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The sun was setting when Elessarae rose, someone had put a plate of bread covered with a cloth, a pot of honey, and a mug of ale on the little table, and straightens up the papers on it. Elessarae dressed and ate quickly. She had woken with a revelation, it may be that the High King and His Council had already though of it, but what she had just experienced would put credit to those ideas.

On another piece of paper she wrote a brief synopsis of what had transpired about the Mutated Animals of Unusual Size and the discovery of the creation of those creatures by Goblins poisoning a tree and that it might not be the only tree in the Sylvari lands to suffer from the poisoning. She added all she knew of the Lotus of Light and urges that druids be sent to the swamp to propagate it, and warriors sent to protect both Druids and flowers. She speaks about burning all infected creatures immediately. She adds about the Goblin’s reaction about being hit on the head by a diseased acorn. When every piece of information she can think of is set to paper she adds one more line, set in a bold printed style and not in her usual fluid script.

It is my belief that the there is a far more sinister and powerful presence behind this initial attack. Its insidious aspect is far beyond the ability of Goblin minds to develop.

This paper she copies and the original is folded and inserted into her previous letter. Then she pens another missive to the High Druid with the same information about the poisoned trees, but is was not the only thing she writes of, as much as she did not want to lose Comrade too, she knew that when they got to the mountains it would be no place for a half-grown colt, Moonhorse or not. She alerts him that she maybe sending Comrade down there, if it could be arranged.

When this is done she goes to find Comrade wherever he is and for a while just stands with him, touching him, so as not to feel so alone.

Later she finds the Steward of the Runya Nost she asks for a number of things to be done before she goes off in the morning. “I need a horse,” she says a flatly as possible, not wanting to dwell too long on the reason she needed it. “a set of clothes if possible, and lastly I must have a courier to relay a message case from here to Lote-Ishtel and they must send it on immediately to Sillarion Somien Enrai with a letter to the High King and one to the High Druid, Have the courier ready to leave at dawn tomorrow. I will give them the messages then.”

“Also, Sir, I would like to address the assembly of the Tower, in the bailey at dawn tomorrow, I wish to honor the fallen guards.”

With that said she returns to her room. There she gives her prayers of gratitude for her deliverance to all the gods she had called on, most of all to the Light who had answered her once on the River of Light when she had been fighting for the life of the Comrade’s mother and her own.

She had been sent out from Megilindar Nost to learn of what the Goblins were doing in the Charkhan Mountains, and found that they had already invaded Sylvaria.

Before going to sleep another tumble of words came to her and with deft strokes of her pen she lined the paper, scribed the notes in them and then wrote the words under the notes, three verses of them. It was not the whole song she scribed, but that would be written later.

That night she slept again and woke in the dark of the morning, by the light of a lamp she dressed and prepared for travel, taking the time to clean and oil her blade. She put the letter and the papers she wanted sent together and the other papers she wanted copied and disseminated. Downstairs a servant stood ready with a plate of food and a cup of warm mulled cider another servant took her saddlebags outside. Elessarae ate knowing she needed to. She then found the Steward and handed him the packet to go to the king and the other papers.

“This one is an account of the tree and should be copied and sent to every tower, city, town and village. The others are a copies of the my eulogy and a bit of a song

Outside others were already gathered. There was a black mare with a star on her face wearing her saddlebags, next to her was Comrade, though he seemed to resent the black. Could he be upset it was not Gharion, or was he jealous that another horse was in his place? She noted some faces, Luronya, and the Guard Captain that sent her out of the tower to go to the village for a place to sleep that seemed a life time ago, even the artist that had drawn her picture with Gharion and Comrade in the garden.

She stood on the steps and saw many more faces that she thought would be here. Comrade moved up the steps to her and no one stopped him. Elessarae put her hand on his neck and murmured her thank you.

“This is for those who risked all to save you,” her voice rang out in the courtyard as crisp and clear as the morning air, “though one fact I left out. You know we faced a Troll, and thought him to be the greatest danger we faced, and for Hivalus and Mirnando he was, but he was only a captive driven by the Goblins to do their bidding. Once free he saved the life of Luronya, bringing her safely to me. If you see a Troll about and he answers to the name of Goroptk, than salute him and let him continue to hunt goblins.”

