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Discount? I'll take two please :P

Aelistae smiled wistfully at Miriam’s reaction to seeing her face. “I wish I could say that everyone who looked upon my face had your good heart, Miriam. The message of the Dark Lady it seems is not easy to hear for either drow or non-drow.”

“And please, do not bow to me. It is I who should be doing so to you.”

The drow priestess punctuated her words with a graceful bob of her head at the young woman.

If Aelistae’s was surprised at Miriam’s first reaction to her, however, it was as nothing to the moment when it came to paying for her purchase.

“Twelve-forty?” she echoed when the shop attendant revealed a price far below than what she originally quoted. “That’s…well it’s more than reasonable,” she added as she counted out the requisite gold.

Aelistae smiled as she picked up the box in which her armour had been stowed. It amazed her how light it all was, especially when compared to the light chain coat she currently wore. When Miriam mentioned her father’s expertise, however, it gave Aelistae a further idea.

‘What if I had this enchanted?’

Posted on 2008-05-11 at 19:11:46.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Equipment and a Dress

Hearing Miriam's voice seems to wake Linnix out of her examination of the scythe in her hands. She nods and smiles to Miriam for her act of kindness. After Miram finishes with the mithril shirt, Linnix walks up hesitantly, still holding the scythe.

"Umm, how much is this?" Linnix asks.

In the back of her mind, Linnix also thinks about the mithril shirt. From what she heard, it wouldn't be restrictive at all for her, but she wasn't that much of an actual fighter, in the melee sense anyway. However, it seemed that she would likely need to use some soon, since she had already been in two situations where she probably could have used it, and if she wanted to use the scythe at some point, she could probably use it then.

That last point settles it in her mind. The balancing scale had been turned. "I'd also like to buy one of those shirts," Linnix adds, "And a couple of those bolts you mentioned, specifically one electric, three fire, three sonic and three ice, if possible."

* * * (After the smithy)

Linnix wanders around the city almost aimlessly. The scythe on her back attracts a few questioning looks, since it is an uncommon weapon to use, but Linnix just shrugs them off, too intent on her task. She was after something, and just like the scythe, although she only saw it once and never even thought about buying one before, she would buy it. She wasn't even paying attention to the names of the stores she stopped and looked at.

Finally, she finds a place that looked promising. The Silken Winds Stepping inside, Linnix is immediately hit with the scent of multitudes of fabrics and threads and the smell of a long-burning lamp. In one corner is a wooden loom; clearly all the clothing here was hand made. What a selection there was too. Linnix wanders around, looking at the clothing, all neatly lined up along one wall that seemed to be like an incredibly oversized closet, and another that seemed to be like an oversized wardrobe, with a multitude of drawers along the bottom.

"Can I help you?" A voice from the side asks.

To Linnix's surprise, a man in his later years had walked out from a back room, and was now at the loom, weaving another fabric.

"Surprised?" He says gently, "Many people are when they enter my shop. Yes, I could have done smithing if I wanted to, but I wanted to make far more elegant things than can be accomplished with even the finest wire. Mithril comes close, oh yes, it does come close to the lightness of silk, but it is a bit too impractical to use for that, being expensive and all, and there is no substitute for the feeling of silken clothing. Oh, I'm sorry, I ramble on sometimes. Now then, what are you looking for?"

Linnix turns to the man. If any random person just started rambling at her about something, she wouldn't have heeded, but this person was a craftsperson, and so she knew how strongly some felt about their art. "I'm looking for a dress, one to dance in. I'm not exactly sure what I am looking for though; I'm pretty sure I'll know when I see it." Linnix says.

The man smiles, "I'm sure you will, but let me aid you by narrowing your search."

The man gets up from the loom and walks over to the other wall and opens a drawer. "I keep the majority of the dresses I make in these drawers, so that they don't see as much wear along the shoulders as when they are put up on a hangar." The man explains, more out of habit than anything else.

The first gown the man pulls out is exquisite, but strangely colourless. This gown appears to be made up of two halves, one which is made of a white silk, with black embroidery while the other is exactly the same, but inverted, with black silk and white embroidery. The two halves meet in the middle, separated distinctively along a seam that goes from the point in the v collar line to the middle slit in the full-length skirt. Through this slit can be seen an underskirt of alternating white and black panels. In the back, the gown's two halves intertwine, blurring the distinction between the two as they merge and separate. The left side of the gown is the black silk side; the right, the white. The man shakes his head and puts it on the table in the center of the room as he regards the dress below it in the drawer.

