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Best we follow Gerdar's advice.

Uthal extends his arm to assist the newly healed Fenris to his feet. "Good to see you fighting fit again!"

Fenris said, "Though part of me agrees with you, my gut tells me there is still something here to find. Though as I am not originally of this group, I will not investigate them alone, and will follow the group's lead on this."

Also a new commer to the group, Uthal will follow the group's lead too, "If you have somethign to find, then I'll help with the search. I say we heed the Dwarf's advice."

Posted on 2022-12-22 at 21:56:56.

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Not much out there.

After the naga disappeared into the dust the group decided to explore the other tunnels.  Backtracking ot the other areas that looked like likely collapse zones, the group moved cautiously.  When Gerdar looked at the areas he didn't think they were about to collapse, but all it would take was some small push to initiate a collapse.  A load noise such as a hammer or a lightning bolt would likely do it, but if they moved quietly and cautiously they would be unlikely to collapse.  But all it might take is an accidently kickjed stone.  

So the group moved cautiously and quietly.  The passage on the left was traveresed with no problem but ended around a turn about 50' further on.  Another dead end.  Moving back to the other passage it simply did a little loop about 80' long with a small (20x20') chamber at the end.  There was nothing there either.  Overall, it apperaed that the only things present in these deeper caverns were the horrbily smelling sacrifice room and the disappearing naga.  

*If you want to do anything else specific in either of these tunnels or elsewhere feel free to let me know.  We can assume you did those things while there and don't need to retraverse the dangerous zones.  

Posted on 2023-01-01 at 18:10:07.

Nomad D2
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Heroes, rewards and rumors

With the Naga having disappeared and the rest of the tunnels seeming to lead to nowhere, the party decided that it was time to head back to the village of Botkinburg.  With the decision made they slowly made their way back out of the cave – past the cave with the howling water, through the various rooms, and into the gulley where the great battle had been fought a day earlier.  Bodies were still strewn everywhere, although many were missing their left ear, courtesy of the bounty that the party had been promised.  Passing through the remains of their fallen enemies they left them for the crows and continued onwards.  They crossed the river using the ford and made their way north along the western side of the river, eventually passing by the old bridge and joining the old road that would lead them on to the town. 

               All told it took about a day and half to return to town and the group arrived back in Botkinburg in the early evening.  There they received a hero’s welcome from the townspeople – the Malkin twins having arrived safely back home the day before bringing with them stories of the battle beside the river and the piles of dead goblins and gnolls in the gulley.  Back at the Bent Hook Tavern (Also known as Ortolf’s Houe of Sludge as you discovered on your previous visit due to the owners homemade dark brew which he called Kaiseren Bock but everyone also simply called Sludge, particularly after they’d had a few.) the group ate for free and was constantly pressed for stories of their daring during the battle and rescue. 

               After a couple of hours the sheriff, Aaron von Bedering, arrived in full uniform.  He announced himself with more pomp than expected in a little town as “the representative of Lord Volkmir Botkin.”  He announced that the Lord was pleased that you had rescued his citizens and killed the goblins.  If you present yourself at the keep in the morning he would see that you were appropriately rewarded.  The crowd cheered at that and you were bought another round.  (Although several suggested that you could buy the next one with your reward!)  Once he had made his announcement the sheriff seemed lose his sense of importance and mingled with the crowd. 

               The next day you went to the keep to claim your reward.  Volkmir Botkin met you in the main hall and gave a little speech about protecting his people.  You were then given your reward as promised – 50 GP for each of the twins and 2gp for each (right) ear of a goblin presented.  With 55 goblin ears your total take for the adventure was 210gp.  Lord Botkin spent a few minutes asking about he goblins and other creatures in the area – he seemed to be trying to find out if they presented a continuing problem and if you knew anything else useful.  In particular they wanted details on the location and nature of the Vargolg.  Afterwards you were sent on your way with a comment to “talk to the sheriff if there are other problems they should know about.”