“Now for the rest, this is for those that died and well as for those that remain.”

“For the Sake of the Sylvari

For the Sake of the Sylvari four set out, to put an enemy to route,
A mage and two guards with her, and a newly made Bladesinger.
To fight a foe and heal a tree.

And to the village they came, the village without a name,
For those who lived there had died and no one cried
As all were dead.

To face an overwhelming force, two guards went out of course,
It was their duty and they died and one cried out,
For the shame of it.

Scores of Goblins and a Troll, did take their toll.
The guards had little chance, so great was the enemies’ advance.
They gave their lives for the Sylvari.

Their sacrifice helped to save the day, helped keep the enemy at bay
For Bladesinger and Mage, had their own battles to wage,
Until the day was won.

By the Grace of the Deities of Good, at the end of the day two still stood
To see the poisoned tree set right, with a Potion of the Lotus of Light,
For the sake of the Sylvari.

The day was done, the battle won, with the setting of the sun.
Time to return, time to rest, having passed another test.
Two went back where four had come.

Say their names with pride, the two guards that died,
For the Sylvari they did save, Hivalus the Bold and Mirnando the Brave.
Salute them, all Sylvari.

And forget not Luronya the still standing Mage who singly faced a Troll enraged.
Her magics helped to save the day and cause the Goblins to run away.
She, too, saved the Sylvari.

And Gharion who carried me from the start, his loss broke my heart
Valiant steed that he was, died for the cause
Leaving Comrade and I alone.

Oh, I lament for those that died, I am the one who for them cried.
Oh, why did they die alone, so far from their home?
Oh, where were the Sylvari?

Rise up Sylvari, defend you land, the enemy is now at hand
Take sword and bow, hunt them high and low.
The Sylvari are under attack.”

She lets her words sink in, lets each of them react to what they heard.

While they do Elessarae moves down the stairs and to the horse, as the top of Flame Tower goes red gold in the first rays of the sun.

As she take the reins from the groom holding the horse, he whispers her name to Elessarae, “Her name is Morya.” Comrade crowds in on her and Elessarae put out her hand to stroke hi face. “Gharion is no more, and you are not old enough to ride.” She speaks to him as if he could understand.

Automatically she checks cinch and packs and swings lightly into the saddle. Then she draws her sword in the clear morning air and thrusts it upwards

“The time of complacent isolation is gone, The Sylvari must gird for war.” Elessarae voice rings out,

(to the chorus of Men of Harlech)

Rise Sylvari, guard your Forests!
War has come both Dread and Glorious.
We must stand and be Victorious,
Warriors of the Light.

Rise Sylvari, to defend us
Least the enemy do rend us
Doing all that is horrendous
In this, they must fail.

Rise Sylvari, take your Stand,
Cast out the Evil from our Land,
With Sword and Bow now in Hand,
Warriors of the Light.

As she sings the verses of the yet unfinished Battle Hymn the sun reaches the tip of her sword and lights it like a fire.

With the song ended she sheathes her shining blade, then one of the Mages comes up to her holding out a vial of a shining liquid, a second potion of the Lotus of Light, he then passes her a scarf to wrap around it as padding. This Elessarae puts into her belt pouch. She nods to the assembly, spins the mare about and rides out of the gate of Runya Nost with Comrade at her side. She turns the mare to the North road urges her to a canter. Elessarae wanted to do two days travel in one to make up for lost time and because sleeping alone at night would be too dangerous and the next town was two days away.

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 04:43:56.
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So, Draven recognized the word, and it was more than just a simple word of unknown origing but instead a name. Did this have something to do with his painful past, could it help her heal the man's soul?

"The source of my guidance should be known to you be now. I am more concerned, however, at what this name has to do with you. Has it not been long enough for you to start trusting somebody? Why not start with me?"

She put a soothing touch in her words and reached up to storke the the warrior's face as she finished he question.

Posted on 2007-12-14 at 19:20:27.

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Geim puts his ax away and moves over to Malius.

"Here now Laddie. Let me treats those wounds of yours."

Geim cleans and dreses Malius's wounds and then gives him the best healing he has left.

