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Parent thread: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
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The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts

There we go.

Well that might be the fastest fill up of players I have ever seen. MMV already has a mechanic rolled up from a previous game I attempted.

With the ship, I think you will convert one of the cargo bays to an infirmary and more quarters. You aren't gonna haul cattle in this ship. You will need a "guest" quarters for when you have to cart around a courier. The engine room may serve as quarters for the mechanic. She probably needs to hear the engines to sleep.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:03:15.

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts

Not to nitpick or anything but..

Isn't it Joss Whedon, not Jose? I know, it makes no difference one way or another for the game, just an observation. I'd play in this in an instant if I wasn't really busy working on my own game, but looks interesting, and it also seems you have no shortage of players anyway.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:26:51.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
Karma: 77/3
1130 Posts


Man that was fast! I didn't have enough time to say "Reaver" before your group was already full.

It seems I've only got a single game running at the moment and that's by some dude called Al or something. Go figure. I've been hoping to join a scifi-game at some point, but maybe next time.

I will be lurking though, so beware! or don't. Your choice.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:27:15.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts

Jose joss

You are right Shield Wolf. I make typos with the best of them.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:28:39.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/119
6729 Posts

Wait a Dang Minute Mr AL!!

You say this game will be after our Rautenberg game?? Hey you said you'd run a Sucker Punch game!!.... I wanna play Babydoll da** it!!

This is just sooo unfair!!

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:33:09.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts

I was kidding

I promised MMV that I would run a Serenity game long before that.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:34:33.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/119
6729 Posts

Seriously you were just kidding

Ok then you've just crushed the hopes of both Admiral and I thanks alot. I think i'll go cry under my bed now thank you very much!!
Honestly AL I was really looking forward to such a game not that this posting about it be taken totally as a joke. However I am not angry just a little disapointed.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 18:43:23.
Edited on 2011-04-15 at 18:53:14 by TannTalas

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts


Just when Drive thru games has Roller Girls vz Zombies on sale this week. ...

Tann - If you want to discuss this further, email or PM me.

So we have Celeste, Dragonblood, MMV, Mysterion, and Darren. Raven and Merideth - Thanks but let's let some new blood try gaming with me this time around.

Give me a few days and I will post character creation details. In the meantime, think about the person you want to play and what makes them tick.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 19:21:36.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts

Character Creation

The following is a general guide to creating characters in the Verse. If you are from a free-form background and don’t get this stuff, let me know and we can work it out together based on what person you want to play.

Attributes in Serenity RPG are dice, not stats. You pick a higher dice to represent a better attribute. The steps of dice progression are:

d2 – d4 – d6 – d8 – d10 – d12 – d12+d2 – d12+d4 etc.

Any time you want to do something, from fly a ship to shoot a guy, you take attribute + skill die and roll them against a difficulty class.

You have six attributes, three are physical and three are mental

Agility – Your ability to move quickly and physical coordination
Strength – Just how strong is your character.
Vitality – a measure of general health and toughness

Alertness – Intuition and observation. How much you can spot and notice.
Intelligence – Basic smarts. How bright you are and how much you’ve learned
Willpower – Determination and force of will.

Initiative (How shots act first in combat) is Agility + Alertness
Life Points (Hit points, how much damage you take) is Vitality + Will Power
Physical combat – strength + skill
Gun combat – agility + skill
Basic Combat Dodge – Agility + alertness

Making the characters;

Everyone starts with 48 points. If you want d12 in strength, it will cost you 12 points. But don’t be dividing up points yet. First there be Assets and Complications.

Assets are bonuses and addons that help your character do things that define them. Kaylee’s ability to talk to engines, Jayne’s ability to take a hit, Wash being able to fly the ship all come out of assets. Assets are major or minor. Every player should have at least one asset, and no more than five. Minor Assets cost 2 points and major assets cost 4.

Complications are those quirks or personality traits that make people human. Jayne getting greedy when the money is good. Or the circumstances that make things difficult like Simon and River being wanted fugitives. Minor complications add 2 to your points and major ones add 4. Everyone should have at least one complication and no more than five. Note, play to your complication in the game will get you plot points as well.
Once you have your assets and complications done, you take the remains points to give to you attributes. Remember that d6 in an attribute is considered average.

