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Loriel and Moonshadow

Loriel moves forward calling Linnix's name. "Linnix. Linnix> Can you hear me? Are you alright?" Loriel moves outward from the cave mouth looking and listening.

Loriel sends out Moonshadow and she follows just behind. Hunting for Linnix who might have been hurt or carried away. She grabs up her horse and mount bareback using the lead rope as a rein.

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 01:27:15.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Fragment of Sorrow

"Leave me be." Linnix's voice softly carries to her pursuers.

Sitting against the tree she was originally sleeping against, and in her original position, Linnix softly cries into her crossed arms, which rest on her knees. Her crossbow and dagger had been put away, and now she was ready for the day to be over. Let sleep come quickly, Linnix thought wishfully, and with it, the dream I wanted.

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 03:38:42.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Loriel heard LInnix but the woman sounded distressed and so she continued on, Moonshadow quickly trailing the missing party member. Moonshadow barked when he found her first.

Loriel rounded a small stand of trees and saw Linnix standing against a tree her head done and the sounds of soft weeping. She dismounted quickly from her mare and and move closer. "Are you injured? Can I help you?" She was genuinely concerned for the smaller woman. Who knows what had happened to her out her alone.

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 04:04:40.
Edited on 2008-04-30 at 04:08:48 by Brianna

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Into the Dawn

And so it seemed that the night, wrought with peril and strife was finally coming to a close. Even now the moon shone high in the evening sky, the stars aglitter in the heavens. There was sadness in the air, a sorrow for life lost, companionship tested, and dreams torn asunder. Linnix was furious and her feelings ruptured beneath her lithe frame. She distanced herself from the others, for their wellbeing as much as her own, for her patience had been tested and at the moment, was not to be found.
Loriel moved to question Linnix, to offer comfort or support to the woman, but to Linnix, the ranger was merely encroaching upon her own personal bubble, and after darting back into the cave against her warning, had little to be said to that would even resemble niceties. Brushing Loriel off and curling further into her arms and knees, Linnix hoped only that sleep would come, and rid her of all the disturbances of the world.
Aelistae had left the party once more, to return to where her and Nash had first joined in harmony and bliss, only to find that he was not there, his belongings save for the shirt she wore had been retrieved, and his tracks had been removed, likely by magical means.
Return to me soon Aelistae thought, as she gathered her gear and prepared to end this night of highs and lows in meditation anew.
Artanis at the sound of quieted commotion began to lead the boy to the mouth of the cave, where Elesia, some meters still inside stopped her, and ushered the boy from her side. The boy, entranced at the sheer beauty of the woman happily obliged. Elesia smiled warmly at Artanis, and shook her head doing little to mask a look of concern and disapproval. From behind her she held out a lovely pale blue garment of fine silks with lace trimmings and golden embroidered filigree along the seams. The garment truly must have been worth a small fortune to anyone shy of royalty, and though Artanis stammered in embarrassment at the low cut cleavage and fine quality of the garb, eventually it was argued enough that she was half naked as it currently stood, and after the events of the night which had left her looking the part of scrap meat, that taking on the look of a woman once more might do her some good. Leaving her a waterskin and a cloth alongside the garments, Elesia simply smiled and turned.
As Elesia left Artanis to change within the cave, bringing the boy along with her who couldn’t help but try to peek behind him as the fair woman guided his sight forward with a stern but gentle hand, Xaris was still trying to take in everything that had happened, his conches shell bellowing out across the clearing like a tide washing up on the shore. Kasenarrion firmly had the quivering man in her custody, which was more than eager to spill his guts in exchange for her mercy. He explained that he and the others were once mercenaries turned brigand, as the villages of the north were overrun with the likes of orcs and goblins and all manner of fell beast. When honest work had failed to alleviate their financial problems, they had been forced to turn to thievery. Whether Kas believed the man’s tale to be true or not was uncertain, but for the safety of everyone around, she used the remains of her rope to securely bind the man to a nearby tree, placing Sunfire nearby to watch over him while he grazed and she too prepared to bed down for the evening.
As the fire was relit, and bedrolls and tents reorganized, Artanis exited the cave mouth giving everyone a much needed pleasant surprise. The tall muscular woman --for truly that is what she appeared as--, somewhat cleansed and donned in a gorgeous gown of elegance stepped into the moonlight, which lit up her garment with subtle hues of lilac and lavender intermingled in the pale blue material. Everyone was startled, perhaps no more than Artanis herself at just how good the warrior looked in the outfit which clung snugly to every curve, and left ample eye-candy for even Xaris not to notice.
The strange man, whose name was revealed as Jared Black could only look on in lust as well, though he hid it well in the presence of so many powerful female figures.
Loriel appeared and returned Artanis’ sword and money, though it was hardly worth it’s original value, and the feelings within Artanis welled up inside her, as almost everything she had ever owned of value had been stripped from her, and replaced with the utmost of kindness and concern from her companions; her friends.
(More than happy to allow and encourage backposting and conversation here people)
Moving on
The morning came and went, as the last of the companions finally awoke to the smells of cooked bacon, and a bountiful array of herbs as Bartholomew with the assistance of young Marcus—the rescued boy—prepared a hearty breakfast of eggs, hard breads, bacons and berries along with cider and blackberry juice pulled from Elesia’s enchanted pocket.
As everyone reemerged for morning meal, discussion followed, and it was brought to everyone’s attention that three of the magical items had been identified.
First, there was a ring of silver and gold, which Aelistae had identified as a enchanted ring to bolster ones defense. (Ring of Protection +1
The second item, the cloak of black and green worn by the deceiving witch, was laced with an enchantment to fortify one’s ability to resist all manner of attack. (Cloak of Resistance +1 )
Finally, the Bracers, crafted of supple leather with small runes etched along the face were described as being able to provide a small armor bonus to those who would normally be hindered by such things. (Bracers of Armor +1)
She let the others discuss their thoughts on the items and other things, as they prepared to being the day anew, heading to Castle Tethyr via the road where they had met Marcus’ father, hoping to reunite the youth and his worried parent.