"You said you were dancing," The man thinks aloud, "but different styles of dancing require different things from the clothing worn; what exactly do you need in this dress you are looking for?"

Linnix raises her hand to her chin as she thinks about Aelistae's dance the other night. "I'm afraid I can't quite answer your question. My friend said she'd teach me, and her dance seemed to be entirely just her emotions put into movements."

The man chuckles, "I see, then it is a pure heartfelt style. That style generally requires the most out of the outfit worn, since it requires the versatility to express whatever the dancer is feeling, from the strongest emotions to the most subtle. Some of the strongest dancers of that style even forfeit clothing just because they never got to find that one gown or set of clothes that exactly fit what was needed. My daughter is an incredible dancer, and prefers that style as well. It took me quite a while to design a gown that accentuated her dance, whatever form it took, but I did succeed." The man puts the black and white gown back in the drawer and closes it.

The man walks over to the pair of drawers at the corner. "I have just one final question. There are two versions of this dress that I have made, which use different colours because they are intended to be worn at different times. What time do you plan to dance?"

"At dusk." Linnix says simply.

The man nods, "Ah, twilight, although I don't doubt your dancing will take you past the time when the sun passes over the horizon. I think this is what you're looking for then." With that, the man opens the bottom drawer, and pulls out a gown.

The silvery sheen in the silk gown immediately catches Linnix off guard. The gown seems to almost shimmer in the lamplight, a clear indication of what it would appear in the moonlight. Unlike many other gowns, this one consists of several different slightly translucent layers, enough to let the individual colours of each layer to interlay, as it achieves a near other-worldly effect. The bodice is incredibly light and loose, and consists of a strange pattern of interconnected warm tones of a faint red, violet, and even an orange colour if held at an angle. This extends along the very loose elbow-length sleeves to end with a silvery lace. Underneath the translucent components of the gown, there is a loose layer that has white embroidery on it, in a gentle pattern of stars and winds, as well as the bizarre silvery sheen that gives the dress its appearance. At the waistband is a simple band of the same silvery cloth and white embroidery. The bodice flows down along the torso from a v neckline, and the back is simply open from the neckline, and closes just above the waistband. The skirt of the dress is in a similar pattern, but only the upper portion has the same warm tones as the bodice. At knee length there is a soft, slight band of a cooler shade of violet, and then past that the skirt consists of cooler tones, mainly consisting of shades of blue. The ankle-length skirt is very loose, and has two slits along the sides, allowing for more ease of motion, and even as Linnix tries it on, it feels almost as if she isn't wearing anything. The man expertly tailors the waist and shoulders to Linnix's form, leaving just the perfect amount of room so that it isn't tight, and leaves the length as it is. Somehow, even as Linnix stands still, the skirt retains a bit of its shape and doesn't simply collapse upon her legs.

The man smiles, "That should do for you."

"How is it holding its shape?" Linnix asks, looking at herself in the full size mirror in the fitting room.

"Mithril is expensive, so I use it sparingly, but that doesn't mean I don't use it at all." The man says, "It's only enough so that it holds the skirt open when you're just standing still, just enough so you don't really feel it; a special request of my daughter's."

"And don't underestimate it." The man says with a chuckle, "It looks delicate, but it can withstand a wide variety of gymnastics, as my daughter can tell you."

Soon afterwards, Linnix walks away from The Silken Winds, delicately holding the box in her hands that holds her new gown.

Posted on 2008-05-11 at 20:06:34.

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Xaris took the gem from Aelistae, and handed her the Ivory and. He could'nt do much with it anyways,so he gladly handed it over.

Fondling the new gem and the acquired fifteen platinum, Xaris stepped out of the tavern for now and headed into the streets. The one thing they lacked in the last encounter was proper healing after the magic ran out, so that was the first problem he went to solve.

He wandered the streets until he found his way to the apothecary, and slowly entered. He walked up to the nearest person inside, and spoke.

" Uhm, excuse me sir. But I would like to purchase some healing potions, if you had any. I do have lots of money, but I do not know how much the valuable potions are. How much would they be?"

Posted on 2008-05-12 at 00:22:19.

Dragon Fodder
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The small bell above the doorway jingled as Xaris pushed open the old wooden door. The room was filled with incense and strange smelling brews, small fires under kettles, and all manner of liquids flowing through a maze of clear thin tubing.

As Xaris entered, a short old man spun round from his desk in the corner, his eyes massive behind the strong magnifying glasses suspended over them from a headband which barely kept his wild white hair at bay.