"Right beat up ,poost of us are DOn't know how Draven got off without any serious injures. He took on the one beastie himself and killed it dead. He walked, no staggered out as ye were climbing up the wall."

"Run into a few problems yourself lad did ye. seems this thing spreads by one beastie feeding on an infected beastie. Bad business that. There will be more I bet but we cannpt do anything more today Perhaps we can find a way to lock this place up tight for the night and get the rest we all need."

If Geim has it, he will use cure disease on Malius since he was bitten by that flying maggot.

Posted on 2007-12-15 at 05:38:22.

Typing Furiously
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Last week at the tower

Londelirinen Kingdom
Sylvari village
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:26 pm

Morya proved a fine horse, but not as special as Gharion had been. She took the terrain with power, but it was hard here at the borders of the Chakran Mountains. The forest sloped up and down, grew thin at times, wilder a moment later. The ground was mushy, saturated with water from the nearby river. It was impossible to keep the black mare at high speed and not wear her out.

In the evening of the same day she arrived at the bank of the Duin Shee Dalnya, the River of the Fairy Footprints. The story of this river’s naming was one Elessarae could not recall, but she had heard of the reputation of these waters. It appeared a calm river, looking shallow and undeep. But it was false to believe so.

The next crossing was a few miles westward, and the bladesinger followed the path along the river. She crossed the bridge over the river when the moon had already begun to rise, and it was then that she noted a glitter across the water. Comrade had noticed it as well, and he stepped closer in curiosity.

Suddenly three silver glowing orbs sprang from the surface, like inverted drops of rain reflecting the light of the moon a dozen times stronger. They were fairies of the river, and they showed a remarkable interest in Comrade’s skin, light as it was in the moon's glow.

Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:45 pm

Lady Quilanday and Loda moved into the tower. Gothard followed a few feet behind them. They found what had already been described to them earlier that day: a devastation that left little to search.

The Sylvari bladesinger took the flask of ale from Loda now, and took a big draught from its contents in a very un-Sylvari way.

“Good stuff.” She mumbled as she handed it back. Then she went forward with her search.

Apparently she had a good idea of what she was looking for. She explained again that she was here because she hoped the sages of this tower would be able to tell her something more about these strange creatures that attacked Sylvari all over the empire.

Floor after floor they crossed, but finally the lady stopped in a room with overturned book-shelves. A dead demonic bear lay on top of a series of closets that had hosted a part of the tower’s library. Its hide was burnt, and a massive hole in its flank displayed its organs, maggots already feasting upon them. Strange growths, similar to those on the badger of Birch-Root, sprouted from its body.
The wall of this room was covered in drawings and sketches. They displayed maps with symbols on them, or strange white willows and creatures like the bear and the badger; twisted in a horribly unnatural form.

“There must be something here that can help us.” Quilanday whispered.


Up in the tower, Malius was healed by Geimiedefher, who kept a suspicious eye on the ranger. Not that he did not trust Malius, but the warrior had been in direct contact with infected creatures. Twice in one day.

The cleric was running out of powerful healing spells rapidly. Still, Malius’ wounds were not that serious, except one on his leg. It looked like the tissue had been sucked out from under the skin through that opening, but after a few prayers to Kharox, the leg miraculously reformed into its old state.

But Geim was still not satisfied. If he could, he would’ve used a divine spell on the ranger that would cure any disease that could be rampaging in Malius’ body now. But he had not prayed for that spell this morning, and he could not conjure it up spontaneously, as he could healing spells. That night, he would be keeping an eye on the dark skinned Syl.


At the bottom of the tower, another interesting development occurred. The tower was secured, but many questions remained. Alyssia was determined to learn more, if not about the tower, then from this dark soul before her.
Draven had eluded her enough. It was time for them to share, and draw closer to each other, for that was the only way to his salvation, so she believed. And salvation he needed, that much was obvious.

As the sun began to sink behind the trees, a question arose for all of them. Where were they going to stay the night? Would they remain in the tower, or continue their journey until night had fully claimed the forest?

(OOC: I suggest you all read each other’s part here. I want you guys to find whatever useful information there is, so that next time, I know where to take you. We’ve spent enough time in this tower, I believe. If anybody wants to search whatever part of the tower, let me know.)

