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many winnings

Skum Cave
South-west Chakran Mtns.
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:21 pm

The Shaman regarded the piece of leather for a moment, then took it from Vidar’s hands in reverence.

“This piece of leather…. this illustration… it means several things to me and us. I will tell you.”

He gave the scroll back to the Khord, and sat down again.
“Long ago, before I was born, a bearded man like you came to our tunnels. He carried this scroll, and the drawn axe on his shoulder. My ancestors took him in as a guest. They hid him from Aabouless, and asked him what he wanted. He was looking for the other weapons on the illustration. He had already found the dagger.”

Glurblusius played with the weapon in his hands, then looked back up to Vidar.
“The bearded man was a kind one, honourous too. And my people wanted to help him. He told them of the outside world in trade for their aid. He told them that one of these weapons was precious, but together they were priceless. We found out that Aabouless kept a long blade in his lair, and told the bearded man. He was killed by the monster, and my ancestors were ashamed. Me and us are still ashamed.”

“The story now is a metaphor for our lives, you must understand. The scroll is a reminder that we together mean more than an individual. It is a reminder that we must not make the same mistakes again. Me and us need to break free from Aabouless, and find the outside world, in memory of the bearded man.”

He pointed at the axe on the leather scroll.
“You must wonder what happened to the axe? Me and us do not know. It disappeared with the bearded man. My ancestors took the dagger as a reminder, like the scroll. It is only right if me and us give it back to you now, bearded man.”

He stood up once more, and swooshed his tail.
“You, me and us must make a plan now.”

Londelirinen Kingdom
Sylvari village
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:05 pm

Elessarae’s arm hung loose from her shoulder. She dropped the goblin head that had been swinging in the rhythm of her battle dance, and stepped backwards. The goblin stepped back as well.

As Elessar went for the wand around her neck, and used its healing powers, the goblin dug a hand in a pouch on his belt, and retrieved a small vial. She felt life flow back into her limb, and her wounds itched as they closed back up. She felt slightly better, but needed another burst of the divine magic to feel completely safe. The goblin leader had tipped the contents of the vial between his crooked fangs, and the steady flow of blood ceased instantly.
Quickly Elessarae used another charge of her wand, while the goblin picked up his hammer and came straight at her.

It grazed along her jaw as she tried to step aside. She felt her cheek crack open, but wouldn’t be distracted and pivoted quickly to slash with her blade over his back. He grunted, but it seemed more like a grunt of pleasure.

He looked over his shoulder and grinned: “You don’t frighten me, little Sylvari girl. But you fight well. You are worthy to die by my hammer.”

He spun abruptly and his weapon landed in her ribs. The blow slammed the air from her lungs, like she had been hit by a heavy rock. She heaved to renew her composure, but the goblin commander didn’t wait. Elessar pushed her blade forward almost blindly, in a reflex to save her life. The tip of her weapon slid in between two parts of the goblin’s full plate, and he ran straight into it.

He spat blood on her face, and snarled, not from pleasure this time. He lifted his hammer to crush he spine, but his aim was terrible this time. Elessar could smell the stench of sweat and mould from under her opponent’s armor. She wanted to push her blade further to finish the kill, but the angle had changed, and it was now stuck. She could only pull it out.
The goblin staggered forward as she drew out her longsword in a shower of blood. He flung his hammer at her, but she could step aside.
The creature was on his knees now, trying to get up. With what strength was left in her, the bladesinger came forward and raised her blade.

A moment later the captain’s head toppled on the ground, and Elessar fell to her knees in exhaustion, next to the beheaded body, that slowly fell forward.

Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:25 pm

It was time to make a new plan, Geim thought. Hacking away at the creature proved the hardest way. He grabbed his rope quickly and dove at the creature’s leg. He flung the rope around the bear’s paw, but it stepped out of it and slashed at the cleric instead. The attack hit, but scraped harmlessly over the Runemaster’s armor.

Loda targeted her ball of fire again, but once more the bear knew to dodge it. She anticipated the right moment though, and hacked at the monster with her axe. She hit him full in the flank, but her axe cracked a few hairs, tore the skin slightly, and bounced back over her shoulder. Gothard knew better now than to attack with his mouth, and clawed at the bear, but to no avail.