(If you wish to do more with this portion or ask any specific question let me know.)


               Later that day you were approached by Erhardt – one of the Sheriff’s detectives and the one who had seemed to know the most about the woods and the Ridge when you first arrived.  Like those at the keep he pressed for more information about what you found on the Ridge – the Vargolg, the goblins, the bugbears and even Boris the talking fey otter.  When asked by the group he had some information of his own.  Over a meal at the tavern he told the group about a few different things that had come to his attention. 

               *A days ride to the northwest along the Hreusen River was the town of Luddensheim.  He has heard rumor of problems there as well.  It seems that at least one farm was destroyed and several people had gone missing.  This last news had arrived just a day before your return and so likely hadn’t been the work of the Redcaps, unless there were more of them then those at the Vargolg.  A small caravan headed to Ludensheim is scheduled to leave in two days. 

*Loggers and hunters had recently gone more to the west into the Barren Woods to ply their trade than along the Ridge due to the recent troubles.  There they reported seeing several deer and bear that were slaughtered and left to rot.  Nothing natural did that. 

*There were old stories about an old temple in the caves under the Ridge to the Northeast.  Rumor put it under a rock formation shaped like an eagle, vulture or dragon depending on who you asked.  Despite his years in the area, he had never spotted such a hill.  Perhaps it required being seen from the eastern side of the Ridge?  (The Plains of Achrothos – and area with numerous nomadic tribes but cirtually no permanent settlements is to the east of the Ridge.)  One way or another the Ridge has secrets.

*Continued stories that the old evil was returning persisted.  The Dark One’s old fortress of Aufstragg lay far to the north within the swamp of the same name.  But rumors also seemed to suggest that things of a foul nature had been seen throughout the Ridge. 


A few additional notes:

*Everyone can level up to level 5.

*If you want a town of any size by far the closest is Ludensheim to the North.  Past that there are several other towns along the river. 

*Go ahead and ask whatever questions you want of either Lord Botkin or Erhardt. Or anyone else in the town for that matter.  It is a small village with the usual types - you met some other folk in early posts for those who were here for those.  

*I will try to get a regional map up fairly soon but you should be able to make some decision without it.  If you have geography questions, please ask.   Please don't wait for the map - it may be awhile.  Besides, none of you really know the arean well anyway.  

A general overview from Botkinburg:

East and North East - across the river is the Blacktooth Ridge and then the Plains of Achrothos.

South and West of the River - the Barren Woods

Far South - More civilized lands and kingdoms - places most (but not all) of you came from.

Northwest - Following the river a series of towns leading eventually to the city of Wickham on Wickham Lake.

North - the Ridge which here runs North West but eventually turns straight north.  Past that the swamps of Aufstragg.

Posted on 2023-01-15 at 18:58:50.

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Levelled up!

Given his propensity to living in nature and this, being his first time at the village of Botkinburg, Uthal is noticeably uncomfortable amongst so many other folk.

He listens quietly to what Erhardt has to say.

Later, when the opportunity presents itself to speak privately with his companions. "A lot of trouble in these parts! I am on a quest to avenge those that took the lives of my people and am thinking of heading back to the river and to the south-west, into the Barren Woods. But, I have grown fond of traveling and fighting with you all. So, if you'll still have me, I would like to continue to travel with you." he ponders for a while before turning to Thäoran and saying with a wry smile, "Besides, you are going to need all the help you can get if you plan on chasing dragons."

Posted on 2023-01-16 at 21:08:42.

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"Thank you, your honor, of this fair reward", Gerdar bent into a slight bow in front of Lord Botkin, "But alas, my heart longs to ask you, would your lordship have heard of the Cordorehk clan that once held dominion in a part of the area? Anything left behind from them, keeps or crypts or scriptures?"



