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More interruptions

Loriel and Kas were trying desperately to construct some sort of means to move Artanis’ body across the gap to relative safety. Loriel didn’t have any blankets or items with which to place Artanis delicate and blackened body upon, and Kas didn’t dare cross the bridge for fear of being caught with no way back.

Loriel stood in the hallway pondering what to do, wondering why not everyone of her companions had come running with ideas and aid, when she heard the unmistakable creaking of wood straining against overused and underappreciated hinges.

As Loriel spun around she was met with the gave of a startled orc, who darted back behind the wooden door just as Loriel fired an arrow his way. Not even bothering to close the door, the Orc’s footsteps could be heard as he fled into the room further down the corridor.

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 02:26:23.

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Xaris bent down and picked up the wand, its ivory shaft the whitest and purest thing he's ever seen. Its quartz head was equally beautiful. He took his three new gifts, and turned toward his pack, putting the wand and the coin in their for now, he held the conch in one hand, and the pouch in the other. As he was standing in the mouth of the entrance, he turned towards the creature and smiled.

" I hope I have brought you joy, friend. I shall come back again, on my return trip through here, and bring you more gifts from across the country. Me and you share one thing, that we have lost our home, and are ultimately alone. I will be back. Good bye."

He waved and started his walk up the path, staring at the conch, the thing that made him stop in his tracks on his way down. He got to the door, and put the conch away safely and tieying the pouch to his belt, and pried the door open. He turned it back shut, and made sure it was closed tight, so nothing would come down here possibly harm his new friend. He looked up at the hallway above, and heard voices, glad his friends are still here.

" Kas, I have gotten some potions! I think they are healing but am not sure. I will explain later how I had gotten them, but not I think they might save Artanis!"

With that, the mighty gnome stood, hoping that they would soon get him out of the pit, and up to his friend in need.

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 02:26:33.

RDI Fixture +1
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Xaris waited by in the hole for his companions to come to his aid. Surely the warhorse that was there when he left could lift him up again. But then a sound that was now familiar raised the hairs on the back of his neck. He could here the quiet whistle of arrows flying above him, and knew fighting had commenced again. Without hesitation Xaris started climbing the wall that was opposite of the way he came down, so he would end up near his fallen companion. These potions could save her life, and no stinking greenskin was going to steal her away now.

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 14:24:26.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Loriel turns to race after that orc she couldn't have him spreading the word that they were her. "I'll be back Kass Wait there IF you can find me a sppeling rool or a blaket I have one with my stuff in the camp."

Loriel sprints donw the hall to to the still open doorway and quickly shecks out the room beyond. She notches an arrow and draws it ready to shoot.

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 19:18:38.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Kas throws down the rope and yells to Xaris, "Hurry and grab it, I will pull you up. Loriel has trouble."

Kas proceeds to help haul up Xaris. Once he is to the top she turns him to the bridge. "That first door is where Artanis. But Loriel chased after anOrc that popped out further down the way."

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 19:30:43.
Edited on 2008-04-19 at 22:10:15 by Dragon Mistress

RDI Fixture +1
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Xaris gets pulled up and is happy to see a familiar face. He quickly remembers what he has and pulls out the two blue potions.

" Here. I dont know if these are healing or not, but I am almost certain they are. Give these to her and hope for the best."

Xaris runs down the hallway, unsheathing his greatsword, the memories of the sanctuary below his feet fading, giving way to new ones of war and how to take out these orcs, when he meets them.

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 21:50:44.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Kas pulled Xaris up on the opposite side of the put from where Artanis and Loriel were.

"Xaria, I have to stay on this side, I have to keep the ladder in place. You will have to cross over and give them, to her." Kas pauses remembering Xaris's words, "Where did you get those and do you know that the are healing potions?"

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 05:35:15.

RDI Fixture +1
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" I found a little place down there, behind that door. A pool of crystal clear water with moss that glew like an oddly lit camp fire. A small creature, who I gave all my gold for these treasures was down there. We talked, and I felt sorry for it. He was swept away from his home, and now is stuck down there."

Xaris looked back across and knew he had to cross the ladder.

" But I can tell you more later. I am not sure they are healing, but with all that has gone wrong tonight, I think we have run out of bad luck. Blue potions have been healing in the past and I just hope that these are the same. Good luck to you."

