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Parent thread: Peradyse Lost
Related thread: Peradyse Lost
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Orc Killing fields

Once in his chosen tree Xour squirms himself into a good firing position, as he does the sounds of battle are already echoing around him in the forest. He hears the Orcs in their wild dash to catch him as well as the sound of bow strings singing in the breeze to which he will now add his own music. Finally feeling secure in the tree he takes quick stock of what has gone before he was ready, and to his surprise he sees the lead Orc with three arrows stuck in him still on his feet and closing on their position. Feeling that this Orc must go down soon he continues with his original plan and targets the next two closest ones with his attacks.

With beauty in his hand (that will be his name for his bow) he can feel himself slipping into that state of mind where he feels like he and his bow become one the bow is just an extension of his arm. Pulling the first arrow it is notched and he is aiming all in one fluid motion his mind and body working so well together that he doesn't really have to think his actions are almost automatic and so fluid that he can pull an arrow nocth it aim and fire before his heart beats even once and now with his dreaded enemy the Orcs closing on him and his party he preforms this action 4 times targeting the second and third closest Orc each twice and before he can even breath once four arrows are in the air and on their way to their targets .
OOC: I think I get four shots with my bow and the feats that I have please let me know if I have the feats wrong. Thanxs.
BIC:He watches intently for whatever impact his attack has as he prepares for his next shots.

Posted on 2007-07-23 at 10:34:43.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Combat Style:

Benefit: You can get one extra attack per round with a ranged weapon. The attack is at your highest base attack bonus, but each attack you make in that round (the extra one and the normal ones) takes a -2 penalty. You must use the full attack action to use this feat.
Special: A fighter may select Rapid Shot as one of his fighter bonus feats.

A 2nd-level ranger who has chosen the archery combat style is treated as having Rapid Shot, even if he does not have the prerequisites for it, but only when he is wearing light or no armor.

OK your Base Attack is 8 & 3 with your bonuses it is 18 & 13 With Rapid Shot you will get 3 shots at 18, 16, & 11.

Posted on 2007-07-23 at 15:58:35.

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

The coming battle!

Vatta smiled at his words… Mercenary? Noble? She chuckled slightly, “You truly have a way with words Priest of Oghma; you would make a Great Orator.” His words did seem to break her out of her awkward mutterings and she relaxed a bit as she realized that he was trying to spin her profession into a good light. She didn’t mind that at all, actually she would have to remember what he had said to recall it in the future.

When he spoke of tactics she changed demeanor entirely and her stern face showed that her mind had now turned to the coming battle.

“Skilled in killing you mean… yes .. but large scale battles are a bit unusual for this ‘noble vagabond’,” she smirked in jest, “but killing orcs is mostly a public service for the general populace.. and without sounding boisterious .. I do it quite well indeed.” She didn’t tell him that while she detested orcs in general, such filthy creatures, she didn’t hate them as many of her race. She saw orcs and their constant raiding on others as a necessary thing in the grand scheme of life. Death was something that everyone must face eventually, as she was fond of saying: ‘No one gets out of life alive.’

This time it was personal though, these orcs were killing Tel’Quessir (The People), as Elves referred to their kin, and she didn’t take that lightly. While she didn’t care for the way most humans lived their lives, scurrying about like insects and not caring about what they do to the world upon which they live, she found them tolerable and generally they accepted Elves living among them. Even though her people lived a long life compared to others, they were generally not as prolific as the other races, such as human and orcs. Sometimes an Elvin couple might only have one child to rear and the death of any Elf was a tragedy to the clan.

She looked over at Cerric and asked, “I assume you have some battle experience.. or are the Priests of Oghma pacifists?” She looked him over and while she might not see a warrior before her, she had dealt with Priests and Wizards enough to know not to misjudge them by their appearance, for if you did it would often be the last time you made such a mistake.

Posted on 2007-07-23 at 18:52:12.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Round 2

Brianna Stormrider fires on 1 who is still running toward her and hits(18+19) AC 37, Orc 1 has received 10 hp of P, damage in the lower abdomin.

