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Parent thread: Peradyse Lost
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Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts

Sword Dancer

Brianna keeps her swords and body moving the weaving a pattern to keep the area clear before her. She has not been badly hit but she has been hit several times and that could cause a problem if the battle continued for a time. She becomes a bit more wary and moves about in a random pattern to make it harder for those targeting her with range weapons to hit her from their unseen positions.

She is a good melee fighter, a toe to toe sort of fighter, with her size and strength she has always been a formiable foe.

Posted on 2007-01-22 at 03:37:11.
Edited on 2007-01-22 at 15:26:30 by Brianna

Regular Visitor
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69 Posts


Lorae moves to keep the Drow with the hand crossbow in sight. She is all but invisible in the strange armor that now covers her. She targets him again

Posted on 2007-01-25 at 19:51:51.

Regular Visitor
Karma: 3/3
99 Posts

continuing the attack

Logan continues to press the attack against his foe. This time as he swings his bastard sword, he lets out a loud and thunderous yell as he charges at his target as he swings his sword in a short over hand arc. While he does this he readies his short sword for a upward swing between the legs of his foe.

Posted on 2007-01-25 at 22:45:31.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Round 5 Culminnation and Prep for 6

The Drow that was attacked by Flame shoots at the dragonette with his crossbow and the bolt hit him in the ribs for but it does not penetrate

Another bolt does flying passed Brianna, while the Drow with the shortspear throws it again
and misses also.

Xuor does not have to go far to find a good vantage point for archery and still can get off one shot. The arrow pierces the Drow with the spear in the thigh and he staggers.

Lorae, gets off two shots before the Drow with the hand crossbow can get to cover. The first hits him solidly in the upper left arm and the second hits him in the lower right arm.

The Drow with the Flaming scimitar advances on Brianna, but in trying to keep out of the way of her deadly blades he missese both attacks.

The Drow coming in Melee with Logan stikes out like an adder His longsword flashing in the leaf dappled light slices down onto Logan’s right shoulder hard enough to almost sssshake Logan, but he manages not to lose his on concentration on her attack, but the blade bite deeply into his tricepts. After wrenching out his Sword the Drow misses his next attacks

Twi arrows one after the other go whizzing by Brianna, who was moving about so that she would not be a easy target.

Brianna Stormrider: putsw the finishing blow on the staggering Drow right across his lowere back severing his spine. and then she half turns to strikes one of the Drow attacking Logan with Thunder and Lightning again dealing tremendous damage to hie shoulder, and her drops his weapon, and to his upper back.

One of the Drow, just out of sight of the main area of fighting lets out a vile curse envoking Lolth’s name.

Logan: next attack is not as strong as her wanted, but his own injury weakened his blow The Drow only taking light damage in his left shoulder, but his short sword is driven with determination and cuts deeply into the inner tigh muscles. Sending the Drow to the ground.

Flame retaliates with a gout of flame to the face of the Drow that he had been in melee with, The Drow screams and reels away now totally blind.

Into this battle comes the Dwarf from the night before at the Inn. Highnar Goldblade: advances into the theater of battle, twin waraxes drawn and ready.

Quick recap

Drow 3 and 9 facing Logan in melee, 3 has now dropped his sword and 9 is now on the ground, having lost the use of his leg
Brianna has now turned to aid Logan.
3 Drow are on the ground dead.
1 Drow is wandering blinded.
1 is hiding in the tree with a Shortspear.
There are hidden archers still shooting at the party.

Posted on 2007-01-27 at 04:59:05.
Edited on 2007-01-27 at 05:00:36 by Dragon Mistress

Regular Visitor
Karma: 3/3
99 Posts


using the advantage gained from the drow falling, not wanting him to fall off the sword he just dug into his thigh with, Logan follows him to the ground forcing the sword even further into leg in hopes of pinning him to the ground with it. While doing this, with his other arm, injured as it is, he uses what strength he has to bring the sword up so the tip is placed below the chin of the drow(the tip is located above the adams apple in the natural "V" groove line of the underside of the lower jaw) he has followed to the ground and yells in common and elven to yield or be run thru.

He hopes he can take him alive, but knows his chances are slim. He as well as his commrads are sure to have questions they would like answers to and he maybe able to supply them. He is valunerable, but he knows his commrads has his back even thou he had just met them not 1 full day prior.

Posted on 2007-01-27 at 05:28:17.

