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Silvara, Looks over to Zora. "If we are delving underground for this item of yours we will need a few basic things. I have some and with whatever you have we will decide what is most important for this venture."
"I have little of of that type of gear, all my training has dealt with things above ground.

"I would say the map could be useful, I do not know about the key but if someone brought it all this way, there must be a reason. Unless you have a shovel or pick we will need one of each. I have rope perhaps some pitons or aids for climbing.

'Firin Ranklefoot, we will deal with you for what we need. Starting with the map and the key that's 35 gold, Then a shovel, hammer and ten pitons. What is the total now. also How much is a potion of fly just or a scroll whichever is cheapest."

Zora can not figure why they would need to fly underground.
Having training for knighthood and indeed having embark of the path to joining the Purple Dragon Knights, such more nefarious pursuists were not a part of her curriculum.

"Do you have any recommendation Firin? Zora, any suggestions?"
Zora thought quickly as Sil began naming items they might need. "How about a miners pick, and a stout spear. A spear could be used as a lever or a weapon."

Zora next names the pertinent items in her backpack they might need. "Yes Firin, what would you suggest, after hearing what we have?"

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 01:16:29.
Edited on 2008-06-16 at 03:35:59 by Dragon Mistress

RDI Fixture
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Everyone else was breaking away after their morning meal and heading off to get packed for the journey ahead, but Talus wasn't entirely sure of what to do. He was fully packed, since he hadn't taken more than a few trinkets out of his bag the night before, but he wasn't sure if he was leaving. Artanis and Xaris had said that he would more than likely be welcomed by the others, but the news of the death of their friends had taken precedent. The matter of Talus joining the group hadn't even been specifically brought up, and now it looked as if it wasn't going to be.

For a moment he considered staying there, staring into a half empty bowl of stew until someone, maybe Anna, asked him to move. He could feel everyone leaving, heading off to find some way to remove the burden of loss and make room for a traveling pack-- make room for future adventure. Maybe he could do that in reverse. Take the worm leather pack at his feet and throw it in a closet somewhere to gather cobwebs. Become a regular at the Green Gryphon and trade stories that all began with "Years ago, I once..."

Just for a moment.

He looked up, drawing a deep breath to pull himself from daydream and into the moment, and found his attention begin drawn to a glint of metal being passed from the Innkeeper to the man who had given orders to the group. Aelistae said his name earlier, what was it? ... Bart.
Talus, in trying to break fully out of the threatening lethargy, stood so quickly that he almost overturned his chair. After a moment spent stabilizing the chair and a sheepish grin to patrons two tables over, he hurried after Bartholomew.

Falling into step beside the man, Talus began, "Sir, my apologies for not returning your earlier greeting. I wasn't sure how much to participate in the mornings discussion as I am not yet part of this group... your group? I am Talus, formerly of Mulhorand. I assisted Artanis last night with the fire and, after witnessing the courage displayed on that terrible night, I inquired about the possibility of journeying with such admirable people. From what I have gathered since yesterday, you are the person I should beseech for such an honor. I humbly request to join your troupe."

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 02:26:42.

Kool Killer Kitty
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Returning old gifts

Aelistae tightened the last straps of her satchel, grasped her bow and sword, and took one last look at the room in which she spent the night. Without her belongings in it, it somehow seemed empty and strangely devoid of life. Yet even still, the drow priestess lingered on, with the unnerving thought that she had left something behind.

“Oh…,” she remarked simply as she remembered what it was. It was the small pin Loriel had given her. Pale citrines were set within it, so as to echo the majesty of a full moon. Just looking at it sent fresh tears to Aelistae’s eyes, but, before they could fall, she turned away and left with the brooch cradled in her hands.

‘It’s strange how my own concerns seem so unimportant now,’ she reflected after she had left the Inn, and had made her way to the small shrine that had been constructed around the burnt building down the road. Men and women still lingered around it, leaving wreaths and lighting candles for women they had never met or known in life. It was a strange sight to Aelistae’s drow eyes, but she admired the gesture. And before long a small brooch lay in amidst the flowers and trinkets – a gift that Loriel had given her to show that she cared and which Aelistae was returning in death to show that she did too.

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 11:02:58.

Queen Hugglepounce
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Callous Cruelty!

