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Parent thread: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
    Messages in Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit
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Dreamer of Bladesong
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Time for planning is over... Time to move

During the elevator trip, Karra just kept to herself. She knew better than to say or do anything amidst the hollow racial slurs and looks of the humans that came in the elevator. Very rude, but widely accepted and perhaps even encouraged by the general human society. It made her a bit angry, but even more, it made her sad. Her face passive, the only sign that she was feeling down was her ears, which drooped ever so slightly. Inwardly, Karra sighed.

Maybe I should just go back home... to Cathar... She thought sadly, Maybe after this contract at Alderaan...
Thankfully, it wasn't too long before they reached the Blue Deck, and she listened silently as Haiko'ib proposed an impromptu plan.

Karra nodded, "Yes... that's about all we can do at this point. Let's move, but tread lightly; we're already visibly suspicious to these biased people, so it won't take much to make them either point us out, or hinder us if they see a reason to." She said softly, almost sadly.

Posted on 2009-09-27 at 20:21:54.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Vengeance...of a sort

It was hard not to be impressed and, at the same time, worried. The Emperor, it was said, had eyes and ears everywhere. Ara initially thought that that was hogwash to frighten people into line, or that his agents paid the odd informant to channel information to them. She never quite realized how true it was until she stared blinkingly into the horde of security monitors, and deduced that most of the pictures came from the army of droids that worked in the station.

‘Maybe that explains why they’re so in favour of regular memory wipes…and maybe that’s how they found out about Dil…’
Inside the faceless duraplast helm she wore, the Arkanian’s eyes fell sadly. And when they rose they were met with the blurred image of Ithiria, Hako’ib and Karra emerging from the central elevators.

‘So they got the message,’ she thought, with renewed determination. Surreptitiously reaching into her belt pouch, she drew out a small, cube-shaped device. With a peek over her shoulder to make sure her ‘fellow’ stormtrooper was distracted, Ara attached it to the console’s energy matrix. With luck, it would send a surge through the console, blow some of the monitors, and give Ara an excuse to leave under the pretense of finding technical assistance.

OOC: She’ll happily use up more force points if needed too.

Posted on 2009-09-27 at 20:42:06.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

Party of Three... check point

The three companions stepped out on to Blue Deck and, without a pause, began to make their way to the deck’s main hanger. For Hako’ib and Karra, in particular, this was an intense moment – their freedom from this wretched station hung in the balance.

Well, that… and the absolute certainty of death if we get caught, thought Hako’ib grimly.

The uniformed man seemed to pay no attention to them and made his way casually around the corner towards the offices. The heroes, however, took the earlier corridor to the right, making their way towards the hanger.

As the rounded the corner, they nearly ran headlong into a squad of stormtroopers. The troopers ignored the heroes and continued on their way. Hako’ib turned his head slightly, and noted that two of the soldiers made their way towards the offices, while the other four moved in the direction of the main elevators.

Looking ahead, the companions noted two more soldiers enter into the Loyalist Lounge, and two more soldiers coming towards them. The troopers stopped the three companions near the entrance to the Lounge.

“Halt, citizens,” commanded the one.

“Alien scum,” muttered the other.

“This is a restricted deck. What’s your business?” questioned the first.

As they were stopped, Ithiria happened to notice a familiar face in amongst the sparse crowd of people: The plain-clothed Imperial informant who had fled from her earlier shootout on the Promanade. The Jedi couldn’t tell if he had spotted her yet.

Looking again in the man’s direction, she noticed him talking to two troopers as well.

[OOC: I’m trying to keep both groups on the same time frame, so this is as far as you go. I know you posted in the Q/A Forum that you would tell them you were picking up cargo… and you’re welcome to try that if you like. Whatever excuse you make, make it good… maybe I’ll give ya bonuses to whatever social check I use - Deception or Persuasion. ]

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 01:18:42.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

ARA: Sticking it to the Man...

Ara’ala was relieved to see her companions step onto Blue Deck. Her mind spun, wondering how she might get out of this current mess, and join up with the rest of her companions.

