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Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

Well I hoped to have a post up by the end of this weekend, but life got in the way.  

If you are ready to post an update, please go ahead and assume the monk is just observing the 'bird talk' but staying alert for any thing out of the norm, and looking about for any signs of danger.

Posted on 2023-10-01 at 19:23:32.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

Okay we move forward.  I'll get a post up soon, but is there a map? You're asking about positions but I'm not able to know without something, even a rough map, to focus on and see what's what. 

Posted on 2023-09-26 at 10:51:28.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: Posts

I'm sorry I thought we were taking a brief hiatus to give some people that were busy irl a chance to clear up some time for posting.  If we want to continue with only a couple posting, we can do that I guess. I just don't mind waiting for others to return.  


Posted on 2023-09-24 at 05:42:52.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: Along for the ride.

After enduring Uthal’s insistence that she take her share, D’harem took the coins and gave out most of it to needy people she encountered.  Even going out onto the street and giving some to people there.  She did this quickly,and moved on before people would get too expressive of there thanks.  She didn't do this for praise, she did it to help the less fortunate.  She kept just enough to buy some food, and a few other small items she might need to replace.

Moving out the next day, she followed along the group and kept alert.  When they arrived at the area of attack, she walked around the area and looked for anything that seemed out of place.  The Monk didn’t have any of the skills, or magic abilities the others would use to probe the area for clues, so she just used the senses available to her; she look, listened, and even smelled.  She took her time in this and only stopped if she found something, or the others were ready to move out.

(OOC: She will again follow the groups lead and remain observant and alert)

Posted on 2023-08-30 at 18:09:36.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: Money

I thought i would post this here, since I already posted in game, but the gold given to D'Harum she would take reluctantly, and she would refuse the money that Uthal would try and give her.  She didnt use money much, only keeping enough to provide basic necessities.   The money she was given for this job thus far, she would dispense that among any poor, needy, or homeless looking person she encountered on her way back to the Inn.  She would keep just one single gp, and use that to purchase food, and a simple sleeping mat in the Inn common sleeping room, if available.  If no common sleeping room, she would pay the innkeeper for a spot on the floor for the night.


I say keep Ferris, just in case Tann does return.  I wish him luck!


Posted on 2023-08-22 at 18:28:26.
Edited on 2023-08-22 at 18:29:04 by Altaira

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

I'm still in... to the end.

Posted on 2023-08-20 at 18:34:47.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge

D’Harum sat quietly when the guards were entertaining themselves with talk of the prisoner’s torture.  The Monk knew that torture was going to be the fate of the ones they had turned over to the guards, and they had been offered a chance to talk an spare themselves the pain and torment.  But knowing they had been given that chance, didnt ease the mental anguish that she was dealing with for her role in all of it.  

When they returned to the Fainting Goat to discuss their plans, she said simply, “I will accompany you all on this quest to deal with the bandits, and see this thing through to the end.”     

That said she rose and left them to discuss the details, trusting them to decide the route they would take going after the bandits.   If anyone watched her depart, they would see her walk over to the bartender and speak to them for a moment.  The bartender gave a look of surprise, then nodded with a faint smile and gestured over toward the bar room’s hearth. 

The Monk went over to the hearth and pulled up a stool, sitting her bag down by her feet, she pulled out the her 2’ long bamboo flute and began to play a slow mournful tune, which some might recognize as the sad tale of the romance between Thelma Twofist and Bahgoon the Unbearable. 

(OOC:  The group can decide the path, as she doesn't care to make decisions about the actions of the group.  She will go along and only offer resistance if it violates her beliefs in terms of behavior and morals.)

Posted on 2023-08-20 at 18:33:24.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: A thought

Maybe this game should be put on hold at this point.  Maybe the group could go to a tavern and discuss things, at least until the Guad extract any useful info from the captives.  The game could pause until people can return to continue posting. I don't like making any decisions for the entire group as I'm doing most of the posting at the moment.


Posted on 2023-08-10 at 06:23:24.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: The job is not done.

The older woman who had been the spokesperson for the others listened as D'Harum spoke about returning them to the authorities.   "Justice?  You think we will receive justice in that town?  Hah!  We are out here because the Lord of that town cares only about his own"  She spat at the ground near the monks feet, clearly missing but expressing her feelings for the lord of Ludensheim.  "And why would we negotiate with you if you are to hand us over to the authorities anyway?  Anything we know would be best given to them directly.  It won't likely save us, but if there is any chance it is with them,not you.  You think the head of the guard will care what we told someone else when the time comes?  Nor will you get credit for any information.  If you won't free us to honor your pledge, do it for profit.  Knowing where the leaders are will get you more than the heads of a few underlings." 


