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Topic: Flux Wars; Depths of Damnation
Subject: Back we go

Verkoth looks up at Arymeith as she approaches with the elf, his eyes narrowing.
"Regarial," He pauses as more figures emerge from the stairwell, Talent, Nak, Jowayne and the Inquisitor. "I see you've made some new friends."
Taking the proffered note, Verkoth scans it briefly before nodding up at Talent.
"You might be interested in this one...I'd place him as an Arkosian by his accent and by the way he punches."
Another nod sends Talent back to mind the queue before Verkoth turns to the assembled crowd, his gaze thoughtfull.
"Why, Regarial, after all this time do you seek me out? Surley you don't believe I will hire you on after what happened in Coast?"
"Quite the contrary," The Inquisitor mutters, folding his arms accross his chest. "We are offering you this prime specimen of a Dwarf as a hired blade, if you...retrieve something for us."
"Something from Ylarien." Regarial finishes, mimicking his companion's gesture.
"Which would be?" Verkoth casts an irritated glance at the two, his eyes flicking from one face to another.
"His head." The Inquisitor replies flatly.
"Well-" Verkoth suddenly freezes, hand halfway to his glass. Along the balcony other expeditionaries are doing the same, turning to look at one of the doorways that lead to the Inn's guest quaters where a large group of armed men are standing, their cuirasses bearing the sign of one of Demarkon's mercenary houses.
"About my note," Regarial mutters, sliding his crossbow from its back mount and selecting a quarrel from his quiver, "Perhaps we can discuss buisiness later."
Around the room other expedition leaders are also calling their guards to them whilst in the common room below men are readying their weapons, some looking all too eagre to prove their worth through force of arms.
"So much for no pushing or shoving," mutters Talent, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a small hatchet, its edge glinting dangerously in the dirty light.

There are nine mercenaries in total, all clad in heavy plate armour and carrying longswords. To reach them you will need to move in an 'L' along the balcony and turn left at the wall. Between you and them are two other expedition tables.


"Retrieving a certain object from Ylarien house is vital for the expedition to begin, Verkoth explains hurridley as Tarka takes a step forwards, pointing a finger accusingly at him.
"Go on, make an excuse."
"Takra I don't want to fight you again, we were allies..."
"Planning on telling that to the Kings of Coast? The Two that are left alive that is."
"Eventually," Verkoth's flat response leaves the elf temporarily speechless, "But first, my expedition."
"Verkoth, I-"
"Arctarsis, I assure you that breaking into Ylarien house will be much safter than you remaining in this city. I can't imagine those thugs will have gone far before informing the constabulary, and now you may as well have this man's blood on your hands. He will have friends and they will want you dead...or worse. My offer still stands, and I strongly reccomend you accept it, for your own sake as much as mine."
"Verkoth..." Takra begins before shaking her head in anger, her magic dispersing, "We will meet again, and you will atone."
"I will." Verkoth turns away from the elf, his words hanging between the two.

Posted on 2012-03-10 at 06:20:41.

Topic: A Storyteller's Welcome
Subject: Welcome

As the Inn's resident Artefact Creature allow me to extend my greetings.
Its nice to have another Mtg player around, and, of course, a scribe.

Remember to equip your towel.

Posted on 2012-02-27 at 10:54:34.

Topic: Flux Wars; Depths of Damnation
Subject: Left hook?

"Urgh." The man tumbles to the ground as Jowayne sidestepps his left hook, sliding outside the blow and driving his fist into the drunk's gut. Trying to regain his feet the man flinches back as a shadow looms over him.
"Well, well, well." An even taller figure steps over the doubled-up man that Jowayne recognises as one of the hirers. For an archer you've got a fine haymaker."
Meeting the man's eyes, Jowayne blinks, not remembering having inteded to throw the punch that left the man attepting to stagger to the nearest chair.
"My name's Talent and I might just have a job for to join me upstairs?"


"My name is...Lantaris...the elf smiles," something about his manner setting Arymeith at ease. "I'm here to see Verkoth about buisness. Specifically, the buisness of the Dwarf yonder." Lantaris gestures to the beardless warrior in discussion with the Inquisitor. "My friends and I are willing to supply additonal funding for your expedition if you hire him on."
As the elf speaks you find him pressing a slip of parchment into your hands. A glance down as he looks back to check on the two reveals the following:

Well met, priestess of the Gann, my true name is Regarial, I am currently carrying enough Greenjade upon my person to make a small crater from this establishment, and the group four tables from the right of yours plans to do you ill at some point this evening.

May the green of our home remain ever in verdant spring in your memories, soul and heart.