Posted on 2007-12-15 at 10:20:02.
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Pain is not Evil, Evil is not Pain

"The source of my guidance should be known to you be now. I am more concerned, however, at what this name has to do with you. Has it not been long enough for you to start trusting somebody? Why not start with me?"

As her hand reached for his face, he brought his own up and caught her wrist before she could touch him. His gleaming, golden eyes remained locked on hers as he lowered her hand back to her side. Crossing his arms over his chest he peered down at her, as if inspecting her. A smirk slowly carved its way across his face. So she seemed only to know the name of Avesaath.

“Your guidance gives you names but not reasons?”

He let the question linger a moment.

“Why not trust you?”

He paused a moment, as if mulling over the question.

“Why not trust the servant of a God?”

His eyes burned as he looked into her face. His brow furrowed and his jaw locked in anger.

“We come from two different worlds, priestess. You are favored and I am fallen. If you knew my tale, you would not wish to…help me. Infact I daresay your most holy goddess would demand I be smitten..or whatever it is you do to the fell and the evil..Blind us with light no doubt. My name is Dera’Vaine Iru Dantes. Does the black speech mean nothing to you? There is no saving me. My fate is carved into the most noxious brimstone of the darkest depths of the nine hells. It was written a lifetime ago…by a man nolonger living, with a name that is dead, with a decision I cannot regret. You serve a godess; and I tell you now. The Gods have in interest in saving me. All that can come from it is my already inevitable destruction, and…”

His voice dropped. A hint of what might be sorrow, or perhaps exhaustion played at it.

“You would only be hurt…”

His eyes remained locked on her.

“If your goddess wished for you to save me, she would tell you my tale herself; but for me to drag you into this…you strike at what little conscience I have retained. I do not wish to cause you such hurt.”

Posted on 2007-12-15 at 15:55:58.

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And Honesty Shall Set You Free

They stood so close together as she peered up into his eyes, he was so much taller than she. Alyssia could see something there that was breaking and wishing to be let out and that just did not wish to be contained any longer. But here was a man that fought it, fought the two parts of himself; one part wallowing in the darkness in self-pity and the other that struggles to be free from the darkness's stain.

She waited for him to finish, waited for the pause to be greater than a momentary hesitation.

"You call me a priestess, but I am not such. You call me favored but I am not that either. I am a servant, trading my life for that of others, having begun this life in a bargain to save one that I had held dear in a time that seems so long ago. I do not regret this decision, but it requires me to have faith that one day I will have again all that I have given up. Perhaps it will be in another life.

"Faith is what gudes me. I do not know all, am not told all. The gods know your story, Dera’Vaine Iru Dantes. I know not this dark speech that you speak of. It is not the gods that have an interest in saving you, but just one to my knowledge. She has led me here, into your path. We both have come from lives that cannot be reclaimed.

"Perhaps, though, we can form new lives that mean something. I have found some meaning in the life that I now lead, and it is time that you do the same. What has been written cannot be erased, but the story is not yet over. There are still pages to be written in the life of Draven IreDante. Each new page is blank, each new day brings boundless possibilities. Perhaps tomorrow is to be the final chapter, we may never know. But we must have faith that the gods will guide us through the darkness.

"Just as a parent guides their child, they cannot tell them everything. Every child must make their own mistakes, and it is never to late to correct the imbalance that our mistakes have made and make amends. I am not afraid of whatever darkness your soul may hide. But it yours to tell me, not Lysora's. She will keep your secret from me, for it is not hers to let loose."

Alyssia just kept her hands down by her side. Her chest rose up and down from the longwinded speech, her usually being a person of such few words. Alyssia's hands remained clenched at her side, not knowing what to do with them and fearing to risk a second refusal from the man that now stood before her.

Posted on 2007-12-15 at 17:24:44.

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Loda and Gothard searched the tower with Lady Quilanday and they bi passed gruosome blood stained halls, furniture tossed around, all sites of gruesome battles. Loda smiled as the Lady took a swig from her flask. She followed suit and took a sip her self, and put it away. They couldnt be to tipsy if any trouble came by.
They kept on moving until they came into one room with the floor littered with shelves and other furniture, but all were covered by a massive dead bear. Its side spilled out over the floor with maggots feasting on them already. She grimaced at the site, but then regained her composure.

