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Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: O.O Group Dream?! Oh crap!

As the inner fog began to lift, Siraya stretched languidly, reaching her arms above her head and arching her back before sighing softly and relaxing again. “Hmm, surely I am not the first to awaken.” She thought as she did not hear any noises. She was by no means a slacker, but she was never first to rise. There were always many in her caravan who awoke before she did. As she slowly opened her eyes her body tensed painfully as she at bolt-upright and looked around in alarm, her hand gripping the hilt of her sword, which lay next to her.

For a moment Siraya had been disoriented, but as she remembered where she was and how and why she came to be there, the pain once again enveloped her very soul. Her people were dead. Dread! The dream of the night before suddenly returned in its entirety. She knew from experience that dreams didn’t always have any specific meaning, but this one did. Of that she was absolutely certain. She knew she had to share the dream with the group, even if she was just the new member, surely they would not dismiss her.

Just then she heard one man praying rather loudly for guidance, regarding a nightmare he’d had, from the god he worshiped. “Strange. It would seem that he also had a horrible dream. I wonder if the others dreamed also and what their dreams consisted of.”

Siraya stood and began donning her armor just as Mendez asked if anyone had had any strange dreams. His words grabbed her attention instantly. “Ok, that is no mere coincidence.” Before she could speak, however, Tad spoke of a dream he’d had regarding a Demon Wind.

“I too had a dream in regards to a Demon Wind.” And so, she proceeded to hurriedly recount the dream in its entirety. She rushed because she was eager to find out what the others had dreamed. But as she spoke she began to suspect that the entire group had had the same dream based on their various reactions to her words.

“How can we stop something like this? Will the innocent victims they will be using as the sacrifice going to be within the cities they mean to attack? The voice within the dream stated that killing the victim is the only way to stop a Demon Wind once it is summoned. How can we possibly kill the innocent in order to stop the Demon Wind? I mean, even should we manage to find the victim, it is still an innocent being! Do any of you know anything about this, or have powers or magic strong enough to contend with such a foe?”

With so many more questions crowding her mind, Siraya looks around at everyone until her eyes finally settle on Danamar. She silently waits for his response.

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 03:57:17.
Edited on 2011-09-14 at 04:52:11 by DarkAutumn

Topic: We will Always Remember
Subject: Also...

I would like to say, and I hope this doesn't upset people, that I will, along with so many, always remember 9/11 and those who lost their lives that day and as a result of the events that have followed. I will always respect the soldiers, past and present, those who sacrificed thier lives, sanity, health and limbs, as well as those who managed to emerge as unscathed as would be possible.

I can't help but think, however, about Pearl Harbor and Oklahoma, and any/all other attacks the United States may have faced. Were not those just as bad? Perhaps Oklahoma was not as devestating in it's size of damage and death as Pearl Harb...or and 9/11, but it was just as devestating to those who lost their loved ones as a result. I think that instead of just remembering 9/11, and forgetting all the rest, we should take the time to remember all of it.

And remembering, does not mean to glamorize it. I think it simply means to take the quiet moments to remember not just the fallen, but the injured and those still fighting. Shake the hand of the soldiers you have the privilege of meeting along your way through life. And reach out to your fellow human beings, not just Americans. Help others around you, if you can, when you see they are less fortunate or need help in some way. Don't turn your noses up at them. Peronally, I think that is maybe the best way to honor and remember.

Again, I hope this has not upset anyone, I absolutely do not intend it to do so. I just wanted to put that out there. Let's remember all, not just one event. Also, let's remember and celebrate the life that was given on that day. Sad though it may be, for me and others like me, it was and always will be a day to celebrate the life of my child.See More
about an hour ago

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 16:01:03.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: Agreed

Thursday has come and gone. *huggles and pounces the DM* We still love ya though!

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 03:29:09.

Topic: We will Always Remember
Subject: My son included.

Yes, that is another good song.

TK: My oldest son was born 2 years prior. He turned 2 years old the day that happened. Today, 2011, he turned 12.

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 00:06:17.