"Welcome welome, Tymora shines on you this day! For you are the 70th customer on the 70th day, of our 70th year of operation! Yes yes, truely you would do well to spend spend spend for you shall save save save!"

For you I have may healing potions, allow me to list some for you.
Potions of:
20 CLW -50gp
20 CMW -400gp
10 CSW -750gp

8 Lesser Restoration: 300
5 Remove Paralysis: 300
5 Remove Curse: 750
6 Remove Disease: 750
8 Delay Poison: 300
3 Netralize Poison: 750

Strange Brews:
4 CCW -.1200

Posted on 2008-05-12 at 00:33:04.

RDI Fixture +1
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Xaris took in all of the visuals and scents of the apothecary to quickly, and his head began to spin just a bit. He hadn't smelled so many different burning herbs since he was in Old Yyrniels tent. And he could of sworn this little old man was just a figment of his mind.

But he came to his senses quickly and seenthe potions infront of him. The prices were set out, and he was determined to buy as many as he could.

He pointed out towards this potion and that, handing over money as he went. When he was done he had selected out one neutralize poison, one neutralize disease, one cure seious wounds, four cure light wounds, and one strange brew. He handed over all thirty platinum, and three thousand,one hundredand fifty gold pieces. He also handed over the newly acquired gem to pay for the four potions.

" I thank you for doing business. These will come in great need along the way."

Posted on 2008-05-12 at 00:48:53.
Edited on 2008-05-12 at 00:52:05 by Jozan1

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The old man was almost giddy as Xaris dumped a weath of gold the likes he rarely saw outside of royal contracting upon the counter, trying to pay for his goods.

"Hold up there sprat, did I not say you would save save save? Let me take 10% off for being such a fine customer, and for gracing us on this day of days!"

He claimed Xaris' Gold, and some platinum, and the gnome was happy to see his total spending had only set him back 3285 instead of 3650. With a happy sound of coin on coin as he swept them into a lock box and took them to a back room, the old man began whistling before returning shortly to set about on his work once more.

Posted on 2008-05-12 at 00:59:22.

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When the sun goes down...


The day had been filled with shopping, sightseeing, and the general exploration of new places, enjoyment of new faces, and some much needed relaxation. With lodgings and meals taken care of by Bart for the day, the Green Gryphon was the natural ending point of the day’s personal excursions. Each had managed to procure items of great value, importance or necessity to their own cause or goals, and as the ale and food flowed freely inside the Castle’s premier drinking establishment, so too did many see fit to enjoy their evening in the open air, under the lantern lights and with streetside minstrel’s playing a lively jaunt as couple’s danced and swayed upon the iron fenced in cobblestone.

Everyone was gathered, some changing for the evening, others enjoying the fine spread set out for them once more on their cloth lined table. Those gathered for entertainment were of a fine caliber, but the voice that joined in with the harps and wind instruments was of an angelic caliber. It started off soft and sweet, and held an allure to each syllable of each word.

Like a thief, unexpectedly you robbed me
No more coldness within my heart
You changed it from dirty stone
Into a beautiful piece of art

To passion I had no vision
But you kissed my eyes and let me see
Another part of my rigid being
You so graciously set free…

Patrons rose from their seats to put a face to the voice, and as they moved outside were met with the alluring and indescribable beauty that was Elesia, leaning against the short iron fence with a glass f wine in one hand and singing softly into the night, for those lovers dancing close to the beat of each other’s hearts.

Emotions which I found foreign,
Seem to be a second language today
You taught me how to speak them
Within my heart they'll stay

Like a thief, unexpectedly you robbed me
Stole my heart without a peep
I thank you for being so silent
My heart you shall keep …

She smiled sweetly as Bart came to the patio, humming her tune softly before ending her impromptu performance and taking a sip of the deep crimson elixir in her glass. As she sauntered over to the farmer, more than one pair of eyes fell upon her beautiful figure,hardly kept hidden in a flowing dress of aquamarine and silver with slits so far up the sides it would make a monk pray for forgiveness even at the sight of her gartered and shapely legs. “Care for a dance?” She asked their patron, much to the hoots and hollers of many gathered. Bartholomew couldn’t help but turn a shade of red much akin to the wine Elesia was drinking, but he extended his hand, and as her fingers slipped between his own, they took to the street and began to truly enjoy the peace of the evening.