"It is rare enough to see a Dwarf without a beard, almost as arare as seeing one bereft of a deity." The Inquisitor takes a step back, subjecting Nak to a cold gaze. "The Gods protect us, Dwarf, whether you provide lip service or lend them your will you still render them a service in return." Another pause, the gaze intensifies. "The problem is that the Gods will not protect those that do not worship, whether you reside in the League Entire, Coast, Sulthein or the Broken Lands of Pandrakkar they guard you. If you wish to venture north I will leave you with this warning, unhallowed things rest beyond the mountains against which prayers may be your only defence, enough have fallen for them to have gained an appetite, but not enough to satiate their hunger." The Inquisitor stops.
"Now if you would be as kind as to follow me I believe you have just been hired."


"Of course, a beggar dressed in rags is no doubt a theif, but a theif dressed in rags is anonymous." Verkoth smiles at Arctarsis through his lank hair. "Name your price and I will pay it, so long as you accept to pay mine."
"Which would be breaking into Ylarien House?" A melodious voice wafts through the night air as you hear a series of soft footsteps patter lightly accross the cobbles. "My dear Verkoth, no wonder you're offering this poor soul a new life, just like you tried to offer me." The figure that emerges is slight yet radiates an aura of will and power. Wearing a tight bodice cut under the breasts and a matching pair of trousers an elfin woman strolls easily into the junction, prodding the body with her long, elaborate staff.
"Another one? Dear me you do always find the most subtle ways to achieve such obvious outcomes."
Rolling his eyes Verkoth turns, glaring at the elf. "Takra I-"
"Don't worry all is forgiven," The melody is gone from the elf's voice now as spars begin to fly from her fingertips and a glow from her irises making Arctarsis doubt very strongly that the elf really means what she is saying. This problem, however, pales in comparison to the other one you face. House Ylarien is possibly the most fortified manor in Demarkon save the palace. To break in, even with Verkoth and your talents, would be folly, especially with the doubling of the guard after what happened to Lord Ylarien's daughter...

Posted on 2012-02-22 at 10:16:55.

Topic: Once in a Lifetime [Questions and Answers]
Subject: Hah

Don't worry I only eat chickens...

Posted on 2012-02-22 at 06:57:39.

Topic: Once in a Lifetime
Subject: Darkvision

Slicking his filthy Waithur hair back with his bloodstained hands, Vord breaths deeply, feeling the cool, subterranian air fill his lungs. Memories of the tunnels of his home rushed through the Ungoulid's mind, another Kord jumping at his shadow at the end of a tunnel, fearing, but not knowing that his demise approached, one silent footfall after another.
Then Peryl's stammering brought him back to the torchlight and crate.
"There is a man who, it seems, would rather not be seen behind that crate." Vord murmured softly as he brushed the hilts of his knives before reaching accross his back and unslinging his crossbow, suppressing the thrill of energy that surged within him, allowing his senses to impose upon him.

OOC: As he loads the crossbow Vord will examine the walls and surrounds (using his knowledge of subterranian habitats if appropriate) afterwards he will cover Quempar with his crossbow.

Posted on 2012-02-16 at 06:17:44.

Topic: Anyone take me for a game?
Subject: Quite so

Flux Wars could do with another player as well if your interested...

Posted on 2012-02-14 at 20:23:11.

Topic: Flux Wars; Depths of Damnation
Subject: When push comes to shove

Verkoth listens patiently to Arctarsis, his hooded eyes studying the well-built Myanmade, his body language and his vestements. There is something worryingly reassuring about the man's gaze.
"I understand your problems, Arctarsis and am willing to help you if you will help me. If you require coin I am able to pay you," At this Verkoth reaches into the recesses of his robe, drawing out a gold coin before returning it, " and I will make it worth risking your neck in this heist. Although I assure you it will be no more dangerous than your current situation. As for escaping the city I can offer you more than any other smuggler along the bredth of the Empire, and I believe you will find me far more trustworthy than most of them. Follow me, join my expedition and I can offer you a life outside the Empire."


The Leaden Cockroach

As partons stir from their seats, beginning to form a ragged line before the stairwell. Out of the corner of her eye Arymeith noticed that the other expeditions were also beginning to send men out. Jolted suddenly, by a rough hand, she stumbles as a finley armoured man pushes past her, one of the other recruiting agents.
"Out of my way elf, there's patrons here that can offer coin untainted by your-" The man stopps suddenly, stumbling, as a thin figure seperates himself from the crowd, clad in a ragtag assortment of leather and plate and sporting a massive crossbow along his back and a ridiculous Admiral's Hat on his elven brow. Eyes flicking down, the man hisses as he notices a green glimmer in the newcomer's closed hand.
"My apologies, sir," The word is strained as the elf pushes past the agent, "I am here to see an old friend of mine on business."

