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This game has fizzled.
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RDI Fixture
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1099 Posts

Belly of the Beast

The guard turned toward the elevator as it pinged. The doors slid open to reveal...nothing. The man moved on, confused.

Travis slid out of the elevator, completely invisible. He barley recalled the top floor. Scrathcing his head, he could'nt help but wonder what other things he could do. He was a "super soldier"...more like a freak. Although he was different physically, he was still Travis. Fuming he stormed off down the hall. Beofre he turned the corner, he heard a conversation.

"You lock up the labs?"
"Yeah, taken care of, we're ready to close down for the night."
"Good, leave the Keys, Dr. Cauldwell is still back in his office, says he's finishing up some work."
"Gottcha, I guess it's his job to lock up today...hell, if things keep going like this, maybe we can get him to clean the bathrooms too."

The two Custodians came around the corner and narrowly missed Travis.

"I doubt it...but would'nt it be nice..."

Travis inched down the halluntil he stood before a familiar door. It was cracked open. He pushed it slightly and it swung inward with a loud crreeeeaaaaakkk.

A man with white hair stood hunched over a table strewn with papers. He sifted through the piles until he heard the door creak open. Looking up, he moved over to close it, but was stopped.

He collided with something he could not see...something large. Reaching about, he grabbed his glasses from the table, but could still see nothing. A gruff angry voice whispered to him.

"Most people you fire never come back. I guess I had a reason."

Cauldwell was bewidlered.

"Who are you! What do you want?" he yelled, backing up slowly and tossing his head back and forth.

"I want only what you do not want to give me." Travis lurched at the old man, halfway into his lunge, he became visible again. With brute force he grabbed the man by the throat and started carrying him to the window. Cauldwell kicked and screamed, struggling against Travis' superior strenght. He could do nothing.

Travis kicked out the massive panoramic window that provided a sweeping view of the city. The shattered glass broke outward and tumbled into the endless abyss of darkness below. Three Hundred floors of space lie between Cauldwell and the Ground.

Travis hund the frail old man out the window and shook him before he spoke.

"Who is the Director!"

Though gasping for air, Cauldwell could still speak, "First tell me who you are."

Travis shook the old man even harder, "Your not in the position to give orders Cauldwell! WHO IS THE DIRECTOR!"

"You might as well drop me, I'd die even if I did tell you who the director was. You'll get nothing out of me."

Travis lossened his grip, and the man began to slip out of his grasp, hovering evever closer to the ground below.

"DO IT! KILL ME!" Cauldwell screamed.

"No", Travis shook his head and turned around, placing the man back on the ground where he gasped for air. "I'm not an animal...I'm not one of you."

"Your...weak...*gasp*...thats what you are...nothing...your a sorry excuse for an assassin!" Cauldwell was curled into a ball on the floor, gasping for air, but managing to insult Travis anyway.

Travis grabbed the man again, this time by his collar, and threw him against the opposite wall.

"Next won't be able to gasp for breath."

Then Travis did something ridiculous. He did'nt want to, but his legs just carried him. He flung himself out the window anddove toward the ground. As he fell into the cold night, he could see the groung slowly getting larger. Just seconds before impact, a pair of wings burst from his back and his body became more slender. He grew a beack, white feathers, and long talons. He soared away unharmed.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 00:35:57.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts

awake now

Seth sat up, covered in cold sweat.

What the hell is wrong with me.

For some reason, he moved to his desk, and reached for a key he kept in the top drawer. He then used it to unlock the bottom drawer.

This contained all that shaped him.

He saw pictures of him and his platoon, all decked out in their BDUs, carrying their guns and smiling those fake smiles. The facades in the pictures were brilliant.

They were scared. Seth felt that same fear now. A fear, not of death, but of letting down the people who fought with him. Rose and Max didn't need to be involved. Out of a wardrobe in the back on the room, he pulled out his BDU coat. The jarhead uniform. His last name was printed along the the pocket, as well as the stripes fitting the rank of lieutenant. This is who he was. Max may never love him, but he could protect her. It was the best he could do. He put the desert camo jacket on. He knew he stuck out like a sore thumb. He strapped on his old colt 1911, leaving the ivory handled pistol sitting in the desk. He scrawled a note saying "This is my fight." He then grabbed the nearest m4, and walked out of the room.

The shape of the gun was so familiar to him. He also wasn't surprised when he knocked on Travis' door to not receive a response. He walked silently through the main entrance to HQ, and looked up at a giant building gracing the skyline.

He saw a large bird fly away, and he mistook it's meaning. He whispered to himself...

"Let freedom ring..."

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 02:49:21.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 19/23
1099 Posts

Primal Fury

Travis had no control of over what he was doing. He was flying with no regard to where he wanted to go. He soared around the HQ and the Tower belching out Eagle calls at constant intervals. Then he saw Seth. He knew Seth, but something in him told him that Seth looked like a good meal. Dropping to ground, he quickly transformed into a wolf and began to follow his new prey.

He was screaming at himself to stop. He could'nt hurt Seth...Seth was his friend. But a force inside him kept the real him from acting out. he was powerless as he saw himself lurking in the shadows, waiting for Seth to slip up.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 03:06:53.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts


As Seth made his way through the city, occasionally he would hear the breathing of some feral beast. He played it off as his mind acting up. He kept moving towards the building he saw the eagle come from, and kept a firm grip on his gun.

I wish I had a platoon with an A-1 tank.

He knew now was not the time for wishful thinking, and immediately shut out his mind. He just kept pressing on until he saw an alleyway that looked good to take a break. He walked in and sat down, facing the entrance.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 11:23:36.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 19/23
1099 Posts

Longing for the Hunt

Travis was perhed over Seth as he sat in the dark lonley alleyway. He sat high on a building, looking down into the crevice that was Seths' retreat. He started drooling, and it began to drop slowly into the alley, landing right next to Seths head.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 13:50:51.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts

what the....