She left the comment there, hoping for some reaction.  She looked at each in their turn but got nothing but stares back.  The only one to comment was the dwarf, who spoke of the crime of banditry and its consequences.  Looking down she spoke to the other two prisoners and said quietly,  "We must the guard captain has more interest in dealing.  Stay strong.  Tears won't help." 


The monk listened impassively as the older woman spoke, and raised an eyebrow when she finished, "honor our pledge?  I promised we would not harm you, and that will not happen while you are in our custody, but I am sure the Ludenshiem authorities will not be so gracious.  So be it."

 D'Harum turned away from the prisoners and left them to be bound to return to the town.


Once in town, the monk shook her head at the futile attempt at crying 'victim' to the guards.  She stood by and waited for the guards to sort out their concerns, knowing they would not be taken in by such a feeble attempt.


She had nothing further to say to the prisoners, but only watched them with a slightly sad expression on her face knowing what probably awaited them in the guards hands.  She let the others tell the tale of the encounter, and added nothing to it as it seemed through enough. 


When the guard Captain mentioned the job only half-done, the monk stood up and spoke for herself, "I am willing to pursue the issue further in finding the other bandits."  She spoke not only to the captain but the rest of the group.  It was left up to each individual to decide for themselves.


(Assuming the night passes, and the decision made to continuing)


D'Harum sleep the night in a common room of a local tavern, hopefully playing for her room and board as usual.  She had played here in this town before, so her reputation would most likely make this easier to obtain.  She would meet with the group after breakfast, and go to the Guard Captain's office (Assuming that is the general decision) and see what information they had manage to get out of the prisoners. 


She felt a little sorry for the captives, as she knew the guards torturer would not be kind to them, but she had offered to speak for them and perhaps forestall the pain they would no doubt endure.  But they had broken the laws, preyed upon the weak and innocent, and then failed to seek the one path presented to them to help them in the end.  They would no doubt swing for their crimes as they had said; she pitied their type, but had no remorse on her own actions in bringing out their justice.


(Will add any additions, as needed as others post their actions.)

Posted on 2023-07-30 at 11:02:38.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

I'm of the option that we return the captives to the authorities, if my post wasn't clear.  ?. Perhaps one of the will be receptive to offers of leniency! 

Posted on 2023-07-27 at 17:54:37.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge

At this point there was some discussion amongst the party and "bring them back to town" was mentioned.  This got their attention.  The young woman who D'Harum had knocked out grabbed the arm of the older woman who quickly spoke.  "Please, don't send us back to town.  The one behind us promised we would not be hurt.  If you accuse us of banditry in Ludensheim we will quickly dance the Grim Fandango."  When several of the party looked oddly at this expression she replied with exasperation, "We will get the gibbet, get strung up, get HANGED!"  She spun to look at D'Harum.  "That sounds like getting hurt to me."  

She looked up a bit more definatly after a moment.  "We'll help, but not if you are going to bring us back to that town.  Let us go and we will tell you all."

D’harum raised an eyebrow at the young woman captives words, and she stepped forward and looked the woman in the eyes as she spoke.

“You are criminals,” she said in an impassive tone, “you preyed upon helpless people, and now you expect to go free without facing justice?”  

A sad, pitying look came to her face as she slowly shook her head, “we will not harm you, but we will not set you free, instead we will return you to Ludensheim authorities who will deal out the punishment you deserve.  Once you are out of our custody, what happens to you is not our concern.”

The look in the monk’s eyes, and the stern tone would no doubt tell the captives that they would receive no freedom here.  

“Now,” she leaned back from staring at the captive and placed her hands on her hips, “if one of you cooperates, and tells us something useful, then we might put a good word in with the authorities, and you might not die but spend time in jail instead.   The choice is up to you.”  

The monk stood and waited to see if any would tell them what they wanted to know, or if they would have to let Ludensheim deal with them. 

Posted on 2023-07-23 at 16:12:10.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: Continued, since you asked.

D'harum dragged her prisoner towards the rest of the group, or allowed them to walk, hold them strongly by the behind the back bound hands, she encountered the Dwarf who seemed very much excited by the recent combat.

"I see those gits one more time they'll become my height", the dwarf scoffed as he tucked the axe back behind his back then turned at the monk and the captive, "Well at least we got something out of this farse."

 The monk stopped and raised an eyebrow at the Dwarf's statement, and looked at her prisoner, "This one will be no more problem," she said to the prisoner, "Cooperate and you will not be harmed." 

She continued to drag them along, keeping an eye out for any signs of tensing prior to an escape attempt.

When they arriving at the rest of the group, assuming they do without incident, she presents her prisoner.

"This one needs to be returned for questioning about her companions," she said, and looked about at the other captives. "They will lead to these foul bandits." 