The monstrous bear firmed its grip on Malius shoulder. She ranger cried out in pain and struggled to get loose, as the bones in his joint were shattered to pieces. The bear also flung its paws around in a wild frenzy of blood thirst. One came at Geimiedefher again, and slashed over the Khord’s face, which exploded with blood. The other came at Loda and pushed her down on the ground and almost crushed her ribcage.

Alyssia released another group of missiles from her fingers. The force-carved arrows struck hard, and the monster’s hide rippled under the impact. Malius could hear a suppressed scream from between the oversized teeth. So the demonic bear could suffer! That gave him hope.
With a mighty stab he slammed his long blade between the teeth that punctured his shoulder. Using all the strength in his arm, he pried loose the teeth from his shoulder. As they slid out of his flesh, his shoulder numbed and he staggered backwards. The bear’s attention was still on him, but was soon taken as the bladesinger jabbed the monster twice with the point of her rapier.

Geimiedefher saw that tying up the bear’s leg was not going to work. Not while it was unwilling, fighting and reflexing away from him. He decided to trust in his good old axe once more. The creature suddenly took a side-step to come closer to the bladesinger, and the attack missed its goal.
Loda stood up from the ground, and aimed for the same spot on the monster’s skin with her axe This time she split open the skin to reveal a raw and oozing flesh. Her ball of fire also came in, but missed again. Gothard was howling loudly, but dared not come close to the monster any more.

The demonic bear neglected the other combatants, and sprang at the bladesinger with such force that she fell backwards on the forest floor. The creature was upon her instantly and raked open her chest and belly, exposing skin, ribs and intestines.

Alyssia called out to her goddess and let fly another pack of magical missiles. The missiles hit the bear in the spine, and it slammed face first upon lady Quilanday. It took a moment for the companions to realize that the creature had stopped moving. They had killed it, but had suffered severely. Thondrek was lying unconscious on the ground. Gothard was bleeding from his mouth, Malius’ health left much to be desired. Geim’s face was a bloody mess and Loda could hardly breathe from being crushed to the ground by the demonic animal.

And Draven was locked inside the tower alone, with one of these things.

Posted on 2007-11-03 at 22:50:30.

Dragon Mistress
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Steel. That she had steeled herself to battle on, was what now keep her from falling on her face even before the dead Goblin Captian hit the blood spattered earth, with some of the blood her own.

Steel and the knowledge that what they were to do was vital to the Elven Kingdoms drove her to remain cognizant enough to apply healing to herself as fast as she could activate the wand.

Steel to the earth, using her sword as a cane she pushed her weary body up from her knees, the echoes of her magically heal wounds, made her stomach roil. Before coming round the building she stuck the captain head on her sword, and picked up the other goblin's head and carried it in her upraised left hand.

Steel stiffened her legs and she lifted the Captain's gory severed head right arm high so all could see their leader's head as she moved to where she hoped the Mage was.

Steel fills her voice, once she could see enough of the goblins. She cries out in a loud voice, the goblin words bursting from her mouth.

"Fools, the Army is right behind us."

Even as she speaks she analyzes the field and the conditions around the Mage. She is hoping to demoralized the goblins, but is prepared to throw the heads at some of them, and go to the defense of the Mage.

Steel-heartened, she advances with determined tread.

Posted on 2007-11-04 at 04:13:32.
Edited on 2007-11-09 at 18:34:47 by Dragon Mistress

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Vidar listened to the Skum shaman as he told the story. That bearded man must have been his grandfather. There had never been any word of his grandfather's fate and hearing this story filled the young Khord's heart with pride. That his own kin could have such impact on this society was wonderful news to him.

“You, me and us must make a plan now.”
Vidar looked up from his thoughts and at Glurblusius. "Yes," he said distracted. "Yes, of course. We should do that. I would like to hear what you suggest as I am not very familiar with this beast."

