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Dirty Rotten Lizards.

Thondrek knew from the tip of his spine to the wiry hairs of his beard that this was no going to be an easy venture, and as soon as the willow shot forth to ensnare Geim, The Duskblade was ready with a counter-offensive. His fiery bolt struck true, but seemed not to affect the branches which lashed around Geim pulling the air from the Loremasters lungs.

"Crap" was all he said, and in common no less so surprised was the Khord. To make matters worse, The old lizard they had thought to have felled, along with another healthier one had appeared, outflanking the group, leaving little hope of escape what with Wulf and Aluwego screaming in pain behind them, as though a thousand Orcish war drums beat within their heads.

Knowing that the Lizards would likely ensnare them in a field of silence, Thondrek immediately activated the command word for his Moon Blade (swift action), the enchanted weapon designed to deal with those afflicted by curses of undead and lycanthropy. Perhaps a boon this would prove on these accursed lizards, for the moonblade also held a secondary function, the ability to scramble magic, and he hoped it would help prevent the lizards from using their silence fields.

While speech was still an option he yelled. "Alyssia, fry the healthy one, disrupt its casting and sever its head or set it to the torch!"

As he spoke the heavy footfalls of the Khord were already moving towards the wounded Lizard, slashing his enchanted blade at the creature hoping to fell him before he could scream. He hated the thought of leaving Geim in the position he was in, but there were others who could sever the branches with their enchanted weapons and fighting skills, his role was to subdue the beasts that would prevent their casting, and more important, healing.

(Thondrek is taking a charge action against the wounded lizard -only way to reach him in one round and attacking with the moon blade hoping to deal enough damage or disrupt his useage of spell like abilities.

On that note, how long as it been since I've gotten the first post in... or a post of this length.. wooo for renewed vigor on the creativity scale... Go team!)

Posted on 2008-03-29 at 14:08:48.
Edited on 2008-03-29 at 14:41:15 by Kaelyn

Angel Reincarnated
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In desperate need...

Alyssia had known things weren't right, but they wouldn't wait and figure out how to go about it as carefully as possible. The tree sprang to life, and within moments the lizard had returned and brought a companion with it. Without thinking the sorceress had decided that Thondrek would need some help.

He had called out to them, her especially, to use lightning bolt upon the healthy lizard. In hopes of disturbing a possible spell. Her concern was that two of their groups were on the ground screaming. They only had one chance to disrupt the lizards from casting silence or such a spell. Turning towards the healthy lizard, she decided to take her friend's advice. It would be simple to cast this spell, but then she would have to fight twice as hard. They had three enemies, and two of their companions were screaming upon the soft earth.

Alyssia's concentration was directed upon casting Lightning Bolt upon the healthiest of the two giant lizards. Her thoughts were to have their spells disrupted to maintain their ability to speak freely to one another. It wasn't as hard to manage defeating the first without sound, but that was one enemy, instead of three. A tree, and two giant lizards. The first took them a while to destroy. Now they would have to attempt killing all three enemies without losing any member of their group.

Her mind cleared completely as her full concentration was upon casting her spell. She ignored her surroundings as she cast Lightning bolt on the healthiest lizard. She would attempt to destroy the healthiest lizard, ensuring she severed his head from his shoulders and stabbed his heart, if he had one. Alyssia would not chance the creature being reborn when their backs are turned, especially if they manage to cast silence.

Posted on 2008-03-29 at 14:29:46.

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He had expected an attack, and infact, was braced for one as he strolled towards the willow. He wasn’t sure as to expect lizards, or some other diseased minions of the trees unholy contagion, but it didn’t much matter. He expected they would deal with what ever challenge beset them, when infact, it came to it.

He had been near Geim when the tree suddenly sprang to life. A spray of blood like fluid sprayed over the group, and it’s vines grabbed at the dwarf. At nearly the same time, two screams pierced the air. Cringing and whirling back towards the group, Draven saw that Wulf and the commoner they had rescued were the cause of the great commotion, and it took an effort not to lop both their heads off to cease the horrible sound.

