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A Malius Post Whoo Hoo!!

Malius his bow still aimed at the newcomer watched silently as the other members of the party responded to the man’s questions about Draven.
He almost laughed out loud when Draven himself responded pretty much putting the newcomer in his place. Malius had to hand it to him, Draven sure did know how to put a person into place including me, the Ranger thought to himself, a sarcastic smile breaking through.

His bow lowered, yet still loosely knocked, he waited for someone to make the next move his eyes roving constantly around yet seemed to find their way back to the young new Bladesinger, Elessarae he thought he had heard her called, time and again.

As Malius waited the talk continued with the Lady Quilanday finally looking to Wolf, and seeing the man had clearly cooled down a bit, called to them all.

“We can’t linger too much on distrust. We find ourselves in a situation where we are not all acquainted, but we all have the same goal. Now how will we go about finding this tree? I think it’s more important to find the tree than finding the monster. If we don’t find the source of this tragedy, there will be more monsters before we know it.”

“I know where that tree is.” Wolf replied dryly. “I can take you, if you are ready.”

“Then lead on stranger let us not hold you up.” Malius spoke up for the first eager to be done with this terror. His gear never having left him he was as ready as he was going to be to move out.

Posted on 2008-03-08 at 06:06:34.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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there it is... well

Alloryen Kingdom
Hith Elee
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
10:45 am

Wolf was ready to go, but Quilanday had a few things to say.

“Geimiedefher, we cannot simply cut down the tree. Its roots and chips would continue to spoil the earth, and the hardship of healing it would be even greater.”

She turned to Elessarae. “I know the Flame Keep has interrogated your goblin, but he seemed to be ignorant of details that could help us. As for protected gear, unless you have an idea how to make the items you just named we need to work with what we have. I don’t think any of us is capable of casting a spell to make us fly.”

As nobody said otherwise (I assume), she finally faced the warrior Wolf again. “You have seen the tree, what can we expect?”

“I don’t know,” came the surprising answer. “I haven’t seen it. I’ve never been near it, but I can bring you straight to its location. Call it intuition.”

“Alright, I suppose that answer will have to do. Let’s go now, if we have everything we need?”

(Time to get supplies that you can specify in the Q/A. I’ll let you know what you can find, and what you cannot find)
When Wolf went around the corner of the inn, Quilanday whispered to them: “We follow him, but I don’t trust him one bit. Be ready for the unexpected.”

Wolf seemed to know very well where to go for somebody who had never been to their destination. He lead them through the village, which caused Aluwego to grab the nearest person by the arm, Loda in this case, and breathe in short gasps every time he saw a Sylvari body. Everyone in the group could now clearly see that not all the bodies were mutilated. Some seemed to have just given in, as if the soul had been harmed rather than the flesh.

The journey continued, leaving the village behind. The trees looked healthy and bright in the rising day. The air was calm and the forest seemed at peace. But there were no birds to sing praise to the beauty surrounding them. There were no squirrels jumping from branch to branch, finding food and each other. The forest lacked wildlife, and without it, it was a desolate place.

But if Wolf noticed he didn’t show. He walked in a steady pace, never slowing down or speeding up; making turns and following an unknown lead without a path or compass.
After twenty minutes of non stop hiking he suddenly stopped and drew his sword. He didn’t say anything, but looked straight ahead. The forest was thick, and vision was limited. Without a sound a sudden wave went through the bushes on the right. They burst open and in the midst of a cloud of leafs, a big reptile leapt up and knocked the warrior down. It turned on its heels and opened its mouth wide in a silent roar. They could all feel how a sudden pulse went through their bodies, tightening muscles in spasms and uncontrolled reflexes. But most of them were able to shrug it off. Draven and Elessarae however, found their senses dulled, and their bodies unwilling to cooperate. They stood their, paralyzed, while the others had to deal with this monster. Aluwego seemed to suffer from a similar effect, because he was frozen with his arms held up to protect his face.
Quilanday yelled something, but the words didn’t reach the ears of the other members of the group. They were all on their own now.