(Status Update after 8 hours of sleep and recouperation)
Xaris 35/60 HP
Linnix 30/30HP
Aelistae 30/30HP
Loriel: 39/39
Kasenerrion: 21/30HP
Artanis: 16/43 HP
Elesia: Perfectly wonderful as normal
Bartholomew: Couple small bruises or scars but otherwise fine
Jared Black ~Wounded but not critical
Marcus Brown~ Slightly battered but otherwise no worse for wear

Items found on Jared Black:
Standard Chainmail
*Mwk Longsword
*copper ring
*backpack contains 2 days trail rations
*Deed to property in northern Tethyr under the names of Michael and Delores Smith
*pouch containing 4 gold 1 silver and 11 copper pieces
*Waterskin filled with you guessed it. water.
*Spare change of clothes

Plus: 1 regular longsword dropped by the fleeing man

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 19:42:42.
Edited on 2008-04-30 at 20:18:28 by Kaelyn

Not Dragon Mistress
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Loriel turned and left Linnix along after Linnix ignored her offer of help. Whatever the problem was apparently Linnix apparently needed to work it out by herself. Aelistae left the cave and went out somewhere. Wen she returned it was with her own clothes sans the man’s long shirt she had worn or nothing Loriel suspects. “Aelistae, may I talk with you for a moment.?”

**Aelistae reply**

Loriel tends Bart wounds first (if any) and wounds of btwo men they help captive,. “Okay, Kas, now what are we going to do with this man and how many got away. We have to sleep and he will have to be watched over unless you have another plan. I can and will set Moonshadow to guard them but I would like to know what your plans are.” Turning to the men she looks at them flatly “Woe to you if you try anything other than roll over and sleep. Moonshadow is entirely capable of taking you down.” The huge wolf-Cooshee cross is a massive creature standing almost 4 ft to the shoulder weighing is at almost 275 pounds. Moonshadow hearing her name looks up expectantly to Loriel her mouth open wide in a wolfish grin white fangs glitter against the deep pink of her cavernous mouth and she yawns wide and then snaps her mouth shut hard. The sounds of crunching bones could be imagined very easily

There was much to take care of in the aftermath of the altercation that took place outside while she was in the cave searching for captives. She did turn to ask Marcus if he had seen or heard about any other captives of the goblins and orcs.

Marcus looked at Loriel and he smirked at her pointy ears, he hadn't ever been around elves before. as Loriel asked him about the cave and his knowledge of any other captives he shook his head. "Nope, just my mom and me, there were some before us I think, but they were eaten by the sounds of things and tossed down the giant king’s holes."

Loriel asked, "Have you seen this giant king?"

Marcus nodded his head enthusiastically and stretched up real tall on his tippy toes "He was REALLY BIG and smelly and carried around a Axe bigger than I was!" Marcus began stomping around the campsite going "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" as he stepped.

Marcus stopped suddenly and stared at the pile of stuff they had collected earlier, propped up against the cave wall was the Ogre’s Huge Ax and his armor Marcus stare at it ant then at the companions. “Oh, my Gosh! That’s his stuff! You guys killed him. "Kapow!" He said as he slammed one fist into his open palm. "You guys are awesome!"

Loriel was amazed by the boys quick shift of emotions, but at least this was better than dwelling on he recent lost. She pulled out her bedroll and handed it to Marcus. “It is late now, use this out and get to sleep.” Loriel decided to take a simple direct approach to handle him for now keeping emotional ties out o it. He was young and had suffered lost but he was old enough to where he needed to develop independence. He was going to have to travel with them until they found a safe place for him to stay. That might be hard. Form the sounds of what the two men had said to Kas the whole area was plagued with orcs and goblins and their might not be a safe place for him to stay.

Loriel took out her extra winter blanket she would use that for Moonshadow and herself this night or what was left of this night. While she sat on the blanket Moonshadow at her side Artanis reappeared looking a whole lot better than the last time she had seen her. The tall warrior woman was dressed in a etheral gown of the finest silk gauze. As she walk into the cave with the low fire reflecting off her front and and the moon shinning behind her She was truly lovely in a way Loriel had not imagined she could look like.