Down in the line, Jowayne finds himself slip easily into the press, some of the fresher-faced mercenaries giving way to the rugged highlander. Looking up at the comotion on the stairs he blinks as a man roughshoulders past him, easily a head higher than the archer and bulging with muscle.
"This was my place foreigner, watch where you put your feet," As if to emphasise his point, the man stamps narrowly missing Jowayne's boot as he moves it. Off balance, the man lurches forwards slightly, bringing his eyes level to Jowayne's. In them you see the look of a man who, inundated with drink, is raring for a fight.

As Nak makes to step into the crowd, he feels a movement behind him, half turning and reaching for his axe before a grip like iron clamps down upon his leading hand.
"Not so fast dwarf," The Inquisitor's voice, as cold as his eyes, murmurs softly into Nak's ear. You'll get your place in the expedition, courtesy of a friend of mine, however I'd like a word before you do."

Posted on 2012-02-14 at 01:10:36.

Topic: Looking to be recruited
Subject: Hello

Welcome to the inn!

If you're looking for a game less concerned with rules and more with RPing then you can check out Flux Wars: Depths of Damnation, the game's just started but it'll be no problem trying to fit you in I'm sure!

Posted on 2012-02-07 at 10:37:01.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Eek

Ah yes, sorry about that...

It's fine for you to post Loki (and anyone else as well), since Celtia would already be up with Verkoth I thought it would be nice for him to have a post-on-the-side so that he can still participate rather than waiting for the rest of you to post.

As for the Inquisitors they are a fairly rare sight accross the Tundra, however as they maintain one of their largest bastions there. Jowayne would have met a few in his travelles across the Tundra but is unsure what one would be doing this far south...

No problems about postage, as long as you get it done within around about a week's time it'll be fine.

Sorry again about the starting post, I should have added an OOC.

Posted on 2012-02-03 at 03:06:42.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Speaking of Vedigris

It means left to rot and die...

The game thread is up and yes it is blue...

Will try to link it to the QnA...I thought I did but I might have copied the wrong thread...

Anyways feel free to begin posting whenever!

Posted on 2012-02-01 at 13:02:16.

Topic: Flux Wars; Depths of Damnation
Subject: Flux Wars; Depths of Damnation

Demarkon, the heart of Celia...

Jowayne Cornish scowled as he stumped through the doorway of the Leaden Cockroach, happily slaming the door on the clamour that echoed through the streets, southerners bleating like a mass of sheep as they hawked their wares. In the tracker's oppinion you'd have to be as stupid as a sheep to want to buy some of the stuff that passed for produce here...
It was the coin that flowed through this city's viens that clogged them with detritus, the debtors, the beggars, the wealthy and poor. And it was this coin that had led Jowayne to Demarkon, he was pleased to say that he wouldn't be staying another week.
The interior of the tavern belied its modest exterior, a second story balcony faced outwards from the walls, two sets of spiral stairs leading up to the gallery. The commonr room below was well lit with an abundance of tables and patrons to fill them, too many to just be having a drink.
Word had clearly gone around that all the major expeditionaries met here and hired here. Seated before him were enough armed men to make the common room look like a barracks, however a few stood out...

One man, seated alone despite the overcrowding, languishing in the shadows below one of the balconies. It wasn't so much the man's features, clearly foreign, that made him stand out but rather the greatsword and scimitar that rested, crossed on his back and the uncompromising penetration of his gaze...Jowayne had seen those eyes and weapons before, thrice, on Arkosian Inquisitors. Like a well placed arrow they saw through you and clean out the other side. No wonder he had been let alone...

Also standing, looking for a seat, was a dwarf, unbearded and with the remains of scarring around his chin. An axe, massive on his burly frame, was slung over the mercenary's broad shoulders and from the glower on his face and the taught muscles of his arms, he knew how to use it and felt willing to.


Nak Kar stared around the common room, casting a glance at the rugged hunter that had just arrived...almost as rugged as the hide-clad berserker himself.
There was a lot of competition for this job, the common room seemed to be filled with anyone who could afford a weapon, some confident, others decidedly nervous. Nak was pleased to note that very few had the bearing of any real callenge...or threat.
Following the huter's gaze the dwarf scowled, the lone man was watching him, expression set behind his gleaming, dark eyes. Uncomfortable, Nak sets off, seeing whether he can find any potential employment or his chances to regain honour would have to wait...


