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Elessarae goes to find Ruan of Hyanda Nost to gather information about the best route to the Moonlit Town and maybe a map. She was hoping that when she returned to Megilindar Tower that she would be provided maps, direction and contacts. Since the eagle's message was delivered she had to make do with what intelligence she could gather on her own. Once she has Ruan's imput, she question townspeople if there was a mapmaker in the town

She does not waste time and gathering what she can she will be off up the Elmare Rilma Duin (Rapture of Light River) heading north.

Before leaving Tinechur she adds grain to her stores, for both Gharion and the colt. As she brushes the colt before leaving she thinks deeply as to a suitable name for now. Her hands drew tha brush over his glossy hide, in the morning light she could see the glittering of a silvery sheen to his coat, like someone had dusted him with powered Mithril. His mane was more snowy white and glistened like snow on a sunny day, the tiny ice crystals refracting light like tiny diamonds. Names like Snow, and Mithril, and Silver came to mind and quickly were replaced with others. She went over all she had bee thought since his guardianship had been passed to her. How he tried to follow her everywhere. Most of all she remembered how he that been at the bottom of the ladder trying to pull her to safety.

"Comrade," that is what I will call you. "You have already proved yourself to be just that. You are my Comrade, until such a name comes that better befits you."

Elessarae carefully paces herself from the first day of her travels. It will be a standard operation procedure for her to Gharion's paces walk, trot, and canter. At times she will dismount and walk or jog alongside of the young gelding and the colt. She keeps careful watch of the young gelding and the Moonhorse, as they might not be used to such sustained travel.

She can not believe that she is retracing her route to Sillarion, but it was north of Tinechur and bound to have the best mapmakers in Sylvari.

Posted on 2007-06-25 at 03:22:41.
Edited on 2007-06-25 at 03:45:39 by Dragon Mistress

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And on to a price!

His intent was to inform the elder that they were not, infact, the hired swords that the village had been waiting for, and he had accomplished this. Although, his companions responded as if he was turning down the elder, Draven said nothing. So long as the Sylvari knew these weren’t the original sell swords, then there wouldn’t be an unnecessary confrontation when the real sell swords arrived; and that satisfied Draven.

Though as they made their way towards the village center, Draven swore to himself that next time, he would stand by and let them dig their own pits.

As the Elder told the tale of the possessed badger, Draven listened intently. He found this tale….fascinating…

“apparently the animal had been possessed by evil spirits of the woods,”

Draven couldn’t help but smirk.

“Seems to be the trend these days.”

Draven was notorious for his sarcastic humor. Although thus far, he had been on a dour mood on this trip. His recent relief had driven the pangs that haunted him away, and allowed him settle into himself once more. Of course, all that meant was more one liners and sarcastic comments. Draven often found that others could not appreciate his fine taste in humor.

When the Elders tale had concluded, and a veiled Sylvari woman entered the room. An apparent survivor.

“Rovannya is one of the few who escaped the wrath of the creature. She swears its eyes glow in the dark. The homes at the outer rims of our village aren’t safe anymore. Some have been destroyed, others are no longer inhabitable. So far, the creature hasn’t dared enter the village centre yet, but soon it will cross that boundary too. Will you grant us peace and kill this devil? We will reward you with all we have.”

“And what do you have?”

His question was matter of fact.

Posted on 2007-06-25 at 04:20:25.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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what they have

Alloryen Kingdom
Village of Birch-Root
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:13 pm

“What do we have?” The elder looked at Draven. “So you are sell-swords after all, then. I understand though. We cannot offer you more than all the money we have, which comes close to 75 gold pieces. But, we have a special item that might have your interest, and cover the rest of the expenses. It is an old holy symbol of Kith-Jora, said to be blessed with special powers. We’ve had it tied up to our highest tree for good guidance, but we’re willing to give it up for safety.”

Posted on 2007-06-25 at 16:06:38.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Malius Returns LOL

At first Malius had kept quiet as the party reached the Sylvarian village thinking they would possibly only stay the night then move on deeper into Alloryen. But with the Sylvari elder asking for aid Malius knew that there was no way he would leave the town of Birch Root helpless. Whether the rest of the party decided in the end to stay or move on the choice for the Sylvarian Ranger was clear

Moving forward to the elder Malice took his hand and spoke to him in their native tongue.

