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Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: A New Path Awaits

Thäoran's thin lips spread into a contented and joyful smile as the elf watched the young twins reunite with their family. It had been a long and arduous journey, but at last they had achieved their quest, making Botkinburg and its surrounding woods safer once again. Maybe-just maybe-if the party continued like this, they could, in some small way, assist in resisting whatever darkness was looming on the horizon. Thäoran didn't know what would happen in the future, but the young elf was determined to face whatever comes his way with courage and perhaps one day he'll finally find who he had set out on this quest for, the one he wished to make proud of him: his beloved father.

I am coming, Father, he thought as his emerald eyes gazed at the distant mountains. No matter how long it takes, we will see each other once more.

The Eldritch Knight turned to his fellow travellers. 'I think the most logical step is to traverse to the next town,' he suggested. 'It seems the best place to gather information and perhaps find other people in need of help. What say you?'

((OOC: Thäoran hasn't heard that Ludensheim is the next town after Botkinburg. He's just suggesting we go to whichever town is closest. Which, I assume, is Ludensheim))

Posted on 2023-01-30 at 15:58:48.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: @Nomad

Will there be any shops or a market or something in Ludensheim? I'd like to buy more potions of healing. I only have one.

Oh, and can an Eldritch Knight use different kinds of arrows other than the normal ones? Like explosive arrows and such. If so, and if there's an archery shop in Ludensheim, I'd like to buy some different arrows too.

Posted on 2023-01-30 at 15:41:32.
Edited on 2023-01-30 at 15:43:44 by dragon-soul92

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

Tom's not been as active on Facebook, either. So he could be busy.

I did want to go to Dragon Rock (as I call it) to try and find a dragon familliar, but maybe Ludensheim is the most logical choice.

Posted on 2023-01-28 at 09:45:33.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: @Nimu

Not looking to pick a fight with a dragon. I'm looking for a small dragon to befriend and become my companion/familiar.

But we're going to whichever place gets the most votes anyway.

Posted on 2023-01-27 at 08:41:11.
Edited on 2023-01-27 at 08:44:17 by dragon-soul92

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: @Jim

I'm looking for a cute little dragon familliar lol. Might find one there!

Posted on 2023-01-26 at 06:04:28.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: Dragons!

That rock shaped like a dragon sounds interesting. I'd like to go there, but it's up to you guys.

Posted on 2023-01-25 at 07:13:58.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

I looked on Wikidot at Eldritch Knight 5e and they get nothing new at lv 5 by the looks of things. What about stats?

Posted on 2023-01-20 at 10:42:09.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)

Do I have to post another DM post saying the first cadavan set off for the mountain stronghold? Or shall we just pretend it has just to speed things up?

Posted on 2023-01-14 at 08:44:55.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: @Jim

*Hagrid's voice*
'Very misunderstood creatures, dragons are. He just wants his mummy.'

Posted on 2023-01-13 at 08:41:11.
Edited on 2023-01-13 at 08:41:34 by dragon-soul92

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)
Subject: @Tom

Yep, that's the war Legion was built for by the surface elves.

Posted on 2023-01-11 at 08:48:05.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)
Subject: Names

What do you guys think of the name The Golden Order for the surface elf Dragon Riders? If you can think of a name yourself, please post it.

And what about Chromatic Claw for the drow Dragon Riders?

Posted on 2023-01-11 at 05:46:23.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: Here Be Dragons

I actually do want dragons. Be great if Thäoran can get his own little dragon companion. But that's up to the DM of course.

Posted on 2023-01-11 at 05:31:06.

Topic: Fire & Shadow RPG
Subject: Forging Onward, Another Encounter...

The conversation of the bandits slowly faded into silence as they moved deeper into Wyverling Woods and out of earshot, ignorant of the three companions that were hiding in the foliage nearby. The party was relieved to see them go as they knew the less battles they engaged in, the quicker they could find the antidote and save the princess.

Once they were sure the group of bandits had really gone, the party urged their mounts on and continued on down the almost non-existent game trail, Erundak once again resuming the lead with his pixiedust lantern, whIch emitted a soft radiance on their surroundings. When the party had travelled for a few hours, the Lizardfolk held up a scaley hand to halt the rest of the party.

'That tree...,' he whispered softly, pointing to an ancient, gnarled oak tree with blackened bark as though it had been scorched with intense heat long ago. It stood alone in the centre of a large clearing-one of only a few clearings Azax and Legion had seen during their time in these woods as the foliage engulfed most of the area which made the woods almost bereft of clearings. 'It is a popular trading post for those we do not wish to deal with. The orcs, goblins and other unscrupulous fiends believe that the dark tales surrounding it is enough to keep superstitious people away, thus alowing them to trade in peace. We must be careful we do not encounter any of the fiends while we are unprepared.'