Arymeith cast a fleeting glance over the common room, relishing the quiet of the balcony table and her seat beside the window where the cool evening air played accross her exposed arms and face. Around the table the rest of the 'expedition' sat, waiting, it seemed, for something.
To her left, Caverlen sat, his slightly narrowed gaze displaying her master's unease. The mage's blond hair and beared swayed every breeze, the only movement his body made. He'd been like this ever since the results of their last job, gratifyingly humane with his guilt, one of the things that had let her forgive him after what he had done to the ruined girl who, by all rights, should have died.
Accross from her sat the monster of a man, Talent Garthell, his fine leather jerkin giving way to his massive, bemuscled arms which lay twitching on the tabletop, turning his empty tankard in endless circles, he too was uneasy. Arymeith had herd a quickly whispered argument between him and Verkoth in the corridor outside thier rooms, althoug even her keen hearing could not discern what the two had disagreed about.
Then there was Verkoth himself, long, lank hair covering most of his pale face, an almost monastic robe of midnight black. His gloved hands were folded in front of him, eyes closed and drink untoutched, from the slit of his features she could see she thought him to be smiling.
Then, finally, next to her, was the most nervous of the quintet, Actarsis, an overly pale Myanmade dressed in rags. Arymeith was not sure where Actarsis' expertise lay, however for Verkoth to hire such a highly-strung individual he must have some particular utility.

All of them jumped when Verkoth suddenly shifted his posture, straightening in his chair and nodding to Arymeith and Talent.
"Could the two of you please inform the...prospective horde below that I am ready to recieve applicants. I have no intention wasting any more of my evening until the other expeditions begin to hire."

Last evening, Victory Boulevard, 10:00PM

Arctarsis' fingers twitched nervously as the five sillouettes circled him, eyes darting to the clubs, batons and sole rapier the small group carried. It seemed that his days as a theif were numbered, unless word of his blunder hadn't reached this district yet...clinging to that blind hope he tried to relax, the weight shifting slightly from his tensed shoulders.
"Well, well, well...I see we've found ourselves a falcon without a hood." This was the rapier speaking, fingering the hilt of his weapon as his words hissed from an ugly grin.
"No collar, no escape."
Arctarsis winced at the automatic response from the man's 4 cronies, each of them hefting their wooden impliments with a violent zeal.
"What happens to Greyblod filth that gets caught after dark without a collar?"
Arctarsis would have interjected at that point but roars for his swift and macarbre demise drowned out any appeal his quivering larynx might have formed. Instead he whispered silently to himself, "Help."
"I don't suppose you do have a collar, hidden amidst those rags, Greyblood?" The rapier-man steps forwards, the blade of his thin weapon gleaming as it half slides out of its sheath.
"It would be a shame if he did...or if he was the recently purchased property of a private gentleman." An unfamiliar voice purrs from behind the group. "Such as myself." All heads turn to a man swathed in black robes leaning casually against a wall, arms folded in his voluminous sleeves.
Fully drawing his weapon, rapier points the blade at the newcomer, its point quivering with scorn.
"Nonsense, if you purchase him he isn't yours uless there's your mark upon his body or clothes, although if you ask me we're doing you a favour exterminating this...filth theyre-"
"You do use that adjective a lot, young man," The stranger rights himself, taking a step forwards. "Now unless you want me to help you a long by stitching a few synonyms into your hide, run along an leave me and my porter be."
The rapier, still quivering, rises to the level of the man's heart, its wielder barring his teeth,
"I take offence at that...sir, being of genteel breeding I see no course other than to test your honour with my blade."
All eyes rest upon the rapier's quivering point which slowly dips lower and lower until the man collapses, an ugly knife buried in his side. Turning to the rest of the thugs the stranger cocks his head at the mouth of a nearby alley, flipping a second blade idly between his hands. Without a word, the men scuttle off, one even dropping his club in his rush to depart.

"My apologies for this...mess, I was hoping to find you sooner." The stranger takes a tentative step forwards, laying down his remaining weapon at his feet. "You need not fear me, Actarsis, I did not come here to do you harm, merely to offer you...shall we say, a way out of your current position."
"My name is Verkoth and I find myself in need of the services of an individual of your talents. You need out of this city and I am willing to give you such an oppertunity, provided that you do something in return for me. How does that sound?"

Posted on 2012-02-01 at 10:22:24.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Very well

Game thread is up, let's get down to this then!

Posted on 2012-02-01 at 07:19:48.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Okay

Right, that's all the characters in. I'm looking at starting by Wednesday if that's alright with you, I'm happy to wait otherwise.