Xaris put them in his pack, and started to cross the ladder, to where he would give his fallen friend one of the blue potions.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 15:13:02.

Dragon Fodder
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(Summarily wrapping this up as best I can so everyone can get to posting)

Xaris was pulled up from the lower level, eager to give Kas the potions to help Artanis while he would o and aid Loriel in the pursuit of the fleeing orc Kas however explained the need to keep the ladder bridge secure, and Xaris trusted in Loriel enough that he would forgo the hunt, at least long enough to tend to Artimi in her dire situation.

Crossing the bridge tentatively, Xaris watched Loriel peek into the room before her before entering the room on the left where the remnants of a plume of smoke trickled along the ceiling. Xaris entered and found Artanis lying there, her chest rising and falling slowly though she moved not nor made a sound. Fishing through the pouch he pulled out one of the two blue potions. In his hands he pulled the stopper from the vial, and gently poured the contents of the medium blue potion past Artanis’ lips. She swallowed reflexively, and in a sputter opened her eyes though she cringed painfully as consciousness returned and so did the painful realization of what had happened as she took in the room. (Artanis 12/43hp)

Xaris cradled her head gently as she rose to a sitting position, painfully aware that her armor was blackened and her clothing almost non-existent save for the parts which had fused to her skin through residual static charge.

Loriel meanwhile had peered around the doorway, and found only a small 10’ square room lined with empty shelves and discarded foodstuffs. On the other side of the room was another open door, and further down the corridor the Orc flung open yet another door and darted inside, Loriel fast on his trail.

Slowing to look once more around the newfound doorway, an arrow quickly whizzed by her head. Stepping into firing range using the doorway for as much cover as she could, Loriel placed two arrows cleanly into the Orc, felling him where he stood. Looking around the room for any more unexpected guests, Loriel is surprised when she sees a cowering boy in the corner huddled over the still form of a middle aged woman a pool of crimson beneath her body. The boy looks up in shock as the Orc enters and screams, then screams again as arrows are exchanged and the Orc is killed before his eyes. In a change, the boys fear transforms into rage and he kicks and claws at the orc’s body, before charging into Loriel and clinging to her chest, arms wrapped tight around her waist crying into her bosom. “They killed mom!” He whined, the boy no older than 8 or 9 winters old. “They. *Sob *sob* They killed my mom”

(Checking the body will indeed show the mother to be slain and for some time as she is cold.)

Meanwhile outside, the sleeping party members were interrupted rather rudely. The sound of hooves thundering into the clearing awoke everyone from their slumber. Eyes opened to behold a trio of men clad in green chainmail and a symbol of a wolf’s maw imprinted upon their cloaks and shields.

“Hail travelers!” One man said, his long brown hair dancing about his shoulders.

“Rather dangerous place to be sleeping is it not? At the mouth of an Ogre’s cave and all?” said another, a man with short red hair spiked with some sticky substance.

“You there” Said the third, a blonde haired man with a patch over one of his eyes, a long scar running from his forhead across the eye and down his right chin; directed at Elesia who sat in quiet contemplation at the cave mouth’s entrance. Bart rubbed his eyes at the disturbance, laying next to the fire where he had nodded off waiting for the other’s return.

“Looks like a lot of gear.and horses for just the pair of you. Where are your companions?”

Bart was still stammering trying to make sense of the situation, but Elesia rose to a stand under the careful scrutiny of the riders. “Brushing off her dress she took a step forward and smiled. “We are just here on a mission of good faith. Our companions are down below regrouping, that we may rest together for the evening.”

The blonde haired man looked over Elesia with a nod that turned from inquisitional to something far less courteous.

“Excellent, let’s hope they don’t see fit to return for some time shall we? There is much… fun to be had.”
And with a hand gesture he motioned his two other riders to search the area for any others who might be around. The other riders grunted their disapproval at having to leave and possibly miss the action, but moved along none-the-less.

Elesia kept amazingly calm as the rider dismounted, his visage changing from mysterious to oppressive Bart stood up realizing the mans intent in his eyes. “Now hold on a minute”

“Shut up, and run along into the cave little man.” The blonde stranger said as he leveled a wicked looking longsword in his direction. The blade was matted black with jagged edges and a crimson blood groove along the blade.

“Now then lass, what’s it gonna be?”

