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RDI Fixture
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1427 Posts

I will set you on fire!

Seeing the still standing gnoll and goblin, Soledad reached for another bit of magic and hurled a searing bolt of white flame before continuing her retreat.


((OOC: Firebolt - Will target the gnoll in melee, if the gnoll falls she will target the goblin in melee))

Posted on 2021-10-22 at 11:16:31.
Edited on 2021-10-24 at 16:01:55 by Nimu

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 181/119
6817 Posts

O' Boy

As She watched Thaoran grab and prepare to start to drag Dok’s body away from where he had fallen, Silver with both rapier’s in hand watched and waited for the Eldritch Knight to start moving back towards the rest of the group. Though hurt herself and not in a small way, still she stood ready for any more attackers.

Posted on 2021-10-29 at 15:44:16.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 55/6
3140 Posts

The battle turned rescue raged on and those trying to get Dok out of the fight were the first to act.  Thaoran grabbed the unconscious dwarf and with a grunt, a groan and a few muttered words about the density of dwarves, started to haul him back down the path and away from the cave entrance.  At the same time Silver, a bit surprised to see only one conscious goblin still standing in front of her, decided that one needed to go to the ground as well and planted her blade deep in its bowels.  Withdrawing the blade as the creature died, she moved with Thaoran back down the path attempting act protectively as she went. 

               Meanwhile Hornet took a calming breath and fired another bolt at the gnoll standing in everyone’s way.  But the creature seemed to have the devil’s own luck as it dodged a blow from the new dwarf just as Hornet’s bolt should have taken it in the eye.  Instead the shaft simply flew past it and up the gulley to disappear into the brush.  The gnoll felt the bolt barely miss its head and howled in rage.  It pulled up its spear from where it had slammed it on the previous turns miss and attempted to impale the dwarf with it again.  But in its rage it got the spear stuck in the brush as it spun it around and snapped the shaft in half.  The sharp end flew harmlessly past Gerdar who laughed at the incompetent hyena-creature.  The gnoll just looked at the broken spear in its hands in confusion.  (The problem with rolling a natural 1.)

               Soledad acted next.  Her sleep spell had given those by Dok time to act, but the gnoll, spear or no spear, was still a problem.  A firebolt flashed from her hands at the beast.  It hit, but it was clearly only a glancing blow.  (-2hp) 

               Two bugbears were outside the cave now and saw the fight unfolding.  They charged towards the retreating rescuers.  Being 60’ away to start the turn they moved forwards to the edge of the brush (20&rsquo and then ran forwards.  They reached the party at the end of their movement but did not have time to swing.  They hauled back on their large morning stars and had the weapons whirling. 

               Gerdar laughed at the now spearless gnoll and swung his great axe at the creature.  He blade struck the creature a solid blow.  (-6 hp) It was badly injured, but not down.) 

               That left the goblins in the cave yet to act.  With everyone else at least 60’ down the path away from the cave entrance they could no longer fire from the relative safety of the cave.  While the bugbears had charged forwards the goblins moved much more cautiously as they looked around at the over 2 dozen dead and sleeping creatures on the ground.  A large group of them, a dozen or so, moved forwards with bows at the ready.  Behind them a large goblin stood and screamed orders, seeming to be trying to order them forward.  The leaders of this group got to within 30’ of the escapees and fired off a few shots, but with the surrounding brush, winding path and 3 very large monsters in the way they hit nothing.  A few of the stragglers seemed to be stopping to try and wake up those who were sleeping.

               As action swirled around his unconscious form Dok knew nothing of his surroundings.   Blood continued to trickle from his wounds and he slipped further into unconsciousness.  (Failed death save.)



Positions are as follows – beginning at the entrance to the Vargolg.


Inside the Cave:   (No longer visible to the party)


First 30’ from Cave entrance

               Goblin screaming commands      

               Around a dozen goblins(?)

                              Some at the back are waking the sleepers.