However, the lizard folk changed that. Silence would likely set in soon. Draven cursed and turned back to stare at Geim, who was struggling with the snares of the tree. Acting suddenly he lunged towards the dwarf and reached for the potion. Locking eyes with Geim, he hissed

“Quickly before silence sets in.”

(If Geim gives him the potion, he will cast invisibility)

Posted on 2008-03-29 at 15:33:44.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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Yet more fighting (don'cha just love it LOL)

Malius was ready as the party led now by Geim approached the edge of the spoiled diseased ground surrounding and leading to the tree. One look at the ground they would have to cover to reach said tree was not to the Syl’s liking but forward he would follow the rest.

With his bow ready, an arrow nocked Malius positioned himself close to the rear of the party to provide ranged cover. But even before the second member of the party entered Geim was attacked!!.

Branches from the trees like whips attacked the dwarf, sending the red fluid of the diseased muddy waters spraying in all directions and on the front line companions.
Even before Malius could acquire one of the vines as a target, Thondrek, having had prepared a spell released it at the trees appendices. The Khords spell hit one of them with a fiery stone that should’ve scorched it as it came, but the branch seemed unaffected, even by the heat of the projectile.

As if the sudden animation of the white willow wasn’t enough, they found themselves in the middle of a pandemonium of events; Wolf as if directly tied to the tree had sunk to his knees clasping his head. The warrior screamed a low roar of pain that trembled louder than any Sylvari war cry had ever meant to be but no war cry was this was. It was a deep rumble of disturbance that seemed to come from the forest itself, a cry of deep pain.

This is not good Malius thought to himself preparing to launch his arrow at the tree, But his gaze was distracted towards the bushes on the eastside of the clearing as a familiar looking lizard had appeared as if summoned. In fact, it seemed to the Ranger a very familiar one, with traces of wounds, both arrow and sword that were closing up as it approached. It roared a silent challenge and slowly stepped onto the grass a second lizard, partner to the first, appeared to the west and was clearly closing on the party also.

Target set, for the moment the tree forgotten, Malius launched his arrow at the once wounded lizard hoping it had not fully healed from its previous wounds......

Posted on 2008-04-02 at 02:28:26.
Edited on 2008-04-02 at 02:33:36 by TannTalas

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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please guys, please...

Alloryen Kingdom
East of Hith Elee
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
11:18 am

Draven was the first to react when chaos set in. The warrior didn’t think in offensive terms, but his brain immediately darted towards getting the tree healed. But he had to wait until Geim was ready to drop the potion, and the Khord was still fighting the tree branch that had engulfed him. (delay action)

Loda looked around furiously. The druid wanted nothing more to intervene but instead of picking a target, she ended up indecisively confused. There were too many things going on for her to focus, with Wolf’s agonized cry as the most disturbing factor. Gothard looked at her to make a choice, to give him directions, but as he hopped around her eagerly, the wolf started panicking as well. Something had to be done quickly, or he would lose his nerve.

The two lizards circled the outer edges of the bastion of heroes. They were looking for an isolated target, but couldn’t find one yet. The one who had already been wounded screamed again, sending long drops of spit but no sound from his throat.
The lizard who approached from the other side of the clearing suddenly made a rush forward and screamed a very audible call that vibrated so heavily that it overwhelmed even Wolf’s terror. The companions all felt their insides shrivel and expand under the sonic impact it had.
Aluwego died on the spot from the internal damage, and Comrade, who had followed them here, neighed loudly and then stood shaking on his legs, his eyes hollow and his skin more pale than ever.

Thondrek too had taken a dire blow, but he had been through that before. He was not going to lay down and die so easily. With a battlecry that got lost halfway to his destination, the Khordaldrum Duskblade charged the lizard they had encountered earlier. His blade was sharp, and so was his aim. He hit the creature straight in the head (and I’m afraid I have to roll damage later, because I forgot what a moonblade does exactly, and I don’t have the FR setting at hand, + we said you didn’t have a moonblade, but the talisman, which works a bit different)
Geimiedefher was struggling for air when suddenly a familiar hand pulled at him. Draven came into view demanding the vial with the ointment that would heal the tree. The runemaster was being shaken up and down and to and fro like a baby’s rattler, and when he let go of the vial it was in a clumsy effort. Draven was equally unlucky, having to dodge a vine the moment Geim let go. He missed the potion and it fell on the floor. Luckily enough, the floor was muddy and the vial didn’t break.
Draven bent down, picked it up, and disappeared from sight.