“There must be something here that can help us.”

Loda agreed. The signs all over the walls, some of which she recognized, had to have some clues hidden in them, or maybe something the bear laid on. She decided she would search there.

" I'll go and search around the dead bear. Better to get that job out of the way now then save it for last."

Loda started walking towards the bear, ready to search around and as far underneath as she could go.

Posted on 2007-12-16 at 15:16:22.

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Elessarae and the Fairies

Londelirinen Kingdom
Duin Shee Dalnya
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:26 pm

Fairies, as a child Elessarae had longed to meet one having only seen them from a distance when she had been watching some Moon Horses on a visit to their river. It did not matter to her that Elves viewed Fairy Folk and capricious as much as humans considered elves the same way. She was entranced by their delicate appearances, with their diaphanous wings and their exquisite bodies as shown in drawings of them.

Now it seem the creatures were as interested in Comrade as he was of them.

“Good evening to you Duin Shee (River Fairies), I am sorry if we disturbed you.” Elessarae gave a polite bow of her head.

“We are seeking a safe place to rest for the night. Is such a place nearby? Our travels has been long and difficult and we are in need of rest. Elessarae knew it was foolish to try to go further in the night, but she also wanted a safe place to rest.

Elessarae moves Morya up so she can drink. She pats the mare on the neck and loosen the reins enough so she had reach down and drink from the edge of the river.

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A Healing freely given

As Malius reached the stairs he was about to proceed downwards when he felt the hand of Geim on his shoulder.

"Here now Laddie. Let me treats those wounds of yours."

Within a few moments the aches and pains from the climb and the wounds he had taken both within and outside were healed and the Sylvari Ranger once again felt good.

“Thank you Geim you need not have done so, for though we travel together, I am but still a stranger to you all. But I thank you nonetheless for your healing and your timely arrival; if not for you and Thondrek I would have been dire pressed to stop that creature.”

With thank you’s once again having been given the Ranger followed by Geim and Thondrek moved downstairs only to find that the Bladesinger and Loda had moved inside. Not wanting to disturb them he watched and waited for one of the two dwarves with him to speak, or continue to the towers outside area.....

Posted on 2007-12-22 at 03:39:34.
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Geim-Calling a halt

The healing is granted by Kradox, me lad, I only do his work. Now let us rejoin the other and figure out what we are doing next.

Geim makes his way downstairs behind Malius and Thondrek. You two keep in front.

"Huummm, going down these steps is as hard and going up and. I will use you two stout lads to stop me rolling all the way doo'n to the bottom, if I misstep." Geim adds with a hardy guffaw at his own joke.

Down at the bottom Geim steps off the stairs last and looks around to the party. "Where be Craven and Althea and what are we planning to do next? Just to let you no I be thinking about settling down her for the night sealing this place up tight and getting a good night rest. There be beds and tables and a fireplace. It should do us well enough after that last body be gotten out of here as we did the others."

Posted on 2007-12-22 at 04:21:36.

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everything's weird.

Alloryen Kingdom
Duin Shee Dalnya riverbank
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
9:06 pm

The three fairies hovered around Comrade a little longer before turning their attention to Elessarae. She was standing with Morya at the riverbank now, watching the mare drink. Now they came closer and manoeuvred in front of her face. Apparently they had a problem hanging still, and through their constantly tangled patterns it was hard to see them clearly.

From one of the orbs of silver light came a giggle, followed by a sudden rush along the riverbank. A few yards away it stopped, and danced around in one spot. When Elessar came closer, she noted that there was a dry spot between the roots of an immense tree. It was covered in long grass and big enough to host both herself and the horses. The fairies giggled once more, and darted back under the surface of the river without a splash.

Later that night Elessar woke up from a dream filled with goblins cutting Sylvari throats while giggling like fairies. It took her a second to realize that the giggling continued. Looking around, she noticed Morya standing nearby with closed eyes. Comrade was missing.