Posted on 2008-05-12 at 15:46:47.
Edited on 2008-05-12 at 15:49:10 by Kaelyn

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Sitting in the courtyard

A thoughtful smile curled at the edges of Aelistae’s dark-red lips, as she sat in a quiet corner of the courtyard. She was not dressed in the form-fitting leathers she had worn on the road or the fine mithril armour she had recently bought, but rather an exotic-looking dress. Or rather what appeared to a dress. The sleeveless garment was made of a cloth so impossibly fine it was only the silvery embroidery upon it that saved her modesty, and the bottom half of it was cut so that the midnight black of her smooth legs were largely uncovered. In her hands she cradled the unsheathed blade of her sword, and her fingers absently trailed over the inscription that adorned it – ‘Tangis'wun Oloth gaer zhah Ssussun.’*

Her violet eyes, however, were fixed upon Elesia, and her head nodded in time to the sweet song she sung. It had stilled the hubbub that had reigned before, and everyone it seemed was caught in its spell.

“My heart you shall keep,” Aelistae murmured in an echo of the song’s final words as it came to a close. Her thoughts drifted to Nash, and the short while she had spent with him two nights before. He had declared his love for her and had bound his soul to her own. She found the thought of it and all that it meant terrifying. Or she had done, until Elesia’s song.

‘Maybe this was Her plan for me all along? To come here and know what it is to love and be loved.’
Aelistae shook her head, causing her long, unbound hair to spill over one shoulder. She had no answer, and did not even know whether Nash had meant what he had said or whether he had merely been caught in the throes of his passion.

A murmur in the crowd caught her attention, and her eyes lifted to see Elesia ask Bart to dance with her. The smile she had sported earlier returned, as she swept her thoughts and doubts aside and watched them dance.

* ‘Even in Darkness there is Light.’

Posted on 2008-05-12 at 19:24:18.

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Xaris sat in his room, above the commotion down below. He could hear the muffled sounds of the patrons talking and singing, and smiled at the good time they were having. He soon would join them, but needed to take care of some things first.

He slowly let the sack full of potions he had acquired earlier slide from his shoulder down his arm, and onto the bed side table. The sound of cloth shifting and glass clinking could be heard as it made its final resting place onto the desk. He looked up at the lantern illuminating his room, and then down at himself, and ran his fingers over the metallic studs in his leather armour. He sighed, and crossed his arms and grabbed the bottom of the armour piece, and slid it over his head. His medium length black hair ruffled as the leather armour finally made its way off of him, and the loose cotton shirt that had made itself caught on the armour fell again over his greyish green skin. Xaris tugged at his shirt, getting some wrinkles out of it, and then undid the buckle that held the leather leggings on. He bent over and unbuckled his leather boots, slid them off, and then forced his leather leggins off afterthem. He set the boots at the base of his bed, and the two piece suit of armour strewn out onto the bed itself. He reahched over and unbuckled his arm guards, and let them rest on the armour also.

Xaris looked over his own now armourless body, seeing the dark grey cotton pants he wore, and the loose off white shirt he wore in contrast. Of course now the shirt is stained with sweat and dirt, as are the pants, but he had nothing else. He looked at his feet, which had cloth wrappings around them. They were almost as good as socks, so he didn't see any need of replacing them.

He bent down and unwraveled them, letting his feet breathe for the moment. He dropped the wrappings onto the ground as he wriggled his toes, and crossed the room to a basin of water. He looked into the water, and stared into his own reflection.

Father, I look so much like you. In my two hundred and twelve years of life, I never guessed I would of been in this position. You would be proud of where I am, and what I'm doing. Please, take care until we meet once more
Xaris closed his eyes and laced his fingers together, and resting his forehead against them in a sign of prayer.

Baervan, watch over my family, do not let them go to far until I arrive. I am sure you know when my time will be, so do not let them worry. Tell them everything will be alright, tell them that I am on my way
Xaris opened his eyes, and stood up straight. He reached for the bottom of his shirt, and pulled it over his head, and let it fall onto the ground. He took his hands, and placed them over his pex, and looked down at himself again. He traced the tattoos that adorned his chest, which were two half circles, the rounded edges facing inwards, curving around his nipples and pex themselves. They were coloured black, and were large enough to end jus underneath his armpits. He slid his pants off, and climbed into the bath, where he relaxed for the next twenty minutes, soaking himself of the past few days stresses and problems.

Twenty minutes later, Xaris climbed out of the bath, clean and ready to meet his friends downstairs.

Friends... he thought, knowing that he would of never imagined that he would of met such a diverse group ever before he left the woods.

His wet tiny gnome feet made child size prints across the floor, the clothes gathered where he had laid them. He hoped that the clothes were proper enough to be worn to dinner, as they were the only clothings he had.