Posted on 2007-11-09 at 21:35:35.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Geim the divided

Geim went into high gear and hurries as quickly as he could towards his stricken comrades. He wipes his sleeve across his face to get the blood out of his eyes so he could see where he was going. Who was first to be healed was going to be a matter of who needed him most to survive, although, in all truth, it was a guessing game. And Geim did not want to guess wrong it could cost a life or two, “Hold on there Loda, I owe you a drink, lass. Just take it easy, breath short a fast. I’ll get to you. Malius, can you hang in there a bit longer? Gotthard, are you badly hurt or what? Keep talking to me everyone so I know you are with me. I am going to Lady Quilanday first.” Right now all he could do for the other badly injured was to call on help from those capable of rendering assistance to the less fortunate comrades. “Anyone who can help me, lend a hand. Check out any who are down or unconscious. Stop the bleeding keep them warm and quiet. If anyone can give me a hand to free Lady Quilanday I would appreciate that.”

Geim first concern was the Lady Quilanday. He hurried to her partially (or totally) covered body. "Khardox, I am in need of your healing might. There are so many badly wounded.” He uses a cure light wounds as soon as he gets to Lady Quilanday to stop bleeding from the massive wounds she had taken. Then he will try to extract her from under the beast. If he cannot pull her out from under the beast using all his strength, he will use soften earth to mud so he can slip her out as gently as possible. "

Once out from under the beast, Geim washes the Lady’s wounds and treats them (healing --using healer’s kit) and then summons his deities healing powers again. "Great Khardox, heal my brave companion who fought bravely, giving me time to use your spells and my weapons to good effect. She is a brave soul and deserving of you gift of healing." (Cure Moderate Wounds)

If she is stabilized Geim hurries over to the others in need, first the unconscious Thondrek to check on him, then Malius, and Loda in that order unless one of the others is more badly wounded. The thing was he did not have a lot of spells left so he would have to rely on his healing skills also. Regardless, Geim would use all his abilities, divine and hands on, to keep his comrades amongst the living.

He thought of Draven, alone in the tower but the man was dead or alive and he could do nothing about it with so many so badly wounded and needing immediate care. But he asked Khord for aid for the man. “Great Khord, there is a brave man fighting one of these beastie by himself. I know he is not a dwarf but he is a comrade and could use some help I daresay. If you would lend him a hand it would be relieving me some since I cannot help him right now.”

Posted on 2007-11-10 at 08:23:56.
Edited on 2007-11-13 at 04:06:13 by Brianna

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Loda heard the words of Gheim, and though to herself that she did not need any healing. She could take care of herself, and didnt want to have any spells wasted on her. Her first order of business was to get her armour off, and to get her breathing in order. After that, she would need to take care of Gothard.
She stripped her armour and tried to catch her breathe, and once she does, she gets up, hands on her knees, and finally stablizes herself.

" Its alright Gothard, I gotch ya."

She summons her magic from the forests and hills and of nature itself, and casts cure light wounds on Gothard, to stop him from bleeding. After she casts that, she falls back to the ground and hopes to stop feeling the tightness in her chest.

Posted on 2007-11-10 at 13:59:42.

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the troll, the caves

Londelirinen Kingdom
Sylvari village
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:09 pm

Goroptk the troll saw the world through a haze of blood. He was panicking, and as trolls do, it resulted in savagery and death. There was only one of the pointy ears left before him. The other had died by his arms and the arrows of the goblins. The arrows of the goblins…. why were they no longer firing?

The vibrating fog of rage calmed as Goroptk took some time to look around. The mage in front of him slowly backed away from him as he sniffed. Behind him, the wall of fire clawed at the heavens, and between the flames he could see the occasional goblin running over the town’s square. But they weren’t running with the goblin eagerness of many numbers. One even dropped his sword as he disappeared behind the buildings.
Then he noticed a Syl, a female. She was carrying the head of the goblin captain in high display. Her bloody sword proved that she had recently obtained that prize.

“Good for him.” Goroptk thought. He remembered the chains and the captivity well enough. Without the goblins, he would be a free troll again.

He took a few quick paces towards the mage, who instantly started a spell. But he was upon her before she could finish, and he grabbed her with his long fingers. Carrying her, he made for the wall of fire. Grabbing the edge of the roof of one of the buildings, he pulled himself and the mage up, and climbed his way to the other side. There he jumped back down, right in front of the Sylvari woman with the goblin leader’s head.

He put down the mage, bowed, and ran off into the woods, where he would feast upon scared goblin flesh.

Elessar and the mage now stood in the abandoned remains of what had once been a peaceful Sylvari village. Homes were destroyed by goblins and their own fire. Black smoke was rising up as the sun disappeared behind the trees. Night would soon come, and they had work to do.

