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Parent thread: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
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Ithiria's brain tails go rigid as she feels the dark side in the officer, her body going tense as she sighs and looks around, seeing her friends, and hak. she considers her options, she could just hide behind here, and hope the doors closed in time, she could charge them to save her friends and companions and hak..... She could try something else, but someone who actually extruded darkside was not a good thing.... making up her mind she decides.

She leans back kissing hak quickly she steps out waving at the officer and darting across the hall, trying to get him specifically to come after her. thinking to herself "Come get me you son of a bitch, I know its me your after.

(may edit))

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 09:37:50.
Edited on 2009-11-14 at 18:24:51 by Geraint

TRSG 2.0
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A kiss!!!

He was dumbstruck. Hako was dumbstruck.

They'd been leaning out to see if anything was coming down the corridor, there was by the way, and Ara had manned the sled, if manned was the right word. Ithiria had kissed him! The first female of his species he'd actually been able to know. She was a Jedi. Were they allowed to kiss?!

The kiss also meant something else, she had danced out and waved at the captain. Why she waved at the captain he wouldn't know, he followed her out a couple of steps and came into full view of them. The kiss meant this was bad.

Completely exposed to the stormies, Ithiria gone forward to lure the captain on, he turned to face them. Framed in the middle of the doors he faced them. Weary and determined. The invaders would not take the hanger. Karra was on the doors so they just needed to hold them off. The lead centre was Hako's target. Ithiria had marked the captain as hers so he'd take to stormies with Ara. The lead centre was key.

In a swift move he raised his pistol to the lead centre stormie and pulled the trigger twice, holding the gun stead so recoil wouldn't be too bad, he held it steady before retreating. Ithiria had moved forwards so he'd move back, split the forces.

(OOC: Moving two squares forwards, using rapid shot on ST#5 and then moving two steps back. I am also readying an action; Hako'ib will shoot at the first stormtrooper to come into his line of sight.

I may also edit this depending on if Geraint edits his.)

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 16:22:17.

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Making an assumption

From outside the ops room, Karra could hear the sounds of continuing battle, but there was something else as well. It was hard for her to describe, something like an ominous pressure exerting itself upon her mind, bringing with it a sense of foreboding. Something wasn't right out there... but she hadn't been told yet to close the door, something she was waiting for. However, as the presence she felt moved closer, she knew she shouldn't take any chances.

"Close the doors..." She said to herself, as she activated the same functions within the terminal.

Posted on 2009-11-13 at 17:21:51.

Kool Killer Kitty
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Posted at last...

“Oh frack,” Ara murmured, not for the first time that day. Her pale Arkanian eyes had caught the maddened glint in Ithiria’s green orbs, and, sure enough, the Twi-lek had run off to single-handedly take on a whole station full of Stormtroopers.

‘Makers only know how these Jedi managed to hang around for so long…’
Ara rolled her eyes. Now she was at it: believing the delusional Twik was a holovid superhero.

‘Must have been something Karra put in that serum…’ she hoped, aiming the large cannon she was manning somewhere in the vicinity of the cargo bay doors.

Posted on 2009-11-14 at 19:03:06.

RDI Fixture
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Finally! Back in action!

Karra could feel the dark presence approaching, bringing with it thoughts of despair and ruin… hopelessness. But the Cathar pushed aside the feeling for the moment, trusting in her instinct. And her instinct told her she needed to get those hanger doors shut now!

“Close door,” Karra said to herself. She worked the terminal to perform the same function.

“Hanger doors closing,” chimed the computer voice over the hanger’s intercommunicating speakers. “Danger: please keep clear of the hanger doors. Hanger doors closing.”

“Now,” continued the Cathar. “Let’s see if we can lock this place up tight…”

Her hands raced over the terminal, opening up the “Door Security” option. Scanning through the list of action items, she found just what she was looking for – “Initiate Hanger Lockdown”.

The computer’s voice chimed in over the operations room speakers, “Unable to comply. Please unsure hanger doors are closed before initiating lockdown procedure.”

The system’s computer was still broadcasting its warning about the doors closing as Ara’ala revved up the engines of the repulsor sled and moved it into a better position. Facing the hanger doors head on, she had a clear shot on the incoming helmet heads…

And she didn’t waste it! The blaster cannon roared to life, sending a hail of laser bolts into the lead stormtroopers. One after another, four of them fell to the ground and stopped their advance. The officer behind them seemed unfazed. “This hanger must be secured,” he commanded the remaining troopers. “I want these terrorists dead!”