Meantime Highnar throws down his crossbow and leaps successfully into the oncoming Orcs landing between Orc 3 and 4

Brianna Stormrider hits with her second shot(19+14) AC 33 Orc 1 has received 8 hp of P, damage in the thigh. The Orc falters and again she fires hitting with a Natural 20 (20+9) (AC 29) Critical threat to AC 19 , Orc 1 has received 30 hp of P, damage to the chest (automatic hit) (critical hit). and the Orc is dead befor he hit the ground. Orc 2 then stumbles over the body of his dead comrade.

Xuor having sighted on one of the Orcs towards the middle lets fly his first arrow, Natural 20 (20+18 ) (AC 38 ) Critical threat to AC 28, Orc 3 has received 30 hp of P, magic, damage (automatic hit) (critical hit).

Xuor whips out his second arrow, natches and draws the bow while still aiming at the same Orc. His second shot also hits (7+13) AC 20 Orc 3 has received 11 hp of P, magic, damage.

Meanwhile Highnar has gotten up close and personal with two Orcs surprised by his sudden appearence. With his battlecry to Moradin ringing through the glade he swings his first ax and hits (6+21) AC 27 Orc 3 has received 16 hp of S, magic, damage in the abdomin and drops to the ground dead. Since Orc 4 was running with his now dead mate, Highnar uses his cleave feat and still swinging his ax in his primary hand cleaves into Orc 4. He hits(11+21) AC 32, Orc 4 has received 13 hp of S, magic, damage. Highnar now swings with his off handed ax and hits (17+12) AC 29 Orc 4 has received 14 hp of S, magic, damage in the chest close to the heart. Blood gushes out when he pulls his ax free. The Orc can do nothing as Highnar gets one more hit on him with his ax in his primary hand. He hits(4+12) AC 16, Orc 4 has received 14 hp of S, magic, damage in the lower chest. Orc 4 falls to the ground barely conscious.

The Orc leader seeing his men fall under a rain of arrows and the onslought of a raging Dwarf turns to the nearest cover. Just where Logan was waiting with his swords ready.

Orc 2 get up in Round 3 and Orc 4 is barely alive. The Orc Leader is making for the tree line. Briann and Highnar know Logan is there. By Round three Xuor will not have a target except Orc 2.

(OOC Sorry Highnar you did have more shots, will I added the character to my DM program I forget to give you levels in Fighter. Next time you will get three shots. Call it a malfunction in your first use of it, you forgot to wind activate the repeating mechanism.)

Posted on 2007-07-24 at 04:59:27.
Edited on 2007-07-24 at 05:37:56 by Dragon Mistress

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Brianna drops her blow and draws her twin swords and moves in on the two fallen orcs on her way towards the big Orc running away. Her keen swords Thunder and Lightning slide quickly ofrom her back, gleaming brighty whenever the dappled light of the forest touched them. Solid Mithral inlaid with gold, masterpieces of Elven workmanship. They had been some great House's treasures. Sometimes she wondered how they had been lost and had gotten into the clutches of the Dark One.

She still remembered that battle. It will be forever ingraved in her mind, body, and soul. She had lost so many friends directly and indirectly because of him. She had gain some too. These swords, that filled her hands, Shadowbane, his mount, and the indirectly Flame the red Dragonette. Actually she didn't get him as much as he got her. Of course there was the Great Dragon Orb that had been their goal, She got that too and destroyed it in front of his eyes. She had been afraid that it wasn't going to be enough, just dropping it, but strangely it shattered. She had willed it to shatterd and it did. She remembered the burning hatered of his eyes as she did so. It was the Master Orb of Dragon Control and he would have been able to control all dragons. With that in his hands he would haved destroyed Peradyse and put all under his control to be his slaves. Then there was the vortex that seemed to originate when the globe was destroyed, a vortex that started whirling them about in one world and deposited them in another. They still didn't know if the Dark One had made it through with them or what. Her greatest relief is that she knows her goddess Amaterrana is here too, now. her greastest lost was being seperated from her father, the Great Wizard Netheril. She had just found him and then lost him in a space of hours.