“Artanis, you look a hundred times better than when I found you,” Loriel said quite truthfully. I was afraid you wre going to die before I could get you help. And byt the that gown looks splendid on you.” She gives a slight laugh, not esactly your mormal adventuring attire. Perhaps these men will know of where we can purchase what you have lost, I brought out the shield but I think we need to identify it before it is used again. Now you and Xaris need your rest the rest of us will take watches as needed. I will take first watch, Kas can take second. Aelistae, Elesia, Linnix, and Bart what can you do to help us out this night?

**Watches settled**

Elesia told them about the three items she had identified. All useful items but as to whom should they go to, Loriel’s mind refused to contemplate any more this night. She moves over and lays the winter blanket down folded against the cold of the stone floor and lays down on it and catches cat naps throughout the night. Rising at random times to check on their parole, Moonshadow and the rest of the camp.

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 22:37:40.
Edited on 2008-05-01 at 01:17:42 by Brianna

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Okay, Kas,” said Loriel, “now what are we going to do with these two men and how many got away. We have to sleep and they will have to be watched over unless you have another plan. I can and will set Moonshadow to guard them but I would like to know what your plans are.” Turning to the man she looks at him flatly, “Woe to you if you try anything other than roll over and sleep. Moonshadow is entirely capable of taking you down.” The huge wolf-Cooshee cross is a massive creature standing almost 4 ft to the shoulder weighing is at almost 275 pounds. Moonshadow hearing her name looks up expectantly to Loriel her mouth open wide in a wolfish grin white fangs glitter against the deep pink of her cavernous mouth and she yawns wide and then snaps her mouth shut hard. The sounds of crunching bones could be imagined very easily.

“We will tie them and I can also set my warhorse to guard them. Then we must sleep.”

Turning to the man as she gets out a length of rope to bind him, “Where would your comrades go, do you have a camp in the area?”


As everyone else settles to sleep, Kas finds a place off to the side. She unsheathes her sword and holds it out before her.

“Tyr, today you have graced me with your divine power, for this I am deeply grateful. Your have filled my mind and body with your beneficence. You have aided me in my quest to see that right is done in the name of Good. I promise to uphold Justice, reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong and I will be always true and just in my actions. I will seek to learn the laws of all lands and keep a record of all that I do so that I can learn from my mistakes. I will be vigilant and observant to better identify those that would seek to do injustices before their actions threaten law and order. And I will deliver retribution to the guilty for those that can not do it for themselves.”

The prayer goes on unvoiced and Kas pours forth her heart to her new god. In her mind’s eye she sees Tyr as he first appeared to her, a figure glowing with divine power, a tall and mighty, ageing warrior, blind and missing his right hand.

Once her prayer is done she leans against a tree and pulls her cloak about her, sitting up put less strain on her stitches. In the morning, she rises before dawn and prepares to travel. She sees to the prisoner's natural needs and then reties him to the horn of Sunfire's saddle.

As the other rise she greets them, and when assemble she tells them she wants to hunt down those men who ram off last night.

[[This will be depend on whether the brigands have a camp nearby, or a place where they holdup between raids.]]

"The common folk have enough problems to face, besides dealing with their own kind preying on them."

Posted on 2008-04-30 at 23:55:46.
Edited on 2008-05-01 at 01:24:30 by Dragon Mistress

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And so it is...

(A bit of back posting)

Artanis watched as Loriel and Xaris ran to the aid of their friends. She silently cursed her stupidity yet again, her hand itching for her weapon, and wanting nothing more than to join them in battle. As it was, however, she was no more use to them right now, than the boy was.

She turned and looked at the boy. The expression on her face softened and her heart went out to him. ”I know I appear a bit scary right now, but I’m not all that bad.” She winked at him. “What is your name, child, and how old are you?” Artanis awaits his response.

Marcus blinked away the tears as he tried to play the role of the strong lad. “My name is M-Marcus. I’m eight…and a half!”
Artanis kneeled before the boy and gently took his hand in hers. "It is very nice to meet you, Marcus. My name is Artanis. My friends and I came here to help you. We were traveling along the path when we found your father. He told us what had happened. I am so sorry we did not get here in time." She fought the urge to hug Marcus. She understood the need for a child to be strong, and besides, he didn’t even know her.

Marcus looked at Artanis a moment with a quirked brow. He could see the pain she felt behind her strong yet misty eyes. He surprised her when he put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s ok, you saved me, and Mommy will always be with me here;” he said as he placed his hand over his heart. “Mommy is in heaven, and she will watch over Dad and me.”

