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Parent thread: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
    Messages in Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit
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TRSG 2.0
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It was time to end a favor he'd called in, and possibly ask for a second. He needed to get up to the droid shop on the promenade deck to get this armor, it seamed it was going to be part of the plan no matter what else changed, anyway, he intended to flog it as soon as they got to Alderaan. Should fetch a decent amount on the black market and it shouldn't take to long for him to find a buyer.

"I have to get up to the droid shop then, it shouldn't take long but come with if you can keep your head down."
He then walks out the room with his pistol under his arm ready for the apparently slightly touchy stormies, what with Ara and Ithiria apparently already having scuffled with them. On his way out he passed the two smelly pigs, Gamorreans to be precise, laying dead on the ground.

He then enters the service lift and makes his way up the the promanade deck, cutting his way through the crows he eventuly reaches the doid shop.

Posted on 2009-09-06 at 21:13:40.
Edited on 2009-09-09 at 21:24:10 by Loki

Regular Visitor
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Ithiria snaps out of her daze, having been mediatating in her standing position and just follows the others, her mind wandering wondering if she had been quicker, better trained would mars have fallen, would the others. she was glad the twi'lek lived but many died.

Posted on 2009-09-08 at 18:06:21.

TRSG 2.0
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Hako'ib enters the droid shop and seeks out it's owner and asks to talk to her in private.

"I need to have back my armor, the suit you said you said you'd keep safe for me."

Posted on 2009-09-12 at 16:08:01.
Edited on 2009-09-13 at 23:53:50 by Loki

RDI Fixture
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Getting the armor...

Having made some plans, the ragtag group waited for Hako’ib to retrieve a set of stormtrooper armor. The Twi’lek wasted no time and decided to go it alone. He quickly made his way to the main elevators and headed up to the Promenade. The only interruption to his quiet elevator ride was from a group of four humans, pilots Hako'ib guessed by their flight suits. The men were rowdy and course though, beyond their general sneers and looks of disgust, they left the Twi’lek untouched and got off at Deck N2, two floors before Hako’ib.

When the doors opened to the Promenade, Switch’s right-hand man took the direct route to Mechanical Allies, the droid repair shop owned by By’u, a human female whom Hako’ib has had regular contact over the two years. Hako’ib knows the woman is as loose as a bantha cow in heat, and By’u has made more than one advance towards the Twi’lek.

Still, By’u is one of the best mechanics on the Sel Zonn, and she has no love for the Empire. The mechanic has been holding the trooper armor for Hako’ib for about three weeks as a favor for the Twi’lek for tossing her some high paying business earlier.

Hako’ib enters the droid shop and, as usual, finds By’u tinkering with a protocol droid, her modified Viper-series droid assisting her. How she managed to keep a Viper, much less get her hands on one, Hako’ib has never found out. The Viper whirls and beeps at By’u as the Twi’lek enters the shop.

“Easy, Delco,” B’yu pats the droid as she stands up. She greets Hako’ib, “Hey, baby! Something I can help ya with?” she says while she gives the Twi’lek an appraising, coy look.

“I need to speak with you in private, By’u,” replies Hako’ib.

“Oh! You are naughty, baby! Rawr!” By’u says with a little tiger claw action. Turning to her office, she leads the way, while calling back to Delco, “Keep an eye on things, Del. Oh, and buff out the blast marks on the CP’s shoulder and lower back and that should do it. We might be a bit,” she said with a smile, “so done feel like ya have to rush.”

Once By’u has Hako’ib in her office, she props herself on her desk. “So,” she asks, pushing out her chest a bit. “Whatcha lookin’ for?”

“I need to have back my armor… the suit you said you’d keep safe for me.”

“Uh-huh,” By’u leaning in a little more into Hako’ib’s space. “That all you lookin’ for?”

[OOC: Here you go, Loki... a little RP action for ya. You're more than welcome to stick to the script you posted earlier, and not get side tracked by By'u. Simply post your response and I'll go from there.]

Posted on 2009-09-13 at 22:47:39.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Hope not to hold you up

For the past year By'u had been trying to get him into her office and finally he walks in on the day another twi'lek appears in Switch's blasted hanger. Hako'ib didn't however hide a smile at By'us cat impression, no doubt Karra would actually be able to pull it off so much better, which no doubt got misinterpreted by By'u as an invitation.

"I'm going to cause a bit of trouble on Blue Deck."
He paused and his mouth was instantly transformed into a slightly evil smile, before a sad one took it's place.