                              Several at the front have bows out

               1gnoll and 6 goblins asleep

60’ From the Cave.  (50’ from the river-end of the gulley)

               2 Bugbears  (Not quite in melee yet)

               1 gnoll (injured -14 hp total)

               Gerdar, Silver, Thaoran -hauling Dok

90’ from the cave   (20’ from the river-end of the gulley)

               Hornet and Soledad


The river side of the gulley has an entrance that is about the size of a doorway – that is the only easy way out.  Twenty feet beyond that is the river. 


Total Killed so far:

Goblins:  19 goblins and 1 gnoll


Currently asleep:  6 goblins (1 wounded) and 2 gnolls (both wounded)

Posted on 2021-10-31 at 19:39:16.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 59/18
2581 Posts

 Thoaran and Silver had manages to reach Dok and start pulling him to safety.  But more enemies emerged from the cave.  They needed help.  "Soledad, get to the exit, I am going to help them with Dok"  Hornet moved to meet Thoaran and Silver and help drag Dok to safety.  

Posted on 2021-11-02 at 06:36:05.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 16/1
884 Posts

A Welcome Ally

Thäoran continued to drag the unconcious dwarf further down the gully, when the elf spotted his fellow elfkin running toward them to provide assistance.

'Well met, my friend,' Thäoran greeted Hornet with a grateful smile on his thin lips, 'your aide is most timely and welcome.'

He pulled Dok still further down the rough, rocky path, eager to reach the safety of the opening in the side of the cliff, but it still seemed so far away and, even with Hornet's assistance, he doubted they would be able to make it unscathed. Thäoran was weary and his numerous wounds from the spears, swords and arrows caused him much pain and discomfort, but he knew he could not stop. To stop was to die and he still had a very important quest to fulfill: that of finding his beloved father, wether dead or alive. He prayed fate would give him the latter.

((OOC: In this turn, Thäoran is aiming to reach the spot Hornet and Soledad were))

Posted on 2021-11-02 at 09:03:22.

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 3/0
172 Posts

Growling something in dwarvish, Gerdar took another dwing at his now spearless adversary.


(He attacc, and I would like to smite.)

Posted on 2021-11-05 at 17:54:52.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1427 Posts

Don't have to tell me twice!

Nodding in agreement, Soledad spat yet another firebolt into the wounded gnoll before retreating to the gulley exit. This fight was getting far too dangerous for her liking. 


((OOC: Firebolt is targeted at the same gnoll as before. If it dies first she will target another nearby foe.))

Posted on 2021-11-06 at 09:37:42.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 93/24
4361 Posts

Fever Dream

Dok was slowly drifting away, ever closer to the unknown death realm, barely conscious that he was unconsciously drifting away from the harsh reality of Blacktooth Ridge and his companions efforts to save his life; as the merciless fingers of a fever dream overtook him in wildly distorted past, present and future scenarios; warping any tangible consciousness of the semblances of reality that the Hill Dwarf Cleric of Helm may or may not be holding onto, as his life-thread slowly unraveled inside him!

Through the haze and confusion clouding his now-foggy mind, a distant, but seemingly-familiar voice was distortedly-drifting on the fluttering wings of the wind of uncertainty, that vied for Dok’s attention in the midst of reasonably unreasonable realities and unrealities, as his body suffered silently in the blackness of the colorless kaleidoscope of colorful collusions of delirious delusions.

“Dok … ”

The voice seemed to trail off into nothingness, but there was something strangely familiar about the tone and relentlessness of the firm resolve of the voice.

“Helm will help!”

Dok seemed to be drifting further away.

“I will help!”

A familiar shadowy figure seemed to be venturing forth on a quest from the Temple of Helm, where Dok and a close friend had trained together and fought together, before Dok had departed on his own quest that had led him to Botkinburg.

An answering question floated to the foremost of the unconscious consciousness of the stricken Cleric of Helm: … is that you … is that Drokk … could it be … you?

Blackness was the only forthcoming answer … at least for now!