Elessarae looked at the dead body of Aluwego. Then her eyes darted to comrade, who was close to death. Then her attention was caught by Wolf’s moaning. There was so much suffering around her, and for a second, panic gripped her.

Quilanday was more battle hardy and she dashed into action. She noted how Thondrek had left for the wounded lizard, so she would take on the other one. With a quick step she was upon the creature and had her rapier buried deep inside its flank. The lizard drew in a raspy breath, and snapped at her but missed.

Then it was Malius’ turn to mingle in the battle, and he chose to aid Thondrek. It was better to get rid of the wounded lizard while it was still suffering, rather than give it a chance to get back to its full health. Well, getting back to full health would not be possible anyway while Thondrek was on him, but the ranger could definitely make a difference. His aim was perfect, and the arrow shot inches past the Khord’s beard, but penetrated the lizard’s neck so heavily that it spasmed before turning to the battle again.

The tree grabbed Geim even more tight, and more of its branches found their way around him. He was now being squeezed by three vines, and breathing became harder and harder. Pressure on his chest increased, and now his hands were ensnared as well. Life was slipping from him fast, and he felt he began to lose consciousness. Something had to happen soon, or he would surely get killed by this tree.

Another vine grabbed Draven, even though he was invisible. It swung around him and even though he resisted, it took him in a grapple and ensnared him fully. He too felt his ribs crushed and saw even more vines approach eagerly.

Alyssia had been looking for an open spot. When Quilanday darted forward and stepped to the side, she found the time was right. Channeling a magic power through her body, she released her Goddess’ wrath upon the distorted creature. When she spoke the word was that she realized that even though this lizard was close, it had no sound barrier like the other one.
The blue bolt struck hard, and the lizard shivered and twisted under the impact. But when the strike had faded, it was still standing, smoldering and steaming, more angry than ever.

(OOC: I don’t want to rush you guys, but something really needs to be done to help Geim, because he will die if this continues for another round. Second, most of you have taken a LOT of damage, and are about to get some more. Heal while you still can. Also, Loda and Elessar both didn’t get an action, and I didn’t get anything from Geim other than dropping the vial. That costs lives in this situation. Remember that in Audalis there is no resurrecting the dead.)

Posted on 2008-04-05 at 11:16:03.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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(My fault, I wrote my post in Word and I forgot to post it to the game.)

Elessarae is enwrapped by the screams of Wulf and Aluwego and caught between freeing Geim who is now in enwrapped by the snaking vines of the willow and going to the tree herself and using her vial on it.

When the sonic blast hits she is jerked out of her indecision, Eleassarae snapped back into focus.

"Comrade, go away!" Elessarae yells, then with a swing born of desperation she cuts at the vines constricting Geim. If she can free him in one action she will pull out her healing wand and give it to Geim and the head for the tree.

Elessarae begins to sing to inspire her comrades.

(To here the music go to the first little bit in an introduction and then the some starts.)

Rise Sylvari, guard your Forests!
War has come both Dread and Glorious.
We must stand and be Victorious,
Warriors of the Light.

Rise Sylvari, to defend us
Least the enemy do rend us
Doing all that is horrendous
In this, they must fail.

Stand we now with Fervor
In this great Endeavor
Weapons ready, warriors steady,
We face the gruesome foe now before us

Sylvari Warriors, on to glory
See Battle Standards famed in story
Waves these buring words before ye,
"Sylvaria shall not Yield!

Rise Sylvari, take your Stand,
Cast out the Evil from our Land,
With Sword and Bow now in Hand,
Warriors of the Light.

Come we now before the Foe
Gathered now to bring them woe
With sword and spear and full bent bow,
The enemy shall not stand.