Just then, Ithiria ran by, taunting the officer as she went by. While the troopers’ gaze followed the Twi’lek, the officer’s did not. “Stay focused, soldiers! I want that sled out of commission first.”

The two remaining soldiers followed their commander’s orders, stepping inside the hanger and taking aim on Ara’ala. But they were caught, unaware of the rogue waiting for his moment to strike. Stepping out from behind the wall, Hako’ib’s pistol quickly found a target and sent forth its bolt of death. With a deep howl of pain, the stormtrooper writhe on the ground. The Twi’lek merely stepped back in behind the wall again.

“Useless clones!” cursed the officer, as he raced passed the remaining trooper towards Ara’ala. Hako’ib, hoping to get a second shot in, missed the officer. The man lifted his hand and made a pushing motion.

A wave of force pressed up against the sled, tossing the Arkanian from it as if she were no more than a rag doll and slamming her body into one of the repair droids.

“Now!” spoke the officer in a commanding voice. “Prepare for the wrath of the Empire!”

[OOC: Okay! We’re back online! Yay!

Here’s what’s happened…

~ Ara’ala hit and took out ST#5,#6,#8, and #9. Nice!
~ Hako’ib took out ST#10, but missed the officer
~ Ithiria tried to create a diversion… officer didn’t go for it… yet.
~ Karra started the “Close Door” sequence. By the end of next round those doors should be closed. Reralae, this means you don’t need to post this next round, as I assume Karra will wait there for another round and then start the lockdown sequence. I’m also NPCing her until I hear that you are back.

~Officer hit Ara’ala with the FORCE!! Bam! Ara’ala took 8 points of damage from that fall.

~Enemies remaining: Officer and ST#7

Deadline to post up… Wednesday, Dec 2, 7 PM EST… hope to see you all here!

Posted on 2009-11-29 at 03:15:32.

TRSG 2.0
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First post after update :P

Karra had succeeded? The hanger doors were closing, and being a bit noisy about it too.

Ara manoeuvred the sled into position before the hanger doors and let out a long burst of fire, Hako could only see it leaving the barrel of the gun but from the almost drowned out growns and thuds she had hit something, a few somethings. She'd, in one shot, totalled more than he had. He saw the devastation when he stepped out from his hiding place, four troopers on the floor, the captain and two more approaching the group. Hako pulled the triggered and sent one more trooper to the ground, it was surreal, he was used to shooting the things, killing people, but not on this scale. So many dieing in so little time. The sight had just drawn all emotion out of him. He could see where this fight against the Empire would take him, could do to him, and he vowed that would never happen. He wouldn't become a soldier for a rebellion, he didn't want to mow down troops, but he'd keep fighting, not to destroy, he'd fight for something worth fighting for.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts as he stepped back he missed his shot, the bolt sailed past behind the back of the captain’s head. The captain’s hand raised the sled bucked and throw Ara off, Hako was in shock, what was this. His shock soon faded when the man spoke.

"Now! Prepare for the wrath of the Empire!"

Hako just snorted, returning to himself as a slightly changed man. He took swift aim at the last stormtrooper. A Clone? And pulled the trigger, if this man was going to die he'd make it quick for the poor Clone.

Ithiria had darted across the hanger between Ara'ala mowing down the Clones and himself shooting one of the last, the captain was unwavering in his attack though and didn't follow her bait. He was himself torn, should he have shot the strange man or should he leave him to Ith and help Ara'ala, they were all injured and this man wasn't. He'd help Ithiria bring him down, only help.

(OOC: Three guesses what Hako is going to be fighting for.

If your still doing the two round thing then (hopefully the last ST will be dead so) Hako will start shooting at the captain. I do have a specific line for him to say at the time of the captain’s death but I want to reveal it myself in my own post.)

Posted on 2009-11-29 at 04:06:15.
Edited on 2009-11-29 at 04:13:30 by Loki

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Oh no you dont you son of a &*^%(

The officer did'nt go for it, the jerk. She watches ara mow down troopers as she was moving, her tails shaking as she does so. She hides behind the wall for a moment thinking and sighing, she prepares to charge when the officer happily confirms for her that he was a force user, her eyes going wide as she sees ara's sled go flying.