After leaving the lord and inquiring the sheriff of a blacksmith in town, the dwarf followed the group to hear Uthal. Nodding and stroking his beard he answered: "Then our purpose here is somewhat similar, though my vengeance goes back a couple generations. I've come to free these lands of evil so that my clan could reclaim their old home they left behind when the darkness first came, and indeed you people seem capable of aiding me in that."

Posted on 2023-01-19 at 12:41:40.

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A New Path Awaits

Thäoran's thin lips spread into a contented and joyful smile as the elf watched the young twins reunite with their family. It had been a long and arduous journey, but at last they had achieved their quest, making Botkinburg and its surrounding woods safer once again. Maybe-just maybe-if the party continued like this, they could, in some small way, assist in resisting whatever darkness was looming on the horizon. Thäoran didn't know what would happen in the future, but the young elf was determined to face whatever comes his way with courage and perhaps one day he'll finally find who he had set out on this quest for, the one he wished to make proud of him: his beloved father.

I am coming, Father, he thought as his emerald eyes gazed at the distant mountains. No matter how long it takes, we will see each other once more.

The Eldritch Knight turned to his fellow travellers. 'I think the most logical step is to traverse to the next town,' he suggested. 'It seems the best place to gather information and perhaps find other people in need of help. What say you?'

((OOC: Thäoran hasn't heard that Ludensheim is the next town after Botkinburg. He's just suggesting we go to whichever town is closest. Which, I assume, is Ludensheim))

Posted on 2023-01-30 at 15:58:48.

Nomad D2
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Ludensheim Reposted

The group hung around at the Bent Hook for a couple of days getting their pay at the keep and talking to the locals about the various possibilities for further adventure. It seemed that there were several “maybes” but nothing certain.  So after a couple of days of drinking Ortolf’s sludge they decided to head towards  Ludensheim and see what a bigger town had to offer. 

               Travel up river took about a day and a half.  It was a fairly easy walk and nothing of note seemed to happen.  The group didn’t even meet anyone on the road until they were within a couple of hours of Ludensheim – and those were all local farmers headed into or out of town.  Eventually they arrived at the town gates. The fact that the town had gates was a good indication that it was bigger than Botkinburg had been.  In fact, a wall circled the entire town – a large stone base that went up about 5’ and was then topped by a wooden palisade.  There were a couple of gates and even a small moat around the town.  The Hreusen River ran alongside the town on the east side.  The back half of the walled in area was taken up by the keep and its grounds.  The forward or southern part was the town.

Of immediate interest to the group were the three taverns in town – you got the names from the nice town guard at the gates, a man named Wilhelm (“You can call me Willy&rdquo.  The three options were:


*The Coach and Horses – the high-class establishment in the town.  But it was only high class as far as a provincial town can manage.   This seems to be where the merchants gather.

*The Catching Pike – Has a nice image of a fish catching a fish with a fishing pole.  Closer to the dockside gate and seems to be the location for the rivermen – fishing and bargemen.

*The Fainting Goat – A solid provincial tavern and Inn.  Your average farmers and townsfolk gather here in a large common room.


The group took rooms at the Fainting Goat.  (An assumption for the first night and you can certainly change this if you want.)  The owner/manager/innkeeper is a woman named Gertrude.  While many innkeepers are large and stout from years of consuming their own products Gertrude was actually quite young and petite – maybe 5’4” at the most and maybe as old as 30, but possibly quite a bit younger.  It seems she inherited the place from her father who met with an accident recently.  (An errant keg of stout being unloaded from a wagon and he failed the dex check.)  But from everything you have seen “Little Gerry” as people called her when she wasn’t there commanded her common room as firmly as any innkeeper you had met.  And at least half the folks there would have supported her if anyone even considered trying to push things the wrong way. 


The group spent time in the town and tavern looking for information on two main topics:

  1. What sort of adventures were available in the area?
  2. What sorts of shops were available?


Rumors of events and things to do or get paid for


*There were rumors of attacks on farmers and villagers to the South.  This seems to be including Botkinburg and so might be the mess you just cleaned up. Or maybe not.