(backpost to the convo with Aelistae)
Listening to the drow’s words, Artanis nodded, and spoke softly in response, “I think your words do make sense, Aelistae. It has been many years since I’ve had anyone close enough that I could call a friend. Since being joined with this group, however, I’d like to think of you, and the others, as my friends.”
(Back inside)

After Artanis finished the sad tale of the previous night’s events, she was shocked and appalled at the words she heard next. She looked at Linnix with wide, disapproving eyes, and shook her head.

“How can you be so cold, Linnix? I know you had your differences with Kas, but she and Loriel were both part of this group. And while you may not have been close to either of them, I would have hoped you would have enough of a heart, and simple fellow-being compassion enough to at least feel something at the needlessness of their deaths!” She took a breath to say more, but instead exhaled slowly and held her mouth shut, with great effort.


Bart informed them it would be time to meet in an hour at the site of the ashes. Seeing as how she was already packed up and ready to go, Artanis stood, grabbed her pack, and exited the establishment.

As she approached the site, Artanis saw all the items the town’s people had left. Her eyes filled with tears yet again, and she slowly sank to her knees. She had nothing to give but her tears. “Kas, Loriel, I’m so sorry. If there were some way I could…..I’m so sorry.”

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 13:16:29.

Dragon Fodder
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To the open road

Bart turned as he was heading up the stairs, stopped by Talus.Bart turned, missing the first half of the stranger’s dialogue what with his mind so immersed in the sad task ahead. He managed a small smile towards Talus though, and spoke loud enough for Sheva to hear as well.

“I would place my life in any of my companions’ hands, knowing that they would give theirs for mine as I would in return should the need arise. We all know now more than ever of the dangers pursuing this quest will bring. I trust the judgment of character these fine folk have, and if they will have your company, and you’re aware of what lies ahead, I would be happy to have you along, both of you.”

With that he turned and headed upstairs.

(Allowing for the presumption that someone over the next partial hour explains and answers general questions concerning the quest at hand for the new members ~Heading north to clear and claim a old keep in the name of the kingdom for a chance to give Bart, a commoner a chance at nobility to break social statuses and raise the status of living for his family, cash reward to all involved, plus prestige, threat of three other patrons and their own parties on same quest, race for time that about sums it up read first posts for info on other patrons)
As everyone went their separate ways, many if not all made time to stop by the charred remains of the house where comrades had fallen. Aelistae left a gift of affection, the same bestowed to her as a sign of he respect, before making a quick jaunt to the market to procure a trio of golf ball sized rubies in exchange for the items rewarded to her for their help in the routing of slavery earlier.

Artanis headed over to the house as well, and fell to her knees in tears at the sight of the offerings bestowed in memory to the fallen pair. The mother, Maribelle in hand approached, and without warning hugged Artanis. “Just the woman I was hoping to see!” The woman seemed positively gleeful despite her tragic surroundings.
“I’m so glad I caught you before you left, I wanted to show you my appreciation for what you did last night. Your actions saved my baby, when it could have just as likely ended up in mourning for three brave souls instead of just two.”

The woman told Artanis to wait just a moment, handing her Maribelle almost aggressively, (though gentle in concern to the child) she headed into the rubble strewn remnants of the house, and pulled forth a trunk which scraped along the walk as it went. By the looks of the woman’s efforts whatever was in the chest was of considerable weight. She stood there in front of Artanis, taking back her child and waiting anxiously for the woman to open the trunk.

“Go on, open it.”

(When Artanis does)
As the scorched lid of the heavy wooden trunk swung open, Artanis was met with a glorious array of weapons and armor. Sitting on top was a bastard sword of stunning quality. The gold gilded cross-guard was etched in the shape of twin gryphons facing towards the one piece tang of the blade which went from razor tip to leather and silk wrapped hilt ending in a golden lattice of a pommel wrapped around a small clear gemstone. Beneath that, was also a masterfully crafted breastplate, also gilded in gold along the edge. Emblazoned on the breastplate was a green and gold gryphon clawing proudly at the air. The sunlight reflected perfectly upon the immaculate pieces, washing Artanis’ face in a golden glow. As Artanis looked up at the mother with questioning eyes, she smiled a wistful smile.

“It figures out of all the things that were lost in the fire, my no good ex-husbands old battle raiment’s survived unscathed. He used to be quite the soldier back in the war, now well, old news, under the rug as it were. Believe me, this is the wear of a hero, and truly none deserve it better than you. You would honor me by taking these as a token of my appreciation for all you have done for me and my daughter.”
(Allows for responses but the woman is adamant about you taking the items (I’ve added your Montary bonus to these items in the added aesthetics of the items)

Bartholomew was at the appointed meeting place on the hour, awaiting those who had yet to arrive. “Well, I hope you’ve all done what needed to be done. I’ve collected the remains of Kas and Loriel’s things, and donated Kas’ wealth and items to the Temple of Tyr in her name. The Father seemed put out at the loss of a follower, but he assured me her name would be sung in sermon and remembered.