Brianna still felt as if she was been forged in the flames of loss and gain and loss again, but to what final purpose. Only the Great Goddess, she of the five faces knew for sure, and she did not reveal that much in the vision Brianna had been given. There was only the warning for her not to return to her homelands and seek vengence on those that had destroyed her and all her family and clan. Oh, the Goddess made sure Brianna understood what would happen to her if she did. The vision was complete with all the pain and agony of her long traitor's torture and dying. Brianna had been pulled out of it only at the very last. There were no lasting physical signs of that torture only those carved in Brianna's mind and soul.

Posted on 2007-07-24 at 16:39:34.
Edited on 2007-07-25 at 00:36:06 by Brianna

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Maps of a Mind Unchartered

Cerric chuckled at the question. By nature, Clerics are passive, or at least, those who follow a well aligned god. They interfere in combat to heal and fight against those whose dogma or purpose was in conflict with their very system of belief. Also, very few clerics suffer the undead to walk the earth, the abominations that they are. In the case of an Oghma priest, there was very little else for them to do but gain knowledge, and prevent it's destruction, or it's falsification - as well as leave it open to the masses, to prevent the hording of knowledge... "In fact, at the abbey of Lornewall, there was very little else to do but read. There was the occasional victims of illness, even a plague or two in the time I spent there, but no monsters or militants of any kind, the Hamlet itself is within a valley, hidden from plain sight, and even then, it is of little interest..."

He looked ahead to see what the rest of the train was doing, and wondered how long they had been traveling. Considering his profession was cartography, he knew very little about this particular part of the land. Journeying to Eventide under any other circumstance would be an enthralling gesture. He would have to map the place when all was said and done.

Returning his attention to the exquisite beauty of Vatta's visage, he remarked in an assuring tone, "I am quite capable of holding my own, I assure you, and carry a big stick in case thine foe comes too close." and with that he smiles softly, and turns his attention back to the mane of his mare, caressing it gently, cooing at the horse as a means of keeping its pace. He really had no idea how to handle an animal of such exotic breeding.

Posted on 2007-07-25 at 13:29:26.
Edited on 2007-07-25 at 13:30:07 by Philosopher

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

Oh the waiting....

Vatta smiles and nods to his response, “It is as I suspected.. You didn’t seem to be infirm or incapable.. and I imagine the quest for knowledge would include the knowledge of defending oneself and others from harm”

She smirked at a thought then said with a wry smile, “But if your knowledge in this area falls short .. don’t worry I wont be far away.” Her smile broadened to him showing that she was once again teasing him. She would indeed protect him as she had stated if the need arose but she thought she might need his unique magical talents before this was over.

She looked around at the party and the surrounding terrain, looking for places where they might be ambushed. Places where the trail might narrow the land might rise and give an enemy higher elevation from which to launch a surprise missile barrage. As she had told Cerric, she wasn’t fluent in large scale battles, but she knew ambushes and surprise tactics and how to spot them.

Wondering how much longer it would be to where they were headed, she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious for some action. Since coming to this area she hadn’t had any jobs or anything else to excite her sense of adventure. She hoped that was about to change soon.

Posted on 2007-07-25 at 23:50:26.

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Cutting the numbers.

Watching intently the battle going on around him Xour's arrows fly true and straight both striking his target with deadly accuracy. In his mind he thanks both his gods and his own ability's for the chance to rid this world of these his dreaded foes the Orcs.

As he prepares for his next attacks he finds he has a decision to make. Because between his friends and himself a couple of the beasts have dropped dead. One of them continues to live because he had clumsily tripped over his dead comrade. The leader of this band seeing his comrades falling under the onslaught of their ambush decides to break off his run towards Xour's position and veer towards the nearest cover which puts him out of his range. Only the Orc who had tripped would he be able target.