She saw him where they first met the fairies. The young stallion was surrounded by at least five glowing orbs of silver light. He appeared to be dancing at first, jumping back and forth and kicking his legs around. But the moonlight reflected a glare in his eyes that told the bladesinger enough. Now she looked better she noticed how they dove at his skin and clung to it until he knocked them off. Whenever a fairy released her grip, it seemed to be ripping a part of his glowing skin along.

Alloryen Kingdom
The Exaulted Tower
2nd day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
5:45 pm

They had spent the evening at the tower’s lowest layer, taking turns in keeping a watchful eye. The spirit of death had not released its grasp over the building yet, and though it would scare off wild animals, it might attract more dreadful things.

Still, the evening past without incidents, and when the morning came, bleak and damp, they raised their stiff bodies for another day of travelling.

Searches from the evening before had not brought them any further clues, but lady Quilanday was set on having the strange drawings and maps from the library examined by expert at the Emperor’s court. Shortly after rising she announced her departure.

“You are a brave band of adventurers, lending your aid when it is not profitable. It is this fact that lifts you to the status of heroes. Continue your quest, knowing that the Sylvari are grateful!”

With these last words she mounted her horse and rode of into the woods.

For the companions, there was nothing more to do than continue their journey towards the Chakran Mountains. They were halfway the Alloryen Kingdom already, and their goal was getting closer.

The forest seemed peaceful at first, but Loda perceived the small hints that something was terribly wrong. Soon the others started noticing it too. It started with spots on the ground, stains of dried blood but no corpses to justify them. Then there were uprooted bushes and later trees that were knocked over as if a large creature had made its path there. They saw trees with leaves brown and mouldy, as if they were decomposing before released from their bearers. On closer inspection, these trees had all been gnawed on by something with long teeth, and their opened bark displayed an orange green resin.

Later they stumbled upon an abandoned village, very similar to Birch-Root. The villagers had left in a hurry, leaving belongings and a trail of hasty prints. In the immediate surroundings they found more blood stains and the bodies of two Sylvari men ripped to pieces, but left to decay. A few minutes later they found a similar body, a female this time, on the bank of the Glittering Maiden River.

They crossed the river, and moved with growing caution. The sun went down again, and night impregnated the forest with an even creepier atmosphere. It was too quiet and misty. Every now and then their camp was stalked by unseen creatures. They could hear breathing or panting in the fog, but there were never any tracks. Still, they got safely through the night.

The next day brought them no relief either. The forest was glum, and no other travellers walked the paths any more. At midday they were startled when a boar suddenly jumped from the bushes and onto the path. Its leap was more like a frog’s, and it landed on legs that were too long. Dark eyes glared at them for a minute, and a mouth with twisted tusks opened. The creature retched and a red cloud of gas fogged from its throat. Then the creature jumped from the path, and disappeared into the forest. The cloud of red mist grew and spread over the ground, gliding in every direction. Very soon it would reach the companions too.

Posted on 2007-12-22 at 13:21:30.

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Later that night Elessar woke up from a dream filled with goblins cutting Sylvari throats while giggling like fairies. It took her a second to realize that the giggling continued. Looking around, she noticed Morya standing nearby with closed eyes. Comrade was missing.

She saw him where they first met the fairies. The young stallion was surrounded by at least five glowing orbs of silver light. He appeared to be dancing at first, jumping back and forth and kicking his legs around. But the moonlight reflected a glare in his eyes that told the bladesinger enough. Now she looked better she noticed how they dove at his skin and clung to it until he knocked them off. Whenever a fairy released her grip, it seemed to be ripping a part of his glowing skin along.

“Nooooooo!” She screams and leaping up with sword in hand, as she had been sleeping with it drawn and her hand on the hilt, she races along the river bank to Comrade. There is death in her eyes, if any of those fairies had hurt the young Moonhorse. What could have come over them, yet one thought comes to mind as she runs towards them, had the Fairies been mutated by one of the poisoned trees? Her heart in pounding faster then her feet as she races to Comrade’s defense. When she gets there she gets close to the colt swinging her sword to keep the creatures away from him. If indeed they are attacking him she goes to attacking them.