Posted on 2012-01-30 at 11:32:28.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: And last but not least

Character Name: Nak Kar
Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian (A powerful warrior who has plied his trade as a mercenary, Nak Kar’s already deadly skills are augmented by his lethal rage)

Deity: None

-Stonecutter: Nak Kar is able to use greataxes and battleaxes (and any other 2 handed axes) he gets bonuses to hit whilst unharmed or lightly wounded and bonuses to damage the more severely wounded he is
-Wild appearance: Nak Kar is clad in bear hide, a testament to his physical power that he was able to fell 2 of the beasts to craft his garments. Whilst wearing these garments he gains +2 intimidate.
-RAGE: Nak is prone to violent episodes of battle-fury. Currently grants a movement speed boost when enemies are near and a free secondary attack whenever Nak scores a critical strike or slays an enemy.
-Hinterlander: Nak has a particular affinity with animals of the hinterlands, having spent most of his time wandering them, he is able to read signs of danger from animals as well as trap them more easily.
-Scorched features: Nak gains a +2 bonus to intimidate and to survival from his ordeals.

Equipment: Hide jerkin and trousers as well as Dwarvern Boots (light armour that confers bonus defence against ranged attacks (but not against magical missiles).
-Climbing impliments (inc. rope)
-Fishing equipment
-Flint and steel (and other necessary camp-making tools)

Backstory: Nak Kar was a respected Dwarf before his brother decided to hurl a fireball at his mouth. He is unable to grow a beard now and now is more feared than respected as a result. Furthermore, he was unable to eat for four weeks until his mouth was able to open without a bit of skin sticking together and staying shut. A month afterwards he was kicked out and told to wander until he became a respectable dwarf. Moreover, whatever town he went to seemed to kick him out or force him to leave the countryside until he came to Demarkon and he heard that mercanaries were wanted for an expedition through the Tundra. "this could be the chance to regain couldn't hurt either so he went in and found out what it was about.

During the years before his arrival in Demarkon, he picked up a battleaxe after some poor adventurer dropped it after dying and learned to use it. That was the first month of the first year. He felled a bear and made a hide jerkin out of it and then fell another one and made hide trousers. That was the second year, 10th month.

Posted on 2012-01-30 at 11:30:59.
Edited on 2012-02-14 at 01:10:16 by clockwork demise

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: And a 3rd character

Character Name: Actarsis (AKA: "Tar")
Race: Myanmade (Age: 24)
Class: Scrounger/Survivor
Actarsis has not managed the feat of remaining a living, free Myanmade in Celia by picking nor winning fights, with his most practical knowledge of combat being to know how to run or at least be beat up without being fatally wounded. Instead, having lived a life where every day is a new task to stay alive, and security is nothing more than an illusion at best; Actarsis has managed to pick up a variety of skills that have been essential to his survival. Instead of weapon skills or magical spells, his arsenal is comprised of talents for lockpicking, spotting, pilfering, running, leaping, climbing and lying.

Deity: Tentatively gives thanks to Viel, patron god of thieves, but holds most strongly to the traditional ancestor-worship practiced by most Myanmade.

Demarkon Street Rat - Keen knowledge of the city and those within grants bonuses when fleeing, hiding or lying within its walls.
Danger Sense - Years of living in fear has ground keen perceptive abilities into Actarsis, and quickly spots, smells or hears threats.
Learned Thief - Has knowledge of lockpicking, practice in lying and can avoid or deflect notice to hide effectively.
Evasive Escape - When fleeing, grants a bonus at avoiding spells and projectiles.
Scrounger - Can easily spot useful or unusual elements, such as valuables.
Climber - Can climb a variety of surfaces with greater ease, and jump from greater heights safely.

-Loose fitting brown cloth breeches and shirt, torn and ripped. Sturdy softleather footwear.
-Very small easily-concealable utility knife, more often used for climbing or breaking open a barrel than combat, and has dulled with time and use.
-Small buttoned pack slung over his shoulder by a leather strap, the pack often used for holding food or loot, with a secret compartment at its bottom containing a variety of makeshift lockpicking equipment (wires, scrap metal, etc).
-A high-quality sap (a small leather pouch filled with powdered lead used to knock people out over the head), recently stolen.

Actarsis was born into an enslaved Myanmade family, but under a relatively reasonable Celian nobleman. Actarsis enjoyed more freedom than the average Myanmade child-slave, at least to the extent of mingling freely with other Myanmade slaves around the property and some of the various animals as well, such as the stable horses. The Celian nobleman who owned him considered him to be too young to be trusted with much work, and had decided he'd rather incite some form of loyalty in his slaves without the common weapon of fear used in most of Celia. In addition, Actarsis was rarely watched, as even as a child he was trusted to know that he'd be treated better inside the property that was his home than he would be anywhere else of populated Celia.