"I'm heading to Alderaan, Ganga Lor attacked us and Switch got disabled, could you do what you can for him?. I can't pay you now but when I get to Alderaan I promise I'll send some credits your way."
There was no thought By'u wasn't attractive, she was, but he'd avoided this precarious situation for a year and now when he could finally be getting off the station he wasn't going to delay any longer, especially as the Impies could find the frozen agent at any time.

(OOC: I do have script for me leaving and going down to the others so if you want me to post it then just PM me, I am however happy to RP it out if it isn't going to delay everyone too much)

Posted on 2009-09-14 at 08:21:40.
Edited on 2009-09-14 at 08:22:38 by Loki

RDI Fixture
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“That all you lookin’ for?”

There was a hint of mischief on the Twi’lek’s face and By’u thought maybe she was finally going to get somewhere with Hako’ib.

“I’m going to cause a bit of trouble on Blue Deck,” came the Twi’lek’s reply.

Hmm… not really what I thought he was going to say, the human mechanic thought to herself. Twi’leks… so hard to read…
“Uh-huh,” was the only sound that came out of her mouth though.

“I’m heading to Alderaan,” Hako’ib continued. “Ganga Lor attacked us and Switch got disabled. Could you do what you can for him? I can’t pay you now, but when I get to Alderaan, I promise I’ll send some credits your way.”

Interesting, thought By’u, as she continued to keep a star-struck look on her face. “Sure thing, babe,” she said as she pushed herself away from the desk. “I’ll get the suit. Delco will meet you in the front with it.”

Stepping out of the room, she gave a call to her Viper unit, “Del, come here and give me a hand, would ya?”

As Hako’ib moved back to the front workshop, he could hear some rifling of containers in the back room. After a few minutes, the Viper unit hovered up to the Twi’lek with a duraplast container in its appendages. It handed the container to Hako’ib, and then left for the back room again.

On the container there was a hand written note: “Keep safe, babe. B.”

Posted on 2009-09-14 at 14:50:30.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Down to the others

“I’ll get the suit. Delco will meet you in the front with it.”

"Thanks B. I won’t be forgetting it."
He then moved to into the front workshop to wait for Del and the armor. It came to him in a duraplast container delivered by the droid; he took the container from the droid and started to move towards the door reading the note.

His thought instantly moved from the plan ahead and what he was about to do, the others, to By'u. He couldn't leave her on the station could he, it was probably safer under them Imperials noses and she was human... but the Empire had done terrible things to dissidents despite their species. He had to get her off the station; she couldn't come with but, may once he was on Alderaan.

He moved through the deck arriving at the elevator, taking it down to the lower decks he made his way to the hanger. Placing the container on the floor he opened it and took out the armor.

"It should fit you, it fits me and there's hardly anything between us."
He looked down at the faint remains blaster burn. He mused to himself quietly.

"B did a good with that. Sort of feel sorry for him, didn't stand a chance."

Posted on 2009-09-15 at 20:41:30.
Edited on 2009-09-15 at 20:42:54 by Loki

RDI Fixture
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Tag Ginafae

Hako’ib, wily as he was, managed to avoid the attention of any Imperials while the Planetary Defense officers merely ignored him. It was a quiet ride down to Deck N14, and the corridors back to Switch’s lair were deserted, save for the dead pigs at the entrance of the storage bay.

Entering into the bay, the Twi’lek scoundrel quickly removed the trooper armor from the duraplast container and handed it to Ara’ala. “It should fit you. It fits me, and there’s hardly anything between us.”

The Arkanian, with the help of Hako’ib, got herself suited up. It was a little loose on her slim frame and, with the helmet locked in place, the air felt stale, reminding Ara of the air in the mines back home. The body odor of the previous owner, while not overbearing, still hung on the armor.

A quick check of the equipment revealed to Ara that while she could see through the helmet’s visor, none of the sensory upgrades were coming online. Even the integrated comm unit was disabled.

[OOC: The armor only provides a benefit to your REF saves. It also imposes a -2 penalty to Initiative checks and Attack Rolls]

The Arkanian mechanic moved with a little less grace than normal for her as she strapped on her equipment: Two heavy blasters in separate holsters hung on her belt, with four extra power packs in one of the pouches. Her security kit fit neatly in one of the pouches near the small of her back, while the brick of detonite and timer slid into a third pouch. That left one pouch available, with not much space at that. The tool kit would be too large, and even three stun grenades wouldn’t fit.

Finally, Ara decided on the mesh tape, her cred sticks, her lighter, and the last couple cigaras. The rest would fit in the shoulder pack should she decide to take the rest.

[OOC: Ginafae, if you want to take anything else, just let me know in the Q/A forum. It will have to be in a shoulder pack, but it’s up to you.]

Suited up, she gave one finally spin around for her companions to make any last checks on her disguise.