As for Loriel, I did not know if she prayed to any higher power, but I know of the respect for nature and animal-kind she displayed. So I took her belongings, and visited an old acquaintance who runs a greenhouse here in town. He’s going to use what he gains from the sale of such items, along with a donation of my own to expand the greenhouse, and invest in a breed of flower to bare Loriel’s name, that with time she can be remembered as her namesake is spread and sowed across the land. The only item I kept was her healing wand, as I felt she would want to aid in our safe passage, even if she were not there in person to do so.”

After any last minute conversation pieces were made, Bart bid everyone to mount up, for they had a hard ride north across open country to make up for lost time.

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 14:20:07.

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Zora and Silvara purchased the map and the key, and told Firin of what they had and wanted. Firin was more than happy to pull from an assortment of enchanted bags a shovel,. 10 pitons, a miner’s pick , a spear and a scroll of fly (CL5). He tallies up the total and tells the pair that the transaction comes to a steal of 421 gold and 4 silver for everything mentioned. He projects his mental glee at making yet another sale, and quietly awaits payment. “If I was you, I’d take a couple potions of invisibility, for easy movement undisturbed from roaming critters while you’re down there. I’ll tell you what, if you’re purchasing everything else I’ll sell ya a pair of them for a meager 500 more, now that’s a bargain yes yes!”

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 15:15:01.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Zora takes out her coin pouch hanging from a lanyard about her neck and kept under her clothes and armor. She knows how much she has that was why all she asked of was the map, key and a spear.

She leans over to Sil and whispers, "Unless you have a full purse, you had better limit you purchases to what you have in your purse, as I can cover the key, map and a spear and maybe a little bit more."

Life as a Paladin was far different than that of an adventurer. Like an adventures all of her wealth was in her equipment that allowed her to serve Tyr, the rest she tithed to the Tyrran various temples except for keep some coinage to live on when she could not find temple to stay in while traveling. Have she been in Cormyr she could have drawn on the family accounts, but here that was not possible.

"How much for the map, key, and the stout spear?"

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 17:03:10.
Edited on 2008-06-16 at 17:05:41 by Dragon Mistress

Kool Killer Kitty
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Mounting up

Aelistae gently stroked the forelock of her horse, as Daisy carefully sniffed at her new armour. She had never thought she would have grown accustomed to riding in the surface fashion, let alone actually look forward to it. But she did. There was too much sadness, too much heart-ache for her in Castle Tethyr, and she longed for the open road and the chance to forget some of the cares she carried.

Bart made mention of the things she had done to honour the memories of Kas and Loriel, and Aelistae nodded appreciatively. ‘He’s a good man,’ she found herself thinking, ‘like Nash.’
Aelistae shook her head, as if to dismiss, for the moment, the pain and the memories of Nash that tormented her. She clambered on top of Daisy, and carefully directed her towards Linnix and Sheva.

“I have something for each of you,” she announced as she produced two large rubies, and handed one of each to the two women. “I was able to trade the jewels and trinkets that were in the slaver’s purse for three gems – one for each of us. We were after all, all the victims of what happened. And we all deserve a reward for what we did.”

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 18:23:53.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Solemn Duet

Linnix stands in her room, the words and looks of disapproval of everyone haunting her mind. I'm... so selfish. She thinks.

Linnix begins to cry. It was because of her selfishness that she lost her sister, and now it may lose her any friends she could have made.

Without even bothering to change, Linnix begins her dance. Slow and graceful, but sad. The swaying of an ocean of tears longing for an untaken path. As she dances, her mind wanders.

"How can you be so cold, Linnix?" The words of Artanis echo in her mind, and Linnix can't find an answer to them.

Caera... you were always the selfless one of the two of us. Linnix thinks, Was I always this selfish?
What do I have to do? Linnix wonders.

You have to learn to care.
Linnix looks up sharply. Once again, Caera's image is before her, dancing with her. Linnix smiles, her heart swelling with her love.