*A farm in New Town, the area on the other side of the river between the reiver and the ridge, was attacked yesterday.  It looks like the house was burned to the ground.  What happened to the family?  There have been attacks recently but always to locations further out.  This home was close enough to New Town that people are surprised.

*The guard in New Town (A collection of homes and farmhouses not a walled town) is hiring more guards in the face of growing fear of attacks from the ridge.

*Nobody mentioned the old temple under the rock that looks like an eagle or dragon.  But when asked several had heard rumors of it and other hidden “caves, temples, fortresses, etc . . .” throughout the Ridge.  Some had heard that particular story and thought it was a bit to the Northeast.  Or maybe that was southeast?  Rumors varied but that story was out there. 

*A group of bandits seemed to be using the Barren Woods to the West of the town as a base to attack people on the road between Ludensheim and Posit – the next major town up the road.  The local guard is offering a small (100gp) prize to anyone offering proof that they have dealt with the threat. 

*Rumors of things in the Barren Wood exist – but you also get the sense that those rumors always exist amongst those living on the edge of the woods. 

*Merchants from Posit were heard talking about that town dealing with several dangerous attacks on ships on the river.  (You heard this from people who travelled with the caravan, not the merchants themselves who would likely have stayed at the Coach and Horses Inn.

*Several ogres were seen to the east along the ridge.  At least that is what the farmers guessed they were. Others said hill giants. Sheep and cows were also missing.

*A caravan going upriver to Posit is looking to hire a few guards, although the wages are low.

*Nobody has seen an elf matching Thaoran’s father at all. Elves are not common around here.

*Everyone has rumors of a general “these are dark times” nature.  A few whisper of the Dark One return.  But nobody has specifics beyond the stuff above.


Shopping in Ludensheim

The only specific request I have received is from Thaoran about special arrows.  There is a fletcher/bow maker in town.  He has a few special arrows available.  The main thing to remember about these arrow is that they are one-time usage arrows.  Shoot them and they are destroyed.  Shoot and miss?  Still used up.  There are lots of arrows available but only a limited number of magical ones as they require the services of both a fletcher and a mage.  What he has:  (For comparison a normal arrow does 1d6)


Arrow +1:  Arrow gives +1 to hit and +1 to damage.  20 gp each.  (4 available.)

Arrow of light +1:  +1 like above but when it hits it lights up with the light cantrip. 50gp (3 available)

Arrow Lightning +1:  +1 like above.  When shot it turns into a lightning bolt that does 2d8 damage. 75gp (2 available)

Arrow of the Net +1:  Attack/damage +1.  When it hits this arrow creates a large net that restrains and medium or smaller creature.  A creature may use its action to make a strength check to break itself or someone else out of the net.  On a successful check (dc 13) the net is destroyed.   125gp  (1 available)


Potions of Healing are available at one of the local temples for 50gp per potion. 


Has anyone been keeping track of group finances?


And now on with the story

After spending a day in town hunting down rumors and arrows you reconvene back at the Fainting Goat.  Little Gerry is back at her post directing traffic.  The tavern is moderately full with what appears to be a mixture of general townsfolk and travelers.  A few woodsmen sit in one corner telling stories about the woods.  A group of farmers appears to be discussing a particularly large pumpkin grown by “Fritz.”  Other small groups were at several other tables.  A young lady played a flute as she sat near the fireplace.

Posted on 2023-02-04 at 14:29:32.

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Enter the Dragon... ah the Monk

Pale Blue eyes lifted up towards the door as it opened and more people entered the common room of the Fainting Goat. This was no ordinary group though that entered, these looked like hardened travelers and were nothing like the common farmers and townsfolk that frequented this establishment. The figure that was watching the group, from a tall bar stool that had been moved next to the fireplace, would surely be seen by the group as they paused to scan the room as they decided where they would sit.