From the trees resounding,
Now our war cry sounding.
Summon all at Sylvaria’s call
The haughty foe now surrounding

Onward! Now Sylvari warriors,
We are here to be Victorious,
Doing all that is Good and Glorious,
Warriors of the Light.

Posted on 2008-04-05 at 18:15:25.
Edited on 2009-01-05 at 07:29:53 by Dragon Mistress

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Loda stood, watching the chaos insue around her. She needed to act quickly, do something to save Geim. She wouldnt let this cutie get away from her so easily. She decided, and hopefully it would be the best course of action.

Loda began to cast a spell she was very familiar with, flaming sphere. She ordered the ball of fiery retribution to attack the vines that gripped Geim, only further down their reach as to not burn Geim, or Gothard.

" Gothard, tear at the vines and get them off of him!"

(( Loda will cast flaming sphere and attack the vines, only further down their body as to not burn gheim. Gothard will also attack the vines.))

Posted on 2008-04-05 at 22:40:25.

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An attempt at survival...

The day had already been long, and she knew that Geim was in trouble, but if everyone attempted to save him, then it would result in conflict. Alyssia had decided to continue to attack the creatures that continue their way. The sorceress decided to use Magic Missiles against the same lizard that she had cast lightning upon last turn.

In the back of her mind she decided that should Geim be rescued she would use Cure Critical upon him. As it stood, her friends were taking care of the tree. Fire didn't work against this enchanted tree, and she doubted lightning would. have any affects upon it. Her next turn, would be to cure critical upon Geim if he wasn't already healed. If he was healed she would cast Ray of Frost upon the tree.

Posted on 2008-04-07 at 13:45:20.

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A New Target

Having shrugged off a second attack by a lizard in less then a day the Syl ranger knew he was hurt but he had no time to heal.

Watching as his first arrow buried itself deeply into the neck of the wounded lizard, that had already suffered a hard hit by Thondrek, Malius saw Geim was in trouble. As he went to resling his bow he was beaten to Giem’s aid by both Elessarae and Loda.
Seeing his help there was no longer needed, and Thondrek had matters well in hand, the Syl turned his attention to the second unwounded lizard.

Another nocked arrow released Malius watched as it flew towards his new target.....

Posted on 2008-04-08 at 02:49:12.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Geim was being jerk around like a popper on a whip. but eh vine like branchs of the accursed tree. HE didn't get his act together right away. but his ax was still gripped in his right hand and the shield strapped to his body. THe vine tightened around him constcting he barrel like dchest. Geim shoice was simple at this point cut himself free or die. and he wasn't willing to die like this.

He doubted he could get a good swing and the thrashing vines but attached to his body except where it wound around his chest. Thta ws his target. HE turned ht ehead of his ax in his grip not daring to let go of it and struck repeatedly at the vine around his chest.

Wheanwhile his left hand reaches into his pocket to hold the vial tightly in his fist in case he falls badly this way he can protect it frmm breadking.

Posted on 2008-04-08 at 03:44:33.

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Still fighting

Thondrek knew that his companions were in trouble, but he also knew that to tur his back on the liard before him was to invite disaster upon them all. Hold on jus a lil longer Geim Thondrek thought as he attacked the creature before him once more. The sooner he could finish this threat, the ooner he could aid te others.

Posted on 2008-04-08 at 17:37:14.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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3012 Posts

Valimar didn't post....

Alloryen Kingdom
East of Hith Elee
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
11:18 am

Loda got a grip of herself and readied her spell. A ball of fire, by now the signature spell of the Khordaldrum druid, sprang from her fingers and shot at the vines. Though it hit them hard, and should’ve scorched any normal branch, these herbal tentacles were unaffected, and continued to strangle Geimiedefher.
Gothard now launched himself at another vine, and dug his teeth in it hard. It didn’t react to the attack, but pieces of wood chipped loose and more foul juices found their way out.

The lizard that was facing Thondrek was on the edge of its life, clinging on desperately. It snapped at the Khord with its vicious teeth and managed to rip a duo of gashes along Thondrek’s arm. As the warrior pulled his arm back, a talon came in and slashed his leg. Warm blood flowed freely, but the duskblade was still standing. Standing and not ready to give up. His moonblade rested comfortably in his hand, but the pain in his leg misguided his aim. The blade scraped over the lizard’s scales, but missed precision and left no harm.

