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5 Newest Updates

Audalis Credits: Credits for all of those who have officially contributed to Audalis.

Munchum and Crunchum: Two evil swords with a history of once serving good.

Oriana, Goddess of Love and Passion: Oriana, goddess of love and passion, is one of the lesser deities in Audalis campaign setting pantheon.

Miellyah, Goddess of Fertility and Growth: Miellyah, goddess of fertility and growth, is one of the most commonly revered deities in the campaign setting of Audalis.

Alacrity's Review of The 5e Starter Kit: Alacrity's review of the 5th edition Starter Boxed Set.

Selected RDI Art

The Golden City The Golden City: The party descends into a golden city in the Forgotten Realms land of Maztica. Clockwise, from top left: Aranthal the psionicist, Revith, an elven druid/bard, Selena the nature knight (and Shadow, her wolf), Caineth, a half-elf ranger/psionicist/sorcerer.


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Audalis: Originally created in 1990, Audalis is a unique campaign setting for D&D games of all systems, and owes much of its content to this very community.  Here you can find maps, deities, and a wealth of in-depth information of use in your games.

DragonForum: Home of our general discussion forums, RPG surveys, creativity forums, current rules-based RPGs, as well as free-form games.  Looking for a place to play online? The Red Dragon Inn will host your role playing game for free in our forums... and we're always looking for players and DMs!

DM's Corner: Articles for DMs on running a better game, with optional rules, guides, and more.

Player's Guild: Tips and advice designed to help newbie players become acquainted with D&D, plus articles and resources for more advanced players.

The Archives: Fantasy poetry, stories, and art, with more than two hundred stories, poems, and pieces of art to peruse.  Feeling creative?  Submit your own work to the Archives, and have it published for the world to see!

The Vault:  Our repository for D&D downloads, such as the official Red Dragon Inn character sheet (for 2nd edition AD&D), spell sheets, and the Elven dictionary.

The Armoury:  This section contains online utilities, such as our Dice Roller, our Town Generator, and our Trek Tools for managing your Star Trek games!

While you're at the Inn, stop by and Chat with other visitors.  When your journeys take you elsewhere, be sure to visit our links page for pathways to other excellent fantasy, D&D, and RPG sites.

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Thanks, and enjoy your visit.

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RDI News

A new series has been started to honor some of the truly memorable characters from over the years. Check out Legends of the Red Dragon Inn.

Weird banner ad killed. We finally found the (hacker) method that put this obtrusive ad at random places (including the home page).

The web comic, RPG Mythbreakers is returning to the Inn! Check out our latest installment here.

With the changes to the Inn, you might find a problem or a challenge when posting or using the site. To report a "Bug" please use this link

Report a Bug

Improvements to the Inn! In a long overdue move, the forum interfaces have been upgraded. You can now copy/paste from Word, and do all sorts of easy formatting of your posts and private messages - no HTML knowledge required!

Hey, Innmates! Did you know that the Inn has a 'staff blog' that is just FULL of great entries about RPing and such?

April Fools! Please see This thread in the common room for details.

Gallirian has submitted a poem about a knight and a thief discussing honour and tactics on the field of battle. Unlikely Friends

New article in the DM's Corner. Check out Converting Old School to New For a look at D&D and how it has changed over the years.

Resident codemonkey Scarab has whipped up a low-brow mad-libs-esque adventure generator. Try it here

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