“Quel re Valees amin naur Malius Darkblade amin naur ana kard fara tualka laike chebin ato lema.
Amin yetta e’a nia’enti pirya cermia mire‘e tia gla‘id.”

Releasing the man’s hand Malius bowed his head slightly, moved to stand to the elder’s right, allowing the party a clear view and awaited the elder’s response to his offer....

(OOC: Ok Al as I am unsure who speaks Elvin in the party as Language skills are not listed, I have PMed you the common translation please feel free to send it to any who do understand it.)

Posted on 2007-06-28 at 17:43:35.
Edited on 2007-06-28 at 17:46:16 by TannTalas

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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the tunnel, the plan, the map

Inhabited Cave
South-west Chakran Mtns.
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
12:38 am

Vidar took a deep breath, exhaled, and took another, deep gulp of air. He knew that going down wasn’t going to be the hard part. But the tunnel had to go up eventually. He let himself glide into the water and for the last time filled his lungs with oxygen. Then the water engulfed him and the warrior moved head first towards the light. The hair of his beard wavered into his face, but as he struggled to gain speed, his vision cleared.
Before him stretched a dimly lit, underwater tunnel. He could now spot the light source, a rock on the tunnel’s bottom with fluorescent weed growing on it. He made his way towards the light, dragged down by the weight of his armor and shield.
The weed-covered stone lay a good 20 feet below the surface, but from there the tunnel went upwards again. Vidar pushed with his arms and legs against the pull of his armor. He still had plenty of air in his lungs, but he realized the way up would take a heavy toll. And he had told himself to go back while he still could.

As he swam deeper into the tunnel, he realized it was getting wider. Few seconds later he saw a light above him, though it was still far away. Now he could feel his lungs straining to keep the air inside. This was the moment he would have to go back. But since his goal was within reach, he was not going to give up. With a few heavy strokes he tried to go up to the surface, but his armor was now dragging hard on him. The farther he went, the heavier it became. His lungs burnt now, his muscles ached. Then, one of his hands grabbed air as it swung through the water. He had reached another cave. But he was exhausted, and slowly sank lower into the tunnel again.

Just when he thought he had reached an ending unworthy of a hero, he felt himself being pushed up. Vaguely, he could see the form of a scaled arm. Then he burst out of the water and crashed onto the rocky floor of another cave.

It was enormous. With watery eyes, he could see few torches lining a wall as long as a mountain. His vision was blocked by the legs of six fishmen, who stared at him emotionless.

Alloryen Kingdom
Village of Birch-Root
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:13 pm

Although not everyone in the group was too eager to aid the villagers, the adventurers agreed to help solve their problem. They were given the hut they had been brought into as base of operations. There was a small food supply there, and bottled wine and water, all for consumption and common use. A little inspection revealed ink and pressed leaves for writing, a small map of the town and, to Thondrek and Loda’s joy, a set of tools that could be used for brewing.

One of the town’s hunters came in and introduced himself as Nanelion. He informed them of the usual whereabouts of the badger. He pinpointed the locations of frequent sightings and indicated that it came closer into the town every night.

“Do you have any real plan yet?” He asked.

(OOC: I'll add a simple version of the map to the Q/A later. Don't have time now.)

Mealamin Kingdom
Pines Reaching Inn
27th day of the 7th month: Pfier
7:57 pm

Ruan directed her towards Sillarion, and after that advised her to head for the Flower Castle, cross the river of Floating Flowers, and make for Flame Keep. After that it was over the River of Fairy Footprints and ultimately up to the Moonlit Tower.

With the directions caught in her memory, she drove Gharion and the young moonhorse, now named Comrade, towards the Aerie of the High King. There she would find a map-maker, for the town of Tinechur didn’t bare one.

