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RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
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819 Posts

My Creations

Hello, most of you know, or rather, i hope you remember, but i have written poems through the lonely years of highschool. I still write them today. However, most of them, are not that happy, infact most of them are kinda depressing, kinda sad, and kinda hatefilled. Rest assured that i will not put up poems that A)Do not fit with my intentions. B) feel it unworthly of being put up or C) if i just plain don't feel like it. The poem i would like to share with you, is a tad bid sad, and i wish it not to offend anyone. My poems are written with raw emotions that is why they are so strongly sad or classified as "dark". Now back to the topic at hand. The poem i am about to post, was when i was going through a tragic time of depression, loneliness and plain old, "i'm tired of living" Please keep in mind that this is NOT a poem about death or suicide and please take the time to read it. It's called All I needed and it is about what i needed from a friend at the time of my.. issues. Please, Enjoy.

All I needed You say it's hard to think
of stuff to say when i talk
about what's bugging me,
have you ever realized that
i just needed to talk?

Sure I cry when I spill
my guts, but all i really
needed was someone to listen.

It didn't matter if you
couldn't find something
to say to me, because I
didn't need words to
comfort me, I just needed
a friend.

You're too wrapped up
in what you believe,
what you think i need
that you never got the

I just needed a friend,
to listen, so i can get
stuff off my chest.
I don't need words all
the time to make me
feel better just with
having a friend there..
thats all i needed.

I may have more to say,
I may just go quiet, but
Please, don't tell me you
understand because I know
deep down you don't.

You never realized what you
had, until the moment you
lost me forever. All i wanted,
was to have something there,
a friend to stand by. A shoulder
to cry on.

You will never understand the
pain i feel inside, because you
always jumped the gun and
thought i needed words
to soothe my pain

You thought you knew
everything about me, but
in actual fact you only knew
the fake me. Never the real
person that lied on the inside.

Yes i lied, i'm sorry that i did
but i felt i had no other choice.
I lied to protect myself, in what
i thought would be, a big mistake
to share my pain

Please forgive me, for i shouldn't
have done what i've done. But
can you see now? Can you now

I just wanted a friend..

..that's all i needed.

Posted on 2006-09-05 at 02:22:27.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1546 Posts


Great poems as always SO, awsome writing, I always love to read them time and time again.

Posted on 2006-09-05 at 12:35:38.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
819 Posts

One In dire need of getting out...

Hello, again... I have decided to post up another one of my poems, it is called Give Up. I felt this way because of fights with friends and unending emotions that i cannot control. Please, i mean no harm in what i write. -SilentOne

Give Up I'm sorry for not giving you what
you yearned for. I'm sorry for not
telling the truth, when all you
got was lies ontop of lies.

I'm sorry for the way i am, i'm sorry
for the things i've done. I'm sorry
for the ways i act. and I'm sorry
for the msitakes i've made.

I'm sorry for the tears i shed, when
all you needed was a hug or a friend
I'm sorry for the weakness i show, when
all i'm supposed to do is take it all

I'm sorry for not being who you wish
me to be. I'm sorry that i can't show you
what you want. I'm sorry i'm not who you

I'm sorry for the times you've cried, i'm sorry
for the ways you've screamed. I'm sorry that you've
been alone, and i'm sorry that i dont care.

I'm sorry for the pleas you've yelled, i'm sorry
for the nightmare you're in. I'm sorry that
i'm heartless. I'm sorry that i'm not myself and i'm
sorry that i'm not a friend.

I'm sorry for the way you act, i'm sorry for the way
you fake, i'm sory for the way you lie, i'm sorry
that i dont believe.

I'm sorry all you can do is pretend. I'm sorry you
have no real friends. I'm sorry that you're fake
I'm sorry that i wish for your end

I'm sorry for the grudge you hold, I'm sorry that I
refuse to change. I'm sorry for the things i've said
I'm sorry to a certian point, and I'm sorry to tell

...I give up

Posted on 2006-09-06 at 11:41:14.

Karma: 2/1
19 Posts


Sad, sad-sad-sad! you gotta write more happy ones!

I know, though, that you write what you feel...

so be happy more! ^_^ I guess that's all I can say.

It's good though, very impactful.

Posted on 2006-09-06 at 11:44:47.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
819 Posts


Me being happy, is a strange thing. My poems are written to express the pain and anger i can't openly show. That's why i have more angry, sad, hatefilled poems than i do "happy" ones.

Posted on 2006-09-06 at 11:47:23.

Karma: 2/1
19 Posts


That makes sense....

Posted on 2006-09-06 at 11:48:42.