When the nobleman fell ill and died shortly thereafter, rumours had started amongst the slaves that they were all to be sold, as his next of kin did not care to take in more slaves. Actarsis' parents did not want to risk their son being sold to a crueler master, and so convinced him to flee on his own at the young age of seven, confident that the disappearance of a single Myanmade slave, and a youth at that, would not be considered worth chasing or searching after. They seemed to be right, as Actarsis managed to survive for many days in the wilderness, before hunger drove him to the closest city, the capital Demarkon.

Growing up a thief and honing what talents he could in the city, finding and creating hiding spots and safe havens for himself across the city to sleep in and hide what food or other gains he could get his hands on, Actarsis eventually attracted some notice in the underground of the city, and he has briefly worked with other thieves in the past, and even been hired by certain people in the know to steal or find things, or even to act as an informant of some description. He keeps up to date on rumours and political news, knowing their value if he needs some kind of bluff or cover, and often justifies his occasional roam in plain view of authorities or thugs as being a porter - one of the few enslaved Myanmade whom actually have a place in visible society as messengers or deliverers.

However, a recent ill-advised failed robbery of a rich woman's house has left Actarsis' name and face on warrants for his arrest posted throughout several of the city districts, warrants made all the more rewarding as Demarkon officials have now confirmed through records that Actarsis is indeed a free (or rather, 'unowned') Myanmade walking within their capital. Having put the name to the figure, Actarsis is now under particular danger (regardless of the actual number of hidden free Myanmade throughout the city) and he has fled to one of the few sections of the city where warrants for his arrest have yet to be placed. He hopes to join an expedition being founded there as a plan of leaving the city until the heat dies down on the search for him, or even using the gold earned in the expedition to travel to a different part of Celia.

Posted on 2012-01-29 at 07:38:10.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Keeper of Dragons

Here's the next character...only 2 more to go.

Character Name: Ayrmeith
Race: Elf
Age: 22 (Yes you are still basically an elfin adolescent)
Gender: Female
Class: Animancer (Basically a more mage-like druid you wield the power of nature controlled by the stipules of magic)

Deity: You worship the spirits that the elves originally believed breathed life into the world and sung the people from the hills, stones and water.

-You are, unfortunately rather physically weak and hence unable to bear the weight of heavier weapons such as assault crossbows or glaives, however a sturdy staff is all you need in battle...and handy if your magic leaves you a bit weak at the knees...
Can use staffs as a basic weapon (1D6 dmg, no bonuses) but cannot wear any armour heavier than a leather cuirass.

Apprentice Animancer - You have particular mastery over natural forces, coupled with a recent apprenticeship to a mage of questionable repute you are a formidable caster.
Gain spell usage as well as +2 to magical lore checks and magical history checks.

Level 1 Spells
Moderation - Heals an ally for 2D6 but leaves them with a -2 damage penalty for a round (2 uses per encounter)

Eclipse - Reduces an enemy's armour by a moderate amount and the armour of nearby enemies by a slight amount (3 uses per encounter)

Spirit Conduit - Does 2D6 Nature damage to an enemy you can see (quite long range, usable 6 times per encounter)

Knowledgeable about most races' histories and on the subject of modern religion

Equipment: Cloth and leather clothing, several satchels, ink and parchment, a short-staff.

Current Lore Path
Learning Curve: With your master you seek to complete your training as a mage, an act you believe will rob the Celians of their victory over your people, for whilst the animancer tradition survives, there is hope for the elvin people to return to the 'old path'.
No current bonuses.