Her trip was calm and the grounds well-known by now. It made her go faster, for she didn’t have to waste time finding the right way to go. In record time she arrived at Sillarion, its high towers impressing her once more. In the densest area of the city, still overgrown and a cultivated integration of the forest, she found a map-maker and bookseller. A big holy symbol hung above the door, portraying the opened book of Jusarin. A woman nodded her welcome from behind a desk, and inquired Elessar’s interests.

Moments later they were standing in an almost empty section of the store. Scroll-cases big and small hung horizontally from the ceiling, and maps of all sorts lined the wall. They were of the finest quality; well detailed and clear, their paper bound to endure the worst of weathers. The woman pulled on one of the scroll-cases with a special stick, and down rolled a small map of the Sylvari Empire. It listed the main towns, cities and towers, and displayed the common roads.

“I think this is what you’re looking for? It’s relatively cheap for a work of art. This would be an adventurer’s finest companion, accept of that moonhorse of yours, of course. I believe he’s interested in the gardening section of our literature department.” She added with a smile.

“The map is 130 gold pieces.”

Posted on 2007-06-30 at 11:01:04.
Edited on 2007-06-30 at 11:02:43 by Almerin

Icelanders! Roll Out
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Shinara had certainly favored Vidar this day. If not by her granted luck he surely had drowned. Just as he thought he would face an unworthy end, he was pushed out of the water and into an enormous cave by one of the fishmen. He stayed on the floor for few moments to catch his breath. He didn't have the strength in him to lift his head, let alone the rest of his body.

When the caughing and gasping for air stopped, the Khord spoke. "Does anyone speak a word or a dialect maybe of the Common tongue?" he asked with an exhausted voice. He was surrounded by the same kind of creatures that had already attacked him twice. Being stabbed while unable to defend himself was perhaps not as bad as drowning but neither was it a noble way to die. Vidar thought that maybe he had gone from the frying pan into the fire.

Posted on 2007-07-01 at 23:27:56.
Edited on 2007-07-01 at 23:28:46 by Skari-dono

Dragon Mistress
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"Lady, your maps are works of art and would be an embelishment to any home, but I can not afford the art work. I but need maps for my trip tp the Moonlit Tower and of the Chakran Mts beyond."

"I am afraid 10 gold is all I can spend," Elessarae reveals her straited circumstances, but it was the truth of the matter, with such limited funds she would have to hunt for her meals and sleep under the stars. What she had would not cover stays at inns along the way.

Posted on 2007-07-02 at 01:03:05.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
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badgering the witnesses...

Geim shook his head at the situation. On one hand, he could feel sympathy for the plight of these poor people, and so, he felt a responsibility to help them... an to be honest, he could care less about their coin or their holy relic. But on the other hand, badger hunting was nothing but an annoying sidetrack to keep them from their true goal - the lost lore that they would hopefully discover beneath the Chakrans. Even though he had had long enough to become accustomed to the idea of their quest, the runemaster felt his pulse begin to race every time he allowed himself to think of what might lie ahead.

The khord cleric addressed his comrades. "Sadly, I know little of badgers, aside from what I have read in books - that they are ferocious when cornered, and will defend their territory until death. I have never come across a passage that describes them attacking people in this way, so it would seem to me that the beast would have to be mad or diseased to do such a thing... or perhaps there is something else we do not know about the situation? Some sort of devilry involved, perhaps..." he mused aloud.

Again, he shook his head. "I believe that the proper way to normally kill a badger would be to TRAP it, not to HUNT it. Do we have any idea as to where it might lair? I would think it would be best to deal with a creature like this on our terms, rather than its own."

Posted on 2007-07-06 at 20:43:04.
Edited on 2007-07-06 at 20:44:43 by t_catt11

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Thondrek scratched the stubble on his neck, for his chin was covered in fine bristling hair. "I know as much about badger trappin an badger lairin habits as I do 'bout ballroom dancin. I'd be leavin them duties to Malius o'er there."

Thondrek let the light shine off his guisarme and grinned.

"Now me, I'm more into the stuffin an mountin o fierce critters than baitin an trappin them. Unless we hear a solid lead as to where it beds, I suggest we station ourselves round the village at equal intervals, keep some villagers as runners to call each other lest our voices don't reach, and take our chances, rather than stompin off into the brush an 'hopin we find it 'appy, not 'ungry, an fast asleep."