She focuses hersef and activates he lightsaber, turning roudn the corner and pointing her own handat he officer, cncentrating and using the force at him,hoping to steal his powers.

OOC: may edit, but using sever force on the officer
OOC2: lemme guess, hak fighting for the sled, thats his cause the poor sled

Posted on 2009-11-29 at 06:51:35.
Edited on 2009-11-29 at 07:09:40 by Geraint

Kool Killer Kitty
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It was easy. A narrowing of the eyes, a couple of light pushes on the trigger, and, like a teenager catching a whiff of a barmaid’s apron, they collapsed, unmoving. Except they were not drunk: they had been living and breathing beings; and now they were dead.

‘Clones,’ Ara reminded herself. ‘Just clones….’
The Imperial Officer leading the squad seemed to agree. “Useless clones!” he bellowed, with a wave of a hand in Ara’s direction.

If she had longer she might have waved back…or waved her middle finger at least. As it was, the hoversled she was riding, reared and capsized, and the lithe Arkanian was thrown headlong into a repair droid.

“Ow,” she murmured, thankful at the poor workmanship that had seen the duraplast plating on the droid splinter rather than her bones. “Guess I’m lucky it wasn’t one of the ones I used to work on…” she added soon after, to one in particular. She did not know why. The time they had was ticking away, Maya had yet to show, and Ara quickly realized she no longer had her blaster carbine.

‘Guess it’s time for plan…umm…Q,’ she decided, reaching for the blaster pistol she had stolen a short time ago, and narrowing her eyes in concentration.

OOC: A couple of rounds worth of posts I suppose. Stand up from prone, draw her pistol, and shoot at the bad-ass officer dude.

Posted on 2009-12-02 at 14:21:30.

RDI Fixture
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Things go south for the good guys...

As the hanger doors came to a final close, the battle to secure the hanger raged on. With quick reflexes, the last remaining stormtrooper brought his carbine up and targeted the Twi’lek scoundrel. Habo’ik tried to dodge the shot, but had no chance at such a close range.

Pzizzoo! The laser bolt seared into the Twi’lek's shoulder, the force knocking the rogue to the ground. Hako’ib tried to breathe, tried to push back the darkness of unconsciousness that threatened to overtake him, but the darkness overpowered his will and the sweet embrace of unconsciousness overtook him.

Through his helmet speaker, the trooper merely grunted a taunt, “Next!” before turning his attention to helping his superior.

Ithiria had watched the trooper take down Hako’ib, but she was busy fighting someone far more sinister. With little effort she could sense the darkness of the soul in front of her. It was oppressive to her spirit.

Focusing all her energy and all her training, she looked to sever this man’s connection to his dark power. Lifting her hand, she locked eyes with her opponent, and unleased the power inside her. As she did, she could feel the dark power been drawn from him, like poison being drawn from a wound. It was bitterness and rage and hatred and jadedness all rolled into one.

Even so, the officer merely gave Ithiria a twisted smile, “You are no more than a padawan of an extinct order. Let me show you true power, dog!” And with a slight raise of his empty hand, the young Twi’lek Jedi sudden felt her throat tightening, cutting off air to her lungs. She grasped and sputtered.

Ara’ala, tossed as she was from the sled, took a moment to collect herself and catch her breathe. The move likely saved her life, as she heard the heavy footfalls of the remaining trooper looking for her. She waited patiently, silently and with subtle movements drawing out her pilfered pistol. Wait…wait…
Sure enough, the trooper’s head appeared over the maintenance droid, and Ara’ala took the clear shot. The trooper crashed to the floor, landing on top of the Arkanian with a heavy thud.

Karra waited most impatiently for the doors to close. “Hanger doors are now closed,” informed the automated voice.

“Finally!” exclaimed the Cathar. She quickly initiated the lock sequence.

“Hanger doors are now locked,” chimed the computer, the display screen showing the pins of the door locking into place.

“Thank you,” replied Karra, exploring her options a bit further. Door Maintenance…. Hmmm… let’s see what this does… With ever increasing speed and confidence, Karra brought up the maintenance menu and selected a number of items that sounded good to her. “Let’s see… Perform maintenance check on door? Yes! Deactivate door panels? Check! Shut down power to hanger doors? Sounds good to me!”

Each time she initiated the command, the computer chimed in its affirmative response. “Hanger doors are now off line. Power will be restored in twenty minutes.”