(The monk will stand behind returning the captives to Ludensheim, and let them do the questioning and possibly hunting down the rest of the bandits.  She won't resist too much of others want to question them, but she will strongly oppose any one performing violence against them in order to get answers.  If necessary, she will step in, if things go too far, and stop any form of torture on captives.  She cares nothing about the dead bandits, as she finds looting of the fallen to be disgraceful most of the time. Maybe for information, but not for spoils.)

Posted on 2023-07-16 at 13:38:41.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: Is it over?

D’Harum heard no reply to her inquiry, so she waited a couple seconds more than noticed the absence of battle sounds.  She assumed the the conflict was over, so taking her staff in her left hand, she reached down and grasped the bound hands of her prisoner and began to drag her towards the road where the she hoped to find the rest of the party.  

The Monk’s thoughts were, to check on the status of the group and her intentions were to take this prisoner back for questioning, either with the group, or with those back in the town they had been preying upon. 


(OOC: In dragging the prisoner back, the woman wakes up, she will give her a chance to get to her feet, which she will free, but she will keep her hands bound behind her and in the Monk’s grasp.  She will be ready to rap the woman on the head again with her staff if she resists.  Once back with the others, and if the battle is over, she will suggest that they take any prisoners back to town for questioning.  If they can find out where these bandits are encamped, they can plan a raid on them and capture more for the town’s justice).

Posted on 2023-07-06 at 15:24:46.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge

With the woman bound tightly, D’Harum stood up with her staff in hand.  The monk looked about and only saw a strange white creature run by in pursuit of something other than her. She did a double take, then shook her head at the strangeness of it all.   Listening for sounds of battle for a few seconds, she kept her eyes roaming the area for the bandits.  If she sees no one, she will yell out, “What’s the situation?”   

Awaiting a response, she kept an eye out for attackers.  If she sees any of the bandits, she will pursue or defend as needed.


(OOC: Short post, as she is isolated in the woods, and doesnt know what others are doing, as there are few posts to play off of at the moment. She'll keep and eye on her prisoner and play defense.)

Posted on 2023-06-26 at 16:53:15.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

Okay I'm thinking of what D'Harum is going to do next.  I should have a post up by the weekend.

As for planning next steps, I don't mean any offense, but all my actions in game are based of my character's thoughts at that moment.  If our characters were able to talk to one another, then they could plan.  But planning ooc and then acting upon it is not how I RP.  Just how I play, I'm not telling anyone else how to play at all.  To each their own.  

Posted on 2023-06-21 at 05:53:41.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

I'm going to delay my post for a little bit to see what others are doing before I post. 

Posted on 2023-06-14 at 10:44:16.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: Prisoner

D’Harum stood over the body of the woman she had pursued  into the woods.  Knocking the woman down, and apparently unconscious, she looked up and saw an archer drawing his bow upon her.  


Taking her defensive stance and concentrating on the bow and arrow, she slowed her heart and narrowed her focus upon the arrow.  The ‘thrum’ of the bow, and time seemed to slow for her, the arrow speeding towards her heart. Her hand whipped out and slapped the arrow just inches from her chest, sending it harmlessly to the ground.  


She gave the archer a calm and peaceful expression, tilting her head slightly to the side.  The archer’s eyes widened and he turned and fled quickly into the woods rather than fire another bolt.  


The monk glanced around quickly for other threats, seeing none (if there are dangers, her actions could change), she turned back to the unconscious woman at her feet.  Hearing sounds of shouts and combat, she knew here companions were busily engaged with opponents of their own.  


Looking down at the woman, she knelt over the woman, planting her knee in the woman’s back, and quickly removed one of her cloth wraps from her forearms, and bound the woman’s hands behind her back, and then quickly bound her feet as well.  


(OOC: She will bind this prisoner, keeping alert for any noises or sight of enemy coming into the area where she is currently.  If someone emerges, like the archer, she will forgo binding the woman, and take up her staff and enter a defensive stance once again, ready to defend herself.)

Posted on 2023-06-02 at 18:21:13.
Edited on 2023-06-02 at 18:23:44 by Altaira

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge

D’Harum seemed at ease as she waited for a response from the arrogant leader, though inside she was posed to spring.   Whether she would get a response or not, she wouldn’t know as her traveling companions sprang into action.  She only hoped her words did at least offer some distraction for their adversaries.

At once she sprang into action, maintaining her grip on the other side of the reins, she ducked quickly under the cart horse’s head, she came up swinging her staff at the woman standing on the other side.  her staff struck true the first time but the return stroke only grazed the woman’s clothing, she finished up with a sweep to her opponents legs, striking her thigh.  The woman stumbled but didn’t go down thanks to her own grip on the horse’s reins.