Suddenly, a thought hit her, If I can just knock out a few of these monitors…
Checking to see where her “partner” was, Ara tried to slowly and subtly remove the Overcharged 350 from her security kit. Taking a seat opposite the other trooper, Ara found an open port on one of the four main terminals. As best as she could tell, if her plan worked, she should be able to knock out the monitors in the hanger and the BluRay.

She waited for the mechanism to power up before releasing its charge.

Ara watched the monitors with eager anticipation.

One final look at the hanger monitors revealed seven stormtroopers and the Imperial officer.

One of the troopers appeared to be riding some kind of small vehicle.

A closer look at the screen revealed it to be a repulsor-sled.

Ara watched as all twelve monitors changed to nothing but static snow.

“What the hell just happened?” questioned her partner from behind her.

[OOC:Well, you knocked out some monitors – BluRay and the hanger monitors are now offline. Ara does not believe her partner saw her put in the “Overcharged 350”. What’s next?]

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 01:48:26.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Lies lies and more lies

Hako'ibs stopped immediately as the first trooper told him to, giving no response to the seconds remark. His respectful response came, he knew he had to play the Imperial game. Stormies didn't like it if you sassed them or 'pretended' to be an equal. To get passed them you needed to lower yourself to be just above the level they expected of you. Just above slaves but no higher than servants.

"Our Masters business. He's sent us to collect a crate or Corillain Rum from the main hanger."
He waited for the inevitable response of: 'Who is your Master?' and 'Why do three of you need to go?'. These were obvious questions to ask and he was hoping the Stormies would ask them, the answers backed up his short story and further lowered him, Ithiria and Karra to the level they were expected to reside at.

"Our Master is Gundark, he's the owner of the cantina on the Promenade Deck. He like to show off his property."
His last word came out resentful, as if they really were slaves and hated to be slaves. I hope this is enough to convince them
All the time whilst he was speaking his slowly waving lekku signalled Ithiria to back him up on his claim.

(OOC: If it's a deception check and my roll less than 13 I'd like to re-roll using my Deceptive species trait, if that re-roll is less than 13 then I'd like to use my Knack talent in conjunction with a force point (if I haven't already used it). If my first or second roll is above 13 then I’d like to use a force point to improve it.

If it's a persuasion check and my roll is less than 13 I'd like to use my Knack talent with a force point to improve the roll (if the talent hasn't already been used). If my first roll is greater than 13 then I’d like to use a force point to modify it.

I’m also happy to use the aid action to improve a check made my Ithiria or Kara.

I'm also going to hide that I said something to Ithiria with my lekku because the STs won't like the fact I'm communication with her and not letting them hear what I'm saying.

Basically throwing everything I can at this to make it sail and get us into the hanger. Also , I don’t know why, I just like 13 today.)

Posted on 2009-09-30 at 19:05:28.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

(A not so) cunning plan

“It must be those traitors after the cargo!” Ara lied, after the monitors fizzed into static. “Stay here and report it. I’m going to find a techy weasel to fix ‘em!”

‘Never give them time to think about the lie,’ she recalled Dil once saying to her after he had swindled a nasty-looking Trandoshan of his favourite blaster. She didn’t intend to. Grabbing her carbine purposively she stormed out of the security station.

‘Just let my luck hold…for a little while longer at least.’

OOC: Hopefully she won’t be required to spend more force pointage. But she will if required.

Posted on 2009-09-30 at 19:36:06.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

This post is not finished yet...

“Halt, citizens… this is a restricted deck. What’s your business?”

The party of three stopped immediately at the stormtrooper’s command. Hako’ib took the lead, following through on their plan, and adopted a stance of servitude. “Our master’s business. He’s sent us to collect a crate of Corellian rum from the main hanger.”

“Uh-huh,” replied the trooper. “And your master is…?”

“Our master is Gundark,” answered Hako’ib, bowing lowly and playing his part beautifully. “He’s the owner of the cantina on the Promenade Deck.”