You have to learn how to care for those around you, not just close to you. Caera continues, The connections we make in life are what give life purpose. Everyone has differences, you just have to accept them for who they are. Care for others, and it will be returned to you. It's not immediate, and sometimes not noticeable, but it is there. Likewise, scorn others, and it will also be returned to you.
Linnix nods sadly; it made sense. For all her hate for her parents, she was made an outcast of the family, and now, for her dislike for Kas and even slight for Loriel, she was becoming an outsider of the group.

Caera stops dancing, and walks over to Linnix, lifting her crestfallen sister's chin gently, Lighten up, Linnix. She says with a kind smile, The words and actions taken in the past can be taken back. Just give it time.
Caera's image then fades, and vanishes. Linnix stops dancing as well, tears falling from her eyes.

Maybe they can be forgiven, but you still can't come back.
* * *

Linnix walks outside at the given time. Everyone is there. Linnix wanders over to Tock, trying to avoid eye contact with the others.

“I have something for each of you,” she announced as she produced two large rubies, and handed one of each to the two women. “I was able to trade the jewels and trinkets that were in the slaver’s purse for three gems – one for each of us. We were after all, all the victims of what happened. And we all deserve a reward for what we did.”
Linnix turns around to face Aelistae and takes the ruby, her hand slightly shaking. "Thank you." She murmurs, but something doesn't seem right. The gemstone is exquisite, with an incredible cut and clarity, but still...

Red. Linnix thought, A blood red... I can't believe how I acted at that time, that night.
Linnix carefully places the gem in her pouch with the other gems and coins, and climbs on her cart. She feels tired...

Posted on 2008-06-16 at 18:58:29.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Silvara takes out her las three platinum coins and her last gold coin. THe silver and copper she has left would be enough for a meal or two but little else and she kept that. She lays them out and then begins to pick through the items Firin had laid out.

"Potions are out of the question," Silvara tells Firin, My last funds went ot antitoxins. This is all I have that I can spare so I will pick those items I think we need the most and you keep a tally and tell me when I have reached 31 gold's worth."

Starting with the most basic of what they might need, a shovel, a pick, a hammer, Silvara asks how much and when she response she keeps choosing items until her coins no longer cover the cost. ASilvara carefully examines each of her choices and if she does not like the quality she asks if he has another of the same thing to make sure she is not getting the worst of what he has. (In order, after the former three items; torches pitons, more rope, crow bar, after that use her skill of dungeoneering to help select needed items that add up to no more than 31 gold.)

She turns to Zoranna, "That is all I have so I think we need to figure out that riddle and prepare. I have found that riddles are not always helpful and sometimes obscure rather than reveal, and if not obscure, then certainly obfuscate..

Posted on 2008-06-17 at 19:46:59.
Edited on 2008-06-17 at 19:51:25 by Brianna

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Xaris walked up to his room to gather his things. He did not say anything after he had spoken, he kept his mouth shut as his companions did not see death the way he did.

He grew up in the Wealdath woods along with nature, not against it. His clan of gnomes did not clear woods or dam rivers, they coincided with it all, picking fruit that were almost too ripe, using wood that was already dead and fallen. And of course with this life style, the good and the bad were all taken willingly. Death was just another cycle of life for Xaris and his gnomish brethren. First comes life, you live it, then you die and start the next life. Over and over this cycle continues. No matter what you do death will always be there. So Xaris wondered why these people were so sad to see his companions go. The only reason he was remotely saddened at all was the circumstance that they died under. They did deserve a better death other than being crushed by flaming debris, but at least they died with honour and in what they believed in. He felt you should feel proud in why they died and be happy, remembering all the good that they brought to the world, not what they could of done and what they left unaccomplished. He just didn't understand.

Xaris walked through the door to his room, and began to pack his belongings. He gathered up his potions and his pack, and slid on his armour that was laid out on the bed in front of him. He put that on and then went over to the green shirt that Loriel had bought him just a few hours earlier. He smiled and knew that this will be the one thing that he will remember them both by, and he put it with his other special gifts, that being the conch, sword, and broken arrow.

He made his way downstairs and out, smiling at the people who had entertained them so much for the past few days, and stepped out. He walked down the street towards the gate, passing by the house that he was at last night. He stood, looked at the smoldering debris, and nodded with a smile. He knew they would always be remembered for their heroics, the people of this city never forgetting the two who saved the lives of others only to give up their own in the end. He looked at the murals for a bit longer then left for the gate, meeting up with his other companions to finally ride farther towards their destiny.