Topic: We will Always Remember
Subject: Song

That is an amazing song. One of my absolute favorite patriotic songs ever.

I would just like to point out two more that were specifically written for 9/11:

1. Have You Forgotten
2. Courtesy Of The Red White & Blue

Posted on 2011-09-11 at 23:32:38.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: O.O

Woot! Totally love that song, Eol!

I was about to start typing the whole song! lol I figured I'd spare everyone.


Posted on 2011-09-09 at 04:53:30.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: Umm...

Just as an FYI, there really isn't anything for me to post at this time, so I just PM'd Jozan1 Lea's actions depending on what happens.

Basically she's going to wait to see what happens: if Basyl makes it all the way inside the tent, she will sneak over to the tent he's in to listen to whatever she can manage to hear through the tent, and be ready should Basyl be in need of help (or try to anyway), but if something happens and he has to run back to the trip-line, she will stay put and be ready to help as originally planned.

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 22:54:07.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Save me from my posts!

I had to post something! This is my 667th post, anyone guess why I had to post something quick?! lol

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 12:35:03.

Topic: The Return of the Original Palassassin
Subject: Doth mine "eyes" deceive me?!

*tacklehugglepounce-a-lots* RYSTEFIN!!!!! *huggles and snuggles somemore*

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 02:47:21.

Topic: Demon Wind Q&A
Subject: Posted..

I'm so sorry for my lack of attendance. I started my second year of school last Monday, and my cousin had a bridal shower this weekend, which I made the cake for.

(Pic is on my FB page if anyone wants to see it. It came out so awesome with a beach theme on the bottom tier and a wedding cake look on the top two tiers. )

Aaanyway. I was busy. I got a post done, hope it's ok.

Oh, and, Yoldie, I hope it's ok, but I kind of took a little liberty with a horse situation. If that's not acceptable, let me know and I'll take it out.

Posted on 2011-09-06 at 06:08:41.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: A bit of back posting, ....aaand up-to-date...whew!

“I’ve been looking for any group affiliated with Militia Vericulum. Do you think your leader and your group would consider allowing me to join you on your mission? I need to help in any way possible against the … the troubles that have been plaguing our civilizations.” The gold flecks flashed in her dark amber eyes with the anger she was having difficulty keeping under control.

The elf motioned toward their leader and she looked to him as he spoke, "It seems you have found what you were looking for. Not the easiest of feats to accomplish as we rarely reveal our routes or the purpose of our travel in public." He went on to say that despite her assistance with the dread, he would be unable to tell her of their plans. She nodded her understanding and agreement with his sentiment as he spoke.

“…but would definitely like to hear more of whatever evil or misfortune you have met previously."

Siraya inhaled deeply as she was filled with pain from pictures in her mind’s eye of the mutilated corpses of her fallen people. Siraya glanced at the offered arm as Danamar extended it to her. She reached to accept his greeting hesitating in her movement as he spoke in elven, "Elen sila lumenn omentilmo" She watched him curiously with a raised eyebrow. She had no clue what he had just said, but the language did not sound entirely foreign. The thought occurred to her that if they allowed her to accompany them, maybe she would be able to re-learn her native tongue. It had been so long since she’d spoken it, she couldn’t understand much of anything anymore.

He introduced himself as Danamar Amarillis, and confirmed that he was, indeed, the leader of the group. He also explained that she could not formally join the group as an officer of the Militia, but that she could assist them as a “helping hand” and that he could not guarantee what she would be paid for her help, but that it would be something.

“I certainly thank you for your willingness in allowing me to join your group, even if only in the ‘helping hand’ capacity. That is all I ask. I, of course, understand your concerns and reservations with regard to telling me anything about your plans and mission. I only wish to fight...” She looked down to the floor, and her hands subconsciously clenched into fists. “I must fight.”

Siraya assisted in any way she could with the burials and anything else. Once everything was set aright, she considered seeking a private audience with Danamar. She warred within herself trying to decide how much she should tell him about her motives and exactly why it was that she had sought them out. She was afraid that if she told him of her desire for vengeance, that he may deny her request to join his group. Then again, he had already agreed to let her accompany them.

