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Parent thread: Cyberpunk - Flesh & Blood Recruitment
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Earlier I trying to explain that I'm part of starlight's network and I have mine as well, she hires me, I'm her competition but out of everything that I make during a week or a month, she gets right off the top. So if anything she is going to keep me around as long as I make money for her. 

"“Actually, we kinda have a lot of unspoken code that us... “Fixer” deal with. You see, If I want to eat as well as I do, I will continue to work for starlight, I’ll take any and everything that she gives me, because I'm hungry. She isn’t stupid thou. She keeps me at bay, she dislikes that I know some... Some of her contacts, because that is our bread and butter. So my work here is actually just getting started. I’m not planning on going anywhere, but what I do need from you is to take a break, your stressed, overworked, let me take the reins for a bit, I will ask for your endorsement, in return, I’ll help you find out IF he is alive and then we can go from that point."

I can't stress enough to read the book and to fit in, where you get in, with style!


Until we find him alive and rescued or we find him dead and some type of payback administered, Casino will take no other jobs.

If that causes my character to leave the game because the rest of the party votes that the risk to themselves to go rescue him is too great, it's all good. 

I get it but you shouldn't have to feel that your character should or must exit. I have a plan and some CC, so that part should be an easy fix, So give me a few post and lets see what we as a team can come up with. Hopefully people are looking into their lifepaths and maybe find something to aid the situation. 

Another question, you spoke about Giri with Akagi, he does not know who saved him at the hospital, maybe from news reports he has some idea, but at the time of the gunfight he was out cold on seditives. He never saw me and the only ones who did are dead. Some of the hostages might recall me but I'd think that be a long shot right Brom? So how would that work as far as Giri/Favors owed.

This isn't my lane, and it might depend on the game. After WWII the Mafia-types had a trading system that would of course always favor them. The term "Marker" is a gambling one but it has a different meaning gin other situations as well. in older movies ( Black and white) the "hero" might call in a favor or the hero might say.  "I'm going to call in my marker with Angelo , the guy with the broken nose". So what is a marker? you might ask. Anything really. In movies and when someone powerful would get saved and that person says "call me, I owe you big time, then hands you a business card. his watch, a poker chip ( my fav) or some recognizable item to his goons and others. 

So you are in the Italian sector and your group is losing a firefight as several factions duck and wait for either side to make enough damage to clean out both groups, but you see a group that might help you. "Hey Pizano, you run with mickey two times?, I'm returning this..."

so, like in the rule book yes Giri the Japanese word means "Favor". 

Now, we get CC, it might cost a bit more because the event is past but maybe, just maybe you can change time. Perhaps one might even write up "a change in time"... this happened instead, just sayin

Also Brom the CC that were used, will Keeper, Mischief and Nomad get them back at 10 at the start of this next phase. And will that change my 8 back to a full 10?  Reason I ask is I might want to use my 8 +2 before we leave the bar if I'm going to get a new 10.

Still not 100% clear how that all works. 


Posted on 2020-07-07 at 10:28:16.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 180/119
6611 Posts


Ok Espatier I get the part about a favor for a favor, but how does it effect me and Akagi? Like before, as far as I know, he has no idea who saved him at the hospital. I took the agents for 2 reasons

1) I did not have one as I sold mine to cover a gambling debt and I figured Blossom could hack it and give me a nice upgraded agent. 2) I did want to learn more about the this Thomas Akagi guy, and once I had that info, to sale it afterwards. At the time I took them, Ghlahn had yet to kill Sec-Man's people, so I never thought to try and contact him directly for any type of help as I want to now.

Posted on 2020-07-07 at 13:24:09.

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
Karma: 156/11
4257 Posts

Espatier has made some good points across the board. I also appreciate you as players working things out so the game can continue.

Let me clear up the differences in Giri and Creative Currency. Giri is earned by performing services, favors, and deeds for a particular alt-cult. For example, the Desnai alt-cult might want a certain piece of technology that is being produced by Militech. They put together a team of Edgerunners that consist of a Desnai Techie, an Edgerunner Solo and Netrunner, and a Reef Solo to get into a small Militech facility that provides access to their internal network where the tech's blueprints can be downloaded. Once the job is complete, they pay everyone the agreed reward in credits and that particular Park Manager says, "We owe you." In that case, I would award you with a certain amount of Desnai Giri. Maybe 5, maybe 15. It depends on how hard the run was and how important it was to the Desnai Park that they have the blueprints. 

How do you use Giri? Giri isn't some actual currency, so it is all used through role-play or "off-screen" with "purchases" of that alt-cult's NuCybe or favor from that alt-cult (Hideout in their park for a week completely safe and protected... which, if the park is attacked by your enemies, might suddenly cost more Giri than you have to give).