(OOC: You cannot communicate with each other since a silence hangs over the area that can’t be penetrated. The order of walking is: Wolf, Quilanday, Elessarae, Thondrek, Malius, Geim, Loda, Draven.)

Posted on 2008-03-08 at 11:23:26.

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Malius's actions rd 1

Malius was quick, his bow having been ready for some time with an arrow nocked raised and fired, a quick reload and a second arrow was fired within a matter of seconds. (Two shots per round)
It was then that the Ranger noticed for the first time the lack of sound and that Draven and the Bladesinger Elessarae seemed to be not be able to move. With Draven behind him and the Bladesinger to his front he quickly moved to place her behind him, and to cover Draven until whatever it was keeping them paralyzed was gone. Arrows nocked for his next round of fire Malius was ready.....

Posted on 2008-03-10 at 03:38:00.
Edited on 2008-03-10 at 03:39:16 by TannTalas

RDI Fixture +1
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Loda watched as a newcomer came around the tavern,and a commotion occurd. Wanting to know why Draven wasnt attacked, the sylvari man pressed and pressed for the info, only getting an answer he would barely take. Loda watched with Gothard this new man, and wondered why he was here, and not attacked himself. But Now was not the time for questioning the loyalty of the people around them, and only watched as everyone spoke at once on three different subjects. Whether it be ale, pixies, lizards, or a giant evil tree, all of it was combining together giving her a headache. Then the sudden sobs of a sylvari man came into earshot! But she could not blame him, for everything he had ever known was taken away.

She leaned up against the tavern and took a swig of her ale, hoping to drown out the noise. She squirted some into the mouth of Gothard, feeling sorry for his super sensitive doggy ears. But then something caught her ear. The talk of actually going to the tree. She perked up and listened in. Apparently this 'wolf' knew how to get there, but have never been there. Intuition he calls it. Bah,the only real intution to Loda is womans intuition. No man could have as good Intuition...Unless.....

Loda chuckled. The thought made her laugh, and move closer, taking another swig. Now they would be moving out to the tree, collecting some items as they made their way out of the town. But before she could get out she was attack! But by the young sylvari who could not get grips on himself, and only on her. But if it made him feel better, then she did not mind him clinging on. He might of been kinda cute even, if the entire situation was different.

But soon they all found themselves going through the woods, and Lodas druid senses were tingling. The whole forest was alive with nothing, forests animals missing from every corner. It was unnatural, impure, evil. The path narrowed so they had to hike in loose files, until they stopped.

Wolf was leading, and he drew his sword, then was leaped upon by a massive lizard. The urge to freeze and stop what she was doing almost over took her, but she held on, and mentally ordered Gothard to attack as she draws her axe and shield, ready to fight along side him.

Posted on 2008-03-11 at 23:47:54.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Geim heft the solid weight of he dwarven war axe in his handax in his right hand and his shield gets lifted up high and he takea a good look at on the beast. But before he moves he casts Bless.

Level: 0th S/D:5 BnsSpl:1 6 CMinorW DC: 14
Level: 1st S/D:3 BnsSpl:1 = 2 Bless 2 CLW DC: 15
Level: 2nd S/D:2 BnsSpl:1 = 2 CMW 1 spiritual weapon DC: 16
Level: 3rd S/D:1 BnsSpl:1 = 2 Cure Serious DC: 17

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 04:43:25.
Edited on 2008-03-15 at 06:02:50 by Brianna

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Before leaving the inn she will gather an extra cloaks, and take the boots from the dead innkeeper, who had a big foot, and then rub them all over with oil or lard.

Having fought the Demonic Owls, Elessarae knew some of what the MAOUS were capable of and when the malaise came over her body, she instinctively fought it. But it was not a physical fight at first. The silent roar had paralyzed her, almost, but her mine was clear and with that came a flood of thought. First was that she could possible still sing, with the she could inspire her comrades. From deep in the well of her mind came words that she had once read.