No sooner were those words uttered than a crudely built caravan rolled into view. It was assembled with unsmoothed wood and black, tattered canvas peppered with small holes and pulled by a large boar with tusks longer than a spear and at least as deadly. The beast had a compact, muscular torso and stout legs. Its mean, beady eyes seemed to glow red like coals on a campfire. The driver of the caravan, an impatient looking orc, tugged the reins and the boar grunted before coming to a halt. He dismounted the driver's seat and waited on the ground, casting his head about as if searching for something-or someone.

'Where are they?' He snapped in orcish to his companions, three fellow orcs who had just exited the rear of the caravan. 'The note said they would be waiting for us. That they were already almost here by the time we set off. Utvek-scout around and see if you can see any signs of them. I want this trade over as quickly as possible. This place makes me uncomfortable.'

Utvek gave a short grunt, reminiscent of the boar, and went to follow the driver's order, peering into the foliage at the edge of the clearing. The party shrank back into the shadows and Erundak softly uttered a spell that dimmed the pixiedust's glow until it was gone entirely, but the orc was getting ever closer and the fear of discovery increased until, with the orc a mere three feet away, a sudden series of rustles could be heard from the the East side of the clearing as the plants were disturbed. All the orcs' heads swivelled sharply in that direction as four more orcs and six goblins emerged on another bedraggled caravan

'You're late. Where have you been?,' the driver of the first caravan demanded irritably.

'Slight change of plans,' one of the orcs from the second caravan replied, carrying a long, thin something wrapped in a tattered cloth. 'You-Know-Who's knights had new orders for us, directly from You-Know-Who himself. He wants us to move his precious item to our stronghold tonight.'

'Tonight?' The first orc grunted in surprise. 'Why the sudden rush?'

'The knights said that You-Know-Who has been forced to accelerate his plans because THEY'RE getting suspicious.'


'You know...THEM,' the second orc emphasised the final word as if attempting to make the first orc realise who he was talking about without actually saying it, but the first orc still looked nonplussed. The second orc rolled his piggish eyes at his companion's slowness. He leaned closer and whispered something in his ear which the party couldn't make out.

'Oh, right,' the first orc nodded. 'That's going to mean things will be getting tougher for us then, eh?' He sighed. All the orcs grumbled discontentedly.

'Anyway,' the second orc continued, 'that's for later. For now, have I got a treat for you.' He took hold of one end of the ragged cloth covering the object in his arms and with a flourish pulled it off to reveal a beautiful, ornate blade, a sword sheathed in a scabbard wrought with gold filligree. When the orc tilted it, the party could make out, by the flickering light of an orc's torch, a dragon in the same gold filligree upon the scabbard, clasping a ruby in its front claws, with tiny rubies for eyes. The sheath of the blade was a bright gold, with the crossguard being forged into two dragons facing each other, their serpentine bodies stretched out to form the crossguard. The handle was wrapped in fine but strong brown leather, the pommel mounted with another ruby, this one as large as a chicken egg.

The orcs from the first caravan gave great exclamations of awe and shock.

'Where in the realm did you acquire such a precious thing?' One of them said in a hushed whisper.

'You-Know-Who's knights chanced upon one of the members Golden Order who, for reasons unknown, was injured. The knights managed to get her blade and scabbard, but as soon as they did, she managed to escape. Hasn't been seen since.' The second orc explained. 'At least we got this beauty though, eh?' He added gleefully, raising the weapon higher. 'You're ordered to take it back to our stronghold in the west of Spireridge Valley and lock it in the room where we keep our most valuable artifacts.' He rewrapped the cloth and handed the blade to the first orc with a frown on his piggish face as though unhappy having to part with it.

'Utvek, put it in the caravan,' the first orc ordered, giving him the weapon. While Utvek went to place it in the back of the caravan, the driver of the first cravan asked, 'so, anything else? I'd like to hurry up and leave this place, if you don't mind.' His beady eyes darted from one shadowed area to another as he shifted uneasily.

'No, that's it,' his companion replied. 'We're off to our other stronghold in the south. Going to be a long journey...,' he added grumpily.

'Well, get there safe,' the first orc replied, grasping the other one's arm. The orcs of the first caravan bid farewell to the others.

*The area is quite dark, but Legion and Erundak can just barely see.

*The orcs and goblins have an assortment of short swords, bows and axes.
*It's a large clearing about 20ft in diameter with hardly any foliage or rocks to trip over so footing will be good-unless you're unlucky.
*The charred tree in the centre of the clearing is the main plantlife in the area.
*There are a few trees scattered around the edge of the clearing.
((Now again, the choice is yours wether to confront them or not. You could wait until the second caravan leaves so you only have the orcs from the first caravan to face. Discuss in the Q&A as usual, then post here.