Making up her mind to talk to him, Siraya searched him out and spoke quietly, “Not more than three days have passed since my entire convoy was slaughtered. I do not know who is responsible for the attack. All I know is they killed my entire family. I was knocked unconscious, and can only assume that is how I came to be the only one left alive. I was forced to burry everyone I have known since they found me at the age of ten wondering aimlessly through a forest which, to this day, I have no clue how I came to be there. They took me in and raised me as their own even though I was not even of their own race.”

Siraya swallowed dryly before continuing, “I had heard them talk about the troubles and about how the Militia Vericulum had been sent out in numerous groups to put a stop to said troubles. I can only assume that these murderers are part of the troubles, and as such, I figured a group such as yours would be my only way of fighting against them. I have nothing left. I don’t know how it could be possible to find the same group that killed my humans, but that desire is what drove me to seek out the Malitia Vericulum. The gods must favor my quest, because I have not had to search long, and it could not be mere coincidence that I came to be in the very same tavern as your group on a night when such a ‘trouble’ would attack. Our paths might not have crossed otherwise.”

At this point, her eyes were filled with tears, and the intensity with which she spoke was the only thing keeping those tears in check. “I don’t care how many so-called ‘troubles’ I have to face, or groups of miscreants I have to help tame, I intend to find that group. I do not know who they are affiliated with or what they call themselves, but I’ll know that bastard when I see him again. I got a good look at one of them before I was struck down. I’ll never forget his face.”

Siraya took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before continuing, “I decided to tell you my intentions for two reasons: 1. I don’t want there to be any surprises to you should we find the group whom I seek. And 2. I want you to be assured that my loyalty can be relied upon and that I mean you and your group no harm. It cannot be easy to trust a stranger when you are responsible for the job you have been entrusted with.”

After her talk with Danamar, Siraya decided she needed a reliable mode of transportation. Hers was an old horse which the bandits had not taken with them because the poor creature was old and feeble. They had simply left the horse there to starve to death. Knowing that she would need a strong steed, Siraya bargained with the new inn keeper for a horse that would serve her well on the journeys ahead.

And so it was that she set out with a group of fighters she really didn’t know. She remained quiet, as, it would seem, did the rest of the group. She could only assume that the events of the previous night and the deaths that resulted weighed heavy on the minds of her new companions.

When they stopped to make camp for the night, Siraya offered to keep watch on any shift they needed her for. Should they choose not to accept the offer, she would understand as she was new and they really didn’t know if she could even be trusted. In which case, she would simply sleep through the night. However, should they choose to utilize her, she will do so gladly wherever needed.

Posted on 2011-09-06 at 05:49:23.
Edited on 2011-09-06 at 06:05:45 by DarkAutumn

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: Entirely curious now...

Well, who's birthday is it? If it was common knowledge, I am sure someone would have posted the happy birthday thread by now.

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 13:04:27.

Topic: Demon Wind Q&A
Subject: Sorry, again...

Umm, Ok so I got a post submitted. I'm sorry for the poor quality. I was off my game somehow.

I will endeavor to step up my writing next time around.

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 00:41:53.

Topic: crazy story
Subject: Oh! I know one!

Crazy? I was crazy once! They put me in a little white room. I loved that little white room. I died in that little white room. Flowers grew up all around me, tickled my nose, and drove me crazy!

Crazy? I was crazy once! They put me in a little white room. I loved that little white room. I died in that little white room. Flowers grew up all around me, tickled my nose, and drove me crazy!

(Etc...etc...etc...Every time you hear the word "Crazy" you start, but then it ends with the word It's a never ending loop. haha)

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 00:33:53.

Topic: Happy Birthday Queen Hugglepounce!
Subject: LOL

WoW!! haha Thank you everyone!! *runs around hugglepouncing EVERYONE, then goes another round!* hehehe

Ya'll are so sweet! I started school today! Which is a good thing! hehehe I have been biting at the bit (so to speak) to get back to school. I am sooo excited to finally get back to it!

