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Thirkell, God of Trickery

Sphere of influence:
trickery, pranks, mischief
bronze, black
Black cat with slitted bronze eyes
Granted powers:
Cast Change Self once per day
Allowed alignments:
must be non-good and non-lawful
Allowed weapons:
any blunt
Allowed armor:
leather only 
Other Names:
King of Fools, Cheerful Deceiver, Vairar el'Risne (Weaver of Lies) by elves, Uzbadbeldarakin (Lord of Treacherous Ones) by dwarves, Grinning Cat of Dark and Light Stripes by kender
D20 Information
God Alignment:
Chaotic Neutral
Chaos, Trickery
Favored Weapon:

The way of the world is to win, to come out on top. One could seek goods works or hope for a lucky break. But the followers of Thirkell, lesser of Tyrannis, would rather tip or own the scales for themselves. No trick or prank is too grand, too dangerous, or too dishonorable. True worth comes from what one has at the end of the day, be it riches or the last laugh.

The faith of Thirkell is one of tricks, feints, and stealth that can upset balances and destroy order. What need does the world have for things that could so easily be tipped, broken, or stolen? Clerics and followers of the King of Fools see themselves as great teachers, spreading their enlightening wisdom through terrible tricks and deceptions. Many a lord and populace has been defrauded of property, ideals, and lives by these laughing merrimakers of tricks and traps.

Thrikell is a lesser god who attained a position under Tyrannis through his life as a Kazari. However, his ambitions flung his influence and intrigues far across to the peoples of Audalis. As stealthy as a cat and cunning as a fox, he has taken many guises to gain what he has wanted. And his followers and priests have also learned these skills, becoming skillful artists of masks and deceptions. Some of the greatest pranks and thefts have occurred in the world by these talented deceivers. The teachings of Thirkell are taught through oral tradition for fear of the theft by some of their own. And through these tales of legendary snaring, the faithful of the Cheerful Deceiver have been charged with the theft of the Diamond Eye of Coria (a gift from the Elves), the Axe of Tholgun Dirkmar (axe of a fabled Thane of the late Chackran Halls), and a few selected works of Jusarin. Tyrannis

Thirkell does not have a church in the traditional sense, though many guilds and organizations of thieves dedicate themselves to his teachings. These followers find each other through the Path of Fools, a secret highway of language and symbols the followers and priests use to know each other. These symbols and language are far different from that of thieves cant. Those in Cepasha know this language as a dialect of their own with special changes made by Thirkell himself. Only priests of Thirkell know this language fully, though a few truly devout followers have learned a sign here or there.

Thirkell's fellowship has ranged throughout the world. Few truly follow him in Cepasha, though he is a legend among them. No other warrior or visionary of the Kazari has yet returned with the same gifts as Thirkell did from Tyrannis.

Joining the Pantheon
Thirkell began his life as a Kazari in the lands of Cepasha. He lived as a devout follower and rogue warrior of Tyrannis, the Cirel Naukot, Mistress of the Flaming Mountain. He was not as strong as his brethren, not filled with the might of body to match the burning of titans in his heart. No matter how hard he worked, the feats he sought, he could never do as well as those minors below him, much less his piers or betters. However, despite his lack of strength, he always kept up, always found a way to gain stature. Many disdained him as a trickster. Thirkell took it all in stride. He knew it would all pay off one day.

His age of Prren Youllnath soon was upon him. Within his sixteenth season, he prepared and received his test from the visionaries. He was to test himself against Naukot, the sacred flaming mountain that many believed held the Mistress known as Tyrannis. The people were aghast. Few were thought worthy to combat the terrors and rigors of such a place. Thirnkell, a devout follower, saw this as a sign. Not as strong as his brethren, he willed himself to the teachings of the thunderous voice of tempests and molten anger. And now, he would place himself before her fiery might and judgement.

Days then weeks past as Thirkell travelled to and stayed upon the mountain. Rockslides, burning steam, stinking smoke, and molten rivers greeted the Kazari as he wound his way through a maze of pain and certain death. Few had ever completed such a task. And those who had bore lifelong scars. Thrikell however was smarter. He studied the land before treading upon it. He took different routes, used well made clothing, and protected his sensitive nose and ears with wadding and herbs. Upon reaching the summit, fur singed and blackened, but eyes keen and shining, he stared down into the depths of Naukot. And upon reaching it, he received a treasured gift.

Many months later, a Kazari marked with black and bronze stripes across his fur arrived into town. His eyes blazed with the molten red light of Naukot. His body was strong and lithe with the testing it endured. and the mind was quick and attentive. But none could mistake the humorous prankster that hide within the twitching smile. Thirkell had returned. During the many years afterward, he grew faster and stronger of form and keener of mind. He carried the power of Tyrannis at his touch.