Sitting atop the stool, and playing a long (2') bamboo flute, was a human female that stood out among the farmers/townsfolk as much as the group did at present. It was hard to accurately gauge her height, as she was sitting, but she was tall, yet under 6'. She had straight shoulder length platinum blonde hair that ended just short of touching her shoulders. Her face had soft feminine features, but she was not outstanding in any way, plain might be the best way to describe it. Her eyes were watching the group, with a slightly narrowed gaze as if she were studying them as they were perhaps studying her.

Her clothes also made her stand out from the other patrons, not that they were opulent or extravagant, but rather because of their dull and shabby appearance. She wore loose fitting top and breeches, made of simple gray spun cloth, and they appeared two sizes too large for her thin, athletic frame. The top hung down past her mid waist, and was secured with a wide cloth belt of faded white fabric that wrapped about her waist several times. There were no shoes or boots upon her feet, which rested on one of the cross braces of the stool; instead strips of the faded white fabric were wrapped about her feet in some kind of improvised foot wraps, that completely covered her feet and even came up her ankles to the mid point of her shins and there encased the legs of her breeches, keeping them from slipping down towards the ground. Similar cloth strips were wrapped about her hands, which held the flute she was playing, but leaving her fingers exposed for ease of use, and the wraps also ran up her forearms to entrap the sleeves of her top. The whole outfit kept the hands and feet free for use, and gave the clothing a loose puffy appearance to the legs and arms of the clothing, allowing the limbs to move as freely as possible.

While the party may have been observing this flute player, which was in turn observing them, the flute never stopped playing out a light airy, almost ethereal, tune that filled the room and seemed to quite the clientele's usual loud banter often found in these types of taverns. It was almost as if people were listening intently to the melody, and were disinclined to speak and disrupt the soft revelry of the gentle music.

After a few more minutes, the music stopped and several people in tavern applauded and there were even a few people who rose up and offered a copper to the flute player, she rose from the stool and held out her hand in a gesture of refusal. One older woman was rather insistent and tried to put the coin in the musician's hand, but the younger lady only smiled and reached out and closed the old woman's hand around the coin.

“You need it more than I,” the flute player said in a soft and kind tone.

The old woman walked away, leaving the musician to turn and reach behind the stool. There she drew up a small leather pack/bag with a single long leather strap, and she placed the flute within. Slinging the bag across one shoulder she grabbed a short smooth staff from against the fireplace where it rested, and walked over to the a short woman, who looked like she ran the place. There she spoke with the woman for a minute, before the woman smiled at her and escorted her into a back room.

Within a few minutes, the flute player returned to the common room and sat at a empty table near the bar, closest to the fireplace near where she had been previously playing. She no longer had the pack/bag, or the short staff, but her drab clothing was now covered with an open faded brown hooded robe that stretched down past her knees, and had long voluminous sleeves. The hood of the robe was thrown back on her back, and she regarded the room for a minute, until one of the tavern's servers brought her a flagon and a plate of food along with some bread and cheese. The young woman bowed her head deeply in thanks, before she began to slowly eat her meal as she continued to observe the room.


Posted on 2023-02-04 at 15:21:40.

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Uthal greets the stranger.

Uthal agreed that helping the locals of the Barren Woods with their bandit problem is best for some earned coin. The Gods know, he needs some.

After the party's decision is made, he moseyed on over to the bar to asked Gertrude for some tea, before walking over to the stranger's table near the fire.

He stood before the pale blue eyed flautist, the goliath towering at least eight foot next to the table. "Such haunting tunes you play!" he paused breifly, "Do you mind if I sit at your table?" he asked her. Overwhelmed by the crowded spaces in the tavern, Uthal was in need of some quieter company.

Posted on 2023-02-07 at 20:23:48.
Edited on 2023-02-08 at 00:05:33 by Jim

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"Such haunting tunes you play!, Do you mind if I sit at your table?"

She looked up from her meal which was almost finished and squinted up at the figure towering over her table. Taking in the visage of the giant figure of a man, she set her fork and knife down and inclined her head towards the empty chair across from her. As the figure took the seat she lifted her mug and took a deep drought as she studied the man.