[OOC: If anyone thinks she needs something else before she goes, or wants to wish her luck, insert dialogue here… I’m moving forward.]

Ready to go, Ara stepped out of the storage bay and headed for the elevators. She found the one she was looking for and stepped in. The doors closed with a whish, while the Arkanian hastily punch in the sequence for Blue Deck, the “top” deck of the station. She held her breath, hoping it would be a quiet trip…

Luck seemed to be with her, as no one joined her at any point, and the turbolift whooshed past forty –two decks before coming to a stop at Blue Deck.

Stepping off the elevator, Ara felt as though she were stepping into a wholly different space station. The floors are polished and possess a metallic sheen. Maintenance and service droids flit about from one place to the next, keeping everything clean and ordered. Propaganda posters for Emperor Palpatine cover the walls and the insignia of the Empire is found almost everywhere the eye can see.

Immediately, Ara notes two stormtroopers are guarding the elevator area. However, they merely give the disguised Arkanian a nod, before going back to keeping watch. She notices that they seem to be examining everyone closely, but that they make no move to stop anyone from coming or going… at least not often.

Moving down towards the offices, she looks up the hallway towards the Loyalist Lounge and Lucky Stars. She sees a Bothan attempting to enter the Lounge, but he is turned back by the bouncer. Beyond the Bothan, Ara can notices only a few Twi’leks who seem to be slaves to the Imperial nobles near them, and a Trandoshan, who seems to be serving as a bodyguard.

Just before going down the hallway towards the offices, Ara notes that while there is a security camera present, it points towards the elevators and not down the hall. No camera seems present in the hallway containing the offices. Except for the constant traffic of the service droids in and out of the maintenance room, few people seem to use this hallway. The Arkanian takes a quick look to see if she can determine what each of the offices are for and is rewarded:

The first door declares the office belongs to Aril Tevv, Chief of Operations, Blue Deck, and the door is locked.

The second door declares the office belongs to Trent Horbin, Maintenance Supervisor, Blue Deck, and the door is unlocked.

The third door declares the office belongs to Krev Neilson, Imperial Relations Representative, Blue Deck, and the door is locked.

Ara notes that at the current time it is quite likely (though not guaranteed) that Aril and Krev are off duty for the “evening”.

[OOC: Alright, Ginafae, let me know which door you want to go with. So far, Ara’s been away from the rest of the group fifteen minutes.

OOC: For the rest of you, stay tuned… I may need some posts from you as well soon.

Posted on 2009-09-16 at 02:47:55.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Righty then...

The lift whirred monotonously and the lights within it faded from white to black and then back again as Ara slipped by each floor. The suit she now wore was uncomfortable, her nerves were frayed, and she was unsure whether the plan they had all come up with was a stroke of genius or just plain crazy.

“Probably both,” she decided in, what tried to be, a gruff Stormtrooper-esque grunt. It came out as an ineffective, meek meow. “I obviously lack that stick-up-the-ass quality they so prize.”

“Ping!” the lift finally squeaked. It doors swung open onto Blue Deck, and Ara was left face-to-face with a pair of Strormtroopers.

‘Oh frack,’ she thought, suddenly alarmed. But rather than reach for their weapons, the loyal servants of the Empire nodded respectfully, as one soldier to another. Ara walked stiffly walked by them, still unused to the cumbersome nature of the armour. But again no one noticed. Everyone it seemed looked away whenever her gaze fell upon them, out of fear, or respect, or most probably both. Except of course the other Stormtroopers she passed who nodded or came to a quick salute.

‘Hmm…I think I could get used to this. Except for the smell…and the fact I’ll have to pee in a tin can…,’ she thought, even as she waved friendlily at the latest saluting shell-head passed her.

Sadly, or not, there were no more Stormtroopers when she rounded the corner and entered the corridor with the offices. What there were grandiose plaques – well one grandiose plaque, one that was not so grand, and another that looked like scribbled ravings of a wookie in heat.

‘Aril Tevv, Chief of Ops…hmm,’ she mouthed wordlessly as she walked down the corridor. ‘Trent Horbin, fellow techie…that rules him out. …And Krev Neilson, Imperial lackey. Congratulations Mr. Nielson, we have a winner. First prize is a one way ticket to who-the-hell-cares….’
Ara looked carefully around the deserted hallway, reached for her gizmos of her security kit, and prepared to make merry hell.

OOC: Mixture of skills at the end. Bit of stealth to avoid being seen (or avoid it being seen what she’s doing), perception to note any potentional alarms etc., and mechanics to bypass the lock. She’ll make use of her racial skill, Determination, to try and ensure it all goes smoothly, and force points if need be.

