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"If no one else needs it, I wouldn't mind some healing", Gerdar said as he looked at his wounds, "And a good rest wouldn't hurt either, I don't exactly feel too divine right now. But after that I'd like to get back there and finish what we started... Oh, and I don't think I got any of your names while we were all busy back there. I am Gerdar the Third, of House Cordorehk."

Posted on 2022-01-19 at 07:27:50.

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Dok Motioned

Dok motioned for the Party to gather closer within a 30 foot circle so he could minister healing to those in need, including himself.

((OOC: Dok prays to his deity Helm and casts Prayer of Healing: a 2nd level spell that includes everyone within a 30-foot circle / I think he still has a 2nd level spell slot / if not, he lays hands on Gerdar or another Player who needs healing and casts Cure Wounds / Dok also introduces himself to the Newcomers))

Posted on 2022-01-19 at 18:14:17.

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Night time in the deep, dark woods

The party quickly moved away from the burning bush and into the darkness.  You moved swiftly while trying to remain silent, trusting to the Goliath's spell to cover your tracks.  In general you headed away from the river as it seemed the safest best to avoid acciedntally encountering those you had left behing.  

After fifteen minutes you halted breifly to allow for some quick introductions - both the dwarf Gerdar and the Goliath Uthal were unknown to any of the others in your band.  The halt also gave Dok a chance to repay his rescuers with a Prayer of healing which restored health to everyone in the party.  (+10 HP to all)   Uthal also cast a healing spell on Gerdar who had asked for it.  (+8 hp, so +18 total with both spells for Gerdar.)  With everyone a bit less injured the group pressed onward into the darkness eager to put more space between themselves and any potential pursuit.  They couldn't hear anything coming, but it remained a nervous march.

The woods were very dark and those without dark vision had to rely on their companions to keep moving quickly. But move you did until 45 minutes later when the Pass Without a Trace spell wore off.  You now lacked magical cover and would be much more easily spotted by things that go bump in the night, wether that was one of the goblins you fled or some new enemy lurking in the dark.  There did not seem to be a good resting spot nearby, but all agreed that one would be needed soon.  The party kept moving, but at a slower pace that would both allow more stealth and perhaps a chance to spot a cave or other defensible spot.  

About 20 minutes later you came across an area with a bunch of small hills and jumbled together rocks.  Everything was still covered the trees, of course, but here there were high places and, you hoped, the possibility of a cave or sheltered hidey-hole.  After searching in the dark for 15 minutes you failed to turn up a true cave, but you did find a nice spot in a jumble of boulders that offered protection and concealment.  It wasn't a cave, but it seemed likely to be the best you would find.  

With shelter having been procured you settled down to get a rest.  More than one party member sighed as the were finally able to rest their sore and injured bones on the ground.  The elves took turns standing guard as the others rested.  Several times throughout the night you heard the howl of wolves in the distance and once, while Thaoran was on guard, there was a loud crashing as something large and unconcerned about silence moved rapidly through the woods near the base of the rocks in which you hid.  But nothing bothered you and you were able to get a good rest.

In the morning the sun rose on a clear blue sky.  From your perch atop the rocks you could even see some of the sky, although it was obvious that conditions under the trees would be fairly dark again once you began to move.  But where to move to?  You had survived a much larger battle than you had bargained for and escaped the creatures of the Vargolg.  But the mission was not accomplished and the Malkin twins remained missing.  It was time to figure out a plan for the new day.


***First, you can level up to level 4!  

You are about 90 minutes march, maybe a bit less, west of the Hreusen River and the ford.  (No clear direction was indicated and there was some talk in the Q&A thread of sticking near the river, but as that seemed riskier and escape was the goal I had you keep going the way you were going.  The more specific you are, the more closely I can follow your directions.)  

A long rest gets everyone back to max hitpoints and all of their used spell slots back.  



Posted on 2022-01-20 at 19:48:15.

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