The following are the list of assets and complications in general terms. If you want to know them in specifics, let me know. If you can think of something not on here, let me know. If minor or major is listed after a trait, then that is the only level possible for that trait.

Allure – You are damn good looking and you know it. You can play it up, dress it up or just have that look.
Athlete – You excel at one specific athletic specialty (tennis, running, swimming etc)
Born behind the Wheel – You could drive before you could walk. You can drive any type of a specified vehicle (ships, land machines, etc) so well that you can amaze people.
Cortex Spectre – The is no record of you on any alliance data bank. As far as the computers know, you do not exist
Fightin’ Type (major) – You are always ready for a fight and can handle yourself well in a tussle.
Friends in High Places (minor) – You have friends and contacts in the high class social groups.
Friend in Low Places (minor) – you have friends and contacts in the underworld and seedy parts of the verse.
Good Name – You are known and have a good reputation. People respect you for something you did or have done or supposedly did.
Healthy as a Horse – You rarely get sick and shake off injuries faster than most.
Heavy Tolerance (minor) – You can drink most people under the table. Doc has to hit you twice with meds to put you under.
Highly Educated (minor) – You have school training and can refer it from time to time. You can rhyme of facts and figure galore about a whole lot of places and things,
Intimidatin’ Manners (minor) – You have that look that makes people scared of you. Complete strangers call you sir.
Leadership – You have the way about you to bring the best out of people. You inspire, you motivate and the right word of praise for you will make people want to work harder.
Lightning Reflexes (major) – You are a fast draw. Most guys haven’t touched their guns by the time you have drawn and shot them.
Math Whiz (minor) – You do math in your head faster than a gorram computer.
Mean Left Hook (minor) – You are deadly in a fist fight. Hands can do lethal damage.
Mechanical Empathy (minor) – Machines talk to you and your hear them. The slightest of sounds from an engine means volumes to you and you are gifted at fixing them.
Military Rank (minor) – You rode a tank or held a general’s rank on one side or the other. Be it winning or losing side, you have served in the military and have military training.
Moneyed Individual* – You are loaded. Your dad is rich, or you wrote the jingle for Fruity-oat bars that everyone sings. Either way, you can get you hands on cash if need be.
Natural Linguist (minor) – You have an ear form languages and pick up different ones easily.
Nature Lover (minor) – You are at home in a forest and in harmony with nature. Trees seem to talk to you and you have a gentle touch with animals.
Nose for Trouble – Every once in a while, you get that feeling as if her is trouble about and sure as shooting, you know that trouble is about somewhere.
Prosthetic Limb/organ – You lost something in the war or a fight or an accident and had it replaced with a bionic replacement that enhances its ability. An extra strong arm or an eye with infra-red, either way you are better than you were before.
Reader* - you can sense other people’s thoughts and feelings. Getting inside a person’s head is possible for you, even if you don’t want to.
Registered Companion* (minor) – You have completed the Companion training and are legally entitled to the benefits of the guild members.
Religiosity – You are a man or woman of god (Buddha or Christian). Faith guides your actions and movement through the verse.
Sharp Senses (minor) – Pick a sense and yours is better than most.
Steady Calm – Even in the most dangerous situations, you remain clam, as if nothing fazes you or could ruffle your feathers.
Sweet and Cheerful (minor) – You are a happy person and you like to show it. Nothing can bring you down and people just can’t help but like you.
Talented – One skill you are exceptionally good at and perform better than most.
Things go Smooth – Lady Luck likes you and good things tend to happen to you.
Total Recall (major) – You have an amazing ability to recall something you have seen or heard in the past, in great detail.
Tough as Nails – You are much tougher than you look. You can dish it out and you can take it as well.
Trustworthy Gut – You have learned to trust your gut reactions as they are rarely wrong.
Two Fisted (major) – You are ambidextrous.
Walkin’ Timepiece (minor) – You don’t need no watch, you just know the time. Freaky really and your friend use you to set their owen clocks.
Wears a Badge – You are a law man, a sheriff or a member of some law enforcement organization. You are sworn to serve and protect.