“Thank you,” Karra said with a smile as she got up to leave the operations room. With stealth, she peered out the door into the hanger. From her vantage point, she could see Hako’ib lying still on the floor and Ithiria grasping at her throat, seemingly being strangled by invisible hands. Ara’ala was nowhere to be seen.

[OOC: Ick! Bad round for the good guys…. Blah! Sorry!
Some notes:

1) Hako’ib took 20 points of damage (ouch)… I’m ruling that he stabilizes though, so he’s at 0 HP right now. Unconscious on the floor. Sorry, Loki. If Reralae isn’t back by the weekend, I shall be posting that Karra comes and give him some medical attention.

2) Ithiria is currently being choked by a force grip, and the officer is currently maintaining it (meaning that if he succeeds in his Use the Force check next round, Ithiria will be gasping for air next round too). Ithiria took 7 points of damage in this round, and can only take ONE swift action during her next round.

3) Ara’ala took no damage this round. She did manage to take out the stormtrooper though. Yay! Sadly, he’s on top of her. She can push him off as a swift action though, so no big deal.

4) Karra has succeeded in locking the hanger doors. I imagine it would take quite a bit of effort on the Empire’s side to come through those doors now. Karra is currently in the hanger, just outside the ops door nearest Hako’ib and has not been seen by the officer yet. Hako’ib is definitely within a move action for her, with 3 squares to spare.

5) Otherwise, everyone else is in their same positions, save the trooper who is dead and occupying the same square as Ara’ala.

So… well… enjoy! Two more updates from me until I wrap this game up. I really need to be done by mid December.

Posted on 2009-12-04 at 05:10:17.
Edited on 2009-12-04 at 05:11:03 by Ayrn

Kool Killer Kitty
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Hear the one about the Arkanian and Impy in the Cargo Bay? ...No, not me either.

“Pff…some of these shell-heads could do with a low-carb diet,” Ara huffed as she wriggled free of the portly, and now-dead, Stormtrooper that had fallen on top of her.

Unfortunately, things were about to get a lot worse.

She was still dusting off clone-gore from the armour she was wearing when she heard a strangled gargle from Ithiria, and locked eyes upon the last Imperial left standing in the cargo bay. He stood a picture of triumph and dark glee, chortling as the Twi-lek girl clawed desperately at thin air, in a vain attempt to try and draw the breath that was being denied her.

“Let’s see you laugh at this!” Ara suddenly bellowed, taking aim with her pistol at the officer’s head.

OOC: Ara’s slipping out from the ST, standing up and having a shot (or two) at the big bad. Not sure if that’s two rounds’ of actions or two.

Posted on 2009-12-07 at 21:40:40.

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*choking noises*

Ithiria clutched her throat as teh force grip went to workon her, she couldnt concentrate very well, the breath going out of her. she struggled as much as she could summoning her inner strength so she wouldnt die to this.

OOC: Activating second wind

Posted on 2009-12-07 at 23:01:28.

TRSG 2.0
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Down but not out

The shot from the clone hit him in the chest. He was tired from the already long battle. Unconsiousness embraced him. His last thought: 'That'll teach me for not concentrating'. Rather ironicaly no more then a few seconds before he'd been cunsiddering only stunning the very man who had shot him.

The small part of his brain that kept talking in the darkness spoke only of Ithiria and what a loss it was they hadn't met sooner.

Posted on 2009-12-11 at 19:31:44.

RDI Fixture
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From Karra’s perspective, the scene in the hanger was a desperate one. Ithiria was having the life choked out of her by the officer’s dark power. Ara’ala was still no where to be seen. And Hak’ob’s form lay still on the floor, not more than thirty feet from her.

Looking at him from this distance, her feline eyes narrowed as she studied the Twi’lek for any signs of life. His chest still rises! she thought. There still might be hope!
With cat-like grace, swiftly and silently, the Cathar medic crept up to Hako’ib and gently made her move to drag him behind the cover of the storage crates. Hako’ib boots scraped against the floor, however, alerting the officer to their presence. With lightning reflexes, he brought his pistol to bear on the Cathar, all the while continuing his invisible grip on Ithiria.