The other lizard, black and smoldering, jumped at Quilanday in a bloodthirsty rage. Its talons sent her flying backwards and she looked down at her stomach to see a deep puncture wound going all the way to her intestines. The lizard roared a second time, but without the overwhelming power it had earlier.

Geim was struggling to get loose. With Gothard pulling on one end of a vine, he managed to free the hand that held his axe. A sharp cut later, the willow’s branch was cut, and sent away, wriggling like a snake. But two more vines constricted the Runemaster, and the world was slowly turning black on him.

Draven seemed paralyzed, unable to move. It was unlike the warrior, but perhaps he was giving up in the eye of freedom? Was he laying down his torment and surrendering? A sudden sneer inside his head pushed him into unwilled action, his tattoo aching like never before. He was not allowed to die, but he seemed unable to get loose, no matter what he tried.

Elessarae ordered Comrade to flee the scene, and for the first time since they had met, the young stallion obeyed. The bladesinger began to sing, words of courage and inspiration. First her lyrics were covered by Wolf’s heightening howl, but she grew in confidence, and her companions with her. She grabbed her longsword, and swung it at one of the two vines who were still gripping Geimiedefher. She hit it, and made a deep cut along the bark. Unfortunately it was not enough to severe it completely, and a shower of goo rained over herself and the Runemaster.

Her fellow bladesinger, Quilanday, grunted and looked at the lizard with a deep hatred. Nobody knocked her back without suffering the punishment!!
She sprang forward, her rapier an extension of her body, and danced around the lizard, giving it two strong jabs with her blade. For a second it seemed as if her attack did nothing, but then the lizard shuddered, and fell to the floor, unmoving.
Malius turned from his lizard target towards the commotion near the tree. Geimiedefher was in dire peril and needed to be freed soon. When the ranger turned he could see the ghastly expression on the Khord’s face. Squinting his eyes, he grabbed another arrow let it find its path. The wooden missile flew through the combat zone, and sliced the vine off clean, that Elessarae had already hit. The two Syls were teaming it up well. But would it be enough to rescue Geim? With all the vines wriggling around, Elessar had not been able to give the healing wand to the Khord.

The tree was holding on to Geim with one of its vines. Two had already been slashed in half, but there were many branches left. The one that gripped Geim squeezed harder, letting foul fluids bulge from its pores and drip over the Khord’s body. Two other vines quickly launched themselves at him, but he was able to knock one of them away. The other one wrapped itself around him and joined in the squeezing. The Khord’s eyes bulged, he vomited, and fell to the muddy grass as the vines released in victory.
Draven was also in a tight spot, the vine contracting him was not ready to let go. It tightened its grip, and the warrior cursed. Then he too saw nothing but black stars and was released to the grounds.
Elessarae had moved into range of the tree as well, and a single vine had sought her out. It slithered up her leg, and started to constrict her, but she managed to kick it off before it could lock around her. Gothard was equally lucky and could evade the vines that tried to grab him.

Alyssia saw her intended target fall down, and had to reconsider fast! She found the other lizard was still alive, and knew it was best to finish it off before turning to the tree. Magical missiles flew from her fingers and flashed into Thondrek’s direct opponent. The lizard sprang up in surprise, then fell backwards onto the forest floor, where it wriggled and finally fell still.

(OOC: The situation is as follows: The two lizards have been defeated, though it’s possible that they will regenerate. Geim is not breathing, and dead as far as you all can tell. Draven is down as well, but alive. Elessarae is standing in the danger zone, 15 feet away from the tree trunk. Brianna and Valimar, please check your PMs. Dragon Mistress, I ask you not to read Brianna’s PM if you have the chance (I don’t know how much you guys use each other’s login names ) )

Posted on 2008-04-12 at 13:16:48.

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Pray to whatever God you can...