D’Harum would settle that in short order; keeping her grip on the horse’s reins, she brought her staff in a hard upstroke towards the woman hoping to take her out quickly.  While attacking with her staff, she tugged on the reins to keep the horse under control so it wouldn’t wander into the dangerous cloud of gas.  

(She will attack the woman with her normal full attacks until she is down unless she is attacked by someone else.  If any arrows come her way, she will defend herself with her ‘deflect missiles’, but her main focus is the woman.) 

Posted on 2023-05-16 at 19:15:40.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

We still active here? ?

Posted on 2023-05-09 at 18:17:26.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: The Encounter

D’Harum had been walking next to the cart on its right side, as it made it’s way down the road; her short staff in her right hand she used like a walking/hiking stick.   Her pack was sitting in the cart within reach if she needed it, but it really didn't contain anything should would need often.  While they had walked she would only access the pack to take a drink from her water skin occasionally.  Often she would hum a tune, and while she wasn’t much of a singer, her voice wasn’t terrible in and of itself.

The monk’s senses were always alert for trouble even when she seemed at ease and humming aloud.  She was especially alert when they trail reached a spot which gave rise to many places to hide, and just as she started to feel that something would happen soon, a voice rang out.

“Halt!  This road is closed!”, said a tall man who appeared atop a boulder ahead of them.   “Do not move.  We have you surrounded and must determine your purpose upon this road!  If you attempt any action your life will be forfeited!  You are surrounded. Don’t you know there are bandits in these woods!”

D’Harum stopped and turned her head slowly to look around briefly noting the positions of other bandits as they appeared around the wagon and it’s companions.  When a girl stepped out and grabbed the cart horse’s lead, the monk slowly moved forward and reached out slowly with her left hand to grab the horse’s halter and made gentle soothing sounds to the horse.  Her eyes passed over the woman and came to settle on, what she assumed was, the bandit’s leader while keeping the girl in her peripheral vision.

“Who are you,” said said aloud to the leader, “to accost holy monks of the great Helm, God of Vigilance and Protection?   Have you no honor?”

Her stance and demeanor were such as belongs to someone who was not used to such blatant disregard of station and honor.

She grasped her staff tightly in her right hand, and while her muscles appeared relaxed, she was a coiled snake preparing to strike.  Her words were meant to distract the bandits, or at least the leader, in the hopes they would focus up their gaze, and possibly weapons, on her while she awaited whatever actions the rest of the following party planned to do.

If things started to happen, her first target would be the girl holding the reins of the horse, she would use her staff for a full attack upon the girl.  If the archers fired upon her, she would attempt to deflect the arrows with her hands or staff, depending upon how many arrows come her way.


(OOC: not sure how the actions work in this game, but if you need further details of her actions, let me know. If only one archer fires on her, she would attempt to deflect the arrow with her hand, and attack the girl with her staff.)

Posted on 2023-04-26 at 16:01:41.

Topic: New Fantasy Adventure

Well I'm going to hold off on starting up anything right now; there only seems to be a few people here on this board, many of these are in two games already that are dragging.  I don't want to add another game right now and possibly grind things to a halt for others.  I'll place this adventure on the back simmer burner for now and wait to see what happens later. 

Thanks to those which expressed an interest, I'll keep you in mind if things open up later. Ciao!

Posted on 2023-04-10 at 07:18:21.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A


Posted on 2023-04-06 at 11:42:45.

Topic: New Fantasy Adventure

Well there is some interest I see, I hope to maybe get one more person.  Maybe a female character at least.

As for the plot, it will be a D&D style adventure.  Not going to give any details at this point.  I will need to know what type of character each person wishes to play; warrior, mage, rogue, etc.  No further details needed at this point. 

We will see if we get enough interest. Looking good so far.  But I only want people who have time to play; often players say they have time, but then posting is way too slow.  I only ask one post per week minimum; I dont think it is too much to ask.

Let me know people.  Thanks!

Posted on 2023-04-02 at 17:38:25.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

My post is in, even though I didnt have much to say.  My Monk is basically tagging along at this point and isn't going to direct the group in doing anything.  More will come as the group moves forward, I hope.

Posted on 2023-04-02 at 17:33:10.

Topic: New Fantasy Adventure
Subject: New Fantasy Adventure

Well I find myself with some free time, so I would like to see if anyone is interested in a New Fantasy Adventure in the Freeform style.  Basically, ther is no rules like a typical D&D adventure, but more of a freeform but in the freeform style. One where you state your actions you wish to use but I will decide that happens based on your stated actions and those of your opponents, etc.

I've looking for 2-3 people to post once per week for the game.  If interested, state your attentions here, and if enough are able to commitl, we can get something going.  

Let me know if you're interested here.

Thanks you!


Posted on 2023-03-25 at 20:19:10.

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