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Light of Conquest

A small group of friends were gathered around a contained crackling fire enjoying the sweet sounds of music floating over the horizon. Discussing their accomplishments of the day; and planning their adventures for tomorrow. They had just graduated from school and they were excited to spread their wings and to explore the world while they decided where they would plant their roots. School would never have been able to prepare the group for what destiny had planned for them.

Deacon glanced up from his drink as he caught her scent. Caramel eyes darted around for his best friend, finally finding her gaze, his breath caught in his broad chest. His heart started racing as she glided gracefully over to him. Long crimson locks countouring her ivory skin pulling his gaze to her stunning almond shaped meadow green eyes. A shy smile found her lips as she lifted two fingers to meet his prominent chin, applying gentle pressure to close his mouth from gaping open.

"Apologies Cora, I have never seen you look so ravishing." As the words left his lips, he gently lifted her hand grazing his lips against her soft skin, placing a gentle kiss on her hand. Offering her the chair beside his, he then sat down beside her whispering to her about his plans for the future. Deacon suddenly turned pale and clenched his teeth, he grabbed Cora's hand in his and pulled her swiftly into the woods nearby. Hissing to the others in a low voice "Put the fire out, they are coming."

Logan rushes to grab the bucket of water they had nearby, dumping it on the blazing fire releasing smoke into the air. His sea blue eyes glazed over as the temperature plummeted to arctic conditions. "Quick, Sage, follow Deacon and Cora" he grabbed their bags and followed his friends into the cover of the forest. A branch slashes across his bicep as he lunged into the heavily wooded area behind the cottage they were staying at while in school.

The Shadows prowled the empty streets in search of their target, as darkness swept across the lands. Creatures scurried into hiding as Shadows approached, hoping to escape their dudgeon. Purple orbs visible beneath their coal black hooded cloaks as they moved with haste to find the person of interest to fulfill their contract. Heavily armed with dual scimitars, they marched towards the fire as they had heard rumours that this is where they would find the person of interest. Low growls emitted from the Shadows as they searched the area the group of humans had just been moments before, crouching to investigate the tracks and scents left behind. 

A sudden whistling sound whooshes from the west of the Shadows and glistening in the moonlight as a throwing knife lands where a Shadow stood momens before. Crouching down drawing their dual scimitars the Shadows growl at the pair that have descended from the trees above, quickly realizing what they were facing they fled back into the darkness to retrace their steps the following night. 

Celestial blue robes appeared behind Deacon, and Cora, another set behind Sage and Logan to prevent them from fleeing. A soft but firm voice emits from the person behind Sage and Logan "You have done well Deacon, in protecting the heir, you shall be rewarded for your dedication. Your services are no longer adequate to protect her, you may now leave"

A look of confusion flashed between Cora, Safe and Logan as the woman spoke to Deacon as if they were old friends. The trio had never heard the voice before nor had they ever seen this woman. Cora turned to Deacon with a terrified look on her face "Deacon who is this woman and what is she talking about. She must have the wrong person"

Deacon lowered his head closing his eyes tightly as he sent himself off to his memories of his youth where he was sworn to protect Cora, who had been shipped overseas to escape the life she was destined to live. He sighed deeply and turned to look into Cora's meadow green eyes, his eyes soften and his voice lowers putting her hands in his "my dearest Cora, I swear I did not anticipate to ever have to leave your side, and I have sworm to protect you, I refuse to leave your side. I will be with you when you discover the truth." Turning to the women in Celestial blue robes he says "I will continue to honour my word, I will not leave her side, you are welcome to join me in protecting her, but I am not leaving her side Oaklynn." 

Cora pulls her hands from his and tears well up in her eyes confused and voice trembling "Deacon, you are scaring me, what are you talking about? Who are these people and who are they talking about? Heir to what? I have known you for my entire life, I don't know any other life, and I have never met these people." 

Deacon turns back to his best friend and pulls her close ensuring her head is resting on resting his chin on her head. "You are not who you think you are sweetheart, and I promise you that my feelings are true for you, I will always be the same person, but you have a lot to learn about who you are, and what you stand for. There are a lot of things that will come to light in the coming days, and know that I am here through all of it." Gently kissing her head he turned back to Oaklynn and spoke firmly "we cannot linger here they will not be scared away for long, they will regroup and come back, where shall we go until morning when we can begin our journey?"

Logan and Deacon followed behind Sage and Cora, with Oaklynn in front of the line and her companion trailing behind keeping guard. Sage and Cora whispering between themselves "I am so scared, I have never seen this side of Deacon. Where are we going and what are they talking about. I don't remember any life before this place. Who am I supposed to be"

Logan turns to Deacon "I truly hope you can trust these people, I hope you can also get time to explain what just happened because I thought I knew you, and you never told me anything about another life."

Posted on 2023-09-24 at 20:20:29.

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