Skum Cave
South-west Chakran Mtns.
28th day of the 7th month: Pfier
0:23 pm

It was midday, but deep in the Skum caves there was no telling time. In the constant darkness, Vidar was lead around the tunnels and shown the habitat of the fishy humanoids.
Their lives were miserable, to say the least. Everything was damp and rotting or worse. The only ornamentation was self made drawings on the walls. There was a constant stink of fishguts, and only several rooms were lit by torches that lacked vibrancy and willingness to burn. It was not even shadow of what life underground could be like. And Vidar could know, being a Khord.

Glurblusius was his guide, and as they walked, the shaman explained whatever he knew about Aabouless and the creature’s whereabouts. It wasn’t much, but Vidar learned some information that could prove helpful.
(OOC: We’ve discussed these, no need to point them out again)

They started out at the place with the altar, which the shaman called ‘temple’. It was simple, like the rest of the caves, but it worked. Glurblusius took the Khord southwards, where they passed an opening that the shaman explained lead to the bigger waters where Aabouless lived. It was where Vidar had come from.
Then followed a long, thin cave which functioned as a place where the woman and children could take shelter in times of danger. It was now empty, and had been for some time. No actual peril made it into the caves these days.

Close by was the Nest, where Vidar saw a gathering of Skum in a single cave. There were no separate rooms or any other forms of privacy. Skum woman, marked by their faint blue scales, and children looked up when the Khord came in. Several of them backed against the wall, but Glurblusius calmed them with a few words. He took Vidar further and they came back to the cells where the Khord had woken up earlier that day.

The shaman invited him to stay with them in the Nest, where there was more fish, and some smoked waterweeds. They would listen to Vidar’s proposition there.

Posted on 2007-11-10 at 14:55:38.

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My post

With the mutant Bear dead and its jaws finally released from his shoulder the onrush of blood from his body and the pain seeming to increase almost caused the Sylvin Ranger to pass out, but not quite.

Then Geim was beside him and the Clerics healing Malius did feel. Though afterwards he was not at full Malius was ready to once again if needed continue the fight. The only question now was where Draven was.

“Hurry we must gain entrance to the tower I feel sure Draven has need of us all.”
So spoken the Ranger moved towards the Towers main door.

Posted on 2007-11-13 at 22:52:27.

Dragon Mistress
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Most of all Elessarae kept an eye on the Troll, as it seemed the Goblins were running away in panic. She hoped her ruse kept them running a long way. Elessarae now moved toward the Mage as quickly as she could, but not quick enough. The Troll seemingly confounded by the fire and the panicking Goblins suddenly moved straight at the Mage.

“Run Luronya” she yelled, but even as she spoke the Troll was on her in the three quick steps

“Nooooo!” Elessarae’s heart leaped to her throat cutting off her exclamation as the Troll took up the Mage and turned toward the fire and the inn.

Elessarae dropped the head in her left hand and started toward the Troll while tipping the point of her sword down to shake off the head of the Goblin captain.

Elessarae brought her sword to ready as her heart fell back into place pounding fiercely. This was not the confrontation she wanted, alone, but for the sake of the Mage she had to try to free her. She thought her best chance was to make a strike at the hand holding the Mage. Then the Troll suddenly lowered the Mage to the ground on her feet. Astounded by his act, Elessarae was further surprised when the great creature bowed, turned, and ran off into the woods.

“Goroptk!” Elessarae yelled remembering the name the goblin had called him when he had been chained in the stable and it struck her he had just been the Goblin’s captive and not an ally. “My thanks and blessing!” Then she calls, “Comrade, Gharion!” She has been trying to teach Gharion to respond to his name, though there had been little time except when going into the stables to fetch him and calling his name and feeding him a tidbit, an apple, or a piece of honey cake, that were an inn favorite at breakfast.

Elessarae turned back to the Mage, “Luronya are you uninjured?” This from someone covered with blood, her own and some from the goblins, with her clothing and armor showing rents and cuts. “We need to capture some goblins to find out where the affected tree is. The sun is behind the trees and we might not have time of search it out before dark. I am going to try and find goblins to question. Stay with me as best you can. Oh, would you have a spell to make me faster? And do you know where any of the other horses went?”