Karma: 4/4
20 Posts


You also write your sad poems to release the pain that hold inside of you instead of keeping them inside of you and letting them slowly eat at you.

Posted on 2006-09-06 at 11:51:53.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
819 Posts

..That too

yah, that too..

Posted on 2006-09-06 at 11:57:45.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
819 Posts

Upcoming Poem

As promised, i will post my poem into this only because it's more faster to do it this way... Anyways, i was talking with a few friends (Purple, and Wolf) about the old Inn layout, and how this one, somewhat lacks the "warm welcome" as the other one did. In time, and by using this layout, Dragon Forums has become much like Red Dragon Inn had became, my home. This poem was inspiried by our talk about old days before the first crash. please, Enjoy - SilentOne

A place to call home I used to have a place,
a shelter from the
storms. I used to have
a place to sleep, a
comfortable place,
with a saving way.

I used to have a place,
where i could stay,
away from harm
away from pain
closer to friends

In this place i met everyone
of my family-friends, in this
place, darkness ran away.

In my mind, i finally found
a place i belonged, a place
where no one would forget i
was there.

In the sudden storm, took
that place away. I'm a
wanderer with out a shelter
a person who doesn't belong
Darkness claimed me, turning
me heartless.

Yet still I search for a place of
meaning, a sense of belonging

A quest for a place is what
i'm on. A journey to find a
reason to survive, is what i'm

Searching for a place is what i'll
do until i find the perfect

A solace in the dark depression
is what i seek, yet it is not.

A hideout away from prying
eyes, perhaps that is what i

But as truth tells it, i seek
waht i lost, the place..

.. i once called...


Posted on 2006-09-06 at 21:01:55.
Edited on 2006-09-06 at 22:19:14 by SilentOne

Karma: 2/1
19 Posts

: p

*slowly applause* That's really good, SO.
*smiles* That's REALLY good. : p

about the Inn, yeah?

again, great job.

Posted on 2006-09-07 at 20:51:29.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1546 Posts


Always a beautiful job there Silent. My favorite would be Give up. It just had a great, poemy ( dont even ask if this is a word =P) feel to it and was a little more " fast pace" i guess from your others. I was able to read through it faster and it seemed to flow easier with the words. Again, great job.

Posted on 2006-09-07 at 22:54:46.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
819 Posts


Thanks for the complements guys. They mean alot to me, I am right now at my aunts, and can't find my poem book (That i brought down with me) but i promise i WILL have a new poem up when i get back on Sunday. I will tell you now, it is about how much words can sting and hurt, on personal experince, it is not towards anyone, i just wanted to write about it. Keep your eyes opened for "When Words Hurts" thanks and i'll be back on Sunday sometime.

Posted on 2006-09-08 at 20:19:41.

Karma: 1/1
5 Posts


I love the frist one! Is so drawn out and sad. I love all your pomeies. But i like the first one the best.

Posted on 2006-09-10 at 15:46:46.

RDI Poet - 1.5 Innma
Karma: 37/5
819 Posts

When Words Hurt

As promised, i have finally found my poem book (Almost six days after my return from my aunts house) and in said poem book, i have found the poem i promised to post up. Before I post it however, i will just say a few things. This poem is on the sad side, but it is not written for any purpose but to let go of stuff that has been bugging me, and if this poem offends someone, please, come to me and i shall replace it with one of my 287 poems. So, please enjoy - Silent One

When Words Hurt when you feel as though
you heart is breaking,
and you don't know
how to act. You are
not alone.

When you feel like the
world is turning it's back
on you, if you feel like
you could cry at any
moment, you are not by

If you feel like your
all alone, like not one-
body notices you, there
are people that care

If the world seems unfair,
and everyone is against you,
a select few can make
you shine through.

But when faces fall and
wickedness and uncertianity
breaks your mind, cruel
thoughts spill towards
others without a puase to

Pin-pointing weaknesses,
should have helped, but
teased and hated instead.

Phrases of unkind, was their
downfall, instead of becomming
a kind, caring friend, you
were lost, numb and uncaring
to all.

Let this known, for it lies
with everyone. One person
holds the key to help you
become the person you
seek to be.

Words hurt plain and
simple, think before ya
talk, you could just
become a person to
be there for another.

When words hurt, you
just want to cry and
rot away then finally

Posted on 2006-09-14 at 19:16:12.
Edited on 2006-09-14 at 19:16:50 by SilentOne

Karma: 2/1
19 Posts


It was good, SO. Sad, but still good, as usual...

Good Job.

Posted on 2006-09-14 at 19:37:46.

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