He looked around the room, and spotted some flowers in a vase, and took them, and rubbed them on his shirt. He hoped to mask the subtle smell of sweat with sweet smelling flowers, and might of even over did it. But the smell of fresh soapy skin and flowers should be enough.

He stood once more almost at the same spot as before, and dried off quickly with a towel, before putting back on his shirt, and then his pants. He wrapped his feet up gently once again with the soft cloth wraps,and walked over to his leather boots, and put them on.

Coming up from kneeling to buckle his leather boots, he took one last look around the room before heading downstairs. His javelins were leaning against the wall in the corner along with his sheathed sword. On the bed lay his armour,and the nightstand next to it his new potions. On the large dresser across from the bed lay his short sword,and the back pack with contained the rest of his gear.

He felt satisfied about how he had went though the day, and he listened once more for the sounds downstairs. As clear as day he could hear the muffled laughing and singing, and smell faintly the pipe weed and food being served around. He turned around and slowly opened the door.

He walked down the hall to the stairs that lead down to the main room, every foot step bringing him closer to the party. The sounds were getting clearer, and the smells getting stronger as he approached. He could hear distinct singing, and the foot steps of heavy dancers just below the stairs.

He descended the stairwell, taking each step with care, enjoying the slow arrival of this party to which he was going to. Each step brough thicker smoke,and brighter light, until he was at the bottom of the stairs, and just to his left was the party. He stood, and took in a deep breathe, and then turned walking slowly into the bright, smoke filled room of partiers and patrons alike. He instantly felt uncomfortable as the press of bodies around him forced him to pick and choose where he stepped, until he could finally see through the spacing of two people, the table at where one of his friends sat outside.

He quickly made his way past people, person by person, until he could find his way to the door. He stepped outside into the cool night air, already sweating from the body heat. Being at crotch level with all these humans makes it harder for a gnome to catch his breathe than normal. And harder to keep cool.

Xaris started walking towards the quiet table in the corner, until he started to hear a wonderful voice; a voice that obviously had more people than just him looking. His hand reached up and stroked one of the flowers in a flower box as he listened to the singing, looking around at who it was. He looked at Elesia, and knew finally where it was coming from. The woman wore a very elegant dress,which barely his anything, but just enough to keep it modest. He listened to her sing and swirl her wine, and smiled as she finished her song. The last few words echoed around in his head, as he looked up at the flower he was slowly running his hand around and noticed he broke the head off of the stem to where it dangled like a broken neck. He quickly snapped it off, and poked the stem through his shirt so he had a little pink flower on his chest. He smiled at the little ingeniousness of himself, and looked up just in time to see Elesia dance with Bart.

He remembered that he was walking to get a table, not sniff flowers, so he began to walk across the court yard, the sound of his foot falls one by one bringing him closer to his destination. He came up to her left, and pulled out the chair for himself, and climbed up into it, adjusting so he could get a good sitting. He took a deep breathe, as if he had just fought the hardest battle of his life trying to reach this chair, and he finally made it. He looked up at Aelistae and smiled, and immediatley noticed her very nice, no beautiful dress also. He looked down at himself and his loose fitting pants and shirt, and pathetic flower, and sighed.

It's alright though, clothes are clothes...
He looked up at her, and smiled again, only opened his mouth to talk also.

" Hello Aelistae. I hope you don't mind me sitting next to you here. I wanted to sit next to one of my friends, not with a bunch of strangers."

He looked up at her, and then to her sword, and up to her face again. He calmed down a bit, knowing who he was with, and began to feel a lot more relaxed.

" You look very pretty Aelistae, that dress fits you well."

He looked down at his clothes for a moment, then up at Aelistae again, and then sat his elbows up on the table, resting his head on his arms, tilting his head towards her to hear what she is going to say next.

Posted on 2008-05-13 at 00:43:31.
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Shy Candle Light, of a Star of Unseen Night

For the first time in a while, Linnix was in no hurry. She had taken a bath, with soap that seemed to be scented with lavender and a soft flowery feel, if smells had a texture. Now, she stands in front of the mirror, softly humming to herself. Carefully, she puts on her eye shadow, patting the skin softly with the powder. The black blue eyeshadow complemented her blue-green eyes. It sounded like there was a party going on, and even if there wasn't, Linnix still wanted to see. She gently dips a little brush into a small vial of red, and stops humming while she applies the lipstick. Slow and methodical. That's how you want to hold the brush in calligraphy, and Linnix thought it's about the same with lipstick too. Linnix pauses, and softly rinses the brush in a little water basin.