Artanis stared in wonder at the strength in this little boy's heart. She blinked back the tears and cleared her throat. "Yes. And that is one thing no one can ever take away from you. My Mommy and Daddy are watching over me as well." She tried to make her voice as cheery as possible. Artanis sat on the ground, and leaned against the wall. She patted the spot next to her in invitation for Marcus to sit with her. "Where do you come from?"
Marcus Scooted over next to Artanis and sat down, pulling his knees up to his chest as he leaned forward. He stared off into the dimly lit passage. “We came from Bergerost in Amnish country. Daddy’s a jeweler, and Mom was a tailor. She was really good too, if I can say so. Anyway, once or twice a year we try and make a journey into another country to sell our families wares. ‘Bait new fish in a worldwide pond.’ As Dad always said. So this year we came down the Sword Coast and were on our way to Darromar when those Orc’s and Giant found us, and well; you know the rest.”
Artanis glanced at Marcus and folded her arms over her raised knees. "Yes," her voice was tender, "I know the rest." She was quiet for a moment, then turned and asked him, "Where do you suppose you and your father will go from here Think you'll continue on to Darramar"
Marcus looked up for a moment and shrugged. “I don’t see why. Most of our stuff was either stolen or burned by the bad guys.” Marcus frowned at that. “I suppose we’ll just have to turn around and hope to make it back home on what we’ve got. Dad’s smart, he’ll think of something.”
Artanis nodded to indicate she understands what he's saying. Her mind began to race, though she held her tongue. She wondered what would happen if Marcus were to travel with them. She and the others (were they to be interested) could teach him to fight. Teach him to defend himself and those he loves. She had been taken in at a young age, not quite as young as Marcus, when her parents had been brutally slain before her eyes. She was taught, and she was hungry to learn. She learned very quickly the skills required for her line of work. She looked the boy over and nodded to herself. "Yes" she thought, "He would be a fine one to learn." But still she was unsure. It was a large responsibility, and look at what she had just done to herself for crying out loud! How could she care for another? She sighed and sat in silence for a moment longer, her thoughts going back and forth.

((OOC: All credit for Marcus’ side of the conversation goes to Kaelyn.))

Once the sounds of battle had ended, Artanis stood and gently took the boy’s hand in her own. She smiled warmly at him, “Come on, let’s go see what’s what up there.” And so they began their short trek to the mouth of the cave.

Elesia, however, had a better idea in mind. She came towards them and Artanis felt deeply ashamed. Ashamed at her reckless behavior, and at her state of dress…or undress as it were. She hoped Elesia was unable to see her humiliation in the darkened corridor of the cave.

Artanis released the boy’s hand as Elesia guided him away from her. “Not fit to watch a ch…” Artanis' thought was cut off when she saw the elegantly beautiful garment in Elesia’s hand. She looked at her with wide eyes, the surprise and disbelief evident on her face.

When Elesia handed the garment to her, Artanis shook her head. “Surely you can’t mean for me to wear that. Its beauty would be wasted on the likes of me. Look at me! I have nothing but damaged patches of hair left.” While Artanis was not a vain woman, she was still a woman, and what woman does not want to feel beautiful at least sometimes? Yes, Artanis wanted to wear the dress. It had been so long, since her skin had been graced with such elegance.

After some insisting from Elesia, and the reminder that Artanis was practically naked, Artanis relented and carefully took the delicate garment. “What if I tear it?” She said in one last attempt at a protest. Elesia assured her all would be well, and then guided the boy out of the cave.

Once they had gone, Artanis removed her ruined armor. Using the items Elesia had so graciously left for her, Artanis cleaned up as much as she could. She cleaned her face, arms and hands. Then she used as little water from the water skin as possible, to rinse out the cloth. She cleaned off her chest and upper body, and then her legs. She removed what bits she could of clothing which remained burned to her skin as she went.

Then she tenderly touched her scalp. She almost cried…almost. She knew she was not the most beautiful of women before, but now she knew she was downright ugly.

“What do I need beauty for anyway? Does beauty help me fight? No. hmph I do not need to be beautiful.” Thus was her attempt at making herself ignore what she must surely look like and get on with it.

Once she had cleaned her body the best she could, she ever so carefully put the dress on. Once it was on and securely in place, she looked down at her form and admiringly slid her hands over the delicate material. She closed her eyes, and held up her arms as though she had a partner, and for a moment she was somewhere else. She had her beautiful hair and it was intricately braded and curled. She was dancing ever so gracefully with a strong and handsome man….

After about a minute, she dropped her arms and opened her eyes. “What foolishness!” She scolded herself. She was quite thankful that no one had seen that ridiculous display. She reached up and touched her scalp again, and tried to figure out what the hell she was going to do about that. “Not much I can do at this point, I suppose. Perhaps someone will lend me their blade and I can remove what bits are left. My hair always did grow much too fast. I hope it does so after this!”
Knowing there was nothing more she could do, she gathered what was left of her things and exited the cave.

Artanis saw that just about everyone was staring at her and suddenly all she wanted to do was turn and run back into the cave and not be seen. She felt so out of place and awkward in the dress. She briefly wondered if Aelistae would trade clothes with her, for surely she would do the gown justice. She fought the urge to cover her cleavage with her hands. Instead she hid her balled fists in the folds of the gown and awkwardly made her way to an empty place by the fire and sat down as gracefully as she could manage.

She was just about to ask for the use of someone’s blade when Loriel came over to her and handed Artanis her own sword. She reached out and accepted it, as well as the melted pile of what had once been money.

“Artanis, you look a hundred times better than when I found you,” Loriel said quite truthfully. "I was afraid you were going to die before I could get you help. And by the way that gown looks splendid on you.” She gives a slight laugh, “Not exactly your normal adventuring attire. Perhaps these men will know of where we can purchase what you have lost, I brought out the shield but I think we need to identify it before it is used again. Now you and Xaris need your rest. The rest of us will take watches as needed. I will take first watch, Kas can take second. Aelistae, Elesia, Linnix, and Bart what can you do to help us out this night?"
A barely audible, “Thank you.”, came out as Artanis realized that was all she had left.