“Never heard of him,” piped in the second trooper.

The first trooper ignored his comrade, and continued with his questioning, “And he needs three of you to pick up a crate because…?”

“He likes to show off his property,” Hako’ib replied, finishing the soldier’s sentence.

The second soldier snickered at the Twi’lek’s answer, obviously amused. The first seemed unmoved however. “What are you carrying?” he continued.

“Just the pistol,” Hako’ib said smoothly, before giving a nod to his companions in explanation. “The Twi’lek’s a simple dancer, and the Cathar’s Gundark’s private medic.”

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty!” catcalled the second soldier.

“Uh-huh,” replied the first, taking an opportunity to walk around and inspect Hako’ib’s companions. He stopped in front of Ithiria, placing a gloved hand under her chin and turned her head from side to side. “How long have you been with Gundark.”

Following Hako’ib’s lead, Ithiria bowed her head submissively as she replied simply, “I’m new.”

Hako’ib quickly explained, “It’s her first night. Like I said, our master likes to show off his property.”

“Uh-huh,” murmured the soldier, still checking out the Jedi. After a few moments, the trooper stepped back and said matter-of-factly, “I’m afraid your master will have to wait for his rum. The main hanger is closed.”

“My apologies,” Hako’ib bowed low again. “Is there no way he might be able to get this container? His business will suffer if he does not have it. Perhaps… perhaps, you might escort us to the hanger? I’m sure our master would be most grateful.” The Twi’lek scoundrel said this last line while giving a subtle nod towards Ithiria.

“We said it’s closed, scum,” replied the second, looking to move the rabble along.

“Wait,” commanded the first, holding his partner back, while looking towards the Jedi. “We’ll escort you.”

“Wha..?” asked the second, cocking his head towards his comrade. “But the captain…”

“The captain,” interrupted the first, “would not want them on the hanger unescorted. But he would not want one of the Emperor’s loyal citizens to suffer either.” Turning back to the companions, he continued, “So, we’ll escort you.”

“Alright…” the second said. “This way, slaves.”

The troopers took up position to escort the companions, the first soldier in the front walked slightly ahead of Hako’ib, while the second took up the rear position, keeping watch over the aliens.

The first soldier whispered to Hako’ib, “You make sure Gundark knows who helped him out. I’m expecting a little extra attention from her,” he said, indicating Ithiria, “the next time I visit.”

Hako’ib again bowed his head, hiding a slight smile on his lips. “I’m sure we can come to some suitable arrangement,” he said smoothly.

[OOC: So, this post is not finished yet... I'm waiting for a reply from Ginafae on her plans IF she succeeds in deceiving her "partner".

But let me say... for the most part, Loki, Hako'ib had this pretty much in the bag through nice rolls... here's what you managed to do:

I rolled a persausion check to see if you could shift the troopers' attitude towards you, which you succeeded to do.

I rolled a deception check to see if you could convince them you belonged to Gundark. Check!

I rolled deception checks for each of you to avoid getting searched. Ithiria failed at first, but two force points later manage to bring her score up. Karra and Hako'ib succeeded.

I rolled a persuasion check to see if Hako'ib could persuade the troopers to escort them. It rolled a natural 1 -- Ouch. I used your knack ability to reroll, and it came out successful.

So... Hako'ib has used his Knack ability and it will not be available until after you get off the station. Ithiria used up two force points.

Please wait for me to finish up Ara'ala's post before posting. Thanks!

Posted on 2009-10-01 at 05:57:05.
Edited on 2009-10-01 at 06:02:22 by Ayrn

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

Success so far

"What the hell just happened?"

"It must be those traitors after the cargo!" Ara lied, after the monitors fizzed into static. "Stay here and report it. I¡¦m going to find a techy weasel to fix 'em!"

[OOC:Yay! Natural 20! ]

"Right!" agreed Ara'ala's partner, moving over to the intercom.