With both Brianna and Highnar now in close combat with the Orc's and Logan yet to reveal his position Xour decides to stay put at least for one more attack. So once again using “Beauty” the
Elven ranger pulls his first arrow notch's it and sights down it's length at the remaining Orc in the field
Once happy with his aim he gently releases the bow string that at once propels the deadly missile towards it's target. Watching as his arrow flies towards it's target he automatically reaches back pulls the next arrow from it's home in his quiver notch's it, sights down it's length, and once comfortable with his aim, again gently releases the bow string to hurtle his second missile at his target.

OOC: Dragon Mistress please see my question in the original recruitment thread about full round actions.Thanxs

BIC: Never being one to waste ammo or use it if not needed after he pulls the third arrow from his quiver he goes through his usual ritual of notching it and sighting down the arrow at his target, this time however he will hold back releasing the missile for the split second it takes for the other arrows to either hit their mark or fly off harmlessly.If either one of the first two miss he will release the third, but if both hit their mark he will not fire the third and will prepare to leave the tree.

Posted on 2007-07-27 at 14:09:59.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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In Forest and Field

In the Forest...Round 3

Brianna drops her bow and draws her twin swords, Thunder and Lightning, as she moves in on the two fallen Orcs on her way towards the big Orc running away. Her keen swords slide quickly from her back, gleaming brightly whenever the dappled light of the forest touched them She is intent on going after the Orc leader when one of the wounded Orcs breaks from Highnar and heads for cover. She swings and feels the blade sweep through the air with such precision that she way sure that she would hit and hit hard.

Brianna Natural 20 (20+21) (AC 41) for 18 HP (13 S, magic + 5 shock) of damage Critical threat to AC 38 , total damage 30 HP (S, magic)

Orc 4 has received 30 hp of S, magic, shock damage (automatic hit) (critical hit). Orc 4 has died.

Xuor, never being one to waste ammo or use it if not needed after he pulls the third arrow from his quiver he goes through his usual ritual of notching it and sighting down the arrow at his target, this time however he will hold back releasing the missile for the split second it takes for the other arrows to either hit their mark or fly off harmlessly. If either one of the first two miss he will release the third, but if both hit their mark he will not fire the third and will prepare to leave the tree.

As nimble fingers notch the arrow and Xuor draws it back Xuor hits (13+1 AC 31 for 7 HP of damage in the left arm. Notching, drawing and releasing again Xuor hits (2+13) AC 15 for 4 HP of damage in the neck.

With both his axes in hand Hignar began swinging the moment he landed among the Orcs..."For Moradin!!” is still ringing in the air as Highnar’s axes spin before him. Highnar hits (14+19) AC 33 for 13 HP of damage in the thick neck of his fallen victim. He follows with his off handed weapon and hits (12+14) AC 26 for 11 HP of damage in the head burying the thick blade in the Orc’s thick skull where it sticks. This throws off Highnar’s 3rd strike which is a Natural 1 (1+9) (AC 10) and Orc 2 is not hit.

Pre-Round 4: The Orc Leader, not the only Orc standing, plows into the under brush under the trees heading straight for Logan.

In the Field...

Just as the thinck forest's edge become more discernable in the late afternoon haze, wagons and groups of fighters begin to peel off from the main group.

Finally the ramaining group halts. Lorae turns in her saddle having left Cerric and Vatta to their own conversations as thet militia and the Riders moved in on Eventide. "I have friends in the forest who even now fight the Orcs, I need to go to them."