Karma: 8/9
379 Posts


Xuor as is his trainging scans quick for likely targets. Hopefully his change of location will add to the foe's problems. Spellcasters and those with range weapons will attract his attention.After quickly checking his area for any danger and ensuring that the wolf is at guard, he picks his next target.

Posted on 2007-01-27 at 07:38:21.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/118
6513 Posts

The Return Of Highnar

BACKPOST (Yet at the Inn)
Finally the last of them the one named Brianna had gotten up from the table and with a polite few words gone off to sleep. With her departure and still a half mug of beer before him, Brianna having bought this last round of beer, Highnar knew the next time the two of them drank together he would surely be the one to buy the last round.

For awhile as he slowly finished his beer he sat and pondered the nature of this Prophecy that the one named Lorae had spoken of and could feel his place in it. The rune that he had picked had named him Eihwaz which stood for the yew tree and Highnar could not help but grumble at that for it seemed more like something suited for an Elf. But the rest about trust, honesty and being reliable was never wanting in a Dwarf and Highnar could very well relate.

Finally his pondering and beer empty and the call of sleep close he stood and prepared himself for sleep but it was not yet to be as the Innkeeper did approach.

“My lord dwarf there has been a problem with the boy you talked about earlier it seems he has been taken by a gang of ruffians and made to join their gang, clearly against his will.

“Have ye a location for these ruffians??”

“Aye lord they are said to hang out in the retail shop area just to the South of the main shopping district”

“Show me”

With a quick map drawn Highnar knew sleep would have to wait as he headed into the district named, it was not long before he found what he sought.
With axes to hand and a face full of fake rage he managed in 2 hours time to free the boy, scare the ruffians, all young lads, into leaving the boy alone, and returning with the boy to the Inn and into the innkeepers safe keeping. With only a few hours left till dawn and a journey to begin Highnar retreated to his bed.

Highnar awoke not the least bit hung over but yet tired for sleep he had so little but with a look out the window he realized that the morning had passed him by and that it was already midday.
With a gathering of his axes and gear and armor replaced upon him he rushed downstairs to find as he had feared that the rest had left without him. Hurrying to the stables he was yet again disappointed to learn no ponies were there to buy. At a loss of what to do next, here it was that luck and possibly the God Moradin came to his aid.

As Highnar tried to think of a way to catch the others the boy from the night before did approach him.

“Sir dwarf I thank you for my freedom I was sure they would hurt or kill me if I did not go along with them.”

“Nay lad tis be nothing to thank me for you are strong and good, it have been wrong to let ye stay with them.”

“But I must thank you for not to do so would leave me no better then the rest, as such I give to you the only thing of value I have ever had.”

With a hand from a pocket drawn the boy presented to Highnar an Ivory Figurine of a goat.

“This statuette was my fathers and given to me by him on his dying day. He told me to only use it if really needed as it only had one use left. He called it a Goat of Traveling and gave me its command word.”

“Again nay lad I canna take your Dad’s gift to ye it would be wrong.”

“Please sir dwarf for me for if you do not take it I will feel forever be indebt to you and never live at ease.”

With that the boy did hand the Goat to Highnar and telling him of the command word did with a smile turn and run before Highnar could follow.
With nothing left to do but use it Highnar gave the command word and finally a stead had he if only for a few hours. His gear packed and on the goats back clearly a sight to see Highnar did ride after the rest of the party not stopping to rest throughout the day.
And so it was that Highnar having missed the party’s departure earlier that morn did finally find himself rejoining them in time for battle....

A Quick survey of the scene before him showed that the party faced a number of Drow warriors and almost seemed a little out numbered. Looking to the placement of his new friends he could see that Brianna was at the side of Logan who was clearly wounded and bleeding, Lorae and Xour with bows to hand were trading arrows with hidden archers and any Drow in view. The Dragonet Flame having seemingly blinded a Drow in front of him moved closer to attack it; clearly it was time for a certain dwarf to enter the fray!!

“Ahhh Clanggedin ye have blessed me this day with a battle that surely be needing a dwarf’s skilled hand. Guide me axes true oh God of War for I be wanting to shed some Drow blood."

With a loud dwarven war cry “ Ains Muaar Nosste!!” and both axes to hand Highnar kicked the Goat into motion and attacked.....

(OOC: OK not sure of where I am in relation to any Drow so I will using the Goats speed to attack the nearest Drow or enemy I can see and reach. As for the Goat I took a liberty there I know but I thought it would make for a slightly humorous way for him to catch up. As the boy told him it is good for only one use so in roughly a few hours time it will be gone.)