Elesia, merely took another step forward, letting her dress fall from her shoulders to rest souly upon her ample bosom, the see-through material of her white dress leaving little to the imagination as the mans smile widened and he gave a nod of approval.

Elesia returned with a smirk of her own. "Be gentle now, wouldn't want to break me" Elesia let the last sultry line linger dripping with her charismatic charms.

Linnix is as of yet unnoticed though one of the horsemen is within 30’ of her searching the area, the tree cover and predominant darkness are aiding in her current stealth.

Nash and Aelistae awoke to the hooves, Nash instinctively placing his hand over his lover’s mouth out of habit more than necessity, as Aelistae was silent as the dead of night, listening to the new arrivals and their nefarious leader’s intentions.

Nash lowered his hand and slinked away into the trees, where his armor lay. He didn’t move for the armor itself, only his pants and sword, which sparkled the moment he laid hands upon it. With a thought he quelled the inherent glow, and motioned for Aelistae to keep quiet and still. With that he moved slowly into the treeline, circling slowly towards the riders.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 16:10:04.
Edited on 2008-04-20 at 16:48:22 by Kaelyn

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Xaris helped Artanis up, a smile spread across his face. He was glad to see his up, even in pain. It meant that she was alive, could feel, comprehend what was happening, instead of lying on the floor, fighting for every breathe.

" Here, let me help you. The bridge is up, and Kas has her horse on the other side. We'll get you out of here soon."

Xaris helps Artanis up, and walks close to her, keeping her balanced if she stumbles a bit. When they get to the bridge, Xaris steps forward.

" Ok, how we're gonna do this is you get on your hands and knees, and crawl first. I'll be behind you to make sure you dont fall. Kas can even tie the rope around you incase anything happens. But I'm light enough hopefull so two people wont matter."

Xaris looks behind himself to Kas, and gestures for the rope.

" Kas, toss the rope so that we can tie Artanis with it for safety."

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 16:42:35.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Can't a Girl Get Some Sleep around Here?!

Linnix awoke irritated. This is now the third time she has been awakened and her seething temper rose exponentially. She didn't know and likewise didn’t care who these people were or where they came from; all she knew was that they were not courteous, and they were the ones who woke her up. Getting up slowly, she slips out of sight, and draws the hand crossbow.

In Linnix’s hand, the feeling of the crossbow’s handle further awakens her, putting her anger into action. I’ll fix you. Linnix thinks bitterly, her uncharacteristic rage reaching the same zenith as in the cave. She looks out from beyond the cover of the tree, and levels the crossbow with the stranger’s head. Without a second thought, she fires, and then instinctively grabs one of her daggers in her other hand; if they survived, they would be sure to come and look. However, in reaching for the dagger, her hand passes by the handle of the short sword. Linnix pauses for just a second, but reasons that since the sword glows, it could give away her position, and if the person took it from her it would give them an advantage against the others. Well, if she had to, she would use definately it, although, she didn’t know what it did...

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 17:18:35.

Kool Killer Kitty
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An unseemly bargain

Pleasant dreams of the night before still clung to Aelistae as her hand lazily sought the presence of her partner. It trailed over crumpled grass and the smooth curve of his torso, stirring Nash from his slumber. The human responded in kind, running his calloused fingers lovingly along the line of her jaw and over her lips.

But then his hand clamped alarmingly over her mouth.

Aelistae’s eyes widened, wondering what had caused the sudden change in mood. Before she could form any words, however, she had her answer. The heavy footfall of horses broke the quiet of the forest, followed by words threatening violence and rape on those she had sworn to protect.

Nash slipped away and urgently gathered his weapons to confront the foe, motioning for Aelistae to stay behind even as he did so.

The only response was a puzzled frown and a shake of her head. Aelistae rose to collect her sword and hastily don Nash’s discarded shirt. She was a Blade Dancer of Eilistraee, and her duty was clear.

“Belbau ssissilluk xuil sarnor ssissilluk,” she mouthed, as she elegantly swung her fine blade through the air and stealthily moved towards her foe.


Aelistae’s drow eyes surveyed the scene. She saw Elesia do what she could never do by offering her body without a fight, and the act brought a tear to her eye. Aelistae knew she had only given herself to spare Bart from certain death.

‘I will never let you fulfil that bargain,’ she vowed, as she raised her sword and summoned the powers innate to every drow.