Posted on 2021-11-06 at 23:36:13.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 55/6
3140 Posts

A whirlwind and a divine smite

The rescue continued at full pace.  Tharoan continued to haul the heavy dwarf towards the river.  Hornet, meanwhile, had decided to ditch his crossbow and help his fellow elf with the task of hauling Dok.  He ran forward and met Thaoran as he continued back.  Adding his heft to the task he increased the speed of the retreat.  (With Hornet’s aid for part of the task this turn they were able to move Dok a total of 40’ towards the river.)

               Silver was relieved to catch a glimpse of the elf pulling the dwarf backwards but she still had three much larger creatures in front of her, a fact she intended to remedy.  She turned into a whirlwind of blades as she tried to give her comrades room in which to escape.  She began by planting her blade deep into the bowels of the gnoll (-10hp) who seemed surprised to see a massive hole ripped in its body.  As she pulled her blade free it staggered to the ground in a futile attempt to hold in its guts.  It was a battle it could not win and its life’s blood quickly flowed past its filthy paws.  But silver wasn’t done and she spun and put a long slice across one of the bugbears as it stepped into the fray.  (-11hp) 

               Seeing the bugbear injured already, Soledad sent a firebolt hurtling towards the creature and struck it a glancing blow.  It wasn’t a square hit, but it still took damage.  (-4hp)  She then moved back to the entrance to the gulley, continuing the trek out of the warzone. The dwarven newcomer saw a wounded bugbear in front of him and saw a chance to take the creature down before it could make another attack with its great morning star.  He swung his axe with all of his strength and saw the blade slide into the gash Silver had already created in the beast’s armor.  As the axe smashed into the creature’s flesh, he unleashed a holy smite on the beast.  Radiant light illuminated the wound and the gap in its armor and seared its vile flesh.  None who saw the blow strike could be sure if it was the strength of the dwarf or the flash of radiance that did it, but the large creature went flying backwards with the force of the blow to land in a crumpled heap at the base of a scrubby bush.  (-15hp and one dead bugbear.)

               Seeing one of the two bugbears in front of them fall and now facing only one enemy still in front of them Silver and Gerdar both decided to back away down the gulley so that they wouldn’t be stranded in the middle of it should the others manage their rescue of Dok.  They pulled back 30’.  The bugbear, momentarily stunned by the suddenness of its companions fall was thrilled to see its enemies withdraw in front of it.  As Gerdar moved back he swung his massive morning star at the smaller dwarf.  But it was a hurried and clumsy sing which the dwarf easily ducked – the studded ball on the end of the weapons chain wrapping itself around a nearby branch.  (A Nat 1)  The bugbear paused to yank his weapon out and charged after the retreating pair, swinging again, but again hitting nothing but air and brush. 

               Meanwhile, those who had been sleeping were being fully roused.  A large armed group was moving down the gulley behind the bugbear, but they didn’t seem to want to engage in melee.  The winding path and brush prevented many clean shots, but it was a large grouping.  Several arrows flew at Silver and Gerdar.  One struck Gerdar (-4HP).  Several others appeared to have been blindly shot deeper down the gulley and fell near to where the injured party struggled, but unaimed they did no damage. 




Positions are as follows – beginning at the entrance to the Vargolg.


Inside the Cave up to 60’ out:

               No longer visible.  A large swarm of goblins – numbers unknown.

60’ From the Cave.  (50’ from the river-end of the gulley)

               5-6 goblin archers at least.

90’ from the Cave (20’ from the river end of the gulley)

               1 bugbear

                Silver and Gerdar

100’ from the cave (10’ from the river end of the gulley)

               Thaoran and Hornet hauling Dok

110’ from the cave (at the brush gate of the gulley)



The river side of the gulley has an entrance that is about the size of a doorway – that is the only easy way out.  Twenty feet beyond that is the river.  The river has a wide fordable section here. 


Total Killed so far:

Goblins:  19 goblins, 2 gnolls, 1 bugbear.


Currently asleep:  6 goblins (1 wounded) and 2 gnolls (both wounded)

               (These were asleep – they might not be anymore.)