This was as far as she usually went, in terms of makeup, but tonight she wanted to try a little bit more, just to push herself out of her comfort zone. Closing the vial of lipstick and container of eyeshadow, she opens her little chest of things. Before, she used this chest to assume a different look for the purpose of not being detected, but this time she would just try and see what she could use. Dye, not needed for tonight; her hair was fine. Blush? Perhaps, and if she didn't like it, she could just wash it off. Eyeliner? No, it contrasted too sharply with her appearance, she thought, seeing how her hair is a bright colour. Hmm, alright, just blush it is. Taking out the light red powder, Linnix hesitantly brushes some onto her cheeks, carefully examining the mirror to see the results. It wasn't too bad, maybe a bit overdone, but it being near dusk, perhaps it'd be fine.

Linnix puts her little chest away, and pulls out the box from The Silken Winds. Taking a breath, she pulls out the dress, feeling its touch against her skin. Carefully, she slips it on over her body. Just like in the store, its movement is fluid, and it feels almost as though she isn't even wearing anything. Then Linnix realizes she didn't get any shoes with the dress. Although, she reasons, that kinds of defeats the purpose of wearing this particular dress. Maybe I'm fine without shoes. Hesitantly, she moves in a twirl, feeling the slight weight of the skirt as it expands like a gentle breeze.

Linnix stops and looks in the mirror, and suddenly her heart feels like it froze. She turns away from the mirror, her hands shaking. Alright, note to self: don't look in the mirror when I'm going to dance Linnix says to herself. She sits cross-legged on the floor, the dress flowing out from her waist unaided and forming an ocean around her. She had forgotten about that, and seeing herself in the mirror, her mind betrayed her for just an instant. At least, I am finally fulfilling that one promise I made Linnix thinks sadly, a tear forming in her eyes.

After a moment, or maybe it was half an hour, Linnix stands, now ready. Turning towards the mirror, although not looking directly, Linnix murmurs aloud, "I'll do my best."

With her composure regained, Linnix slowly descends down the stairs. There was a loud orchestra of glasses tinkling, bodies moving, and people talking that could only be a party in the other room. Linnix bypasses the room swiftly; she knew Aelistae wouldn't be in here. Stepping outside, her eyes wander around, until she spots Aelistae in the corner, with Xaris sitting by her. Linnix gives a soft chuckle inside, the fighter didn't look like he got out often, but then again, neither did she really. Aelistae's gown didn't really surprise Linnix at all; they did intend to dance after all.

Stepping lightly around the other people, Linnix even passes Bart and Elesia dancing. What a happy couple they made, and Linnix couldn't help but smile at their elegant dance. Finally at the same area as Aelistae is, Linnix too takes a seat.

Linnix looks at Aelistae's blade, and begins to wonder if she should have brought something too. "Umm, Aelistae, do you think I need a blade?" Linnix asks hesitantly.

Posted on 2008-05-13 at 02:14:12.

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A day of shopping

After Loriel came back to the inn with Aelistae she turned to her, “I am going to take Moonshadow out for a tun and let her hunt. I will be back well before evening, I am not going far. But before she did leave the environs she had some more shopping to do. Stopping off and shops she purchases little things as they caught her eye. After seeing the dress that Elesia gave to Artanis it awoke in Loriel a buries longing to wear a dress again. For years she had worn the leathers and cloth attire of a ranger. Artanis had been transformed by wearing that dress. It might be a frivolous expenditure but she wanted a dress too.

Loriel hunted around for a dress of elven design and make of silk. It took her a bit to find the right shop but she did. The merchant specialized in finer garments for men and women. She found one that she liked a lot and the man had it tailored to her as she went on shopping Share her good fortune was what her mother used to call it. . Loriel had purchased what she had wanted; wants, her new bow, bonus damage arrows, antitoxins, an Cure Light Wounds wand, all practical things she needed but she had some moneys left over

“Share you good fortune and you will find that others will share them with you and more importantly often they are willing to share you bad fortune and help you through it. Mother was a firm believer in that doctrine. So Loriel carefully thought about what she could get others as well. She found gifts for all them as she continued shopping. She was quite happy with the results of her shopping for others and looked forward to giving her gifts out. She purchased a basket to carry her gifts that she had the merchants wrapped up and went back to the dress shop to get her newly tailored dress.

At least she could wear it tonight and for the first time not be in cloth or leathers or armor. She walked with her basket and Moonshadow outside the castle to let Moonshadow have a run. Loriel return ot the inn in good time but she had things yet to do. One was to bathe Moonshadow/ She went back to the stable to get a large tub and have water pumped into it even as big as it was she could only get half the big wolf/cooshee cross in it at a time. It was a sight to see.