Posted on 2007-01-28 at 02:42:27.
Edited on 2007-01-28 at 07:25:39 by TannTalas

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Prep 6

There is a Drow hidden behind a tree, from Logan and Brianna, but in clear view of Highnar coming in from the angle of the Goat's charge. He is 30 feet away when Highnar shouts his battlecry.

OOC either you take minuses for fighting from goatback or you will have to dismount and attack.

Posted on 2007-01-28 at 18:26:28.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/118
6513 Posts


Highnar saw as the rush of the goat carried him down into the battle proper that a Drow clearly hidden from the rest was quite visible to him. So in an second of thought the dwarf did Steer the goat towards this Drow, and waiting till almost the last minute he launched himself off of the goat to land facing the Drow his axes swinging for all they were worth.

“By Clanggedin's decree, ye shall die this day foul Elf!!”…..

(OOC: of course this all depends if I actually land facing him and not on my ass)

Posted on 2007-01-28 at 18:46:51.
Edited on 2007-01-28 at 18:47:35 by TannTalas

Not Dragon Mistress
Karma: 105/32
2282 Posts

Standing Firm

Brianna keeps to her self appointed task of keeping the girl and her protectress protected using her fighting skills. Hone is battle, and sure of her skills Brianna keeps the Drow who attempt to retake the girl back from her as well as she can. Her twin swords Thuunder and Lightniing flashing about her. she moves around agin to just not give those with missle weapons a standing target.

Posted on 2007-01-29 at 14:50:52.

Karma: 0/0
3 Posts

An old friend

Riding up to the inn, very late to the meeting, a young woman on a horse, surveys the battle, quickly heads for some cover, and strings her well-made bow to take aim at some of the remaining drow.

OOC: Finally figured out my problems with rdinn - oh great DM, let me know what I need to do to help! Thanks! Jonathan/Sarai

Posted on 2007-01-29 at 22:31:36.

Regular Visitor
Karma: 2/0
69 Posts

Evil Must Die

Lorae advances on the Drow, moving nimbly over the forest floor. As she draws her sword, the bow returns to being a rod about 14 inches long. She is intent on seeing that this Drow does not escape.

Posted on 2007-01-30 at 00:16:04.
Edited on 2007-01-30 at 00:29:30 by Lorae

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Sarai Advances

As Sarai advances she hears a groan and a faint gasp fron under some nearby brush. Keen eyes see a drow male on the ground undert the cover of the undergrowth and clinging to him are 2 Drow children, a boy about 5 and a girl about 8. The girl has put her hand over the adults mouth.

Posted on 2007-01-30 at 01:20:04.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Bad DM, Bad.

Sorry DM with back cold missed the fact that everyone posted days ago.

Posted on 2007-02-02 at 02:37:34.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Round 6

Sorry for the brevity of naration, full sinuses are not conducive to creativity.

Bows and crossbows twanging, blades against blades clanging, The Drow continue to fall as members of the group take some damage. Into the fray comes Highnar, better late the never. Also sneaking into the fray is a figure that only the original members would recognize.

Elf, Drow 8: wanders blindly
Elf, Drow 7: Prone. Last Attacked: Brianna Stormrider. Lifts his Crossbow to shoot again.
Elf, Drow 7 (Crossbow, repeating heavy, #1) misses (13+16) AC 29 for 2 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 7 (Crossbow, repeating heavy, #2) Natural 1 (1+11) (AC 12) for 7 HP of damage his crossbow is now jammed.
Elf, Drow 2: 1/2 cover. Last Attacked: Brianna Stormrider
Elf, Drow 2 (Shortspear +3 (Bane, Returning, Throwing), #1) hits (17+20) AC 37 for 5 HP of damage to Brianna's front side ribs.
Elf, Drow 2 (Shortspear +3 (Bane, Returning, Throwing), #2) misses (5+15) AC 20 for 6 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 2 (Shortspear +3 (Bane, Returning, Throwing), #3) misses (18+10) AC 28 for 8 HP of damage
Xuor: . Last Attacked: Elf, Drow 2
Xuor (Longbow, composite +3, #1) hits (14+19) AC 33 for 5 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 2 has received 5 hp of P, magic, damage.
Xuor (Longbow, composite +3, #2) hits (10+14) AC 24 for 7 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 2 is not hit (AC 27).
Lorae, half-celestial:
Lorae, half-celestial (Longsword +5 (Holy, Keen), #1) hits (13+1 AC 31 for 20 HP (11 s + 9 s) of damage
Elf, Drow 1 has received 20 hp of s, s damage.
Lorae, half-celestial (Longsword +5 (Holy, Keen), #2) hits (13+13) AC 26 for 20 HP (10 s + 10 s) of damage
Elf, Drow 1 has received 20 hp of s, s damage.
Elf, Drow 3: Flanked. Last Attacked: Brianna Stormrider
Elf, Drow 3 (Longsword +3 (Flaming burst, Keen), #1) misses(5+17) AC 22 for 10 HP (9 S, magic + 1 fire) of damage
Elf, Drow 3 (Longsword +3 (Flaming burst, Keen), #2) Natural 20 (20+12) (AC 32) for 9 HP (7 S, magic + 2 fire) of damage