Gerdar did not mention a possible retreat and Tann did not have time to post.   Given that the intent was to retreat from the battle and rescue Dok I chose to add this movement.  If Silver retreated it seemed logical that Gerdar would do so as well.  Yet that is also not completely in character with Gerdar’s previous posts.  If either player wishes to change this move please let me know.  Remember – you can attack and move on one turn, but leaving combat provokes an attack of opportunity in most cases. 

Posted on 2021-11-08 at 20:53:39.
Edited on 2021-11-08 at 20:55:14 by Nomad D2

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 3/0
172 Posts

A tactical retreat in progress

"You filthy half-pigs ain't nothing! I'll be back!", Gerdar shook his axe at the monsters as he followed the others towards the exit, "You will all see the light! Your entire clan will!"


(Casting Bane on the 3 nearest hostiles - DC 12 in case you were asking - and keeping up the retreato.)

Posted on 2021-11-14 at 15:56:11.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 59/18
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Hornet grabbed ahold of Dok and helped drag him along.  With two of the pulling it went a bit faster but still not as fast as the closing enemy.  Hopefully they would give up the chase if the group got to the river.  Could the otter help them if they got there?  Many questions crossed Hornet's mind for for the moment he remained focused on the task of saving Dok.  

Posted on 2021-11-15 at 06:07:07.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 16/1
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Nearly There!

((OOC: I read your DM post, Nomad, and it said Thäoran and Hornet are 10' from the opening in the cliff near the end of the river and we can move 30' per turn. So I'm going to have Thäoran move in the opsning. Please tell me if I've misread the distances-again. Haha))

Thäoran's heart increased in tempo as a flicker of hope flared to life in his breast-his keen elf eyes spotted a door-like opening in the cliff face just ten feet before them. He knew that if they could make it there as quickly as possible, the opening would provide them with a modicum of protection from the many goblins' deadly shafts they consistantly kept releasing from their bows.

'Hornet, let us attempt to seek refuge in that opening up ahead. Perhaps it may even lead us out of this valley,' Thäoran suggested to his fellow elfkin.

((OOC: This turn, Thäoran is trying to drag Dok to the opening in the cliff face))

Posted on 2021-11-15 at 09:03:05.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1427 Posts


Soledad hurled another bolt of flame into the wretched bugbear before beginning her retreat through the gulley passage toward the river.

((OOC: Casts Firebolt. Soledad will move as far as she can toward a full retreat. If the rest of the group begins fording the river then she will as well.))

Posted on 2021-11-17 at 10:26:03.
Edited on 2021-11-17 at 19:39:22 by Nimu

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
Karma: 55/6
3140 Posts

Investigate the Ridge they said. It will be fun they said.

Silver had done remarkably well last turn with her blades and continued to provide shelter for the group as they retreated, but this time her blades only skittered off of the bugbears armor.  Frustrated she continued to move back down the gulley with the others.  As she moved to step away, the bugbear swung its mighty morning star at her but missed. 

     Thaoran and Hornet also continued the retreat.  Already behind the others they quickly pushed through the opening in the brush and sought safety off to the side and out of easy targeting from the other side.  20’ further on they could see the waters of the river lapping at the shore.  The river was fairly wide here and obviously exposed.  But a fog was beginning to gather over the river.  The river was over 80’ wide and shallow, but it was getting harder and harder to see the far shore.

               While the two elves stared at the river the battle behind them continued.  As the bugbear charged towards the opening in the brush wall Soledad sent a firebolt hurtling towards its head.  Not even waiting to see it strike the creature squarely in the helm (-6hp) she turned and ducked out the opening and moved down towards the river.  Gerdar also saw the wisdom in moving on but left the goblinoid army a little gift as he moved.  He cast the spell Bane on the leading creatures, hoping to prevent them from overrunning himself and those the dwarf had chosen to aid.  It seemed to work.  He felt his magic sink into all three of his targets – the bugbear and the two leading goblin archers.  (It is a good thing goblins aren’t charming as two of the three would have made the saving throw without negative charisma modifiers.  Who knew bugbears were such brutes?) 