Posted on 2008-06-18 at 14:29:30.

RDI Fixture
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((Slight backpost))

Talus is overjoyed at the reality of being formally inducted into the noble, if somewhat eclectic, band. Thanking Bart, he makes his way out of the Green Gryphon with a slight detour to collect his pack and pay for breakfast, and finds himself heading for the site of last night’s fire. He is pleasantly surprised at what he finds on arriving at the ruined building. Wreathes of flowers have already been made and candles have been set up to honor the sacrifice that was made here.

It’s amazing how quickly these people will go out of their way to show support for others. Especially someone who is now very much worse off than most. Nothing can be gained, this is just unmitigated goodwill.
Just then someone emerges from the remains of the house dragging what looks to be an old trunk or hope chest. So much for goodwill. The looting begins. “Hey, get away from that, leave what’s not….” Talus took several jogging steps closer to the two women, meaning to chase the would-be thieves away, but then the one with her back to him turned and he recognized both her and his error. ”Oh… I didn’t… “Talus stammered, trying to find a way out of the awkwardness he’d charged into. ” I beg your pardon, ladies. I made an assumption and it was hugely inaccurate. I’m glad that Artanis was able to save your baby from the inferno, Osiris was watching over her last night.” He paused for a moment, unsure of what else to say until an idea crossed his mind. Talus pulled the pouch from his belt then began rummaging through his backpack, trying to find the sack that held most of his coin.

After a minute spent counting he presented the small pouch, now quite full, to the mother. ”I know this won’t even begin to replace all that was lost to you last night, but it should keep you and the little one fed and sheltered until some more permanent solution can be found.” ((The pouch contains 100gp and Talus will be as adamant that she accept as the mother had been about Artanis taking the armor while he was counting.))
((Talus will help Artanis carry her new armor, or assist her donning the new and aid carrying the old))

Arriving at the designated meeting place, Talus discovers another false assumption he had made. Everyone was planning to travel on horseback. Feeling quite sheepish, he approaches Bartholomew. "Um, I don’t have a horse. I’ve been on foot so long it didn’t even occur to me that you would want to move faster than that. Is there someplace nearby that I might purchase a horse?”
“Nonsense” replied the patron, “we’ve two fine mounts right here. They belonged to Kas and Loriel, and I did not have the heart to sell the wonderful animals. As long as you treat them with the same respect as their former riders, feel free to pick one as your own.”

For the second time this morning, Talus was amazed at the generosity of the people he had found. He admired both the majestic animals, finally settling on Moon Dancer. It might have just been that the darker color of her coat wasn’t as eye catching as Sunfire’s, but it seemed to Talus that the mare understood he wouldn’t want to be in the thick of things. A sideline observer rather than center-stage performer. He pulled himself into the saddle and began acquainting himself with the powerful equine in the time remaining before the group sets out.

Posted on 2008-06-18 at 20:48:47.
Edited on 2008-06-18 at 22:07:35 by Deucalion

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Decent into Darkness

Silvara pulled out the remains of her wealth save a meager amount for personal cost of living, and approached the assorted adventuring gear spread out on a magnificent looking rug of hand spun fleece and gold. Firin smiled at the woman as she approached; his mental expression giving no hint of disappointment at not being able to make a larger sale, quite the opposite, and his mind came across as wistful and filled with glee at having made more customers. Firin beckoned the elf forward, and as he took her coin, he handed her a pick, a shovel, a hammer, a pair of torches, 5 pitons and a coil of hemp rope as well as a sturdy looking crowbar. All of the items were of fine useable quality and as a bonus Firin pushed a map and the key into the pile as well. “Making friends and repeat customers is far more important than making a quick score yes yes! I will give you these things for your journey down below, and maybe if you strike treasure, you will come to me again yes yes?”

As Silvara paid and took the items, stowing them as best she could on her person, Zorana took a walk around the area, finally noticing that the slabs of stone Firin sat upon actually covered most of a stairwell leading down below ground. Moss and stringy vegetation clung to the sides of the passage, and the sunlight filtered down only a handful of feet before the darkness successfully kept the light of day at bay.

Posted on 2008-06-18 at 23:02:13.