When I got home my Mom made yummy beef fajitas, and my Step-Dad had my fav made for me (The best ever home made JP's Cheese Cake yummmm!!!) Mom & JP(step-dad) got me a bunch of tops, a pair of chanclas (flip flops), and hair ties and a really cool combo address book/notes/to do list type thingy (yea, yea, I know. Not the best description) lol

Oh, Oh! And a KitKat bar! hahaha Yummy

Then I sat and watched one of my fav shows with my Mom. (The Glades) She fell asleep during the show. lol

Hey, I'm a woman of simple tastes, and I am easily pleased. So overall, I've had a good day.

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 00:16:44.
Edited on 2011-08-30 at 13:01:40 by DarkAutumn

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Sorry...

Turning back to the warrior-clad elf he saw her extended hand. “Siraya, I am pleased you chose to be here. Your swift action with the Holy Water may have been the moment that turned the tide in our favor.”

Siraya’s hand dropped to her side. “It was Holy Water! That’s why it affected it in such a way.” she thought as a hint of a blush briefly passing over her delicate features when she heard that it was not just simple water which she had thrown at the creature.

Holding his rapier vertical in a salute before him and tipping his head to the warrior maiden, “Tadirien Vanlithe is in your debt.”

She nodded in kind to the elf, “Sir Vanlithe. I am most relieved to see that you are unharmed, but please, no thanks is needed. In truth it is I who should thank you for giving me a usable weapon against that thing. Without it, I would have been quite useless during that encounter.”

“As Militia Vericulum we are here on Lord Dremon's service and still have duty to provide. The Inn is not yet secure so if you will excuse me I must see to my comrades and the lord’s people.“ Tad bowed to her as he turned and walked toward Danamar.

“Militia Vericulum? They are one of the MV groups I was looking for!” A wave of relief, excitement, and anger flashed across her face all at once. Relief because it hadn’t taken long to find an MV group which she’d been looking for; excitement at the possibility of finding those who had killed her entire convoy and her adopted parents; and anger as the image of her human parents’ corpses flashed through her mind. Siraya was most eager to talk to this elf, but she knew now was not the time.

At his invitation to join in the search of the entire Inn, Siraya nodded and joined in the search. Not finding anything or anyone else, the group convened back downstairs, at which point she turned to Vanlithe, “I’ve been looking for any group affiliated with Militia Vericulum. Do you think your leader and your group would consider allowing me to join you on your mission? I need to help in any way possible against the … the troubles that have been plaguing our civilizations.” The gold flecks flashed in her dark amber eyes with the anger she was having difficulty keeping under control.

Posted on 2011-08-29 at 06:31:37.
Edited on 2011-08-29 at 06:47:09 by DarkAutumn

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: *sniffles*

O.O You're gonna post your actions before you leave though, right? *pouts*

Posted on 2011-08-23 at 18:45:50.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: Woohoo!

I like that update, JZ!! That just .. haha Movie quality if you ask me. Leaves it open for anything to happen. lol

*most eager to see what happens next*

Posted on 2011-08-21 at 15:06:51.

Topic: The Last Blade Q&A
Subject: Umm Food?

I was talking about this with GD and we agree that if the king expects these people to go out and search for some sort of miracle answer to the dieing world, shouldn't he feed them?

I mean, if the inhabitants of the area are just days away from starving to death, that would mean that the characters are far too weak to accomplish much of anything, or to get very far.

So, shouldn't the king have food made, however meager even if it's tasteless, to feed this group of people who are by all appearances the last hope of this realm?

And he must have food and water if one guy was caught red-handed trying to steal some grain, and then the king ordered water be brought for the delirious man. So, it's clear he does have some food.

Just a thought.

Posted on 2011-08-19 at 18:48:53.
Edited on 2011-08-19 at 18:49:21 by DarkAutumn

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: *teary eyed*

Some people are just so mean! *eyes the mean one*

*chuckles* Seriously though, it's amazing the difference in this Render punk vs. your guy in Demon Wind. kinda cool. lol

I assume your goal is to have people very much dislike Render. And so far, success is entirely yours! lol

Posted on 2011-08-19 at 14:28:33.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: Nice! haha

lmao That is so silly! Just like its poster.

