they must destroy them first only to rebuild, they will. These corruptors learn dark arts of destruction as well as rites and rituals of knowledge.

The fellowships of Tyrannis include the following: 

Riders of the Dark Tide: The Riders are a terrible force of darkness and terror. They gather the minions of the dead and demonic to their banner to war against the warriors of light. Many in this legion become unholy powers, including vampires, shades, and death lords. They are known for their undead mounts with eyes of purple flame. Only the most powerful and unbalanced of her legions enter this path, for it chains their souls to the Dark Enchantress.

Oracles of Oblivion: The Oracles watch the cosmos and the hearts of people for a chance to corrupt. With darkened visions and magics, they delve deeply into the world to find its hidden truths to taint and twist for their own means. And once they have delivered their seed, they lie in wait and help it grow. Many of Tyrannis' followers take to this path.

Walkers of the Serpentine Labyrinth: The Walkers build and rebuild the world and mythos around them in an attempt to lose all peoples in their webs. The minds and machinations of these followers are considered mad, but only because Tyrannis herself is the only true seer of their logic. Tyrannis began this sect to hide her plots and desires from the rest of the world. Over the ages, the small sect has gained other followers. Some in Tyrannis' church believe that the web connects all of her followers through their dark dreams and desires, but only the Walkers know the truth. New Walkers are rare indeed for this web, as they are selected only by Tyrannis herself.

The constellation of Tyrannis is one of the easier constellations to locate in the night sky. It can be seen rising soon after Rydor, just ahead of the rose of Lysora. The most easily identifiable feature of this constellation is the bright red double star, Vendra that represents the eyes of the serpent. Its slender neck and coiled body consists a number of bright stars, from Tendros, shining brilliant white at its throat, to the intense bluish white gleam of Aragat at the tip of its tail. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to t_catt11 for this contribution!


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