He started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it.

Elessar brought to mind a simple round that had been used by a music teacher she had taken lessons with, She was try to teach a group of children how to sing their part of the song while other were singing a different part. For that a special concentration was needed, though having to listen to the other singers to start on cue and then to keep the rhythm and tempo, one also had to keep mind of their own part of the song and sing it while others sang theirs.

So it was she began that song, first in her mind.

"Heaven and Earth may cease to exist, but the musician, but the musician, but the musician always persists."

While she sings she will delve deep to bring her muscles into control, first by trying hand gestures that had been taught to her to go with the song. Over and over she built the song until she pushed it into her throat, and with that she hopes to regain control of her body.

If she can sing it aloud, she will then switch to her battle song and use it to inspire courage.

If she can sing aloud:

(to the chorus of Men of Harlech If you want to hear what it is like go to there is a quick intro)

Rise Sylvari, guard your Forests!
War has come both Dread and Glorious.
We must stand and be Victorious,
Warriors of the Light.

Rise Sylvari, to defend us
Least the enemy do rend us
Doing all that is horrendous
In this, they must fail.

Stand we now with Fervor
In this great Endeavor
Weapons ready, warriors steady,
We face the gruesome foe now before us

Sylvari Warriors, on to glory
See your battle standards famed in story
Waves these buring words before ye,
"Sylvaria shall not yield!

Rise Sylvari, take your Stand,
Cast out the Evil from our Land,
With Sword and Bow now in Hand,
Warriors of the Light.

If she can control her body she will join the fight against the creature. If she does not have enough control to be an effective fighter, she will go to the tree and use the vial on it; protecting her self by putting on the extra cloak and the oiled/larded boots.

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 05:38:55.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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sucky post, but hey....

Alloryen Kingdom
East of Hith Elee
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
11:05 am

After the creature’s unheard roar it struck the companions that they could not communicate. It took them a little while longer to realize the impact the silence had on their skills as a team.

Loda ran in first, drawing her axe as she went. Gothard moved his head in his neck in a howl before running in, but there came no sound to inspire fear in his opponent. He flung himself at the lizard and bit down into its flank, drawing blood.
(Loda herself couldn’t deal a hit because she doesn’t have a the Quickdraw feat. Next round she will).
Quilanday called out without result as well, and stepped into the battle with her rapier. She jabbed it at the lizard and punctured his flank, only inches away from where Gothard had bitten down.
Geimiedefher knew what his comrades needed: a little encouragement from the Almighty Creator! He started the incantation that would Bless them all. But he soon found that his spell would not reach beyond the silence barrier. Even though he tried, he could not find a connection with Kharox, and was left desolated.

Wolf got up reached for his sword. He flung it at the creature a little too wild, and he missed it by three feet. Elessarae stood grounded, but her mind raced in an attempt to think her way out of the paralysis. She recalled an old tune that would definitely inspire courage into her friends. But she struck another obstacle, besides the absence of sound; she was unable to move, and her lips could not form words. In fact, she found that she could not move at all.
(Your mind is now the only thing working, as your muscles do not do anything but the bare necessities to live.)
The creature then lashed out with its talons at Quilanday. They cut through her armour and dug deep into her skin. She wanted to pull back, but the claws had her hooked and was unable to retreat. The monster’s long jaws closed over her shoulder and bit down hard. Although the heroes couldn’t hear her scream, they could feel the pain stream from her agonized face.
Draven too wanted to join the battle, but he found himself incapable of moving.

Finally Malius grabbed two arrows and knocked them after each other, but he wasn’t fast enough. His first arrow hit the creature square in the leg though, and it took a step backwards, releasing Quilanday from its hold.
(You need either the Manyshot feat, or a higher level to shoot 2 arrows in one round.)
(OOC: that was the first round of combat. The creature is bleeding, but so is Quilanday. Thondrek didn’t do anything since Kaelyn didn’t post. Draven and Elessarae didn’t do anything because they are paralysed for an unknown number of rounds, and Geim’s spell didn’t work because of the area silence.)