Posted on 2011-08-19 at 14:17:07.

Topic: Dissappearances
Subject: Best Man vs. Maid of Honor

Umm, isn't the maid of honor the one who's supposed to help organize the wedding?

Or are you talking about organizing the bachelor party. lol

Posted on 2011-08-16 at 19:44:50.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Yay for water!

Should the shadow re-enter, she would be ready to throw the water at it.

And enter it did!

After her brief words with the elf, Siraya stood alert and ready. She saw that someone had finally found a way to light the hearth. She watched him as he turned with a rather triumphant look about him, but not for long. Almost as soon as he had fully turned to face the rest of the room his smile was gone.

Before Siraya had a chance to turn to see what had stripped the smile from his face, the shadow creature was filling the center of the room. Everything happened so quickly. In one instant the creature was lashing out at the man who had lit the fire, the next thing she knew two others had attacked it, including the elf she had spoken with. The shadow lashed out at him. Siraya instinctually reacted, throwing the water the elf had given her on the shadow, while rushing forward to stand before him at the same time.

Intense fear gripped her chest as she stood so close to the creature; however, she stood firm none the less. Suddenly a flash of light caught Siraya’s eye. She looked toward its source and saw that the one who appeared to be the leader of this group was glowing. She watched in awe as the light grew increasingly brighter until she could no longer bear its glory. She turned her head away closing her eyes tight, and shielded her face with her hands. Even so she could see brightness through her closed eye lids. As such, she knew when the light had begun to fade and she chanced a look.

Siraya uttered a whispered, “Thank you.”, and released the breath she didn’t even realize she’d been holding when she saw that the shadow was gone. She looked at the group’s leader in amazement for a moment. She could see he was weak from the effort he’d just put forth in vanquishing the shadow. She almost moved to help him stand, but stopped herself. She did not know these people, and wasn’t sure how they would react to her “rushing” at their leader.

Instead, Siraya turned to the one who had given her the vile of water which in turn resulted in apparently saving his life. “Are you alright?” She gave him the once-over to try and determine if he had been injured at all when the shadow had struck out at him. Everything had happened so fast she wasn’t entirely sure if it had gotten him or not before she had had time to throw the water on it.

Not knowing that the water in the vile was anything blessed or special, she said to him, “I never would have thought that something as simple as water would harm that thing.” She shook her head in amazement, then she stuck her hand out toward him so she could shake his hand, “My name is Siraya. Now that the threat has passed, please tell me what that thing was, and why it was after your group.”

Posted on 2011-08-15 at 15:42:06.
Edited on 2011-08-15 at 15:47:25 by DarkAutumn

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Yay for smart people!

Yay! Thanks, Olan!! As I'm sure you already know, that worked!

And I voted! RDInn is still in the 9th spot!

Posted on 2011-08-15 at 15:03:02.
Edited on 2011-08-15 at 15:05:18 by DarkAutumn

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Home Page

Umm, every time I try to go to the Home Page (was trying to vote), this web page comes up saying

Welcome to Your New Home in Cyberspace!

And off to the right it has a shadow-picture of what looks like a moose and that says

GHU Linux

The first couple of paragraphs say:

This is a placeholder page installed by the Debian release of the Apache Web server package, because no home page was installed on this host. You may want to replace this as soon as possible with your own web pages, of course....

This computer has installed the Debian GNU/Linux operating system but has nothing to do with the Debian GNU/Linux project. If you want to report something about this host's behavior or domain, please contact the ISPs involved directly, not the Debian Project.

The first time I noticed it like that is when the site was down for those couple of days. I just assumed that's why that page came up. But it's still like that for me...

Why is this happening? Since others have voted today, I can only assume this is not happening to them. Is there a way I can fix this??

Please help.

Posted on 2011-08-15 at 13:48:17.

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