Spell or no, when Elessarae sees a Goblin she will to run it down, or she will look for wounded individuals. Unless that are still Goblins running about, she goes to each Goblin body in the village square and checks it for signs of life. Maybe that was a Goblin hiding, or one trying to loot a fallen comrade.

The pressing need to reverse the effects of the poisoned tree that created the terrible mutant animals spurred Elessarae to push herself even though she was not fully healed. (I think) Elessare moves quickly and if the horses do not show up in a few minutes she will call again.

Posted on 2007-11-16 at 19:52:08.

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finding goblin, tower locked once more

Londelirinen Kingdom
Sylvari village
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:15 pm

Elessarae had gone from dead goblin to dead goblin. Luronya had told her that she was fine, a bit shaken by the deaths of the two guards, but otherwise unharmed. She had apologized for not being able to aid the bladesinger with a spell to make her faster. Now she was helping Elessar in finding a living goblin to question.

Between the burnt or cut bodies, a silence began to build up. All the goblins had fled the scene, the raging wall of fire had disappeared on Luronya’s command and time itself took a sigh of relief, seeing that peace had been restored to the accursed village. Then a single moan sounded from a goblin buried under one of his kin. He had regained consciousness and was now trying to get on his feet.

Elessar was upon him in a heartbeat, but both her and the goblin were distracted by a sudden footfall. Horse feet were approaching, and a moment later, Comrade popped his head around a corner, scanning the town square for danger. When he saw Elessarae he quickly galloped to her side.
But he was alone. There was no sign of Gharion

“Please don’t kill me!” The goblin yelled. “I didn’t want to eat Sylvari flesh. The captain made me do it!”

Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:26 pm

Geim was the only one of the companions thought about the bladesinger trapped under the heavy body of the demonic bear. He tried to haul the creature’s dead weight off her, but he could not move it. She tried to help him, but was in no position to give any useful aid.
Luckily, Geimiedefher had a spell up his sleeve that would do the trick. A prayer was shot to Kharox, asking the ancient craftsman to soften the earth under the trapped Syl.

The ground under the dead bear started to bubble, as water rippled up from the deeper layers of the earth. The sand and grass started to feel slick, and after a little bit of wiggling, Geim and lady Quilanday were able to release the bear of its victim.

The bladesinger breathed heavily, finally being able to get a good gulp of air. She stood up, and hugged the runemaster thankfully.

“I must thank you all for staying with me in this battle,” she called to all of them, while Geim hurried to heal his other companions. “I would not have been able to deal with this creature alone. And now we face another one, inside that tower. But how are we going to get in? Your friend may already be dead.”

She went to the door and banged on it, to get the attention of whoever was waiting inside.

In the meantime, Geim went over to Thondrek, who was still laying on the floor, breathing steadily but unconscious. The cleric gave him a quick and simple healing, before continuing to Loda, who refused healing, since she had the gift herself. Besides, the druidess was busy healing her wolf companion, who was acting like he was dying, but secretly loved the attention he was getting from his mistress.

And so Geim arrived at Malius’ side. The Sylvari ranger was proud, but accepted the Khord’s healing gratefully. The bones in his shoulder reformed with a crispy, painful sensation, and his flesh and skin covered it up again. Still, a scar was visible where the teeth had sunken in, that would never go away. Plus, his vest was ruined. Malius thanked Geim, and went over to the lady bladesinger to investigate the doors with her.

(OOC: I’m waiting on a last message from Valimar. You guys have no idea whether Draven is alive or not. The door remains shut for now. Is there any other way of entering the tower? The same one you tried earlier? Something else? Also, think about the fact that your spells have been used up a lot for this day).

Posted on 2007-11-16 at 22:25:41.

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Thondrek rolled over to stand and never felt the taste of dirt in his mouth was more delicious than it was now. Looking up as Geim moved on to another wounded companion, Thondrek new that the stalwart cleric had likely saved more than one life this day.

"Thank Kharox." Thondrek managed between spitting out dirt. "That bear felt like the entire undermountain came down upon me." Standing, though still in a poor position to be doing much more fighting for the time being, Thondrek pulled forth one of his three potions of Cure Moderate Wounds and quaffed it in a single swallow.