Posted on 2009-09-16 at 18:31:09.

RDI Fixture
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B&E against the Empire can get you killed...

Ara quickly drew out her security kit, while keeping an eye out for anyone who might interrupt her work. But there was none, only the steady stream of droids moving to and from the maintenance room across the hall.

The lock on the door was a card slider with a passcode number pad in case one forgot their card. The Arkanian was a little stiff in the trooper armor, and she fumbled a bit in attaching the jack cables into the bottom of the keypad before connecting them to her electronic tumbler. The display panel on the tumbler lit up and Ara ran the descrambler program with a touch of the button.

........... First Attempt - Fail!
Ara ran it again, looking anxiously over her shoulder for trouble that seemed to be lurking just around the corner.

........... Second Attempt - Successful!
Ara heard the lock make a faint --click-- sound as the descrambler entered the passcode into the number pad. Wasting no time, the Arkanian opened the door and shut it quickly yet quietly behind her.

Turning on the lights, her eyes scanned the room. It was a small, sparse space containing a work desk and chair along with a chair for guests. Each of the walls declared the glory of the Empire, with a large Imperial insignia prominently hung behind the desk.

On the desk lay a flat touch screen which was connected to a computer. A small plaque honoring Neilson for his dedication to the Empire was also displayed on the desk.

Stepping behind the desk, Ara found the desk also contained three drawers on the right-hand side, all locked by a simple cylinder lock pad. A couple of small duraplast containers sat in the corner of the room, behind the desk as well.

No security cameras seemed to be present.

[OOC: Alright, Ginafae! You used one force point in your efforts. So far so good... what do you want to do now? And where do you want to placethe detonite?]

Posted on 2009-09-16 at 19:22:35.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

...Only if you get caught

‘Bingo,’ Ara muttered inwardly, as the lock clicked open. Without another thought, she detached her descrambler, slipped inside, and entered the office.

It was everything she thought it would be: gaudy, full of tat, and deeply unoriginal. ‘Guess all these Imperial types have the same stylist,’ she thought caustically, half-remembering the offices of the Moffs and Imperial agents she had once trawled through. She had been a lowly spacer rat, merely tagging along as her Captain delivered some cargo or collected his payment. But even then she had noted they always had somewhere to hide away their valuables. A hidden safe, the narrow crack behind a picture frame, or…

‘A locked draw in the desk? Neilson, I’m disappointed…’ she thought with a cat-like smile, as she proceeded to break into the desk and pilfer its contents.

[OOC: Unless the lock is too hard to bypass]

With the deed done, Ara headed to the corner of the room, planted her explosives to maximize their blast radius on the wall behind, and hid her work surreptitiously with the duraplast canisters nearby. And then, she left.

Posted on 2009-09-16 at 20:23:55.

RDI Fixture
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2001 Posts

For Reralea, Loki, and Geraint...

[OOC: Meanwhile… back at the ranch… er… Deck N14 Storage Bay {Switch’s Liar}]

Hako’ib, Ithiria, and Karra waited for the Arkanian mechanic to return. They busied themselves with preparing to leave, ensuring they had all the equipment and personal belongings they needed, and shedding that which they thought could be left behind.

[OOC: Last call for equipment… let me know in your posts if there’s anything you’re taking or leaving behind… You may also include casual conversation here amongst yourself… ]

Ara had been gone for roughly twenty minutes, when the doors to the Storage Bay opened. Each hoped that it would be their companion… but it was not.

Three Human males, a Bothan, and a Wookiee cautiously entered the storage bay, their weapons drawn. Hako’ib immediately recognized the group as the Jin-Gul Gang, a smuggler group dealing mostly in black market weaponry. One of the men was Angus, second only to their head (who Hako’ib knew only as “Employer”). While Jin-Gul was a “competitor” to Switch,

When the gang members caught sight of the companions, the other two humans and the Wookiee were quick to each find a target. The Bothan had his hands full with a large portable computer, while Angus kept his weapon down for the moment.

“Tails!” Angus addressed Hako’ib. “Tails” was the man’s nickname for the Twi’lek. “Wasn’t expecting to find you here! Heard you were getting of the station.” He paused for a moment, catching sight of Switch, “So, it’s really true! The bucket-head’s really down for the count. Huh!”

Turning back to Hako’ib, Angus continued, “Well, you’ve created kind the power vacuum here, Tails! If you’re planning on going, I suggest now might be the best time.” Nodding at the mercenaries around him, he went on, “Me and the boys got some clean up to do. Thought maybe we’d start with a memory wipe of Switch after drain out every last byte of information. Then we figured we’d help clear out some of these containers, hey boys?”