The Arkanian didn't waste any time picking up her carbine and moving to the exit. As she was leaving, she heard the soldier relay his alert. "Captain, security cameras in hanger have been disabled. No doubt the work of these traitors."

--"What!?!"-- came the captain's response. --"I want this deck locked down NOW, soldier."--

"Sir! Yes, sir!"

Ara'ala exited the security station just as her partner began giving orders to put the deck on lock down, "Attention, all citizens. By order of Empire, this deck is now officially locked down. Please remain calm and stay where you are. An Imperial trooper will instruct you as to where you need to go. Please remain calm."

He continued with, "Code BLACK is now in effect. Code BLACK."

Apparently, luck was on Ara'ala's side for the moment: as she exited out of the security station, she nearly walked right into her companions. Their stormtrooper escorts were just giving them instructions.

"Looks like Gundark's going to have to wait on his rum," said the first, obviously annoyed at the chaos and panic that seemed to be erupting around them as citizens disobeyed orders and did not remain calm and still. "Come on. We'll bring you to BluRay until this mess gets sorted out."

"I'll take them," offered Ara'ala. "You two get the rest of these citizens out of the corridor."

"Alright," agreed the first.

The second soldier was all too eager to obey Ara'ala's instructions. "Let's go, folks! Move along!" he began to herd some of the panicked people towards Lucky Stars.

Without words, the reunited heroes made their way past BluRay and towards their goal -- the hanger. The soldiers who had been given watch over the cantina had moved inside, likely trying to locate those responsible for disabling the cameras. No one else hindered the companions' progress to the hanger.

Coming to the hanger doors, the heroes find that they are locked. An electronic keypad sits on the side wall.

[OOC: Alright... so, you're all back together again. Yay!

Here's the deal: You got a locked door which needs opening... and you don't have the passcode.

Also... there is a camera still recording your actions down this hallway.

Finally... no one else is around you.

Oh, wait... there's more. Two more minutes have passed by. Sixteen minutes til BOOM.

I imagine this to be a short round of posts, mostly to interact with the previous posts. And, well, someone needs to try and open the door.

Next update: Sunday night. Until then... enjoy!

EDIT: Fixed weird symbols in post... grrrr!

Posted on 2009-10-01 at 07:25:42.
Edited on 2009-10-01 at 07:37:12 by Ayrn

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Let the fun begin...

The Stormtrooper’s carbine pointed menacingly at the trio of alien ‘slaves’. It drifted from head to head, and settled on the talkative twi’lek male’s groin. Its trigger quivered briefly, as the faintest pressure was applied, and then … then Ara slung the carbine over her shoulder.

“Relax guys, it’s me,” she confided, throwing a conspiratorial wink even though it was masked by the helm she wore. “Our ‘imperial tithe’ should be received in around sixteen minutes. The monitors are down for the moment, and I counted seven shell-heads in the hangar along with their boss.”

“Thanks for bringing my stuff,” she added, noticing that Karra had carried her shoulder bag from (what had been) Switch’s storage bay. “Oh, and I’ve got your comlink, Ithira, you should contact Maya and tell her what’s up.”

[…brief pause for the others to tell Ara what happened with them…]

Ara listened quietly and responded with a nod. “I should be able to bypass the lock easily enough. Just be ready to start blasting when I do. Oh, and I have some stun grenades in my bag. They might come in useful.”

OOC: Mechanics check to bypass the lock (if possible). She'll make use of Determination (racial skill) if she rolls poorly first time around, and then use up any force points she has left.

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 16:45:01.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Ready to shoot

It had worked, he'd made promises he and no one else intended to keep and possibly taking the liberty of downgrading his companions to slaves for the duration of the escort but they were on their way, as long as Ara made it in the hanger, although he'd have no way of knowing until the shooting started, they were home free, or at least free as this rust-bucket station was his home.

They rounded the corner next to the security station when a Stormie rushed out and black alert was called, whatever that was. It was soon explained, the deck was on lockdown and the stormie had come out to help the rest of the scum keep order amung the now panicing public. The stormie that had rushed out the security station offered to take them to the Blu-Ray instead of the other two, the first of the other two was reluctant, the second less so and resorted to being a common thug, or be a common thug with a blaster rifle and the authority to shoot to kill.