Thondrek knew that this was looking more and more grim by the minute. For every attack made, the tree had another vine ready to replace one lost, and strangle the life from one of his companions, his friends anew. Thondrek looked around, he realized he was really the only free combatant at the moment with enough fortitude and perhaps tricks up his sleeve to reach the tree, the source of the problem.

Thondrek moved as close to the combatants as possible without being in range of the vicious Tree branches. Even as he called out to Elissarae to throw him a vial, he was activating his Healing belt, feeling the mystical energies repairing the many wounds he had suffered this battle. (Using 3 charges for 2d8+? Healing … I think that’s right)

“Lady Bladesingers give me the potion, I’ve a plan to end this now before anymore lives are lost. Khorax be with me on this one if e’er you’ve watched my foolhearty arse before.”

(Thondrek’s next move relies on him getting access to a potion, even if it’s just on the ground at the end of the branches reach… If it helps to speed up combat rounds I’ll post a second one here…

(If Thondrek can get the potion (even if he has to move.. He’ll ~Move, to grab the potion, and Ready Dimension Hop as a SWIFT action using his 1/day ability to Quick Cast so he can D-hop past any AoO’s the tree might send at him… Leaving him with his actual action for the round, he’ll then rub the potion into the tree as instructed.)

(If not, then He’ll move to the edge of the ‘danger zone’ and use his Guisarm’s reach to Arcane channel a dimension hop into Geim or Draven (whomever he can reach, to get them out of reach of the branches without facing Aoo’s himself, teleporting them directly in front of Alyssia for healing.)

Posted on 2008-04-12 at 13:57:16.
Edited on 2008-04-17 at 04:09:41 by Kaelyn

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" Keep the vines distracted Gothard, dont let them get anyone!"

Loda yelled to her companion, who had already done well enough to buy Geim some time. Again the wolf tore into the vines, hoping to loosen them some more. She commanded the fiery ball to attack again, as she wove a spell with her hands to aleviate some of Gheims wounds.

I hope this is enough....I'm not lettin this cutie slip through my fingers this easily!
Loda smiled to herself as she cast her healing spells over the unconcious Gheim.

((( will cast cwl )))

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 17:47:21.
Edited on 2008-04-17 at 17:50:44 by Jozan1

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Elessarae found herself quickly changing her intended actions.

She heard the call of Thondrek; she is just a sprint away from the trunk and yet he called to her to throw the potion to him. She sees he have moved to about 10 feet from her. Bladesinger were the lone champions of the Sylvari, it was in their makeup and training. For the most part they did their duty alone and unaided. Form the moment she had been named Blade singer and up until this day she had been much on her own when dealing with the poisoned trees and the effected animals, but now there were these others of whom she barely knew and now one of them was asking her for the potion even though she was closer to the tree.

It was not an easy decision to suddenly trust to stangers, for that was what they were. She had only just learned their names a scant hours ago and nw she was having to trust them in the heat of battle and with extremely vital undertakings.

She glanced to Thondrek and with a split second decision tossed the potion to him, and prayed that his asking for it portended some ability of his that made him feel as if he had a better chance to deliver it to the tree.

"Pour it on and rub it in," she calls to him watching that he catches it.

"Cut off the lizard' heads and burn them." called. Elessarae to the rest of the group. She says no more, not wasting the time or words. Let them figure out why she said what she did. Cutting off their heads would take them longer to regenerate, if they could, and once their bodies burned they could not regenerate at all.

Nearby Loda's wolf was snapping at the twisting animated snaky branches of the willow. Loda heself was chanting a spell. Elessarae hoped it was for healing, She was forced to trust that it was and she turned and sprinted to Draven using her sword to sweep overhead, a whirling blade barrier against the animated willow branches. Once to Draven she gathers up the potion before anything else, and stashes it into her pouch, and then gets a arm around the fallen man's chest and does her best to drag him out from under the tree while keeping an eye on Thondrek all the while under the sweep of her blade. Should Thordek fail to deliver the potion to the tree, Elesssarae will drop Draven and race to the tree to deliver the potion herself.

Elessarae will continue to sing as best she can as she does what must be done.

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 18:25:18.


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