Backstory: Ayrmeith was born in the Gann Vale, a land to the west that has long since been subsumed into the Celian Empire. Inhabited almost entirely by elves, the Vale was one of the last havens of the ancient race's heritage, with almost all of the other elfin lands lying dangerously close to Celia.
Trained by your elders from when you were a child you exhibited a remarkable connection with the primal energy that infuses the world of Siren, allowing you to quickly master spells that it would take another mage years to learn. However, this connection came at a cost, physically you were very weak and often tired quickly from most activities save the castings of spells.
With such a passion and talent for your art you would surely have become one of the greatest animancers of your time...that was until the Celians came.
Determined to stamp out the 'old ways' your elders were carted off to the dreaded Greenjade Mines to toil until Tain took them, which you prayed would not be long. However the invaders never suspected you, the frail adolescent, to be anything more than a diminutive elf-girl and, like the rest of your people, were sent into the Empire's agricultural heart to use your knowledge of plants and the land to supply its other citizens with an animancer perhaps you would have made a good farmer...then Caverlen came.
A human mage happened to come by the town you were to work in, stopping off for the night, but clearly in a hurry. However, during the night you were woken by a soft touch upon your lips, a gesture you understood as both one of warning and an opportunity for escape.
From Caverlen you learnt at a far greater rate than the Elders could possibly have taught you, for the disparities between your magic and his seemed to allow the two of you to share an understanding of the other's discipline. Soon you were aiding in your new master's experiments as he travelled around Celia, 'waiting' as he put it 'for something.'
Then, just as war with Coast was declared, Caverlen was called to the estate of a desperate lord in Demarkon, who pleaded with the mage to save his daughter who had been caught in a warehouse fire and was nearing death's door. It was then that you gleaned an insight into your master's character that it was perhaps better not to know. Using your unique powers, Caverlen was able to spin life into specifically forged limbs of metal to replace the girl's broken ones and imbue her ruined body with the wholeness of iron.
Saleya, as the girl was called, lived, however to her father's horror she had, during the course of Caverlen's twisted miracle, become beholden to the mage who you now recognised truly as not so much a wizard but more as an artificer or, at worst a necromancer. However Caverlen was not, by nature evil and your unique empathy with him allowed the two of you to quickly forgive the other...however the father did not see things this way. Ordering Caverlen's imprisonment you were cast into the streets whilst Saleya was abandoned to vedigris and, her father hoped, a quick death.
Facing a life of beggary or worse, slavery, you sought a way out until, to your surprise, an offer came to you in the shape of a man called Talent Garthell. He suggested that you meet with his employer who was lodging at the Leaden Cockroach and was in need of a duo of magi for his expedition. Your trepadation at this offer was soon transformed to joy when it transpired that the second mage of the duo was, indeed, your master although how he escaped the gaol is a fact better left to him and your new employer, a man named Verkoth.

Posted on 2012-01-29 at 07:14:30.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: A note on geography

Hi all,

Almost ready to start, just finalising character sheets, ect.

During character creation I noticed that I've made an oversight concerning Geography. The places reffered to in the origional Flux Wars lore are in Coast, an island continent to the south of the Celian Empire. As of such I would like you to disregard any places mentioned in the lore.

I'm hoping to have a map up soon!

Posted on 2012-01-29 at 06:58:44.

Topic: Once in a Lifetime [Questions and Answers]
Subject: --> Reformed killer

Hope my post's okay, I intended to convey that I'd been studying the swordsman for some time before using the distraction posed by T_O to strike.
Also, Vord doesn't particularly mind whether he snaps the man's neck with his blow or merely dazes him. Seeing drawn weapons, he believes, is confirmation that the ruffians are willing to use them.

Posted on 2012-01-28 at 23:37:19.

Topic: Once in a Lifetime
Subject: If I was a monk...

Vord watched the chaos begin to unfold around the table, his eyes dispassionately regarding the ruffians. Then, when Revlan, who, it seemed, had a hundred words for every occasion, jumped, Vord reacted. His target, the man to the far right of the group, armed with a shortsword, a weapon less handy against an opponent grappling in close quaters, and, most importantly, appeared to be left handed.

Surging to his feet, Vord pulled his chair out from under him, sending the piece of furniture swinging at the startled man like a bizzare club, using the momentum from his swing. The assassin spun, grasping the man's sword-wrist with his right hand whilst dealing a powerful blow to the man's head with his left, talons raking accross the man's skin as his head snaps to the side. Finally, Vord sidesteps, putting his victim's body between him and the rest of the group.

Posted on 2012-01-28 at 23:33:06.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Enter Loki Stage left

Okay here's the first character sheet, I'm processing the other 3 so hopefully I'll be able to put a date on when the game starts.

Character Name: Jowayne Cornish
Race: Human (Age 20)
Class: Ranger (but with more of a connection to the land than to animals or hunting anything particular)

Deity: Tain

Practised Hunter – Whilst in the Arkos Tundra or similar terrain grants the party +1 overland movement speed and a +2 bonus to any mundane/folklore checks related to the wilderness. In addition you suffer less severe penalties from natural effects in the Tundra.
Live and Die by the Bow – gain +2 to hit with longbows, +1 to hit with other non-exotic bows (such as shortbows and hunting bows) also gains an additional +1 to foraging. May after 2 turns of preparation launch a special attack which gains +5 to hit instead of his normal bonuses and crits on a 19/20
Self-sufficient – Gains +2 to foraging (total bonus of +3), can fletch arrows and repair his bow with salvaged materials gains +2 to tracking and first aid and hardiness.
Lacklustre – Gains +2 to conceal motive but -2 to checks in most dialogue situations.
Other – Proficient with daggers/hunting knives

Equipped with: Studded Leather and Fur armour (+1 to survival) sturdy light armour that confers penalties to speed when trying to run.
Longbow and 25 arrows
Hunting knife
Flint and tinder + other mundane survival equipment (inc. satchel, a wooden bowl, haversack)

Current Lore Path
Mercenary To Oneself: An outcast in an already small world, Jowayne is used to relying on himself and not looking forwards to the prospect of lugging several southerners and possibly their wagons across the entire tundra. However he’ll see a job through to the end…unless these southerners live up to his worst expectations.
No current bonuses.

