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Parent thread: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
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Rystefn K'ryll
Original Palassassin
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I move that Grugg's talking privileges be revoked immediately.

Posted on 2007-11-13 at 01:42:01.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6192 Posts


Probably a good idea for the health of the planet.

Posted on 2007-11-13 at 01:57:57.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts

Quick Reference: Cerberus bridge and deck layouts

All right, folks, it looks as if we’re creeping up on the time when some of the crew might just start trickling aboard – for the record, this game took off a lot quicker than I was anticipating (not that that’s a bad thing at all) – so, to that end, and to save jumping back and forth from this site to that site I’m posting the Bridge configuration and deck layout of the Cerberus here for easy reference.

Bridge Configuration The central area of the Main Bridge provides seating and information displays for the Captain and the Executive Officer (the XO sits on the Captain's right). The two Officer chairs are equipped with fully programmable consoles for a variety of uses.
Directly fore of the command area is the Flight Control section, which faces the main viewer. The FCO is equipped with a console that forms an almost 180-degree half circle, and has priority links to the navigational sensor and deflectors, as well as to the Warp/Impulse/Thruster propulsion systems. This console also has links to engineering controls and monitors (such as the SIF, IDF, hull integrity monitor, and structural stress monitors), as well as access to the tractor beam controls.
At the very front of the bridge chamber is a large viewscreen. This main viewer performs all the standard duties expected of it, including communication and magnified visual scans of nearby objects..
To the left of the command area (when facing the Captain's chair, from the main viewer, or on the Captain's right, when seated in the Big Chair) is an elevated platform on which is located the Tactical/Security control station. Comprised of two consoles, one built into the wall and one extending into the bridge, Tactical forms a 'U' shaped alcove.
Tactical console usage is extremely limited; only level 4 (or above) Tactical clearance personnel can use it, and the user must input special codes to even get access to the massive amounts of computer links that give tactical nearly limitless information from the ship's sensors and computers. For full access, the console's security subsystem can run a battery of scans on the user, including thermal, biological, retinal, and vocal tests. If all of these are passed, full access to the ship's offensive and defensive systems is made available.
Between the Tactical station and the Engineering station is a turbolift entrance and access to inter-deck ladders. Also located in this area is the access to the maintenance crawlspace within the bridge walls.
Against the left rear wall of the bridge is a large master systems display monitor (MSD), similar to the one in main engineering. All relative ship information (such as damage, power distribution, etc.) is displayed on the cutaway image of the ship. This monitor can be used to direct ship operations and can be configured for limited flight control if necessary.
In front of the MSD, extending into the bridge in a 'c' shape, is the Engineering Console. The Engineering I console has priority links to the WPS (Warp Propulsion System), the IPS (Impulse Propulsion System), the SIF (Structural Integrity Field), the IDF (Inertial Damper Fields), as well as to the tractor beam system, to the computers and to navigational controls. Although usually unattended, the Chief Engineer can bring this console to full Enable mode by entering voice codes and undergoing a retinal scan.
Directly right of the MSD (centered in the back of the bridge) are the Engineering II and Science II consoles. The Engineering II console is fully programmable to run any Secondary Console function, including Sciences, Medical, Operations, Limited Helm control, or Security. This console, as does every console on the bridge, also has the hand-input sub-console for use in setting the auto-destruct system. The auto-destruct sequence follows Standard Starfleet security procedures which can be accessed via any secured Memory Alpha ODN connection.
Science II is the ASO's (Assistant Science Officer's) console, which can be used by any personnel. Science II has access to all science, navigational, sensor, and communications systems. Science II can be configured to operate in tandem with Science I, although security links and all other non-science data is withheld from Science II. Science II usually works independently of Science I.
Science I is the primary science console and has priority links to the Main Computer, to all sensors and to all probes, as well as to Flight Control, Operations, and Tactical functions. It extends from the right rear wall into the bridge area, forming a reversed 'c', in a mirror image of the Eng I console. This station is always manned.
Between Science and Operations is the entrance to the Captain's Ready Room, located behind the rear wall of the Bridge. Also located in this area is the entrance to the bridge's head (restroom), a second turbolift, and access to inter-deck ladders.
To the right of the Captain's chair (on the Captain's left when seated in the chair) is the Operations manager's console. The Operations console is identical in size and design to the Tactical/Security. The Operations console, due to the tremendous amount of sensitive information found there, has security protocols as stringent as the TAC consoles. Built into the wall behind the Ship Operations Console is the Mission Operations Console, for use during Away team missions

Deck Layout Primary Hull
  • Deck 1 Captain's Ready Room, Main Bridge
  • Deck 2 Briefing/Conference Room, XO's Office
  • Deck 3 Officers Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters, Diplomatic Facilities, Transporter Room 1, Shuttlebay Observation deck
  • Deck 4 Sickbay, CMO's Office, CNS' Office, Science Labs 1-12, CSO's Office, Arboretum, Shuttlebay (floor), FCO's Office, Computer Core Entrance/Control
  • Deck 5 Lounge, Holodeck/suites, Recreation facilities, NCO Quarters, Cargo Bay 1, Cargo Transporters 1, Computer Core, Docking Ports
  • Deck 6 Warp Core, Engineering (upper), Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 2, Torpedo Launchers and controls, Cargo Bay 2, Cargo Transporters 2, Computer Core
  • Deck 7 Warp Core, Engineering (floor), CEO's Office, Brig/Security, CTO's office, Phaser Range, Ship's Armory, Torpedo/Probe Magazine, Aux. Weapon Controls
  • Deck 8 Deuterium Storage, Anti-Matter Storage Pods, Life Support Systems
Secondary Hull
  • Deck 7 Navigation Deflector Control room, LRS Control room
  • Deck 8 Navigation Deflector , LRS Array
  • Deck 9 Navigation Deflector
  • Deck 10 Waste Processing/Recycling Center

Posted on 2007-11-13 at 17:26:12.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
Karma: 155/11
4233 Posts


I want floorplans!