Making there way towards the BluRay they could see that the hanger door was locked, the stormie had lead them right up to it for some reason and was now pointing his gun at them, as the blaster made its way down to his groin he whipped out his pistol and pointed it, zero-range, at the troopers head. Something made him stop though, the pistol was out and his finger twitching over the pistol as the rifle was at his groin but something stopped him pulling the trigger, something inside of him didn't want him to shoot. Just as well it seemed.

The stormie was Ara, he lowered his gun. She filled them in on what she'd seen in the hanger, why the alert had been called and thanked them for bringing her stuff.


“Relax guys, it’s me,” she confided, throwing a conspiratorial wink even though it was masked by the helm she wore. “Our ‘imperial tithe’ should be received in around sixteen minutes. The monitors are down for the moment, and I counted seven shell-heads in the hangar along with their boss.”

“Thanks for bringing my stuff,” she added, noticing that Karra had carried her shoulder bag from (what had been) Switch’s storage bay. “Oh, and I’ve got your comlink, Ithira, you should contact Maya and tell her what’s up.”

He was glad to see her, not dead that is, I mean seeing anyone not dead is good. Less glad to her what had triggered the alert, they were almost in the hanger.

"We met a pair of Stormies and added a bit of lip, managed to convince the, at least one of them, to escort us into the hanger. All very much thanks to some quick talking and me being with these two lovely ladies."
He indicated Ithiria and Karra, who else would it be, Ithiria defiantly drew the first stormies eyes, she drew his eyes when he first saw her as well

"Shame the alert went off otherwise we could have been in now, we've lost the surpirise as well."

Ara listened quietly and responded with a nod. “I should be able to bypass the lock easily enough. Just be ready to start blasting when I do. Oh, and I have some stun grenades in my bag. They might come in useful.”

"You better get on then."
He says playfully, smiling

"I'll make sure you aren’t interrupted and when the door's just about to open tell me."
(OOC: Excellent posts there Aryn, Hako'ib is covering the corridor behind the group with his pistol drawn, an action readied to shoot at any stormtrooper or imperial looking person who shows his face. We the door opens, if we get a surprise round/attack then Hako'ib will shoot the imperial officer, using Lucky Shot' if he can see him, if not then just any stormtrooper.)

Posted on 2009-10-04 at 21:42:13.
Edited on 2009-10-04 at 21:52:42 by Loki

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2506 Posts

Last Preparations...

"Once we're in, we'll have to try to lock the door behind us." Karra reasoned, "and to do that, I'd imagine the controls are probably in the operations room, so I'll try to get to the room... I do have a bit of a knack with computers..."

Then she considered her gear... although she had long since been used to it, it still meant she was slower than she could be, and if she had to reach the room, she probably would have to reach it as fast as she could. Taking two medpacs from one of the pockets of her backpack kit, she set the pack on the ground, while hooking the medpacs to her belt for easy access.

"I can run faster if I don't carry my backpack.... it may matter, or it might not... but in case it does, could one of you carry it for me? It's heavier than it looks..." Karra asked.

Posted on 2009-10-04 at 22:03:33.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

I don't have long to post


"I can run faster if I don't carry my backpack.... it may matter, or it might not... but in case it does, could one of you carry it for me? It's heavier than it looks..."

"I'll carry it for you. I'm not carrying much anyway."
Hako'ib picks Karras backpack up off the floor and slings it across his back, adjucting the straps a little so it sits confertably. It was indead heavier then he thought it would be but in all not that heavy to him.

"If you can reach the controll room quickly then all the better."

Posted on 2009-10-05 at 07:29:08.
Edited on 2009-10-05 at 13:44:59 by Loki

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

Don't post yet... more to come...