Allergy – something sets off your body to a rash or sneezing fits.
Amorous (minor) – Sex might not be the only thing one your mind, but it is in the top 3.
Amputee (minor) – You lost a limb and never got a fancy replacement
Bleeder (major) – You suffer a blood condition that makes you bleed and not clot well.
Blind (major) – Since birth or after some accident, you are completely blind. May need a guide animal of some sort.
Branded – You are a bad bad apple and you are rotten to the core. Everyone knows you and everyone knows what you are capable of.
Chip on Shoulder – Anger management? Screw that! You lash out at people for the slightest of things.
Credo – You have a personal set of principles that you can not go against no matter what. The sense of honour you have is all that keeps you going and damned if you are going to compromise that.
Combat Paralysis – Guns start to blaze, you stop moving. You need to take a few moments before you can face a fight.
Coward (minor) – You ain’t no hero and believe to leave the fighting for those who are into fighting.
Crude (minor) – Yo usay the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the right time and well any time really. Subtle is not your middle name.
Dead broke (minor) – No matter how big your take, you always seem to be broke. Money just burns through your pockets
Deadly Enemy (minor) – Someone doesn’t like you and you are on their list of who to eliminate. Even if you kill this guy, he has a brother, sister and uncles that would like you dead.
Deaf (major) – You can’t hear a thing. Your ability to speak may be effected
Dull Sense (minor) – One sense doesn’t work so well.
Easy mark (major) – You are gullible and believe every hard luck story in the verse.
Ego Signature (minor) – You have a thing for leaving calling cards wherever you go, a little sign that you were here for your fans and enemies. Makes you easier to track.
Filcher (minor) – You steal things out of habit. You tried quitting but you gained so much weight so you try to keep it to a minimum instead.
Forked Tongue (minor) – You like to lie. You get to spinning a tale and the tale takes on a life of its own.
Greedy (minor) –Money can make you do stupid things, like betray your crewmembers.
Hero Worship (minor) – Someone in your life can do no wrong and you won’t hear otherwise.
Hooked – You are addicted to a substance, and require doses of that substance or find your perform will become effected.
Leaky Brainpan – You are crazy. You talk to people who aren’t there, or think you are a flower and people should water you. Whatever the case, you are a nutcase.
Lightweight (minor) – You get drunk really easily. Doc has to show you a needle to make you pass out.
Little Person (minor) – You are a dwarf. 3 to 4 feet tall.
Loyal (minor) – Some group of people know you are loyal to them, and that you’ll do anything they ask of you out of loyalty.
Memorable (minor) – You have something distinctive about you that makes people remember you.
Mute (major) – You can’t speak. You have to use non-verbal communication
Non-Fightin’ Type (minor) – You just don’t believe in violence and will avoid conflict if you can.
Overconfident (minor) – “Hey, I can do that” is your motto in life. You are bold, brave, cocky and full of dare.
Paralyzed (major) – Spinal ord injury has put you in a wheelchair for life.
Phobia (minor) – Something scares you badly. If you come near it, it freezes you up completely.
Portly – You never met a pot roast you didn’t like. You are a heftyperson.
Prejudice* - You dislike a certain group of people and react negatively when brough tin contact with them.
Scrawny (minor) – You look like you have missed a few meals.
Slow Learner (minor) – You have a mental block on a certain set of skills that keeps you from learning it well.
Soft (minor) – You can’t take pain and crack under the smallest of pressure.
Stingy (minor) – You never feel rich enough. You lock away money, never spend it on things you need.
Straight Shooter – You are generally honest and like to remain that way.
Superstitious (minor) – You believe in the crazy mumbo –jumbo that affects your everyday life.
Things Don’t Go Smooth – Lady Luck hate you. Things never work out in the end for you without a series of complications.
Traumatic Flashes – You have flashbacks and horrible dreams of things done to you in the past. It can freeze you up at the worst times.
Twitchy (minor) – You aren’t paranoid – you know there are people out to get you. Trust no one is your motto.
Ugly as Sin – Whether by scar or by birth, you are one ugly critter.
Weak Stomach – Sign of blood makes you weak. A Dead body will drop you faster though. You can’t handle all but the dullest of foods.