Oh, bit of info: the Golden Order is an order of Dragon Riders who ride Metallic Dragons who fought the drow in The Age of Shadow, but they haven't been heard from or seen since that big war-except now, it seems. Everyone knows the story, so Azax, Legion and Erundak would too. The drow's equivalent is called the...can't think of a name yet lol. I'll edit when I do haha))

Posted on 2023-01-10 at 09:18:35.
Edited on 2023-01-10 at 12:30:11 by dragon-soul92

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: I'm Here!

Sorry I haven't posted here in ages!

Yes, I'd like for Thäoran to finally find his missing father. Also...could Thäoran find an orphaned little dragon as a companion? Not a big species, just a 3ft one. I want dragons in the campaign lol.

Posted on 2023-01-10 at 08:39:26.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A

I looked at Citadel Paints and yeah, it's quite expensive for just one pot. Plus the brushes and figures themselves. I want to go right into the deep end and paint one of those large detailed dragon figures.

Posted on 2022-12-20 at 08:07:50.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: Warhammer

Hey, guys.
Sorry this isn't about Blacktooth, but I thought this would be a good place to ask.

So I'm interested in getting into painting Warhammer figures, particularly dragons. But because I'm a total noob, I don't know what stuff to buy.

Can anyone give me a shopping list of what I'll need, please?Which brushes, paints and anything else?

Thank you!

Posted on 2022-12-19 at 05:29:15.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)

Bit confused what's happening lol.

Are you two going to post in the roleplay thread or are you waiting for my DM post?

Posted on 2022-12-17 at 06:16:33.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge Q&A
Subject: @Nomad

Oh, I didn't mean exiting the Vargolg itself. I meant backtracking back down the tunnel we just went through and choosing another tunnel.

Posted on 2022-12-17 at 06:14:23.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)
Subject: @Nomad

I think I'll make him a Ranger. At least then, he'll have ranged attacks (bow & arrow), melee (sword) and healing (spells). You're right, this would fit him, especially considering he lives in the woods, a Ranger-y environment.

Posted on 2022-12-15 at 15:50:46.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)
Subject: Regarding Erundak...

Guys, I don't think I've really fleshed out Erundak much so far, except that he's the son of Sithrandor, chief of the lizardfolk.

You guys could use a mage in the party, so I was thinking about making him one. Maybe a ranger? Or cleric? Or what other class has both healing and offensive magic?

Posted on 2022-12-13 at 05:12:31.

Topic: Fire & Shadow RPG
Subject: Hoarfrost

The campfire crackled, painting the immediate area in a ruddy light, but beyond that the landscape was a world of deep shadow, which made the party a little nervous as they knew not what could be lurking in the darkness, be it beast or bandit. The air spiked their lungs with a sharp chill when they inhaled, their skin also feeling the frost which heralded the arrival of another Winter. They huddled around the fire to stave off the chill.

'My friends,' Erundak spoke, though softly as they were in dangerous territory. 'The arrival of Hoarfrost is upon us. It is a time to celebrate the closing of another year and the harsh beauty of the winter months. It is also a time to spend with family, but as none of us are able to, it's good that we have each other. Long may our friendship endure!' He raised his mug of ale in a toast.

((OOC: If you want to celebrate Hoarfrost, you can do so in your next post, but I'm going to continue with my DM post anyway))

Later that night, when the fire had dimmed to a rosey glow, Azax offered to gather additional firewood as he was the only one in the party whose eyes could penetrate the gloom of the murky woods. The Owlin crept into the thick shadows, striving to remain as silent as possible, lest his movements alert an enemy to his presence.

He collected the first few sticks without incident and was just moving on to gather more when a flash of movement caught his sharp eye, so fast it was more of a blur. It was so reminiscent of the figure he had spotted while hunting near their last camp, that he was sure it was the same. If so, that meant whoever-or whatever-it was was following them. But for what purpose? Did they have any connection to the king or the orcs? Whatever it was was lithe, nimble and fleet of foot. No mere mortal could move with the grace this being displayed. So, it was a creature intuned with the arcane, which meant it could be a formiddable foe if it proved to be an enemy.

Azax paused, his large eyes scanning the surrounding foliage, but just like the last time, the creature disappeared as swiftly as it had materialized. He remained motionless for a few moments more to confirm there was no further movement in the undergrowth or trees. There wasn't, so with caution, he gathered the remainder of the firewood and made his way back to camp.

'What is it, Azax? You look troubled. Come and sit by the fire and try to forget your woes, for this is a night of joy. It's Hoarfrost.'

((OOC: I'll leave it up to Azax-aka you, Nomad- to decide wether to tell the rest of the party of the strange magical figure in the woods))

The companions celebrated a few hours more, then bedded down for the night, weary from the day's events. Legion stood like a stoic statue, alert for any threats that may disturb them, but none were forthcoming. The night passed without incident.