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 11:32:57.

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Sorry!! please forgive my not posting..

Thondrek, snapping out of whatever daze had befuddled him, donned his Guisarme and slashed at the creature from behind the immediate melee combatants. How he wished he could speak for he was cussing up a storm, but for now, he would be happy with a little lizard blood spilt upon his blade.

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 13:29:47.

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Elessarae is bereft that she can do nothing to help her friends and defend Sylvaria. She had made an oath to do just that, calling on the deities of Light and Good to hear her vow. Now she was paralyzed as her comrades were under attack by the foul beast that had decimated the village of Hith Elee

"Aina'Vakha (Holy Guardian)” her mind cries out in fervored and heartfilled prayer, “aid me to break that which causes me to break my vow to my land and my people.

Ghardan Aglar (Stalwart Blade) allow me the freedom to join my embattled comrades in just battle against this foul beast.

Adaron (Lord of Trees) Patraon of the Sylvari, allow me to add my abilities to my comrades to destroy this abomination of one of your creatures, so that we might heal the trees that were poisoned.

Elessarae spoke from the heart as always. There was nothing in her pleas born of vanity, so that others would come to view her as some hero. Even if there were some, like Auwego, who had come to think of her in that light, it was not her way. Her pleas came from her soul and that was now tied to the soul of Sylvaria.

Not for me, but Thee. It was the basis of all that she did even before being made a Bladesinger.

Posted on 2008-03-18 at 04:05:32.

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Geim suck up the failed spell and lifted his ax and his shield. Tomany of them had been affected by the sonic wave. Without spells he had no way of conteracting any of thier effects that he knew of. One thinkg only was left to do and that was engauge the beastie and kill it as quick as possible. He did not over look its speed but there ws nothing else he could do but try to protect the others who had be frozen by given the bestie a target that would attack it again and again.

The Lore Master may nothave been a pure fighter but like his kind with therir favorite weapon the ax in their hand they were a force to be reckoned with.

He battle cry calling on Kharox went unheard but he gave it anyway. Branishing his weapon to draw the beasties attention, he put his weight behind his shield and ax up ready to strike, aiming for the mid portaion of the giant lizard. pleanty to hit their. What he planed on hittung was a leg, hoping to cripple it and slow it down. By attack at the center point of the beastie's body he had a chance to hit either the front leg or rear leg depending on which way it move. He hoped to give it a crippling blow and slow the critter down. Time will tell which would be closest when he got in range.

Posted on 2008-03-18 at 23:31:04.

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Though he stood as an unmoving statue, within, Draven was roiling with fury. His eyes were ablaze as two golden beacons, and sweat ran down his pale forehead. The beast his companions now fought appeared to be the same as the one he had encountered in the massacred village. What to make of this, he didn't know, he could only wonder if this was the exact same creature, or if there was a pack of them.

Either way, he wanted to join the silent fray that raged, dream like before him. Gathering his wits, the dark warrior dragged his thoughts deep within and balled it into his conciousness. The battle disappeared from his mind, and all that remained was his body and his spirit. Focusing every bit of will he had. Every ounce of rage, passion, burning fury, he forced it, burning as fire, into his flesh. Grishnak hummed into his ear thirstily, and emenated into his own soul. The feeble bonds the creature had cast on him would sunder yet.

Posted on 2008-03-20 at 17:48:51.

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Loda hefted her axe behind her and swung down onto the lizard. She couldnt before but now she wanted to bring the full wrath of the druid down upon it. Gothard drew back with dripping down his maw, and launched again at the creature, going at it with a full out attack.

Posted on 2008-03-20 at 19:44:44.

Angel Reincarnated
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Slight backposting...

When Wolf went around the corner of the inn, Quilanday whispered to them: "We follow him, but I don't trust him one bit. Be ready for the unexpected."