Feeling the healing properties mend his wounds somewhat he only wished it would have mended his clothing and armor the same way. Moving over to the mutant bear Thondrek looks for the longest of his needle like protrustions and extracts it from the base with a few whacks of his blade.

"Maybe we'll have better luck taking the next one down with weapons we know break their tough hide..." He looked to the others to catch their expressions at his mentioning of continuing the fight and added... "We are taking the other down right? That durn fool Draven's in there all alone, and if what all we faced was any indication, I'd not like ta know how he's faring. Pray he's found some nice corner shadows to hide in."

Thondrek took stock of his spells and inventory (please let me know what spells I have left via q/a) and turned to face the tower once more... Cursing at the very stones which rejected him so.

(I'm back!!! sorry for my departure hopefully this helps.)

Posted on 2007-11-17 at 18:20:07.
Edited on 2007-11-21 at 14:16:53 by Kaelyn

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Alyssia glanced towards the tower, her thought going to Draven who was now alone in the tower. She may not be able to help him, but perhaps he would be able to remain in the tower without the bear detecting him. She could only hope.

"Alrighty," she comely said to herself, "Let us get everyone back up on their feet. Lysora, guide my hand as you always have." Her prayers went to her goddess for her companions. She hoped to save the many instead of the one, even if it hurt her to do so.

(OOC: Sorry, have been busy alot lately. I count that I have four each of first and second level spells left, correct me if I am wrong. I will whoever I come to first, healing them completely as I can. Hopefully Draven can last long enough for us to rest and then come in after him.)

Posted on 2007-11-21 at 18:56:27.

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Mayhap through a Window he shall go

Standing next to the Bladesinger Malius could not help but admire the shape of her athletic body. He had known a few before her but she somehow seemed better toned, more in control of her abilities then the rest. This matched with her beauty made her highly desirable to Malius.
But enough of his mind wondering back to the task at hand.

“So Me Lady have you any thoughts how we might gain entrance to this tower. Our friend Draven is inside all alone and surely if he faces the same as we have, then he is in dire need indeed.”

Looking once again to the window from which Thondrek had first entered the tower mayhap Malius thought it was time for himself to enter the same way....

(OK Al if we do not find a way through the door I will using the rope I imagine is still there or by using my own to gain entrance into the Tower.)(


Posted on 2007-11-21 at 21:22:09.
Edited on 2007-11-23 at 00:36:27 by TannTalas

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Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:28 pm

It took a few moments for all of them to gather around the door. All were curious now if or how they could open the door. It was locked, as Thondrek had tried. Not long ago, they had already attempted breaking it, which seemed impossible. And magical means of entering the tower were blocked by a thick shield that resisted all energy. The blood soaked window seemed the only possibility.

Malius took out his backpack, and retrieved a climbing kit. He was determined to go up this time. Even though his relationship with Draven was complicated, he would not let the warrior suffer alone inside.

As he ordered his tools, a silence fell over the clearing with the tower. The last excitement of the battle ebbed away, and an eerie emptiness remained. The tower’s doors loomed over them, and if something was going on inside, they could not hear it.

Then Malius set the first of his nails against the white stone wall, and hammered it in place. The nail went into the stone after a few well aimed hits, and so the ranger went up. The others could only watch, and wait, and realize the trouble of what lay ahead. Another one of these bears might be too much to take on. They were running low on healing spells. And although they were revived, a lot of energy had been drained from their muscles.

Then Malius was up high enough to use his grappling hook and rope. He started swinging it around when the group heard a click, and the doors to the tower opened.

There, in the doorway, stood Draven, covered in blood. His weapon hung limply from his hand. Behind it, a trail of blood meandered deeper into the tower.
He gazed at the others, but it was not clear if he could see them or if he was staring into some world inside his mind. Not giving them the slightest of hints that he was alright, he stepped forward and walked through their midst towards his backpack that lay waiting for him on the field outside the tower. Once he reached it, he took out his water flask and started cleaning himself up.

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Posted on 2007-11-23 at 22:27:58.

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Although she was worried about the non appearance of Gharion, Elessare did not have the time to go looking for him. She latches on to the Goblin and hauls him up by his neck. The tree was the most important thing on her mind and the Goblin was their chance of finding it before it was too dark for them to see, to dark for the elves but not for the Goblin.