(There's Thondrek's plan it pretty much falls upon an NPC or the anger to say [yes it'll be here] to persuade him otherwise...this issincenoone else has posted. But I'm game for whatever course you send us on DM )

Posted on 2007-07-07 at 00:19:09.

Typing Furiously
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creatures bursting everywhere

Inhabited Cave
South-west Chakran Mtns.
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
12:38 am

While the fishmen stood there, watching Vidar, the Khord had a moment to look around.
The cave was enormous, but in the faint light and with help of his darkvision, he could perceive small side-caves and little crevices fenced with stalactites. Not too far from the puddle he lay in, he could hear more water dashing in soft ripples.

“Does anyone speak a word or a dialect maybe of the Common tongue?" he inquired, but no reaction came. Then, suddenly, the fishmen looked over their shoulder and back at Vidar. They had glanced at a section of the cave where a large body of water lay. Then they scattered into several directions.

The water started to rise, then opened up to reveal a huge fishlike head with three eyes. Tentacles split from the surface and started waving around angrily. It was too far to reach Vidar, but he could feel its presence pressing on him. The fishmen that had scattered reappeared from their hiding places. They walked straight at Vidar, this time with a vicious stare and claws ready.

Londelirinen Kingdom
Aerie of the High King
Jusarin’s Pen, Bookstore and Map-maker
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:08 pm

The lady of the store looked at Elessarae and smirked.

“It’s a shame dear. Ten gold pieces will buy you a whole lot of things, but for these maps you’ll need a little more than that. Still, I will see if I can get my husband to make you a simple scroll with the major parts. Come back in an hour.”

Elessar and Comrade left the store and returned after said time. The Sylvari lady stood waiting for her, with a scroll in her hand. On it were the most important cities and towns of the Sylvari Empire, drawn hastily in ink. With a red pigmented juice, roads had been added, and the whole thing was covered with charcoal in dark and light intensity, indicating thick and lighter forest. It was not a work of art, but it wasn’t sloppy either. The lady of the store put a thin piece of cloth over the map and rolled it up. She explained the cloth could be removed once the map is completely dry.

Now Elessar had a map, and she was ready to continue her quest.

(OOC: You’re free to do other things in the hour that you had to wait.)

Alloryen Kingdom
Village of Birch-Root
25th day of the 7th month: Pfier
9:13 pm

In the orange glow of the descending sun, a large bulky creature scurried through the trees. Its hulking mass was a dark silhouette between the trunks, and not hard to spot.
Lanelion had been waiting for this sight to pass. He saw the badger’s familiar form coming closer to the tree he was sitting in. He knew his task was to call out now, but he felt fearful of this creature. It had destroyed tree-homes before, and was capable of climbing. Therefore he slid down silently, and sprinted away.

Loda was sitting in the south east corner of the village. She felt certain that this was the place where the badger was going to strike. Her companions were scattered through the village, in hearing distance. Gothard was laying next to her, peering around theatrically.

Suddenly the village hunter Lanelion came running up to her from the bushes. He was panting heavily, and his face was pale as a corpse.

“It’s coming this way!” He grabbed Loda by the shoulders and shook her heavily. “It’s coming this way, I tell you!”

The Khord didn’t linger a second, and called out to her companions. Through the trees and bushes she could hear her call being echoed on, and one by one her allies gathered. Lanelion pointed them in the right direction.

They found a path of broken twigs and leaves where Lanelion had seen the creature. Malius’ keen sense of the woods and his tracking skills came in handy now, and they started following the tracks. Perhaps they would lead them to the badger’s lair.

Then suddenly the ranger’s leg sank into the ground to the knee. The ground before him burst open and a large, furry beast covered in a cloud of dirt erupted from a hole. It was the badger, but not the small cuddly version that was only a menace to insects and worms. This thing was wicked, with strong muscles, and strange growths of bone sprouting from its body. It was as big as a human, and its eyes saw only death. With full force, it threw itself upon Malius.
One claw thrust the ranger upon the hard forest floor while the other raked its nails over his face. They were all taken off guard, and the impact of the attack almost knocked Malius unconscious. The creature let out a terrifying shriek in defiance of the group.