As Quilanday had spoken, the sorcerer took mental note of the distrust for Wolf. Silently she glanced towards Draven, the tallest member of the group, trying to read his features. It had been a few days since their last exchange, and he had remained quiet since.

Walking through the village, Wolf leading the way, Quilanday, Elessarae, Thondrek, Malius, Geim, Aluwego and Loda follwing with herself and Draven taking up the rear. Alyssia's soft blue eyes noticed not all bodies had been mutilated, but that those that didn't show on the outside, would surely reveal themselves on the inside. Occasionally she would turn to glance at Draven and try giving a small smile to him. Since their last encounter she had tried to steal a moment with him, to speak with him alone, but hadn't found the time, or proper moment.

The journey continued, leaving the village behind. The trees looked healthy and bright in the rising day. The air was calm and the forest seemed at peace. But there were no birds to sing praise to the beauty surrounding them. There were no squirrels jumping from branch to branch, finding food and each other. The forest lacked wildlife, and without it, it was a desolate place. Alyssia had loved the forests and it seemed so dreary a place to be when the animals vacated the premises.

Something was out of place, she just couldn't put her finger on it. Glancing ahead, Wolf didn't seem the least bit disturbed by the lack of wildlife, as he seemed to fail to notice the mutated souls in the village. After what seemed an eternity, Wolf had suddenly stopped, without words, and raised his sword. Suspiciously, Alyssia grasped her quarterstaff firmly, ready for action, when suddenly a strange feeling washed over her. They could all feel how a sudden pulse went through their bodies, tightening muscles in spasms and uncontrolled reflexes.

After the creature's unheard roar it struck the companions that they could not communicate. It took them a little while longer to realize the impact the silence had on their skills as a team. Alyssia decided to pray from her heart to Lysora to whom she was bound by faith. "Lysora, I hope I have followed your guidance properly. I ask that you give me the courage and power to overcome our enemy if it is your will." her prayer was silent, in her mind, knowing that it would be heard, yet knew not the whole plan that Lysora had in store for her.

Gothard managed the first attack against the Giant Lizard that had sprung out of the bushes. He drew blood from the foe's flank. Quilanday followed Gothard's lead and attacked the Lizard's flank only inches from where Gothard had punctured deep into the skin of their foe. Geimiedefher, she noticed, was muttering words, but they could not be heard over the silent barrier that kept them all hostage. Wolf got up reached for his sword. He flung it at the creature a little too wild, and he missed it by three feet.

During this time the Giant Lizard had managed to capture Quilanday as a hostage with its sharp claws and bite down upon their companion. Malius shot their foe with an arrow, sinking it into the center of its leg. The giant lizard stunned only slight, released their comrade and took a couple steps away from the party.

Glancing towards Draven, Elessarae and Aluwego and noticed they hadn't moved at all since the strange feeling had washed over each of them. Being a sorceress she knew the sound barrier would only last a certain distance. Everything had its limits, and she decided to back away from the monster until the strange feeling no longer grasped her muscles. Muttering to herself as she walked until she could hear what she was saying. Turning back towards the lizard she had cast Magic Missiles once she left the limits of the silence bubble.

Posted on 2008-03-20 at 20:54:54.
Edited on 2008-03-20 at 22:02:04 by cdnflirt

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the tree at last

Alloryen Kingdom
East of Hith Elee
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
11:05 am

Loda now reached the reptile, and her axe was eager to taste the blood of this unnatural creature. She hit it square in the chest, under the muscled neck, and her face was instantly showered with blood as the scaled skin burst open. The lizard shrieked, but its agony was lost in the silence.
Gothard too dove in again, but the lizard lashed about so wildly that the wolf couldn’t get his jaws around any parts of it.

Quilanday was still staggering backwards until she rested against a tree. There she fumbled for her crossbow, but she couldn’t get it with one arm. Her shoulder was injured so badly that it hung limp on her side.