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 02:58:24.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Boy I have been on the internet raiding information on the Romulan Star Empire to get enough information to create my character.

I at least now have her Basic information

Centurion Sienae i Mhiessan Khnialmnae Noble family (Shiarrael starwing secret name)
Player: Dragon Mistress
Current Assignment: Romulan Officer with detachment guarding the Cloaking Device on loan to Star Fleet,
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:
Birthplace: Korthre Cliffs, Family/Clan summer home, ch'Rihan (Captial planet of the Empire)
Height: 5' 11.5"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Golden with dark rings around the iris.
Hair: Black with a platinum streak, starting at the right temple with a distinct widow’s peak.
Worn in a short bob.

What is the date as of Game time, and how old do Romulans get (maturity rate) compared to Humans

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 03:36:30.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 122/12
2005 Posts

out, out, and away!

I'm away for roughly two weeks.

But, I don't get the sense that there's really any urgency to get stuff in.

Anyway... later!

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 03:47:23.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts

I want floorplans too...

...but I can't find any!!!

No sweat on the hiatus, Ayrn... we'll be here when you get back and you can sneak on board then.

Good start on the Romulan centurion and our MACO MSgt, ladies... I've PM's both of you "starter" character sheets that you can use to flesh out those characters as you get the chance... the more detail the better for PC's, you know?

Olan's got the Trek Tools loaded and attached to the site, now, so we'll have a roster and logs and all kinds of cool stuff available to us for this game, too, by the way... all of that character info I've asked for will be loaded there.

Posted on 2007-11-14 at 16:48:38.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
Karma: 155/11
4233 Posts

Stupid lack of floorplans.

I've just procured every Star Trek RPG book I could find and not one has floorplans for either class. There's a couple of close constructs, and maybe when I finish this insane art project I'll use those to come up with some for us.

Hey, how did Mac wind up with the bigger ship?

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 06:41:58.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts


Hmmm... I'll be glad to help with creating those deck plans... Haven't had any luck finding any, myself.

As far as how Mac ended up with the bigger ship... uhhhh... genetics? j/k

Seriously, though, as I mentioned in an e-mail I just sent your way, I chose the Saber for a couple of reasons... Chief among those was that I didn't imagine I'd actually end up with a PC as a captain. Secondly, I read somewhere that the Saber Steamrunner pairing was pretty common, and, finally, I was looking for 'fire support' for the Cerberus and the Saber fit the bill.

All that said, though, I am not opposed to the Charon being a different/larger class vessel... You are the captain of that boat, Gavison, make her your own.

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 14:11:10.

Kool Killer Kitty
Karma: 64/6
1685 Posts

Quick query

Just a quick question. Given that the Cerberus has Romulan officers on board, what is their exact status on board?

For instance, does a Romulan officer have any powers of command over a serving crewman? Likewise, do Security personnel have the power to arrest members of the Romulan contingent or search the quarters assigned to them?

I imagine this kind of thing occurs in modern navies, but to be honest I have no idea how they're addressed there either!

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 16:26:52.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts

Romulan Status

Good question. Given that, during this stage of the Dominion War, the Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation are all allied against the Dominion (to include the Cardassians and, at some point the Breen) the "official answer" is that Romulans are to be afforded all repect and priveleges in accordance with their rank.

Unofficially, there are likely those in Starfleet who have issues with the Romulans (due to personal experience, encounters on another tour, etc) and don't trust them any farther than they can throw a Warbird. Opinions vary... Mac - while one who has a personal dislike for Romulans due to numerous tours along the Neutral Zone, etc - will enforce the 'official policy' as long as he can manage or as long as the Roms give him reason not to.

Posted on 2007-11-18 at 16:50:11.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts

More quick reference: Uniforms

Just for reference, here are a couple of links to give everyone an idea of uniforms aboard our beloved ships. “Uniform of the day” for most Starfleet personnel will be the “Duty Uniform” as shown in the first link. Engineering personnel, of course, have the option of the coveralls/jumpsuit.

Starfleet Uniform graphics @ Spike’s
Memory Alpha entry on Fleet Uniforms …and for our Romulan Delegation…
Memory Alpha entry on Romulan Star Empire uniforms

Posted on 2007-11-19 at 13:42:09.

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

The Charon

Ok I see several posts already for the Cerberus... is the Charon up and running yet?

I am working on my CTO character for the Charon... still alot of details to work out.

I saw there was a Kzinti officer... I thought about making my C a Lyran... that would have been interesting.
but I dont think the Lyrans are part of the Federation so I guess I will just settle for human.

Details to come.

Posted on 2007-11-20 at 01:08:06.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 462/28
8497 Posts


...feel free to sign up for your tour on the Charon if you wish. Both ships need crew... if you're feeling particularly industrious, create a character for each.

Posted on 2007-11-20 at 01:13:31.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
Karma: 155/11
4233 Posts

It is.

The Charon is recruiting (look Ma! I spelled it correctly this time!) though I probably won't be able to review things in much detail for a while due to workload. Just keep in mind that where the Cerberus has a new crew under a new captain, the Charon has been together through a number of battles and will actually start the game in for repairs at DS-9.

Posted on 2007-11-20 at 01:15:45.


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