With skills you start with 75 points. You begin with the General Skills listed below which you can only take to a max of d6. After that you may go higher in specializations within the skill sets. So for example you might have a d6 in Animal Handling, so you add 2 more to the specialty of horse training to d8. You can go as high as you want within a specialty.

General - Even if you have never done anything in these skills, you have a chance based on attribute alone in these skills. So a novice can shoot a gun, or come up with obscure knowledge.

With specialization, if there is a category you can think of, but don’t see – bring it up. This is hardly the exhaustive list. Some cross over several skill sets, so don’t specialize twice.

Animal Handling – You like animals, or you know how to talk to them.
• Specializations: Training, riding, zoology, veterinary, specific animal
Artistry – you have some artistic talents
• Specializations: Appraisal, cooking, forgery, game design, painting, photography, poetry, sculpting, writing.
Athletics – You are good at moving and using athletic skills
• Specializations: Climbing, contortion, dodge, juggling, jumping, running, swimming, any sport
Covert – The subtle arts of the sneaky sneak.
• Specialization: Camouflage, disable devices, forgery, infiltration, disguise, hide in shadows, streetwise, open locks
Craft – You can create things out of other things.
• Specialization: Architecture, blacksmithing, gun repair, leatherworking, cooking, pottery, origami, metalworking
Discipline – You have had some sort of training, usually military.
• Specialization: Concentration, interrogation, intimidation, leadership, mental resistance, morale
Guns – Anyone dip can squeeze a trigger – this is about aiming and knowing how to hold the gun
• Specialization: Assault rifles, energy throwers, grenade launchers, machine guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns
Heavy Weapons – The big guns that are used to take a ship out of the sky.
• Specialization: Artillery, catapults, demolitions, forward observer, mounted guns, rocket launchers, cannons
Influence – Sometimes words are better than guns and glances.
• Specialization: Administration, barter, bureaucracy, conversation, counseling, marketing, seduction, streetwise
Knowledge – Knowing stuff and more stuff.
• Specialization: Culture, selling goods, appraisal, philosophy, earth that was, sports, religion, local customs
Melee Combat Weapons – Weapons held in the hand that don’t shot nuthin’
• Specialization: Clubs, numchaku, swords, knives, dagger
Perception – Picking up on the subtle clues in your surrounding
• Specialization: Deduction, empathy, gambling, hearing, intuition, reading lips, search, sight, smell, taste, tracking
Performance- You got a song in the heart or a desire to act out.
• Specialization: Acting, dancing, costuming, keyboard, guitar, wind instruments, singing
Planetary Vehicles – You have the ability to drive, steer and operate land based vehicles
• Specialization: cars, canoes, sailboats, hovercraft, ground vehicle repair, military combat vehicles, submarines, yachts
Ranged Weapons – Any weapon thrown or shot that isn’t a gun
• Specializations: Blowguns, Bows, crossbows, darts, grenades, javelins, knives, slings
Survival –Buck naked on a rock – things ain’t so bad.
• Specialization – water, land, desert, nature, space survival, specific environment, making fire, hunting
Unarmed Combat – You fight with fist and feet
• Specialization: Boxing, brawling, judo, karate, kung fu, wrestling, street fighting

Skilled Only – you must have points here to try these at home.

Linguist – You know languages well
• Specialization – Arabic, Armenian, French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, etc
Mechanical Engineering – You know machines and how to fix them
• Specialization: Invention, machinery maintenance, mechanical repairs, plumbing, security systems, identify problems, rewire and reroute electrical.
Medical Expertise – You have studied medicine either in school or on a battlefield
• Specialization: Dentistry, forensics, general practice, genetics, neurology, pharmaceuticals, surgery, toxicology, prosthetics
Pilot –If it flies, you can drive
• Specialization: Navigation, astrogation, astrophysics, gunships, transports, helicopters, patrol vessels, ultra light, covert stealth ship
Scientific Expertise – Plenty of schooling or self taught, you the nerd, man!
• Specializations: Earth Science, Terra-forming, Historical sciences, life sciences, mathematical theory
Technical Engineering – If it has a computer, you can work with it.
• Specialization: Communications, computer programming, hacking, security devices, technical repair, create/alter technical devices

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 20:06:10.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts

MMV character

This is MMV'S character (unless she decides to start over). This gives you an idea of the finished character.