Now, as you've seen, Creative Currency has its purpose in changing the results of the story either by giving you a bonus to your die rolls or altering the storyline. While you may have the points, I may choose not to allow you to use them in an instance where it is too disruptive to the actual storyline, or I might say that you can change a storyline event but only in the sense that you can reroll a particular roll. Then you can choose to spend more CC on bonuses for that roll. 

Keep this in mind. In both cases, there aren't any hard and fast rules except in the purchase of NuCybe. In fact, I can play the antagonist by treating either usage like a Wish spell in D&D. Your wording and request may be taken differently than you intend, there will always be repercussions and consequences, and it may be good for you now but not so good in the future.

Take this whole thing with Thomas Akagi as an example. You know nothing about Akagi. You don't know if he's an upstanding guy, you don't know if he's honorable in his dealings, you don't know if he even survived the night at the hospital despite Casino's best efforts. Furthermore, even if you do get in touch with Akagi or one of his people and claim to have been the one who saved him from certain death, who's to say they'll believe you? As Casino has pointed out, it's a very very long shot to say that anyone who survived in the hospital knows who he is or can even describe him. Anyway, there's a lot of room for anything to happen there if you get my drift.

Am I a nice enough of a GM to let you benefit from that random encounter? 

As for the CC, I'll do one more round of posting and then reset the CC back to 10. That means that all of the CC used up to this last round of posting will be replenished at that time.

Everyone can see Charlie's apartment on the first page of the Q&A.

Posted on 2020-07-07 at 15:11:38.
Edited on 2020-07-07 at 15:41:15 by Bromern Sal

Karma: 7/0
216 Posts

 but how does it affect me and Akagi?

He has no idea that you were the one that saved him, right?. Okay then... why did you take his things Mr savior. Look at the situation as the victim Mr. Akagi. Your life was spared by a thief that robbed you of two phones. I owe you, nothing thief!. Or in D&D terms Mr. Akagi is Smaug and you are Bilbo Baggins, you took from the dragon horde!


If you wanted to know more info that would use an everyman skill called: Library use, roll it and Brom may or may not tell you about Mr Akagi ( Public knowledge only)

so you took the phone for two reasons - your broke and you don't have one... That is the life in Cyberpunk, gritty, poor, everything that you own carried in a paper bag or if your lucky backpack. 

1) I did not have one as I sold mine to cover a gambling debt and I figured Blossom could hack it and give me a nice upgraded agent. 

could have, should have, would have... I would have been riding blossom's ass every day for that info. Or something to her-- anyways!. Did you ask @nomad's character. let me see.... he is a techie, he builds and repaired things, his special ability might let you access info on the phone, in today's terms "Jailbreaking" the phone. This is @nomad's area. This is why we should help each other for small but yet nominal fees. 

Hey Fixers, I need to get into this phone

What's in it for me is everyone's standard answer

Bargain with each other and get that info, then give it to Blossom to seek more info. 


2) I did want to learn more about the this Thomas Akagi guy, and once I had that info, to sale it afterwards. At the time I took them, Ghlahn had yet to kill Sec-Man's people, so I never thought to try and contact him directly for any type of help as I want to now.

You are maybe just a thief, but a helpful or polite one. I would suggest that you spend some cc and come up with a believable story as to why you waited so long to return them. That my friend was a genuine.. get out of jail card.

Posted on 2020-07-07 at 16:09:41.

Karma: 7/0
216 Posts

chariles Bedroom is off limts!

I'll have you sleep in the garage if you don't behave!. 


can I words things first, then send to spend for my CC?. 

  1. deal with Jack issue
  2. Deal with blossom ( sucking up to a female might be costly and yield no results)
  3. Deal with teacher issues, vehicle issues, and Jack at the same time?

so the question is.. how much will it cost me?

is number #2 only 03 points?

is number #3  something like 6 or more?


Posted on 2020-07-07 at 16:38:52.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 51/6
2518 Posts

Techie Help

Just to be clear - cyberpunk is way out of my normal gaming mode.   I really know very little about what these characters can do.  So if any of you think Fixer can/should do something with his various abilities - please let me know.  There is a very good chance that I would miss it on my own.  But I am trying to learn.  As for the current situation, he is willing to help out with whatever.  He is in this deeper then he wants to be, but he is in. 

Posted on 2020-07-08 at 18:02:12.

Karma: 7/0
216 Posts

no biggie and no worries

you are the build and repair type of guy, your special ability is : Jury rig, its for a short period of time but pretty handy. if something requires mechanical or technical skills that would be you!

that is your lane, others like me are at big minuses to try. 

as long as your in, just keep swimming!, dog paddle if you need to.




Posted on 2020-07-08 at 22:33:55.


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