At one point she will pull off her cloak with her off hand and try to throw it over the fairies trying to trap some of them in the heavy material, if that does not work she will through the cloak over Comrade to help shield him. If there is a moment she will cast Flare, if there is no time she will keep to a physical attack on them. If she can catch one of the fairies on Comrade she will smack it with the flat of the blade to crush it against the young stallion.

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fairy massacre?

Alloryen Kingdom
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9:06 pm

When Elessar came closer, there was no longer any doubt in her mind. The fairies were indeed after Comrade’s skin, even though the young horse was not ready to part with it yet.

She entered the battle with her sword high, ready to pulverize the little creatures. Her first swing was an immediate hit, and one of the fairies flickered and fell on the river in two parts. But another one of the fairies dove past the bladesinger and aided her sister in tearing Comrade’s skin. They managed to form a tear with their fingers and ripped off a piece of hide the size of Elessar’s thumb. They held on to it together and dove into the water, only to return a moment later, while Comrade was still screaming.
In the meantime, Elessarae Isiliri, tested warrior, attempted another hack at one of the fairies, but missed widely. Then one of the creatures sprayed a silver fountain of lights over her, and for a second she had to avert her eyes. Fortunately, she was not affected by it in any other way.

When she had adjusted to the darkness once more, she changed her tactics. Flinging around her cloak made it hard for the fairies to come close, but was also as tiring as fighting and did not seem to demoralize the fey creatures. More of them showed up now, their numbers slowly growing to what could be called a swarm. Comrade pranced high on his legs and kicked wildly with his hooves, then bit into Elessar’s sleeve and pulled her away from the swarming fairies.
Showers of lights rained over them as the spirits of the river attempted to stop them, but their enchantments were too weak.

(OOC: ok, new choice: run or fight the fairies as a swarm.)

Posted on 2007-12-29 at 17:53:53.

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Elesssarae is in tears as she fights to save Comrade, as much as she does not was to kill the poor creatures, who must have been tainted by the terrible poison she can do nothing else to save the colt, but kill the fairies attacking him.

"Great Adaron, how could you let these innocents come to such a plight," she cries out. When more appear and she knows that they are near impossible to hit because of their size and maneuverablility, she makes a decision to run instead of fight.

Elessarar throwns her cloak over Comrade's back and calling to him races back to her camp. She throws her tack onto Morae's back and grabs up her halter rope as she tightens the saddle. She then grabs a burning branch from her fire to use on the fairies as need and then takes to the road in the dead of night jogging with Morae and Comrade in tow. She does her best to keep Comrade's body covered with the cloak, tying it around his neck and the tying the front ends under his belly while they walk if needed.

She is hoping the fairies can not go far from the water. If they do come after her she will mount and try to outdistance them on the road. She knows there is a town a days, in this case a night's ride away. If they had to she would go the whole night to be there by morning.

When is seems safe, she will pause to heal Comrade and even take out the vial of the Lotus potion and touch it to the wounds trying to use it sparingly. She will not let the colt surcome to being infected by the seeming tainted faries.

Tears fall as she tends Comrade, tears fall for the fairies, including the one she killed. But she quickly dashed them away and walks, jogs and rides through the night afraid there was a tainted tree somewhere near the river. Only that could explain the attack of the fairies. No stories of fairies acting as they did had ever been spoken or murmured otherwise there would have been a trail sign warning of danger as one neared the river, and there was none.

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Sorry about no post last week, busy Holiday

With the appearance of the frog like boar Malius bow was to hand and he was reading an arrow to fire. But as fast as the creature had appeared it once again leaped away leaving in its place a cloud of reddish mist.

“Everyone back, we know not what this mist is or mayhap what poison it carries”

Moving backwards Malius did not take his eyes off the approaching mist watching to see if it had a possible life of its own. Hoping the rest of the party would do the same and retreat the Ranger, bow in hand, arrow knocked did not take his eyes off the mist to check on them.
After having seen the changes, and the speed of those changes, in the maggot at the tower the Syl was in no mind to disregard anything as strange as the mist before them.

(OOC: Ok though a few people have talked about going through the mist in the Q/A since no one posted as such I did not add those actions to this post.
On a side note I can‘t seem to remember are we on horseback or walking thanks)

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