Character Name: Grace Lin
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Born on: Londinum
Age: 20 (she was 16 when she stole an alliance ship)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Build: Athletic

Physical –
Agility – d8
Strength – d6
Vitality – d8

Mental –
Alertness – d10
Intelligence – d12
Willpower – d10

Friends in low places - contacts in the bad side
Highly Educated - A whole whack of schooling
Math whiz - Faster than some calculators
Mechanical Empathy - Understands machines and they like her

Annoying Family - Family attempts to track grace down on occassion
Loyal – friends and Matthew
Memorable - not many girls with green eyes
Prejudice - rich folk and weak girls
Twitchy - don't trust many folks

Athletics D6 Running D8, Climbing D8
Craft D4
Influence D6 Conversation d8
Mech Engineerng D6 Repair D10, Maintenance D10
Melee Weapons d6 Combat Knife d10, butterfly knife D10
Guns D4
Perception D6 Deduction D8
Planetary Vehicles D4
Tech Enginnering D6 Hacking D8, Security Systems D10

Multi tool
Ruck Sack
Throwing Knives (3)
Combat Knife
Butterfly knife
Basic tool kit
Ballistic vest
hand gun
Fusion Torch (battery power)
Purification Crystals

My name is Grace Lin. My father worked at Blue Sun. He wasn’t the president but he was pretty close to it. So we had a lot of money. When I was born, my father decided that I would be raised to be perfect. I learn everything proper. From keep my hair neat to table manners.

I was raised to believe that the Alliance was wonderful and they made great sacrifices to help us. When I was six, an incident happened. My nanny wanted more money then my folk were willing to pay. So my nanny tried to destroy one of Father’s vehicles. That when I learn I was good with machines. I fixed the engine and even left enough evidence to get my nanny sent to jail. After that little incident, my father started showing me off to all the other rich folk. A lot of people thought I was perfect. However I was far from it. I hate all those parties and I loath those useless folk. However I didn’t do anything to upset my parents. I practise fixing machines. After those parties, it felt good to get greasy. It felt like I was proving that I wasn’t someone’s little doll.

When I was twelve, things got really interesting; I was now better at fixing things then Father’s mechanics. I was allowed to walk through the gardens. I found a way out of the garden. Now I could go into town. That when I met Matthew. Some cop had caught him trying to steal some money. Matthew was bad mouthing the officer. The officer punched Matthew in frustration. Some instinct stepped in and I called out at the officer for striking the boy. The officer knew who I was. After the officer left, I turned my attention to him. Matthew didn’t like me. He told me he didn’t need a girl’s help and he stormed off.

We met again some time later. He got into a fight with a guy and ended up with a broken hand. I ran into him cursing because someone broke his hovermule. He wasn’t happy to see me smirking at his problem. He call me a prissy doll and to go away. I told him I could fix it and he didn’t believe me. So I fixed it right in front of him. That surprise Matthew. He asked me for my name and told me his. He needed help to the hospital so I helped. As we were heading there, we talk. I learned stuff about the rim planets and about Matthew.

Over the course of the year we became close friends. I snuck out to see Matthew. He gave me a lot of stuff to think about. He told me bout his two brothers. As I became closer to Matthew the more I realize how much the people I had trusted had lied to me. Matthew trusted me now and told me about how he and his friends some times did illegal things. I knew Matthew was a bit of a smuggler and thief. Then the war started. My father supported the soldiers. He soon had a lot of Alliance ships in his possession. Matthew older brother had joined the independence. Then a couple weeks later he got a letter saying his brother was dead. An Alliance ship had shot the ship he was on down. Matthew was heart broken and swore he was going to get the Alliance for it. I found out later that it was my Father’s Ship that shot the ship down.