She remembered seeing this hulking figure with the group that came in earlier; she had noticed them sitting at a large table with their heads together in deep conversation. She didn't know about what, and didn't much care as whatever it was it didn't involve her. As to the man before her, sitting at her table was now involving her. Whether it was something she wanted to be involved in would soon be seen. Lowering her mug to the table she dabbed her mouth with the worn cloth set for her as a napkin before she spoke.

Haunting you say..” her voice was not the lilting voice of a singer or oracle, but just a normal voice with a husky, yet feminine, tone. “I guess that depends on one's definition of 'haunting'.”

Her thin lips curled up in a slight smirk before she continued.

It is a tune of reflection, and enlightenment, but I guess that can be 'haunting' for some.” she said as she picked up her utensils once again to continue her meal.

My name is D'Harum,” she said after having taken a small bite of cheese and swallowing it down, “I am a Monk of the Way of the Healing Fist order.” She bowed her head slightly as she announced her name and affiliation. She then continued to eat awaiting any reply the large man would make to her. As she did, her eyes could be seen to study the man, his clothes, his visible weapons and gear, as she tried to determine his intentions.

Posted on 2023-02-09 at 09:21:56.

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Repose before the woods

It had been an uneventful trip to Ludensheim, although she felt the wear of their journey deep in her body. The road was a hard life, one with few comforts and even fewer luxuries. Yet, beauty must be maintained at all costs. It was her way.

The golden witch sent a tendril of fey magic into the simple tea she had been served, imbueing it with aromatic spices. A floral perfume now arose from the steaming teacup, Soledad inhaled deeply recalling the endless summer of faerie. For a time she left the brutal north and was again in the bloom of the garden... So was the evening of respose for the witch. Morning would soon come and with it the journey to the Barren Woods.

(OOC: Cast Prestidigitation)

Posted on 2023-02-11 at 07:34:05.

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D'Harum, meet Uthal.

"Thank you!" he says, speaking quietly and slowly. He rests his quarterstaff against the table and places his wooden shield and backpack next to the chair before sitting himself across from the stranger and taking a sip of his tea. "I am Uthal, of the Valagans." he introduces himself, pausing briefly before continuing, "Your songs remind me of the music of the Sage of my people. It has been many years since I have heard such a sound." He pauses some more before he asks, "D'Harum. A Monk, of the Way of the Healing Fist?" he repeats, interested, "What brings you to Ludensheim?"

Across from you sits the goliath. Larger than a human but not quite a giant. His hollow, white eyes surrounded with dark, black tattoo-like lines and markings that continue across the pale, white skin of his face and what you can see of his hands. He wears handmade, leather and fur clothing and a number of long canine teeth are strung around his neck. There is a long dagger sheathed on the right side of his belt and the quietly spoken man, seems uncomfortable in the crowded tavern.

Posted on 2023-02-11 at 23:08:04.
Edited on 2023-02-11 at 23:10:47 by Jim

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"Thank you!" The big man said as he sat down slowly. 

"I am Uthal, of the Valagans." he introduced himself, pausing briefly before continuing, "Your songs remind me of the music of the Sage of my people. It has been many years since I have heard such a sound." He pauses some more before he asks, "D'Harum. A Monk, of the Way of the Healing Fist?" he repeats, interested, "What brings you to Ludensheim?"

D’harum observed the large giant-sized man as he moved and noticed his discomfort and wondered what was making him so.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Uthal of the Valagans,” she said softly and inclined her head in respect.

“I’m pleased my music can bring you memories, pleasant ones I hope.” She said with a faint smile.  While she would never be considered a beauty, with more of a plain, yet rugged face, her smile was usually warm.

“Well,” she starts, pauses, then shrugs before continues, “as to what brings me to this place, it’s just kind of fate I guess.”