(OOC: Of course I had to roll a critical on my surprise attack. Sorry Tann, Malius is now on about half of his HP, but you’re no longer pinned to the ground. You were all surprised, but assuming that you all had weapons ready, you’re now up for round one!)

Posted on 2007-07-07 at 10:00:22.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Elessarae took the entire hour grooming and caring for the horses. She removed Gharion's saddle and pad and turned them over to let them air and dry out. She checked the gelding's back for sore spots, she checked the treeless saddle to make sure the rigging remainded sound. Careless cleaning, not washing and removing old sweat, caused stitching to weaken. Not a thing one would want to happen in a fight of a flight.

Gharion and Comrade were groomed until both were glossy and shiny, since a firm brushing brought out naturals oils to their coats. After going from head to foot Elessarae gave each of them a pound of grain, Gharion because of all the work he was doing, and Comrade because he was still growing. The High Druid figured him about 2 and Moonhorses reached their maximum growth after 3, maturing much like common horses, but after that came the difference, for Moonhorses lived extended lives.

Elessar considered charging the big map tp her parents, but her firm streak of independence keep her from that and a hour later she returned to the shop to pay for the rough copy of the map.

"I thank you for you husband's effort so late in the day." Elessarae pays the woman and accepts the map. She then purchases a waxed mapcase to keep it in.

It was too late to begin her joputrney northward so Elessarae returned home, stabled the horses then watered and feed them herself, since their groom would have already been finished in the stable for the night. Again she let the colt run free.

She took care of herself and cobbled together a meal from things in the larder and pantry. After eating and cleaning up she headed to her room to sleep. She stopped at the Housekeeper's room to let her know she was back again and that she had taken care of her own dinner.

Before going to bed she took the map from the case and laid it out on her desk to let it dry better. While she brushed her hair she studied the map, fixing the names and directions of major sites into her memory.

In the morning she found breakfast waiting and by the time she finished it all Gharion was tacked and ready and the colt wandered about the garden sampling some flowers.

Posted on 2007-07-07 at 18:32:54.

Icelanders! Roll Out
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Vidar looked and saw a monster appear from a body of water in the middle of the cave. The monster seemed to have three eyes and great big tentacles reaching for the young Khord. Appearantly the monster could not reach him, but the fishmen who surrounded him looked vicious and ready to attack him.

If a great monster with tentacles could not bring Vidar back to his feet, nothing could. The Khord raised his body up from the ground and dropped his backpack. "You creatures seem to have no idea who you are dealing with," he said with a firm voice and grabbed a hold on his spear. "I am Vidar Thorudrin of the Thorudrin Clan! The Rising Sun of the Crystal Mind Dojos! The Juggernaut of the Iron Fist Barracks! I am bane to your existance and bringer of your demise! I am what you will tell to your children in both awe and fear!" Vidar readied his spear and aimed it firmly against his opponents.

((OOC: As for battle tactics, if I win initiative Vidar will attack the one closest fishman and charge him if possible. If I lose initiative Vidar will defend himself as well as possible with the spear and attack the first fishman that attacks him.))

Posted on 2007-07-07 at 23:36:41.

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First Alacrity now you :( geez what did I do to you guys LOL

Having decided to help the village regardless of the rest of the party’s overall decision Malius was yet very glad to have them helping also.
Posted at the edge of the village, as he awaited any call for aid, he could not help but think on the nature of this “monster” If as what the Elder had said of it was true then this badger was truly unique, in a very evil way to be sure. But what had caused it to grow such magic, environment, breeding the questions in the Ranger’s mind many but the answer’s few.