[OOC: The drow translates as: ‘Repay violence with swift violence.’

Aelistae will wear Nash’s shirt since it’s nearby and it’s long enough for modesty’s sake.

She’ll hide/move silently so that she’s within 30’ of the man wishing to rape Elesia. Once there she’ll use her innate drow abilities to first outline the human with faerie fire and then summon a globe of darkness centred upon the human. After the human is lit up like a Christmas tree in the globe of darkness Aelistae will charge into battle.

I’m assuming that it’s past midnight and that Aelistae can use her drow abilities again. If she can’t I’ll edit the post.]

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 20:24:50.
Edited on 2008-04-21 at 06:57:02 by Ginafae

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The fleeing orc catapulted Loriel into action. It could not be allowed to warm others of their presences. That could well jeopardize Artanis’s rescue. She fled down the corridor after it through the first door, cross the small empty room through a far door. Ahead she saw the creature throw open a door and disappear again. Her ability to run in the forest ducking and dodging trees helped her as she raced to catch up.

Swiftly she notches another arrow and turns into this last room. She hear a scream from inside but it wasn’t an Orc’s voice it was much higher a females or a child’s. It spurs her to turn into the door hastily. She has to duck frantically as she heard a twang of a bow an arrow whistling, a hair's breathe by her head. She locates the Orc aims and releases her first arrow straight at him she then notches and fires the second in a couple of heart beats. A could of heartbeats because her heart was pounding form her swift pursuit and the adrenaline rush of being shot at. Both arrows struck the orc and he went down with a thud but not any other sound. Another scream echoes in the room. Looking around she spots a young boy whose fear transforms into rage and he kicks and claws at the Orc’s body, before charging into Loriel and clinging to her chest, arms wrapped tight around her waist crying into her bosom. “They killed mom!” He whined, the boy no older than 8 or 9 winters old. “They. *Sob *sob* They killed my mom”

Loriel holds the boy close just holding him tight. Not unlike the succor she had givens young animals whose parents had been killed or badly wounded. It wasn't that far of a stretch of who she was and what she did to comfort the young human boy whose loss because of his intelligence ws so much more. But the situation demanded that notmuch time could be taken here and now for conforting. so she holds him back a bit to speak to him.

"You will come with me and I will do my best to get you out of here safely. Looking at the pool of blood around the woman’s body tells its own story. The blood was dark and not at all shiny She had been dead awhile and the blood congealed on the cold stone floor. “Gather anything you need to, we must leave here quickly.” Loriel lets the boy collect anything if he wants to--or not. She does take time to check the woman’s body but, as she thought, her flesh was cold, signs that she had been dead for some time. Loriel checks the woman’s body out for anything on it and gives it to the boy.

Loriel loots the Orc’s body quickly to see if he is carrying anything and taking anything of value. She pulls out her arrows as well. “Now we must go. One of my companions is wounded down the hall and I must go to her. You stay close to me and if there is a fight get behind or duck behind cover.

Loriel hurries back to the room where she had left Artanis. Moonshadow was still on guard but Xaris had gotten to Artanis and wonders of wonders Artanis is sitting up with Xaris’s help.

To the boy she says, “These are my friends.” Turning to Xaris, “Xaris, there was another Orc I just killed him but we need to get out of here. Let me help you get Artanis up and moving.” Moonshadow to me.”

With Artanis between them they move onto the ladder bridge where Kas still waited vigilantly.

Posted on 2008-04-21 at 02:45:25.
Edited on 2008-04-21 at 03:52:31 by Brianna

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Kas felt powerless, she wanted to be able to help the people that saved her life, but she was was needed to keep the ladder ready so that the injured Artanis could be gotten to saftey. She did the only thing she could do under the circumstances, pray to Tyr.

Kas was surprised when Xaris appeared supporting the injuried Artanis. Kas winced at the sight of the badly burned young woman. When Xaris calls for a rope she points to the end of the ladder by him. "Take the one from there."

As Xaris prepares to rope Artanis, Kas hears two high pitched screams.

"Hurry Xaris, Loriel may need our help."

As Xaris prepares for Artanis to crawl across the ladder, Loriel appears with a young boy in tow.

Kas lets out a long sigh of relief, thought she was prepared to cross the ladder after Artanis was safe, to go to Loriel's aid.

