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  Combat was rejoined quickly as the creature poured from the tunnel mouth.  Arrows and bolts pierced flesh and the enemy ranks thinned just a bit.  A brand new web engulfed more of the foe and removed the from the fight for the moment.  All seemed to be going well until Soledad cried out in pain.  One of the goblins struck a blow that staggered the witch ; she could not take many such wounds.  "Soledad, step back!  Dok, Thaoran close ranks and protect her!"  Hornet dropped his crossbow and drew his rapier.  For now he would attack the goblin in front of him

 OOC I noticed I could not really get to the goblin in front of Soledad this round. 

Posted on 2021-07-20 at 11:16:41.
Edited on 2021-07-23 at 17:48:46 by Keeper of Dragons

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Dok Braced Himself

Dok braced himself for the imminent onslaught, his silver-coated battle axe at the ready, while he breathed another prayer to Helm to enable him to unleash an effective counter-attack with his trustworthy Spiritual Weapon spell,  in hopes of stemming the tide in favor of himself and his comrades, especially Soledad who could ill afford another devestating strike from the Goblins or Gnoll.

((Dok unleashes his Second Level Spell Spiritual Weapon against any and all attackers in the vicinity of Soledad))

EDIT: If Soledad has succeeded in separating herself from any immediate harm, then Dok concentrates on any immediate danger to himself, which he hopes is the best course of action to aid all of his party members!

((Dok still unleashes his Second Level Spell Spiritual Weapon against any and all attackers in his vicinity, if Soledad is out of immediate danger / especially if Dok is now between the attackers and Soledad after she makes her move!))

Posted on 2021-07-24 at 23:43:00.
Edited on 2021-07-31 at 15:31:12 by Hammer

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Why you malicious little miscreant!

Soledad was more than happy to oblige the calls for her to step back. Even with magical support, she was not built for close combat. Let the others deal with the melee, she had other responsibilities (namely maintaining that magical web). Acting quickly, the witch dislodged herself fully from the melee while maintaining her web spell.

((OOC: Full Movement and maintain web))

Posted on 2021-07-30 at 07:42:48.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Melee it is

Her arrows fired, the bow dropped, Silver quickly drew her rapiers and moved to the attack. Her rakish audaicty in play she quickly delivered two strong attacks and a sneak attack to the first Gnoll or Goblin encountered. Then just as quickly, using her fancy footwork, darted away to avoid it's return strike.........

Posted on 2021-07-31 at 14:17:23.

Nomad D2
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The battle rages

The battle raged and the group fought to keep from being overrun as the Vargolg disgorged its multitudes.  Soledad’s web spell seemed to give the group a quick advantage as many were caught in the sticky mess.  But Soledad took a bad wound in the fighting and the group knew that without that web they were in trouble.  The goal seemed to be to protect the witch to protect the web.  But there were still 5 right in front of them – and more working their way through the web.

               The first to act was Hornet who didn’t seem pleased at taking a blow from the creature.  But he kept his head and shouted for the others to guard the witch.  He then tossed aside the goblin’s blade that was still covered with his own blood and planted his own rapier deep into the entrails of the vile thing.  Twisting the blade he pushed the corpse off of his blade and looked around to see who needed help the most. 

               Thaoran took a less aggressive approach and attempted to use the sun (that had recently come out after the nights rains) to blind his opponent.  It was an unusual tactic and probably wouldn’t have worked except the creature was already struggling to breath because of the smoke it had enhaled.  As it choked and gasped the light flashing in its eyes seemed too much for it.  It threw its arm in front of its eyes and stepped back – right into the web. 

               Silver was as fast as the other two and quickly whipped one rapier at the goblin in front of her but missed as the creature ducked below her strike.  But again, the smoke, which seemed to have failed as originally intended, had an impact.  As he first blade passed harmlessly over the goblin’s head it started coughing and stood up to try and breathe.  It was an opening Silver would not miss and her second rapier sliced cleanly through the thing’s neck as it attempted to stand.  In classic fashion, the head rolled one way as the body toppled the other. 

               The goblins that remained didn’t just stand around and watch.  The one in front of Dok leapt at the dwarf.  Frustrated in its first attack on the dwarf it had more success the second time – striking the dwarf a glancing blow.  (-4 HP)   The one in front of Soledad was still howling its glee when the elf slipped away in front of it.  Soledad moved 20’ further into the brush and hoped the others could hold the line.  Angered that his target was gone the goblin spun and swung at Dok – catching the dwarf unprepared for the blow from his flank.  This time the blow was a bit heavier, but the sturdy dwarf was built for combat.  But these blows would add up.  (-5 hp, so -9 total to Dok.)

               In anger at the blows coming at him Dok brought his spiritual weapon to bear creating a magically glowing axe.  His first thought was to protect Soledad and he did just that – slamming the axe into the goblin’s chest and crushing the creature. Another goblin down. 

               That was all for the 10 individuals on the river side of the web, but there were plenty more in the web.  7 more started the turn in the web and were attempting to break free.   But the spell stood strong and the coughing goblins had trouble getting out.  Only one did.  The gnoll came close and was almost free when the web pulled it back in.  No others yet came pouring out of the cave mouth – they seemed deterred by the web in front of them.  But they were there and a couple of arrows came flying out of the entrance.  The shots were difficult – the web itself slightly obscured the view as did the numerous bodies struggling to break free.  But one thing was obvious – the arrows were aimed at Soledad.  The goblins knew who held the web.  But with all of those obstacles and the surrounding brush neither found its mark. 



 You are now lined up across the gulley like this:  Hornet, silver, Dok, gap, Thaoran.  Soledad is now about 20’ behind the rest of you.  Right now there are TWO goblins free of the web and directly in front of you – one in front of Dok and the other in front of Silver.  There are 7 goblins currently stuck in the web.  (There had been 7, one escaped, but the one in front of Thaoran backed into it.)  Plus the gnoll is webbed.  An unknown number of others exist within the tunnel – but two arrows came out at you.

Total Killed so far:  7 goblins and 1 gnoll.

Posted on 2021-07-31 at 20:03:56.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 58/18
2449 Posts

  Hornet looked around and saw the group was in pretty good shape.  Soledad was protected and only two goblins remained in combat.  The web was holding so far and those held fast in its grip would be easy targets.  Returning his rapier to its sheath he turned once more to the crossbow and sent a bolt towards the gnoll stuck in the web.    

Posted on 2021-08-01 at 04:31:58.

RDI Fixture
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Something tells me this is going to be a LOOONG day...

Thäoran allowed a small triumphant smile to stretch his thin lips as the sun's rays had provided him with a satisfactory outcome-actually, better than he'd hoped because he merely hoped the goblin would be dazzled and stunned. Instead, the foul creature had staggered back into the stick mass of Soledad's web. Sheathing his rapier, the elf drew instead his yew bow from its tube and swiftly nocked an arrow, aiming for the goblin's right eye (the goblin who had stumbled into the web because of the sunlight reflecting off his sword). He drew back the bowstring in one fluid, smooth motion and released, the shaft flying toward its target...he hoped.

Posted on 2021-08-01 at 08:21:41.
Edited on 2021-08-01 at 08:24:38 by dragon-soul92

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