In the many years of his life, he led his tribe into many victorious wars, conquering and allying with their neighbors. But soon his unorthodox ways awoke the angry spirit of war within the warriors of Hresh Skagirous, the Roaring Lion of War, Bakloran. They faced each other, on the coast of Liplion, facing the magestic Titan's Walk. That evening, the two met in greeting prior to bloodshed in the morning. Facing each other, Thirkell could not help but make a foolish bet. In ringing and beautiful tones, he declared that if he could hide the mighty Titan's Walk from sight by morning, his forces would get the first strike. Believeing themselves supreme and the strange Kazari weak in the head, they agreed. That morning, a fog thicker than sandstorms filled the air, hiding everything from sight. Felled by his own arrogance, the warriors of Hresh Skagirous attacked breaking the deal. A deafening crack and boom filled the air, felling all to their knees. All but Thirkell. He alone remained true to Tyrannis, and she answered his servitude of so many seasons by lifting him above all others. The tales and legends continue to follow his exploits as he became the God of Trickery.

Those that listen to the prattle of words are seeking wisdom, an insightful answer borne from a puzzle of images and ideas. They will sit and listen and spend their lives like so many coppers at the bar. It is only after they hear the tale and think on it that they realize their coppers are exactly what have been lightened from their burdens rather than the pesky problem they asked the question about in the first place. - Lastel Priess, World of Fools

Ours is the path of teaching through treachery. No one truly knows what they treasure, believe in, or hate until something precious has been stolen from them. They do not know the limits of their arrogance and pride until they have been pranked to the point steam shoots from their ears. We are the tricksters. We are the pranksters. We are the thieves that will take your last bowl just to have it while pulling down your pants around your ankles.

To the people of Audalis, Thirkell appears in one of three guises: a cat, a Kazari, or a short human boy. As a cat, he appears as a thin black cat with lightened tufts within his fur, much like a calico. His eyes are bronze and squinted as if enjoying a funny joke. As a Kazari, he appears as a strong bodied male with razon stripes of black and bronze. Red fiery eyes gleam from a face caught in either good humor or hilarity and madness. As a human, he appears as a young boy with black feathery hair and bronze eyes. He has a mischievious look and mismatched clothing.

The clerics and followers of Thirkell use great magics and skills to trick and prank those around them. Whether they use the forces of weather, animals, or even the abilities of protection, the bent of their magic is always to undermine or prank others. They do not specialize in any specific sphere of magic.

The fellowship of Thirkell includes the following:


World of Fools: The largest of Thirkell's followings, the Fools seek to undermine the world of power and order. The will and way of tricks, traps, and topsy turvy fun are the staple of their goals in life. Many of these followers create guilds or factions within guilds throughout Antaron, especially in thief and bardic groups. Some are whirlwinds of giggling fits and chaotic tricks while others seek to plan long events that enact radical changes in the realms of politics and public opinion. Some of the greatest songs, poems, and deceptions that have angered the grandest of paladins and darkest of tyrants have been blamed on this group. Their numbers range throughout Audalis, connected by the Path of Fools.

Crazed Rascals: The Rascals focus on the chaos, trickery, and fun one could have in battle. Be it a bar brawl, riot in the streets, or war between large forces and nations. These priests and followers find great inspiration and power in the realm of warfare. The Rascals look fondly on the tale of Thirkell's enlightenment, by hiding the Titan's Walk. And they have taken it to heart as the treatise of their will and way under the rule of the Cheerful Deceiver. This fellowship typically stays in areas of greatest battle, such as large cities, lawless nations, ports, and rowdy taverns.

Traitors of Vices: The Traitors are one of the strangest, most chaotic groups of priests and followers in the pantheon. These men and women catalog vices, stories, and laws in the world that differ depending on viewpoint, emotional state, and sometimes the color of the moon at night. These followers never agree on anything, and continually bring the other dieties and their flocks no end of trouble and mischief. Many of these priests have made their way into temples, libraries, and city halls to change, rewrite, and embellish histories, laws, policies, and spells. One of the greatest schemes ever completed by one of this order, a strange kender with stranger tendencies called Porta Farwalker, replaced key words in a spellbook of Justinarus with lines from a ridiculous poem about a minotaur in a glassblowers shop. Justinarus, finding the error when studying his spells the next day, laughed a good deal, but soon found Porta. Not much has been seen of the talking bird since. The Traitors are a small group with a keen sense of humor that can either kill you with laughter or grate on your nerves.

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