"My thank's Tyr."

Posted on 2008-04-21 at 07:05:13.

Dragon Fodder
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Fire in the night

Downstairs, a wave of relief had washed over those who had survived, and found at least one survivor, a testament to their resolve and something to ease their consciences. Upstairs however, those that had been left to their own devices were now thrown into a tumult The Rogue riders had interrupted their slumber, some les peaceful than others, and now had Elesia trapped in the mouth of the cave as she apparently prepared to sacrifice herself for the safety of her patron Bartholomew.

Linnix, as thoroughly pissed off as any would have seen the young woman thus far, was now coupled with lack of sleep and the sights and sounds of riders in their camp, the nearest one waving a longsword at the branches before him while his horse picked at the underbrush.

I’ll Fix you Came Linnix’s bitter thoughts as she raised her crossbow level with the riders head, hoping to fell the rider in a single twitch of her finger. Her bolt sailed silently through the air, the rider’s keen sense alerting him to the impending danger just in time to turn him head on to the incoming bolt, which sunk deep into his chest, sending links of chainmail flying as he fought to stay mounted and cursed out loud against the pain.

(Rider 1 -12hp)

Turning and finally spotting Linnix behind the treeline, he mustered his horse onwards as he took a swig from a potion. Removing some of the pain as he visibly sat up a bit straighter and gripped his longsword that much stronger as his horse plowed through the thin foliage towards Linnix.

Nash and Aelistae too had quickly donned the remnants of clothing and slipped off into the night. As Nash circled around to the right, Aelistae moved to the left, hoping to get closer to the now dismounted stranger who even now approached Elesia with a wicked glint in his eye.

Bart stood up and threw himself at the stranger anger in his eyes.
“Elesia no, I can’t allow you to…“


Bart tumbled aside as the stranger backhanded him with a gauntleted fist, crumpled to the ground cradling the red welt which already covered a good portion of the poor farmer’s face blurring his vision and stealing his sense.

“Fool” was all the stranger said as he turned to Elesia once more, letting his free gloved hand caress her face, his leather bound fingers dancing upon her delicate skin, tracing down her neck to where her dress barely clung to the side of her arm, Elesia stood firm though her skin recoiled from the man’s touch, and she hummed a sweet tune filled with the lacings of spell-song. The man’s visage changed to a domineering sneer as he envisioned his new prize cooing him and his macho physique, his ego overtaking his senses. His fingers slipped under Elesia’s dress, and he ripped it free his eyes scanning to take in her naked form.

Suffice to say he was disappointed when all he was left with was a strip of satin lace from her dress, and Elesia herself was nowhere to be seen, her voice trailing off into the night air, the stranger’s face turning from shock to rage in the woman’s defiance.

“Whoring tease of a wench!” The man turned to remount his horse even as his companions words reached his ears.


The man moved to remount his horse, but was suddenly enshrouded in a wreath of purplish flames, and the man screamed as he dropped to the ground trying to put out the harmless flames which burned at his senses rather than his skin.


Down below, Kas was smiling as she helped Artanis across the bridge, Loriel the boy and Xaris in her wake when “Whoring tease of a wench!” echoed down the hall to each their ears.


The third rider, who had been thus far searching around the empty side of the camp had returned to the cry of his comrade, and scanned the area with scrutiny. He turned to his companion, who lay rolling about the round like a fool and shook his head.

“Get up you moron. The fire ain’t real! There be tricksters around and you’re dishonoring the guild succumbing to such meager spells. As he spoke, he removed a wand, and backed his horse away from the clearing away from his comrade, keeping his eyes peeled on the surounding area readying his action for a later time.

(To summarize, Linnix damaged Rider 1, who then healed and moved into melee with Linnix, Rider 2 dismounted attempted to disrobe Elesia was left with naught then faery fired and summarily chastised for believing he was on fire. Rider three has readied his action.. Nash is nowhere in sight, Aelistae is 30ft from Rider 2 about 45 feet from Rider 1 and Linnix, and Elesia is gone as well. Everyone downstairs has the option to respond to the words which reached their ears.

It will take those down below at least one full round to make it outside at a full run -Or mounting sunfire and moving outside)

Posted on 2008-04-22 at 05:17:18.
Edited on 2008-04-22 at 05:38:20 by Kaelyn


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