The companions, reunited and determined, spoke briefly and made their final plans to achieve their goal – freedom. None of them had really imagined that this scenario – that they would be storming a hanger on an Imperial station with a bomb (they had set, no less) counting down in the background. Had one asked them yesterday if they could see themselves here, in this moment, they all would have likely laughed at the thought.

And yet, here they were – Ara’ala went to work on the keypad, while Hako’ib picked up Karra’s medpack to ease her load. All of them mentally readied themselves for what lay behind the hanger’s blast doors.

[OOC: Ara’s mechanic check succeeds… just.]

The Arkanian’s rough hack-in of the keypad was rewarded with a --BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-- and the hanger bay doors slowly slid open. Quickly, Ara unattached and stored her security kit. All of the companions drew their weapons, and prepared to face the enemy waiting for them on the other side.


[OOC:A Silver Screen Moment…]

Back in the security station, Ethan Kellar was franticly watching the monitors for any suspicious behavior. The problem was there were too many monitors for a man with just two eyes. Order had been established in the Lounge and was nearly so in Lucky Stars. Ethan turned his attention to the screens on the other side of the room.

Bantha’s balls! Where is tech support?!? he thought to himself as he hit the main control console. His eyes settled on the monitor displaying the hanger’s doors. While the rest of the hallway was clear, he noted four figures standing near the door. What the…?!
The trooper stood up to look at the screen more closely. At first, it seemed to Ethan that one of his comrades had found a few stray citizens. But then he noticed the trooper working on the doors’ keylock and one of the ‘citizens’ ignite a lightsaber. “Son of a womp!”


Posted on 2009-10-06 at 05:18:39.
Edited on 2009-10-06 at 16:10:08 by Ayrn

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2001 Posts

What you've been work for

When the doors had opened wide enough for two to enter, the companions made their move and rushed into the hanger.

The massive hanger smells of exhaust fumes and coolant, and seems to see a lot of activity. Maintenance droids and automated diagnostic tools keep watch along the walls, while crates are stacked on the deck, waiting for shuttles to pick them up. Two doors lead to the hanger’s control room, which has a transparent window overlooking the hanger.

As they came in, the heroes noticed the four troopers and the Imperial officer standing to the far side of the room. The officer notices the heroes at the same time. “There they are! Get them!”

[OOC: Okay, so I made a slight edit to the bottom post. If you haven’t read this until now, don’t worry about it. You didn’t miss anything.

What you are facing here:

1 Imperial officer, 3 Stormtroopers on foot, and 1 Stormtrooper on a repulsor sled are gathered on the far side of the room. The Officer has a pistol, the 3 troopers have carbines, the repulsor sled has a medium blaster cannon plus a gun that can shoot an entangling net up to 60 ft or so.

Ara’ala and Hako’ib can see the Stormtrooper on the Cargo bay closest to you.

None of you know for certain if the two other troopers are in the control station. (you are assuming they are) It’s possible for them to be in the shuttle as well… just saying…

Fifteen minutes left for that bomb.

I need plans of attacks from each of you. Next update will likely be Sunday. Please have you updates in by this Friday, however. Thanks!


Posted on 2009-10-06 at 16:33:09.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Round 1: Hako'ib VS Trooper #2

Hako’ib rushed into the hanger with the others fully expecting to meet seven stormies, he could only see 5 and the officer. He dashed forwards right towards the trooper standing before the nose of the shuttle parked by the furthest hanger door from the door they’d entered through. His mind only throwing up these facts because of the situation, he’d worked out what he intended to do, take care of the trooper before the shuttle and then take out the one in the first cargo bay. He’d be exposed the one in the cargo bay for a short time but he was protected from that vehicle for the moment.

The idea of a stormie with that kind of firepower set him on edge, someone needed to take him out. As he moved towards his first target he shot at him once before veering right and slamming, back first, into the shuttle to gain total cover from the other troopers at the expense of exposing himself to the one lurking in the cargo bay.

”I thought you said there were seven! Where are the other two!?”

Posted on 2009-10-06 at 19:37:48.
Edited on 2009-10-06 at 19:44:37 by Loki


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