Then what Malius had waited for happened and he ran to the summons only to find himself in dire straits as his leg suddenly sank into the ground to the knee. As he tried in vain to regain his feet the ground before him burst open and a large, furry beast covered in a cloud of mud and dirt erupted from a new hole in front of him. It was the badger, but not the small cuddly version that was only a menace to insects and worms. This thing was wicked, with strong muscles, and strange growths of bone sprouting from its body. It was as big as a human, and its eyes saw only death. The Elder, Malius now realized, had indeed spoken true. Then the monster was upon him and the battle begun

One large claw slammed him back to the ground as he tried to stand while it raked its second set of claws across his face. The Sylvari Ranger taken off guard the impact of the attack almost knocked Malius unconscious. The creature let out a terrifying shriek in defiance of the group and seemed intent on finishing the Ranger off.

Malius groggy and in pain was almost helpless to defend himself.

(OOC: Ok not sure how badly hurt I am, or just how aware I am, but I will drop my long sword and only use my short sword and a dagger as I assume I am still stuck up to the knee)

Posted on 2007-07-08 at 04:49:50.
Edited on 2007-07-08 at 04:51:44 by TannTalas

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Look, the elf's my height... *snickers*

Thondrek stood on guard between a pair of massive trees, which loomed overhead like a pair of foreboding giants. He awaited the call of his companions or of the townsfolk who were stationed in a spread around the small village; apparently his plan had been the decisive one. Thondrek swung his favored war axe in the air a couple times, enjoying the feel his personally crafted weapon gave him. The war axe had served him well in the past, numerous notches in the hilt representing the various creatures and monsters that had crossed his path and not lived to tell the tale. Perhaps today he would add another once he heard the call.

The call

It came suddenly and loudly as townsfolk and his companions shouted the arrival of the threat. Thondrek’s short but powerful legs spurred him onward as he and his companions converged upon the village hunter and Malius led them upon the hunt. They had not traveled far however when tragedy struck; the ground collapsed beneath Malius and he sunk to his knees. Emerging in a burst of dirt and root came the largest badgeresque looking creature Thondrek had ever seen. As large as human and with bone spurs jutting out of its dirty fur this creature was far from garden variety. Catching everyone off guard, Malius lay on the receiving end of a vicious blow, one which literally lay him low and almost laid him out.

Gripping his war axe, Thondrek took a step in front of/over Malius, who now stood at equal height to him, thought about a smart aleck remark to the Syl but noticing his grievous wounds decided against sharing it Instead he took a swing at the creature, muttering an incantation as he did and channeled a Dimension hop through his trusted axe, hoping to not only injure the creature, but buy Malius some time and distance to recuperate. (sending the Badger 10ft backwards)

Posted on 2007-07-08 at 18:42:06.
Edited on 2007-07-08 at 18:44:19 by Kaelyn

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A grave situation.

So the plan had been set; they would wait for the beast to come for them. As night set around them, Alyssia could not help but think about Draven and the events of the days prior. His dark brooding alarmed her, but where as many things had been so easy before, she knew not how to deal with this problem.

"Why, Lysora?" Alyssia spoke to the heavens, her eyes looking to where her matron's constellation was, "Why do you set this one before me when I can see his hurt so clearly? Yet, he does not seem to want any aid from any person. How am I to overcome these stalwart defenses of his?"

Alyssia did not have to set there with the tears of the pain she felt at being defeated at every turn before she heard to call to arms. The monster had shown itself. She lifted to her feat and ran to the source of the cry. Malius was knee-deep in the ground, having to appeared to have sunk in. It was a curious dilemna that the ranger was in but help was already on the way.

Thondrek ran towards the monstrous badger and raised his axe to stike. Alyssia could not know what was going through the warrior's mind but knew that he had more tricks up his sleeve. First she would worry about disabling the beast, then she would heal her newfound comrade. It was not hard to recall to mind the pattern that had formed the spell that she had cast against that begger with the aid of her goddess. Power surged through her body on the the threads that linked her to Lysora and the white lightning curled in the palms of her hands.

"So, foul beast, it is that you meet your end. I know not who your creator was but the justice of the heavens shall show no mercy this night."

Her words seemed more of a yell as they came out louder than she originally intended. Perhaps, it was fueled by more than just her.

Posted on 2007-07-09 at 00:32:59.


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