Her hands dropped to her lap and she stared down at them. She sat almost dumbfounded, and tears filled her eyes, and were dangerously close to spilling over. “What good am I to anyone now? Yes, I can fight still, but without my armor, without my gear, of what use am I? Nothing more than a hindrance.” And for the hundredth time, she cursed her actions.

It wasn’t until she noticed the small pool of liquid on her blade that she realized she’d been silently crying. She’d never felt more vulnerable and exposed. She quickly wiped the tears away. “Stupid, stupid female.” she whispered to herself. If only she had been born a boy, she would not have to worry about female emotions getting in her way, and making her week.

She took a deep breath and shrugged. “Well, gotta do what you gotta do, right? Right.” With that thought in mid, she raised her blade and did what she could to remove the patches of hair that were left from her head.

Once she was done, she looked to Loriel. “Thank you for retrieving my sword.” Then she looked at Kas, and at Xaris as well. “Thank you, all three of you for saving my life. I am indebted to all of you, and if it takes my life to do it, I will repay my debt.” She cursed her weakness as her voice cracked and quickly looked down into her lap. She didn’t want any to see the tears that had begun, once again, to fill her eyes.

Posted on 2008-05-02 at 10:16:11.
Edited on 2008-05-04 at 02:09:17 by DarkAutumn

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Simmering anger

Aelistae shook her head, as she slipped trough the light copse that surrounded the mouth of the cave. It was in an effort to try and clear her thoughts, and soothe the burning anger she felt at what Kas had done. But try as she might she could not quite calm the fire that raged within her.

Among the Elistraeyn a blade was only to be used to venerate the Goddess, or when one intended to wet its edge with the blood of the enemy. To use it upon a friend, upon someone who had prayed before the Lady to heal them when their life was slipping away, was an insult to her and her faith that Aelistae would not forget.

‘Well my duty to her is done. Since she is not part of this expedition, we can part ways in peace and think no more about it.’
That thought alone brought Aelistae some relief. She finally came upon a pile of her discarded clothes, and she changed into a loose blouse and leather skirt after peeling off the shirt she had ‘appropriated’ from Nash.

The drow priestess pouted slightly as she poked a finger through the thin gash in the linen shirt that had appeared where the bandit had slashed at her. But if she feared Nash’s disapproval, she need not have worried.

There was no sign of the human in the clearing in which she had danced before her Goddess and had danced more earthily with him. She could find no indication that he had ever been there at all, until she stumbled upon the forms of four orcs and a warg that had been slain and hidden in the undergrowth nearby. Buried in the earth was a small, silver cross, which Aelistae took. She doubted that the item had been left for her to find, but she knew it had been Nash’s. And that was enough.

‘Return to me soon,’ Aelistae thought, as she turned and headed back to the campsite.


Tap, tap, tap…
Aelistae carefully worked at the black inter-locking rings of her armour, as her companions slept on oblivious even as the first light of dawn crept into the sky above. Few of her companions it seemed had been perturbed by her absence. And, it was only as they slept soundly that Aelistae realized how the bandits had been able to infiltrate the camp so easily.

‘They went back underground putting themselves at risk, and exposing those left behind. And yet they rescued the child.’ Aelistae mused, her eyes falling briefly to the sleeping boy. ‘I don’t know whether to applaud them for their bravery or curse them for their foolishness.’
Finally the tapping ceased and she held her armour up to inspect her work. The chain links that had been severed by the giant spider had been painstakingly pressed back into place. Aelistae allowed herself a smile. The new joints looked so seem-less that she struggled to tell where exactly the spider’s mandibles had bitten through.

’Now for the other.’ Aelistae slowly laid her armour down, and picked up the grime-encrusted chainmail that had been taken from the captive Kas had taken. A little tender loving care and it’ll make fine armour for our fine practitioner of Kyorlin Plynn, she added, referring to Artanis and her use of both sword and shield.

“Aelistae, may I talk with you for a moment.?” A voice broke the quiet stillness of the camp, and the drow woman was surprised to find it emanated from Loriel. The elvish woman had shown little desire to converse with her before – an attitude that Aelistae had taken as being due to her feeling uncomfortable about her drow heritage.

“What is it you wish to say, Sister?”

[I’ll back post a reply]


Aelistae laid a soft kiss upon Artanis’ forehead. Her skin was blistered horribly, and her hair was all but gone. All through the night, Aelistae had had to bear the sights and sounds of Artanis’ discomfort in the knowledge that she could not do anything to aid her. As morning came, however, that changed.

“Belbau ilta dosst dumoas Jallil ji il xal sundu lu'alure h'uena mzild.”

A healthy pallor returned to her features as her skin knitted and reformed itself, and as a healthy lock of hair sprouted from her otherwise bare head.