Flame: . Last Attacked: Elf, Drow 8 but no flies to Brianna’s rescue and delieveres a gout of flame in the face of the Drow who has been attacking her
Flame (Breath, #4) hits (4+1 AC 22 for 13 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 3 has received 13 hp of Fire damage.
Elf, Drow 6: Load: Medium, Prone. Last Attacked: Logan
Not being able to shoot fron the ground the Drow fumbles to get out his sword.
Elf, Drow 4: Dead, Helpless, Prone
Sarai: Shoot at Elf, Drow 3
Sarai (Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite +3 (Seeking, Shock, Speed)) hits (12+10) AC 22 for 7 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 3 has received 7 hp of damage.
Elf, Drow 3 is unconscious.
Sarai (Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite +3 (Seeking, Shock, Speed)) Natural 20 (20+10) (AC 30) for 6 HP of damage
----> Critical threat to AC 12 , total damage 19 HP
Elf, Drow 3 has received 6 hp of damage (automatic hit).
Elf, Drow 3 has died.
Brianna Stormrider: Poison -2 (. Last Attacked: Elf, Drow 3 Seeing her target go down, Brainna turns her blades on the next closest Drow.
Brianna Stormrider (Longsword +3 (Keen, Shocking burst), #1) Natural 20 (20+23) (AC 43) for 6 HP of damage
----> Critical threat to AC 25 , total damage 19 HP
Elf, Drow 6 has received 19 hp of S, magic, shock damage (automatic hit) (critical hit).
Elf, Drow 6 is unconscious.
Brianna Stormrider (Longsword +3 (Defending, Keen, Thundering), #2) hits (0+14) AC 14 for 0 HP of damage
Brianna Stormrider (Longsword +3 (Defending, Keen, Thundering), #2) hits (18+14) AC 32 for 12 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 6 has received 12 hp of S, magic, damage.
Elf, Drow 6 is unconscious.
Brianna Stormrider (Longsword +3 (Keen, Shocking burst), #3) hits (11+13) AC 24 for 21 HP (17 S, magic + 4 shock) of damage
Elf, Drow 6 has received 21 hp of S, magic, shock damage.
Elf, Drow 6 has died.
Elf, Drow 1: Bull's Strength, Prone. Last Attacked: Lorae, half-celestial
Elf, Drow 1 (Scimitar +4 (Dancing, Shock, Speed), #1) misses (4+19) AC 23 for 7 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 1 (Scimitar +4 (Dancing, Shock, Speed), #1) Natural 1 (1+19) (AC 20) for 10 HP of damage. HE fumble with his sword and can not take the rest of his actions.
Logan: Load: Medium. Last Attacked: Elf, Drow 9
Logan (Sword, bastard +2, #1) hits (16+16) AC 32 for 11 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 9 has received 9 hp of S, damage (reduced due to DR 2/-).
Logan (Sword, short, #2) hits (11+7) AC 18 for 9 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 9 has received 7 hp of P, damage (reduced due to DR 2/-).
Elf, Drow 5: Dead, Helpless, Prone

Highnar Goldblade (Waraxe, dwarven +3) hits (16+13) AC 29 for 16 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 7 has received 16 hp of S, magic, damage. In the left elbow
Highnar Goldblade (Waraxe, dwarven +3) hits (11+9) AC 20 for 13 HP of damage
Elf, Drow 7 has received 13 hp of S, magic, damage. To the right side of his head (damage doubles as the axe penetrated the brain.) for 26 HP
Elf, Drow 7 has died.

Posted on 2007-02-02 at 04:10:38.


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