               At this point the entire group had escaped through the opening in the brush wall.  But it was unclear how much of an escape it was.  If the party could go through, so could the monsters.  But it did narrow their avenue of attack.  Only one at a time could come through the gate.  Others would eventually be able to force their way through the wall of vegetation, but it seemed likely to take at least two or three turns.  It wasn’t a solid barrier as it was meant more for concealment than as a fortification, but it was thick.  And shooting through it seemed very unlikely to work. 

               But that didn’t stop the bugbear from trying to come through.  He ran at the opening and swung his huge morning star at Gerdar who partially blocked the opening.  The dwarf grinned as the spiked ball smashed into the ground nearby.  That had been close.  So close, in fact, that he felt sure that the slight nudge of his bane spell may just have saved him form a nasty wound. 

               But the bugbear wasn’t alone.  Five goblins stood behind the beast and fired arrows at Gerdar.  The Bane spell again seemed to have saved him as one arrows struck him hard in the ribs but was barely deflected by his armor.  Several others went winging past as well, not missing by much.  But one arrow did find its target and the dwarf grunted as he was struck by the shaft.  (-5 hp)  These were not the only goblins, however.  There were others.  They seemed to be fanned out across the gulley – moving a bit more slowly due to the vegetation.  (Aside from the path, the gulley is filled with trees and brush – it is nowhere near as dense as the wall of vegetation at the bottom, but stills slows movement a little.)  Some of them appeared headed for the wall in an attempt to cut through new openings.  Another group behind the archers appeared ready to charge behind the bugbear if it was able to clear the opening.  Somewhere up the gully they could hear yelling and a loud growl. 

               Meanwhile Dane lay at the feet of the elves, bleeding from numerous wounds.  But he still held on.  (Death save made – Two plus and two negative.  Next round is critical.)


Overview of the Situation

The gulley you have been in is sort of like a canyon or wash – An eroded ditch that goes up the side of the ridge until it hits a solid rock wall and the door to the Vargolg.  From there down to the river it gradually widens out but remains steep sided and filled with vegetation except for a winding path.  At the bottom of this ditch/gulley a solid wall of vegetation blocks the exit out of the gully towards the river.  Think of it as a very thick hedge, just not nicely trimmed.  There is a door sized opening – with brush nearby that is normally used to hide the opening. 

The party is on the river side of the opening.  Everyone is a bit off to the side of the opening.  (I didn’t leave you straight in front of the door for easy targets) except for Gerdar who is more or less blocking the opening.  Note that this was not exactly what was posted, but given the possibility that everyone was staying just beyond the opening it made the most sense.  If he wishes he can effectively block the opening – but he would be exposed to attacks from the other side – bugbear and bows.  Potentially two goblins could attack with swords at the same time as the bugbear.  At the moment nobody else in the party is easily targeted by sword or bow.  That would change if anything gets through the opening or anything works their way through the hedge – which would likely take 2-3 rounds. 

Twenty feet behind the party is the river.  Soledad is actually near the river.  The ford is quite wade and pretty shallow – never more than about 18 inches deep or so.  But about 80’ wide. 


One bugbear blocks the entrance.  Five archers are in view of the gate and several other goblins are behind them.  There are some moving towards the hedge wall (not the opening) but with all the vegetation it is hard to tell how many.  And your pretty sure you hear more noise further up the gulley and back towards the Vargolg, but you can’t see anything because of the brush. 

Posted on 2021-11-18 at 19:29:45.

Keeper of Dragons
Devil's Advocate
Karma: 59/18
2581 Posts

With the group finally behind a bit of cover and with the new dwarf holding the gap it was time to tend to Dok and hope it wasn't too late.  "Thoaran, help our friend hold the line and I'll see what I can do for Dok,"  Hornet took a moment to look over Dok's wounds and did his best to stabilize his companion.  Dok had been bleeding for some time and the dragging probably didn't help.  With luck, Hornet could keep him from slipping into the darkness and allow him to return and avenge himself on those who had gotten the best of him. 

OOC:  Medicine check DC 10 with a +1 to roll.  

Posted on 2021-11-19 at 16:15:45.


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