[Aelistae will first do a Cure Moderate Wounds, and spend one charge from her Healing Belt to do 4d8+3 healing. She’ll then do a Cure Light for another 1d8+3 healing on Artanis. If she still needs healing after that I’ll decide what to do after I know what the results of the rolls are]

“I altered the straps slightly, on the armour we took from Kas’ battle-captive. I think it should fit you, if you wish to try it,” she added, handing over the hauberk and leggings of chain mail armour.

The others rose, and after seeing that Xaris needed her attention top, Aelistae left Artanis’ side to tend to the brave gnome.

“It seems we only ever talk when you’re in need of attention, Xaris. A woman could get easily get put out at that you know,” she joked as she tended to the gnome’s wounds.

[Aelistae will do the same to Xaris as she did with Artanis.]

A smile returned to Aelistae’s lips, and she felt her spirit’s lift…until Kas decided to advertize her plans to hunt down the bandits that had attacked the night before.

"The common folk have enough problems to face, besides dealing with their own kind preying on them,” she explained, as if her reasoning was infallible.

“The common folk really have a problem if you’re the one looking out for them,” Aelistae found herself quipping in response, her earlier frustration making itself manifest once more. “The reason they attacked was because you ran off in the middle of the night without telling anyone where you had gone. That left the camp unguarded, and disaster nearly struck as a result.”

“If you wish to go chasing after bandits, go. I will not stop you, and nor will I mourn your absence. But do not expect me to follow.”

[OOC: Aelistae will use her spell splots for silence and wave of grief when she spontaneously casts the 2 CMWs. She’ll exchange summon monster 1 and true strike for the 2 CLWs

The drow spoken is: ‘Give her your blessing Lady so she may sing and dance once more.’]

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A smile returned to Aelistae’s lips, and she felt her spirit’s lift…until Kas decided to advertise her plans to hunt down the bandits that had attacked the night before.

"The common folk have enough problems to face, besides dealing with their own kind preying on them,” she explained, as if her reasoning was infallible.

“The common folk really have a problem if you’re the one looking out for them,” Aelistae found herself quipping in response, her earlier frustration making itself manifest once more. “The reason they attacked was because you ran off in the middle of the night without telling anyone where you had gone. That left the camp unguarded, and disaster nearly struck as a result.”

“If you wish to go chasing after bandits, go. I will not stop you, and nor will I mourn your absence. But do not expect me to follow.”

Kas looked to Aelistae, “I do believe you should know the truth of the matter before assuming as you did, though I find it strange that you accused me of running off and not telling anyone when it was Loriel who announced to everyone, right after we returned here and rejoined the Bart and Elsiaand we had heard there story about what happened outside while we inside. Loriel’s exact words were.”

"I am just going down the center corridor. I plan on jumping the pit and checking the doors out and calling out for the woman, if she is not gagged, then answers, then I will return for help to get her out."

“When no one offered to go with her, I took on myself to lend her what back up, I could.” Kas does not point out the fact of how physically hampered she was by injuries, it was not important. “Artanis, too, made the decision to come help. Loriel checked out the first room went on. Artanis followed behind and went into the room that Loriel backed away from. A fight ensued and then I believe the shield exploded killing the Orcs an almost killing Artanis. I ran back here to get help. Aelistae, you were not here at the time and Linnix flatly refused to stir herself.” You can hear Kas’s outrage as she makes the statement about Linnix. “Only Xaris came, and he helped me get the ladder out of the pit, but then he went off to explore what was behind the door in the pit and did not return until later when the finally went across the bridge to hellp Artanis

Kas pauses to look at Aelistae and all the others. “I find it hard to believe you are the same group of people who banded together to save me, and yet when one of your number rightly went looking for the truth about the possibly captured boy and his mother, most of you sat back and did nothing to help. Teamwork allows a small group to succeed where an army might fail, but you are not a team, not by a long shot.”

Her golden eyes sweep the group, assaying each of them, weighing their actions and words so far. It was time for another home truth, when she speaks, her words are justly biting. “I suggest you all apologize to Bart and go home; you will never succeed in his quest as you are right now.”

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Before Aelistae’s statements to Kas

Loriel sat down beside the Draw Priestess so there were at the same level what she had so day was as one to another fairly on equal terms. “Aelistae you have shown me that Drow can be other that our traditional enemies. Too know that there are Drow that are good and to work with one who is is two vastly different things. You have given freely of your talents and skills in the many trying situations that we have encounter so far. I wish to extend my hand in friendship to you as one being to another beyond the dictates of histories or the acts of others. You have been a staunch ally all the way. Loriel’s eyes are open and frank and there is a honest ring to her words as if spoken from the heart. Her hand held out to the Drow Priestess, “As one comrade to another.”

**Aelistae's reply**

Loriel paused and then looked down as if what she has to say next does not come easily, “Aelistae I will not ask what went on with you last night away from camp but I hope that it will in no way interfere with what we have undertaken for Bart.” Please do not take the intent of my words as any criticism or reproof. It is just that you turning up in a man’s shirt and little else was noticed, at least by me.” She waits t see what Aelistae has to say then goes about her other self-appointed tasks making ready for a day of travel.