"If you do not tell where we can find the tree you poisoned" snaps Elessarae in Goblin, "I will carry you to my friend....the Troll....and watch him eat you."

She looks to the Mage, Do you had a communicate with animals spell?" she asks in elven. "Comrade might have seen something out there related to the tree."

Elessarae will also heal herself with her wand until she is fully functioning as far as being healed, in case there were any nasty surprises associated with the infected tree. Nothing could be done about the fact that she had been functioning at high gear since they started from the tower to return from the village. Once again she steeled herself from feeling as if she were a wire stretched to thin. They were not done yet.

Truth be told Elessarae is fighting mad, knowing the danger poised by the Mutant Animals of Unusual Size and the fact that there were a large number of Goblins and A Troll in the village, and that the Tower had only seen fit to send One Mage and two guards was ludicrous. As far as she was concern they had sent the two men to their deaths and that had almost included the Mage. Only the unusual gehavior of the Troll saved the life of the Mage, he could have just as easily crushed her in his massive fists.

Staring at the Goblin her fury showed in her eyes and by the spring steel tightness of her body.

"I may not wait long," she snapped out the Goblin words, "I may skewer you and carry you that way to the Troll, with you just alive enough to know when he takes the first bite.

Posted on 2007-11-24 at 07:13:05.

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Geim had stood towards the side of the group contemplating the door. He had few spells left that could be of any help to gain entrance to the tower, though he still had his ax. He offers that. "If it can be bashed down I will give it as many whacks it takes until it cracks." The runemaster said clearly. He thought that the door would not yield to just physical damage. After all it was a mages' tower and most likely protected by strong magics. But he was willing to try.

It was ominously quiet around the tower and all of them were contemplating possibilities of how to open it or probabilities of Draven still being alive.

Malius though thought of a way he could perhaps gain entrance by driving nails into the stone work and working his way up. Geim stepped over to watch his progress up. HE titled his head back and Malius worked his way higher, and higher. "Take care there laddie, make sure it is in tight before you trust you weight to it.” There you go, that’s good.” Geim continued to encourage Malius's efforts. When Malius took out his grappling hook and tries to catch it in the open window Geim calls out.

The runemaster was concerned and watched carefully for any sign Malius might be overbalanced and fall. "Be careful, laddie. Don't get overbalanced by swinging that hook too wildly. You’re up there a ways and I afraid if you fall I couldn't break it without you breaking my bones. Not as young or spry as I used to be. Take care.”

It was just about then the there was a sound of the door moving and a narrow crack appeared between the door and jam. Geim whirled with his ax brought up to ready. His first thought was that mutant bear was breaking out.

Geim crouched down into a fighting stance, ready to attack it when it came out though he took a step closer to the wall to give him some cover;

Draven stood in the doorway, or barely stood was more accurate. He was covered in blood and obviously at the very end of his strength and endurance. Geim first looked behind Draven to make sure the beastie was nowhere nearby.

Not seeing the other creature Geim dropped his ax into its belt loop even as he hurries forward. Fitting himself under Draven's arm, he takes some of Draven's weight on himself to give the lad some support Geim observes "Ah, laddie, if you've won, it has been a close cal and I don't know how you did it. I surely don't. I'll just help you to sit yourself down right now. I will give you all the healing I have left."

Somebody give me a hand and someone tell Malius Draven is out here now. Aye laddie, I daresay it is a story to be sung of by bards over a good flagon of the best ale in town but just rest for now a let me work."

Geim quickly takes stock of what spells he has left and if he needs to her will converts any unused ones into healing spells. Then he gives Draven a Cure Light just to stop further bleeding. Taking out his healer's kit he cleans and dresses Draven's wounds. Checking the lad out from stem to stern, he uses his spells until Draven is healed or he had run out.

"It was a close run thing out here even with all of us basking on the beastie. I can't image you still being alive after facing the critter by yourself. We were sure that we would get in the tower and find....well never mind. You are alive and I am going to do my best to make sure you stay alive."

Geim does use all his skills and abilities as well to patch up Draven. Muttering to him as he treats each wound. Worried to about infection or if Draven was contaminated by what had changed this bear into this oversized mutant horror.

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