Moonshadow did not fight getting the bath but she did not help Loriel either. Loriel had to lift one leg at a time and push and prod Moonshadow until she stood with her front legs in the tub then she rinsed her off with water and soaped her up scrubbing away. Moonshadow would inevitably get one of her paws out of the tub and Loriel had to lift and lush it back in. Needless to say Loriel got soaking wet as she did this. They she had to move the dog to get her back end into the tub. More water splashing more pushing and shoving. Loriel was soapy and sopping wet when Moonshadow was finally clean. Loriel rinse her off and then Moonshadow jumped out of the tub and shook herself thoroughly and also thoroughly soaking Loriel yet again. There was not a dry place visible on Loriel.

Afternoon was just about gone when Loriel went upstairs to bathe herself yet again and dress for dinner. She gave the first of her gifts to Kas when she entered the room laying it on the bed for her to find. When Kas enters Loriel looks up from her bath,. “ I have a gift for you it is on the bed. I hope you like it.” Wrapped in paper on her bed is a package that is not heavy or hard. Opening it Kas fine a silken gown of royal blue with silver embroidery around the neck and sleeves that were long and tight fitting in an elven style. It clung close to the breasts and waist but at the hips to a sweeping skirt. “Try it on. I had to guess your size but I think it will fit you if not you can get it altered to fit by the. On the other side of the bed lay a gown of pale silver silk slightly patterned with areas of translucent and opaque areas cunning place to tantalize but not titillate. It too was also delicately embroidered in gold at the neck and sleeves. Both are fine gowns of elven design, nor opulent or ostentatious but very elegant none-the-less.

Loriel got up out of the bath. The water is still hot I just was rinsing off after giving Moonshadow a bath. So it is your now. I am going to get dressed after I dry my hair by the fire. She took her towel and dried herself off and then went to the hearth, set the towel down and sat on it as she brushed her hair. That she was a naked as the day she was born made no difference to her certainly not in the privacy of their room. With long slow strokes she brushed her hair to encourage it to straighten a bit. Not that it did much good as soon as it began to dry it began to curl. It was her bane. Not the long silky locks her mother and sisters had but wayward curls that would not stop.

Evening at the Inn

When Kas was ready and her gown adjusted Loriel walked downstairs with Kas and Moonshadow following along. She headed straight for the outside area because Moonshadow would be more comfortable as would she. There she found the other gathered in various places. Elesia was dancing with Bartm, Aelistae, Xaris and LInnix were seated at a table. Loriel headed over to the table.

I bought you all a gift today. I had dun doing it. Please accept them in the spirit of friendship. She passed Xaris the the paper wrapped bundle, Ir contains a new silk shirt of deep green with geometric embroidrey of multicolors. "I thought this color would suit you well. I hope you like it?" Loriel adds

To Linnix. she hands a a smaller package but it was weighty. In it is a fine pair o leather gloves also embroidered and embellished with fancy stitching and a bracelet of embossed silver with turquoise stone set in the center. "I thought the turquoise was as close to your eye color as I could get."

To Aelistae she handed and smaller package. in it was a brooch of gold set with tiny citrines all over it in the shape of the full moon. The jeweler had cleverly used pale citrines for most of the moon and a few of darker colors for the dark areas of their own moon. "Aelistae I though this was perfect for you. It is a pin but I can also be worn on a chain as a pendant, if you wish to.

Anyone seen Artanis? Loriel asks. Wanting to give out the rest of her gifts. She hoped they all like what she had chosen for them. She sat down eager to watch them open their presents.

More later when Bart and Elesia come to the table and when Artanis shows up.

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Kas made one purchase at the temple, she purchased a holy symbol with a silver symbol of the hammer and the scales of Tyr on a cabochon of lapis, all backed by silver. She also took the time to heal herself with a CMW and a CLW, She all dropped 2gp and 4 so of her other world gold into a donation bowl. She then left the temple went back to the inn. There Bart gave her, her share of the loot. Kas immediately headed out to where she could get magic on her bastard sword, while that was being done she searched the weapon’s shops for a mighty composite long bow, which she found in a shop run by a half-elf bowyer of considerable talent.

Returning to the room she was to share with Loriel, Kas found the elf in a bath,

When Kas enters Loriel looks up from her bath, “ I have a gift for you it is on the bed. I hope you like it.” Wrapped in paper on her bed is a package that is not heavy or hard. Opening it Kas fine a silken gown of royal blue with silver embroidery around the neck and sleeves that were long and tight fitting in an elven style. It clung close to the breasts and waist but at the hips it flared into a sweeping skirt. “Try it on. I had to guess your size but I think it will fit you if not you can get it altered to fit by the.