Backstory - Jowayne Cornish had been in Demarkon for little under a week and had already grown tires of the sothern softies that lived there. They whined about the wind, about the rain, about the cold, they whined about things they didn't know. He'd decided to journey to the town, from his homeland in the north, in the hope of earning some gold, but that hope had been dyeing since he'd arrived. He'd lived his life roaming the frozen lands of Valsarathar but doubted any of the groups he'd seen so far would live more than a two-week. The last group he's met caused him to doubt they'd survive a ten-day let 'lone a two-week. He'd asked them what god's they kept, some said Arcus, some Viel, one Gariael. He'd answered they should keep Tain and pre to him noon and night "wilds dona care for justice, gila, or strength. Only Tain’ll save ya when ya freeze in the night." The group had forsaken his company after that, "fools should'd listened" he remembered thinking.

Posted on 2012-01-27 at 03:53:44.
Edited on 2012-01-29 at 07:04:35 by clockwork demise

Topic: Flux Wars: Depths of Damnation
Subject: Ca depend (why are french words so similar to english ones?)

Send me a lvl 1 character sheet if you want me to convert one, otherwise just fill out the details on the QnA thread, unless you're a mage (like Keeper of Dragons will be) levels don't matter all that much since you also get similar bonuses for fleshing out your character through RPing.

I've already basically finished 2 sheets which will be up in the near future, hopefully we'll get this show (expedition) on the road.

Posted on 2012-01-24 at 23:54:49.

Topic: Flux Wars: Depths of Damnation
Subject: Weeelll

It's freeform really, although the sample char sheets are up in the QnA if you want to have a look.

You can throw me a 3.5 char sheet and have me regurgitate it as a Flux Wars one if you want...

Posted on 2012-01-24 at 12:08:26.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Character creation details

Alright I'm back.

The contents of this will allow you to create a general character sheet for Flux Wars, some sections will require your character backstory to fill in so I'll be working with each of you seperatley via PMs to complete this.

As I've said before I'm happy to accept other DnD character sheets and format them into this model and if there's anything you think I've missed or want me to put on just drop me a post here or a PM and I'll amend the sheet.

Here is the sheet.

Character Name
Class (Describe what you want your class to do)

Deity (see the origional Flux Wars recruitment and QnA for more details, ignore the bonuses I put in there)

-Particular Training (this will include any skills you feel you should get a bonus to or any extra-ordinary modifiers you should benefit/suffer from) Think of this as a feats section.

Backstory (and any bonuses you think you should get from it) Also include a reason for joining the expedition.

Please submit your character sheet by a PM so we can work out the details together.


Posted on 2012-01-23 at 11:33:33.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Your mission

Alright, so there's the basics on how I'm running the game, now here's what motivates your characters.

Seeking to cash in from the lucrative deals going as hired mercenaries or guides for the multiple expeditions heading from Celia to the infamous Badlands to the north and east (specifically the Arkos Tundra), your characters have wound up in the capital of Demarkon where word has it that the Leaden Cockroach Inn is currently home to a wealthy individual who wishes to put together an expedition to pass into the Broken Plateau south of the Arkos Tundra. Whoever this employer is has offered quite a decent sum, however not so much as to be suspicious.

Upon recieving your backstories I'll then intergrate your characters into the setting. Most likley you'll be in the Leaden Cockroach to meet this employer however one of you (probably Celita's character) will have a little surprise waiting for you.

I'll put character sheets and other details up tomorrow afternoon or Monday.

Until then.

Posted on 2012-01-21 at 11:52:19.

Topic: Depths of Damnation QnA
Subject: Depths of Damnation QnA

Alright since I've got the minimum party size I need the QnA is up.

As DoD is a quasi-freeform adventure formatted Flux Wars character sheets are designed to give a vague outline of what your characters are good at. In the game I'll do the necessary calculations for checks and attacks. This will give players (I hope) more freedom with their characters and allow the game to evolve more like a story with the heroes as characters in it.

Also a note on experience, there are two ways to level up in Flux Wars. The first is by completing skill challenges and combat encounters as per usual. The second way is through roleplaying, the more you flesh out and develop your character, the more bonuses you will get.

Posted on 2012-01-21 at 11:43:17.

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