Geimiedefher had noticed that his spells would not work here, but that wouldn’t stop the Runemaster. He pushed past Loda and aimed for the same area, hoping for a final blow. The creature’s hide proved tougher than appearances could betray, for Geim’s axe bounced off the scales harmlessly.

Thondrek shrugged off the unusual shock of sudden battle. It was unlike him to hesitate. With a rush, perhaps heightened by shame, he darted forward and jabbed his guisarme into the monster’s flank. Its tip went into the creature’s flesh deeply. The lizard stumbled sideways from pain and bloodloss.

Elessarae called out to all the good gods mentally, but they would not answer. Was it that they could not hear her, or was this another test? It was frustrating to find she couldn’t keep true to her vow. Sylvaria needed her!

Who was frustrated as well was Draven. He wanted so badly to join in the bloodletting, but instead of giving in to rage, the warrior tried to find an inner peace, and felt his muscles relax. Very soon he would be able to move again.

Wolf regained his composure after the wild swing with his sword. Again he raised the blade, and this time aimed better. When it came down, it was with precision, but the creature moved about too frantically to give it a good hit.

The monstrous lizard was crazed now, enraged by pain and frustration. It lashed out with its talons to the closest enemies, which were Loda and Geim. It raked both Khords straight across the chest in a wild jump. Its talons dug deep and it pushed off against the two stout heroes. Then the lizard ran straight into the bushes and put a big distance between itself and its enemies.

In the mean time, Alyssia had been moving backwards, testing the limits of the silence that hung as a cloud over the battle. She almost scared herself when she stepped on a twig that snapped sharply and clear. Quickly she cast her spell and released three bolts of energy from her fingers.

Malius also kept a close eye on the creature as it sprinted away. He let his arrow fly and sent it into the bushes.
It was never clear what finally killed the creature, Alyssia’s magic missiles or Malius’ arrow, but the heavy waving of bushes was suddenly calmed. The companions discovered that sound slowly returned to their area, but found themselves with a new problem; Draven and Elessarae were still paralyzed. The dark warrior slowly came to life again shortly after the monster was killed, but Elessarae took an agonizing minute before recovering from the stony hold.

A little later they were back on their way, following Wolf and his unknown guidelines. As the sun was crawling higher into the sky, the sylvari warrior slowed down gradually. He would not reply to any questions to why he was slowing down, but seemed determined to find their destination.

And then they found it, on the edge of an open place in the forest: a willow with long branches reaching to the ground. It was white as snow, but there were deep red lines running over it vertically, like veins too close to the surface. A red puss oozed from the branches and dripped onto the ground and into the soil. It was an abomination of a tree, a diseased centre of destruction, for its neighbouring trees were already limp and black, drained of life.

Posted on 2008-03-22 at 11:37:42.

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Not Brianna
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When the battle ended, sound returned and she could finally move, Elessare went to Lady Quilanday and uses her Bardic heal spells on the senior Bladesinger, not wanting to drain her wand any further. She will then reaccess if the wand is need, though she knew the male Khord was a cleric. If more healing is needed for Quilanday.

"Geim, would you please use you healing on Lady Quilanday?"

As the group reforms, "I am sorry I could not help," there was a wealth of emotion in that simple statement. Elessarae was chagrin at being unable to help her comrades or, Sylvaria.

"Have any of you considered that some of those that seemed dead might have been paralyzed as we were. I pray that that is true and that they ran for cover as soon as they were able."

Elessarae hiked her pack up and followed Wulf as they make the trip to the tree. Elessarae notices how the closer they get the slower that Wulf had become. As they stand before the infected willow, Elessarae watches Wulf, while she unloads the extra cloaks and things she brought so that one might be able to travers the soggy ground to the tree with some reasonable protection. Since she had done it before she prepares to put on the oiled boots and the extra cloaks. Elessare moves up to where Wulf stands.

"What troubles you?"

Posted on 2008-03-22 at 19:11:30.


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