Loriel got up out of the bath. “The water is still hot I just was rinsing off after giving Moonshadow a bath. So it is your now. I am going to get dressed after I dry my hair by the fire.”

Kas did just that, she undressed quickly and neatly folded her clothes. From her backpack she took a towel and a bar of flowery smelling soap, the scent of lavender and lily of the valley filled the room. Kas carefully got into the water. The healing she had done was not enough to close all her wounds, especially the one in her side that had been stitched up.

She just soaked for a bit before washing herself being careful around her wounds. She had to was her hair with one hand, because she did not dare rise her arm to high on her wounded side.
She went to the fire to dry, wrapped in a towel.

“Loriel, once I finish brushing my hair would you do a French braid from the crown of my head to the nape of my neck? Normally I could do it myself, but I do not want to break open my stitches. I do have some blue ribbon to braid into it to help tie it off.”

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A crowded table in the inn

The evening wound on and Aelistae sat alone, lost in her thoughts.

A quiet cough alerted her to another’s presence, and her eyes widened slightly in surprise as she found it was Xaris. The garb the gnome was dressed in was poor, marked as it was by the days they had spent together on the road, but the smile he wore was genuine as he politely asked if he could join her.

“Please,” she responded with a gesture at an empty chair, “I am always glad for the company, and I’m honoured that you would consider me a friend Xaris. You more than anyone have reason to mistrust me, after what my kind have done to yours.”

Aelistae continued with a soft laugh as Xaris commented her on her dress and her beauty. “Thank you. If I had known you were possessed with such a silver tongue I would have sought your counsel earlier.”

Linnix chose that moment to swim into view, and stole Aelistae’s attention from anything else she may have added.

‘If her skin were darker I would swear she was an Elistraeyn,’ Aelistae mused as she nodded appreciatively at the dramatic change in her appearance.

“Umm, Aelistae, do you think I need a blade?” she queried nervously.

Aelistae smiled and shook her head. “To dance with a blade would be to pledge yourself in service to Eilistraee. And with all the will in the world I don’t believe you’re ready for that.”

“L'Alure, L'Drathir, L'Killian – The Dance, The Moon, The Sword. That is what She asks of us,” she added, as she lightly touched a brooch she wore depicting a naked drow woman dancing before a full moon with nothing but a blade for company. “All else is discarded – our doubts, our fears, everything. But any can join the Dance if they feel is call without the need to offer anything more.”

She rose suddenly, her sword perilously balanced in the fingers of her right hand as she extended the other to Linnix. “Would you like to begin?”

Before the young woman could reply, Loriel appeared and dispensed gifts to all those gathered around the small table.

Aelistae broke her hold upon Linnix’s hand in order to take the small package, but the shake of her head displayed her unease. “I can’t take this Loriel. I have nothing to give you in return. And I need nothing other than your friendship.”

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Loriel Responds

Aelistae broke her hold upon Linnix’s hand in order to take the small package, but the shake of her head displayed her unease. “I can’t take this Loriel. I have nothing to give you in return. And I need nothing other than your friendship.”

“You have that, Aelistae, indeed it is, as we have faced foes, shed blood and fought with all our skills to aid each other. These are but token gifts, small things that I hope will delight you. As my mother use to always say, “Share you good fortune that it may come back to your in time of need.” She said it many different ways but I understood what she was saying.” Loriel close her hand on Aelistae’s but held them shut over the small package, “I wanted to give you each a gift. Please accept yours. I took joy in choosing each one.”

Left unsaid was that she would be saddened if they were refused.

“We are truly a diverse group with many different reasons to accept this quest. We have had difficulties not only with foes but within as well but we have shown ourselves we can work together for the good of all and to achieve success. I hope that we can build on what makes us stronger together.”

“Please, all of you share in my good fortune.”

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Kas thanked Loriel for her help and after the dress was on and pulled down, she did a girlish twirl. It fit well, a but formfitting about the chest and waist but beautiful all the same.

"I love it, Thank you." The last thing she does is put on the new holy symbol. It went perfectly with the dress. It was not tha she was unused to dresses but the type she has worn were more loose fitting like a greek chiton. This one did nothing to hid her womanly endowments, though her waist was small her breasts were full and high.

She belted on a dagger at least and then took up a satchel with her musical instruments.

So it was that Kas, a bit self-conscious, descended the stairs to the common room after locking their windows and door.

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