The other men laughed gruffly, while the Wookiee merely spat on the ground.

“So, what’s it going to be, Tails?” Angus continued to press. “You and your girlfriends packed yet?”

[OOC: Alrighty! So… you’ve got company!

Angus, human male, carrying a heavy pistol with scope, no target yet.
Thug #1, human male, carrying a pistol with scope, target –Ithiria.
Thug#2, human male, carrying a pistol with scope, target – Karra.
Thug#3, wookiee male, carrying a heavy pistol with scope, target-Hako’ib.
Thug#4, bothan male, carrying a laptop, no target.

Angus also carries what looks like a vibro-sword across his back. Thugs 1 & 2 have daggers on their belts. The wookiee has a vibro-dagger. The bothan has a knife and a pistol at his hip.

You are not surprised. And you are all welcome to have your weapons drawn should this turn into combat.

No one has started firing yet, and Angus has suggested you have the option to leave right now to avoid a firefight.

So… there you go. Something for the three of you to deal with while Ara’s looting the Imperial Rep’s office. Enjoy!

Posted on 2009-09-17 at 18:12:13.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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I'd say leave...

Karra was getting nervous. She knew better than to hope that Ara would hurry, since haste never helped, but she couldn't help but get more nervous the more time passed. What if Ara was caught? What if...

Stop it, she told herself firmly, if you start with the 'what ifs', you'll be a nervous wreck when everything is ready to begin with.
Her ears twitched as she heard footsteps approaching. Ara? No... there was more than one set of footsteps... not good.

She wasn't exactly sure whether to be happy that these guys weren't stormtroopers or not, since they were hard to read. Still, if they were hospitable enough that they only cared if she and the others stayed and got in their way, then that hopefully meant that they wouldn't just fire at their backs.

"I'm going." Karra said, loud enough for everyone to hear her.

With that, she slings her medical backpack onto her back, before grabbing Ara's bag and starting to walk out.

Posted on 2009-09-17 at 19:59:28.
Edited on 2009-09-17 at 20:04:39 by Reralae

Regular Visitor
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either works

Ithiria Sighs as she sees the new group of thugs walking in, shaking her head she slides towards Hako’ib
Her tails twitching to him up to you sweet cheeks, got your back her hand holding the silver cylinder just in case, and eyeing everyone, her movements sliding around Hako’ib to block line of fire from the wookie to hao’ib.

Posted on 2009-09-17 at 22:05:11.
Edited on 2009-09-17 at 22:05:45 by Geraint

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

The group of 5

Hako'ib wasn't too keen on Angus showing up and pointing guns, the Jin-Gul gang had been rivals of Switch’s operation for a good wile but he'd never had any, well not much of, and argument with them.

“Tails!” Angus addressed Hako’ib. “Tails” was the man’s nickname for the Twi’lek. “Wasn’t expecting to find you here! Heard you were getting of the station.” He paused for a moment, catching sight of Switch, “So, it’s really true! The bucket-head’s really down for the count. Huh!”

Turning back to Hako’ib, Angus continued, “Well, you’ve created kind the power vacuum here, Tails! If you’re planning on going, I suggest now might be the best time.” Nodding at the mercenaries around him, he went on, “Me and the boys got some clean up to do. Thought maybe we’d start with a memory wipe of Switch after drain out every last byte of information. Then we figured we’d help clear out some of these containers, hey boys?”

The other men laughed gruffly, while the Wookiee merely spat on the ground.

“So, what’s it going to be, Tails?” Angus continued to press. “You and your girlfriends packed yet?”

"Angus, tell your men to lower their weapons. Please."
(Persuasion check, not worried about re-rolling it if the result is bad)

He took a look at Switch and then turned back to the 5, the wookiee had his heavy pistol trained at him. He replied to Ithiria let's get up to blue deck then. He didn't smile at all, despite his new plan.

"I had planned to have him repaired but sure, wipe the tin cans memory. You can thank Ganga Lor for Switch’s death by the way."
Walking over to the corps of the rival gang member he looked down.

"Seems like you can take over two gangs today. And sure, take what you want from this place, I'll be long gone soon enough. If By'u comes down just tell her from me not to worry about the droid now, less you want him as your servant or something."
He leaves the hanger with the others, they'll have to get to blue deck now, you didn't leave unfinished business behind and taking out the Jin-Gul Gang and not their leader was unfinished business. He left the hanger with his 'girlfriends' and headed to the elevator talking quietly into his comlink to Ara.

"Get down here now."

Posted on 2009-09-17 at 23:08:36.
Edited on 2009-09-17 at 23:09:33 by Loki


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