Seth heard the drool hit the ground with a splat. Immediately he turned and looked up, leading the way with his gun barrel. He saw the wolf perched, and his mind yelled at him.


He fired a burst into the air, and began to run. He didn't want to die, but he was prepared to. Earlier, during his stand in the grocery store, he learned how to link c4 to his body. He had a switch prepared. If he saw no escape, he'd simply blow himself and his attacker up. It wasn't a pleasant thought, but he was determined not to die alone.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 15:49:11.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 19/23
1099 Posts


He had no control over his motions. Time slowed as the bullets came hurteling past his head, screaming just past his ear with a thunderous roar. He howled, and in an instant became a mighty Rhino. He crushed the rooftop he stood on and rammed right thtrough the wall of the beulding across from him, flying out of the building right next to Seth.

Posted on 2009-03-26 at 22:26:40.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts

oh crap

Seth looked at the rhino and desperation took over.

He grabbed the horn, and used the flipping of its head to catapult him over the beast. He hit the ground rolling, and came up in a dead sprint.

So much for taking a break.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 00:23:54.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 19/23
1099 Posts


With pinpoint agility, Travis changed form once again, this time he was a beastly cheetah. He turned on a dime and began charging at his foe. When he close the gap, he lunged, and transformed back into a human mid-hurtle. He tackled Seth in mid-air and brought him to the ground, flipping him over. Seth drew his pistol while Travis bared his fangs. There was hesitation.

Seth knew who his attacker was. Travis fought the animal controling him a shouted as quickly as he could: "Seth! shoot me! I cant't hold it back forever!"

Still Seth hesitated.


Posted on 2009-03-27 at 13:56:52.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts

Oh god travis...

Seth threw the pistol to the side. No matter what happened, he wouldn't willingly kill his friend. He grabbed Travis' head and attempted to push it back, but it wouldn't budge. He started to wonder if he had a choice but to shoot him. But instead, he got a better idea. With determined and detrimental speed and force, he scooped up his gun and bashed Travis over the head with it, right where the skull met the spine.

Travis went out cold.

Seth pushed the unconscious man off of him. The blow forced him back onto his legs. He somehow picked up the giant man, and began carrying him back to HQ. Rose and Max would know what to do.

Just as he started walking, a thought crossed him. What if he wakes up? Then he's gonna be a pissed monster.

So Seth removed his shirt and made a sort of bondage, hog tying him very tightly. He then picked Travis back up, and began to carry him again.

God this man was heavy.

Posted on 2009-03-27 at 17:42:47.
Edited on 2009-03-27 at 18:02:36 by Bezmir

RDI Fixture
Karma: 19/23
1099 Posts


"No! No human infant could possibly survive the combination. It's murder Klaus! Just murder!"

"Think of the good it could do Max...the lives we could save. We can make people invincible!"

"At what cost Klaus! What will it take to make your 'perfect human'...a few thousands infants! You cannot go around injecting children! We can't cover up all these deaths, and monetary compensation is just not enough for the parents. Have you ever lost a child Klaus..."

"Don't talk to me about losing children...I've lost many more than you will ever understand..."

"I'm...sorry...but can't you see..."

"These human infats are worthless...weak. We can make them like us...but better. Lycan and Vampire as one. We have four hundred is bound to work this time."

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 00:33:04.
Edited on 2009-03-30 at 02:33:50 by Babaloo

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts

how did I do it

Somehow, Seth made it to HQ.

Carrying this lug had exhausted him, but panic forced him on. He came in, and was immediately yelling for the girls.


Posted on 2009-03-28 at 05:09:29.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 19/23
1099 Posts


The black canvas of Travis' mind swirled with colors and lights. He could hear nothing, but everything at the same time.

His senses went haywire, and he regained his conciousness. He was on a table, tied down with straps...alone...

This was no dream, he knew this room.

Where was Seth? Had Travis killed had knocked Travis out...Travis' head swung around, and he eyes the straps keeping him locked to the table. He couldnt break them, they were silver plated.

He grew angry. Why had Seth spared him. Travis had tried to kill him, he had bared down on top of him and had almost torn his throat out, and yet Seth let him live.


Travis knew he could hear him.


Travis thrased against his bindings in anger. Seth...was too kind. He had let a madman live. Travis could snap and kill them all at any moment, and Seth had let him live.

Posted on 2009-03-30 at 02:49:36.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 15/11
1172 Posts


"Stop it, I'm here." Max's voice was flat and her face was blank. She was standing in Seth's office. Suddenly she started crying.

"They took her! I-I couldn't even save her!"
Max collapsed and continued crying, finally dropping her shields.

"It was her family... They said she was needed back home... I thought they were dead... I couldn't stop them..."

Max looked at him and her face went blank again. "I'm useless."

Max pulled out a knife and cut her wrist deep.

"I couldn't help Rose... Forgive me..."

Posted on 2009-04-18 at 06:11:52.
Edited on 2009-04-18 at 06:21:37 by Vampiria

RDI Fixture
Karma: 24/16
742 Posts


Seth heard the crying. Leaving Travis to have his fit, he bolted into his office, where he saw Max shaking, with a bloody knife in one hand and blood flowing greatly from the wrist of the other.

Oh jesus....

He pulled the knife from her hands and held her for a second.

"Max, calm down. Everything will be fine. We can figure everything out. I promise, you aren't useless. But right now, Travis needs you. We need you."

She'd lost a lot of blood. He wasn't sure how much longer she'd make it, or if she'd survive...

Posted on 2009-04-19 at 04:06:44.


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