When they awoke, the morning hardly appeared any brighter than the night, which Azax and Legion were starting to get fed up of. Gloom, gloom and more gloom. How could Erundak and the rest of the lizardfolk choose to live in such a depressing wood of their own free will? Azax was an Owlin, so the night was his nature, as it was for all owls. But he still believed the daytime should be in stark contrast to it. This wood was bathed in a perpetual darkness that was starting to weigh on him, beginning to make him and Legion feel as dull as the woods themselves. They longed to be free of the smothering shadows and dangers of the confines of Wyverling Woods, which is what they hoped the shortcut would provide them-if they could make it through alive, that is.

Gathering their equipment and supplies, they mounted their steeds and continued on down the thin trail. They had traversed only a few miles before Erundak, who was still in front leading them, suddenly held up a scaly fist to stop them.

'I hear voices ahead,' he whispered softly. 'Be on your guard.'

The companions quietly dismounted. Azax winced when he accidentally caught his saddlebag, causing a couple of pots inside to rattle against each other. He prayed the owners of the voices wouldn't hear and investigate. They didn't. But they were still heading towards the party, though unaware that the party was there.

A chorus of hearty laughter filled the silence of the woods and a rough voice said smugly,

'Just look at all! Quite the haul, ey? I'm really likin' this job. Those rich fools are as easy to steal from as a bunch of babies. You'd think they'd spend some of their coin hiring better guards.'

'I know,' another answered in amusement. 'That last lot had guards that could hardly swing a sword. It's just too easy! It's like they're giving us their wares as a Hoarfrost gift.'

The group howled with laughter again.

'But,' came a new voice, 'what about HIM? We have to donate a portion of our spoils to fund his campaign. He made it clear that if we refused, he would put us to death. I don't want to risk his wrath. He's mighty serious.'

'Cheers for killing the mood, Ardsun,' one of them grumbled. 'But you're right. We don't want to get on his bad side. We don't even know what this campaign of his is, but we made a deal. Can't break it now if we value our necks.'

Azax peered through the leaves before him. He counted 5 men dressed in rough travelling clothes that were peppered with small holes and frayed at the hems. Two of them had short swords belted on their waists. The third had a long-handled axe the handle threaded through leather hoops on the man's back. The weapon was surprisingly ornate and expensive looking. The men's appearance was quite the opposite, so Azax assumed the axe was something they had pillaged from an unfortunate traders' caravan. The fourth man had a menacingly spiked mace, the spikes longer than usual. The weapon looked brutish and Azax was sure it could put a dent in even the most stout armour. The final member of the group had a bow and quiver slung on his back and a short handled axe strapped to his belt that was a little rusted on the blade. Clearly the weapon had seen better days. Azax hoped the blade's edges were as dull as the rusty steel itself. Three of the men were carrying canvas sacks over their shoulders-obviously their spoils.

The Owlin quietly informed the rest of the party of what he had seen.

'They don't appear to have noticed us yet,' he added. 'We could remain still and hope they pass by without seeing us, or we could strike first and attempt to catch them off their guard. What should we do?'

((OOC: Well, the choice, of course, is yours! What will you do? Discuss in the Q&A thread, then post your next roleplay posts here once you've decided))

Posted on 2022-12-12 at 13:38:10.
Edited on 2022-12-12 at 13:48:12 by dragon-soul92

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)

I was going to call it Hoartide (as in Yuletide), until I realized how *ahem* iffy that sounds out loud lol.

Posted on 2022-12-10 at 16:01:12.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)
Subject: Deck the Halls with Boughs of...Dragons?

Hey, guys, I just thought of something:

How about having a little Christmassy celebration in the campaign? I know Christmas in real life is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and in my campaign, the different races have different religions, but we could still do something like Christmas. Maybe call it Hoarfrost? Celebrating the coming of Winter? I just thought it would be nice seeing as it's coming up to Christmas in real life.

Up to you. What do you think?

Posted on 2022-12-09 at 07:05:46.

Topic: Blacktooth Ridge
Subject: In Mortal Danger and Nothing to Show For It...

Thäoran frowned as Gerdar found no doors-hidden or otherwise-out of the end of the tunnel. Looks like all this was was a naga's lair that they had the misfortune of stumbling across. He emitted a short sigh, then suggested to his companions:

'If Soledad's spell reveals no doors or any other way to continue, then I say we have no choice but to turn back the way we came and look for another route.'

Posted on 2022-12-09 at 06:57:52.

Topic: Fire and Shadow (Name May Change)

Nomad, what about you? Do you want to camp?

Posted on 2022-12-08 at 05:43:21.

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