One of those tasks was to recover the body of Marcus’s mother. After telling Bart what she was doing. With her horse and rope and Moonshadow's help to stand guard she leaped the pit again and went back to the room and wrapped the women in the blanket. Loriel does a quick search of the room for anything useful but only found seven sticks, each with a crudely painted eye on each of them. Back at the at the edge of the pit she left her securely tied with rope and then made a running leap back across the open pit and used her horse to pull the woman’s body across it to the other side. She brings then pulls the body across her saddle and lashed it down to the saddle. When back at the camp she also checks out all the horses and their condition of body and their shoes. For a want of a horse shoe nail the shoe could be lost and a horse lamed.

After the confrontation.

Loriel moves towards the two different as night and day literally as well as figuratively. “I can confirm most of what she said except for who was in camp when Kas went back to ask for help for Artanis. Only Xaris came and then he disappeared below from he pit where the Giant Spider was. Later he came back was able to get Artanis up and get got her across the pit. I didn’t know why the others didn’t come I did not know why Linnix refused to, but with Xaris’s help we got Artanis back and Marcus too.

"But Kas, do not count us out. We are learning to work together and we were able to when you needed rescuing and when we fought the Ogre. Like a newly wed couple that thinks they know each other well enough to marry and then after the wedding there are some bumps and turns they did not expect. We are learning to work together. We are just in the early stages of coming to know and depend on one another. If we build on our strengths we should be able to help Bart out on his quest and rid the area of the influence of goblins that seem to have taken over in more places than just that castle. That is our reason for our being out here. Bart has taken up a mission from his queen along with three other groups to rid this castle to the north of goblins so that trade can flow again. It is a good goal to undertake why don’t you join us, if Bart agrees.”

Loriel looks over to Bart to see what he would say.

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Clashes of the Twilight

The sun had risen, and is already nearing its peak in the sky, but it is unnoticed by the still form below. Linnix stirs sleepily, and rubs her eyes, which are still red from crying, and have shadows below them. Unsteadily, she stands, her knees threatening to buckle and her legs hardly supporting her; she didn't get much sleep at all.

Leaning on the tree, she quietly listens to the relative silence of the plain before her. Linnix yawns, trying to wake up already. She turns around and stumbles forward, making her way back to the campsite. She could feel how alone she really was, even as she reached the campsite with the people there already lively and conversing. She ignored them; it wasn't her conversation, and it felt like she was intruding. She stumbles over to the pile of excess things, and pulls out a short sword. Swinging it negligently and feeling that it's close enough to suit her needs, she puts it in the now vacant sheath at her side. However, it takes her a couple of tries to do so. She also pulls out the bolts and places those in her pack. Just then however, she hears Kas's comment.

Her voice sounding extremely tired and even near dead, Linnix turns to the woman, "How about you get off your soapbox and toss that halo somewhere it can actually do something? Like maybe bolt your mouth shut. I don't know what world you come from, but here things aren't so black and white as your colourblind eyes see."

Linnix's tired, red eyes stare directly into Kas's ones, appearing bleak and uncaring, "I shouldn't have to remind you, but people tend to have reasons for being where they are, and often have different intentions. I'm here because I signed the contract to fulfill my sponsor's quest, NOT any things on the side that pop up. Coming to a judgment based on something that's not even a part of what the whole group was interested in is rather pathetic, and I suggest you learn to understand rather than jump on that soapbox at first chance. You think you can do that, or are those angel feathers what makes up your brain too?"

Seeing Kas's mouth open to respond, Linnix cuts her off, "By the way, I am not in the mood to chit chat, so if you want to say something, write it down somewhere to bring up later. Maybe you can tack the note on your soapbox. Don't worry, I'm sure you won't forget it then."

Not feeling hungry, and still looking rather pale, Linnix wanders off to the side of the camp, where she slumps against the side of the cave.

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Kas never even tried to open her mouth, Anything Linnix had to say was to the wind. Kas was not there to listen. There was something about Linnix that bothered her. She seemed so centered on herself, Linnix first and all others last, last night was a perfect example of that. When Kas asked for help to save Artanis, sLinnix quickly and flatly refused, and was uspet because her sleep was disturbed.

Yes, she was upset by Linnix, who was so vociferous in her denying aid to a comrade. Kas never used any words denounce ot belittle Linnix, she passed no judgement on her. The words disloyal, selfish never touched her lips, though they fit Linnix's actions. All Kas did was state the facts of the matter, Perhaps she was wrong in displaying her anger.

~~Tyr, I tried not to judge, but only report what I observed. I believe I let my emotions show. Please help me to make just decisions."

Somewhere in the back of her mind were all sorts of homilies that had been drilled into her as she grew up. Some came from her trainers and teachers, other seemed to come from nowhere.

Kas turned from the others, perhaps it would be better to go, though where she did not know. Kas went to gather her things. She took the time to rebandage herself. The bandage that was put on last night was bloody, she had felt her stitches open while they worked to get the ladders out of the pit and later in helping Awhen she had leaped toher horse and rode out of the cave ready to join in a battle. She dug out bandages and salve, then cleaned and dress her wound and wrapped her middle tightly.

"You just sometime have to tough you way through it," the memory of a voice came to her, but it was a voice out of a void, an emptyness, and that void seemed to be growing, or was it that she was noticing it more and more. She tried not to dwell on it, but it kept popping back up, the idea that something was missing out of her life.