Pzizzoo! The blast hit the floor where Hako’ib’s body had once lay, Karra’s reflexes proving to be quicker than the Imperial’s. Now behind the protective cover of the crates, Karra wasted no time in trying to heal her companion. She could feel the dark presence of the officer. “Come on, Hako’ib!” she whispered as she jammed the needle into the Twi’lek’s major vein. “I need you up, right now!” But Hak’ob did not awaken! While his breathing leveled off, his eyes remained closed.

In the hanger, the officer focused his attention back on Ithiria. “I’ll deal with them in a minute,” he said menacingly as he stepped purposefully towards the Jedi. “You know, your death is the perfect example of what is happening to your pitiful order. All over the galaxy, the Empire is choking out the last remnants of the pathetic, weak Jedi.” The officer, now a mere five feet away, chortled.

“Let’s see you laugh at this!” came Ara’ala’s defiant voice from behind. The officer turned his focus to the Arkanian, releasing his grip on Ithiria. The Twi’lek fell to her knees as her lungs tried to suck in the much missed air.

With perfect aim, Ara’ala’s pistol fired off a bolt of energy at the officer’s head. Pzizzoo! What was supposed to be a glorious moment however, quickly turned sour, as the bolt seemed to be absorbed by some kind of invisible barrier.

The officer laughed all the louder. “You can not hurt me, rebel!” He returned fire with his own pistol. Pzizzoo! The bolt hit Ara’ala in the side of her ribs, her armor absorbing most of the damage.

Having caught her breath, Ithiria took advantage of the officer’s confidence. Gathering the Force around her, she pushed outwards, sending the officer flying back towards the storage bay.

But the man was not down for long. Angry and frustrated at being caught off guard, the officer sought to find cover. Rushing into the storage bay, he found the Cathar still bent over the body of the Twi’lek male. Karra when to raise her pistol at the approaching foe, but found some invisible force disarming her, sending her weapon flying out of reach. Now, only ten feet away, the officer went to raise his own pistol at the helpless Cathar. “Die!” he simply said, his voice dark and menacing.

But fate was not on the side of the Imperial officer. The man, in his pride, had missed the rouse. Even as he spoke the word “Die”, Hako’ib’s pistol was out and aimed at the man’s head.

[OOC: Loki! Here’s where you get to insert your great one-liner! ]

Phzoo! The energy bolt from the Twi’lek’s pistol ripped through the man’s unprotected head, splitting it and splashing brain matter against the durasteel crates behind him, before he fell to his knees and then to the ground.

Ithiria and Ara’ala cautiously approached the storage bay. All four held their breath for a moment, waiting, almost expecting fate to send in another wave of troopers. But, for a moment, all was quiet.

The four unlikely companions regarded at one another. They had done it!
The silence was abruptly interrupted as Ithiria’s comm link came to life. “Clear the area! We’ll be there in less than thirty seconds.”

The four moved quickly into action. Ara’ala sprinted to the repulsor sled, fired it up once more and moved it in front of the hanger doors, making space for Maya’s ship; Karra rushed back to the control room to grant Maya’s ship access into the hanger; Ithiria and Hak’ob made their way to their precious cargo, the carbonite sheet carried by the repulsor lift, and prepared it for transport.

Sure enough, within seconds, a light freighter entered into the hanger. As the ship’s hold’s doors opened, Maya greeted Ithiria and Ara’ala with her pistol drawn. “Where’s Mars?” she yelled over the thrusters. “And who are these two?”

Ara’ala yelled back to the security officer, informing Maya that Mars hadn’t made it and that Hako’ib and Karra had assisted in the mission, and needed a lift off the station.

“Alright!” Maya called back, waving everyone on board. “Let’s go, we ain’t got much time!”

Only a minute later, with the carbonite sheet secured in the ship’s hold, and everyone else on the ship’s bridge, the four companions watched as the ship’s captain (not Maya) and R2 co-pilot quickly maneuvered the freighter out of Blue Deck’s hanger and, Ara’ala noted with surprising speed, made her way to a nearby hyperspace lane.

The sensors and warning systems suddenly blared to life. “We’ve got Imperial fighters fast approaching, Sirona!” Maya called out to the Captain.

“In moment, they’ll wish they weren’t,” replied Sirona calmly. The R2 unit seemed to almost laugh at the Captain’s comment. Sirona’s hands continued to move deftly over the controls, almost as ifthey were dancing. “You all probably want to sit down and strap in,” she suggested over her shoulder, as she looked with a grin to her co-pilot. “Things are about to get a little fast and furious.”