Posted on 2007-07-30 at 20:55:10.
Edited on 2007-07-30 at 21:17:56 by Dragon Mistress

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502 Posts

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

"My lady... would you have us accompany you on your quest, or shall we head forthright into the fray at Eventide?" Cerric was at once alarmed by the sudden momentum of the world, as all think came to the finite point of war, which in itself was an unpredictable circumstance that could only be resolutely determined in hindsight. He feared the answer, for the feeling of safety the elven paladin instilled was a necessity to the man's nerves, as he fought with himself to remain calm. He had fought before, though, not in a war, and what with his lack of knowledge in large skirmishes, he felt vulnerable. The mystic theurge then fixated his peripheral focus on Vatta. 'She will protect me,' he thought, with a childish assurance, what more could it be, he knew not her nature, or the outcome of this battle... 'The gods will keep me safe.'

Posted on 2007-08-01 at 12:06:23.

Forever ♥
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To Arms!!

Hearing a chance at some action, Vatta spurred her horse up next to the Paladin’s magnificent mount and nodded at her mention of friends needing help.

She listened to Cerric’s offer of help and nodded again, then thought to add, “I would like to accompany you in helping your friends…I mean if they are in battle now they might need all the help they can get.” She knew that she sounded anxious but she couldn’t help herself, the sooner she got to kill orcs the better.

She thought about her eagerness for killing, why was she so driven here to enter the fray? Normally she tried to avoid fighting when she could; after all she was no warrior. But the last few months had been boring without any sort of action and now being face with the real possibility of danger she jumped at the chance. Still, she felt as if something was driving her and she couldn’t explain it.

She sat anxiously on her horse waiting for The Lady Lorae to tell them hopefully to accompany her on her journey.

Posted on 2007-08-01 at 13:41:46.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts

Brianna 3 rd round

Brianna moves in on the Orc that had gone down from her arrows and makes sure he is dead. Better dead than not dead, to her way of thinking. Only after she is sure the second one is dead does she head off after the Orc that ran off. She figures between Hignar, Logan and Xuor they should be able to finish off the last of this group. Even though she does think that she plans to follow after him too when she is done here. A fine battle so far "Amaterran accept these creatures to mournish the earth" she calls out.
In death Orcs can be useful, she tninks as she admisisters a coup de grace to the arrow pierced Orc.

Posted on 2007-08-01 at 20:36:31.

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289 Posts

leaving the tree

Watching as the first two arrows he fires both hit their mark and the orc now stands with an arrow in his shoulder and one in his neck, but as yet still stands. however Xour holds his last shot and will in this return it to his quiver sling his bow up and over his arm and then as quickly and nimbly as possible drop from the tree onto the ground.

Once out of the tree he will look to see where both his friends are Brianna and Highnar and if either is close enough to finish off orc two he will head towards the orc leader who took cover in the underbrush, if no one is near orc two he will then first head towards it in order to finish that orc off before chashing after the other. He will move to get within point blank range of orc two.

Posted on 2007-08-03 at 03:54:12.

Regular Visitor
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Logan prepares himself as the Orcs approach. His plan is t attack 1, hopefully 2 orcs if the chance presents itself with his first attack. As before, he readies one weapon for a power attack swing by holding the along his forarm to aid in his swing. His other hand holds the other Long sword at the ready to parry an attack or to attack a foe of obertunity.

(OOC:Sorry for not posting this month, its been hell for me lost a job, gained one and lost it again + 3 system crashes and currently unemployeed. Not a fun month for me )

Posted on 2007-08-03 at 17:29:52.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

In Field and Forest

In Field...

Lorae turns to the two with a tiny smile playing on her lips, "I would be grateful for you assistance, I am sure Brianna, Highnar and Logan will be in the thick of things." with that she guides her horse from the line of wagons remaining. "We will follow Flame."

With that said the tiny dragonette launches himself from her shoulder and flies ahead of them to the right about 20 or so degrees.

The pace quickens and the trio follow a beeline course toward the even growing line of trees.

In Forest...

As Brianna complete her coup de grac of the downed Orcs and Highnar look about at the four bodies, Logan stand ready as the Orc crashes into his area. He did not expect Logan and is surprised. his eyes glitter with rage as he lifts her serrated edged falchion, but not before Logan's first strike.

Posted on 2007-08-03 at 18:19:31.


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