Some inside me snapped. An anger inside grew and took control. I stormed into my father study. My Father was startled at my anger so it took a few minutes for him to react. I lashed my anger out at him and even started swearing at him. My Father and I fought for a while. It ended when my father slap me. That really hurt and while I was getting over the surprise. My Father told me I was going to be kept in my room. He was going to find out who had taught me the words and about the war and have him or her killed. Then he sent me to my room. I knew better then just to stay in there and cry. I grabbed a bag and stuff the little clothes I had that weren’t dresses. I also packed my tool kit. Then I ran away from home.

I went straight to Matthew. I knew I had to warn him. However as soon as I saw him, I started crying. Matthew saw me and comfort me as I told what had happened through my tears. After I was done, Matthew was quiet. Then he told me that he was going to take care of me. He took me to where he and his friends were staying. I met Roger and Hail. Matthew explained that he was planning to steal the Alliance newest ship for shooting down his brothers.

Hail’s face got real sour when I offered to help. However Roger was looking excited. I knew exactly where to find the ship they were looking for. We plan to do that night. The four of us headed to where they kept the ships. The newest ship was the Alliance Patrol & Enforcement Cutter. And the four of us stole it. We started the crime business. We did smuggling and any kind of job we could get. The Alliance didn’t bug us because our ship was one of theirs. Hail and I didn’t get along. However Roger liked me and I proved many times how useful I was. I made friends with some folk in our trade. Things got complicated between me and Matthew. It was hard for us to do anything when the other one was near by. We end up doing something really silly.

We final realize we were in love with one another. It kind of hard to ignore especially since the ship was tiny. We did our best because we both knew it could be really bad if it went south. Matthew got a letter saying that his other brother was in trouble. He needed Matthew help. Hail and Roger tried to convince him to stay. He wouldn’t listen. He expects me to give him a hard time. I didn’t, I knew he wouldn’t stay. When we separated, he told me he loved me and he come back. The three of us stayed in business. Things got really bad after that.

As it turns out Hail had heard there was reward for me. She hated me so much she would sell me out to the Alliance. She sent me and Roger into a trap. The Alliance caught us. Roger and I put up a good fight but there were too many of them. Roger died in the fight. The Alliance arrested me and put me in Larkhill Reclamation Colony on Hera. I know I’m going to find a way out. I going to find Hail and make her pay. Then I am going to find Matthew. Promise

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 20:07:07.
Edited on 2011-04-23 at 21:37:53 by Alacrity

Karma: 138/3
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Character Creation

Oh...oh... the possibilities.

Would you like us to send you characters (and pics?) via PM or through a different thread?

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 21:18:25.

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 12/0
168 Posts

So I'm In? Great!!!

Ok thanks for allowing me to give it a try. I will try not to let you down.

The character generation doesnt sound to difficult. I will give my character a first crack and if I have questions I will PM you.

I will work on finding a pic and I have one in mind already; I will PM you it when I think I am done and you can tell me what I need to correct. It will probably take me a couple days as I have to research the Verse.

Posted on 2011-04-15 at 21:28:00.

The Tired
RDI Staff
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If you look via google, there are a couple of Wiki's and I have a few resources that no longer available so I will post when I can. Remember, I don't need this right away.

Timeline - I figure five years after the unification war is when we will "start" but I may establish the crew meeting three years prior to that.

Picture - Basically pick the actor or actress who will play your character in the movie. Help everyone for visualization.

Email, PM or post here - all is good.

Posted on 2011-04-16 at 01:07:20.

Karma: 158/25
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What'd ya mean "After" Rautenberg? I had visions of more assignments, sort of a Ghost Busters with real guns! Hitler believed in the occult so there could now be some really cool commando raids on more SS spooks.

Posted on 2011-04-16 at 01:45:19.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6348 Posts

You guys are really killing me here

Rautenberg is a one shot adventure. I doubt there will be enough of you left at the end to make a squad.

Posted on 2011-04-16 at 02:04:57.


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