The companions had about five seconds to follow Sirona’s advice before the ship’s hyperdrive kicked in and sent them hurdling through the stars.

>>Commander!<< came the wing leader’s voice over the station’s bridge’s speakers. >>The terrorists are preparing for a jump. Shall we pursue them?<<

“Of course, you fool!” demanded the rather large commander. “I want that cargo returned. And those traitors to HANG!”

>>Understood, Commander!<< replied the leader crisply. >>Preparing for jum… No! No! Son of a..!<<

A sudden explosion of light flared up through the main window.

“Commander…” the voice of one of the crewman broke the silence. “We’ve lost them.”

“I can see that, you fo…” The commander was interrupted by a sudden rumble that shook the station.

“Commander…” the crewman spoke up again. “There’s been an explosion on Blue Deck as well.”

The commander merely narrowed his eyes as he looked out towards where the traitors’ ship once sat, a grim smile on his face. “Your time will come, rebels,” he said softly. “Your time will come.”


“Put the station on lock-down!” the man commanded. “I want a full damage report now!”

Posted on 2009-12-18 at 04:16:50.

TRSG 2.0
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I think I worked in two SW quotes :)

As far as Hako could tell he was having the worst hangover of his life, most of his senses still refused to work but those that did quickly told him he was in pain, quite a lot of pain, and quite a bit uncomfortable. Infact when his eyes did crack themselves open he wished they had stayed shut, he’d just seen Karra stick a nasty looking big needle into his arm, but was jerked into life by a crash, a body had flown over the room and hit the floor. ’Thud’ he thought. The body stood up and stumbled. Or did he run? Did it make any difference? Towards himself and Karra, to be honest he wasn’t sure it was Karra, all he could see was a fury arm with fury fingers holding a nasty looking needle, the body raised a hand as a pistol came into sight being gripped by a furry hand, the pistol suddenly flew out of the furry hand. The body that that flown across the room, the officer who had been knocked across the hanger raised his own pistol at Karra, again assuming Karra was the fury thing that had been attending to his wounds and spoke.

But Hako had remembered, it had come back to him with a jolt and kicked him into action. From his prone position on the cold hard floor of the cargo bay in the imperial hanger in the imperial space station he took up his own pistol and fired once.
“Boring conversation anyway.” Phzoo! The energy bolt from the Twi’lek’s pistol ripped through the man’s unprotected head, splitting it and splashing brain matter against the durasteel crates behind him, before he fell to his knees and then to the ground.

Hako dropped his pistol with a clatter, laid back on the floor and closed his eyes, the pain was subsiding a tiniest bit due to increased adrenalin. He was aware of two more presences, Ithiria and Ara’ala he assumed. They waited in silence, expecting more stormies to come and finish them off, he’d been inches from death twice in the last, he supposed, five minutes so peace, even through death, would be welcome. If he does get of the space station then he’ll keep fighting, keep fighting for his companions, maybe even for that man that had been killed down in the cargo bay. As it happened no one came.
The silence was abruptly interrupted as Ithiria’s comm link came to life. “Clear the area! We’ll be there in less than thirty seconds.”
”Some escape eh?” He said still laying on his back before reaching out his hand to be pulled up, he didn’t need to be pulled up, but he wanted someone to take it.

Finally placing his pistol back into its holster he was almost ready to go, he grabbed the dead officer’s pistol and any computer stuff he had on him (specifically datapads, datacards/disks/cubes, code cylinders or any type of recording device) before helping Ithiria with the block of carbonate.
"Lucky you found me. It's a wonder were still alive.” He said half laughing as he and Ithiria pushed the carbonate block closer to where Maya’s ship would be landing. He scooped up the stormtrooper helmet for the suit Ara’ala was wearing and tucked it under his arm.

They were on the ship, out of the hanger, heading for a hyperspace lain, leaving his floating prison for the first time. He smiled, he’d promised By’u he’d cause some trouble on blue deck, he’d certainly done that, then he remembered the little parting gift they had left and he smiled some more. Most of the rest of the galaxy was irrelevant to him at present, words cannot describe Hako’s feelings at leaving the space station for the first time in his life, they were good feelings, hard to think such an innocent looking thing could be so horrible. He reached out to hold Ithiria’s hand.

”What did you find in that office you planted the bombs in Ara’ala?
More smiling.

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