Dragon Fodder
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Howl's in the night

Highsun, 11th of Ches: Castle Tethyr; Tethyr
And so it was that on this beautiful afternoon that the company parted ways with Castle Tethyr and the bad memories it contained within its thick stone walls. The ride was a hard one, having lost so much time already, the party rode a forced march pushing the mounts to their limits as they tore across the open plains. Bartholomew bid the company rest for but a half hour, long enough to grab a quick bite and drink, while allowing time to quickly pat down and wash the sweat from the backs of the horses with a cool sponge of fresh water while they drank. Then it was on the road once more, for there were many miles to cover and little time in which to do so.

The group continued well into the afternoon, and everyone was getting both hungry and numb-bottomed from the constant vibrations of being in the saddle for hours on end. They finally found time for a respite when they came across a small clearing surrounded with stones and logs, a natural place for travelers to stop.

Xaris moves into the clearing, dismounting from Sunshine along with Elesia, and moves to the firepit in the middle of the clearing, and checks the remnants of the coals. Finding them cold and without a hint of smoldering, he deems the clearing unused for some time; perhaps travel across country had become less glamorous for the site seemed long since abandoned.

Bart bid everyone set up camp, and he went about bringing out the cooking gear, some firewood and moving to start the beginnings of dinner preparation. Soon the smell of cooked meats wafted into the air, and out here on the open road the group of relative strangers was able to commune with each other a little more. The was something almost tribal about those gathered around the campfire, and surely with all the mentioning of family when concerning each other, they may have well been their own little clan out here in the wilderness.

Day passed into the twilight, as the sun gave way for the moon, and the clouds parted to reveal the jewels of the heavenly kingdom above.

As night overtook the fire-lit skies of sunset, the companions began their evening preparations for rest. As tents were readied and bedrolls laid, there came a great howling to split the night silence. A trio more followed suit, followed by a last low growl that turned into an ear piercing howl that seemed to silence the others In the power of its own.

Snapping to attention, those with eyesight accustomed to the dark spread out, trying to keep their visual advantage as widespread as possible, to buy the other’s time. As the party prepared, the howl’s seemed to come from all directions at once, before everything fell deathly silent.

(Map to follow)
EDIT!: Sorry Artanis! Too many A names lol I forgot to put you onthe map, you're wherever you wish in the space provided.

Posted on 2008-06-19 at 00:10:12.
Edited on 2008-06-19 at 14:04:43 by Kaelyn

Kool Killer Kitty
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Bumps in the night...

“Vith!” Aelistae exclaimed angrily as she slipped off of Daisy’s back. Her rear felt so numb she would have fallen in an undignified heap if she hadn’t grasped the horse’s saddle to steady herself at the last possible moment. But, as the white mare craned her head and nuzzled her sympathetically, the drow woman found that she could not stay angry for long.

"Evagna ussa,” Aelistae uttered softly. “Ka dos zhahen naut ji dosman, Usstan talinth satiir feir taga Usstan xun nin."
Daisy nickered as if she understood, and, after life returned to her limbs, Aelistae left her to unpack for the night.

It did not take long. Aelistae was no vain Matron Mother, and the few possessions that she did carry could be effortlessly unpacked from her small backpack. She soon found herself nibbling on a sausage that Bart had prepared and staring into the flames of the fire that he had kindled.

‘Strange that it can appear so beautiful,’ she thought as she stared at the flames that licked at the night sky, and found her mind wandering back to the burnt-out building in which Kas and Loriel had perished, and the fiery hell into which Nash had disappeared. 'I wonder if they were in pain…if he’s in pain,' a voice within her head added, tears welling in her eyes.

A series of howls suddenly rent the quiet stillness of the night air. And the tears were just as quickly willed away. She was drow, and she was a Darksong Knight. She refused to allow her emotions to paralyze her into inaction.

Aelistae scampered the few steps to where she had left her sword, and scanned the shadows around the camp.

“Stay close to the fire!,” she shouted to the others. “The fire and our presence should scare them, unless…” Aelistae’s eyes drifted to the night sky and the full moon that was cradled within it. All Eilistraeyn’s knew that it was not just the Dark Maiden that claimed sovereignty over the moon. “Stay close to the fire, and do not let the creatures bite you if you can help it!”

Aelistae fell into the soft cadences of a spell, as she drew her sword.

[OOC: ‘Vith’ is too rude to translate , but the other sentence translates as: “Forgive me. If you were not so gentle I know that I’d feel far worse than I do now.”

I think I’ve included enough actions for 2 rounds. Since Aelistae will be moving and picking up her sword. And then she’ll be looking around her, while she draws her sword as a free action and casts a spell. The spell she’s casting is cat’s grace.]

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