She turned to look about the room as she added, “I’m on a Kaihogyo .. I guess you would call it a pilgrimage.   I’ve left my monastery a few months ago and I’ve been traveling, trying to learn about the world and it’s people.”

When she’s finished, she looks over at the rest of Uthal’s friends, then back to him and she inclines her head towards them.

“Your travel companions, I take it." She said as a statement and not a question, "so what brings all of you to this place?" 

She had sat down her utensils when he sat down, she now picked up her mug and took a hefty swig as she awaited his response.


Posted on 2023-02-13 at 16:24:20.

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Thäoran studied the flute player closely and his brow lowered, his eyes narrowing. The elf didn't trust humans until they had proven themselves...welll, trustworthy. Humans were far too quick to betray, lie and manipulate for their own selfish gain. They were too easily corrupted and changed their minds far too much. They were a fickle race. So the elf merely stood unmoving and held his tongue while he continued to study the woman, trying to determine wether she bore the party good or ill.

Posted on 2023-02-13 at 17:25:38.

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Almost on the Road Again

The group pent some time in Ludensheim – shopping, rumor gathering and resting.  The rumor, and more particularly the cash reward, that seemed most appealing seemed to be the bandits using the Barren Woods as a hideout.  They had heard that the guards were offering 100gp for proof that the threat had been dealt with.  In search of more details they went to the town guard and enquired about the offer. 

               Captain Rambolt was a typical looking guard officer – older and a bit thicker than those who served under him.  He seemed more experienced than the other guards and you didn’t need the uniform to know that he was in charge.  When asked about the bandits his response was simple and direct.  “Yup, been a problem along the Posit road.  Every now and then bandits like to use the woods as a hideout, but the woods themselves usually takes care of it.  Something in there gets a snack and the problem sort of solves itself, see?  But this group has held out for longer than most.  Normally I don’t care about the road that far out of town, not my jurisdiction, see?  But a couple of months of raided caravans and the Duke starts getting annoyed.  So now I gotta put 100 gold on the market to deal with an issue that shouldn’t be my issue.  But there it is and what are you gonna do about it?  Pay up to somebody willing to do the work.”  At this point he paused to tell a couple of new recruits about a few things wrong with their uniforms.  When he was done, he turned back to the group.  “I reckon that where you come in.  Heroes to be, that is just what I need.”

               Captain Rambolt provided a bit more detail on the latest attacks.  There didn’t seem to be a single preferred ambush point – it seemed they liked to make use off various locations.  Most of the time everything is taken – people, carts, animals – everything.  Sometimes some of them get away.  The bandits don’t seem overly worried about it.  He can’t really say where you should start the hunt as no one spot seems to be particularly likely.  “You could just start a general search of the woods if you wanted, but they go on for miles and miles.  Heading out on the road you could make yourselves a target, but if you look like a group of thugs I doubt they’d want to take that on.  What bandits want a fair fight?  Several nights ago we had a couple of survivors come in and they couldn’t say much about the attack, but they did seem convinced that the bandits had a mage of some sort with them.   They have taken a fair amount of loot, we wouldn’t mind getting that either.”


General Comments

This is to get you started.  You now need a plan.  Are you just heading out walking on the road out of town.  Do you have any other plans?  Do you want to buy anything other than Thaoran’s desires.  You are also welcome to ask Captain Rambolt or anyone else you can think of whatever you want.  Otherwise my next post will be on the way out of town.  And, of course, feel free to finish whatever greetings and such are needed with the new monk.

Cash:  When looking at the money situation there wasn’t much found prior to the battle when the goblins fled the caves.  There you found a chest with some cash.  You also go the reward.  The result is all of the older characters (Regardless of how long you were with the party since everyone was there for the critical cash find.)  have around 200gp. 

Thaoran – note the prices on the earlier post.  Your wish list came to 375 gp.  Thus, unless the others wish to loan you some cash you will need to narrow your choices. 

Posted on 2023-02-13 at 19:30:19.


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