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Troubles shared

“Are you a fairy?”

What had been a softly worded thought echoed around the lightless room and travelled further than she intended. She hastily drew a small hand over her lips, as if that act alone would cause the words to tumble back into her mouth.

A slow gurgling sound from what seemed like a pile of refuse that occupied one corner of the cell was the only response. It took her a while to realize that the gurgle was a laugh and the pile of refuse the broken body of a person.

“Is that what they say?” a woman’s voice responded throatily when the laughing died. “That I am a fairy witch, come to spirit drow children away so I can sacrifice them to my Goddess?”

She nodded dumbly, too afraid to speak or move closer and see what the horrible monster she had long been told of actually looked like.

“No child…I am not a witch. I serve no Goddess. I am just a broken elf waiting for a death that never comes.”

A sad smile came over the poor wretch, but it was one she could sense rather than see. “One day you, or your children, or your children’s children, will look upon one of my kind and realize that both elf and the drow are the same. You will take their hand in friendship, embrace them, and come to know that in the future we will be one people.”

Lidless, empty eye sockets emerged from the dark. They sat in a face that must have once been beautiful, but starvation and torment had stolen that away.

Her eyes widened in terror as she peered into those empty depths. She ran away in terror, but the voice still chased her.

“Remember that child! Remember!”

She did.

Loriel’s hand hovered in the air, after the elvish woman had declared her wish to be friends. Aelistae not only took the hand offered to her, but embraced Loriel warmly.

“Amin harmuva onalle mellon e' cormamin, Loriel.”
Loriel continued by mentioning Aelistae’s attire the previous night, and cause a light violet blush to stain her otherwise blue-black features.

“It was…” she stammered, breaking her embrace to look Loriel in the eye. “Look, I would never do anything to endanger the task we have signed up to. Trust me on that.”

[Reply if you wish Bri, I’m happy to keep backposting]


Aelistae felt like shaking Kas out of the fantasy she had constructed. The one in which she had the right to judge others for their failings but yet ignored her own. And in which Kas had entered the underground complex with Aelistae’s consent, when she had not even been present when they had decided to do so.

Between what first Loriel and Linnix said to her, however, there was little room or need for her to say anything more.

“I thought the angel feathers was a nice touch,” Aelistae joked as she knelt near where Linnix had taken her perch. The woman was pale and drawn, and even though the drow priestess knew little about humans she knew there was something wrong.

“I never told you how sorry I was for last night. You asked me out of friendship what was troubling me, and I…well I didn’t respond. But if there’s anything you need to say, perhaps we can burden each other with out troubles?”

OOC: Yay! I get to use Elven rather than Drow!

The Elven is: “I will treasure your gift of friendship in my heart, Loriel.”

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Linnix stares blankly ahead, seeming to be very far away, but then she nods.

"They're strange, aren't they?" Linnix murmurs, "Why do dreams seem so persistent at times, but when you want to see one, it never returns?"

Linnix's head turns and she looks at Aelistae, "Last night, I was awoken three times. It was alright at first, because the dream actually stayed with me, much to my surprise, until the last awakening, and then it never came back."

"I didn't even recognize where I was initially," Linnix continues, the words just flowing from her like an unblocked waterfall, "not that it really mattered. I just felt like walking, and so I walked forward, through the many turns and alleyways. Then I noticed that I was only a little girl, so it was no wonder that it seemed to take a while. There was a break then, when I first woke up, but when I went back I had passed that maze in the city, and I was older, but still younger than I am now. The buildings and houses were all blurry and vague, except for one."

Linnix's right hand clenches, as though the motion would somehow take her back to her dream, "I could see Her through the window of that house. Then there is another break, which was the second time I was woken up. When I went back, I was inside the house, I was the same age as I am now, and She had made tea. She didn't seem concerned that I was there, and She even smiled at me, it was as though-"

Linnix stops momentarily and bites her lip, "I had only taken one sip of tea, when I was woken for the third time. It was slightly sweet, but very warm, and had a slight peppermint flavour. I tried to go back, but the dream just wouldn't come back. It was gone. She was gone."

A few tears start to fall from Linnix's eyes, and she quickly turns and rubs her sleeve across them, drying them. Her voice barely audible, Linnix murmurs, "Why did She have to go? Why did I ever leave Her?"

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Comforting the dreamer

Aelistae caught the faraway, haunted look in the young woman’s eyes. It was a look she understood, because it was the same one that afflicted her when she thought overlong on her past.

The drow woman reached out and reassuringly squeezed Linnix’s hand. “It is called l’assajre among my kind. To see and feel moments of our past so vividly that we believe we are there. To feel guilt…and shame at what we have done. Or feel such peace that we wish we could live in that moment for eternity.”

“I have done and seen things that I am not proud of. Things that cast shadows on my mind and my soul. Such cruelty…” Aelistae shook her head and interrupted her train of thought. “The thing is that we can’t let the past consume us. If we did we would become those shadows.”

“I don’t know who she was Linnix, and I would not force you to reveal something that is private. But, if you like, I can show you something to ease the pain of the dream and the pain of its loss.”

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